7) Before starting our opening sequence we had to create our preliminary task which was to show that we knew

how to use all the equipment required of us e.g. the camera for filming and final cut pro for editing. First we learn t how to handle the equipment safely and how to set up the tripod/camera set-up which ensured that we would not break anything or the equipment would not function properly. With the set-up tutorial on the camera tripod, we learn t how to place the tripod legs down safely and correctly as well as learning how to level the camera on the tripod and putting it on centre so not to film on a slant. We were reminded of the 180 degree rule so we kept that in mind. Once we knew how to use the filming equipment we filmed our preliminary task using shots like shot reverse shot, over the shoulder, close up and mid-long shot this gave us ideas for our opening sequence as it gave us examples of what shot got what reaction. We filmed the preliminary task shots in order which gave us an idea on how each shot needed to be filmed e.g. tripod height of reach shot. This gave some ideas on what order we may have to do our shots in. With the speech in the task we filmed the speech at least three times at different angles/shot which made editing a lot easier. Once the filming was finished we went to one of the editing suites and learn t the basics of final cut pro. We learn t how to log and capture and from that how to put the clips on to a continuous stream which helped place the film in order. Once the clips were together we learn t how to cut certain bits out and how to cut at the right point so the clips blend into one another (especially when it came to the speech). I found this to be the most useful part of the preliminary task as I had been allocated the role of editor from the beginning of this project.

The preliminary task gave us an idea on how the timing will affect our work so we decided to record every task that had to be done and split it between the two of us which made our time-keeping a lot better than if we hadn t known how long production can take. With good-time keeping we managed to finish pre-production at an early stage which gave us extra time for the production especially the editing which we had discovered from our preliminary task that it

took the longest time. Unfortunately we had hit some complications just before starting to film as one person in our group was ill the day of filming so I had to take her role as camera person as well as that our female actor let us down so the director (Patsy Jones) had to step in and be the protagonist as well. One of my tasks was to take location shots which helped considerably as it gave us a better idea on how we were to lay out the shots and how we were to connect them. This helped with the day of the filming as all involved knew where to be at what point, the location notes served as a form of map around the building. As editor I had to look further into final cut pro as although the preliminary task taught me the basics it did not teach how to put in effects and certain transitions. This took some time in itself but I soon got the flow of it and with this prior trial and error, editing the opening sequence went smoothly without any technical problems. I found the editing simple to do once I found the correct way of doing things such as adding effects and not crossing over certain clips otherwise film time would delete. As camera person I learn t from the preliminary task that it is best to have at least have a couple of goes with each shot to ensure that the editing runs smoother. The only thing that was not taken into account was having the equipment in the background, this was soon realized and the shot was re-filmed correctly but it did cut into time un-nessarly. Filming the opening sequence was slightly easier then filming the preliminary task as we had no dialogue and it was simply placing music over the film during editing. I found that the camera person has a lot more to think about and less le- way then the editor as it effects everyone else roles crucially. This opening sequence has taught me that a lot of time is spent not only on the production but also the pre-production as well. I believe that we achieved I good standard of work due to team work and having members that were motivated to do the work. I have enjoyed making this opening sequence more so they editing than anything else. As well as enjoying making this I learn t many codes/conventions for the thriller genre and what thrillers are all about. I have

achieved in having new skills with not only the technology on the computer but also more hands on action with the filming.

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