Berbagai Definisi Fasilitasi

Dari Thesaurus Microsoft Word
    help, aid, assist (membantu) Make easy (mempermudah) Make possible (membuat mungkin) Smooth the progress (memuluskan/mempecepat suatu proses atau kegiatan)

Lawan kata
 Obstruct/hinder (mengganggu)  Slow down, delay (memperlambat)

Dari The NEW OXFORD Dictionary of ENGLISH
To facilitate : make (an action or process) easy or easier

Berbagai Definisi Fasilitator

A person who makes it easier for learners to learn by attempting to discover what a learner is interested in knowing, and then determines the best way to make that information available to the learner by providing the knowledge, systems, or materials which enable the learner to perform a task more effectively. This is done by listening, asking questions, providing ideas, suggesting alternatives, and identifying possible resources.

A non-subject specialist tutor who's primary purpose is to facilitate a learning group to get the most out of the learning process (similar to a tutor). This includes a pro-active role in stimulating interaction, acting as a go-between for the course provider and the student group, and often includes organisational aspects of the course.

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someone who makes progress easier A neutral who conducts a facilitation. A facilitator is someone who skillfully helps a group reach a consensus without personally taking any side of the argument. Person external to a group whose purpose is to help the group work more effectively.

html One who guides a discussion.• A person who assists a group or team reach a decision. faculty facilitate active learning. However. activity.html • • • • In an online student-centered environment.htm Definisi fasilitator untuk bidang-bidang spesifik • • • 1. Among other activities. especially somebody who encourages people to find their own solutions to problems or tasks an instructor who assists. and stimulates the learning during an online www.htm The person in an interactive videoconferencing classroom who assists the instructor or students with technical and troubleshooting issues.htm The on-site individual who assists students during a videoconference and helps them learn from a virtual teacher in either a synchronous or asynchronous situation. and team-based instructional activities or projects. provide support.finnevo.htm • • A person (eg. Not necessarily the same person for all course activities. at times. channeling or developing resources. www. social worker. or course. www.dsv. sparring partner. facilitators convene linkage meetings.worldwidelearn. distribution of handouts. reporter www. a guest lecturer. www. Instead. director of consensus discussion and moderator.csus. they become the medium through which discovery learning is facilitated in a student-centered environment. ekd. counselor) who enables change by assisting with communication. Online instructors do not retain their traditional "teacher-centered" roles from the onground paradigm. gather and disseminate May be the instructor. problem solving. initiating new systems. encourage expression of feelings and opinions. collection of tests and evaluations. a moderator may be responsible for presiding over the entire course. and acting as or arranging for an expert psychologist. or a student. www.coloradomtn. conductor.uen. www. inquiry approaches. brainstorm. Facilitor and moderator somebody enabling something to happen: somebody who enables a process to happen. linking or strengthening existing Not all distance education classrooms have facilitators.php A person who aids in acquiring and clarifying viewpoints of different participants during the modelling session with the modelling group. used interchangeably. is responsible for structuring and documenting the results of the sessions. supporter. work a process consultant for self-assessment. and advocate and lobby.shtml The online course instructor is often referred to as the course facilitator.childrenwithchallenges.

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