Draft for approval WITHOUT PREJUDICE Date: ___________________ THE CHIEF EDITOR DNA, Mumbai Publication, Mumbai- 400

001. Ref: Your publication dated ______________________ Sir, We have read your article ³_____________________________´ printed on page No. _____ in your publication published on _________________________by your correspondent ___________________. In this context, we have to address you as under. 1. We are shocked and surprised to read your aforesaid publication, which is completely false, baseless, wrong and without any substance and it has been written without verifying the facts of the matter. 2. Please be informed that the aforesaid project is being developed under the company called ________________________., which was running their Industrial unit/ Factory for last more than 50 to 60 years and till date, we have not received any such Notification from any Government Department/Authority stating the aforesaid land is under private forest land. We have started developing the aforesaid project only after obtaining the necessary permission from all competent/concerned authorities 3. Please note that our project namely ³__________________´ is located in Balkum at Thane, which is not affected at all by the Private Forest Land Notification. Your article has created havoc in the matter and has embarrassed our position in the matter. After reading your article, most of our customers of ________________________have called to cancel their booking resulting us loses running in to several crores of rupees. Further our customers have also threatened us to take legal action against us for misrepresentation. 4. As you are aware, we are one of most reputed Builder and Developer and your this article has jeopardize and embarrassed our position in the eyes of the customers and because of this article our other projects are also affected resulting us the loses of several crores of rupees.

Runwal Garden City is not affected by he Private Forest Land Notification as same was wrongly printed by you. In view of the aforesaid circumstances.5. Yours faithfully . you have to tender an unconditional apology to us along with fresh article on the first page of your news paper mentioning that the aforesaid project i. You are therefore called upon to take necessary corrective action immediately under intimation to us.e. we hereby call upon you to substantiate your claim for writing such article together with all documentary proof. which please note. Thanking You. 6. failing which. We reserve our right to take necessary action against you by filing the defamatory suit and other proceeding in appropriate Court of Laws against you for causing the financial losses and tarnishing/embarrassing our reputation in the market. failing which we will precede in the matter.

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