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Mistequay International (Pvt) Ltd

Mistequay International (Pvt) Ltd
Mistequay International is a private limited company incorporated in Pakistan in 2005. The project was envisioned and initiated under the patronage of leadership team at Mistequay Group Ltd, a precision machining company based in Michigan USA. Mistequay has obtained 1144 AISI ISO Standards in Aloay Steel. Currently it has 100 employees and only one branch in Pakistan. The company came to Pakistan because it offers similar advantages as India and China in terms of availability of technically apt human resources and cost structure. Our experience in ramping up operations has validated our perception that Pakistan is suitable for engineering and technology based industrial projects. The business in Pakistan is run by MR. Sohaib Akbar CEO of the company. Company makes different parts of different machines mostly made from aluminum. These parts are used in different industrial machines, aircrafts, and vehicles. So far there is no competitor for the company in this business. To produce the parts the company needs raw material from its supplier but unfortunately there is only one company in Pakistan who provide such material but sometimes it is difficult for supplier to fulfill the order due to shortage of material. It is also difficult for the company to import material from Europe or America due to minimum order quantity and economy of scale. Now only option is to import material from India but the relationships with Indians are strained and reliability of supply chain is not certain. As custom costs were increasing that leads the company to low profit and high cost. The custom department has very rigid staff with inflexible attitude.

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He also said now there is nothing he can do for you. Bilal wrote a letter and fax it to Sindh Traders that the material they sent us was defected and due to it Mistequay has suffered a loss of 1. Sohaib consulted with a company in Karachi. They replied that they have the requested material. All tests proved that the piece was a failure. Haroon Ahmad the owner of Sindh Traders replied that if the raw material was defected then why did not they told them when they received the material and now when you have converted it into a machine’s part. you are saying that the raw material was defected. Then he ran some tests on the raw material and he found that the raw material was defected and they approved it without checking. Bilal Khan production manager in Mistequay received the material and without checking the quality of the material sent it for further proceeding. Mr. The French company did not mention the machine which needs that piece. He promised the French company to deliver the piece in 15 days. Mr. for the raw material to be used.5 million rupees. So the French company gave them the time of 15 days. Mr. owner of the company. After three days they completed the piece and ran some tests on that to check its durability. Mr. they sent a sample with the order. Mr Sohaib. After placing the order Mistequay received raw material from Sindh Traders in five days. Bilal checked the whole process where they made the mistake but he was got surprised that there was nothing wrong with their process then why the piece is not working as it suppose to. accepted the order without having the knowledge of the machine. Sohaib placed his order and purchased the material from them and his company started working on that particular piece. Sindh Traders simply refused to accept that the material was defected. Mr. Sindh Traders. Human Resource Management 2 .Mistequay International (Pvt) Ltd Issue Mistequay received an order to make a part of a machine from French Company.

They said if they did not mention it then they must forget it. Haroon again and told him to solve the issue. Mr. After threatening Sindh Traders Mr. the French company sent a message to Mistequay and ask about their order. Sohaib got very angry at Sindh Traders and told them that they have suffered a loss of 1. so you have to bear it and if you refuse to pay then he will sue Sindh Traders for that. Haroon replied do not do anything like that and suggest that we should discuss this issue in a meeting. Mr. Sohaib about the issue. Mr. Mr. Mr. After having a meeting of 3 hours Sindh Traders agree to pay 1 million rupees to cover their loss. Soahib replied that due to some complication they have not completed the order and ask for more time but the French company said they do not have that much time and cancel their order.5 million rupees due to their defected raw material. they replied that the piece is the wheel axle of a plane.Mistequay International (Pvt) Ltd Meanwhile Mr. Mr. During all this process 15 days passed away. Bilal was surprised and said if it was a part of a plane then why did not you mention it earlier. Haroon replied the same again saying he can do nothing about it. Following are the products and customers of Miatequay International (Pvt) Ltd. Sohaib got worried and contacted Mr. Products Aerospace Hydraulics Industry Machine Tool Industry Automotive Industry Agri and Heavy Equipment Industry Textile Equipment Industry Pharmaceutical Industry Injection/Blow Molding Industry Human Resource Management 3 . Bilal told Mr. Sohaib communicated with the French company about the piece.

But a mistake cost them loss of a customer. Human Resource Management 4 .Mistequay International (Pvt) Ltd Customers Caterpillar GM Parker Hannifin Eaton Corporation Electromech Technologies Triumph Universal Microbore All the customers are well known around the globe.

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