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What’s in this book? Credits
At some point in your life, you’ve had to deal with a Written by Norman Rafferty
fool. Co-written by Canio Pagliacci, Lewis Theobold, and
The fool has a long tradition. Being rich enough to Friedrich Wallenhaupt
support a fool to entertain you is a sign of high status Illustrated by Brett Foster, Brian Harp, Christine
and wealth. Among the superstitious, beating a fool Klunder, Norman Rafferty, and Sara Palmer
can be seen as a sign of good luck, Game Design by Jason Holmgren
Sometimes a fool is brought in to lead the cheer, to Edited by Chien Petit Méchant
whip the warriors into a battle frenzy. Special thanks to all the fools out there.
Small villages can take great pride in their “village
idiot”, because even if things are bad, at least you’re Copyright ©2011 Sanguine Productions. All rights
not that guy. reserved. Several fools were harmed in the making of
Larger courts usually have a fool. Since the fool this game, but it’s okay, we were sure to hit them in
doesn’t lose any pride by insulting people or by unimportant areas, like their heads.
pointing out flaws in plans, a fool can say things in
court that other people would never think to say.

h Car
C ree
Whilee you wouldn’t normally thinkk that Fools aree in high dema
and, many bossses seem to hirre nothing but Fools and
then com
mplain about th
hem. Or is it that everyone coomplains that their boss is a Fool?
F I forget.

Clown Hobgoblin
Often works as a st
treet Nicknamed d after an obs
performeer. (but imaginedd) fear, the Ho
is an assassin who hides inn plain
Fool sight, as a cllown. Fool

Includee Career Dice with: Career Gifts: Include Careeer Dice with: Career Gifts:
Dodge Cowaard Deceit Coward
Jumpinng Fools Trappings Presence Foolery
Presennce Fooleery Throwing Legerdemmain
Trappinggs: Cloth armor (d4)), marotte, motley outfit,
o random items to Trappings: Leather armor (d6), three
t juggling Daggeers (Damage +1),
juggle thhree juggling balls (Damage +0)

guer Itinerant Fool
A trou
uble-maker whoo rouses No doubt you’re on somme dread
the rabble
e against the status quo. errand. Even
n less doubt th
hat you
won’t succeeed.
Fool Fool

Includee Career Dice with: Career Gifts: Include Careeer Dice with: Career Gifts:
Gossip Cowaard Dodge Cosmopollitan
Inquiryy Fooleery Endurance Coward
Presennce Oratoory Presence Foolery
Trappinggs: Leather Armor (d6), Dagger (Damagge +1), effigy, list off Trappings: Leather Armor (d6), Staff
S (Damage +1, Parry
P d12), bindle,
public grievancees p
pointy shoes

An enterttainer to the royal
court. And so
ometimes an advisor.
And sometimmes, a spy.
Include Careeer Dice with: Career Gifts:
Gossip Coward
Inquiry Etiquettee
Presence Foolery
Trappings: Cloth
C armor (d4), pam
mphlet of salacious ribaldry

Jinxter Picaro
A dabbbler in the wiza
ardly arts, A low-clas
ss, humorous fellow
who is mo
ore effective ata berating who lives by their wits amo
ong the
people th
han bewitching g them. dishonest annd the fradulen
Fool Fool
Includee Career Dice with: Career Gifts: Include Careeer Dice with: Career Gifts:
Dodge Cowaard Dodge Coward
Presennce Fooleery Observatioon Foolery
Supernnatural Literaacy Presence Streetwisse
Trappinggs: Cloth Armor (d4), Staff (Damage +11, Parry d12), pointy hat Trappings: Leather armor (d6), Mace
M (Damage +2), Wooden Shield
(CCover d8), knife, firstt aid kit, wineskin with
w cheap wine

Mime Poltroon
A fool who specialize
es in silent Often pettty and mean-sspirited,
me. this warrior is much bette
er at
enraging their foes than engaging
Fool them. Fool
Includee Career Dice with: Career Gifts: Include Careeer Dice with: Career Gifts:
Dodge Cowaard Dodge Coward
Presennce Fooleery Melee Combat Foolery
Stealthh Low Profile
P Presence Veteran
Trappinggs: Cloth armor (d4)), makeup, invisible box, invisible rope Trappings: Leather & Cloth Armoor (d6, d4), Bastard Sword
(DDamage +4, Awkwaard), Wooden Shieldd (Cover d8)

b Stooge
This fo
ool’s constant t negative An underliing whose wit can
approach h to life would be more serve as a diistraction.
annoying ... if they were
en’t so
often righht. Fool Fool
Includee Career Dice with: Career Gifts: Include Careeer Dice with: Career Gifts:
Dodge Cowaard Dodge Comic Rellief
Observvation Dangger Sense Inquiry Coward
Presennce Fooleery Presence Foolery
Trappinggs: Leather armor (dd6), Dagger (Damagge +1), useless goodd- Trappings: Leather armor (d6), Mace
M (Damage +2), Wooden shield
luck charm, secoond useless good-lucck charm (CCover d8), knife, firstt aid kit, ridiculous hat

Patsy Town Foo

This pr
reson only thiinks they’re Hark! The village has ca
alled. It
in charge, but they’ve been
b set up seems they’rre missing theiir local
to take the
t fall for ano
other noble, idiot.
crime lordd, or boss. Fool Fool
Includee Career Dice with: Career Gifts: Include Careeer Dice with: Career Gifts:
Dodge Cowaard Gossip Carousingg
Leaderrship Fooleery Presence Coward
Presennce True Leader
L Searching Foolery
Trappinggs: Leather armor (dd6), Shortsword (Damage +1 Impaling), Trappings: Cloth
C armor (d4), three shiny rocks, buckket with a hole
Wooden Shield (Cover
( d8), incriminaating evidence

Fo lis
Foo sh Gif
G fts
y (Foolish
h, Keysto
You’ve often
n been called a fool ... but when you have
h this Gift, you
u certifably are on


New stunt “Taunt”

As a stunt,
s you mayy Taunt another target. Your character
c insullts the target, or performs rudde gestures, or generally
g does
somethin ng to the targett to make them m angry with yoou. You may tauntt even if th
his Gift is exhau
Tauntting does not require
r you to have
h your menntal faculties. You
Y can Taunt even when Co onfused or Enra aged.
Roll your
y own Mind d, Will, and Preesence dice. Th he target rolls thheir Will, Inquiiry, and your Body
B Dice. (Thaat’s right –
bigger peeople have lesss effective taunnts, because thee target is moree likely to be sccared than taun nted.)
The taarget must be able
a to hear yo
ou. You can’t beb Silenced, th he target can’t beb Asleep or Unconscious,
U ettc.
Rangee penalties app ply, but use thee Cover and Co oncealment on n yourself, not the target. (Ta aunting works better
b if you’ree
out in the open.)
Noo successes: Nothing happens.
On ne success: The
T target beco omes Enragedd. (If the target was Afraid or otherwise una
able to become Enraged,
noothing happenss.) Enraged characters must take the “Attack” action eveery round.
Twwo successess: The target beecomes Enrageed. If anything
woould prevent th
he target becomming Enraged, negate those
connditions and make
m the target Enraged anywway.
Thhree successe es or more: The
T target beco omes Berserk. If
anything would prevent
p the targget becoming Berserk,
B negatee
ose conditions and make the target Berserk anyway.

X (Battle))
Trigger: “SScare, Trick
k, or Taunt Stunt”
Negate Re eeling
When never you take the “Scare”, “Trick”,
“ or yourr special
“Taunt” stunt, you may y Exhaust this Gift. You are not
n sent Reelin ng
by the stunt.
The Stunt
S still ends your turn, as usual,
u but at lea
ast you’re not

Blatant Foool
Anyone, near
r or far, can clearlly make you out to
o be a fool.

Cowa ard

No Range
e Penalties for
f Rally or Taunt
Your Rallies and Ta
aunts no longerr suffer penaltiees
for Rangge. (Your Scaree and Trick tau
unts still have
range peenalties.)

Comic Re elief Fool’s Trapp
F pings
(Battle, Fo
oolish, Plot)) (
(Foolish, Plo
ot, Trappingss)
Somehow, yo
our wisecracks are
e just the right thing to say to Sure, anyone who
o dresses like you looks ridiculous, but
b a real fool
relieve the te
ension and to urge
e our heroes to ac
ction. will properly acce

Requires B
Cowa ard You begiin the game with:
Pacifiism An Exxpensive motleyy outfit in brighht colors.
Fooleery An Exxpensive hideou us mask, with either
e a
contorrted grin or a horrible
h frown.
X (Battle))
An Exxpensive floppyy three-pointed d hat, with
Action “raally (even when
w Afraid or
o Terrified)”
jingling bells on each
h point.
Exhau ust this Gift, then take a Rallyy action, even if
An Avverage-cost, Ra are marotte, a small
s stick with
you are Afraid.
a head d carved on it.
This Gift
G only allowss you to Rally when w you are
Afraid orr Terrified – noot with other baad conditions. X (Special)
Action “replace your miissing trappiings”
Fighting Fool
F If you aree parted from your
y items, askk the Game
(Foolish, Plot) Host for a pllot twist to retu
urn or to replacce them.
Once exh hausted, you ca annot recover this Gift until
You rush in where
w others fear to tread.
the next gamme session.
Counnter Tactics
Licensed Foo
L ol
Cowa ard
(Foolish, Inflluence)
You are a fool ... by law.
2d8 Bonu
us to attack the Enraged
d or Berserk
If youu declare an atttack against an
n Enraged or
Berserk combatant,
c you u may claim a bonus 2d8 witth
your atta

You are a co
ourt jester
You are officially
o licenseed to be a roya
al fool, either
by decree orr by law.
You are expected
e not ju
ust to entertain
n the court, butt
you are also o expected to sa ay what everyo one else is too
afraid to sayy. As a fool, yo ou are expected d to insult
people, to ca all out liars andd cheats no ma atter how
influential th
hey are, and to o point out flaw
ws in plans that
the invested can’t bring theemselves to disscuss.

X (Influence)
Sway the opinions of oth
You mayy exhaust this Gift
G to push inflluence over
other folks … even after fa
ailing a roll! Ussually,
Exhausting this
t Gift meanss “playing dum mb” and gettingg
out of some situation that would
w embarra ass someone
with more sttation than youu ... but a subtlle fool can
advise, can plant
p ideas in people’s
p headss, and can gainn
access to pla
aces that commmoners aren’t usually
u allowed
Refer to the
t Influence ru ules for more details.

Massive Fool
F Dodge dice include you ur Speed Dicee, Dodge skill
(Foolish, Battle) dice, and an
ny bonus dice from Gifts succh as Coward.
Dodge dice are limited byy Encumbrancee.
No mere simp
pleton, your foolis
shness can enrage
e a crowd.

Requires Secrets of Fo
S oolery
Cowa ard (
Fooleery Any fool could do
o this ... but you’re
e not just any foo
X (Battle)) Coward
Stunt “Taaunt multiple targets” Foolery
Exhau ust this Gift, th
hen declare a “Taunt”
“ Stunt –
against a Group of targ gets (instead of
o just one). Trigger: Dresssed like a fool
T f
b result you can score on multiple targetts is
The best E
Extra action “Refresh an ny Foolish Battle
B Gift”
Enragedd. Even if you score
s three succcesses, using the To use th
his ability, you must be dresseed like a fool.
Out Fool ability y to taunt multiiple targets doees You cann not be wearingg any Armor. The T more
not causse anyone to become
b Berserkk. impractical your
y clothes arre, the better.
You mayy take an extra action each ro ound: the
Obnoxiou us Fool Refresh actio
on, but only too refresh a gift that
t has both
(Foolish, Plot) the “Battle” and the “Foolish” descriptorr.
The standdard rule that you
y can’t perfo orm the same
There’s some
ething about you that
t people hate ju
ust so much. action twice in the same roound applies.
Cowa ard

Enraged/BBerserk foess have d12 penalty

to attac
ck targets th
hat aren’t yo
If a ho
ostile combatant is Enraged or o Berserk, andd
they can trace line of siight to you, theen they have a
d12 pena alty to all their attacks that do
o not include you
as a target.

Quick Foo ol
(Foolish, Battle)
You have to be quick, when follks are this mad at
t you.

Cowa ard

X (Battle))
Trigger: Dodging
D an Enraged/Ber
E rserk attacke
When n you use the Dodge
D defensee against an
Enraged d or Berserk atttacker, Exhausst this Gift. (Yo
may nott use the abilityy against attackkers who are
neither Enraged
E nor Berserk.)
Take note of your highest
h Dodge die. You mayy
move up p to this distan
nce, away from m your attackerr, in
a straigh
ht line. For exa
ample, if your Dodge
D dice caame
up 7, 6, 4, then you may
m move up to o 7 paces awa ay
from thee attacker.


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