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role of an enabler in capturing customer data, in developing an ability to store, share,

analyze and transfer vast amount of data at low costs. Growth in the use of sophisticated
databases, data warehouses and data mining software applications make it possible for
organizations to analyze customer behavioral patterns, individual levels of profitability
and life time value of their
A narrow perspective of customer relationship management is database marketing
emphasizing the promotional aspects of marketing linked to database efforts. Another
narrow, yet relevant, viewpoint is to consider CRM only as customer retention in which a
variety of after marketing tactics is used for customer bonding or staying in touch after
the sale is made. Shani and Chalasani define relationship marketing as ³an integrated
effort to identify, maintain, and build up a network with individuals consumers and to
continuously strengthen the network for mutual benefit of both sides, through interactive,
individualized and value-added contacts over a period of time´. The core theme of all
CRM and relationship marketing perspectives is its focus on co-operative and
collaborative relationships between the firm and its customers, and/or other marketing

Ôn accordance with the guidelines issued by Securities and Exchange Board of Ôndia(SEBÔ under
the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002, all Mutual Funds arerequired to follow
enhanced Customer Ôdentification norms KYC (Know Your
Customer .
Further to the above requirement of SEBÔ, Association of Mutual Funds in Ôndia (AMFÔ
has also issued a guideline which requires all unit holders, including guardians and power
of attorney holders, to complete their KYC formalities for any mutual fund investment
(whether new or additional purchase of Rs. 50,000/- and above. This is with effect
from1st February 2008.

The Mutual Fund Ôndustry has made an arrangement with CDSL Ventures Limited
(CVL to issue the KYC confirmation letters. CVL in turn has appointed entities to act as
Points of Service (POS , of which, Kotak Securities Ltd. is one.
1.This Application Form is meant to enable a person to comply with the client
identification programme laid down by the Prevention of Money Laundering Act,
2002 (PMLA hereinafter referred to as Know Your Customer (KYC
requirements. Ôt is for use byÔÔÔ only. A separate form is provided
for non-individual entities such as Hindu Undivided Family (HUF , Corporates,
Trusts, Societies, etc.
2.This form is not an Ônvestment Application Form, and is only meant for providinginformation and
documents required for KYC compliance. Applicant must beKYC compliant while investing
with any SEBÔ registered Mutual Fund which is aParticipating Mutual Fund for the purpose of
the KYC compliance. ParticipatingMutual Fund means any SEBÔ registered Mutual Fund which
has subscribed to theservices of CDSL Ventures Limited (CVL for compliance of the KYC
procedure.A list of Participating Mutual Funds is available on the website of AMFÔ at
3.Subscription to Participating Mutual Fund Units may be made only after obtainingthe KYC
Acknowledgement at their respective designated Points of Acceptance /Ônvestor Service Centres.
4.Each Unitholders / Ônvestors must attach their KYC Acknowledgement along with
the Ônvestment Application Form(s / Transaction Slip(s while investing for the
first time in every folio. Applications Forms / Transaction Slips not accompanied
by KYC Acknowledgement are liable to be rejected by the Participating Mutual
5.oint holders need to be individually KYC compliant before they
can invest with any Participating Mutual Fund. e.g. in case of three joint holders,
all holders need to be KYC compliant and copies of each holder¶s KYC
Acknowledgement must be attached to the investment application form with any
Mutual Fund.
6.  % Ôn case of investments in respect of a Minor, the Guardian should be
KYC compliant attach their KYC Acknowledgement while investing in the name
of the minor. The Minor, upon attaining majority, should immediately apply for

KYC compliance in his/her own capacity and intimate the concerned Participating
Mutual Fund(s , in order to be able to transact further in his/her own capacity.
7.&  &'(" &: Ônvestors desirous of investing through a PoA
must note that the KYC compliance requirements are mandatory for both the PoA
issuer (i.e. Ônvestor and the Attorney (i.e. the holder of PoA , both of whom
should be KYC compliant in their independentcapacity and attach their
respective KYC Acknowledgements while investing.
8.Ôf an individual becomes a Mutual Fund Ônvestor due to an operation of law, e.g.,transmission of
units upon death of an investor, the claimant / person(s enteringthe Register of Unitholders of
the Participating Mutual Fund(s will be required tobe KYC compliant before such transfer can
take place.
9.The KYC process requires investors to provide their Proof of identity (PAN card
copy only and Proof of Address (any valid documents listed in section B of the
KYC Application Form to comply with KYC requirements. Participating Mutual
Funds reserve the right to seek any additional information / documentation in
terms of the PMLA at any point of time.
10. Participating Mutual Funds/ CVL will not be liable for any errors or omissions on
the part of the applicant / Unit holders in the KYC Application Form. Documents
received in support of KYC requirements will be verified at the designated ³Points
of Service´ (PoS , on a best effort basis. However acceptance and processing of
the KYC Application Form is subject to independent verification by CVL. Ôn the
event of any KYC Application Form being rejected for lack of information /
deficiency / insufficiency of mandatory documentation, etc. CVL will inform the
applicant of such rejection.
11. The Participating Mutual Fund, its Asset Management Company (AMC , Trustee
Company and their Directors, employees and agents shall not be liable in any
manner for any claims arising whatsoever on account of freezing the folios /
rejection of any application / non-allotment of units or mandatory redemption of
units / refund due to non-compliance with the provisions of the PMLA, SEBÔ
guidelines or where the AMC / Mutual Fund believes that transaction(s by an
applicant / investors is / are suspicious in nature within the purview of the PMLA
and SEBÔ guidelines and requires reporting the same to Financial Ôntelligence Unit
- Ôndia (FÔU-ÔND . Once the investor is KYC compliant, he will be required to
intimate his/her KYC details to all the Participating Mutual Funds with whom
he/she has investments. The KYC Compliance will be deemed to have been
completed for the investor in all folios held by him/her (identified by his/ her
PAN in the records of the Participating Mutual Fund..

what documents you need to provide for the KYC

Prescribed Documents (PAN Mandatory

For Ôndividual Ônvestors

Proof of Ôdentity:
1. Photo PAN Card

2. Ôn case of Non Photo PAN Card in addition to copy of PANCard any one of the
following :

Driving License /Passport copy / Voter ÔD /Bank Photo PassBook.

Proof of Address (any one of the following :

1. Latest Telephone Bill: Landline (not more than 3 months prior to the date of

application .

2. Latest Electricity Bill (not more than 3 months prior to thedate of application .

3. Passport copy.

4. Latest Bank Passbook/Bank Account Statement (not morethan 3 months prior to the
date of application .
5. Latest Demat Account statement (not more than 3 monthsprior to the date of

application .

6. Voter ÔD.

7. Driving License.

8. Ration Card.

9. Rent Agreement.

For Overseas Address of NRÔs:

Overseas Bank Account Statement (not more than 3 monthsprior to the date ofapplication .Any
other document duly certified by local authority in thecountry ofresidence.Ôn case the documents
are in any language other than Englishthe same must

be translated to English and certified byGovernment Authority in country of residenceor by the

ÔndianEmbassy. Ôn case investors provide more than one address,proofs ofboth the addresses
need to be provided.For HUFUnits can only be held in the name of

Karta on behalf of theHUF.

Proof of Ôdentity (any one of the following :

1.Copy of PAN Card of the HUF.Proof of address (HUF

1. Latest Bank Passbook (not more than 3 months prior to thedate of application .

2. Bank account statement (not more than 3 months prior tothe date of application .

Alternately, any of the documents listed for proof of addressfor an individual can be

provided by the karta.Non individuals (PAN Mandatory

Companies / Bodies Corporate (Certified copy of thefollowing :

1. Certificate of incorporation.

2. Memorandum & Articles of Association.

3. Resolution of the Board of Directors authorizing investment

in mutual funds.

4. Power of Attorney granted to its managers, officers or employees to transact business

on its behalf (Authorised

Signatories List .

Partnership firms (Certified copy of the following :

1.Certificates of Registration, in case of registered Partnership


2. Any other officially valid documents in respect of holding a

power of attorney to transact (Authorised Signatories List and

resolution / authority to invest .

Trusts, foundations, NGO¶s Charitable Bodies,

Clubs/Mutual Fund Schemes (Certified copy of the

following :

1. Certificate of Registration, in case of registered Trusts.

2. Any other valid documents in respect of holding a power of

attorney to transact (Authorised Signatories List and

resolution / authority to invest

3. Offer Document of the Mutual Fund Scheme.

You need to provide originals of these documents along with a copy each to the POS.
The originals will be returned to you after verification. Alternatively, you can also
provide an attested true copy of the relevant documents. Attestation could be done by
Notary Public / Gazetted Officer / Manager of a Scheduled Commercial Bank. This is
one time documentation.