Singing Skylarks Enlighten-Educate-Empower – 2011 Program

Sponsor for Children’s Education Program is started by Singing Skylarks NGO as part the vision of the organization “Eradicate Illiteracy”. The program is headed by the Board of Directors in association with the Volunteers of the group. This program benefits the students who are from financially weak and backward areas and who have good interest to continue their education to higher level as well as schooling. Singing Skylarks is an organization which works towards curbing Illiteracy in India through sponsoring young children who are not able to afford for their schooling. For this the NGO has identified the segment in which the illiteracy is prevalent pre-dominantly which includes daughters and sons of house maids, security guards and slum dwellers. As a part of our initiative, a girl is already benefitting and she is currently doing her UG degree. She lost her parents when she was young and now she is under her grandmother’s care. Her grandmother is working as a servant in many houses around those areas. [Ref:] We plan to continue this program and want to extend this to similar students. This year 2011, we plan to sponsor at least 10 students worth INR50, 000 [INR5, 000 per student]. We have identified the following people who work as security guards and are not able to fund for their children and we will be extending the list as we gather funds from individuals / organizations. Telephone numbers of these people will be given on request. 1) 2) 3) 4) Mr.Prem (Security Guard of an Apartment in C V Raman Nagar) Mr. Amar (Security Guard of an Apartment in C V Raman Nagar) Mrs. Anna Mary ( Security Guard of Motorola India) Miss Deepa (II year college student – Granddaughter of a house maid).

You can contribute for the same through any one of following ways.

Donating through Cheque

Donating Old books:
Any books on Maths, Science, History, Geography, English, Physics, Chemistry, etc… will be accepted and donated to children gaining through this program.

Donating PCs:
In case you have old PCs, you can help us by donating which will in turn benefit any of the students / families mentioned above.

Previous Projects of Singing Skylarks:
Sponsor Education for Deepa:
Deepa, a II PU student, lost her parents at an young age and is survived by her grandmother who, at an age of sixty five is supporting for her studies by working as a house maid in some houses at Erode (Tamil Nadu). Struggling for day to day living, her grandmother feels the entire expense cannot be borne by her. So she approached Singing Skylarks for sponsorship of a part of the amount for Deepa’s studies. Singing Skylarks has covered 30 % of the educational expenses. Singing Skylarks Volunteer and Official Chartered Accountant (Mr. T.V. Subbunarayanan) also counsels the girl related to her studies. The progress of the girl is reported periodically and monitored, so that she can improve in her studies.

Global Day of Service – 2009 In Srishti special academy:
As we all know, Global Day of Service is a day on which Motorola Volunteers across the locations participate in social projects to promote Greener Environment. This year the theme again is Greener Environment and Motorola India CSR Head, Sreepad Rao, who is also the Advisor for Singing Skylarks, gave a heads up on the projects to be chosen. One of the projects discussed was cleaning the Bagmane Tech Park Lakes, which are in a pathetic condition and not being maintained either by the Government or the Private Enterprises. If chosen, this project would be attracting lots of volunteers, since the lake is just at the entrance of Bagmane Tech Park and most other companies would be willing to join us in the initiative. Also, BBMP would be involved in this, since the initial cleaning of the lake needs to be done

with the help of them. Singing Skylarks Volunteers of Motorola would have a good say on this, since every year we had been participating in Motorola’s Global Day of Service. And I hope many volunteers from Singing Skylarks would join us on October 13th for a Greener and Cleaner Environment.

Dance Classes in Government Schools by Santosh and Neha of Singing Skylarks
Kudos to Santosh and Neha for giving a headstart to the Dance classes in the Government schools. The project sounded to be yet an another wonderful idea ignited in the minds of 2 singing Skylarkers before 4 months, however, the dedication which both these volunteers showed towards the project, be it talking to the principal of the school or be it following up things with the Board of Directors of Skylarks, the drive which both the volunteers had towards the project is simply outstanding. The project successfully embarked on 21st August 2010. The next step would be to instill the interests in children who attended the classes and be a bit cautious on not leaving too much gap on the classes. One take away from the project : Not all the government schools have the facility to teach Dance or music classes and even if the schools do have, the children are not able to learn mostly because of the exhorbitant fee charged by the teachers. Neha, who has learnt Bharatnatyam for the past 10 years, epitomizes the fact here that, ARTS must be made available to every child – Not only Education. I wish to post on the same activity after 4 months on the success of this project.

Trip to Kere thanda – Tree planting and Donations !!
September 2010 – on behalf of Joy of Giving Week

Our intention was to make sure that the activities are accomplished and nothing was left out. The first day – first half went on like this and we were done with planting of 8 saplings and 6 for the TV’s sake. Thanks to santosh chavadi for coming up with a brilliant idea of naming the sapling with a student’s name and asking the student to take care of the plants individually till it grows. We also promised that we ll reward the students with good prizes and chocolates if they take care of the plants well. We were happy to see the response from the students and each student promised to take care of the sapling. The following news paper reporters were also there on the first day 1) Deccan Herald 2) Viay Karnataka 3) Kannada Prabha 4) Prajwani We donated the geometry boxes, pencils, Rings, skipping ropes, Chess boards etc.. to the students of the school and the head master was pretty happy. By noon, we were tired and had a good lunch with all our volunteers in Mango tree restaurant in HAMPI. Again we wanted to make sure that we focus on the activities and plant as many saplings as possible, but could manage only with 10 more and we requested the forest officers to complete the remaining through laborers. They could successfully complete 40 more and the total saplings planted were around 60 by the second day. We also created awareness for the villagers to take care of the saplings. We spoke to the Education officer of the area who saw the

previous day’s TV 9 coverage and he was trying to convince us on the second day that he is doing his best to serve the interests of the students there. With some coverage on TV 9, Samaya Channels and Deccan Herald, other newspapers covering the report, I hope we have created good limelight for the village apart from accomplishing our activities there. I ll be posting the snaps of the activity along with the TV coverage on this shortly.

Donation of Fountain and Cleaning of Bagmane Lake – October 2010:

Singing skylarks and Motorola Foundation worked on cultural Events in 2010 to raise funds to clean the Bagmane Tech park – CVR Lake and Donated fountain worth 1,28,000 INR and planted trees worth 22500 INR. This was inaugurated by DRDO Kernel and Mr. Sreepad Rao.

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