Luis M. Bimbo, Vice-President Corporate Communications Great Lake Garments, Inc.

2800 North Sheridan Road Lake Bluff, Illinois 60691 Communication Plan for Proposed GLG layoffs 1. Corporate departments meeting As soon as the decision for laying off is made, all department heads of the corporation should be informed personally in a joint meeting, stating the reasons for the layoffs, the impact of those layoffs in the operations in each department and the common policy to be observed, while gathering information and feedback from each manager. All involved should observe confidentiality until public disclosure. 2. Press conference As we are a listed company, we therefore must abide with the Regulation Fair Disclosure Act from SEC. The information should be given to all stakeholders at the same time, but I recommend that the length of such information should be tailored to each group. So, as a first step for disclosing information, a press conference or a press release should be drafted and presented to the public as soon as possible by the corporate communications responsible and it should focus on the following: • The economic downturn experienced and did it affect operations • State that active measures were implemented, but to no avail • Last resort measures will be put into force, by cutting some positions • Document reasons for layoff and the expected results and stress the temporary nature of the layoffs.

3. Letter to shareholders

As soon as the press conference has been held, a personal letter from the President of the corporation should be send to all shareholders, in which the reasons for the layoffs, the benefits of such action, as well as the full financial impact of such measures should be clearly identified. The letter should focus on the following points: Luis M. Bimbo Page 1

without promising anything undeliverable at this time. The legal schedule for the termination of contract should also be followed and this should be done in collaboration with the Human Resource Department. and how the situation is developing. 4. • Clearly assert that several other measures were already taken. Letter to the layoff employees A personal letter signed by the President of the corporation for the downsized employees should be send at the same time as the letter to the shareholders and should not arrive to them in hand more than 48 hours after the press conference. Communicate with the workers union Luis M. • Refer that measures will probably have a temporary character. • Project a bi-quarterly preview on future developments in the financial status.• The results from the financial report from last quarter and present one. The letter should stress out the following points: • State the problems faced by the company without much financial detail. 5. • Acknowledge the contribution of the employee to the corporation and give support on all related matters. without success. • Unambiguously explain that his position is going to be terminated and the schedule for the end of contract. such as unemployment and severance payments. Bimbo Page 2 . • Give concrete numbers of the impact of the layoffs in the company’s value and stock price.

the corporation communications responsible should contact the worker’s union and cooperatively try to find a solution for all those affected. apart from the letter signing. The worker’s union should also be informed on the evolution of the status of the terminated jobs and also if any new development regarding rehiring of the workers has taken place. Luis M. This communication should be done at least once in person. Sincerely. Bimbo Page 3 . without any real personal involvement. Bimbo. The timing and methods are clearly stated above and it is my opinion that we proceed accordingly. Vice-President for Corporate Communications Luis M. from the President at this stage and current state of events.After the employees are informed. This communication strategy should be implemented sequentially. in the order proposed. with all subsequent communications held by phone or mail.

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