2007 October 13-14, he weekend of Drag RacAnnual dB marked the 10th ivilege . I’ve had the pr ing World Finals of the years t eight out of ten titor, to attend the las were as a compe ose eight finals. Three of th pacity with rial ca were in an edito and the last five d. to & Soun als Performance Au like any other fin t this year was un The even ars, the ious ye car audio. In prev ich all in the history of ntral location, wh in one ce finals were held ch as Nashsu d attend. US cities competitors woul ed host to eland have play d Clev ville, Louisville an et with competicles on the plan the loudest vehi Germany, Puerto m as far away as tors traveling fro nada. This year itzerland and Ca Rico, Japan, Sw lifornia, Norway, apolis, Tampa, Ca we added Indian ce to that list. France and Gree ld Finals was this year the Wor As you can see, t couple of affair. Over the las an International DBDRA (dB Drag rris, President of years, Wayne Ha rking on making n), has been wo Racing Associatio ent, enabling a truly global ev the World Finals rld who were all parts of the wo competitors from the year. te at the end of eligible to compe rticipants tal of 446 total pa There were a to Wayne Harris ar. locations this ye amongst the six ersee the p of judges to ov grou gathered an elite ad judges He ions worldwide. six different locat ce, Tor is Lekkas in Gree : Yiann were as follows Boite in hane in Norway, Step Steinar Aamodt Horn in Inn in Tampa, Sam cLea France, David M lifornia. Along ug Stockton in Ca dianapolis and Do judges mentioned head with the above-

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Text by George

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Street Max 3-4

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Bob Perillo and TEAM NWA

Team Mike Skaritka vs Les Team Maxxsonics


Craig Butler

s an additional crew of for each location, there wa “Without them there’s judges and staff on-hand. e been possible,” no way the Finals would hav said Wayne Harris. traveling with the This year, I opted to forego make the road trip with corporate jet so that I can ans that traveled from a handful of hopeful Canadi y all traveled with the east coast of Canada. The h some sort of hardthe goal of walking away wit ional or World Title. ware and potentially a Nat in six locations With the event taking place t was called upon to simultaneously, the Interne tion held its own Reconnect them all. Each loca winners advancing to gional competition with the ere the top two comthe National competition wh s in North America petitors from each given clas peted against and Europe, respectively, com was the National each other to see which one National Champions Champion. From there, the

Team Cactus Sounds Gree

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Group Shot of Greece Com

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Team 420 - Rooney

Extreme Audio

Alan Dante and the Extreme


Competitors in France

from Europe and North America would compete head-to-head to crown the World Champion. I decided to attend the finals at the Indianapolis location and I’ve got to tell you I’m really glad I did. With the likes of Edge Audio, Mike Bartells, Alan Dante, Bob Perillo, Scott Van Riper, Chris Norris and a list of other big names, the roll call in Indy read like an all-star cast of North American dB Drag Racing competitors. Between the six locations, you had some of the largest companies in the car audio field taking part, including; Stetsom, Maxxsonics, Cactus Sounds, Rockford Fosgate, Kenwood, Kinetik, Memphis, Matrix Audio, Stinger, DD, RE and the list goes on. Every year, the bar is raised and just when you think you’ve seen it all; BAM!! You get blindsided. This happened a few times this weekend. Two out of the three Street Categories saw over 160dB with Peter Augustijnen from Belgium belting out a jaw-dropping 161.4dB. In the Street A class, it was local favourite from Greece that took the World Championship with a score of 159.7dB with only two 10-inch subwoofers. Another incredible showing was that of Team Trinlect from Brampton, ON, Canada, who took the North American title in the Street Max 1-2 class



Loudest vehicle on the plan


Tommy ‘King of Bass’ McK 150-159.9 Bass Race Clas innie & Pipo Sanchez in the s

SPL Inc from Canada

with an amazing 161.2dB, bringing home some deserving gold for Team Can ada. Fred Rajkumar eventually ended up doing battle with the single most dominant competitor in the Street Max 1-2 class. Christoph Herzog from Cactus Sounds from Switzerland ended up wining the World Championship run and in doi ng so clinched his fourth consecutive World Cha mpionship. Rounding things out in the Street Max category was one of the big gest showings of the weekend. Team JP Sou nds-Pouliakas from Athens, Greece crushed the ir competition with an astounding score of 166 .7dB, with the closest competitor at more than 2.5 dB behind. In doing so, they brought home ano ther World Championship for Greece. I can only imagine what he has in store for the 2008 season . In the Super Street class, the re where huge numbers being dropped all weekend from both sides of the pond. Howeve r, the most memorable event was when Bob Perillo blew apart his
Street Max 1-2 National Champion TeTrinlect

Germany’s Big Oki and his


windshield with his very firs t burp on Saturday morning and continued to compete all through the weekend without changi ng it and running in Bass Race as well. The Extreme category, like every year, is pushed to the limit and one of those individuals that is doing that pushing is Alan Dante with his Extreme 1 class Volvo station wagon. Dante proceeded to belt out an unb elievable 179.7dB, which clinched not only a World Championship in his class but also earned him the Extreme Cup which is given to the single loudest competitor of the weekend. What’s more amazing is that he did that number wit h only one 18-inch subwoofer and four amplif iers. Right on his heels was Edge Audio and their Pioneer-laden Ford F250 which also produced a whopping 179.5dB. Another incredible showin g was that of Albertans Michael and Mark Reg ner of Team Rip Rock in the Extreme 1-2 catego ry with their Isuzu Trooper. They won the Reg ional and also went
Cactus Sound Booth

Big Jim and Chris Norris

on to win the National Cha mpionship as well, an incredible showing from the brothers from Canada’s West Coast. Another integral part of the weekend was the Bass Racing portion, which is in its third year and keeps growing by leaps and bounds. Once again, Tommy “the King of Bass” McKinnie was crowned World Champion of the 159.9 category in which he battled Big Bob Perillo who was looking very well at possibl y upsetting Tommy. However, in the end, Tommy came out victorious, claiming his title once aga in. Congratulations to all com petitors worldwide who took part this weekend and to those who made the event possible. A special thanks go to Wayne Harris for “allowing us, the competitors and spectators” (according to one competitor) to participate at the World Fin als this year. I personally look forward to the 200 8 season with great anticipation. For more info rmation and event coverage visit www.dbdragr