MEETING LOCATION: North Kitsap Fire Station on Miller Bay Road 7:00 INTRODUCTORY ITEMS Opening Comments Introductions Review/Approve Minutes Correspondence Old Business – Open Position – secretary & New Roster GREETINGS FROM OUR NEW COMMISSIONER – Rob Gelder SPECIAL PRESENTATION – Transportation Improvement Projects Jim Rogers COUNTY REPORT KCAC SUB-COMMITTEE REPORTS Downtown Kingston Master Plan Parks & Open Space Committee – Walt Elliott WSF Committee – Walt Elliott COMMUNITY REPORTS Kingston Farmer’s Market – Clint Dudley Schools Update – Rick Jones Carpenter Lake/Creek – Steve Heacock Kingston Garden Club – Mary Ann Harris Village Green Foundation – Dave Wetter Chamber Of Commerce – Tom Waggoner Kiwanis – Ken Hanson Downtown Kingston Association – Nancy Martin Rotary – Clint Boxman Friends of the Library – Jan Richards Kingston Stakeholders – Dan Martin or Siri Reinbold NEW BUSINESS OPEN COMMENT PERIOD/GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS ADJOURN *** Next Meeting, Wednesday, May 4, 2011 *** TOPIC: SoundRunner Ferry

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KINGSTON CITIZENS ADVISORY COUNCIL Meeting Summary April 6, 2011 Present Naomi Maasberg, Co-Chair, Member at Large Clint Boxman, Kingston-North Kitsap Rotary Mary Ann Harris, Kingston Garden Club Walt Elliott, Member at Large Steve Heacock, Carpenter Lake/Creek Ken Hanson, Kingston Kiwanis Betsy Cooper, Member At Large Nancy Martin, Downtown Business Association Dan Martin, Kingston Stakeholders Clint Dudley, Kingston Farmers Market Annie Humiston, At Large, Roads Subcommittee Rick Jones, North Kitsap School District Kari Golden, School Parent Jan Richards, Friends of the Kingston Library Tom Waggoner, Kingston Chamber of Commerce Excused Siri Reinbold, Kingston Stakeholders Denise Lietz, Co-Chair, Member At Large Dave Wetter, Village Green Not Present Kitsap County Representatives Rob Gelder Rebecca Pirtle Jim Rogers Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. Introductions were made. One item was added to the agenda: lighted signs at the Methodist Church on Shorty Campbell Road. Naomi noted the members will be responsible for printing out the meeting items that are sent in advance, and that they want to have in hand. The co-chairs will print only a few extra copies to bring to the meeting. Minutes MSC to approve the March minutes. Correspondence Naomi noted that the letter from last month’s proceedings was sent to the Port Commissioners.

Old Business: Open positions: A recording secretary is still needed. The revised roster was circulated for corrections. Special presentations: New North End Commissioner Rob Gelder brought his greetings and noted that he is honored to be working for and with us. He thanked all of us for our work on the Community Council. He looks forward to working with all of us and is open to contacts from us. Jim Rogers from Kitsap County Public Works presented the Priorities for County funding for roads projects – known as the Transportation Improvement Projects List – or TIP. April is the time to get new ideas to Public Works regarding road improvements we feel are important. The TIP List is for a 6-year plan, and rotates forward each year. Projects are carried over from year-to-year, but are re-evaluated each year. The projects we sent in last year are still on the list. In 2010 there were 60 projects and 15 were selected. Jim explained the scoring and noted the period for public suggestions and comments regarding projects has been extended to May 15. He distributed forms and noted that ideas can be submitted online at The list from past years and the map is at Members are encouraged to look at the list and see if we want to add any projects this year. We will have a chance to do that in May. It was noted that individuals can suggest projects as well, and it does not carry any more weight to have a project endorsed by a group such as KCAC; projects are evaluated on the basis of their own merit. Kitsap County Report

Rebecca Pirtle reported that the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for a new explosive wharf at Bangor has been released; it is 900 pages long, but can be viewed at The public hearing in our area is on Tuesday, April 19, 6-9 pm, at North Kitsap High School. The Point No Point Lighthouse is being refurbished this summer, so there may be days the lighthouse is closed to tourists, although the park will remain open. The County is working diligently on funding for the “options” property acquisition for the North Kitsap Heritage Park. This includes some funding from the proceeds of the sale of the old city hall building in Poulsbo. They are applying for grants and are close to having the full funding. Washington Blvd. has been sliding away, but repairs are being made so that delivery trucks can get to the homes. One house has been tagged as uninhabitable. Subcommittee Reports: Downtown Kingston Master Plan – No Report Parks & Open Space – Walt Elliott Cascade Land Conservancy: They are asking for a letter of support for a grant to purchase 200 acres of waterfront property on both sides of the road along the west side of Gamble Bay. The sub-committee has prepared a letter of support. It was MSC that KCAC would endorse this letter and sign on, as well. Naomi will forward the letter. Heritage Park: Considerable trail clearing has been done. Trail signs will be going up this month to help hikers find their way in the trails network. These signs will be similar to those in the Hansville Greenway at Buck Lake Park. Progress continues on getting the permits necessary for a short bridge to cross the wetlands from the parking lot to the Blue trail. White Horse Trail: Trail paving has been completed. Official opening may have to wait until there is an agreement between Port Madison Enterprises and the County. Bicycle Event: A major bicycle event is being planned for July 23 to begin and end in Kingston’s Village Green Park. It’s a ride to Hurricane Ridge and at least two shorter routes. WSF Committee – Walt Elliott WSF proposes to change the Kingston Saturday night schedule (copies were distributed). This would add a 10PM Kingston and a 10:45PM Edmonds sailings. It would also eliminate our late night sailings, after 11:05 at Kingston and 11:45 at Edmonds. Please email with your preference. MSC that KCAC supports the “old” version of the schedule, which included sailings after midnight. Naomi will convey that preference to WSF.

Boat Loading: The WSF website has color coded tables that show you what the expected boat loading will be for ferry sailings. Go to the Kingston Edmonds ferry schedule and click on “Typical travel conditions”. Legislation: Funding – Alternative ferry funding legislation proposals are for either: The current 2 ½% per year fare hikes with some major service cuts on most routes (other than Kingston an Edmonds) OR A 7 ½% fare hike this year and 2 ½% next year with less system service cuts. Surcharges: It appears that there will not be a fuel surcharge but we may likely have a 25¢ per ticket surcharge for new ferry construction. Community Reports Kingston Farmers Market: Clint Dudley The 2011 Market season will open May 7. Friends of Library: Jan Reynolds The book sale in March was very successful; they raised $1500. Schools: Rick Jones/Kari Golden Rick reported they are still focused on the budget. At this point, they are anticipating reduction in staff and larger class sizes next year. Kari is getting contacts set up with the Kingston area schools to have regular updates for KCAC. She reported the Gordon Elementary Auction is on April 30 at Pt. Gamble. Carpenter Lake/Creek: Steve Heacock The Carpenter Lake sign at the head of the trail, which was constructed with student tiles, has been destroyed by vandals. We are exploring a replacement. Construction Bids have been received for the Stillwaters Fish Passage (S. Kingston Bridge). Construction is slated to start on June 27 and will take until January. He noted that there will be 2 lanes open at all times during construction. Arness Park will remain open, as the staging area for the contractor will be on Norman Road. Staff from Public Works and possibly the contractor will be at the June 1 meeting of KCAC. It was noted that the contractor’s sanicans will not be available to the public, so we will have to have other sanicans for Arness Park. The Community Party for Groundbreaking is scheduled for Thursday, June 23 at 4 pm. Garden Club: Mary Ann Harris The plant sale is scheduled for April 30, 9 am – 2 pm, at the Community Center. Mary Ann brought the quilt to raffle, which is gorgeous, and sold tickets for $1 each. Village Green: Dave Wetter Nick Jewett was present to report for Dave.

We poured some sparkling cider to toast the accomplishment of the Village Green getting into the capital budgets of both the House and the Senate in Olympia for the amount of $1.029 million. Nick stressed that this is capital money and it is not taking money away from the general funds, such as schools and health care, nor the transportation funds budget. All of our representatives are very supportive. Pre-construction architectural and engineering work has begun at the site. A public meeting to review the most recent version of the master site plan will be held Wednesday, April 27 at 6:30 pm at the Fire Station. Chamber of Commerce: Tom Waggoner Membership continues to grow. Kiwanis: Ken Hanson The Kiwanis are raffling off the red Mustang. Tickets are $5. The Annual Toy Drive has just begun. Judy Osborne is the contact. The Boys & Girls Club is considering an additional summer program and they will be supporting that. They are considering holding one evening meeting each month. Downtown Kingston Association: Nancy Martin Kites over Kingston is planned at the Mike Wallace Park on April 9, from 11 – 3pm. The sponsor is the Kingston office of Windermere. Kites will be available if you do not have one. Concerts on the Cove – They are raising the funds now for the scheduled 8 free summer concerts, from July 9 through August 27, at 7 pm at the Marina. Rotary: Clint Boxman Rotary is paying for trail sign posts at Heritage Park, which will be installed on April 9. The golf tournament is on June 24th and 4-somes of golfers and business sponsors are needed. Get information at Two $1000 scholarships will be available to Kingston High School students. Applications will be taken starting in May. Stakeholders: Dan Martin Dan described the very interesting speaker at one of their recent meetings, Karen Schmidt. She spoke about how the state got into the ferry business. She also explained the importance of Seattle and Tacoma Ports to distribution throughout the U.S. The Panama Canal expansion is having a huge economic impact on our area. New Business Annie brought a concern from residents around the Methodist church on Shorty Campbell Road. The lighted sign and cross at the church appear to be very bright for a

residential area. The neighbors are thinking that the sign and cross might be brighter than they should have been allowed to be by permit. It was pointed out that they can contact the County Code Compliance staff through 337-5777 to have that checked. It was also suggested that they should just talk to the church about it to see if the sign and/or cross could be turned off at night. General Announcements & Comments Naomi noted the flyers on the tables for EcoFest on April 30th at Stillwaters, and for other events at Stillwaters. Walt asked the County staff to keep the Parks committee abreast of issues related to the furnace and electrical system at the Community Center, which has been a problem lately. It was noted that SoundRunner will be our speakers next month and it was suggested that we ask the Port to attend if they would like to. That seemed to be agreeable to everyone. Next meeting: Wednesday, May 4, 2011 – Program: SoundRunner Update The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm. Meeting Notes taken by Betsy Cooper & Naomi Maasberg.

Ferries, Parks and Trails 3/2/11
Parks and Trails Comments are for our 2/7 meeting; our March meeting is 3/7. Heritage Park Stewardship committee will hold work days from 9-12 every second Saturday. Normally everyone will meet at the Miller Bay Rd entrance. The HP Stewardship committee requests that if people want to establish new trails, they should route the ideas through our Parks, Trails, and Open Space committee. Plans are underway for signposts with plastic signage marking trails and distances between posts. We are helping with an informal survey of park usage. North Kitsap Trails Association continues work on a trails plan that will include a map showing connections between routes. The Trail Mix column for the Community News is generating interest in local trails. Ferries Reminder: Boats from Clinton will be coming to Edmonds instead of Mukilteo Friday through Sunday on March 18-20, 25-27 and April 1-3. There will be separate traffic and holding lanes for the Clinton traffic. In Edmonds, expect more back-up on SR 104 and confusion but the normal boat waits. Speak to Legislators: Sen. Rockefeller, Rep. Appleton and Rep. Rolfes will be hosting a town meeting on Saturday March 12th POULSBO LIBRARY 1:30-3PM. This is held once during the legislative session and is an opportunity for you to ask questions and make comments about legislation. From the Ferry perspective our concerns are: • The Governor’s proposal for a system-wide cutback of service, taking a boat off-line and raising fares 10% this year. This will affect tens of thousands of riders. • We totally oppose the budget’s proposal for an up 20% surcharge to cover deficits in ferry fuel budget. With a 115% farebox recovery rate Kingston-Edmonds has no “deficit”. As there has also been no public transparency or participation in this surcharge scheme we think that is will be a bad one for riders. • While we support the 25¢ per ticket charge to build two 144-car ferries that is based on the Legislature finding the rest of the funding to build them this decade. Legislation that’s still in play: Labor Reforms: SB 5405 and 5408: HB 1511 and 1515Addresses cost issues identified by several studies of WSF and also the Waste in the Water” series. Puts collective bargaining under the state’s Public Employment Relations Commission Management Reforms: SB 5406 and HB 1515. Sets performance targets for WSF management which if not achieved will lead to management outsourcing in 2013. Ferry Construction funding : SB 5742: Puts a 25¢ per ticket surcharge to build two 144-car ferries this decade (covers about 15% of cost). Starting 2013 eliminates the sales tax WSF pays on fuel HB 1352 & SB 5698: (may be dead) Eliminates the Oregon resident exemption from Washington sales tax except in the border counties. 80% of revenue goes to ferries. Ferry Appropriations : HB 1175 and SB 5176: Still a rough draft the action will heat up after financial projections in mid March. Here’s where fares, service cuts, surcharges etc. will be decided

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