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Bridgewater, NJ 08807

SQL Developer with 28 years of IT accomplishments including 18 years using database
techniques. Experienced project leader, project manager, and contributor on group
projects. Successfully delivered final work product on individual projects. Implemented
large scale commercial software packages, including the training of staff and management
to use the system to the fullest extent. Accomplished specification writer. Recently
completed MS SQL Server boot camp. Organized and help co-ordinate on-line study group
for MS SQL Server Developer Certification exam. Contributor to

Database Management Systems:
Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Oracle 10g
Microsoft Office
Business Intelligence Development Studio

SetFocus LLC Bridgewater, NJ Nov – Dec 2010
SQL Master’s Program
The SetFocus SQL Server Master’s Program is an intensive, hands-on, project oriented
program where participants gain knowledge and valuable experience putting the SQL Server
skill set to use in a simulated work environment.

Created numerous simple to complex queries involving self joins, correlated

subqueries, CTE’s and XML techniques for diverse business requirements. Tuned and
optimized queries by altering database design, analyzing different query options, and
indexing strategies.
On team project, systematically designed a database for an online movie rental
company and designed and implemented reports as per business requirements.
Employed best practices in creating a complete schema including tables,
relationships, stored procedures, views, clustered and non-clustered indexes and
triggers, and implemented the import and export of data using XML and SSIS.
Alan Berger
Individually designed a bank application according to business requirements, and
implemented robust stored procedures, functions, and triggers to implement
required functionalities.
Created an ETL solution that reads Product, Vendor, and Order data from .CSV files
on a network share into an SQL Server database. The solution also validated
incoming data and preformed notifications when jobs complete. The order data
loaded into SQL Server was used to generate reports using the SSRS 2008 reporting
functionality (including the Tablix control). The reports were set up for automatic
delivery based on standard report subscriptions.

Raritan Valley Community College Branchburg, NJ 2010

Certificate, Web Design


Technipack Piscataway, New Jersey 1999 – 2005
Senior Technologist

Technipack was an assembly plant for consumer goods.

Responsible for day to day operations of all IT functions, including hardware,
network servers, and telecommunications, internal, commercial, and user provided
On-going development of a custom integrated ERP solution to run the factory
efficiently. System functions included receipts, warehouse locator, shipping, Bill of
Materials, capacity planning.
Trained multi-lingual staff to use standard office and accounting software and
customer supplied notification software
Designed and developed secure customer access to the ERP system using secure
internet protocols.
Assured accuracy of inventory held in the system by performing cycle counts in the

Independent Consultant Bridgewater, New Jersey 1992 - 1999

Designed, developed, and implemented information management systems for companies in
various industries, primarily using a RDMS. Coordinated and directed team of consultants,
providing them with detailed specifications and project plans. Tracked progress on multiple
simultaneous projects, balancing time and customer requirements.

Key Projects and Achievements

Worked with managers and end users to clarify and refine requirements to
ensure that project designs were aligned with business needs.
Demonstrated solid technical planning and customer service skills, using sound
problem solving capabilities and flexibility in coordinating projects in several
different industries.
Led successful team effort to develop a financial reporting system for a
manufacturing company. Project was completed under budget and ahead of
Provided strategic consulting that helped a marketing organization win a valuable
contract with a pharmaceutical company, then developed an automated solution
to fill the requirements of the contract.
Key contributor to a team project to develop a stock-broker trading system.
Designed and developed a mortgage-backed securities portfolio analysis system
for a major Swiss bank.
Contributed key segments to a tax lien system for a large regional bank.
Alan Berger

Banque Parisbas New York 1989 - 1992

The New York branch of one of the largest French banks fulfilled the needs of French
companies doing business in the United States, including Commercial Lending, Foreign
Currency Exchange, and Investments.

Key Projects and Achievements

Coordinated the implementation of several auxiliary systems, working closely

with the users and vendors to provide the optimum solution for the FX trading
desk, which was responsible for the movement of over $500 million per day.
Project manager and systems designer for a real-time solution which captured
transactions done on the desk in NY, updated the local system, transmitted
information to Paris-based systems, and returned information to other NY based
systems. This involved the use of emerging technologies which are considered
commonplace today.
Provided the Lending department with a Work to Fax solution which was also an
emerging technology at the time.

National Westminster Bank, PLC New York 1987 – 1989

The New York branch of one of the largest UK based banks supporting British companies.
As the liaison between the Integrated Systems department and the bank’s Treasury
department, which manages the banks own money,
Oversaw the final development, acceptance testing, and implementation of an
internally developed Certificate of Deposit system.
Headed the selection committee for the implementation of a vendor supplied
solution for Money Market transactions, and managed the implementation
project. This involved providing communication methods between VAX and IBM
mainframes, which were based on different technologies.

Business Intelligence Systems New York 1980 – 1987

BIS software processed the transactions done by the offshore branches of multi-national
Trained bank’s staff on the use of the system.
Guided customers through the implementation phase of the package.
As manager of the sales support team, provided system knowledge during the
sales cycle, which was often over 1 year in duration.

Arbat Systems New York 1978 – 1980

Arbat provided a software solution for international banks.
Provided ongoing post-implementation support for existing customers.

Retail Sales Edison, NJ 2005 – 2010
Sold Honda automobiles, achieving President’s Club (based on volume and customer
satisfaction) in 2008 and 2009.

Wilkes University Wilkes-Barre, PA 1977
Bachelors of Science, Business Administration