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PSD Communications Department

Common Messaging for Administrators

Topic: Critical Race Theory in Schools August 2021

EVERGREEN MESSAGE (what we want people to know and feel about this topic):

We are committed to being a district where all students have an opportunity to succeed. By making our
teaching and learnng environments a safe place for all students, including historically underserved
student groups, we foster a mindset of acceptance and inclusion in which everyone benefits and

For years, we have focused on developing capacity in our educators that support student achievement,
equitably and inclusively. This equity lens helps us close opportunity gaps and ensures that our systems
are set up so that all students benefit from rigorous academic and vocational programs.


Talking points to be refined based on situation:

• We are relentless about academic excellence for all students: By regularly reviewing student
data we can target supports to improve higher levels of achievement for all student groups.
• For decades we have evaluated data based on multiple student demographics, including
special education, multi-language learners, low-income and race: Data disaggregation by
student groups is a federal requirement and helps us analyze how differences impact a variety
of outcomes, including academic growth, student discipline, and graduation rates.
• Our instructional practices are grounded in diversity, equity, and inclusion: For years,
professional learning for staff has focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion practices that
transfer to district departments, schools, and classrooms. Fostering an awareness and
acceptance of differences in our district helps create a space of belonging for students, staff,
and families.


What is Critical Race Theory (CRT)?

Developed 40 years ago, CRT is a college graduate framework that examines why racial inequities exist
in systems and how to eliminate them. CRT seeks to make sense of the connections between race and
social inequality, emphasizing that race is not biological, but a socially constructed idea.

Is CRT taught in Puyallup Schools?

No. We will continue to review and respond to data that reveals disparity in school discipline and
achievement for the purpose of ensuring all students have opportunity to succeed in our schools .

Does Puyallup have a hidden agenda?

No. Our district is committed to providing supports for all students. Our staff are trained to facilitate
discussion and learning with a neutral, nonpartisan lens when teaching the learning standards of WA
state for civics and government, history, economics, geography, law, and democracy. Our goal is to
engage students in learning that promotes inquiry and thoughtful civic participation. To do this, our
students need a safe space to share experiences and express themselves.

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