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About Starfish
~ community entrepreneurs working for sustainability ~ New England Sustainability Strategy Farming the Sun community solar enterprise New England Wind

~ a vision is emerging for the New England to become a net exporter of renewable energy ~

Vision & Purpose

Some $10-20Bn of investment into commercial renewable energy projects is anticipated. New England Wind aims to catch this wind, & build on the take-up of small-scale solar, st to be NSW's 1 community wind farm, with 4-6 turbines, powering 20% of the Tablelands' homes.

System of Electricity Energy Options
Wind Power in Detail Snapshot of Community Energy

Regional Context New England Wind ~ Phase1 About Wind Power Phase2 Find Out More & Get Involved

“Over 50% of Australia’s greenhouse gasses come from electricity use...the electricity sector [is] the biggest single contributor... Transport is the second biggest... at 16%.”

NSW Demand for Generation

“Ninety per cent of electricity used in NSW is generated from coal-fired power stations.”
- NSW Industry & Investment

NSW Renewable Energy Electricity 7% of Total (2009)
Landfill Gas 6% Solar 2% Wind 1% Biomass 8%

Hydro 83%

Australian & NSW Government target: “20% renewable energy by 2020”

Community Attitudes Research

57% of farmers said they would consider hosting wind turbines on their property.

Proposed Power Grid 100% Renewable Electricity

Smart, Distributed Grid

S Australia Wind Power 19%


NSW Wind Farms
Approved 2,500+ MW
• • • • • • • • • • • •
Crookwell II 92MW Silverton(1) 846 MW Silverton (2) 948 MW Gullen Range 248 MW Taralga 186 MW Conroys Gap 30 MW Black Springs 19 MW Glen Innes 81 MW Kyoto 102 MW Boco Rock 270 MW Woodlawn 42MW Gunning 46MW

Under assessment 2,500+ MW
• • • • • • • • • • • • •
Flyers Creek 100 MW Ben Lomond 165 MW Yass 547 MW Sapphire 525 MW Adjungbilly 39 MW Capital ll 100 MW Crookwell lll 116 MW Collector 160 MW Paling Yards 180 MW Birrema 264 MW White Rock 340 MW Bodangora 110MW Rugby 290MW

Community & Cooperative Energy
100,000+ members 86% of all wind power

8 wind farms 7,000 members

1,000's of cooperatives 8% of total energy 90,000 employees

70% of all electricity cooperative owned

11 turbines, 15MW

10 wind farms

The Power of Community Renewable Energy
Local Sustainable Electricity Take Leadership, Show the Way Community-Owned Asset, Green Collar Jobs & Business Community Education & Skill Building Financial Return for other Community Priorities Model Best Practice to Influence Policy & Corporate Join the Global Community Power Network

Definitions of Community
A group of people living in the same locality or under the same local government area
a geographic community, eg. New England

A social group or class having common characteristics
a cultural or social community, eg. Aboriginal

Any group having common interests or similarities
a community of interest, eg. the scientific

Joint participation or common ownership Society as a whole ~ the public

Scope of Community Energy
Project & technology scaled to 'community' 'Community' approach to project processes & outcomes The Three D’s:
Distributed generation Democratised governance Decarbonised energy

'Community' users of energy Benefits for 'community'
Kasama Windmill New York

Australia's 1st Community Owned

Hepburn Wind

Artists Impression

2 turbines for 2,300 homes Raised $12m & 1,600 members $30k pa for Community Fund

Strategic Fit ~ New England
New England Sustainability Strategy identifies 'new energy' as a priority Designated Renewable Energy Precinct due to high wind resources (1,100+ proposed commercial turbines already) Build on the momentum from Farming the Sun & other initiatives 20% by 2020 Renewable Energy Target (Australian Government)

Status Report
180+ Pv Systems & 525kW+ – residential, farms government & business (1,000% Increase) 125+ SHW Systems – residential & government 12+ Solar Thermal Air Heating & Cooling Systems 145 Home Sustainability Assessments Nearly $6.5m project value 4 new solar companies in Region Systems 20-50% more affordable Training for 30+ tradespeople Substantial community education
Addressing the priority for a 'new energy future' identified through NESS

Phase Work
Identify level of support (investment, suitable land holdings, purchase of electricity, etc) Research legal & governance structures Work out the Principles to do it 'right'


4~6 turbines producing power for 10,000 people $25~30m investment & community capital Returns for community ~ dividends, jobs, business, sustainability fund, clean energy & more

Phase in Detail ~ Part A
Identify potential for local participation (landholders, residents, financial institutions, community groups & local government) Identify avenues for raising investment Research appropriate co-operative & other structures for the venture; & Determine ways to fairly & effectively manage risks throughout the project


Kasama Windmill New York

Phase in Detail ~ Part B
Assess replicability of Hepburn Wind Farm Assess applicability relevant existing cooperatives (Australia & overseas) Determine relevant Australian, State and Local Government legislation, regulation & programs


Phase ~ Research Streams
Co-Operative & other Structures Investment structures Government legislation, regulation & programs Legal Issues (land holders, power purchase) Risks, Issues, Protocols & Guidelines Intellectual Property & Creative Commons


Innovative Edges
~ extending on Hepburn ~
Institutional investment Community ownership within commercial farms Local skills, employment, business Direct use &/or sale of power Benefits for the wider community

Proposed 7 Turbine Farm ~ Wingates, UK

Partners ~ Newsletters, eLists, Meetings Public & Media Communication Digital Media
Dialogue Summaries Digital Stories Final Documentary

Interim Report (May 2011)
Greenwich Wind Farm, Ontario

Final Report & Recommendations (June 2011)

Partner Network & Roles
Starfish ~ Forums, Communication & Coordination Community Energy ~ Embark & Specialists Landholders ~ Landcare, HiCUB, DECCW Investment ~ CMG, ADCC Community Research ~ SLA, UNE Legal ~ EDO, Wilson & Co

10 Years 100 Projects 100,000 Investors 1,000,000 Advocates

Sustainable Energy Continuum
~ Reduce ~
Retrofit for efficiency Energy Star Ratings Insulation, draft sealing, double glazing Curtains & Pelmets

~ Reconsider ~
Sustainability Assessments Appropriate Clothing Use passive heating & cooling Switch Off Standby

Clean burn additives

~ Renew ~
Shift to clean, sustainable & renewable sources of energy, heating, cooling & hot water

About Wind Power
Most affordable renewable energy & the only clean technology ready for large-scale deployment
Highly efficient turbine technology ~ 45% of wind energy to electricity (coal-fired power 29-37%)

16 countries (including Australia) have more than 1,000 MW of installed wind capacity
Sth Oz & Denmark produce 20% of their electricity with wind

NSW's largest is Capital Wind Farm with 141MW ~ enough for 60,000 households

Wind Turbine Workings
Noise Base Load Noise at the base of a modern turbine is below 35dBA ~ same as traffic 5km away (NSW has the most stringent noise requirements for wind turbines of any state in the world) Electricity supply is managed in 5 minute intervals & wind power reduces demand on coal & gas plants whenever it blows with fast-response gas plants likely in the future With a 20+ year life span the turbine will produce 80 times more energy than is used for it's construction & operation A 2007 study by the Government of South Australia shows one domestic cat kills more birds in a year than one wind turbine 24-hour monitoring, lightening protection, high winds shut down, low flammability

Embodied Energy Wildlife Safety

Government Incentives

Study is 1st step in 4~5+ year journey Phase2 would include
Start-up Funding Site Identification & Monitoring Research Turbine Technologies Grid Connection Power Sale Investor Deposits Member recruitment


Get Involved & Find Out More
Online Community Survey Community Forums Investor & Business Forums Sign up to eList Help Recruit Interest Join us for a Wind Farm Study Tour www.starfishenterprises.net
Starfish Hill Wind Farm

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Starfish Hill Wind Farm South Australia

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