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AFPSA ? ? ? Today every pore of my body is screaming For you Irom The screams were suppressed since when. what you stand for To tell people about draconian law AFPSA I felt lighter For the past few days the country has been screaming I am happy to see All the love being doled out to Anna Hazare To hear voice against corruption From nook and corner of each city I am happy to see But my heart is crying My brain is happy thinking about this Anna revolution But my heart is not with me My heart is with you Irom It is crying for you And it is unable to understand the sentiments of this country After all it s a HEART You have been on hunger strike for more than a decade But not a single Indian came with you You were against the black law of AFPSA But no one owned you .. Anger was coming out in my screams and protests As I was screaming and shouting for your release at VT station My being had shaken within To tell people about you..

and Indians later When Irom. BECAUSE OF THS PATRIOTISM Lakhs and crores of Indians have been killed Their families have also died eventually And we have given them the certificate of terrorists Very conveniently and gone to sleep in the bed of patriotism Irom. we are unable to see the human rights violation of government Under the garb of patriotism When will my countrymen awaken. when Lakhs of people will join you in your hunger strike? . to the fact that We are humans first.Do not tell anyone Irom This is a riddle Whose answer changes with people? If we are with Anna Hazare We are true patriots If we are with Anna Hazare We are with the common people When we are with you We are traitors When we are with you We are against our army. army. police are inherent features of patriotism They have become enemies in our fight for freedom There have been many scams of crores under the banner of corruption Because of AFPSA. patriotism Only teaches us to defend our country Nation. our soldiers We are against the national security Corruption has been embedded as a bad trait Since our childhood in our text books But Irom.

.. 8TH APRIL 2011 when anna has been asked to leave his hunger strike . THOSE WHO DO NOT KNOW IROM SHARMILA PL CHECK Irom.15pm .php?gid=19759206424 . you have won After 98 hours of your FAST The Lokpal Bill will be implemented After a decade of your fast Irom Still the AFPSA has not been repealed Anna will you sit with Irom? Will you be able to stop the bloodshed In the name of law? @copyright kamayani 10. when Will our people remove the Mask of patriotism? Anna Hazare.

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