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Search Engine Submissions ± We should aim at a scope of 8-10 keywords and listings in all the top search engines and directories. As your current web site is absent on the following parameters, therefore we will undertake the following steps Website Optimization: We do ethical optimization. Link Partners: We will give you 100 ethical, good page rank link partners. Description Writing: Each and every search engine and directory has different Algorithm to update their database. So this would requires to write individual submissions according to need of particular. Creating Meta Tags Quality Check: We maintain the quality of the keywords for one year. Manual Submission: We will submit website in 100 + search engines and regional based search engine. We don¶t use any software to submit website because each directory and search engine has different search Algorithm. So the preferred way should be manual submission. We will make the effective exposure on web. HTML Validations: according to http://www.w3.org/ Robots.txt feed file SEO Codes (Optimization of Titles and Meta Tags) Log file analysis Content Optimization: We also need to tweak the text content according to the search engine need. SEO Site Optimization Key wording (40-80 primary keywords) Website Optimization Creating Meta Tags

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U-74,Office No-311,Tirupati Complex, Near-Laxmi Nagar Metro Station Gate no-2,Delhi110092 Telphone-011-40686619 Mobile No-09540487484 ,sujeetdhiraj@gmail.com

Near-Laxmi Nagar Metro Station Gate no-2. Competitors Analysis Competitors¶ analysis is the most important part to over come the competition on the basis . Also. We will have to study some uniqueness that they have in them. common misspelled related terms.Web Solution Multimedia Software Solution Search Engine Optimization Time frame: Search engines generally index a site within first 60 days but major improvement takes time around 90 days Guarantees: y Sustained first page ranking on Google and Other Search Engines and Directories y Better ROI (Return on Investment) Value y Qualified Targeted Traffic y Result in More Sales y Web statistics will be provided to see details of your site visitors from different parts of the world. However final key words will be decided after the work is awarded to us.com . General Keywords Analysis Some sample key words are defined below and we will have to work to develop 100s such key words that suits your service/product profile. We will ha to orient our web site ve accordingly. Designing Conceptualizing a theme and home page for your websites Designing of pages to reflect the nature of a domain Designing and content according to search enginealgorithm. Hosting & Maintenance We will host and maintain your websites on our dedicated web server for one year and keep them up for a minimum of 99. pair general keyword with more specific ones. service region specific keywords and long variation of keywords. Suggestions! Websites needs more content on targeted keywords.Tirupati Complex. y y y U-74. Hosting Platform As we feel you will have variety of subject in hospitality and unique keywords. use of combination keywords that are distantly related. we are proposing that your web sites should be hosted on Linux Enterprise Edition server onl to y support large web hits. Our recommendation is use of two or three -word phrases instead of single words. Gist of various steps for new web site for you A.sujeetdhiraj@gmail.Delhi110092 Telphone-011-40686619 Mobile No-09540487484 . of search engine results we have to draw out the list of 10 competitors¶ websites.Office No-311.99% time with sufficient bandwidth and data transfer facility.

meta-tags etc. U-74. we are pleased to propose our techno-commercial solution for the same. In order to be able to address your requirements. We are planning both of your new web sites www. Promotion Listing of the website in our different Gateway Portals.sujeetdhiraj@gmail. With reference to the discussions we had with you on your requirement for web services.Office No-311.Delhi110092 Telphone-011-40686619 Mobile No-09540487484 . You can get. Technical Editing of website with related keywords Other technical work such as including alt tags. y y C.spholidays. Panel on gateway portals. Near-Laxmi Nagar Metro Station Gate no-2. deliverables & techno-commercial write-up. availability and service delight.Tirupati Complex. one POP mail on each domain free of cost. Link exchange with international travel directories Professional POP Mail ID y y y y y y D.Web Solution Multimedia Software Solution Search Engine Optimization B. We are sure that with this approach. we will be able to offer you a very high degree of reliability. SK Web Technology has the unique value proposition of customizing the solution. if required. Specialized promotion with the help of certain promotion tools Listing in various web directories. Enclosed is the complete proposal.com and all of your web site««« Subject: Website Design and Devlopment At the outset we thank you for the interest you have shown in our services. which covers the solution.com . of the website according to search engine algorithm . which leads to effective implementation of web services. titles. SK Web Technology has adopted an approach wherein we are able to integrate various components of the solution and provide you with a One-Stop Solutions. Manual submission on all major search engines.

00 Total Amount 5.000.00 15.000.paypal««.000.2000 Rs Flash WebPages----------Per Page--------------1500-2500Rs If have you need e-commerce website 12. Website Design INVESTMENT PLAN FOR STATIC WEBSITE: Sr.Tirupati Complex.00 1.00 20.Web Solution Multimedia Software Solution Search Engine Optimization We hope the same is in line with your requirement and we kindly look forward to your valued order.sujeetdhiraj@gmail.00 10.00 1.00 7. (cc-vanue. 3.00 Total Amount 7.000.00 15.00 25.000. 4.00 20.000. 4.00 2. No Description 7-10 pages Website 10-15 pages Website 15-20 pages Website 20-25 pages Website + 1 Year Maintenance(Two Time) Home Page Rate Unit of Price 7.000.00 15. Near-Laxmi Nagar Metro Station Gate no-2.000.com .000.000. 5. No Description 20.00 10.. 5-7 pages Website 2.00 10. 5. 7-10 pages Website 10-15 pages Website 15-20 pages Website 20-25 pages Website + 1 Year Maintenance(Two Time) Unit of Price 5. 5-7 pages Website 7.00 2.Office No-311.000. 3.)That charge will extra U-74.000.00 20.Delhi110092 Telphone-011-40686619 Mobile No-09540487484 .00 INVESTMENT PLAN FOR DYNAMIC WEBSITE: Sr.00 15.00 ---------------------------------..

Every week we can spend the time on your web site 15 hours.com .Tirupati Complex. Promotions Promotion of the each web site online -(a) Intensive promotion---= Rs.Campaigning .6 months. (c) Yearly promotion-----.Web Solution Multimedia Software Solution Search Engine Optimization Note: Our quotation is Inclusive of hosting.Delhi110092 Telphone-011-40686619 Mobile No-09540487484 .5 Paisa/ mail for 50.5 Paisa/ sms for 50. Mode of Payment: 50% Advance at the time of placing the PO and 50% after finishing the work .000 to 1. For SK WebTechnology Sujeet Kumar Cell: 09540487484 sujeetdhiraj@gmail.guranted Top 20 in Google search engine within 4 months (b) Quarterly promotion----.sujeetdhiraj@gmail. SMS .000/.guranted Top 20 in Google search engine within 4. We hope the same is in line with your requirement and we keenly look forward to your valued order.000 With warm regards. 10. 000/for one year here we will provide alternate months user details.Office No-311.000/ for one year here we will provide user details on demand.for one year 200-300 directory Article we will consider after two months minimum we can suggest two articles.for one year 500-600 directory Submission of the site = Rs. Every Month we can spend the time on your web site 5-6 hours. 30. Every week we can spend the time on your web site 810 hours.00. promotion and designing but excluding domain name booking/renewal charges.00. Yours truly.000 E:mail. Submission of the site = Rs.000/ for one year here we will provide Quarterly user details. this is in search engine stability in present scenario. Near-Laxmi Nagar Metro Station Gate no-2. 20.45.000 to 1.com Location Category Minimum hits ± 5000 Valid One Years U-74. 20.000/.= Rs.= Rs.

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