of Hajj History of Hajj Commemorations Lessons Hajj: The Fifth pillar of Islam 

Virtues of Hajj 

of the best actions of worship  Hajj has no reward but Jannah  Total Purification from Sins (as a newborn)  It is the Jihaad of women, children, old people, and weak individuals  The pilgrims are the Guests of Allah

Conditions of Hajj 
Islam  Sanity  Puberty  Ability  Mahram

(for women)

Pillars of Hajj
Ihraam Tawaaf Sa¶y Arafah

Pillars of Umrah 
Ihraam  Tawaaf  Sa¶y

Obligatory Actions 1- Al-Miqaat 2- Ihraam Garb 3- Talbiyyah Sunnahs of Ihraam
1- Ghusl - 2- Clipping the nails, trimming the mustache, shaving the hair of the armpits and the pubis - 3- Wearing White Ihraam 4- Entering Ihraam after a Faridah or a Naafilah - 5- Repeating Talbiyyah very often ± 6 ± Making Du¶aa and Salaat on the Messenger (S)

Ihraam (cont.)
Forbidden Actions
1- Covering the head for men 2- Shaving or cutting hair 3- Clipping nails 4- Wearing perfume and seamed clothes, socks and shoes 5- Killing or hunting animals of the land 6- Kissing or caressing one¶s spouse 7- Marrying someone, getting married, or asking someone¶s hand for marriage 8- Sexual intercourse

To fast 3 days or to feed 6 poor people or to slaughter a sheep A Similar animal Slaughter a sheep A lot of Istighfaar No compensation and Hajj is Null


Al-Masjid al-Haraam Alal-


Al-Masjid an-Nabawi Alan-

AlAl-Masjid an-Nabawi (South) an-





The Black Stone

Maqaam Ibraahim

Sa¶y between as-safaa and asal-Marwa al-

Al-Jamaraat Al-


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