Chinese, Mandarin Verb List

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碍 (ai4) to hinder; to obstruct; to block 爱 (ai4) to love; affection; to be fond of; to like 爱抚 (ai4 fu3) to show tender care for; to care for (affectionately) 爱好 (ai4 hao4) to like; to be fond of; to be keen on 安排 (an1 pai2) to arrange; to plan; to set up; to set up 暗 (an4) to shut the door; unilluminated 熬 (ao1) to boil; stew; to simmer 懊 (ao4) to regret 拔掉 (ba2 diao4) to pluck 罢 (ba4) to stop; cease; dismiss; suspend; to quit; to finish 掰 (bai1) to break with both hands 呗 (bai4) to chant 拜 (bai4) to pay respect; worship; visit; salute 扳 (ban1) to pull or draw (up or out) 扮 (ban4) to disguise oneself; to dress up; adorn 办 (ban4) to do; to manage; to handle; to go about; to run; to set up; to deal with 拌 (ban4) to mix; mix in; to toss (a salad) 绊 (ban4) to trip; stumble; hinder 办案 (ban4 an4) to handle a case 办报 (ban4 bao4) to run a newspaper 办到 (ban4 dao4) to accomplish; to get sth done 办理 (ban4 li3) to handle; to transact; to conduct 办事 (ban4 shi4) to handle (affairs); to work 伴随 (ban4 sui2) to follow; to accompany 办学 (ban4 xue2) to run a school 伴奏 (ban4 zou4) to accompany (musically) 办罪 (ban4 zui4) to punish 帮 (bang1) to assist; to support; to help; group; gang; party 绑 (bang3) to tie; bind or fasten together 膀 (bang4) to flirt 谤 (bang4) to slander; defame; speak ill of 饱 (bao3) to eat till full; satisfied 保持 (bao3 chi2) to keep; to maintain; to hold; to preserve 保存 (bao3 cun2) to conserve; to preserve; to keep 保护 (bao3 hu4) to defend; to protect; to safeguard

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保障 (bao3 zhang4) to ensure; to guarantee; to safeguard 保证 (bao3 zheng4) to guarantee; to ensure; to safeguard; to pledge 爆 (bao4) to crack; to explode or burst 报仇 (bao4 chou2) to revenge (oneself); to avenge 爆发 (bao4 fa1) to break out; to erupt; to explode; to burst out 报告 (bao4 gao4) to inform; report; make known; speech; talk; lecture 露韩 (bao4 lu4) to expose; to reveal 背 (bei1) to be burdened; to carry on the back or shoulder 焙 (bei4) to dry over a fire; to bake 备 (bei4) to prepare; get ready; to provide or equip 备至 (bei4 zhi4) to the utmost; in every possible way 奔 (ben1) to hurry or rush; to run quickly; to elope 本土化 (ben3 tu3 hua4) to localize; localization 绷 (beng1) to stretch; taut; to tie; to bind 绷 (beng3) to have a taut face 迸 (beng4) to burst forth; to spurt; to crack; split 蹦 (beng4) to jump; bounce or hop 俾 (bi3) to cause; to enable 比方说 (bi3 fang5 shuo1) to make an analogy... 裨 (bi4) to benefit; to aid; advantageous; profitable 跸 (bi4) to clear streets when emperor tours 闭 (bi4) to close; stop up; shut; obstruct 蔽 (bi4) to cover; to shield; to screen; to conceal 庇 (bi4) to protect; cover; shelter; hide or harbor 避免 (bi4 mian3) to avert; to prevent; to avoid; to refrain from 必须 (bi4 xu1) to have to; must 编程 (bian1 cheng2) to program 编排 (bian1 pai2) to arrange; to lay out 贬值 (bian3 zhi2) to become devaluated; to devaluate; to depreciate 变成 (bian4 cheng2) to change into; to turn into; to become 遍及 (bian4 ji2) to extend (everywhere) 表达 (biao3 da2) to voice (an opinion); to express; to convey 表示 (biao3 shi4) to express; to show; to express; to say; to state; to indicate 表扬 (biao3 yang2) to praise; to commend 并把 (bing4 ba3) to include 泊 (bo2) to anchor; touch at; to moor 搏斗 (bo2 dou4) to wrestle; to fight; to struggle 簸 (bo3) to winnow

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捕 (bu3) to catch; to seize; to capture; to catch 卜 (bu3) to divine; foretell 捕获 (bu3 huo4) to catch; to capture; to seize 不等 (bu4 deng3) to vary; to differ; depending 步调一致 (bu4 diao4 yi2 zhi4) to be united in action 步行 (bu4 xing2) to go on foot; to walk 步月 (bu4 yue4) to stroll beneath the moon 步韵 (bu4 yun4) to write a poem using another poem's rhymes 擦写 (ca1 xie3) to erase 猜 (cai1) to guess 裁减 (cai2 jian3) to reduce; to lessen; to cut down 裁员 (cai2 yang2) to cut staff; to lay off employees 采 (cai3) to pick; to pluck; to collect; to select; to choose; to gather 采取措施 (cai3 qu3 cuo4 shi1) to adopt a measure 采用 (cai3 yong4) to adopt; to employ; to use 参观 (can1 guan1) to look around; to inspect; visit and observe 参加 (can1 jia1) to participate; to take part; to join 参与 (can1 yu4) to participate (in sth) 藏 (cang2) to hide away; to conceal; to harbor; store; accumulate 操 (cao1) to hold; to drill; to exercise; to act; to do; to take in hand; to keep; to manage 操持 (cao1 chi5) to manage; to handle 操劳 (cao1 lao2) to work hard; to look after 操心 (cao1 xin1) to worry about 操纵 (cao1 zong4) to operate; to control 操作 (cao1 zuo4) to operate 测定 (ce4 ding4) to survey and evaluate 测绘 (ce4 hui4) to survey and draw; to map 测良 (ce4 liang2) to survey and measure 侧躺 (ce4 tang3) to lie down (on one's side) 层出不穷 (ceng2 chu1 bu4 qiong2) to come out one after the other 层见迭出 (ceng2 jian4 die2 chu1) to occur frequently; to occur repeatedly 叉 (cha2) to cross; be stuck 查 (cha2) to research; to check; to investigate; to examine; to refer to; to search 查出 (cha2 chu1) to find out; to discover 察看 (cha2 kan4) to watch; to look carefully at 查询 (cha2 xun2) to inquire; inquiry 叉 (cha3) to diverge; to open (as legs) 拆 (chai1) to tear open; to tear down; to tear apart; to open

                                     

拆散 (chai1 san4) to break up (a marriage, family, etc.) 拆卸 (chai1 xie4) to unload; to dismantle 缠 (chan2) to bother; wind around; wrap round; coil; involve; annoy; tangle 阐 (chan3) to express; disclose; enlighten; open 偿 (chang2) to compensate; pay back; to recompense 尝 (chang2) to taste 尝试 (chang2 shi4) to try; to attempt 抄道 (chao1 dao4) to take a shortcut 抄後路 (chao1 hou4 lu4) to outflank and attack from the rear 抄获 (chao1 huo4) to search and seize 抄家 (chao1 jia1) to search a house and confiscate possessions 抄录 (chao1 lu4) to make a copy of 抄身 (chao1 shen1) to search (a person); to frisk 抄送 (chao1 song4) to make a copy (and send it to sb) 抄袭 (chao1 xi2) to plagiarize 抄写 (chao1 xie3) to copy; to transcribe 超越 (chao1 yue4) to surpass; to exceed 吵架 (chao3 jia4) to quarrel; to have a row 坼 (che4) to crack; split; break; to chap 辙 (che4) to remove; to withdraw 嗔 (chen1) to be angry at 沉重打击 (chen2 zhong4 da3 ji1) to hit hard 衬托 (chen4 tuo1) to set off 称赞 (cheng1 zan4) to praise; to acclaim; to commend; to complement 称重 (cheng1 zhong4) to weigh 盛 (cheng2) to hold; contain; to ladle; pick up with a utensil 呈递 (cheng2 di4) to present; to submit 惩戒 (cheng2 jie4) to discipline; reprimand 呈请 (cheng2 qing3) to submit (to superiors) 承受 (cheng2 shou4) to bear; to support; to inherit 成为 (cheng2 wei2) to become; to turn into 呈现 (cheng2 xian4) to appear; to emerge 笞 (chi1) to whip with bamboo strips 吃饭 (chi1 fan4) to eat a meal 吃惊 (chi1 jing1) to be startled; to be shocked; to be amazed 吃完 (chi1 wan2) to finish eating 持 (chi2) to grasp; to hold; support; manage; direct; maintain 迟到 (chi2 dao4) to arrive late

eat ravenously 穿过 (chuan1 guo4) to pass through 传播 (chuan2 bo1) to disseminate. to propagate. beat 冲洗 (chong1 xi3) to rinse. to deliver 喘 (chuan3) to gasp. to deal with. to set off 出风头 (chu1 feng1 tou5) to create a stir. to duplicate 重开 (chong2 kai1) to reopen 重现 (chong2 xian4) to reappear 宠 (chong3) to love. to smoke (cigarettes). to come off the press. to follow the same road as 重复 (chong2 fu4) to repeat. asthma 喘气 (chuan3 qi4) to breathe deeply. to spoil. to export 出来 (chu1 lai5) to come out. to arise. to wash 重蹈 (chong2 dao4) to repeat. to pamper. to put out 出发 (chu1 fa1) to start out. to pant . to spread 传送 (chuan2 song4) to convey. to emerge 出卖 (chu1 mai4) to sell (off) 出生 (chu1 sheng1) to be born 出售 (chu1 shou4) to sell 出现 (chu1 xian4) to appear. to emerge 出院 (chu1 yuan4) to leave hospital 出走 (chu1 zou3) to flee. shout at. to pump 酬报 (chou2 bao4) to repay. take a look at 出版 (chu1 ban3) to publish. to reward 酬答 (chou2 da2) to thank with a gift 酬和 (chou2 he4) to respond to a poem with a poem 酬谢 (chou2 xie4) to thank with a gift 酬酢 (chou2 zuo4) to exchange toasts 瞅 (chou3) to see. to procrastinate 迟延 (chi2 yan2) to delay 迟疑 (chi2 yi2) to hesitate 叱 (chi4) to scold. to go out. look. to process 触电 (chu4 dian4) to get an electric shock 嘬 (chuai4) to gnaw. to exit. to enjoy the limelight 出口 (chu1 kou3) to speak. to favor 抽 (chou1) to draw out. to pant.                                      迟误 (chi2 wu4) to delay. to treat. to run away 出租 (chu1 zu1) to rent 处理 (chu3 li3) to handle. to hoot at 舂 (chong1) to pound (grain).

to give 徂 (cu2) to go. to take a breather 闯 (chuang3) to rush. to promote 促进 (cu4 jin4) to promote (an idea or cause). to attain 答对 (da2 dui4) to reply. to suffer a defeat. near. boost 篡 (cuan4) to seize. to overpower. e. to be 搓 (cuo1) to rub or roll between the hands or fingers. establish. to falsify 篡位 (cuan4 wei2) to seize the throne 摧残 (cui1 can2) to ravage. to reach 促 (cu4) to hurry. to accomplish 达到 (da2 dao4) to reach. to hasten. to bring about. to leave in sb's care 存在 (cun2 zai4) to exist. to achieve. blast.                                      喘吁吁 (chuan3 xu1 xu1) to blow 喘息 (chuan3 zi1) to gasp for breath. to attack 打进 (da3 jin4) to breach. to strike. to advance. to ruin 存放 (cun2 fang4) to deposit. to beat. originate 创造 (chuang4 zao4) to create. weight of steel yard 垂下 (chui2 xia4) to hang down 赐给 (ci4 gei3) to bestow. puff. to be defeated 打电话 (da3 dian4 hua4) to make a telephone call 打击 (da3 ji1) to hit. to rush. to invade 打开 (da3 kai1) to break open 打牌 (da3 pai2) to play mahjong or cards 打破 (da3 po4) to break. to seize 篡改 (cuan4 gai3) to tamper with.) 达成 (da2 cheng2) to reach (an agreement). to twist 锉 (cuo4) to file 答 (da1) to answer. boast. to establish 创立 (chuang4 li4) to found. to produce 吹 (chui1) to blow. brag. break through 创记录 (chuang4 ji4 lu4) to set a record 创建 (chuang4 jian4) to found. end in failure 锤 (chui2) to hammer. to answer 答话 (da2 hua4) to reply. agree 答辩 (da2 bian4) to reply (to an accusation. to usurp 篡夺 (cuan4 duo2) to usurp. to answer 答谢 (da2 xie4) to express one's thanks 打败 (da3 bai4) to defeat. to smash 打拳 (da3 quan2) to do shadowboxing .g.

to provide impetus.                                      打扫 (da3 sao3) to clean. to create. excrement. to fall. to incline. to respect. to need to 登记 (deng1 ji4) to register (one's name) 登陆 (deng1 lu4) to land 低 (di1) to lower (one's head). to contract a disease 得到 (de2 dao4) to get. bankrupt 导 (dao3) to transmit. low 抵抗 (di3 kang4) to resist. to drive 担 (dan1) to undertake. to obtain. wear (glasses. to close down 导致 (dao3 zhi4) to lead to. ought to. to cause. to look out 当做 (dang4 zuo4) to treat as. to intend. to stamp 打针 (da3 zhen1) to give or have an injection 打字 (da3 zi4) to type 大便 (da4 bian4) to defecate. to hang down. to shoulder. to tumble 跌到 (die1 dao3) to fall. must. calculation 打印 (da3 yin4) to print. to look upon as 倒 (dao3) to fall. to receive 得分 (de2 fen1) to score 得 (dei3) to have to. plan. to calculate. to tumble 谍 (die2) to spy . to fail. to guide. to support. to sweep 打算 (da3 suan4) to plan. to give 掉 (diao4) to drop. to lead. to take responsibility 瘅 (dan4) to hate 诞生 (dan4 sheng1) to be born 当心 (dang1 xin1) to take care. gloves) 带动 (dai4 dong4) to spur. to pass. to direct 倒闭 (dao3 bi4) to go bankrupt. beneath. to topple. resistance 递 (di4) to hand over. to bring about 导致死亡 (dao3 zhi4 si3 wang2) to lead to death. intention. low. to conduct. to carry. feces 大快人心 (da4 kuai4 ren2 xin1) to the satisfaction of everyone 戴 (dai4) to put on. to fall 钓 (diao4) to fish with a hook and bait 吊 (diao4) to hang a person 调变 (diao4 bian4) to modulate 跌 (die1) to drop. to change. to regard as. to arrive 道歉 (dao4 qian4) to apologize. to result in death 到达 (dao4 da2) to reach. to seal. to collapse. hat. to bear. to let droop. to make an apology 道谢 (dao4 xie4) to express thanks 得病 (de2 bing4) to fall ill.

to know. to stand alone 渡 (du4) to cross. to ferry 渡过 (du4 guo4) to cross over. to develop 发表 (fa1 biao3) to issue (a statement). to order 定 (ding4) to set. to hasten 多工 (duo1 gong1) to multiplex. to publish. to put aside. check 垩 (e4) to whitewash. to conclude. multi多工化 (duo1 gong1 hua4) to multiplex 哦 (e2) to chant 恶心 (e3 xin1) to hate. to issue. to fix a price 订票 (ding4 piao4) to issue tickets 定做 (ding4 zuo4) to have something made to order 丢 (diu1) to lose. to pass through. to urge. to subscribe to (a newspaper. to loathe 饿 (e4) to be hungry. to start work. to study 独揽 (du2 lan3) to monopolize 独揽市场 (du2 lan3 shi4 chang2) to monopolize a market 独立 (du2 li4) to be independent. to subscribe. to throw 丢饭碗 (diu1 fan4 wan3) to lose one's job 懂 (dong3) to understand. to exchange 敦促 (dun1 cu4) to press. to put out . to draw up.                                      顶替 (ding3 ti4) to replace 顶用 (ding3 yong4) to be of use 顶住 (ding3 zhu4) to withstand. pass through 锻炼 (duan4 lian4) to do physical training 兑 (dui4) to cash 兑换 (dui4 huan4) to convert. hungry 遏 (e4) to stop. to incite 读 (du2) to read. to struggle. to stand up to 订 (ding4) to agree. to act. to plaster 摁 (en4) to press (with finger) 发 (fa1) to send out. to fix. to determine. to issue.). to know 懂得 (dong3 de5) to understand. to decide. to move. to battle. to touch 斗 (dou4) to fight. to comprehend 懂行 (dong3 hang2) to know the ropes 冻 (dong4) to freeze 动 (dong4) to use. to show (one's feeling). etc. subscriber 动手 (dong4 shou3) to hit with hands or fists. multiple. to order 定价 (ding4 jia4) to set a price. to change 订购 (dong4 gou4) to order.

to be anxious 犯错 (fan4 cuo4) to err 犯法 (fan4 fa3) to break the law 贩运 (fan4 yun4) to transport (for sale). opposition 犯 (fan4) to violate. to be at ease. to launch 发生 (fa1 sheng1) to happen. to rest 飞 (fei1) to fly 非常严厉 (fei1 chang2 yan2 li4) to punish severely . to let out 放出 (fang4 chu1) to let off. to let go. to mobilize 发汗 (fa1 han4) to sweat 发迹 (fa1 ji1) to rise to power and position 发明 (fa1 ming2) to invent. to copy 仿效 (fang3 xiao4) to copy. to swear 发送 (fa1 song4) to transmit. to discover 发展核武器 (fa1 zhan3 he2 wu3 qi4) to develop nuclear weapons 罚 (fa2) to punish. to be opposed to. to occur. invention 发射 (fa1 she4) to shoot. to penalize 罚酒 (fa2 jiu3) to drink as the result of having lost a bet 返 (fan3) to return (to) 反对 (fan3 dui4) to fight against. to guard (against) 防卫 (fang2 wei4) to defend. defensive 防止 (fang2 zhi3) to prevent. to oppose. radioactive 放心 (fang4 xin1) to set one's mind at rest. to guard against. to place. to take place 发誓 (fa1 shi4) to vow. to launch. to offend 犯病 (fan4 bing4) to fall ill 犯愁 (fan4 chou2) to worry. to issue 发动 (fa1 dong4) to start. to imitate 仿真 (fang3 zhen1) to emulate. to take precautions 仿 (fang3) to imitate. to give out 放假 (fang4 jia4) to have a holiday or vacation 放弃 (fang4 qi4) to renounce. to issue.                                      发布 (fa1 bu4) to release. to dispatch 发现 (fa1 xian4) to find. to free. to put. to defend. to distribute 发布新软件 (fa1 bu4 xin1 ruan3 jian4) to release new software 发出 (fa1 chu1) to send out. to abandon. to fire. to traffic (in sth) 方兴未艾 (fang1 xing1 wei4 ai4) to be unfolding 防 (fang2) to protect. to pledge. to give up 放射 (fang4 she4) to radiate. emulation 放 (fang4) to release.

(a measure word) 缝 (feng2) to sew. to bring up. to give advise (in study) 抚养 (fu3 yang3) to foster. to assign. not 否认 (fou3 ren4) to declare to be untrue. to revere 奉行 (feng4 xing2) to pursue (a course. to alter. to offer. to alter. to make a copy of.                                      吠 (fei4) to bark 费 (fei4) to cost. to seal. to be rich in 复制 (fu4 zhi4) to duplicate. to rearrange. (surname) 分割 (fen1 ge1) to cut up. to copy 改 (gai3) to change. to be close to. to raise 抚养成人 (fu3 yang3 cheng2 ren2) to bring up (a child) 辅助 (fu3 zhu4) to assist. expenses. to tutor. to complement. to make better 改口 (gai3 kou3) to correct oneself. to deny. to withdraw or modify one's previous remark 改名 (gai3 ming2) to change ones name . to help sb. wasteful. fee. to help 扶持 (fu2 chi2) to help. to spend. to part 分离 (fen1 li2) to separate 分配 (fen1 pei4) to distribute. to be attached 咐 (fu4) to order 覆盖 (fu4 gai4) to cover 复习 (fu4 xi2) to revise. to deny 浮 (fu2) to float 扶 (fu2) to support with hand. to grant. to attach. to fix 改进 (gai3 jin4) to improve. touch gently with hand 辅导 (fu3 dao3) to coach. auxiliary 抚 (fu3) to comfort. a policy) 否 (fou3) to negate. up. to break up 分开 (fen1 kai1) to separate. analysis 封 (feng1) to confer. to transform. to correct 改编 (gai3 bian1) to adapt. service 辅 (fu3) to assist. to allocate 分散注意 (fen1 san4 zhu4 yi4) to distract 分析 (fen1 xi1) to analyze. to review 富于 (fu4 yu2) to be full of. to assist 服务 (fu2 wu4) to serve. to revise 改变 (gai3 bian4) to change. to reproduce. to aide 附 (fu4) to add. to transform 改革 (gai3 ge2) to reform 改过 (gai3 guo4) to correct. to stitch 奉 (feng4) to receive (from superior).

moving 感觉 (gan3 jue2) to feel. to go in for. to till 耕种 (geng1 zhong4) to till. to put right. to inform. to set up. correction 盖章 (gai4 zhang1) to affix a seal (to sth) 乾杯 (gan1 bei1) to drink a toast. to go with. (common) cold 感叹 (gan3 tan4) to sigh (with feeling) 干 (gan4) to work. sense. to amend. to move. to cultivate 攻 (gong1) to attack. to inform. to devote. heel. to get hold of. to manage 搞 (gao3) to do.                                      改善 (gai3 shan4) to make better. to overtake. to do. to drive away 感 (gan3) to feel. to bid farewell to. (military) attack 攻克 (gong1 ke4) to capture. to charge. to move. to become aware of. to divide. to touch. feeling. to study 攻击 (gong1 ji1) to attack. to take 公然表示 (gong1 ran2 biao3 shi4) to state openly 工业化 (gong1 ye4 hua4) to industrialize. industrialization 贡献 (gong4 xian4) to contribute. to have the feeling that. to make. to stand or lie between. to alter. to isolate 格式化 (ge2 shi4 hua4) to format 跟 (gen1) to follow. to propose a toast. contribution 共享 (gong4 xiang3) to share 共有 (gong4 you3) to have altogether. to dedicate. and 跟随 (gen1 sui2) to follow 更 (geng1) to change 耕 (geng1) to plow. think that. to accuse. perception 感冒 (gan3 mao4) to catch cold. in all . to touch. to improve 改善关系 (gai3 shan4 guan1 xi5) to improve relations 改善通讯 (gai3 shan4 tong1 xun4) to improve communications 改造 (gai3 zao4) to change. to affect 感动 (gan3 dong4) to move (sb). to accuse. to transform 改正 (gai3 zheng4) to correct. to take care of 告 (gao4) to tell. to sense. to say good-bye to 告诉 (gao4 su5) to tell. to hurry. to cut off 隔开 (ge2 kai1) to separate 隔离 (ge2 li2) to separate. with. to rush. cheers 赶 (gan3) to catch up. here's to. to let know 搁 (ge1) to place 搿 (ge2) to hug 隔 (ge2) to separate. to say 告别 (gao4 bie2) to leave. to affect 感到 (gan3 dao4) to feel.

evil. to be enough 构成 (gou4 cheng2) to constitute. ridicule in loud voice . etc. to watch. to view 冠 (guan4) to head 灌溉 (guan4 gai4) to irrigate 广告 (guang3 gao4) to advertise 逛 (guang4) to stroll. calamity 害怕 (hai4 pa4) to be afraid. to watch. to compose. to purchase 媾 (gou4) to marry. picture. to roll 掴 (guo2) to slap 过来 (guo4 lai2) to manage. harm. to come up 过滤 (guo4 lu:4) to filter 还说 (hai2 shuo1) to add (in speaking).) 挂号 (gua4 hao4) to register (a letter. to also say 害 (hai4) to do harm to. to survey. clothes. weld by heat 耗费 (hao4 fei4) to waste. to spend. to cause trouble to. hook 勾划 (gou1 hua4) to sketch. to blow 挂 (gua4) to hang.) 拐弯 (guai3 wan1) to turn a corner 观 (guan1) to look at. to suspend 挂好 (gua4 hao3) to hang up properly (telephone. to form. to examine 观看 (guan1 kan4) to watch. to delineate. to observe. to visit 归 (gui1) to go back. to be scared 含 (han2) to keep.                                      共存 (gong4 zun2) to coexist 勾 (gou1) to cancel. to delineate 购 (gou4) to buy. to put up. to squander 诃 (he1) to blame. to handle. to dodge 规劝 (gui1 quan4) to advise 滚 (gun3) to boil. to be able to take care of 过来 (guo4 lai5) to come over. etc. to make up 媾和 (gou4 he2) to make peace 酤 (gu1) to deal in liquors 鼓励 (gu3 li4) to encourage 鼓掌 (gu3 zhang3) to applaud 刮 (gua1) to scrape. to return 规避 (gui1 bi4) to evade. to copulate 够 (gou4) to reach. to behold 观察 (guan1 cha2) to observe. to consume. to contain 焊 (han4) to solder.

to regress 回归中国 (hui2 gui1 zhong1 guo2) to return to China (e. to paint 汇报 (hui4 bao4) to report. to ruin 绘 (hui4) to draw. to make more mild 唤 (huan4) to call 谎报 (huang3 bao4) to lie 恢 (hui1) to restore. great 恢复 (hui1 fu4) to reinstate. to deceive 互通 (hu4 tong1) to intercommunicate. weight. to recover. to moderate.g. heart. suspicion 怀孕 (huai2 yun4) to be pregnant 欢迎 (huan1 ying2) to welcome. to give an account of. to allay. report . skiing 划 (hua4) to delimit. to interoperate 划 (hua2) to row 滑冰 (hua2 bing1) to skate. to work together. to yell 互换 (hu4 huan4) to exchange 糊弄 (hu4 nong5) to fool. to regain 回顾 (hui2 gu4) to look back. bosom 怀念 (huai2 nian4) to cherish the memory of. mind.                                      涸 (he2) to dry. to restore. to think of 怀疑 (huai2 yi2) to doubt. cooperation 恨 (hen4) to hate 衡 (heng2) to weigh. Hong Kong) 毁 (hui3) to destroy. legalization 和好 (he2 hao3) to become reconciled 合作 (he2 zuo4) to cooperate. to make legal. to review 回顾历史 (hui2 gu4 li4 shi3) to look back at history 回归 (hui2 gui1) to return (to previous condition). to alleviate. to rotate 缓冲 (huan3 chong1) to buffer 缓和 (huan3 he2) to ease (tension). skating 滑雪 (hua2 xue3) to ski. measure 横扫 (heng2 sao3) to sweep away 呼 (hu1) to call. to breath out. to cherish. doubt. Hong Kong's return to Chinese sovereignty. to dry up 合法化 (he2 fa3 hua4) to legalize. draw (a line) 划分 (hua4 fen1) to divide 化妆 (hua4 zhuang1) to put on make-up 怀 (huai2) to think of. to resume. to cry. to exhale 呼叫 (hu1 jiao4) to shout. welcome 环绕 (huan2 rao4) to surround. to suspect. to transfer 划 (hua4) to mark off. to recover. to shout. to damage. to collaborate.

to incite. to strengthen. to plan 继 (ji4) to continue. marriage.                                      汇集 (hui4 ji2) to collect. mark. to capture 获得 (huo4 de2) to obtain. afterwards. sign. to succeed 记得 (ji4 de5) to remember 纪念 (ji4 nian4) to commemorate. ruse. to take a wife 昏迷 (hun1 mi2) to lose consciousness. to receive. workmanship 获 (huo4) to catch. to converge 会见 (hui4 jian4) to meet with (someone who is paying a visit) 绘图 (hui4 tu2) to draw. old. to compute 继续 (ji4 xu4) to continue. wedding. to transmit 计算 (ji4 suan4) to count. to strike. to draft 绘制 (hui4 zhi4) to draw. violent 乩 (ji1) to divine 击 (ji1) to hit. to speed up 加密 (jia1 mi4) to encrypt. to remember 寄送 (ji4 song4) to send. living. to excite 集 (ji2) to gather. exciting 激发 (ji1 fa1) to arouse. concentrated. work. to accumulate. to agitate. to speed up. to calculate. alive. to get along. to go on with 记住 (ji4 zhu5) to remember 加 (jia1) to add. to count. provide 计 (ji4) to calculate. to be in a coma 混 (hun4) to mix. to carry on. collected works 及 (ji2) to reach. to break 激动 (ji1 dong4) to excite. to excite. reckon. to go on with. to note. plus 加紧 (jia1 jin3) to intensify. to collect. to record 继承 (ji4 cheng2) to inherit. to obtain. to draft 婚 (hun1) to marry. to get 积 (ji1) to amass. to focus. to compute. sharp. to succeed. to centralize. to increase . to follow after. fierce. when 记 (ji4) to remember. to proceed with. to compile. centralized. to stimulate. to inherit 洎 (ji4) to reach. encryption 加强 (jia1 qiang2) to reinforce. to put together 给 (ji3) to supply. long-standing 激 (ji1) to arouse. thoughtless 混合 (hun4 he2) to mix. and 及格 (ji2 ge2) to pass a test 集中 (ji2 zhong1) to concentrate. to step up 加快 (jia1 kuai4) to accelerate. then. to blend 活 (huo2) to live. to store.

to decrease. to appear (to be sth). to meet. to suggest. to mount 架 (jia4) to support. proposal. to remain committed to. to reduce. to add into 加深 (jia1 shen1) to deepen 加油 (jia1 you2) to make an extra effort. to take over. to fall. to add on. to lower. framework 驾驶 (jia4 shi3) to drive 驾驭 (jia4 yu4) to control. to evaluate 建交 (jian4 jiao1) to establish diplomatic relations 键入 (jian4 ru4) to key in. rack. to participate in. to speak. to construct 见 (jian4) to see. to harness. check up (on) 简单的说 (jian3 dan1 de5 shuo1) to put it simply. suggestion. to identify. to add. to explain 讲解 (jiang3 jie3) to explain 降 (jiang4) to drop. simply put 减肥 (jian3 fei2) to lose weight 减缓 (jian3 huan3) to slow down. to examine. to build. to found. to test 建 (jian4) to establish. to retard 减少 (jian3 shao3) to lessen. to suppose 驾 (jia4) to drive.                                      加强管制 (jia1 qiang2 guan3 zhi4) to tighten control (over sth) 加入 (jia1 ru4) to become a member. frame. recommendation 耩 (jiang3) to plough. to uphold. to inspect 坚决否认 (jian1 jue2 fou3 ren4) to firmly deny 监控 (jian1 kong4) to monitor 检 (jian3) to check. to draw. to examine. to inspect 减 (jian3) to lower. to mix into. to tell. to persist. to diminish 检测 (jian3 ce4) to detect 检察 (jian3 cha2) to inspect. to construct. to add in 加上 (jia1 shang4) to put in. to reduce. to set up. plus. to drive 兼并 (jian1 bing4) to annex. to input 鉴赏 (jian4 shang3) to appreciate 建设 (jian4 she4) to build. to supervise. persistence. speech. to cheer sb. to interview 鉴别 (jian4 bie2) to differentiate. to recommend. to sow 讲 (jiang3) to talk. to bring down . to come down. to lower 检验 (jian3 yan4) to inspect. constructive 建议 (jian4 yi4) to propose. to decrease. to subtract. construction. to acquire 坚持 (jian1 chi2) to continue upholding. to distinguish 鉴定 (jian4 ding4) to appraise. to insist on 监督 (jian1 du1) to control. to join. to descend 降低 (jiang4 di1) to reduce. on 假定 (jia3 ding4) to assume.

to connect. to decipher . to join 接驳 (jie1 bo2) to access 接人 (jie1 ren2) to meet a person 揭示 (jie1 shi4) to show. to break up. to copulate 交换 (jiao1 huan4) to exchange.                                      降落 (jiang4 luo4) to descend. education 接 (jie1) to extend. to dismiss 解决 (jie3 jue2) to settle (a dispute). to sack. to stir 搅混 (jiao3 hun5) to mix. to get married 竭尽全力 (jie2 jin4 quan2 li4) to spare no effort. to blend. to awaken 校验 (jiao4 yan4) to check. to emancipate 解调 (jie3 diao4) to demodulate 解雇 (jie3 gu4) to fire. in turn 嚼 (jiao2) to chew 搅 (jiao3) to disturb. to pay (money) 浇 (jiao1) to water 交媾 (jiao1 gou4) to have sex. to agitate 狡辩 (jiao3 bian4) to quibble 搅动 (jiao3 dong3) to mix. to untie. to undo 解码 (jie3 ma3) to decode. to solve 解开 (jie3 kai1) to untie. to teach. to resolve. to receive 接通 (jie1 tong1) to connect. to receive. to intersect (lines). alternately. to make friends. to annoy. to accept 接受 (jie1 shou4) to accept. to put through 结合 (jie2 he2) to combine. to switch (telecom) 交替 (jiao1 ti2) to replace. to fall off 叫醒 (jiao4 xing3) to call awake. to swap. to link. to divide. to wake up (someone). to spoil 绞尽脑汁 (jiao3 jin4 nao3 zhi1) to wrack one's brains 狡赖 (jiao3 lai4) to deny (through sophism) 搅乱 (jiao3 luan4) to confuse 搅扰 (jiao3 rao3) to disturb. to blend 搅和 (jiao3 huo4) to mix (up). resolve. to stir 搅拌 (jiao3 ban4) to stir. to make known 接收 (jie1 shou1) to receive. to loosen. to annoy 减弱 (jiao3 ruo4) to weaken. do one's utmost 结帐 (jie2 zhang4) to settle accounts 解 (jie3) to separate. to explain. to turn over. to integrate 结婚 (jie2 hun1) to marry. to land 交 (jiao1) to deliver. to mix. to examine 教育 (jiao4 yu4) to educate.

to carry on. course 精简 (jing1 jian3) to simplify. in progress. to forbid 尽 (jin4) to use up. to be scared. alarm 经过 (jing1 guo4) to pass. to make progress 禁止 (jin4 zhi3) to prohibit 兢 (jing1) to be fearful. to do. introduction. finished. computer) 借 (jie4) to lend. to finish. to cut spending 经销 (jing1 xiao1) to sell. to carry out communications 进行性交 (jin4 xing2 xing4 jiao1) to have sex. to esteem 敬祝 (jing4 zhu4) to respectfully offer (written at the end of letter from someone of lower status to higher status) 揪 (jiu1) to clutch 究办 (jiu1 ban4) to investigate and deal with 纠察 (jiu1 cha2) to picket 纠集 (jiu1 ji2) to gather together. to venerate. to carry out. apprehensive 惊 (jing1) to start. to borrow. to admonish 警戒 (jing3 jie4) to warn. experience 警 (jing3) to alert. to exhaust. to conduct. to warn 警告 (jing3 gao4) to warn. to contend. by means of 介绍 (jie4 shao4) to present. to join. to offer 竞争 (jing4 zheng1) to compete. to the limit (of sth) 进入 (jin4 ru4) to enter. excuse.                                      解析 (jie3 xi1) to analyze. to be alert for 竞 (jing4) to compete. to revere. to go through. to be frightened. process. to the utmost. to rescue . to resolve 解压缩 (jie3 ya1 suo1) to decompress. to end. to salute. pretext. exhausted. to go into 进行 (jin4 xing2) to advance. to assist. underway. to distribute 经验 (jing1 yan4) to experience. to reduce 精简开支 (jing1 jian3 kai1 zhi1) to reduce spending. to have sexual intercourse 进展 (jin4 zhan3) to make headway. to muster 纠偏 (jiu1 pian1) to correct an error 纠正 (jiu1 zheng4) to correct. to struggle 敬 (jing4) to respect. to execute 进行调查 (jin4 xing2 diao4 cha2) to carry out an investigation 进行交易 (jin4 xing2 jiao1 yi4) to carry out a transaction 进行通信 (jin4 xing2 tong1 xin4) to communicate. to conduct. competition 敬重 (jing4 zhong4) to respect deeply. to introduce 借助 (jie4 zhu4) to get help from 尽 (jin3) to the utmost 禁 (jin4) to prohibit. decompression (esp. to make right 救 (jiu4) to save.

g.). to joke 开心 (kai1 xin1) to feel happy. to reject 圈 (juan1) to confine. to flog. etc. to have a great time. to help. to stop. to make fun of. to raise. to guard 刊 (kan1) to print.) 惧 (ju4) to fear 拒 (ju4) to resist. to feel 决定 (jue2 ding4) to decide (to do something). to contribute 捐赠 (juan1 zeng4) to donate. Ju (a surname) 锯 (ju1) to mend (china) with staples 鞠躬 (ju1 gong1) to bow 举 (ju3) to lift. to support. to catch sight of 抗 (kang4) to resist. to abandon 捐献 (juan1 xian4) to donate. to watch. to examine by torture . to defy 拷 (kao3) to beat. to give (away) 卷 (juan3) to roll (up). to assist 鞠 (ju1) to bring up. to carry on 卷入 (juan3 ru4) to draw into. e. to elect 举办 (ju3 ban4) to conduct. to resolve 皲 (jun1) to chap 卡 (ka3) to check. to inaugurate 开玩笑 (kai1 wan2 xiao4) to play a joke. card 开车 (kai1 che1) to drive a car 开除 (kai1 chu2) to expel 开除学籍 (kai1 chu2 xue2 ji2) to expel from school 开刀 (kai1 dao1) to perform or have an operation. to determine. tax. to survey. to choose. to hold 举例 (ju3 li4) to give an example 举行 (ju3 xing2) to hold (a meeting.                                      救援 (jiu4 yuan2) to save. to operate on or to be operated on 开幕 (kai1 mu4) to open (a conference. publish 勘测 (kan1 ce4) to investigate. to act. to decline. to block. to hold up. to involve 嚼 (jue2) to chew 觉得 (jue2 de5) to think. enclose 捐 (juan1) to contribute. to collate 看 (kan1) to look after. to cite. ceremony. to take care of. to rear. to refuse 拒绝 (ju4 jue2) to refuse. to sweep up. to enumerate. to survey 勘误 (kan1 wu4) to correct printing errors 砍 (kan3) to chop 看见 (kan4 jian4) to see. to donate. to make fun of somebody 勘 (kan1) to investigate. to repel. to fight.

to confirm. to draw 剌 (la2) to slash 来 (lai2) to come 徕 (lai2) to come 来到 (lai2 dao4) to come. to ulcerate 扩充 (kuo4 chong1) to expand 扩大 (kuo4 da4) to expand. to overstate 跨越 (kua4 yue4) to step across. definite. to be certain. to sue 扣上 (kou4 shang4) to buckle up. certain. step over 会 (kuai4) to balance an account. to charge.                                      考 (kao3) to check. to consent. bake. to drag. to control. to bar the way 浪荡 (lang4 dang4) to loiter. willing 啃 (ken3) to gnaw. to verify. to consider. to flog 拷花 (kao3 hua1) to emboss 考虑 (kao3 lu:4) to think over. to affirm. sure. to be ready (to do sth). to arrive 来往 (lai2 wang3) to come and go 来自 (lai2 zi4) to come from (a place) 拦住 (lan2 zhu4) to stop. to nibble. to test. to bite 肯定 (ken3 ding4) to be sure. to hang around . affirmative 恐吓 (kong3 he4) to threaten. to fasten 哭 (ku1) to cry. knock 咳嗽 (ke2 sou5) to cough 可身 (ke3 shen1) to fit well (clothes) 嗑 (ke4) to crack (seeds) with front teeth 缂 (ke4) to woof 肯 (ken3) to agree. consideration 拷问 (kao3 wen4) to question via torture 磕 (ke1) to tap. to weep 刳 (ku1) to cut open. to enlarge 拉 (la1) to pull. to examine 烤 (kao3) to roast. scoop out 夸 (kua1) to boast 夸 (kua1) to boast 夸张 (kua1 zhang1) to exaggerate. rip up. to broil 拷贝 (kao3 bei4) to copy 拷打 (kao3 da3) to beat. to play (string instruments). to menace 控 (kong4) to accuse. accounting 喟 (kui4) to sigh 溃烂 (kui4 lan4) to fester.

to unite. to depart from Beijing 离开故乡 (li2 kai1 gu4 xiang4) to leave one' homeland 理解 (li3 jie3) to comprehend. to drill 恋爱 (lian4 ai4) to have a love affair. understanding.) 临写 (lin2 xie3) to copy (a model of calligraphy or painting) 遴选 (lin2 xuan3) to pick. to take (time). to stare blankly. blank 离 (li2) to leave. comprehension. to tie. to undergo. to leave 离开北京 (li2 kai1 bei3 jing1) to leave Beijing. to pass through. period 联 (lian2) to ally. just before 临摹 (lin2 mo2) to copy (a model of calligraphy or painting. file. wheel-rut 历 (li4) to experience. to link 练 (lian4) to practice. love 量 (liang2) to measure 晾 (liang4) to dry in the air 量力 (liang4 li4) to estimate one's strength 聊 (liao2) to chat. to cure 了 (liao3) to know. to set up a separate kitchen . to understand 轹 (li4) to bully. to kill time 疗 (liao2) to treat. to love.                                      浪费 (lang4 fei4) to waste. alliance 连接 (lian2 jie1) to link. to know 撂 (liao4) to leave (it) 列 (lie4) to arrange. all. to be divorced from (one's wife or husband) 离开 (li2 kai1) to depart. series 临 (lin2) to face. to join. to be in love. to attach. to choose. row. to overlook. to join. unite. every. etc. to arrive. to join 怜 (lian2) to pity 联合 (lian2 he2) to combine. connection 连接至 (lian2 jie1 zhi4) to connect to 联结 (lian2 jie2) to bind. to perfect (one's skill). to squander 唠 (lao2) to chatter 类推 (lei4 tui1) to reason by analogy 愣 (leng4) to look distracted. to depart. to understand. calendar 历时 (li4 shi2) to last. to select 赁 (lin4) to rent 领受 (ling3 shou4) to accept 领先 (ling3 xian1) to lead. from 离婚 (li2 hun1) to divorce. to go away. distracted. to be (just) about to. stupefied. each. to have a chat. to be in front 另寄 (ling4 ji4) to mail separately 另起炉灶 (ling4 qi3 lu2 zao4) to start from scratch. to train. to line up.

to enroll 乱吃 (luan4 chi1) to eat indiscriminately 乱说 (luan4 shuo1) to make irresponsible remarks 乱写 (luan4 xie3) to write without basis 乱作决定 (luan4 zuo4 jue2 ding4) to make arbitrary decisions 轮询 (lun2 xun2) to poll.                                      另眼相看 (ling4 yan3 xiang1 kan4) to view in a new light 流 (liu2) to flow. to spread 蔓延全国 (man4 yan2 quan2 guo2) to spread throughout the entire country 没有联系 (mei2 you3 lian2 xi4) to be unrelated 梦 (meng4) to dream 梦见 (meng4 jian5) to dream. polling 罗列 (luo2 lie4) to spread out 落实 (luo4 shi2) to implement. to circulate. to see in a dream 梦想 (meng4 xian3) to dream of (in vain) . walk a horse. workable 麻醉 (ma2 zui4) to anaesthetize 买好 (mai3 hao3) to ingratiate oneself 买通 (mai3 tong1) to bribe 买帐 (mai3 zhang4) to show respect (for sb) 卖 (mai4) to sell 埋 (man2) to blame 满意 (man3 yi4) to be satisfied. to meet (the needs of) 墁 (man4) to plaster 熳 (man4) to spread 蔓延 (man4 yan2) to extend. to carry out. to embrace 搂抱 (lou3 bao4) to hug. to expose. practical. satisfied. to move 浏览 (liu2 lan3) to skim over. pleased 满足 (man3 zu2) to satisfy. to be pleased. dew 录共 (lu4 gong4) to take down a confession 录取 (lu4 qu3) to recruit. to browse 流通 (liu2 tong1) to circulate 流亡在海外 (liu2 wang2 zai4 hai3 wai4) to be in exile overseas 留学 (liu2 xue2) to study abroad 留言 (liu2 yan2) to leave one's comments. to reveal. to filter 录 (lu4) to record. to spread. to linger 搂 (lou3) to hug. to copy 露 (lu4) to show. to embrace 滤 (lu:4) to strain. to leave a message 遛 (liu4) to stroll. to hit.

to make up one's mind 纳 (na4) to accept. to seize. to portray 描金 (miao2 jin1) to outline in gold 描摹 (miao2 mo2) to describe. to grind. seek. to catch. to avoid 面临困难 (mian4 lin2 kun4 nan2) to be faced with problems 面向 (mian4 xiang4) to face.) 乃 (nai3) to be. to pay (tax etc. only. to collect 募捐 (mu4 juan1) to solicit contributions 拿 (na2) to hold. hardship. to depict. thereupon 乃是 (nai3 shi4) to be 耐 (nai4) to be unbearable. to remove. to delay. therefore. to apprehend. to copy 抹油 (mo3 you2) to anoint 殁 (mo4) to end. to baffle 迷恋 (mi2 lian4) to be infatuated with.                                      梦游症 (meng4 you2 zheng4) to sleepwalk 眯 (mi1) to squint 迷惑 (mi2 huo5) to puzzle. to turn towards. to excuse 免除 (mian3 chu2) to prevent. unable to endure 挠 (nao2) to scratch 内码 (nei4 ma3) to encode 匿 (ni4) to hide 念 (nian4) to read aloud . scheme 缪 (mou2) to wind round 募化 (mu4 hua4) to collect alms (Buddhism) 募集 (mu4 ji2) to raise. to portray 描述 (miao2 shu4) to describe 描图 (miao2 tu2) to trace 描写 (miao2 xie3) to describe. to take 拿主意 (na2 zu3 yi5) to make a decision. to indulge in 弭 (mi3) to stop. repress 免 (mian3) to exempt. to avoid. to describe 描绘 (miao2 hui4) to describe. then. so. to die 谋 (mou2) to plan. to portray 鸣 (ming2) to cry (of birds) 磨 (mo2) to sharpen. to rub 模仿 (mo2 fang3) to imitate. thus. to confuse. -oriented 瞄 (miao2) to aim 描红 (miao2 hong2) to trace over red characters (as a method of learning to write) 描画 (miao2 hua4) to draw.

to discriminate. to knead. to wrench. to manage. to toy with 努 (nu3) to exert. to long for. to pat. to rebel. to abandon 咆 (pao2) to roar 跑 (pao3) to run. to fling. to toss. to slap. to condemn 判处死刑 (pan4 chu3 si3 xing2) to sentence to death 判断 (pan4 duan4) to decide. to strive 挪 (nuo2) to shift. to shift 挪借 (nuo2 jie4) to borrow money for a short time 挪窝儿 (nuo2 wor1) to move (to a house) 挪用 (nuo2 yong4) to embezzle. to beat. to revolt 盼望 (pan4 wang4) to hope for. to yes 趴 (pa1) to lie on one's stomach 怕 (pa4) to be afraid. to handle. to make up 捏估 (nie1 gu5) to act as a go-between 捏合 (nie1 hu2) to act as a go between 捏造 (nie1 zao4) to make up. to run 跑江湖 (pao3 jiang1 hu2) to make a living as a traveling performer. to escape 跑步 (pao3 bu4) to walk quickly. to move 挪动 (nuo2 dong4) to move. to mess with. to sentence. look forward to 旁路 (pang2 lu4) to bypass 耪 (pang3) to weed 抛 (pao1) to throw. etc. to divert funds 诺 (nuo4) to promise. to fear 拍 (pai1) to clap. to twist. to fix. to expect 判 (pan4) to judge. to cast. to take (a picture) 拍照 (pai1 zhao4) to take a picture 排队 (pai2 dui4) to line up 派给工作 (pai4 gei3 gong1 zuo4) to task 叛 (pan4) to betray. . wring 扭 (niu3) to turn. to wring 纽 (niu3) to turn. to ascertain 叛逆 (pan4 ni4) to rebel. to fabricate 拧 (ning2) to pinch. to grab.                                      捏 (nie1) to pinch (with one's fingers). to determine 叛卖 (pan4 mai4) to betray 判明 (pan4 ming2) to distinguish. to march. to revolt 盼 (pan4) to hope for. to play with. to hit. button 弄 (nong4) to do. to fool with. to discern 判处 (pan4 chu3) to sentence.

(measure word for batches. to pair 蹁 (pian2) to limp 骗 (pian4) to cheat. to spray. nimble 漂浮 (piao1 fu2) to float. swift. to deceive. to breed 培植 (pei2 zhi2) to cultivate. to inflate. to swindle. lots). to full 骗取 (pian4 qu3) to gain by cheating 飘 (piao1) to float 漂 (piao1) to float. wear (belt. to keep sb. to act on. to train 培养 (pei2 yang3) to train. to fart 媲 (pi4) to match. to bump 碰触 (peng4 chu4) to touch 碰见 (peng4 jian4) to run into. soak 呸 (pei1) to spit (in contempt) 陪 (pei2) to accompany. to provide. to publish. to swell 碰 (peng4) to touch. to ratify 仳 (pi3) to part 屁 (pi4) to break wind. to groom (for a position) 培育 (pei2 yu4) to train. etc. to gang up 膨胀 (peng2 zhang4) to expand. to fit. to bring up. to pass on 批量生产 (pi1 liang4 sheng1 chan3) to mass produce 披露 (pi1 lu4) to reveal. to meet with. to earth up 培土 (pei2 tu3) to earth up 培修 (pei2 xiu1) to repair earthworks 培训 (pei2 xun4) to cultivate. to make public. to announce 批评 (pi1 ping2) to criticize. to deserve.) 配备 (pei4 bei4) to allocate. to meet 批 (pi1) to ascertain. culture. to match. to criticize. to mate. to spout.                                      跑警报 (pao3 jing3 bao4) to run for shelter 跑龙套 (pao3 long2 tao4) to play a small role 跑腿儿 (pao3 tuir3) to run errands 泡 (pao4) to steep. superficial . criticism 批准 (pi1 zhun3) to approve. to outfit with 配置 (pei4 zhi4) to deploy 喷 (pen1) to puff. to spurt 朋比为奸 (peng2 bi3 wei2 jian1) to conspire. to make up (a prescription) 佩 (pei4) to respect. to mix. to drift 剽 (piao1) to rob. company 培 (pei2) to cultivate. to train 配 (pei4) to join.

to say one's prayers. etc. to split. to compel. to sit astride 祈祷 (qi2 dao3) to pray. to run out. to get up 起床 (qi3 chuang2) to get up 启动 (qi3 dong4) to start 起飞 (qi3 fei1) to take off (in an airplane) 起诉 (qi3 su4) to sue. to raise. work.) 拼起来 (pin1 qi5 lai5) to put together 评 (ping2) to discuss. to push around 欺诈 (qi1 zha4) to cheat 骑 (qi2) to ride (an animal or bike). to criticize. urgent 破产 (po4 chan3) to go bankrupt. to assess 评选 (ping2 xuan3) to choose 破 (po4) to break. to dupe 期满 (qi1 man3) to expire. to comment. damaged. to come to an end 欺骗 (qi1 pian4) to deceive. prayer 启 (qi3) to open. worn out 迫 (po4) to force. broken. to start 起 (qi3) to rise. to cheat 欺侮 (qi1 wu3) to bully 欺压 (qi1 ya1) to bully. to become impoverished 剖 (pou1) to cut 扑 (pu1) to rush at. to hoodwink. to await 欺负 (qi1 fu5) to bully 欺凌 (qi1 ling2) to bully and humiliate 欺瞒 (qi1 man2) to fool. to bring a lawsuit against 砌 (qi4) to build by laying bricks or stones 妻 (qi4) to marry off (a daughter) 葺 (qi4) to repair .                                      漂 (piao3) to bleach 拼命 (pin1 ming4) to be ready to risk one's life (in fighting. to sun 栖 (qi1) to roost 栖 (qi1) to roost 沏 (qi1) to steep (tea) 缉 (qi1) to stitch finely 期待 (qi1 dai4) to look forward to. to judge. to throw oneself on 铺 (pu1) to spread 曝 (pu4) to air. to choose (by public appraisal) 评比 (ping2 bi3) to evaluate (by comparison) 评价 (ping2 jia4) to evaluate. pressing.

etc) 迁都 (qian1 du1) to move the capitol (city) 迁就 (qian1 jiu4) to yield. to intensify 抢先 (qiang3 xian3) to rush (to do sth urgent) 敲入 (qiao1 ru4) to key in. to autograph 迁怒 (qian1 nu4) to take one's anger out on sb (who does not deserve it) 签入 (qian1 ru4) to log on. to move 签字 (qian1 zi4) to sign (a signature) 潜伏 (qian2 fu2) to hide. to log in 签署 (qian1 shu3) to sign (an agreement) 迁徙 (qian1 xi3) to migrate. violate 侵害 (qin1 hai4) to encroach on. to forfeit. to swallow (up). to get someone annoyed 弃世 (qi4 shi4) to leave this word. to slice 切换 (qie1 huan4) to cut over 侵 (qin1) to invade. onward 强调 (qiang2 diao4) to emphasize (a statement). to forge ahead. to shift 签出 (qian1 chu1) to log off 签订 (qian1 ding4) to agree to and sign (a treaty. to move 迁移 (qian1 yi2) to migrate. to conceal 前进 (qian2 jin4) to go forward. to cover up. to infringe. to discard 迁 (qian1) to move.                                      憩 (qi4) to rest 泣 (qi4) to sob 弃旧换新 (qi4 jiu4 tu2 xin1) to turn over a new leaf 弃权 (qi4 quan2) to abstain from voting. to infringe on 侵截 (qin1 jie2) to hack (computer) 侵扰 (qin1 rao3) to invade and harass 侵入 (qin1 ru4) to make (military) incursions. to die 弃置 (qi4 zhi4) to throw away. to encroach on. to corrode 侵吞 (qin1 tun1) to annex. to advance. to embezzle 侵袭 (qin1 xi2) to invade and attack . to adapt to. to accommodate to (sth) 迁居 (qian1 ju1) to move (from one residence to another) 签名 (qian1 ming2) to sign (one's name with a pen. etc.). to invade 侵蚀 (qin1 shi2) to erode. to approach 侵犯 (qin1 fan4) to infringe on. to stress 强化 (qiang2 hua4) to strengthen. to input 撬 (qiao4) to lift 切 (qie1) to cut. to waive one's right to vote 气人 (qi4 ren2) to get someone angry.

have (someone do something). dye 让 (rang4) to ask. to fetch 取得 (qu3 de2) to acquire. to remove 觑 (qu4) to spy. to urge on. to hurry. to yield 趋附 (qu1 fu4) to ingratiate oneself 趋时 (qu1 shi2) to follow fashion 取 (qu3) to take. to yield. permit. to tend. walk fast 驱动 (qu1 dong4) to drive 趋奉 (qu1 feng4) to fawn on. to obtain 取得大学学位 (qu3 de2 da4 xue2 xue2 wei4) to obtain a university education 取暖 (qu3 nuan3) to warm oneself (by a fire. to incline. etc. watch for 去国外 (qu4 guo2 wai4) to go abroad 去世 (qu4 shi4) to pass away. to request. to get.                                      侵占 (qin1 zhan4) to invade and occupy (territory) 揿 (qin4) to press (bell) 倾 (qing1) to overturn. to pour out 清洗 (qing1 xi3) to wash. to step aside . to get. to urge. to invite. to request 赇 (qiu2) to bribe 求 (qiu2) to seek. to choose. to leave. to leave 去 (qu4) to go. etc). products) 擎 (qing2) to raise (hand) 请 (qing3) to ask. to lift a ban 失 (qu4) to go. to lean. to collapse. to beseech 祛 (qu1) to exercise 驱 (qu1) to expel. please (do sth). curled 劝 (quan4) to advise.) 取消禁令 (qu3 xiao1 jin4 ling4) to life a prohibition. to let. to try to persuade 却病 (que4 bing4) to prevent or treat a disease 却步 (que4 bu4) to step back 确诊 (que4 zhen3) to make a definite diagnosis 却之下恭 (que4 zhi1 bu4 gong1) to refuse would be impolite 染 (ran3) to catch (a disease). to treat (to a meal. to allow 让开 (rang4 kai5) to get out of the way. to purge 倾销 (qing1 xiao1) to dump (goods. to demand. to clean. to look for. to kiss up to 屈服 (qu1 fu2) to surrender. to drive. to die 趣味 (qu4 wei4) to interest 悛 (quan1) to reform 鬈 (quan2) to curl. to run quickly 趋 (qu1) to hasten.

to exasperate. to tolerate 蠕 (ru2) to squirm. to wriggle 蠕动 (ru2 dong4) to wiggle. to allow. to wiggle. to endure. to be enchanted 入侵 (ru4 qin1) to invade 若 (ruo4) to seem. to feel 任用 (ren4 yong4) to appoint. to admit 纫 (ren4) to string. to be seated 惹 (re3) to provoke. appearance. if 撒 (sa3) to scatter 赛 (sai4) to compete. to annoy 喏 (re3) to salute. like. to sieve 筛选 (shai1 xuan3) to filter 晒 (shai4) to sun 晒 (shai4) to sun 删 (shan1) to delete . to consider. look. to slaughter 筛 (shai1) to filter. responsibility 认 (ren4) to recognize. to sift. office. to go for a walk 扫 (sao3) to sweep 刹 (sha1) to brake (car) 杀 (sha1) to kill. to yield 让坐 (rang4 zuo4) to give up one's seat. fuse 容忍 (rong2 ren3) to put up with. to murder. to appoint. to think. to contain. to tolerate 任 (ren4) to assign. to know.                                      让路 (rang4 lu4) to make way (for sth) 让球 (rang4 qiu2) to concede points (in a game) 让位 (rang4 wei4) to abdicate. make one's curtsy 热烫 (re4 tang4) to burn 忍 (ren3) to beat. to assign 日益增加 (ri4 yi4 zeng1 jia1) to increase daily 容 (rong2) to hold. match 糁 (san3) to mix (of powders) 散播 (san3 bo4) to spread 散步 (san4 bu4) to take a walk. to squirm 入 (ru4) to enter 入迷 (ru4 mi2) to be fascinated. as. countenance 熔 (rong2) to smelt. to thread (needle) 任免 (ren4 mian3) to appoint and dismiss 任命 (ren4 ming4) to appoint and nominate 认为 (ren4 wei2) to believe. competition.

to ooze. to groan 审 (shen3) to examine. to found. carefully. to extend 伸开 (shen1 kai1) to stretch out 深思 (shen1 si1) to ponder. to investigate 审理 (shen3 li3) to hear (a case) 渗 (shen4) to seep. fever 舍 (she3) to abandon. to horrify 渗入 (shen4 ru4) to permeate 渗透 (shen4 tou4) to permeate. life. to arrange. to abandon. to establish 涉嫌 (she4 xian2) to be a suspect (in a crime) 摄影 (she4 ying3) to take a photograph 设置 (she4 zhi4) to set up. to give up 舍得 (she3 de5) to be willing to part with (sth) 舍命 (she3 ming4) to risk one's life 舍弃 (she3 qi4) to give up. to cook. to start work. to go to the office 上车 (shang4 che1) to get on or into (a bus. flexible 呻吟 (shen1 yin2) to moan. to try (in court) 审查 (shen3 cha2) to examine. to stew.                                      扇 (shan1) to fan 埏 (shan1) to mix water with clay 删除 (shan1 chu2) to delete 掺 (shan3) to grasp 骟 (shan4) to geld 赡 (shan4) to support. to abort 舍身 (she3 shen1) to give one's life 赦 (she4) to pardon (a convict) 设 (she4) to set up. to give birth. to attend school 上载 (shang4 zai4) to upload 烧 (shao1) to burn. to be expert in 商业化 (shang1 ye4 hua4) to commercialize 上班 (shang4 ban1) to go to work. to investigate. to roast. provide for 擅长 (shan4 chang2) to be good at. to grow . to be on duty.) 上课 (shang4 ke4) to attend class 上学 (shang4 xue2) to go to school. to infiltrate 生 (sheng1) to be born. to consider 申诉 (shen1 su4) to appeal (to sb) 伸缩 (shen1 suo1) to extend. train. car etc. to bake. to install 伸 (shen1) to stretch. to establish. to stretch. to display 设立 (she4 li4) to set up.

to put into practice. to fail 失去 (shi1 qu4) to lose 失效 (shi1 xiao4) to fail. to suit 誓师 (shi4 shi1) to vow before one's troops . to realize. knowledge 识别 (shi2 bie2) to distinguish. to give birth 失 (shi1) to lose. to employ. to see through 实施 (shi2 shi1) to implement. to lose effectiveness 施行 (shi1 xing2) to put in place 失足 (shi1 zu2) to take a wrong step in life 识 (shi2) to know. to enable. to put 舐 (shi4) to lick. to apply. to light a fire 升级 (sheng1 ji2) to escalate (in intensity). pint 生产 (sheng1 chan3) to produce. to use. to try. manufacture 声称 (sheng1 cheng1) to claim. to hoist. to suit 置 (shi4) to install. to survive 生火 (sheng1 huo3) to make a fire. to regard. be stepped up. to miss. field work 实现 (shi2 xian4) to achieve. to state. to go up 生效 (sheng1 xiao4) to take effect. to bring about 实验 (shi2 yan4) to experiment. lap 视 (shi4) to look at.                                      升 (sheng1) to raise. to assert 生存 (sheng1 cun2) to exist. to fulfill 识破 (shi2 po4) to penetrate. reveal 螫 (shi4) to sting 试 (shi4) to test. examination. to employ. to cause. experiment. to promote. to make use of 适 (shi4) to fit. to implement. to carry out 实习 (shi2 xi2) to practice. experiments 识字 (shi2 zi4) to learn to read 使 (shi3) to make. to go into effect 生育 (sheng1 yu4) to bear. to increase. to proclaim. messenger 使满意 (shi3 man3 yi4) to make content 使蔓延 (shi3 man4 yan2) to spread 使信服 (shi3 xin4 fu2) to convince 使用 (shi3 yong4) to use. to rise. to discern 识货 (shi2 huo4) to know what's what 实践 (shi2 jian4) to practice. to inspect 示 (shi4) to show. to place. test 誓不反悔 (shi4 bu4 fan3 hui3) to vow not to break one's promise 适合 (shi4 he2) to fit.

to instruct. to accept. selling price 授奖 (shou4 jiang3) to award a prize 授课 (shou4 ke4) to teach. to narrate. revenue 收拾 (shou1 shi5) to put in order. to probe. to tidy up 授受 (shou1 shou4) to give and accept 收听 (shou1 ting1) to listen (to). to take back. to receive 售 (shou4) to sell 授 (shou4) to teach. to feel out.                                      誓死 (shi4 si3) to pledge one's life 誓死不降 (shi4 si3 bu4 xiang2) to vow to fight to the death 试探 (shi4 tan4) to sound out. to output 输入 (shu1 ru4) to import. to collect 收入 (shou1 ru4) to take in. to confer 抒 (shu1) to strain. (passive marker). to give 受害 (shou4 hai4) to be injured. to withdraw. to incite 授予 (shou4 yu3) to award. to give lessons 售卖 (shou4 mai4) to sell 授命 (shou4 ming4) to give orders 授权 (shou4 quan2) to authorize 授勋 (shou4 xun1) to award an honor 授意 (shou4 yi4) to inspire. to input 书写 (shu1 xie3) to write 熟悉 (shu2 xi1) to know well 数 (shu3) to count 漱 (shu4) to rinse (mouth) 述 (shu4) to state. to endure. to award. to retake. pour out 输 (shu1) to transport. to collect 收回 (shou1 hui2) to regain. to listen (in) 守 (shou3) to guard 受 (shou4) to bear. to try out 试图 (shi4 tu2) to attempt. to try 试一试 (shi4 yi1 shi4) to have a try 收 (shou1) to receive. to revoke 收集 (shou1 ji2) to gather. income. to lose 输出 (shu1 chu1) to export. to relate 刷 (shua4) to select . to tell. to be killed 售货 (shou4 huo4) to sell goods 授计 (shou4 ji4) to confide a plan to sb 售价 (shou4 jia4) to sell for. to stand.

to give (as a present). to present (with). to carry. to injure 损伤 (sun3 shang1) to harm. to break into pieces. to examine. to follow. erect 送 (song4) to deliver. to go to sleep 吮 (shun3) to suck 吮吸 (shun3 xi1) to suck 顺 (shun4) to obey. to shrink. to arrange. to comply with. to spy 似乎很安全 (si4 hu5 hen3 an1 quan2) to appear (to be) very safe 伺机 (si4 ji1) to watch for one's chance 饲养 (si4 yang3) to raise. to make reasonable. over 说明 (shuo1 ming2) to explain. directions. to harm 损坏 (sun3 huai4) to damage. explanation. similar. to appear. to allow. like. along. incite 塑 (su4) to model (a figure) in clay 随 (sui2) to follow. to reduce . to injure 缩 (suo1) to withdraw. to send 颂 (song4) to praise 送人 (song4 ren2) to see (or walk) someone home. to rear. to talk sb. fragmentary 损 (sun3) to damage.                                      衰减 (shuai1 jian3) to weaken. favorable 瞬 (shun4) to wink 说 (shuo1) to speak. caption 撕 (si1) to tear 思 (si1) to think. to attenuate 率 (shuai4) to lead. to rear 耸动 (song3 dong4) to create a sensation 耸肩 (song3 jian1) to shrug one's shoulders 耸立 (song3 li4) to tower above (on top of sth). to lose. to see someone off 送行 (song4 xing2) to see someone off 搜 (sou1) to search 嗾 (sou3) to urge on. to resemble 伺 (si4) to watch. to see off. command 闩 (shuan1) to bolt 睡 (shui4) to sleep 睡觉 (shui4 jiao4) to go to bed. to feed 似 (si4) to seem. inflexible. inpassable. injure. to convince. (surname) 碎 (sui4) to break down. to consider 死 (si3) to die. to say 说服 (shuo1 fu2) to persuade. rigid 食 (si4) to feed 饲 (si4) to raise. to contract. to illustrate. to pull back. to wait. to damage. uncrossable.

to gain ground 讨论 (tao3 lun4) to discuss. to advocate 提出 (ti2 chu1) to raise (an issue). to reflect. to search out. to cut down 缩减 (suo1 jian3) to cut. to put forward. to chat. (a measure word. to run away. case. to gallop. to speak about. to prance. to raise. to provide. conference 弹琴 (tan2 qin2) to play or strum a lute or other stringed instrument 袒 (tan3) to bare 探 (tan4) to explore. to rise. minerals. to process 题签 (ti2 qian1) to write the title of a book on a label 提前 (ti2 qian2) to shift to an earlier date. to talk over 套 (tao4) to cover. to purify. to lift. to talk. to propose. a set of something). sheath 腾 (teng2) to soar. cover. (upwards character stroke). (of two or more persons) to carry 汰 (tai4) to discard. to eliminate. to lie down 烫 (tang4) to scald. to furnish 提炼 (ti2 lian4) to extract (ore. to demand. negotiation. to ask. to put forward. to advance 提升 (ti2 sheng1) to promote. isolated 索取 (suo3 qu3) to ask. to bring forward. to move out 提 (ti2) to carry. to talk about 谈判 (tan2 pan4) to negotiate. hot 逃 (tao2) to escape. to be reflected in 体验 (ti3 yan4) to experience for oneself . natural selection 抬头 (tao2 tou2) to raise one's head. to exact. to talk about 谈论 (tan2 lun4) to discuss. to flee 淘汰 (tao2 tai4) to die out. to post (Usenet) 提供 (ti2 gong1) to supply. to upgrade 体现 (ti3 xian4) to embody. to iron. to hover. to converse. to lock 索 (suo3) to search. covering. to reduce 锁 (suo3) to lock up. to eliminate (in a competition). (surname) 谈到 (tan2 dao4) to refer to. too 谈 (tan2) to speak. to demand 嗒 (ta4) to despair 抬 (tai2) to lift. to discuss. lifting (brush stroke in painting). to mention 提倡 (ti2 chang1) to promote.                                      缩短 (suo1 duan3) to curtail. to give expression to. to scout. etc). large rope. to visit 叹 (tan4) to sigh 叹 (tan4) to sigh 探路 (tan4 lu4) to find a path 探亲 (tan4 qin1) to go home to visit one's family 探险 (tan4 xian3) to explore 躺 (tang3) to recline. to burn. to refine.

to give notice 通信 (tong1 xin4) to communicate 同谋 (tong2 mou2) to conspire with someone. modulation 跳动 (tiao4 dong4) to beat. on behalf of. to stand upright 通告 (tong1 gao4) to announce. to replace. to pulse 跳舞 (tiao4 wu3) to dance 跳跃 (tiao4 yue4) to jump. to unite. perspective. to halt 停车 (ting2 che1) to stop. to consent. vote 透 (tou4) to penetrate. to replenish 填 (tian2) to fill in 舔 (tian3) to lick. to move forward quickly 涂 (tu2) to smear. allowance 听说 (ting1 shuo1) to hear told 听说过 (ting1 shuo1 guo5) to hear said 停 (ting2) to stop. (be an) accomplice. to reveal 透露消息 (tou4 lu4 xiao1 xi5) to disclose information 透视 (tou4 shi4) to examine by fluoroscope or X-ray. to monitor (secretly) 投 (tou2) to throw. to divulge. to pilfer 偷懒 (tou1 lan3) to goof off. fluoroscopy 突 (tu1) to dash. for. to pass through. partner in crime 同意 (tong2 yi4) to agree. to stand in for 添 (tian1) to add. to skip 贴 (tie1) to stick. to approve 统 (tong3) to gather.                                      替 (ti4) to substitute for. to leap. to unify. daub 涂抹 (tu2 mo3) to smear. to cease 挺立 (ting3 li4) to stand erect. to be lazy 偷听 (tou1 ting1) to eavesdrop. to park 停止 (ting2 zhi3) to stop. whole 统一 (tong3 yi1) to unify. to send 投奔 (tou2 ben1) to seek shelter. to halt. to throw in 投放市场 (tou2 fang4 shi4 chang3) to put sth on the market 投票 (tou2 piao4) to vote. to fit snugly. to lap 忝 (tian3) to shame 舔吮 (tian3 shun3) to lick and suck 调制 (tiao2 zhi4) to modulate. to increase. to unite. to integrate 偷 (tou1) to steal. to doodle . thorough. to bound. to paste. (co)conspirator. penetrating. to keep close to. to seek asylum 投放 (tou2 fang4) to put in (circulation). to pierce 透露 (tou4 lu4) to leak out. to plot. to take the place of.

to take off. previous. to end. to abort. whole. to get away from 托运 (tuo1 yun4) to book or check through (baggage) 挖 (wa1) to dig. to quit 退学 (tui4 xue2) to quit school 吞 (tun1) to swallow. to sell 退出 (tui4 chu1) to withdraw. to put off 推出 (tui1 chu1) to release 推辞 (tui1 ci2) to decline (an appointment. to take 吞并 (tun1 bing4) to annex 吞金 (tun1 jin1) to commit suicide by swallowing gold 吞没 (tun1 mo4) to embezzle 吞声 (tun1 sheng1) to swallow one's cries 吞食 (tun1 shi2) to devour 吞噬 (tun1 shu4) to swallow. complete. to store up 囤 (tun2) to store. to entrust. to neglect . to reject 吐穗 (tu3 sui4) to have the ears of grain come up 湍 (tuan1) to rush (of water) 团聚 (tuan2 ju4) to reunite. to escape. to reveal 吐弃 (tu3 qi4) to spurn. past. towards 往返 (wang3 fan3) to go back and forth. to go to and fro 往复 (wang3 fu4) to reciprocate 忘 (wang4) to forget. to engulf 吞吐 (tun1 tu3) to take in and send out (in large quantities) 屯 (tun2) to station (soldiers). to complete 完全懂得 (wan2 quan2 dong3 de5) to understand completely 惋惜 (wan3 xi1) to feel sorry for a person over sth that should have happened 亡 (wang2) to die. to push forward. to perish 往 (wang3) to go (in a direction). to support in one's palm 脱 (tuo1) to shed.                                      吐 (tu3) to spit 吐露 (tu3 lu4) to tell. entire 完毕 (wan2 bi4) to finish.) 推动 (tui1 dong4) to push (for acceptance of a plan). hoard 托 (tuo1) to hold in one's hand. to scoop out 蜿 (wan1) to move (as snake) 完 (wan2) to finish. invitation. etc. to promote 推销 (tui1 xiao1) to market. to excavate. to have a reunion 团圆 (tuan2 yuan2) to have a reunion 推迟 (tui1 chi2) to postpone. to overlook. to disclose. to be over.

to fake 伪装 (wei3 zhuang1) to fake. to surround 违 (wei2) to disobey. to infringe 违禁 (wei2 jin4) to violate a prohibition or ban 违抗 (wei2 kang4) to disobey 违例 (wei2 li4) to break the rules 为生 (wei2 sheng1) to make a living 违约 (wei2 yue1) to break a promise.                                      玩儿 (wanr2) to play 偎 (wei1) to cuddle 危害 (wei1 hai4) to jeopardize.g. dimension 违傲 (wei2 ao4) to disobey 违背 (wei2 bei4) to violate. to menace 违章 (wei1 zhang1) to break the rules. not to matter 舞 (wu3) to dance.g. to feign. to sell everything 无所谓 (wu2 suo3 wei4) to be indifferent. to come out 卧 (wo4) to lie. to brandish 恶 (wu4) to hate. e. to violate an agreement 伪造 (wei3 zao4) to forge. to pretend 畏 (wei4) to fear 喂 (wei4) to feed 卫 (wei4) to guard. to maintain. to endanger 威胁 (wei1 xie2) to threaten. (surname) 蔚为 (wei4 wei2) to afford (a view of sth. to be contrary to 维持 (wei2 chi2) to keep.) 问 (wen4) to ask 问世 (wen4 shi4) to be published. to violate. to preserve 违反 (wei2 fan3) to violate (a law. to brandish 舞弄 (wu3 nong4) to wave.) 违犯 (wei2 fan4) to violate. whitewash 无所不卖 (wu2 suo3 bu2 mai4) to sell anything. to protect. to harm. to wield. to go against 维 (wei2) to preserve. to loathe . to defend. e. to violate regulations 围 (wei2) to circle. to crouch 斡 (wo4) to turn 柜边 (wo4 bian1) to lie on one's side 握别 (wo4 bie2) to shake hands 握拳 (wo4 quan2) to make a fist 握手 (wo4 shou3) to shake hands 圬 (wu1) to plaster. to separate. to hold together. to maintain.

to inhale 吸吮 (xi1 shun3) to suck in 希望 (xi1 wang4) to wish for. to fall. to desire. to feel pleased. to be fond of 系上 (xi4 shang4) to buckle up. trap 献 (xian4) to offer 镶 (xiang1) to inlay. glad 洗 (xi3) to wash. to embed. to suck in. to be unoccupied. ridge. to sound. to hope 吸烟 (xi1 yan1) to smoke 析疑 (xi1 yi2) to resolve a doubt 习 (xi2) to practice. to display. to analyze 欷 (xi1) to sob 析出 (xi1 chu1) to separate out 吸毒 (xi1 du2) to take drugs 吸取 (xi1 qu3) to absorb. to drop. to ring. to mistake. delight. habit 席卷亚洲 (xi2 juan3 ya4 zhou1) to sweep through Asia 喜 (xi3) to be fond of. loud . to concentrate one's efforts 下降 (xia4 jiang4) to decline. like. to threaten 下班 (xia4 ban1) to come or go or get off work 下定义 (xia4 ding4 yi4) to define 下工夫 (xia4 gong1 fu5) to put in time and energy. to be happy. happiness. to be fond of. border 相连 (xiang1 lian2) to link. similar. to study. to inhale 栖 (xi1) to roost 栖 (xi1) to roost 析 (xi1) to separate. to illustrate. to fasten 吓 (xia4) to frighten. similarity 响 (xiang3) to make a sound. to absorb. favorite 喜欢 (xi3 huan5) to like. to enjoy.                                      误会 (wu4 hui4) to misunderstand. to intimidate. to assimilate 吸入 (xi1 ru4) to breathe in. link. resemblance. to scare. to decrease 下载 (xia4 zai4) to download 嫌 (xian2) to dislike 闲 (xian2) to stay idle. enclosure 显示 (xian3 shi4) to show. to embed. not busy. to demonstrate 羡 (xian4) to envy 陷 (xian4) to fall. leisure. (a measure word for sound). to suck in. to like. to bathe 喜爱 (xi3 ai4) to like. to go down. to set (in sth) 相似 (xiang1 si4) to resemble. to love. connection 镶嵌 (xiang1 qian4) to inlay. misunderstanding 吸 (xi1) to breathe. to divide. to join.

to do away with. to notify 啸 (xiao4) to hiss. to write.                                      想 (xiang3) to think. to hold (hands) 携带 (xie2 dai4) to carry. diarrhea 躞 (xie4) to walk 泻肚 (xie4 du4) to have diarrhea 泻露 (xie4 lu4) to leak out (information) 谢谢 (xie4 xie5) to thank 欣赏 (xin1 shang3) to appreciate. wedge 携 (xie2) to carry. to construct 修正 (xiu1 zheng4) to revise. portable 协调 (xie2 tiao2) to coordinate 写 (xie3) to write 写成 (xie3 cheng2) to compile (fashion through writing) 写信 (xie3 xin4) to write a letter 泻 (xie4) to flow (out) swiftly. to fancy 向往 (xiang4 wang3) to yearn for. to wish. to build. to be awake 修 (xiu1) to decorate. form. to bring along.) 想象 (xiang3 xiang4) to imagine. to want. to believe. to sell 削 (xiao1) to scrape 消除 (xiao1 chu2) to eliminate. to take shape 醒 (xing3) to wake up. etc. to look forward to 销 (xiao1) to melt. to amend 绣 (xiu4) to embroider 绣花 (xiu4 hua1) to embroider. to do embroidery . benefits. to study. to look. to enjoy. to consume 销毁 (xiao1 hui3) to destroy (by melting or burning) 晓得 (xiao3 de5) to know 晓示 (xiao3 shi4) to tell. to admire 信服 (xin4 fu2) to convince 形 (xing2) to appear. to embellish. shape 形成 (xing2 cheng2) to form. to remove 消费 (xiao1 fei4) to consume 消耗 (xiao1 hao4) to use up. to whistle 孝敬 (xiao4 jing4) to respect. to cultivate 休 (xiu1) to rest 修建 (xiu1 jian4) to build. to give presents (to one's elders or superiors) 歇 (xie1) to rest 楔 (xie1) to wedge. to repair. to suppose. to miss 享受 (xiang3 shou4) to enjoy (rights. to take along.

scent. to require 徐步 (xu2 bu4) to stroll. fumigate 熏 (xun1) to smoke. to walk slowly 许 (xu3) to allow. to cut (down) 削减 (xue1 jian3) to cut down. to pledge 选 (xuan3) to choose. to adhere to. to reduce. to pick. to keep under (control) . to look for 讯 (xun4) to question. to want. to look for 寻事生非 (xun2 shi4 sheng1 fei1) to look for trouble 寻味 (xun2 wei4) to think sth over 寻衅 (xun2 xin4) to provoke. to announce 宣布 (xuan1 bu4) to declare. to inspect (by moving around) 寻访 (xun2 fang3) to inquire after. to want. to study 窨 (xun1) to scent tea with flowers 熏 (xun1) to smoke. need 需要 (xu1 yao4) to need. to praise. turn back midway 穴居 (xue2 ju1) to live in a cave 学习 (xue2 xi2) to learn. to seek 巡查 (xun2 cha2) to go around and inspect. to abide by 巡 (xun2) to patrol. to interrogate. to look for (sb) 寻机 (xun2 ji1) to look for an opportunity 寻开心 (xun2 kai1 xin1) to make fun of 寻觅 (xun2 mi4) to look for 寻求 (xun2 qiu2) to seek. to pick. to make a choice 炫 (xuan4) to boast. to lower 踅 (xue2) to walk around. to look for. to elect 选举 (xuan3 ju3) to elect. to choose. to ask. fast. to start a fit 寻找 (xun2 zhao3) to seek. needs. speedy. to demand. to permit. necessity. information 逊 (xun4) to yield 压 (ya1) to press. to select.                                      需 (xu1) to require. to pare (away). scent. to need. rapid. (surname) 许可 (xu3 ke3) to allow. news. fumigate 循 (xun2) to follow. to announce. to show off 削 (xue1) to reduce. to proclaim 宣示 (xuan1 shi4) to vow. to make one's rounds 寻 (xun2) to search. to permit 畜 (xu4) to raise (animals) 蓄 (xu4) to store 宣 (xuan1) to declare (publicly). election 选择 (xuan3 ze2) to select. to push down.

to evolve. to act 衍 (yan3) to spread out. to migrate 移植 (yi2 zhi2) to transplant 移殖 (yi2 zhi2) to transplant 倚 (yi3) to lean on. so as to. talk. to develop 演 (yan3) to develop. by. according to. to perform. to evolve 眼尖 (yan3 jian1) to have good eyes 演示 (yan3 shi4) to demonstrate. to develop. word 延伸 (yan2 shen1) to extend. to remove 荑 (yi2) to weed 一路平安 (yi2 lu4 ping2 an1) to have a pleasant journey. to shift. in order to. rely upon 以 (yi3) to use. because 倚靠 (yi3 kao4) to lean on. to check 咽 (yan4) to swallow 痒 (yang3) to itch. to practice. re on 倚仗 (yi3 zhang4) to lean on. to be dependent on 疑 (yi2) to doubt. to play. to show 演算 (yan3 suan4) to calculate. to tickle 遥望 (yao2 wang4) to look into the distance 舀 (yao3) to scoop 咽 (ye4) to choke (in crying) 谒 (ye4) to visit (a superior) 依赖 (yi1 lai4) to depend on. rely on 倚重 (yi3 zhong4) to rely heavily upon . to overflow. to extend. to evolve 演变 (yan3 bian4) to develop. to misbelieve. to amplify 衍变 (yan3 bian4) to develop. to delay 言 (yan2) to speak. to test. pickle 延 (yan2) to prolong.                                      压缩 (ya1 suo1) to compress. to leave behind 移 (yi2) to move. pickle 腌 (yan1) to salt. to perform calculations 验 (yan4) to examine. to suspect 遗 (yi2) to lose. compression 砑 (ya4) to calender 腌 (yan1) to salt. bon voyage 移民 (yi2 min2) to immigrate. to alter. to say. to tickle 痒痒 (yang3 yang5) to itch. scalable 研制 (yan2 zhi4) to manufacture. to change. with. to spread 延展 (yan2 zhan3) to scale.

application. to talk about. to be related 逾 (yu2) to exceed. to win. to go beyond. or 弋 (yi4) to shoot 译 (yi4) to translate. to support 拥挤 (yong1 ji3) to crowd 拥有 (yong1 you3) to have. flash 抑 (yi4) to restrain. to make ready. to interpret 议论 (yi4 lun4) to comment. to come across 预防 (yu4 fang2) to prevent. to travel 邮递 (you2 di4) to send by mail. to conceal 引导 (yin3 dao3) to guide. to run into. to relate to. in advance. to hug 拥戴 (yong1 dai4) to support (a person) 拥护 (yong1 hu4) to endorse. raise 予 (yu3) to give 预 (yu4) to advance. to take precautions against. beforehand. to conceal 引起 (yin3 qi3) to give rise to. to guard against 愈合 (yu4 he2) to heal . to roam. to tour. applicable 拥抱 (yong1 bao4) to embrace. to keep down. there is. to exist. to concern. to conduct. to post 游览 (you2 lan3) to go sight-seeing. to swim. to keep down. to apply.                                      熠 (yi4) to glow. concerning. discussion 抑制 (yi4 zhi4) to inhibit. to divert (water). to guide 隐藏 (yin3 cang2) to hide. to greet 营业 (ying2 ye4) to do business. to suppress 引 (yin3) to lead. to trade 应用 (ying4 yong4) to use. travel 游 (you2) to walk. to possess 用 (yong4) to use 游 (you2) to roam. to be 有关 (you3 guan1) to have something to do with. preparation. to lead to. to pull into 赢 (ying2) to beat. to cause. to arouse 引入 (yin3 ru4) to draw into. introduction 隐瞒 (yin3 man2) to hide. to discuss. related to 有联系 (you3 lian2 xi4) to be connected. to profit 迎 (ying2) to welcome 迎接 (ying2 jie1) to meet. there are. to protect. to welcome. to prepare 预备 (yu4 bei4) to prepare. to lead. to tour. preparatory 遇到 (yu4 dao4) to meet. to jump over 舁 (yu2) to lift. to visit 有 (you3) to have. to restrict.

to transport. to climb over. to bear 赞 (zan4) to patronize. to praise 赞 (zan4) to praise 赞赏 (zan4 shang3) to admire. to build. to say 越 (yue4) to exceed. spoil 造 (zao4) to make. to allow 酝 (yun4) to brew 运 (yun4) to move. to assist. to user. ready. predict. to transplant 栽种 (zai1 zhong4) to plant. to invent. fate 运送 (yun4 song4) to transport. to plant 栽跟头 (zai1 gen1 tou5) to suffer a setback 栽培 (zai1 pei2) to grow. to consent (to do sth) 允许 (yun3 xu3) to permit. to support. to estimate 预习 (yu4 xi2) to prepare a lesson 援 (yuan2) to help. to load. to revolve. as well as. to bind 栽 (zai1) to force. luck. to want. fortune. to hold.                                      预计 (yu4 ji4) to forecast. also. to pardon 愿意 (yuan4 yi4) to wish. to experience 阅世 (yue4 shi4) to see the world 耘 (yun2) to weed 允诺 (yun3 nuo4) to promise. to leap 阅兵 (yue4 bing1) to review troops 阅读 (yue4 du2) to read 越来越严重 (yue4 lai2 yue4 yan2 zhong4) to become more serious every day 阅览 (yue4 lan3) to read 阅历 (yue4 li4) to see. to forgive. to cultivate 栽赃 (zai1 zang1) to frame someone (by planting sth on them) 栽植 (zai1 zhi2) to plant. and. to convey. to appreciate 糟 (zao1) to waste. to put to use 运转 (yun4 zhuan3) to work. to cause . to surpass. to turn around 扎 (za1) to tie. to praise. to stick in. the more 跃 (yue4) to jump... to aid 原谅 (yuan2 liang4) to excuse. simultaneously 在密切注意 (zai4 mi4 qie4 zhu4 yi4) to pay close attention (to sth) 载携 (zai4 xie2) to carry. willing (to do sth) 曰 (yue1) to speak. to grow 载 (zai4) to carry. the more . to carry 运用 (yun4 yong4) to use. to manufacture 造成 (zao4 cheng2) to bring about. to create. to operate.

to postpone. to carry out.) into 扎针 (zha1 zhen1) to give or have an acupuncture treatment 摘 (zhai1) to borrow. etc. exhibition. rivers) 障 (zhang4) to block. paste 占卜 (zhan1 bu3) to divine 展 (zhan3) to use. to pluck. fruit). to run or stick (a needle. to hold 占先 (zhan4 xian1) to take precedence 占有 (zhan4 you3) to have. to exhibit. to be on show. to unfold 展出 (zhan3 chu1) to put on display. to shake. to battle 占据 (zhan4 ju4) to occupy. to cause a problem 择 (ze2) to select. fight. to select 摘抄 (zhai1 chao2) to extract. to exhibit 展开 (zhan3 kai1) to unfold. to strengthen 缯 (zeng4) to tie. to bind 扎 (zha1) to prick. to excerpt 摘借 (zhai1 jie4) to borrow money 摘录 (zhai1 lu4) to extract. war. to be in full swing. etc. show 展示 (zhan3 shi4) to open up. to hold. to choose. to constitute. to spread out. to grow in number 增加 (zeng1 jia1) to raise. to possess 涨 (zhang3) to rise (of prices. to pick (flowers. to launch 展览 (zhan3 lan3) to put on display. to own. to pick 啧啧 (ze2 ze2) to click one's tongue 增 (zeng1) to increase. to shiver. to excerpt 摘除 (zhai1 chu2) to excise 摘记 (zhai1 ji4) to take notes. battle 占 (zhan4) to occupy. to hold 颤栗 (zhan4 li4) to tremble. to obstruct . to add 增多 (zeng1 duo1) to increase. to vibrate 颤动 (zhan4 dong4) to tremble 战斗 (zhan4 dou4) to fight. to reveal 蘸 (zhan4) to dip in (ink. sauce. to hinder. to excerpt 占 (zhan1) to divine 占 (zhan1) to observe. to divine 粘 (zhan1) to stick. to make up. to expand. to take. to increase 增强 (zeng1 qiang2) to increase. to account 颤 (zhan4) to tremble.) 战 (zhan4) to fight. to shiver 占领 (zhan4 ling3) to occupy (a territory).                                      造成问题 (zao4 cheng2 wen4 ti2) to create an issue.

to look for 找钱 (zhao3 qian2) to give change 召 (zhao4) to call together. write a footnote 治 (zhi4) to rule. treatment. controversy. to be forced to 指挥 (zhi3 hui1) to conduct. toe 指出 (zhi3 chu1) to indicate. to spy 赈 (zhen4) to relieve (the distressed) 震惊 (zhen4 jing1) to shock. argument. to heal . certificate. contention. to stand by 知悉 (zhi1 xi1) to know 植 (zhi2) to plant 值得 (zhi2 de5) to be worth. to look for. to convene a meeting 蜇 (zhe1) to sting 螫 (zhe1) to sting 遮掩 (zhe1 yan3) to cover 臻 (zhen1) to reach. proof 知 (zhi1) to know.                                      涨 (zhang4) to swell. to direct 只好 (zhi3 hao3) to have to. support. to convene 照搬 (zhao4 ban1) to copy. reception 招募 (zhao1 mu4) to recruit. to integrate 拯救 (zheng3 jiu4) to save. to deserve 止 (zhi3) to stop. to support. to point out 指导 (zhi3 dao3) to guide. debate 拯 (zheng3) to raise. to imitate 召开会议 (zhao4 kai1 hui4 yi4) to call a conference. to confirm. to control. to support. to make (money) 证 (zheng4) to prove. to call on (sb). distend 嘲 (zhao1) to ridicule 招待 (zhao1 dai4) to receive (guests). to enlist 找 (zhao3) to try to find. to stop pain 识 (zhi4) to record. to command. to rescue 整合 (zheng3 he2) to conform. to entertain. to contend. to govern. to be aware 支持 (zhi1 chi2) to be in favor of. utmost 侦 (zhen1) to scout. to back. to return. to direct 指南 (zhi3 nan2) to guide 止痛 (zhi3 tong4) to relieve pain. to manage. to debate. to find. to summon. to harness (a river). to rescue 挣 (zheng4) to earn. (give) directions. to astonish 睁 (zheng1) to open (eye) 蒸 (zheng1) to steam 争论 (zheng1 lun4) to argue. to demonstrate. to seek. backing. to save. to aid. cure.

to break off. to meet by accident. to reside. to be hospitalized 驻扎 (zhu4 zha1) to station. to devote. to covert 转 (zhuan4) to revolve. to stop. to boil 瞩 (zhu3) to gaze at. to put a stop to. to cure. to bump into 壮 (zhuang4) to strengthen. to assist 注 (zhu4) to inject. one by one 煮 (zhu3) to cook. to repeat 中止 (zhong1 zhi3) to cease. to dwell. position. congratulations 住院 (zhu4 yuan4) to be in hospital. to break off 中继 (zhong1 ji4) to relay. to suspend. to limit 中断 (zhong1 duan4) to discontinue. to bump against. to register. proposition. to plant 种 (zhong4) to plant 重用 (zhong4 yong4) to put in an important position 皱 (zhou4) to wrinkle. to manage 瞩目 (zhu3 mu4) to focus on 瞩望 (zhu3 wang4) to look forward to 主张 (zhu3 zhang1) to advocate. strong. to write. to formulate 治疗 (zhi4 liao2) to treat. to deliver. to run into. to stop 着 (zhu4) to make known. to host. to turn. to catch. outstanding 注册 (zhu4 ce4) to register 祝贺 (zhu4 he4) to congratulate. to strengthen . to shift 转换 (zhuan3 huan4) to transform. wrinkled. viewpoint 助 (zhu4) to help. to stare at 主 (zhu3) to own. to note. condition 制造 (zhi4 zao4) to manufacture. to arrest. to pay attention. to chase. to snatch 转 (zhuan3) to convey.                                      致 (zhi4) to send. to discontinue 种 (zhong4) to grow. robust 壮大 (zhuang4 da4) to expand. to check. to crease 逐 (zhu2) to pursue. to concentrate. to walk about 装入 (zhuang1 ru4) to load 装载 (zhuang1 zai4) to load 撞 (zhuang4) to hit. book. to stop. to comment on. to cause. to change. to convey 制定 (zhi4 ding4) to draw up. master. stand. (medical) treatment. primary 主导 (zhu3 dao3) to lead. to show. to make 制止 (zhi4 zhi3) to curb. view. to annotate 住 (zhu4) to live. to transfer. individually. to prove. to stand for. to garrison (troops) 抓 (zhua1) to grab. to circle about. to record. to forward (mail). lord. to strike. cure 制约 (zhi4 yue1) to restrict. to pour into. to turn.

to issue . to ram 撞见 (zhuang4 jian4) to meet by accident 撞骗 (zhuang4 pian4) to swindle 赘述 (zhui4 shu4) to say more than is necessary 准 (zhun3) to allow. to take (a bus. standard 准许 (zhun3 xu3) to allow. to take a seat. to use. to abide by 尊重 (zun1 zhong4) to value (something). to obstruct (sth) 阻塞 (zu3 se4) to block. to make 座 (zuo4) to sit. to cut off 阻击 (zu3 ji1) to check. to hit. to contact.) 作爱 (zuo4 ai4) to make love 做出 (zuo4 chu1) to put out. to produce 作 (zuo4) to regard as. to capture 捉取 (zhuo1 qu3) to capture 琢 (zhuo2) to cut (gems) 啄 (zhuo2) to peck ぴ (zhuo2) to wear (clothes). to resist. accurate. to organize. to esteem. to clog 阻止 (zu3 zhi3) to prevent. to grant. to stop 阻拦 (zu3 lan2) to stop. make up.                                      撞击 (zhuang4 ji1) to strike. to obey. to do. airplane etc. to go. to walk away from 组 (zu3) to form. to take a seat 坐 (zuo4) to sit. to permit 捉 (zhuo1) to clutch. to take (somebody) for. compose. to block 最大化 (zui4 da4 hua4) to maximize 尊 (zun1) to honor 遵 (zun1) to observe. to obstruct 阻隔 (zu3 ge2) to separate. to block. to touch down 自杀 (zi4 sha1) to kill oneself. apply ぴ陆 (zhuo2 lu4) to land. to follow 遵循 (zun1 xun2) to follow. cord 阻 (zu3) to hinder. to hinder. to obstruct 阻挠 (zu3 nao2) to thwart. autonomous 综 (zong1) to sum up 走 (zou3) to walk. to grab. to permit. to respect 做 (zuo4) to do. to commit suicide 自主 (zi4 zhu3) to act for oneself. to obstruct 阻碍 (zu3 ai4) to obstruct. to block 阻挡 (zu3 dang3) to stop. to move 走出 (zou3 chu1) to move away from. to make. to grant. group.

   做祷告 (zuo4 dao3 gao4) to pray 坐好 (zuo4 hao3) to sit properly. to sit up straight 做客 (zuo4 ke4) to be a guest or visitor .