2010-2011 OPEN REHEARSAL SCHEDULE revised as of Sept.

3, 2010 (Final order of music at these dress rehearsals has not been determined yet, though it usually is rehearsed in the concert order which is what is listed. This document will be updated when actual rehearsal orders are known.) DATE 10/1/1010a Friday TIME CONCERT Classics 1 ARTIST Daniel Hege, Conductor Olga Kern, piano GODFREY RACHMANINOFF TCHAIKOVSKY 10/7/2010a Thursday Classics 2 Daniel Hege, Conductor Yeol Eum Son, piano GLINKA MOZART PROKOFIEV STRAUSS 10/29/10 Friday 10a Classics 3 Russlan & Ludmilla Overture Piano Concerto No. 21 Classical Symphony Till Eulenspiegel Rockets & Bells Piano Concerto No. 2 Symphony No. 4

Fabio Mechetti, Conductor Augustin Hadelich, violin CUSTER DVORAK FALLA Anniversary Fanfare Violin Concerto Three Cornered Hat

11/4/107p Thursday

Classics 4

Daniel Hege, Conductor Syracuse University Oratorio Society Syracuse Children’s Chorus Janet Brown, soprano; Timothy LeFebvre, baritone COPLAND BRAHMS Old American Songs A German Requiem

11/12/10 Friday 12/17/10 Friday


Pops 2

Ron Spigelman, Conductor BEST OF THE BIG BANDS


Pops 3

Ron Spigelman, Conductor HOLIDAY POPS

Conductor BEYOND THE SCORE (multi-media) VIVALDI Four Seasons 2/25/1110a Friday Classics 8 Kazuyoshi Akiyama. Conductor Janet Brown. Conductor NEXUS REICH TAKEMITSU SIBELIUS Music for Wood Pieces From Me Flows What You Call Time Symphony No. 1 Exsultate jubilate Marriage of Figaro Overture Symphony No. cello J. STRAUSS JR. 2 Symphony No. 3 Der Rosenkavalier Suite 1/20/112p Thursday Classics 6 Daniel Hege. 6 3/25/1110a Friday Classics 10 JoAnn Falletta. guitars BERNSTEIN VIVALDI BEASER TURINA West Side Story Dances Concerto for Two Mandolins Guitar Concerto Danzas fantasticas (III) . piano DAUGHERTY LISZT BEETHOVEN Rosa Parks Boulevard Piano Concert No. Conductor Eliot Fisk and Zaira Meneses. Conductor Terrence Wilson. 3. 2010 Daniel Hege.2010-2011 OPEN REHEARSAL SCHEDULE (continued) DATE 1/6/11 Thursday TIME 2p CONCERT Classics 5 ARTIST as of Sept. Conductor Julie Albers. 41 2/4/11 Friday 10a Classics 7 Daniel Hege. soprano MOZART MOZART MOZART MOZART Symphony No. SCHUMANN BEETHOVEN STRAUSS Die Fledermaus Overture Cello Concerto Leonore Overture No. 2 3/4/11 Friday 10a Classics 9 Neal Gittleman.

mezzo. Dinyar Vania.S. tenor Jake Gardner. 3. Lianne Coble. Conductor Dan Kamin. 2010 Daniel Hege. Conductor WAGNER GOLIJOV BERLIOZ Prelude to Die Meistersinger (New Commission) Symphonie fantastique . bass-baritone J. soprano. BACH Mass in B minor 5/13/1110a Friday Pops 6 Grant Cooper. soprano Quinn Patrick.2010-2011 OPEN REHEARSAL SCHEDULE (continued) DATE 4/14/117p Thursday TIME CONCERT Classics 11 ARTIST as of Sept. Conductor Cornell University Chorus Joanna Mongiardo. artist CHARLIE CHAPLIN AT THE SYMPHONY 5/20/1110a Friday Classics 12 Daniel Hege.

Additionally some rehearsals are targeted specifically for larger groups. For those individuals eligible to attend these services on a regular ongoing basis you need to convey the following rules and regulations though with the exception of entering and exiting these would apply for larger groups as well: .Access to seating via stage right stairwell if entering from the rear. taping.No food or drink allowed . Board Members & Donors of a certain level are eligible to attend these listed rehearsals on a regular basis.Participants should attempt to restrict arrivals & departures to orchestra breaks .Development staff.Conversations should be kept soft and non-disruptive . 2010 THE ATTACHED REVISED LISTINGS REFLECT THE CHANGES THAT WERE MADE TO THE 10-11 SEASON PROGRAMMING AND SCHEDULING. Please refer anyone interested in attending one of these designated rehearsals as part of these larger groups respectively to either the Development Department or Education. and Cindy Decker need to be informed of participants . Dress rehearsals targeted for students and teachers will be passed on when they are developed. You will find attached a list of open rehearsals for the 2010-2011 Season to which there is limited access to the public. video-taping or photography of any services .No recording. .Seating in orchestra section rows F to back of orchestra .TO: FROM: RE: DATE: STAFF Dick Decker Open Rehearsals for 2010-2011 Season September 3. 75 and above) arrangements will have to be made with Oncenter about securing a redcoat usher for any planned use of Montgomery Street doors as either entrance or exit for attendees. Robert Allen.Entrance through artist entrance on Madison Street (must sign in) usually 10-15 minutes before service starts (special arrangements need to be implemented for larger development and education groups to enter through front-of-house). For known larger groups (c.Usually applause is not encouraged . PLEASE DISCARD THE PREVIOUS VERSION OF THIS OPEN REHEARSALS LISTING THAT WAS PROVIDED TO YOU PREVIOUSLY. Development Department will designate dress rehearsals for donors as well for this season. . Jon Mosbo.Lobby restrooms should be used by rehearsal attendees .

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