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Flight from Death: The Quest for Immortality

©2002 Transcendental Media

Flight from Death is the first film to investigate the psychological effects of death
anxiety, or fear of death. This 90-minute documentary about the effects that our
reactions to death anxiety have on a psychological, spiritual, and cultural level
reveals convincingly that death denial is a root cause of human behavior and more
importantly, violence and aggression.

The effects of death anxiety are embedded within everything we do across the
globe. Our architecture, our careers, the children we raise, and the wars we wage,
are all manifestations of our desire to gain a sense of permanence in defiance of our
mortality. This film is a cinematic approach to these theories, placing them in a
modern context and portraying them in ways that are both stimulating as well as
reflective of the importance and magnitude of their implications.

Flight from Death is the culmination of many years of research and shooting all over
the world in locations such as Egypt, Israel, Guyana, Greece, and China. It features
interviews with leading scholars, philosophers, researchers and authors such as
Robert Jay Lifton, Irvin Yalom, and Sam Keen culminating in the most
comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and mind-blowing investigation of humankind’s
relationship with death ever captured on film.

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Film credits:

Producers: Patrick Shen & Greg Bennick

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Flight from Death: The Quest for Immortality
©2002 Transcendental Media

Director & editor: Patrick Shen

Writers: Greg Bennick & Patrick Shen

Associate producer: Andrew Heeney

Production coordinator: Joy O’Campo

Camera operators: Danny Becerra

Andrew Heeney
Patrick Shen
Greg Bennick
Tom Pecorelli
Bill Robison

Music by: Adam Watts

Sean Byrd
John Wilkes Kissing Booth
Keoki Trask
Eric Sauppe

Production assistant: Charles Thrower

Praise for Flight from Death:

(Sample of viewer responses left via online comment form upon watching the
Flight from Death Trailer at

“The trailer is absolutely insanely incredible! It is so beautiful! I can't wait to see this

“What a beautiful trailer. Quite an attempt at bringing existentialism to the

mainstream. I love it!”

“Like fresh air to the suffocating...”

(714) 937-3966 | Fax (978) 383-0071 |

Flight from Death: The Quest for Immortality
©2002 Transcendental Media

“I think it's amazing! Please let me know when and where I can see the entire film. I think
you should have that information available because I'm sure that everyone will be
wondering the same thing. Great work. Super interesting.”

“I can't wait for this to be released. Please let me know when it is ready to air. I'm
very excited to see this interesting film.”

“Liked the cutting, the music complimented the composition great, and the topic is
fascinating! What more could you want! Really liked this trailer cut. I’ll definitely
have to see the final piece! Great job!”

“Very thought provoking. I am anticipating the release... do you have a date?”

“Wow! I am most anxious to see the finished documentary; I am a big Ernest Becker

“Wow, I am deeply moved by what I just watched. As a psychologist who views

human behavior from an existential view point, and a woman living with metastatic
breast cancer, I am definitely intrigued.”

“I am thrilled by such a project – congratulations. Ya'll are geniuses! I can't wait to

see it and say ‘yeehaa!’ when it wins an Oscar! Cheers, and good luck!”

“This looks exceptional. I am intensely interested in obtaining this film on DVD and
would ask that you reply with some indication of its anticipated date of release and
how I might procure a copy.”

Crew Biographies:
Patrick Shen (Co-producer, Director) has been involved in the television/video
production business for almost 10 years. He began his work in the documentary
field back in 1999 as a 2nd Unit Director & Art Director for the Emmy Award-
nominated We Served With Pride, the story of Chinese Americans who served in
WWII. This project gained the attention of the White House and led to a meeting
with President Bill Clinton in the Oval Office. In November 2000, Patrick began his
next documentary Men Without A Country, this time around as Director and Editor.
Before venturing into documentary film, Patrick performed various roles (Director,
Editor, Producer, Composer) in many marketing, corporate, and commercial projects
for major corporations. In 2000, Patrick left his position at E! Entertainment
Television where he worked on many award-winning shows such as Howard Stern
and Talk Soup to pursue work in documentaries.

Greg Bennick (Co-producer, Co-writer) is a full-time performer, activist and actor

from Seattle, WA. He has worked both in front and behind the camera in film,
documentary and commercials since 1995. Greg is the co-founder of The World
Leader’s Project, a multi-year initiative to discuss issues related to the psychology
(714) 937-3966 | Fax (978) 383-0071 |
Flight from Death: The Quest for Immortality
©2002 Transcendental Media

of human violence face-to-face with world leaders. Along with directing, a website dedicated to non-violent social change, Greg tours
throughout the United States, speaking to college audiences and other groups
about political and social issues. For the five-year period ending in January 2000,
Greg sang for the political punk band Trial, touring repeatedly throughout the
United States, Canada, and Europe and releasing the highly acclaimed full-length LP
Are These Our Lives? on Equal Vision Records.

Andrew Heeney (Associate Producer) has been involved in the television/film

production field for over 8 years. In 1994, Andrew directed and produced Velocity, a
live music video show based out of St. Louis. He then went on to do a variety of
projects such as music videos (Director) and travel shows (Iceland, Germany,
Russia) for PBS (Director of Photography). In 1996, Andrew began his employment
at E! Entertainment Television in Los Angeles where he worked on award winning
shows such as E! True Hollywood Stories and Talk Soup. Most recently, Andrew
produced Live at the Fillmore, a nationally televised series that is a cross between
VH1's Behind the Music and MTVs The Real World. Andrew is currently a freelance
producer and developing a documentary about the golden age of the video game

(714) 937-3966 | Fax (978) 383-0071 |