steps. Our goal is to finish the classroom this spring, get the school fully accredited and begin classes in September.


It’s hard to believe we’ve already been in Washington for five months. Life has been a whirlwind! Here’s a bit of what we’ve been doing:

Marcus spends most weekdays at Trinity Aviation Academy, doing whatever odd job is needed to get the school closer to receiving FAA and VA accreditation. His latest big project has been clearing out the space that will be converted into a much-needed classroom. After the old insulation and plywood is removed, we will work at installing the new electrical system to meet local and state codes. Katie has been working on the school’s website content and put out its first newsletter in February. The staff at Trinity meets every Wednesday morning to pray and discuss our next

Marcus works part-time delivering pizza for Dominos, and he just got a second job as a school bus driver. His transfer to McChord Air Force base is complete, and he had his first monthly drill here in April. For fun, he joined a softball team at our church. Taking care of two energetic boys and staying on top of household chores keeps Katie pretty busy. She also writes website content for clients of Foster Web Marketing. She attends a local MOPS group twice a month and recently finished a Beth Moore Bible study at church.

Address: 37610 Allen


Rd. S., Roy, WA 9858 0

Phone: 360-400-1130 Marcus Email: marcu Katie Email: kathleen

MARCUS AND KATIE take advantage of the photo booth at Trinity’s fundraiser.

JORDAN is 3 1/2, full of energy and quick to give a smile and hug to everyone.

JUDAH is 16 months old and loves running around and exploring everything!

Jordan: Loves being the “big boy” and doing things on his own. He has two new favorite friends, Faith and Lydia, whose parents are on staff at Trinity. Judah: Now has 12 teeth, follows his big brother everywhere and definitely has an opinion all his own. Family Time: Marcus’ parents visited us in January. His sister spent a week with us in March and helped us celebrate Marcus’ birthday. Upcoming: We are looking forward to another visit from Marcus’ parents during Easter weekend. We also hope to make a trip to Minnesota and Iowa in July. Church: We have found a home church in Sound Life, an Assembly of God church in Spanaway, Wash.

The boys are ready for a day of sightseeing.

Adjusting to life in Washington
The rumors about rainy Washington are true, but that just means we take advantage of the sunny days we get. We’ve taken a few day trips to Seattle, an hour north of our home in Yelm. We’ve visited the Museum of Flight, spent several hours wandering around Seattle’s downtown waterfront on two different occasions and walked around the still-existent campus of the 1919 World’s Fair. The globe-shaped water fountain was a huge hit with the boys! Jordan likes to comment on the weather, from “It’s raining” to “The sun’s out” or his favorite, “I can see the mountain!” He’s full of energy and likes to play with the new friends he’s made. Judah is walking, er, running around the house and wants to be part of the action. Both boys love going ... anywhere, really. News about a trip to Daddy’s school, Sunday school or even WalMart creates a lot of excitement and a flurry of activity.

Though we live in Washington, we still rely on support from family and friends elsewhere. We appreciate the phone calls, emails and prayers you have sent our way. A big thank-you goes to those who have supported us financially. We understand full well that these are hard times economically, and we appreciate your sacrifice in helping us with our vision. With both Marcus and Katie working, we are currently at about 30 percent of our monthly goal to afford Marcus’ missionary pilot training. If you have not already, please consider supporting us monthly, or with a one-time gift as you are able. Thank you all for your support and encouragement!

Please Pray
For additional supp ort for our family and the other two families on staff at Trinity.
Fo r FA A a n d VA approval for Trini ty’s flight prog ram. For FAA approval for Marcus’ medical fly ing certificate. Fo r m or e st ud en ts w h o a re c a l l e d to mission aviation.

Why is there a need for a missionary pilot school?
What do these pilots do? Missionary pilots provide other missionaries transportation to secluded villages. They transport Bibles, translation materials and more. They serve as an essential link between the missionary in the field and their supporters stateside. Missionary pilots have been instrumental in saving lives, delivering medical supplies and humanitarian aid or airlifting a person to a hospital in emergencies. Why do they need special training? A missionary pilot needs more than a private pilot’s license. Because they go where few pilots do, they must be skilled at landing on a variety of makeshift airstrips and finding their way with no navigational aids. Every missionary pilot must also be able to fix his own plane should it

At left,Trinity’s director, Dan Mulkey, speaks at our February fundraiser.We raised $4,000 for our new classroom.

At right, Marcus helps to clear out the hangar that will be converted into the classroom.

break down in the middle of nowhere, which means they need an airplane mechanic license — an expensive, lengthy training process. Why this school? There are only a handful of schools that provide the training unique to missionary pilots, and they cost thousands of dollars. Trinity Aviation

Academy’s goal is to provide this unique training at a much lower cost. We can do this by using volunteer instructors and donated aircraft and giving the pilot flight and mechanic training simultaneously. This way the missionary pilot is able to quickly finish their training with little debt and get into the mission field faster.

Donor Name ______________________________ Address __________________________________ ________________________________________ Phone ___________________________________ Email ____________________________________ Pledge Information: I pledge a total of $______ to be paid to Marcus and Katie: ____ now ____ monthly ____ quarterly ____ annually I plan to make this tax-deductible contribution in the form of: ___ cash ___ check ___ bill pay Signature _____________________________ Donation Instructions: Option 1: Complete, print and mail form and payments to: Original Design Ministries, P.O. Box 367, Eatonville, WA 98328 Option 2: Complete, save and email form to: Option 3: Donate online through PayPal using this link: (Please email us if you use this method. FYI, PayPal takes 2.9% of total donation.) Please note whether the donation is specifically for the Ericksons or for Trinity in general.