Edited by Roberto Kanitz
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About the Book
Managing Multilateral Trade Negotiations: The Role of the WTO
Chairman is lhe hisl look lhal liings lo lhe IineIighl lhose lhal
aie iesponsilIe foi nedialing nuIliIaleiaI negolialions and
ieaching inleinalionaI agieenenls. The WTO Chaiinan has
gieal poveis in his hands and is lhe one peison lhal is piesenl
in aII lhe negolialion foiuns, foinaI oi infoinaI, living lo luiId
liidges lelveen WTO Menleis.

This unique look galheied diffeienl peispeclives fion pasl and
piesenl Chaiinen and WTO negolialois. The nosl iespeclfuI
Chaiinen of lhe WTO veie joined logelhei lo discuss aloul lhe
ioIe of WTO Chaiipeison, lheii peisonaI sloiies, as veII as hov
lhev inßuenced and heIped ieaching agieenenls:
Mi. Luiz OIavo ßaplisla
Mi. CaiIos Ieiez de CasliIIo
Mi. Iean ChaiIes Leckhaule
Mi. Sluail Hailinson
Mi. Mohan Kunai
Mi. CeIso Lafei
Mi. AIi Mchuno
Mi. IuIio Lacaile Muió
Mi. Sholaio Oshina
Mi. Andiev SloIei

Iion lhe sloiies loId lv lhese Chaiinen, lhe lackslage hisloiv of
lhe WTO and lhe Doha Round is ieveaIed. Thiough lhe eves of
lhe Chaiinen one can Ieain aloul lhe Havana Tiade Confeience,
lhe passage fion lhe CATT lo lhe WTO, lhe MinisleiiaI Meelings
lhal occuiied in SeallIe, Cancún, Doha, lhe ciealion of lhe IuIv
2OO4 Iackage and lhe Ialesl negolialion lhal vas heId in Ceneva
Managing Multilateral Trade Negotiations: The Role of the WTO
Chairman shouId le iead lv poIilicians, poIicv nakeis,
dipIonals, inleinalionaI nedialois and negolialois, inleinalionaI
liade Iavveis and econonisls, schoIais and leacheis and aII lhose
lhal voik vilh oi aie cuiious aloul ieIaled suljecls iegaiding
lhe WoiId Tiade Oiganizalion. This look piesenls a nev
peispeclive foi lhe inleinalionaI ieIalions, inslead of desciiling
lhe inslilulions, The Role of the WTO Chairman enpoveis lhe ones
lhal devole lheii Iives lo nediale nuIliIaleiaI soIulions.
Table of Contents
By Celso Lafer
A. The Academic Perspective
ßelveen Theoiv and Iiaclice
Roberto Kanitz
B. Chairman’s Perspective:
WieIding lhe CaveI
Julio Lacarte Muró
The CATT and WTO Chaiinen
Andrew L. Stoler
The WTO Chaiinan Duiing a MinisleiiaI:
Vievs fion lhe ßench and Lessons Leained
Carlos Perez del Castillo
Wiapping The IuIv (2OO4) Iackage
Shotaro Oshima
The Chaii Seen lv lhe DeveIoping Counliies:
A IeisonaI Lxpeiience
Ali Mchumo
C. Chairman Outside Trade Negotiations:
The Chaiinan in lhe AppeIIale ßodv
Luiz Olavo Baptista
D. Members’ View: Negotiation Matters!
The Changing Aichilecluie of MuIliIaleiaI Tiade
Negolialions: MinisleiiaI InvoIvenenl in lhe IoinaI and
InfoinaI Iiocesses in lhe DDA
Jean Charles Van Eeckhaute
RoIe of lhe Negolialoi as Chaiinan in WTO ßodies
Mohan Kumar
E. The Broad Perspective
The RoIe of lhe Chaiinan of WTO Negolialions
A ßioad Ieispeclive: Repiesenlalive, Chaiinan, Secielaiial
Stuart Harbinson
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About the Editor
Editor: Mi. Kanilz sludied foi veais lhe lheoiies of nedialion and negolialion, lv neiging lhe sciences of Iav and psvchoIogv,
advising cIienls on hov lo sliucluie lheii opeialions vhiIe nininising lhe iisk of conßicls lhiough aIleinalive dispule iesoIulion
neasuies. He has leen focused on Ieaining aloul lhe ioIe of lhe Chaiinan since 2OO5 vhen sludving in lhe Ceoigelovn Univeisilv
Lav Cenlie and deepened his knovIedge aloul lhe nallei vhiIe pailicipaling, in 2OO7, as a LegaI Advisei foi lhe ßiaziIian Mission
al lhe UN and WTO, in Ceneva.
CuiienlIv, Mi. Kanilz is lhe founding and nanaging pailnei of Uno Tiade Slialegv Advisois (vvv.unoliade.con), a nelvoik of
nuIlidiscipIinaiv consuIlanls lhal speciaIise in inleinalionaI liade nalleis. Togelhei vilh Uno´s advisois, Mi. Kanilz has exlensive
expeiience iepiesenling lusiness enlilies and seclois in liade negolialions, and is connilled on deveIoping negolialing piocesses
and slialegies, piioiilising anicalIe nechanisns lo cIienls and goveinnenls.
IIease suppIv copv/ies
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