Department Youth And Sport Malaysia

The Ministry of Youth and Sports was incorporated in 1953 with the formation of the Culture Division under the Department of Public’s Welfare. The Culture Division was given the responsibility to handle all matters pertaining to Malaysia’s youth. Later in 1964, the Culture Division was transferred under the Ministry of Information. At the same time, a Youth Division was formed under the same Ministry to handle and encourage the growth of associations involving youth activity. A Sports Division was also formed under the Ministry of Information. The Ministry of Youth and Sports was only formed on 15 May 1964 in conjunction with the National Youth Day of that year. In 1972, the Culture Division was established and Ministry Youth and Sports was changed to Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports until 1987, when the Culture Division was transferred under Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism. With the transfer of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports reverted to its original name of Ministry Youth and Sports until today. Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS) was given the mandate to implement the policies of the Malaysian government, particularly in the areas of Youth and Sports development.


Department of Youth and Sports (KBS) has the duty to implement government policies, particularly in the development of Youth, Sports and Rakan Muda the establishment have the agenda and objectives and the vision and mission of its own in the youth development emphasizes the community aspect that focuses on youth in the filling leisure time with meaningful activities. Youth community that existed in 2010 will have different knowledge, skills, practice good values through quality lifestyle and the spirit of patriotism and volunteerism are high to meet the challenges of globalization as a major contributor to social and economic country development. Rakan Muda will focus on the social group where each group has the characteristics and motivations of its own. Build the human capital of youths united, disciplined, moral, and skilful, active and quality lifestyle, vibrant cultural and social aspects of working as a catalyst towards unity and national development 1.2 Background of Youth and Sports Department of Pahang State History of establishment of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) began in 1953 with the establishment of the Cultural Division of the Department of Social Welfare has been given the responsibility of the youth. Later in 1964 Department of Culture has been transferred to the Ministry of Information. At the same time the activities of the association of youth growing, so for the purpose of promoting and monitoring the development, the Youth Division was established under the ministry. Besides the Ministry of Information has also been established by the Sports Division


Ministry of Youth and Sports is established on May 15, 1964 in conjunction with the National Youth Day that year. In 1972, the Department of Culture was established and with it the name of the Ministry of Youth and Sports has been changed to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport until 1987 when the Department of Culture has been transferred to the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism. With the relocation of the Culture Division, the name of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports has returned to its original name of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Youth and Sports (KBS) has been mandated to implement the policies of the Government of Malaysia, especially in the development of Youth and Sports. The history of Kementerian starts with the emergence of Cultural Department under Kementerian Kebajikan Masyarakat in 1953.In 1972, the government has commissioned The Ministry of Cultural, Youth and Sport.On 20th May 1987, The Ministry of Youth and Sport was officially established separated from The Ministry of Cultural, Arts, and Tourism. 1.3 Vision Towards creating youth that possess enforced self-esteem spiritually, physically and psychologically. Youth should be highly patriotic towards Malaysia and become the factor that drives the development and harmony of that certain race, religion and produce active, healthy, and the development of high-performance sports athlete to the international level.


Mission 3

To provide Youth and Sport Development Program so that it will give the best contribution towards the development of race and Malaysia which specialize in multiple field namely;Individual and society sports development. To enhance the development of younger generation towards inheriting and uplifting country’s and race’s civilization. 1.5 Objective 1.5.1. To produce youth generation with self-esteem and discipline while producing leaders and entrepreneurs and high-capability workforce. 1.5.2. To produce affectionate youth, able of doing multi-task, dynamic, and resposible. 1.5.3. To increase the involvement of the society into massive sport, extreme sport, and traditional sport towards promoting society with sports’ culture. 1.6 Functions of each unit In Departments

1.6.1. •

Finance Unit function Prepare annual budget expenditure of the Department of State Youth and Sport. • • Provide application to transfer the provision and allocation. Manage Payments and Trust Expenditure and Program Department / District. 4

Manage the payment of emoluments / changes and the cessation of deductions from salary and allowances of staff.

Manage payments to manage the Department of Youth and Sports HQ State

• • •

To manage the expenditure of Trust as a vehicle loan / computer. Manage flight tickets booking. Maintain Akaun-akaun/Kumpulan Trust, keep records, prepare a statement of adjustments.

• •

Supervise the Annual Statement of Receipts and Payments. Supervise the Revenue Accounting, Reconciliation Statement

headquarters, the estimated annual revenue and accounts receivable reports to 31/12 each year. 1.6.2. • • • Administrative Unit function Updating records and manual Service Officer HRMIS system. Conduct asset management, stores, inventory and off. To manage the procurement for the purchase of supplies and services through a quotation. • Study and apply the requirements and the establishment of post and the repeal and re-grading of the post. 5

Manage and monitor the declaration of assets and Letter of Undertaking.

• • •

To monitor the attendance of officers and employees of the office. To manage the rental of office space in the district. To manage the file system in stages, correspondence, and circular and disposal services to Arkid file.

To manage the affairs of the transport and communications at Headquarters level.

Updating information on the Establishment. managing change / new appointment, confirmation.

• 1.6.3. •

Manage and monitor matters of cleanliness and building maintenance. Youth Unit function To provide scholarship and training programs to young people, organized jointly by the public sector, private sector, youth organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Strengthen the leadership and capacity development program to build strength 'personality self, the family, religious and community so that generation of youth to act effectively.


Strengthen training programs in entrepreneurship, ICT and provide facilities and opportunities to the youth so that they can be independent and build successful careers.

Increased youth in order to attract the youth and the community to support and participate in youth activities.

Enhance the spirit of volunteerism and patriotism as well as provide an understanding of the concept universal or globalization and

international relations among youth. • Promote, implement and provide facilities and activities and a healthy active lifestyle among young people.

1.6.4. •

Sports Unit function Organize activities under the "Malaysia Active" and "Sports For All" at the national level, state and district to attract public participation among all segments of society • Tap into the consciousness of the importance of fitness and "healthy living" with the appropriate sports activities with the "Malaysia Active" • To plan and establish the program among the masses by collaborating with the NGO Sports and Fitness • Strengthen the training programs and fitness education to drive / Fitness Instructor at the National, State, and all outside agencies


Introduce Regional Fitness Programs conducted within 2 weeks and also the Central People's Gymnasium in daaerah-area

• •

Develop programs and activities of the Recreation and Sports Vehicles Working with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) Recreation and Sports Vehicles that can promote recreational activities at all levels of Motorsport.

1.7 1.7.1

Facilities Services/Facilities





1 Malaysia Gymnasium  For members of this facility, they need to pay RM30.00/month  For non-members, they need to pay RM2.00/entry  Complete with variety of free-weights and exercise equipment Field 1 Malaysia Extreme sports court (skatepark)


1 20 “ramps” 5 “sliding bar”


 Usage is not limited to Rakan Muda members only but also opened to all whose interested in extreme games such as in-line skating, BMX, and skatebording.  Equipment and safety aid is not provided by the management

3 8


Wall Climbing  Unlimited usage  Equipment and safety aid is not provided by the management Children’s playground Public toilet Sewing class workshop  Open to members only Canteen 1 Malaysia Main hall  Provided with stage  Rental rate is RM60.00/hour Canned drinks vending machine 1 Malaysia Rakan Muda Cyber Centre  Open to members only Netball field 1 Malaysia Gymnasium hall  Rental rate is RM60.00/hour

5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

1 3 1 1 1

10. 11. 12. 13.

1 1 1 1


Exercise circuit  Composed of chinning bar, monkey bar, parallel balance bar, and many other core exercise’s facility Toilet+changing room Petanque court Kayak house Used to store kayak and its related equipment 1

15. 16. 17.

1 1 1

18. 19. 20.

Surau Hostels Futsal court (non-operational yet) 9

1 30 rooms 3


Resting shack


1.7.2 i.

Reservation For all equipment Application and reservation to use the facilities provided must be made with Youth and Sport Complex’s manager at least 7 days before the date of usage.


Application’s approval is based on availability of usage and discretion of KBS’s manager.

1.7.3 Payment i. ii. iii. All payment must be settled 2 days before usage. Fined payment can be charged if damage is done to facility by the user. All payment will be given official receipt.

1.7.4 Report/Cleanliness i. Users must give cooperation to make a report involving damage done to properties and facilities. ii. Give cooperation involving environmental cleanliness and safety in complex’s facilities.



Organization Chart 1.8.1 Youth and Sports Department of Malaysia Organization Chart




Department Youth And Sport Negeri Pahang Organization Chart Sport Department PENOLONG PENGARAH SUKAN SPORTS DEPARTMENTS MAHANUM BINTI FAUZI




Pembantu Belia Dan Sukan MUHAMAD KHALIL BIN SAID

Penolong Pegawai Belia Dan Sukan AZIAN BIN ALI

Penolong Pegawai Belia Dan Sukan MOHD ZULHAIZAT BIN ALI



CHAPTER 2 YEARLY PLANNING 2.1 Cawangan Penggalakkan Dan Kemajuan Sukan :

Branch / Unique

Name Of Program 1) Kem Bakat Badminton KBSNusa Mahsuri 2) 3) 4) 5) Khidmat Latihan Sukan Teras (KELAS) Siri 1 Khidmat Latihan Sukan Teras (KELAS) Siri 2 Karnival SukanTradisional (Sempena Hari Belia) Klinik Sukan Dodgeball Liga Sukan Untuk Semua 6) Peringkat Daerah (Peruntukan Tabung Amanah) Liga Sukan Untuk Semua 7) Peringkat Negeri (Peruntukan Tabung Amanah) Konvensyen Sukan Untuk Semua Anugerah Sukan Untuk Semua Peringkat Negeri

Date 17-19 Jun 2011

Mac- Jun (siri 1) , Julai, September, Oktober (siri 2) 22 Mei 2011 1-3 Julai 2011


Mac -31 Mei 2011

5 Jun 2011

8) 9)

20 April 2011 24 September 2011



Cawangan Kecergasan Dan Rekreasi Sukan : Name Of Program 10 11 12 13 Kursus Rekreasi Luar Tahap 1 Kursus Rekreasi Luar Tahap 1 Kursus Rekreasi Luar Tahap 1 Kursus Rekreasi Luar Tahap 1 Kursus Rekreasi Luar Tahap 2 Kursus Kayak Bintang 1 Kursus Kayak Bintang 1 Kursus Kayak Bintang 1 Kursus Kayak Bintang 1 Kursus Kayak Bintang 1 Date 6 - 8 Mei 2011 3 - 5 Jun 2011 8 – 10 April 2011 22 – 24 April 2011 15 - 20 April 2011 18 – 20 Mac 2011 9 - 11 Jun 2011 15 - 17 April 2011 8 - 10 Mei 2011 11 - 13 Mac 2011

Branch / Unique


Branch / Unique

Name Of Program 15



Kursus Asas Rekreasi Tahap I & II (Pegawai) Kursus Selam Scuba (Open Water)

Mac-Jun 2011


Mac - Jun 2011


Kursus Kayak Bintang II

Mac - Jun 2011

23 24

Kursus Asas Mountain Bike Kursus Asas Mendaki Tembok Tiruan

7-8 Mei 2011 13-15 Mei 2011

25 Kursus Kemahiran Menyelamat (Darat) Mac - Jun 2011 26 Larian dan senam Cergas komuniti Mac - Jun 2011

Branch / Unique CAWANGAN KECERGASAN DAN REKREASI 27 28 29 30 31 32 33

Name Of Program Pembangunan Gim 1 Malaysia Pembangunan Gim 1 Malaysia Pembangunan Gim 1 Malaysia Pembangunan Gim 1 Malaysia Pembangunan Gim 1 Malaysia Pembangunan Gim 1 Malaysia Pembangunan Gim 1 Malaysia

Date Jan- Dis 2011 Jan- Dis 2011 Jan- Dis 2011 Jan- Dis 2011 Jan- Dis 2011 Jan- Dis 2011 Jan- Dis 2011


34 35 36

Pembangunan Gim 1 Malaysia Pembangunan Gim 1 Malaysia Pembangunan Gim 1 Malaysia

Jan- Dis 2011 Jan- Dis 2011 Jan- Dis 2011


Name Of Program Klinik Mini Bike Karnival Sukan Bermotor

Date 22-24 April 2011 14 Mei 2011


Kursus Teknikal Sukan Bermotor Kursus Asas Pemanduan Pacuan 4 Roda Sirkit Motocross

3-5 Jun 2011

41 42

17-19 Jun 2011 22-24 Julai 2011


Cawangan Pembangunan Sukan Minoriti : Name Of Program Date

Branch / Unique



Bantuan Program dan Pentadbiran PESRON

1 Jan - 30 Dis 2011 1 Mac - 30 Jun 2011 16-20 Julai 2011 1 Mac – Ogos 2011 5-7 Mei 2011 15-17 Jun 2011


KELAS Paralimpik Negeri Penyertaan Cabaran OKU Mulu (Cacat Tangan/ Orang Kerdil Pembangunan Sukan OKU Penyertaan Kursus Klasifikasi OKU Kebangsaan Penyertaan Kursus Bahasa Isyarat Program Pearl Kids Sukan Renang

Mac-Jun 2011 Peringkat Negeri Kem Bakat Tenpin Boling Kanak-Kanak 21 Mei - 2 Jun 50 2011 Peringkat Negeri Cabaran Wanita Taman Endau Rompin 51 22-26 Jun 2011 Peringkat Kebangsaan 52 Cabaran Wanita Scuba Pulau Tioman Bantuan Persiapan (pengangkutan) 53 Negeri Menyertai Sukan Masyarakat Orang Asli (SMOA) Kebangsaan 2011 Mac- April 2011 21-23 April 2011



During my practical training in Sport Department at Department Youth And Sport Negeri Pahang, I involved with two major programs. There are :

1. Course Kayak Bintang 1 ( Rompin ) 2. Minute Meeting ( Pembangunan Sukan )



Course Kayak Bintang 1

Date Time

: 25th – 27th March 2011 : 9.30 am to 4.30 pm Kompleks Rakan Muda Sukan Air

Venue :


The objectives of this program are : This course aims to provide exposure and training to the participants of

the kayak. In addition, this course is to continue Ministry on Youth and Sports (KBS) to build, expand and diversify water sport activities, especially kayaking. It is also consistent with the objectives of KBS in providing opportunities for public participation in sport and recreation and thus foster healthy communities, vibrant, and bersatu. Objektif course this was to kayak • To produce more like a sports fan and drive quality across the country

To provide opportunities and space for young people to pursue recreational water conditions. 20

Produce many talents - new talent to put forward in the competition is higher.

Produce more Malaysians to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Produce a kayak athletes are talented and have the potential to put forward to thenext level.

Thanks to Miss Mahanum Binti Fauzi as a Vice President of Departments of Youth And Sport Pahang, Miss Mohsinar Binti Abdul Malek as a Project Officer at Kompleks Rakan Muda Sukan Air Rompin, and Mr.Muhammad Fadzil Bin Che Daud as a officer and I , Mohd Muzani Bin Mohd Mahizan as his assistant for support me and giving me the permission for doing a research about this course. This is the first program that I involved since during my practical training at Department Of Youth And Sport Pahang. The program was held at Kompleks Rakan Muda Sukan Air Rompin, Pahang. Participant that involve in Course Kayak Bintang 1 is 43 people. This seminar starts with participant’s registration at 2.00 p.m until 4.00 p.m at Kompleks Rakan Muda Sukan Air Rompin. After registration session, staff of Rakan Muda introduced instructors to all participants. Instructor name is Mr. Muzafar. We call him as Cikgu Muzafar. The program was held 3 days 2 nights at Kompleks Rakan Muda Sukan Air Rompin ( KRMSA ). After finish introduceds all instructor to all


participants, the instructors brief to all participants about canoeing and about the whole activity along the course. The briefing finish at 12.30 a.m midnight.

On 26th March 2011, the program was start at 8.00 a.m with water confident at the bay behind the complex. After finish the water confident session, the instructor were teach us technique of basic paddling an canoeing. This session was held until 12.30 p.m before all participants having their lunch at complex. On 2.00 p.m, all participants walk to the bay for the next session. For this session, the instructors were giving us some times to practice canoe until 6.30 p.m to prepared for practical test on tomorrow morning. After finish the last session at the evening, we were gathered to clean up all canoe and keep the canoe inside the store. For the night activity, we all gathered and having a dinner together. After having a dinner, the instructors ask us to go inside the hall for writing test of canoe. The writing test takes and about an hour for the test. The started at 9.00 p.m until 10.00 p.m. There were so much fun at that time. Activity ended on that night and the instructors ask us toprepare for tomorrow activity. For the final day, the practical test was started at 8.30 a.m after the instructor brief to all participans. The participants from each district was gathered and go to the place for the test. On 8.30 a.m the examiners ask the participats to get ready for the 22

practical test. The test was finish at 12.30 p.m. Af ter finish the practical session on that morning, the participants packing up their stuffs and having their lunch. after that, all of us went to the KRMSA hall for the closing ceremony. All the participants required to pay RM10 for the qualification certificate of kayak bintang 1. They also got the participation certificate from Departments Youth And Sports Pahang.

Personal task : a) Get ready at registration b) Take note of seminar progressing for department use c) Be a cameraman for doing report

3.2 Date Place Time

Minute Of Meeting ( Pembangunan Sukan ) : 10 FEB 2011 : BILIK PENOLONG PENGARAH SUKAN : 9.00 a.m





Pengerusi memohon kepada semua Penolong Pegawai Unit

Sukan supaya menghantar Laporan Penuh Perlaksanaan Program Tahunan 2010 sebelum 11/2/2011 ( Jumaat )

Semua Pegawai Bahagian Pembangunan Sukan


) Pengerusi meminta supaya Pegawai Sukan Minoriti 2 membuat draf kertas konsep Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Pengurusan GF1M sebelum 18 Februari 2011 dan hantar ke Penolong Pengarah untuk disemak.

Pegawai Sukan Minoriti 2


) Penolong Pegawai Kecergasan Rekreasi 1 membentangkan perlaksanaan program bagi cawangan rekreasi tahun 2011, Penolong Pegawai mesyuarat membincangkan pembahagian program ke daerah Kecergasan bagi Kursus Rekreasi Luar Tahap I akan dilaksanakan di Dan Rekreasi 1 Daerah Raub, Cameron Highland, Jerantut, dan Lipis. Manakala bagi Kursus Kayak Bintang I akan dilaksanakan di daerah Pekan, Bentong, Maran, Temerloh dan Bera.

4 ) Penolong Pegawai Sukan Minoriti 3 membentangkan dan Pegawai Sukan Minoriti 3 Minoriti Bagi Tahun 2011 di Negeri Pahang. Bagi Program Perlaksanaan Program-Program Cawangan Paralimpik Cabaran Wanita Taman Endau – Rompin Peringkat Kebangsaan, pihak KBS memohon supaya pihak JBS Negeri menyediakan cadangan pengisian program yang sesuai. Pengerusi meminta pegawai projek untuk membuat lawatan tapak projek dengan secepat mungkin. 5 ) Penolong Pegawai Kemajuan Sukan 2 membentangkan dibawah Cawangan Penggalakan Kemajuan Sukan iaitu Kem Bakat Badminton KBS – NusaMahsuri. 24 Penolong Selain itu Penolong Pegawai Kemajuan Sukan 2 juga Pegawai Sukan Minoriti 2 membentangkan program- program seperti Khidmat Latihan Pegawai Penggalakan Kemajuan Sukan 2

Personal task : a) Take a note for Doing a minute of meeting b) File all the program into file. CHAPTER 4 COMMENTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS





There is only one cafe here and they just sell same types of food for the whole day. It is kind of boring when all the staff has to eat same food everyday - breakfast and lunch. It was closed at 5pm.



I prefered that WISMA PERSEKUTUAN should attract people to open cafeteria or restaurant that have a variety kind of foods . From this, we can 25

attract outsider to having some meals there and also will get more profit to have more spaces there and become comfortabale.



4.2.1 Comment • The staff should more efficient during their work. This is because

every work was delay. All file in the sports departments room mass up. Besides that, on top the table all file mass up and its difficult for any staff to find out the file.




I suggest that JBS Pahang should taking serious about their work so that the work does not delay and be on time. Moreover, JBS Pahang should buy rack to keep file into the cabinet so the room is always keep clean and tidy




Comment • When customers use the facilities, they always like to use it more than time they actually paid. For example, some teams rent a badminton Court for 1 hour but they played for 1 and a half hour when there are no teams to play after them.



My suggestion is JBS Pahang should hire one or two persons to be on duty for complex facilities. This is not only save the electric used but it also will avoid the complex from loss of profit and keep clean.


Gymnasium Equipments 27


Comment • These equipments are not taking care for a long time. First time I saw these broken equipment such as leg machine and stomach machine, I think this is because of the lack of maintenance. Besides that, all equipment was mass up and the environment was to undergrowth.



I suggest that JBS Pahang take off the maintenance of the equipments in the gymnasium and fix the broken equipments. So from that, the public are not worrying anything that closed to their safety. Beside that , JBS Pahang should re-arrange the equipment to the suitable place and JBS Pahang should build up to get more space for equipment.

4.5 4.5.1

Office Political Comment • Along my practical training, I see a lot of office political in this youth and sports organization. I can see one’s group on other side and another one’s 28

group on another side even though there are only two department. This environment is not good for such successful organizations.



As the good image for the other sports organizational, I think that this office

political should not exist in this sport organization. JBS Pahang should take actions to this problem before its going more critical.


Planning Work


Comment • There are no planning works to give to the practical training students. Students have no works to do except waiting for staff instruction. Maybe this is because of beginning of the year and there is not much event to organize.



Recommendation • Some organizations not realize this problem. I suggest that they have to plan tasks or works to give to the practical training students before they start the practical training.


Computer Knowledge


Comment • In JBS Pahang, all the staffs has their own computer to completed their task faster and allow them to be more effective and efficient. Without the computer, the staffs will do the task given manually and it will take more time. But some of them still do not have knowledge about the computer system.



JBS Pahang Officer must give information to all staffs about the computer using before they use the computer. After that, they can apply the knowledge that given to them to complete their tasks. 30


Delay The Works


Comment • In every task given, the staffs also finished it in last minutes. This will affect the task given and they will do it in a stress conditions. If this problem continuing, it will affects the whole of the task.



JBS Pahang staff should finish the tasks or works after received it and not finish it in last minutes. My suggestion to avoid this problem is to prepare what to do and listing the task that given before the dateline.


Parking Space for Staff and Public



Comment • In my observation, there is no specific parking area for staff and public uses. They park their car wherever they want and it will be harder for others to find the parking.



I suggest that an appropriate parking space will be provided to the public and special place for staff so they can park their car properly. This will avoid from fights among drivers whose park their car to block the other car.



4.10.1 Comment 32

Sometimes if I want to print out the work ,there were no A4 paper inside the machine. This is not good because it can disturb others staff and the tasks will delay if no A4 paper inside the machine.

4.10.2 Recommendation

In my opinion, the management should take it serious this problem. A4 paper is something serious if in the office is no A4 paper. The

management should give 1 dozen to each departments for easy to do their work.


Youth and Sports Department of Pahang (JBSP) is the one of the good place for the practical training for practical students especially for Diploma in Sports Science and Recreation and Sports Management and for courses that related to sport. As we know JBSP is one of the big sport organizational because it is established 33

under Ministry Youth of Sports (KBS). JBSP have four major units. There are Finance Unit, Administrative Unit, Youth Unit and Sports Unit. JBSP can manage the organization with their own because of their consistent with the objectives of the organization. So with this they can survive and always keep them to achieve goals. Moreover, JBSP also have a good management and relationships with other sports associations and organizations. I have gained so many experiences during my practical training in JBS Pahang. It’s totally different with the theory class and with the experiences of practical training. I learned more knowledge how to handle events or any functions that related to sports; example through in “ Kursus Kayak Bintang 1”. I have learned about the flow of the event, how to setting the equipments, the time management and so on. What can I say here, it more enjoyed than theory in class.

My communication skills are improved and I am be so confident when i want to talk withe eveyone because every day during the practical, i am always speaks in a proper manner during having interactions with people when they asked me something. I also learn how to fax letter. My computer skills are also improved especially in Microsoft Word and Power Point. I have learn much more in doing a minute file and minute of meeting. I have so much fun there. Staff of JBSP always support and giving me some advice. We all always change advice when meeting. 34

As a conclusion, many things that I had learned along I have been here to do my practical training. All the knowledge that I had gained will used in future when I facing in a real profession. With give opportunity to students involve in practical training, they will gain many experiences and knowledge before facing the real working environment. I will appreciate to all staff of JBS Pahang who have taught me a lot in management and always teach me how to be confident to confront with people. And not forgotten to God who has been facilitating the training practical smooth.

APPENDIX  Course Kayak Bintang 1 ( Rompin )







Office Environment





CONTENT CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION TO ORGANIZATION 1.1 1.2 Department Youth And Sport Malaysia Background of Youth and Sports Department of Pahang 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 Vision Mission Objective Functions of each unit In Departments Facilities Organization Chart


1 2

3 4 4 4 8 9


CONTENT CHAPTER 2 YEARLY PLANNING 2.1 2.2 2.3 Cawangan Penggalakkan Dan Kemajuan Sukan Cawangan Kecergasan Dan Rekreasi Sukan Cawangan Pembangunan Sukan Minoriti


13 14 17

CHAPTER 3 PROJECT REPORT 3.1 3.2 Course Kayak Bintang 1 Minute Of Meeting ( Pembangunan Sukan ) 18 19 22



4.3 Facilities 4.4 Gymnasium Equipments 4.5 Office Political 4.6 Planning Work 4.7 Computer Knowledge

27 28 29 30 31

CONTENT 4.8 4.9 4.10 Delay The Works Parking Space for Staff and Public Stationaries

PAGE 31 31 32




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