Daniel Lee Vessels US Army JBLM DES Force Protection Fusion Cell Task Force Protector

September 15 2010 email alert about Demonstration on "Freedom Bridge" set for Sept 18 2010 FOUO / High Importance

IMCOM Directorate of Emergency Services JBLM Deputy Provost Marshal Madigan Army Medical Center Washington National Guard

US Air Force 62nd Airlift Wing

Lakewood Police

Sara L Beldin US Air Force AMC 62 AW / AT Middle Initial 'David' 3138 Hoffman Hill Blvd DuPont WA Matthew D Shifrin CPT MIL US Army FORSCOM William Bravo CIV US Air Force AMC 62 AW / AT DES Deputy and Managing Editor Rickey L. Sanders (253) 966-1394 rickey.l.sanders1@us.army.mil 'The Siren' Dec 2006 newsletter Rickey L Sanders CIV US Army IMCOM

Lynne Murphy Madigan Army Medical Center

Karin Frinell Hanrahan MS. NGWA

Douglas Strand Lakewood Police Criminal Analyst

Woody Men o Madigan Army Medical Center Jeffrey Pflug "Lynne Murphy, Provost Marshal at Madigan." p.6 http:// www.mamc.amedd.army.mil/ pao/Documents/ ColorMount2010-10.pdf Jeffrey Pflug of the Washington Army National Guard in Camp Murray, Wash

Ryan Larson


Gary Smith

Fort Lewis Police

Lt Thomas D Ciota Office: 253-966-7299 Cell: 253-381-3411 (City of Lakewood emails 2008)

Thomas D Ciota us.army.mil

Force Protection

Regional Intelligence Group 5

JBLM Public Affairs "...Matt Toth, JBLM director of law enforcement ." http:// www.northwestmilitary.com/ news/fort-lewis-blog/2010/04/ JBLM-law-enforcement-tocarry-TASERs/

Ms. Karin Frinell-Hanrahan, State Anti-Terrorism Officer at 253.512.8159 Karin.Frinell-Hanrahan@mil.wa.gov

Matthew S Toth us.army.mil

Thomas R Rudd CIV US Army IMCOM Joseph J Piek CIV US Army IMCOM Michael E Chesbro CIV US Army IMCOM Doyon Security Services former FP unit John J Towery until 2010 Jay C Matthews CIV US Army IMCOM


..."JBLM Chief of Security and Access Control Mel Austin." http:// www.northwestmilitary.com/ news/airlifter-blog/2011/04/ McChord-Main-Gateconstruction-update/

Eight other RIGs and FBI

Melvin Austin us.army.mil

Larry C Freeman CIV US Army IMCOM "Larry Freeman, chief of installation access at JBLM." William M Burden MAJ MIL US Army IMCOM Major William Burden, the JBLM Provost Marshal http://www.nwguardian.com/ 2010/09/30/8701/bomb-threatat-waller-hall-activates.html

Gate Guards until 10-2010

J.C. Matthews Public Affairs First Corps Fort Lewis, WA 98433 253-967-0158 http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/ fg.cgi?page=cr&GSmpid=47356620&CRid=23 12372&pt=Ross%20Family%20Cemetery&

Kurt J Illig CTR US US Army IMCOM

Michael V Jungers CIV US Army IMCOM Fort Lewis spokesman J.C. Matthews shed some light on the ongoing inquiry in an e-mail to The Olympian on Friday. “Right now, the primary concern continues to be ensuring a comprehensive investigation is completed that determines the facts and makes solid recommendations regarding those findings,” Matthews wrote. “ This is a complex issue, and the public has a right to expect our best effort. When the investigation is complete, we will provide as much information about the finding as possible. Our goal is transparency. ” Read more: http://www.theolympian.com/2009/09/12/968262/army-e-mail-sent-topolice-and.html Story about John J Towery as an infiltrator

Kurt Illig Kurt began his employment with DGG in April 2007 "...Jungers, 24, is a native of Montana..." (Aug 1989) http://www.deseretnews.com/article/60163/ DUGWAY-NAMES-2-TO-VIE-FOR-SOLDIERAWARDS.html "Directorate of Emergency Services (05/24/2010 - Present) - Security Guard Fort Lewis, Washington United States Supervisor: Mike Junger s - 253-967-4788" (Google Cache Search Results)

after Doyon Security Services assumed the Army Pacific Region contract from a previous contractor. In that program, he served as the Deputy Chief of Guards and then Chief of Guards. Currently, Kurt is both the Program Ma na ge r for our guard contracts at the Chief Joseph Dam (Bridgeport, WA) and U.S. Coast Guard base in Seattle in addition to demobilizing our forces after the expiration of the Pac Region contract. Recently, he has been increasingly involved in Business Development, attending site visits for potential contracts as well as providing subject matter expertise for proposals. Joining the Army in 1994, Kurt was as a Military Policeman for nearly seven years before returning to civilian life. During that time, he was deployed to the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, serving in Panama for several years and completing his military service in Puerto Rico. Kurt’s greatest contribution to the company was successfully managing the largest and most complex installation in our Pacific Region contract (Fort Lewis, WA). Under his command, Ft. Lewis has not received a single discrepancy report and continues to maintain a very favorable relationship with our client, the U.S. Army. He lives with his long time girlfriend, Caryn, her 12 year old son Gaige, and their newest addition, 7 month old Solomon. Kurt enjoys watching football, going on long walks with his dog, and riding his motorcycle.

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