Kourtney Riverais a Parsons graduate and worked at Teen Vogue, N.Y.C. as an editorial director.

She lived on the 23rd floor of the 200 East 62nd St. Apartments and her favourite accessory is nail polish. Everyday her daily routines are the same; take a cab down to Times Square but stops at a Starbucks to pick up her venti Caramel Brulée Latte,a butter croissant, and a banana. When she gets to work, she usually starts off by reading New York Times paper, then goes into a meeting with the editor-in-chief, Amy Astley, and they review the spreads and finished products done by the many editors and directors working in Teen Vogue. She then goes into the closet. Kourtney describes the closet as her haven on earth. In it, interns organize the newest clothes, accessories, shoes right off of the runway, store, or specially sent by the designer. One of her favourite stylists, Samantha Pleet is usually found there, flipping through clothes to pick out the perfect outfit for the next photo shoot or magazine spread. Kourtney usually joins Samantha and helps her for a couple hours. After she goes back to her office on the 9th floor and her usual afternoon is spent answering phone calls from designers, editors, etc. Today was a special day though, it was Feb. 13th, the start of Mercedes-Benz Spring Fashion Week and she was scheduled for the 1 p.m. D.K.N.Y. show, 3 p.m. Max Azria show, 4 p.m. Diane V. Furstenberg show, and lastly the 9 p.m. Marc Jacobs show. Her day zoomed by quick, getting her daily coffee and breakfast and dropping by her office to do a few quick things, then heading down to 26th St. and 10th Ave. for the first show. After finishing her 4 p.m. show, she decided to head out to dinner with her good friend Emma Shoveller. Emma and Kourtney met in high school and have been in touch ever since, and since Emma was in New York; they decided to go to Kourtney s pizza place down on 23rdSt. After dinner it was about 5:30 and Emma had to go so Kourtney decided to take a walk. Stumbling upon a nail salon that Samantha recommended, she glanced at her nails, and decided to go it for a quick mani&pedi. Little did she know it was already 8:00 p.m. She got her nails painted dark purple, and as topcoat was being painted on, she heard a ring from her phone and picked it up, checking her B.B.M. Realizing it was already 8:40 she ran out of the salon and called a cab and prayed that she would make it in time through the N.Y. traffic. Ending back on 23rd St. the traffic was so heavy she decided to run to 26thSt. to catch the last show. While running down, she checked her phone, then her nails sighing in relive that she could make the show and that new nails were not smudged at all. As she was turning onto 9th Ave. she realized that somebody was following her. Walking quicker, she took her phone just in case and saw that there was no signal and that s when she started to run. Running on the tattered pavements in her 5-inch Louboutins at night were not a good idea from the start, but Kourtney kept running. Breaking her left heel after stumbling over a crack, she found herself face flat on the ground. That was the last thing Kourtney Rivera ever remembered.

25thSt. and Michelle Cohen.m. While jotting down notes. and 9th Ave. The police found 3 possible suspects. who drove her around N. Cool tattoo. Blair Lyons. Haley Scott. She described herself as being one of the cities best computer engineers and being capable of blocking all satellite signals in certain area. the officer then realized that My Chemical Romance were not even in town.Police found her at around 9:23 p. Lyons replied. They were in Europe on their The World Contamination Tour . because the suspect had just been released and left the crime scene. After being left on sight alone with his note pad and thoughts. the police were able to determine that the suspect was in her late 20 s. Who murdered Kourtney Rivera? . in the back of an alleywaynear the and 9th Ave. When being interviewed Lyons identified herself as a chef at a restaurant named Jean George found in the Trump Tower up on 60th St. and 8th Ave.going to thesecond suspect.Y. I don t have a tattoo. The officer then nodded and walked away. and that was the quickest route. She states that she was on her way to a friend s home at the time when the crime occurred. The officer then said. While observing the first suspect the officer noticed there was a dark purple mark on her arm. matter of fact in the country. the officer then realized whom the murderer was. With surveillance cameras around the corner from a convenient store. wearing sweats and a thin jacket. She told the officer that she just passing that area around that time because she was going back to her home on 7th Ave. for the whole day states that she never got out of the cab anywhere near 25th St. There were cuts all along her arms and her make-up and nails were all smudged and her hair was all dirty and messy. going down 9th Ave. Haley Scott. he realized a little to late. and had long brown hair. The police reported that Kourtney Wintour was stabbed multiple times in the chest and leg area and was throttled by hand to death. While talking to Scotts cab driver.C. and 15thSt. The last suspect was a computer engineer named Michelle Cohen. Haley Scott identified herself asa person who hates walking and record producer who was currently working with the band My Chemical Romance and their new album.

she checked her dark purple nails and they were not smudged at all. The real murderer was Lyons and the main reason was because right before Kourtney fell. So when Lyons was choking Rivera. and she said she didn t.P. Even though Haley Scott lied about recording the record.  . When the officer interviewed Lyons. did not check Rivera s phone. therefore never knowing that signal was lost during her attempt for freedom. he asked Lyons if she had a tattoo on her arm.D. she was not the killer because the N. Despite the fact that Michelle Cohen was capable of blocking all satellite signals in certain area.ANSWER The murderer is Blair Lyons.Y.the police knew it wasn t her because her cab driver drives her around all day long. Rivera tried to stop her by grasping Lyons arm. At the crime scene they were all smudged and dirty. leaving the dark purple marking on her arm. and he never dropped her off anywhere near 25th and 9thand she wouldn t have walked because she hates walking. and it just so happens that it was dark purple.

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