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Preparing for


Credits Editor’s
Dawn Bournand
Editor-in-Chief & Sales
Hina Wadhwa- If you have found your way to the QS
Gonfreville TopExecutive Guide, chances are you have at least been thinking Dawn Bournand
about what it would be like to get Editor, QS TopExecutive Guide
Contributing Editor back in the classroom and enhance
Spencer Matheson the knowledge you have already accumulated in your
professional life. Congratulations, in that simple act of reflection
Senior Features Writer you have already taken the first step towards moving your career
Ann Graham forward! Now it’s time to build upon that.

Production Manager First comes the research. Through publications like this,
Katy Webster
events like the QS World Executive MBA Tour and websites
like you can begin to explore what
Research and Paris Sales Office
Production Assistant 73 boulevard de is possible. Continuing your education can be a small or
Bridget Garahan Sébastopol gigantic step depending on how far you want to take it. A one
Khoury 75002, Paris day workshop on leadership does not take too much reflection
France but dedicating 12-24 months of your life, while juggling work,
Design Tel. +33 145 66 59 21 relationships and home life, to pursue an Executive MBA
Teresa Arevalo Fax +33 145 66 99 80 requires a whole lot more: self-searching; conversations with
Tim Gillen colleagues, supervisors, family and yes, even an all-important
UK Sales Office look at the financial investment. In short, this is simply not
Editorial Consultant 1 Tranley Mews, an overnight decision.
Ross Geraghty Fleet Road
London NW3 2DG Next comes some action-taking. After you have completed the
General Production Tel. +44 20 7284 7200 research phase, you will have narrowed down your choices and
Manager Fax +44 20 7284 7201
may even have an idea about which EMBA programs would be
Ed Winder
good for you. Now it is time to sign up for those test prep classes,
take some campus visits and reach out to a few alums from your
top school picks. Get active and get clear, make sure this is the
right step at the right time for you.

Finally, get ready for the ride of your life. As you will read in
our current student and alumni profiles, if you decide an
EMBA is right for you, the period ahead will be one of the
most challenging, exciting and enriching times of your life.
The EMBA will not only offer you an undeniable step up in
your career (the ROI for some programs is as short as 18
months), you will also gain a brand new network of friends,
Advertisers colleagues and academics to help you in the next phase of
IFC Forbes Russia your career. The personal growth and self-discovery, though
40 Viadeo
often not the direct intention for pursuing this advanced
2 International Herald 48 Women & Work degree, will be an undeniable part of your EMBA experience.
Tribune 52 Diversity MBA Enjoy the ride!
10 QS World Executive 56 Nouvel Economiste
MBA Tour 64 L’AGEFI To your EMBA success,
16 ALPHA 70 Cadrexport
Dawn Bournand
34 BFM 80 ExecuNet Editor, Career and Life Coach

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44 Women and the Executive MBA 83 OU Business School
Yes, the balancing act can be done: alumni and current
85 Warwick Business School
students tell you how.

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Preparing for
Ready, fire, aim…today’s top executives know that they have to prepare for
opportunity before it arrives. QS TopExecutive Editor, Dawn Bournand, takes a look
at the key to moving your career forward and getting it on the fast track

urn on the television set, surf over to to plan out their path. Sure, they may have thinking about their goals and also thinking
your favourite online news channel gotten a lucky break or two along the way but on what they have done today to move closer
or pick up the local newspaper and as Louis Pasteur said, “Fortune favours the to those goals. If that were to happen, I think
you are bound to read or hear about prepared mind.” Joan Coonrod, Assistant Dean many individuals would have more
the doom and gloom of the economy and the of Executive MBA admissions and marketing achievements in their lives.”
continuing financial chaos that goes along with at Emory University’s Goizueta Business
it. What would happen though if you decided School agrees: “You must prepare yourself for Opportunity disguised as change
to tune all of that noise out and focus on what a life-long career, and build career resilience Best made plans can sometimes be thrown
is going right? How would it change your career into your planning. It’s not just about moving off course by the winds of change, though.
if you decided to look at life as an endless flow up, it’s about moving laterally when necessary What is the best way to deal with sudden,
of opportunities coming your way? Once you and building a wide enough ‘base of value’ to unexpected and seemingly unwelcomed
realize that preparing for that next door to open make you more marketable. You need to be circumstances? According to Hannelore
is your best bet, how do you go about doing it? able to navigate the uncertainty that has Forssbohm, Senior Program Manager of the
How do you prepare for opportunity before it become a contestant in high level careers.” Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA program,
even knocks? Establishing the roadmap to where you “Opportunities are a matter of attitude: it
For many successful professionals today, want to go and then taking small steps in that could be change that may not initially be
the first big step they take into that unknown direction on a daily basis is essential for perceived as positive (e.g. reorganization
realm of possibility is signing up for an
Executive MBA. This is one action that shows
your superiors, your colleagues and even your
friends that you are optimistic enough about “Everything in our lives has moved into the ‘priority pile’. However,
your future to invest both your time and
money into preparing for what is ahead.
planning takes not only time to strategize but also time to reflect. If
According to Bernie Zanck, Director of only individuals spent a few minutes a day thinking about their goals”
Recruitment and Admissions at the Chicago
Booth Executive MBA program, “Our
approach to business education prepares our
students for all possibilities. Graduates leave creating opportunities. As Francis Petit, within a company); discovering, developing
equipped with a mastery of business Associate Dean for Executive MBA Programs and implementing a new business idea;
fundamentals and a global network of friends at Fordham University, Graduate School of changing your line of work or personal
and colleagues. They emerge with a new way Business Administration sees it, “I strongly interest. These all are ‘opportunities’ in one
of interpreting the world now and beyond, believe that individuals do not spend enough way or another; a chance to make a change,
transforming how they think, how they time planning for their future. We live in a for the better, for oneself, the company or,
network and how they impact.” ‘wired’ world in which all of our stakeholders in some cases, the world. Being ready and
want instant responses and gratification. courageous enough to absorb and act in a
Have a plan Everything in our lives has moved into the new situation is one way that an Executive
Setting yourself up for professional success isn’t ‘priority pile’. However, planning takes not MBA can help to prepare today’s managers
something that happens overnight. Most high- only time to strategize but also time to reflect. to be in a position to face and manage
level executives will tell you they took the time If only individuals spent a few minutes a day whatever comes their way.”

4 TopExecutive Guide



Even when change comes in the form participants say that they feel better equipped experience and an investment in the future of one
of a crisis, favorable outcomes can still to identify business opportunities and to take of your organization’s greatest assets – you.
occur. As Dean Coonrod points out, “In the necessary decisions to make these Investing in your education will prepare you to
2001, it was the tech/telecom bust – over opportunities valuable for them.” become a more effective leader and equip you to
half a million jobs in those sectors gone. In As you see these opportunities appearing, analyze and solve complex business challenges
2008/09, it was real estate and financial you may find that your current skills will not because you’ve been taught to approach them.”
services that shed jobs. Preparing for be enough to take you to where your next Beate Baldwin, Program Director for the
opportunities means being able to move to possible steps lie. Cristèle Fernand, ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA, agrees
where the opportunities are regardless of Admissions Director at the EMLYON that “[pursuing an EMBA] means taking an
your current industry expertise.” Business School, believes that “developing active part in your career as well as in your
The aftermath of a crisis can be a bit like a new skills (both technical and behavioural), personal development”. She also advises to take
forest after a sweeping fire: new growth will enlarging your network and being able to full advantage of the EMBA networking
begin. Stephen Adamson, Associate Director of think out of the box” are essential opportunities. “Conferences with alumni
Admissions, for IE Business School’s components of broadening your career path. associations, courses with academics and
International Executive MBA, suggests, Not so coincidentally, these three elements business leaders, social events with Executive
“Preparing for opportunities in this context are all benefits of participating in an MBA tracks at partner schools, leadership
means being ready to take advantage of the burst Executive MBA program. courses, and individual and group coaching

of hiring and growth which will occur as the Though traditionally created to help sessions, all help our participants to get to more
crisis eases. As has always occurred, a huge executives get the necessary training to work better self and social awareness and to grow personally.”
number of corporate and entrepreneurial and smarter in their current positions, today’s In the end, an Executive MBA is the
opportunities will be created and deciding to take EMBA also focuses on preparing participants for ultimate prep course for opportunity. Perhaps
an EMBA once things improve may be too late.” the constantly changing landscape of modern Associate Dean Petit sums it up best when he
business. Associate Dean Petit adds: “The EMBA says, “Students will learn just as much, if not
Broaden your horizons is a great vehicle for careers beyond management more, on how to survive and excel in ‘the
Perhaps the real question, then, is where to in the Fortune 500. It allows you to think process’ in addition to the content of a program.
look for these opportunities that are sure to differently about creating, delivering and Surviving the process is a learning experience
show up. Maria Puig, Executive Director of sustaining value within any industry. Such a in and of itself. Learning how to take on these
the IESE Global Executive MBA believes mindset can be very powerful.” And it can be very risks will allow candidates to grow and be ready
that, “In our time, many business opportunities valuable when considering what else is possible. for future professional challenges and
are appearing at a global scale. Our Global opportunities. Behind every great success story
Executive MBA Program helps you develop Invest in yourself in business usually lies a big initial risk. Imagine
your global mindset and acquire the additional It comes down to thinking about your future and if the founders of Facebook or Starbucks or
skills needed to succeed in today’s increasingly how you can best invest in it. Director Zanck Cirque de Soleil weren’t brave enough to take
globalized and competitive business. Our affirms: “the Executive MBA is a transformative the risks? That is what it is all about!”

TopExecutive Guide 5



EMBA can do for
Contributing editor Spencer Matheson and QS EMBA research specialist Bridget
Garahan Khoury take a look at the real value of an EMBA and the impact it can have
on both your career and your life

or aspiring professionals with some graduate, describes how the soft skills have position with broader responsibilities in
consequential experience under impacted her career by “how effective I have another company. Immediately after
their belts, there is an increasing been building solid relationships with my graduation I moved to the new position.”
array of options available: clients. I am more in-tune to their needs and
specialized master’s degrees and non-degree am learning to have a great ability to respond Transition
general management programs have and contribute when and where needed.” Ebrahim Mohamed, Director of Executive
multiplied in recent years, not to mention The EMBA classroom prepares MBA Programs at Imperial College thinks the
CFA and other industry specific qualifications. students to manage more than one area, to question comes down to timing, that if you are
How are potential Executive MBA (EMBA) manage others’ performance effectively. early in your career, a specialized course might
candidates to decide what’s right for them? Personal development within the EMBA be appropriate, and that later on, an EMBA will
If you’re interested only in obtaining a high may be hard to measure but it’s equally as better help you springboard into a leadership
level knowledge of finance for example, then important as the technical skills. Nick role: “The economy needs people with high
an MS in Finance probably makes better sense Mbuvi, IESE GEMBA 2009 alumnus, states level integrating capabilities. The first stage of
than an EMBA. But beyond such obvious your career will be characterized by functional
points, what else can be said about an EMBA expertise - the type that a specialized masters
vs. other study? Francis Petit, Associate Dean would support. When professionals hit a ceiling
for Executive MBA Programs at Fordham they need to have more generalist business
University puts it this way: “Overall, I tell “Their careers will skills to help them become more effective – this
prospective students to imagine themselves on is exactly where an EMBA is positioned. It is a
an airplane jumping out with their parachute.
go in many key ingredient to making the transition from
Wherever they land and whatever is in their directions and the functional expert to business leader.”
backpack they now have the “Business and This proved true for Kerry Watts,
Management Survival Kit”. Their careers will EMBA will prepare Durham 2009 alumna, who found that the
go in many different directions and the EMBA EMBA was a great way for her to surpass her
will prepare them most effectively for this them most effectively former limitations when dealing with senior
journey. The more specialized degrees are managers and executive directors. Kerry
excellent but can also channel you and groom
for this journey” states: “This encouraged me to enhance my
you only for a specific area.” education so that I would have the theory
behind the management and leadership
Personal development and soft skills qualities, which I had observed in many of
An EMBA will teach you—amongst many that “It is a life-changing experience. You those whom I regard as role models, to be
other things—how to analyze a financial quickly realize that the World you know, is able to further my career in contributing to
statement, and how to apply statistics to real not the World you know. You deepen your the corporate and strategic workings in
world problems—specific, and important own perspectives whilst learning to improving healthcare.” When asked whether
technical skills. However, even more critical appreciate other people’s perspectives and or not the EMBA made an impact on her
at senior levels of management, are the soft become a mature and well rounded leader!” career opportunities, Fabiana Prada Katz
skills, the kind of skills EMBA classrooms with Mariano Janiszewski, Katz EMBA 2007, EMBA alumna 2010, replies: “I believe I am
their cohort of students in senior positions, adds, “…the gain in self-confidence allowed in my current position because I could
excel in. Lamees Qasem, IESE GEMBA 2009 me to pursue a novel challenge, accepting a expand my field of expertise outside of

6 TopExecutive Guide



Finance through the EMBA, which provided recession, an executive MBA still raises salaries his Executive MBA degree gave him the
a more holistic view of a company and was a by an average of almost 10%. A poll taken by confidence boost he needed. “I would
key enabler for my marketing role.” the Financial Times states “of 3,348 students, encourage anyone who is wondering about an
For those who have made it to the from 112 programs, calculated students’ EMBA to pursue the dream as far as they can.
business leader position, but soon realize that average salary at the start of their EMBA as Everyone knows that an MBA will return
they are not ready for management and $125,029USD – which rose to $136,722USD professional and line management skills, a few
decision making responsibilities, the EMBA on its completion, a healthy nine percent know an EMBA will return top management
can be a great way to bridge the gap. increase, given the economic climate.” skills and virtually no one realizes that stepping
Mariano Janiszewski, Katz EMBA 2007 forward to engage in a top-level international
alumnus, also saw that: “I joined the program sends a clear signal to the rest of the
pharmaceutical industry coming from academia world. I am a volunteer, yet this last point is
(I was a Professor at the University of São Paulo, crucial: once you have the skills and the self-
School of Medicine). In the beginning, my job at “Once you have the confidence, it’s important to make a credible
Eli Lilly had a heavy technical context, but as I got claim that you want to step forward.”
more involved in administrative, leadership and skills and the self- In a similar vein, Rebecca Blaine, who
business issues, I noticed I could benefit from some confidence, it’s pursued her EMBA at Fordham University and
formal business education. That impression turned graduated in 2009, confirms that her degree
clearer when I was appointed Medical Director of important to make a gave her the confidence to lead teams and put
the Brazilian Affiliate. I realized that if I wanted to credible claim that you forward her ideas to the senior management
take a fully active part in all decisions involving the teams for company-wide initiatives. “Having
affiliate, I would need a more thorough want to step forward” had a limited amount of experience in areas
understanding of the corporate environment, and such as finance and accounting, taking these
the, company’s global and local strategies.” management courses has given me a multi-
Happily, in some schools it’s not even an faceted perspective for the projects and
“either/or” proposition. Some EMBA programs initiatives that I am responsible for.”
offer the opportunity to become a specialized Choosing an EMBA can lead to many So while specialist programs may
expert as well as a well-rounded business leader. networking opportunities as well as great long restrict options, EMBA programs open
For example, at Chicago Booth (where students lasting friendships. Nick Mbuvi had a classmate them, and prepare graduates for diversity. In
can also look forward to an average salary of visit him in his home country of Kenya last 2001 over half a million jobs in the
$236,633USD per year when they leave the summer and now “we are currently looking at technologies and telecoms sectors
program), students who wish to complement their some business opportunities. We are also disappeared. In more recent years, real
general management studies with a specialization, exploring other business ventures with another estate and financial services have been hard
may do so in either Finance or Strategy. two of my classmates. We certainly keep in hit. During both recessions, EMBA
touch and the social network has undoubtedly graduates were perfectly placed to move
Rewards and opportunities been beneficial.” The close camaraderie and where the opportunities were, regardless of
One of the benefits of group study methods of most EMBA programs current experience.
doing an EMBA is the tend to create longer lasting bonds than most
possibility of an economic specialized programs.
reward! According to the And as we’ve heard many an
Executive MBA EMBA alumni tell us, the
C o u n ci l s m o s t rewards go beyond the
recent numbers, financial aspects. François
even in the Brown de Coulstoun,
context of global Chicago Executive
MBA graduate
believes that

TopExecutive Guide 7



IESE Business School Global Executive MBA

eadership at a global level is no easy classroom, in locations ranging from
task. In today’s business context, with Barcelona to New York, from the Silicon
cyber-technology at our fingertips Valley to the Bund.
and shrinking boundaries, the need has “Now more than ever, the global
never been greater for global executives to, business world is calling for well-prepared
understand the dynamics of managing business leaders,” says Jordi Canals, Dean of
across cultures and leading people across IESE Business School in Spain, “[leaders]
time zones. To respond to the needs of equipped with solid business skills, a global
global leaders, business schools are mindset and a desire to make a positive
integrating experiential, worldwide-based impact on society. The Global Executive
learning into their curricula, to bring the MBA program was specifically created to
world into executive classrooms and to push develop this kind of leader.”
executives out into the world. One such IESE Business School’s Global
exemplary business school is IESE which, Executive MBA (GEMBA) offers rising
via the IESE Global Executive MBA, offers business leaders, senior managers, and
executives on the rise the opportunity to professional executives the opportunity to Lamees Qasem
learn in a multicultural and diverse shape the world in their companies and
Class of 2009
boardrooms, st arting from within the
business school classroom. One look at “The most important point is to have
IESE’s GEMBA class profile (average great support from your partner. It is a
professional experience of 13 years; average tough and taxing period on everyone
age of 37) and interested candidates can be and somehow your family will have to
assured of not only a diverse group of see the value and appreciate the
students to interact with while studying, but sacrifices you have made.”
also an international network to liaise with
for years to come.
An entrepreneur in the biotechnology
sector, Nora Benhabiles was one of 40 discussions,” says the Corporate Banking
students in her GEMBA program, made up Director for Barclays Global Retail and
of 26 nationalities. “The social network Commercial Banking in East Africa says.
created is just tremendous!” enthuses “It was the most enriching experience I
Benhabiles, class of 2008 alum. “Classmates have been through to date.”
that become friends, teachers advising you “In this day and age, managers have to
Erick E Pereda for entrepreneurial projects, friends from think globally,” explains Maria Puig,
Class of 2012 other promotions met during IESE events Executive Director of the IESE Global
or who people recommended...” Executive MBA . “Business deals are not
“I have discovered that it is never too Benhabiles wasn’t the only one to only being done across the boardroom
late to learn. I am almost 38 years old experience just how “global” IESE’s t able, they’re being conducted across
and I find myself challenged in all my Global Executive MBA is. Nick Mbuvi, continents, time zones, and cultures. A
courses. I have not been overly Class of 2009, alum received his GEMBA successful manager needs to understand
challenged by the general concepts alongside 36 students from 25 different the logistics involved in conducting
presented in the classes, but rather by the nationalities. “The best part was being in themselves, their business and their teams
new perspectives through which these class with some of the best brains from on the international stage, and we believe
concepts are being presented.” different nationalities and disciplines, and the IESE Global GEMBA program
sharing ideas in class and during group prepares them for just that.”

8 TopExecutive Guide



Structure and New York City. Beyond the program is

IESE’s GEMBA is available in two formats the 30, 000-strong IESE alumni network
– monthly (19-21 months, with 15 residential spanning across the globe in 100 countries.
weeks) or bi-monthly (16-18 months, with 14 The residential modules in all corners of
residential weeks), requiring professionals to the globe were one of the highlights for 2009
take up to 75 days out of the office. Delivered GEMBA alum, Lamees Qasem. “To compete
via a mix of face-to-face interaction both on- on a global basis, you have to understand how
and off-campus, students have the flexibility business works in different parts of the world,”
to fit their studies in and around their she says. “With the Global Executive MBA, you
commitments in the office and at home. gain practical multicultural knowledge and
“We try to create a real community within therefore, a competitive edge,” the managing
the program,” says Puig. “The program is director of Peninsula Consulting says.
certainly manageable – the number of IESE’s GEMBA t akes a general
successful alum who have completed their management perspective. The broad and
GEMBA is evidence of that – but we’re aware challenging curriculum covers business
fundamentals, while exploring the latest Nick Mbuvi
trends in global commerce. Combined with
Class of 2009
modules in developed and emerging markets
“Business deals are a n d t h e i n -compa n y pr ojec ts a n d “The GEMBA has certainly given me a
not only being done entrepreneurial business plans, candidates major boost in my career and put me in
are empowered to make the best use of their a position where I am very at ease with
across the boardroom new business knowledge. What’s more, the exploring new opportunities both within
elective program allows students to tailor the the company and outside.”
table, they’re being program to their own specific needs.
conducted across “The benefits of the in-company
project were two-fold,” says Henning
continents, time Kluever, 2010 Global EMBA alum. “I was
zones, and cultures” able to generate valuable knowledge for my
organization [Kluever is Controlling
Manager for Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz
Cars in Germany], and ultimately save the
that it requires significant commitment on company three-fold the course fees thanks
behalf of the individuals, and on behalf of the to this [in-company] consulting project.
school to provide them with a supportive This means a great payback in terms of
environment in which they can excel.” ROI,” he says.
Benhabiles agrees, and was lucky
enough to find that support within her Immediate impact
cohort. “Friendship in the GEMBA context IESE prides itself on the personal approach
is so important; we have suffered together students can receive in the GEMBA
with the high-speed program, the difficulties classroom, wherever in the world that
of the modules, the rhythms of the exams and might be. Average class size is just 35, and
high number of case studies to prepare while IESE’s approachable faculty maintain an
working full time on the other side and open-door policy. But what GEMBA
having our personal life to balance.” candidates really want – and what IESE
Nora Benhabiles
But she also remembers some of the delivers – is the immediate impact of the Class of 2008
great events that helped to consolidate program into students’ every day “Having a GEMBA gave me cutting-
friendships. “We had a champagne contest in professional lives. edge training, and the chance to meet
Madrid, animated by the music band of one “The program is specifically designed extraordinary classmates to work with
of our classmates, an unforgettable karaoke to benefit both the participant and the me on my entrepreneurial project; the
in Fuxing Park in Shanghai, and some great company right from the onset. During their GEMBA makes a difference.”
dinners in Barcelona and Madrid. I have kept time here, executives will have access to
in touch with many classmates and I am one-on-one coaching to help them
longing to see them again!” strengthen their communication and
leadership skills, while developing other
Across the globe important personal areas such as self- Marco Valle agrees. The Global EMBA
The key benefit of IESE’s GEMBA is the leadership and achieving work/life balance. alum and Coffee Shop Business Director for
global element, which is reflected not only Participants will also utilise a wide range of Luigi Lavazza SPA says having a mentor who
in the class makeup, but in the residential self-assessment tools to help them clarify worked with him from the very beginning of his
modules which t ake place at diverse their interests, abilities, values and program was a key benefit. “My mentor was an
international locations such as Barcelona, management style,” explains the Executive invaluable source of support and encouraged
Madrid, Shanghai, Bangalore, Silicon Valley Director of the program. me to fulfil my professional potential.”

TopExecutive Guide 9

Grasp your future with an

Meet admissions officers from
top Executive MBA programs

New York 19 Feb

Washington DC 23 Feb
Toronto 26 Feb
Moscow 3 Mar
London 12 Mar
Frankfurt 14 Mar
Paris 19 Mar
Dubai 8 Apr




The need to be
With the world becoming a more homogenized market by the day it is easy to slip
into the belief that doing business across borders bears little difference to doing
business in your home market

ut whilst it is true that ongoing well as attending four international region. Many will now be aware that Qatar will
‘globalization’ has made international ‘residencies’, spread over the 21-month be hosting the soccer World Cup in 2022,
markets less complex than in the past, program, where all other OneMBA students something many would not have thought
working globally still presents its fair are present. Each residency lasts seven or possible even a few months ago, but this is only
share of problems. With business schools at the eight days and at the end of the course you one of many initiatives that displays the
forefront of preparing the next generation of earn two MBA’s: one from your home county’s enormous ambition. Education City,
business leaders for action, what is being done to university, plus the OneMBA issued by the where HEC will be offering their EMBA and
make truly international business more five partner schools collectively. tailored executive education program, is part
attainable in the future?. Keith Mahoney graduated from the of the wider Qatar 2030 vision which has set a
OneMBA Class of 2008 and says, “When I was number of social, educational, and business
Offshore campuses researching which business school to apply to, targets, for the country to achieve in order to
One of the main trends in the business my priority was to find an International become a leading global nation.
education world over the last few years has seen
many schools open ‘international locations’ in
order to spread their reach geographically.
From a purely commercial point of view, it is “Whilst it is true that ongoing ‘globalization’
obvious why schools would want to open
operations in new markets. With locations has made international markets less complex
outside of home territories, schools are
increasingly able to offer students ‘on the than in the past, working globally still presents
ground’ business experiences in new markets;
something many aspiring business leaders see its fair share of problems”
as invaluable nowadays.
The first business school to declare itself
truly international was the French institution,
INSEAD. Even though they initially only had Executive MBA program. I looked at some of The EMBA program, which will be
a campus at Fontainebleau, the school was the top schools in the New York area, and situated in Doha’s West Bay zone, has been set
always marketed as one with a global view. while they are strong academically, I found up with the aim of developing a strong
However, in 2000 INSEAD decided to extend their international programs lacking. For me, pipeline of home-grown managerial talent
their claim further by opening a second taking US professors and students and offering with an international perspective. This is
campus in Singapore, and more have followed the same courses overseas doesn’t qualify as a something sorely lacking in a region where
since. global curriculum. My take is that’s a field trip. many companies are family-run.
One of the most notable entrants to the I wanted to hear local professors and Oliver Gottschalg, a professor of Strategy
Executive MBA market over the last couple executives describe what it’s like to do business and Business Policy at HEC Paris, says, “Qatari
of years has been the OneMBA, a coalition of in Europe, Asia and Latin America. That business is, like the rest of the Middle East,
top business schools from North America, learning is invaluable.” growing rapidly. Companies there are
Mexico, Brazil, the Netherlands and Hong HEC Paris has recently launched a new becoming more diverse and more international
Kong. OneMBA students attend classes every executive education location in Doha, Qatar, every year. As a result there is a real need for
four to six weeks at their ‘home’ university as one of the most exciting locations in the Gulf business leaders who understand not only the

12 TopExecutive Guide



country and the region, but also the global international exposure but can’t travel to a far- All the materials can be accessed remotely
economy and Qatar’s role in it. Our challenge flung campus on the other side of the globe on and exams can even be delivered and taken
is to accompany these organizations in their a regular basis, the ability to access course anywhere in the world. The only compulsory
growth, by training local and locally-based material online is a minimum requirement. But travel commitment is that students must be
leaders, thus contributing to the diversification how can you interact in a meaningful way with on campus for the school’s eight day seminar,
of the economy and its sustainability.” such a disparate classroom? held in September. The real difference
Ali Shaher, from the talent development Warwick Business School is a leader in though, is their new virtual classroom,
team at the leading Qatari telecommunications the field of distance learning and were ranked wbsLive, which allows students to fully
company QTel, sees the school’s role as vital to by the Economist as the best distance interact, not just with academics, but also
the success of the 2030 vision. “HEC Paris will learning EMBA in the UK, and third in the with fellow students anywhere in the world.
have professors on the Whether running
ground full-time, who campuses in a number
will be able to look at of international
how business is done “The international make up of the class locations, creating an
in Qatar, and help to internationally diverse
provide the tools for ensures that there is something new learned classroom at your
further international
growth and
from one another at every session” existing campus, or by
harnessing technology
diversification. The that will allow students
fact that they will be to interact across
based here means they will get a much better world. They are one of a few schools that continents as if they were sitting side by side
perspective on the local business culture and have built an Executive MBA program whch in a lecture room, it certainly seems that the
what they can add to it.” caters to those who simply cannot travel to business school world, much like the business
the campus regularly, whatever the reason. world, is becoming a smaller place.
Multi-cultural classrooms
But what about schools with only one location?
Most fall into this category, but many still claim
an ‘international perspective’. The international
diversity of the EMBA class is certainly one way
schools can claim to provide this perspective. The
Judge Business School, at the University of
Cambridge, is a case in point. Whilst ‘only’ having
a base in the UK, few can dispute the international
reputation that their parent university carries. But
it’s the fact that in an EMBA class of 52 students,
24 nationalities are represented that really sets
them apart. And with 40% of the students
(including one with a 20 hour door to door trip
from Kazakhstan) actively travelling from outside
the UK once a month for classes, it is difficult to
argue with the international pedigree.
Michael Salama, a VP in the tax
department at the Walt Disney Company in
California says that travelling to the UK to gain
international exposure has worked for him.
“The Cambridge EMBA really does offer a
practical global perspective on business. The
international make up of the class ensures that
there is something new learned from one
another at every session. When I board the
plane to return to Los Angeles afterwards, I am
confident I’ve made the right choice, and
comforted by the fact our learning and
connectivity with one another continues
seamlessly through the online learning
resources when we are not on campus.”

Bridging distances
Connectivity away from the campus is clearly a
big issue for the EMBA, and even more so for a
school’s international contingent. If you want

TopExecutive Guide 13



Made in Europe –
Networked around the world:
Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA

articipating in and completing an that comes with the rigorous workload book club discussion at a private home
Executive MBA at a top-ranked required of a top program. While many and drinking Californian red wine with
program has its benefits: programs offer a solid alumni network, some US alumni. Another Kellogg
outst anding professors, extraordinary few are as globally active as those from the alumni, who is Finance Director at the
classmates and a qualified alumni network Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA program. Microsoft headquarters reserved several
are only a few examples. Whether it be a “From day one, it is clear that our hours to show me the campus some days
challenging situation in the office, students and alumni expect to benefit later. This was an experience I’ll never
feedback on a new business idea, or simply from a joint program,” says Hanne forget– and one that confirmed how
confirmation that one is actually thinking Forssbohm, senior program manager of committed and connected the alumni are
along the right lines in terms of strategic Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA program. to members of the same `family’.” Maczat’s
planning, exchanging viewpoints with “While a joint MBA degree from both the story is not extraordinary, as demonstrated
those who know where you are coming Kellogg School of Management and by repeated new business ventures,
from – and what you are going through - is WHU-Otto Beisheim School of innovative partnerships, and company and
a rewarding effect of the extensive network Management is exceptional in its own career changes which occur regularly
right, it’s only one side of the story. The among the Kellogg-WHU alumni network.
benefit of having full access to alumni
a s s o ci a t i o n s f r o m b o t h s c h o o l s i s The partnership
immeasurable. If you ask any graduate of The Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA
the program, the vast alumni network is program is jointly offered by the Kellogg
r e p e a t e d l y i n di c a t e d a s a p r i m a r y School of Management at Northwestern
advantage,” she says. University, USA, and the WHU-Otto

“The benefit of having full access to

alumni associations from both schools
is immeasurable.”
Isabel Von Korff
Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA
program 2009
In fact, Kellogg-WHU alumni benefit B ei s h ei m S c h o o l o f M a n a g e m e n t ,
Manager Business Development, from a network of more than 50,000 Germany. Launched in 1997, the Kellogg-
Ascenion GmbH graduates in over 90 countries worldwide, WHU EMBA program was a pioneer as
“The very best part of the program was all of whom have a strong allegiance to the first joint global EMBA degree offered
to meet so many smart and motivated both schools and to one another. Mark in Europe and has since developed into a
inter national students from all Maczat, Kellogg-WHU Class of 2009, leader in its field. It consistently ranks as
professions and businesses. It goes remembers back to when he was in Seattle one of Europe’s top EMBA programs: in
without saying that the teaching staff on business, sitting in his hotel room, 2010, the program ranked 14th in the
was excellent but the learning experience when he had the idea to look up the local Financial Times Executive MBA rankings.
from the peers was priceless.” Kellogg Alumni Chapter. “I sent an email Students of the program are required
to the regional chapter organizer and a to complete two weeks on-site at the
few days later, I was participating in a Kellogg School of Management in

14 TopExecutive Guide



Evanston/Chicago and an additional “We support each other in various

one week module, consisting of two business matters and on top of that I
courses, at one of the additional partner immediately got access to a ‘wider circle’
schools in Hong Kong, Miami, Tel Aviv of students, alums, career coaches and
or Toronto. Each school offers its own head hunters whom I can easily address to
insights to local business, cultural and discuss business opportunities, get access
p o l i t i c a l ci r c u m s t a n c e s , w h i l e t h e to high potential candidates for my
teaching methodology is a unified blend company, and so on.”
of classroom learning, case studies, Nat asha Dagneaud, class of 2009
group work, individual assignments, alumna, reminisces about her Executive
s i mu l a t i o n s a n d d e b a t e o f r e a l - l i f e MBA days at Kellogg-WHU and says that
business problems. the multi-dimensional aspect of the
Program participants themselves are program not only helped her to discover
very international, with consistently well many cultures, “[…] the nuances in the

Women and the Executive

MBA – a chat with
Hannelore Forssbohm
“The potential of having numerous
Senior Program Manager, Kellogg-
opportunities to interact with managers of WHU Executive MBA Program,
WHU-Otto Beisheim School
diverse backgrounds in varied locations and of Management
Hannelore Forssbohm has been Senior
resulting in absorbing a multitude of Program Manager since January 2010,
responsible for the globally top ranked
perspectives and ideas in a highly condensed Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA program
offered jointly with the Kellogg School of
time period is not only priceless but also an Management, Chicago.

experience to which few are exposed.” What advice would you give to women
wishing to do an Executive MBA?
It’s important to consider this as an investment
in yourself. Women have a tendency to think
about everyone else’s needs first: family,
o v e r 5 0 % o f p r o g r a m p a r t i ci p a n t s A s i a - Pa ci f i c r e g i o n , I s r a e l a n d i t s colleagues and friends often take precedence.
originating outside of Germany and neighbours, North and South America, How can women encourage their
having global responsibilities. In all of the the whole European rainbow, Indian families to buy into this idea of
global modules, students attend classes, cultures…”, but it also enriched her pursuing an Executive MBA?
conduct group study work and network network “back in the real world”. “There Obviously, it’s important that everyone is on
with classmates from around the world is always a friend somewhere, an expert, board. Sitting down with the family and
who are generally in the same stage of someone to ask and consult. Everyone is openly and honestly discussing what the next
completing the Kellogg family Executive helpful. The best is that are the great two years will demand of everyone sets
MBA. “The potential of having numerous listeners... I am flying tomorrow to Tel expectations. This is truly a “family project”
opportunities to interact with managers of Aviv and will meet at least four friends and should be communicated as such.
diverse backgrounds in varied locations from my study time there. I am part of
and resulting in absorbing a multitude of their family now.” The other party that is very important to get
perspectives and ideas in a highly Many programs have also adopted a buy-in from is your company or corporation.
condensed time period is not only “buddy system” in order to st art the How could you advise women to get that?
priceless but also an experience to which p r o c e s s . “ We c o n n e c t a l u m ni w i t h To be honest, there is no difference here
few are exposed,” says Forssbohm. “And candidates who have similar backgrounds between genders. Anyone seriously interested
that is just during program participation!” and experiences,” explains Forssbohm. in pursuing an Executive MBA should
“ T h e a l u m ni p r o v i d e a n i n s i d e r ’s actively explain the benefits of this additional
International networks perspective of what it’s really like to know-how and skill set to the company. And
The bonds that are formed throughout the pursue an Executive MBA in terms of the benefits come immediately, since the
program often result in lifelong managing professional, private and students can apply what they’ve learned in
relationships. Class of 2010 EMBA alum, school life during the program. It also the classroom today in their office tomorrow.
Miriam Mertens has been able to create works to establish an initial contact to the In essence it’s like putting a business plan
an ‘inner circle’ network of about 10-15 alumni network, which becomes an together and showcasing the benefits of the
people who have become friends from her invaluable source both during and after initial investment for all the stakeholders.
time in the business school classroom. the program,” she says.

TopExecutive Guide 15





This is the first point where students

learn that they have become part of a
larger family, the members of which are
all working towards a common goal of
making a positive and lasting impact in
the business and societal worlds. Being
part of this family opens doors everywhere
and is rooted in a deep friendship and a
willingness to help in all arenas. The
collaborative approach remains evident
long after graduation day. “The key is
reaching out,” says Forssbohm.
One Kellogg-WHU alum who hopes
to make use of this family is Maciej
Gwozdz. The operations director at TRW
Maciej Gwozdz Automotive, accountable for European Natacha Dagneaud
Steering Operations and Class of 2010
Kellogg-WHU Kellogg-WHU
Executive MBA program 2010 Executive MBA program 2009
Operations Director, Entrepreneur,
TRW Automotive Founder Seissmo
“The program was designed to work hard “With the participant “Achieving an EMBA made me feel
and play hard. Such an environment was stronger, wiser. It helped me create a “big
a unique opportunity for me to get to know locations covering all picture view” and sharpened my sight as
really great people. With the participant well, helping me to take a step back
locations covering all the continents, each the continents, each during important and critical decisions.”
of us got a unique opportunity to create a of us got a unique
powerful global network.”
opportunity to create
a powerful global
network. The balance
of the program, giving
us the opportunity for
networking, was also
an important factor.”

alum says the EMBA program was

designed to work hard and play hard, but
such an environment was a unique
Miriam Mertens opportunity for him to get to know “really Matthew Meredith
great people“.
Kellogg-WHU Kellogg-WHU
“ W i t h th e pa r ticipa n t loca tion s
Executive MBA program 2010 Executive MBA program 2010
covering all the continents, each of us got
Senior Manager a unique opportunity to create a powerful Entrepreneur,
of Strategy Development global network. The balance of the Founder Ice Age Ice
“One of the best parts of going through program, giving us the opportunity for “The best part of the program was
the Kellogg WHU program was the face networking, was also an import ant sharing business experiences with my
to face exchanges with business leaders factor,“ explains Gwozdz. “I keep in other EMBA colleagues. The network is
of the world and access to the very high touch with a number of colleagues and there and available to be accessed when
profile alumni network of Kellogg do not miss any opportunity to meet I need it and I will certainly avail myself
School of Management and WHU.” them. The alumni network is there to this network.”
whenever I need advice or help. During
the program I also made friendships
which I believe will be life-long.”

TopExecutive Guide 17



Build your own curriculum

with ESCP Europe
European Executive MBA – One EMBA program, five places, six paces

SCP Europe’s Executive MBA wise, but also meets the individual’s Based on convenience of travel or desired
program is a reflection of the school’s requirements in terms of schedule, class experience in another learning environment,
intrinsic values – truly European in experience and variety of learning? participants first choose their “track” from a
every way, flexible with a human dimension, choice of six: Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid or
innovative and diverse. “In a multi-faceted Your choice: five locations, six tracks Torino, or a sixth track known as the “Itinerant
economy, one-size-fits-all solutions are The European Executive MBA program’s Track”. The Itinerant Track is just that – it gives
irrelevant,” says Frédéric Fréry, Dean of the structure was built taking not only the participants the opportunity to study at all five
program. “In order to overcome the most demanding timetables of busy executives into European campuses of the business school
recent business challenges, our curriculum consideration, but also the landscape of today’s throughout their EMBA.
solves the global/local dilemma in an complex business environment where There is then the elective portfolio for
unparalleled way.” mastering the core curriculum of an MBA students to choose from. In effect, ESCP
Any Executive MBA candidate’s first program is good, but certainly isn’t enough. Europe’s EMBA enables participants to choose
instinct when choosing a program is to look at The ever-changing requirements of doing 12-14 elective courses from a portfolio of more
the various rankings delivered by media business in a constantly-evolving world imply than 30 topics, allowing them to develop a unique
around the world. ESCP Europe’s European being conversant in many different fields, element to their individual program. These
Executive MBA (EEMBA) ranked 15th in the ranging from corporate responsibilities and electives complement classic MBA core modules
2010 Financial Times Executive MBA ethics to idea management; from CRM to in corporate strategy, finance, operations,
ranking and first in the same ranking for career business and competitive intelligence; from organizational behaviour and so on – thus
progression. But beyond such rankings and a hedging strategies to performance measurement. making the European Executive MBA curricula
candidate’s budget, how does one choose a And that’s part of the ESCP Europe experience. one of the most varied among its competitors.
program that is not only a good fit personality-
Weave your specialization into

Berlin Daphne de Charrin, a French

national living in Switzerland who
is preparing to launch her own life
and career coaching consultancy,
chose to pursue her EMBA at ESCP
Europe for its reputation, and the
diversity of the school’s courses and
electives. “Too few electives would
have discouraged me as well as too
Paris many,” the class of 2010 alum says.
“In the latter case, I would have
been worried about the ability of the
Mad school to provide quality classes.
rid The way the program was designed
was perfect as I only had to
commute to Paris, on
average, once a month.”

Torino The choice of elective

courses is divided into
three clusters: leadership
and management with a

18 TopExecutive Guide



special focus on personal development; strategy from Tuesday through to Friday morning.
and marketing; finance and control. A Participants can then choose to complete the Career progression
comprehensive course description manual, week with elective courses, which take place
“Since graduating, I have held a strategic
presenting the syllabus of each course, and from Friday to Saturday afternoon.
project management function reporting into
feedback from alumni posted on the intranet, This format suits the schedules of
the GM for a large blue-chip organization.
help participants define their choice, thus giving executives who want to spend the least amount
The role gave me the opportunity to
them the unique opportunity to build a of time out of the office during their Executive
consolidate my learning from the program
specialization within the structure of a classic MBA. As such, particularly relevant to self-
across a range of general management
general management-dedicated MBA. This also sponsored candidates, courses can be
topics. I have now been promoted to
gives students the opportunity to dive into more completed during annual leave periods. The
Director of Strategic Partnerships,
specific detail on subjects they followed during Itinerant formula also allows candidates to
responsible for negotiating and
a core module or, on the contrary, diversify their dedicate time solely to study, rather than
implementing global deals, and I shall be
skill set to bring new competences not only to juggling both office and school commitments.
relocating shortly from Paris to New York.
their companies, but also their résumés. Johann Boukhors, branch manager at
Meanwhile, the leadership and GDFSuez in Belgium, says he found it more Combining both theoretical and practical
management electives give executives a chance convenient to travel away from work for one full concepts has proved an invaluable
to step back and dedicate some time to personal week every six weeks, rather than two days a resource, guiding me as I make ever-
development, introspection and leadership week. “I chose the Itinerant Track for the important career transition decisions. I
honing, a much welcomed opportunity in diversity offered and because it [the EMBA] have been able to reflect on critical points
today’s fast-paced world. wasn’t in my home country,” the 2010 alum in my career such as: how should I brand
The vast array of elective choices, which says. His fellow classmate, Brian Daly, VP for myself, how should I position myself, and
circulates between all five campuses, also Project Commercial Management at Siemens how should I network effectively? These
enables EEMBA participants to network with AG in Germany, agrees. “I choose the Itinerant types of fundamental questions often lack
fellow classmates from other tracks, enhancing Track as I liked to have more intensive training the appropriate focus and legwork to
the overall learning experience. It is thus weeks with the possibility to sandwich electives ensure one’s success. As I develop and
possible to change class environments on a on either side,” he says. evolve through my career I shall continue
regular basis and work with different groups to leverage this fantastic resource.”
during the course of each elective, giving each European focus, global business
Ryan Masters, Director, Strategic
one the feel of an off-site business seminar. The European focus of the program is by no
Partnerships, American Express
Moreover, the five European campuses means its limitation. International seminars are
offer networking opportunities with ESCP an integral part of the program and focus on ESCP Europe – European Executive
alumni based in each city, as well as visits to pushing the boundaries beyond Europe, MBA – Class of 2008
local companies. Elective courses are also plunging executives into completely different
popular with alumni who regularly attend to environments with new, unique business and
keep up with current business trends, stretching management issues. global. That said, the interesting differentiation
the networking experience even further. Selina Leong, class of 2008 alum and factor to other global programs is the European
Channel Strategy & Business Optimization emphasis – and that makes it a European MBA
Manager for Western Europe at Lenevo, is a program,” he says.
Singaporean national now based in Paris. “I
worked for American MNC’s (IBM, Dell, A time to re-evaluate
“While the European flavour Oracle, etc) for most of my career and am familiar “ESCP Europe’s Executive MBA is a European
is given from the diversity of with Asia, so I wanted a program that would help program that thinks global,” says class of 2010
open up a different view of the world for me.” alum, Virginie Cheng, owner of Schanabelle de
the participants, the In addition to enhancing their knowledge of Paris, a company dealing in hair extensions and
locations and an emphasis Europe and its governing institutions via a related products. “Our roots are European, but
dedicated seminar in Brussels, participants are the program taught us to be global thinkers. As an
on European businesses and required to attend a regional leadership seminar entrepreneur dealing with suppliers and clients
managers, many of the topics in Shanghai, New Delhi or Sao Paolo. Courses all over the world, I feel like I now have a broader
are delivered at local partner business schools and vision that enables me to make wiser decisions.”
covered are global” participants can visit local companies as well as Choosing to pursue an Executive MBA
network with alumni. An innovation management with ESCP Europe allows candidates to take a
seminar in Austin, Texas also exposes executives step back and re-evaluate their executive
to the different business cases of North American careers. Being able to build one’s own
The Itinerant solution companies, as well as providing a basis of curriculum not only adds a unique slant to a
The Itinerant Track, tailored for executives who comparison with European issues in the area. general management degree acquired by
want to allot specific weeks dedicated to “The EMBA is more than a European thousands of professionals each year, but also
intensive learning, offers the EEMBA in a MBA,” says Daly. “While the European flavour opens new opportunities. What’s more, with
modular format (rather than the weekly or is given from the diversity of the participants, ESCP Europe’s distinct structure and its
monthly formats of other tracks). Core courses, the locations and an emphasis on European commitment to providing a combined
which are condensed into six modules businesses and managers, many of the topics European/global outlook, graduates of this
throughout the 18-month program, are taught covered are global. Therefore, the program is program are already one step ahead of the rest.

TopExecutive Guide 19



An Executive MBA
Ann Graham, Senior Features Writer, QS TopExecutive
& Hina Wadhwa Gonfreville, Editor-in-Chief, QS TopExecutive
What an Executive MBA
candidate needs to know

f you’re thinking about pursuing an MBA or an Executive MBA To help you make your decision, the QS TopExecutive Team
(EMBA), you will most certainly come across a lot of industry- has put together a handy lexicon.
specific terms and jargon used by business schools. Nowadays, Our Executive MBA lexicon is a work in progress and keeps growing.
taking an Executive MBA is becoming a personal investment If you are an EMBA alum or a prospective participant and have come
decision, especially after the budget cuts experienced by corporations across any terms you think might help the next generation of EMBA-
during the financial crisis. Business schools are addressing the final seekers, we invite you to send us your suggestions:
consumer (you, the candidate) more and more, not only in their
marketing collateral, but also via course structure, teaching style and Regular updates can be found on
brand appeal.
As business schools continue to launch new EMBA programs The MBA, or Masters in Business Administration, is a graduate
to better fit the needs and constraints of local, global and “glocal” degree designed to provide participants with knowledge of business
managers, we are seeing a flurry of terms used to describe these practice. The degree originated in the United States in the late 19th
programs. Paradoxically, we are also seeing more business schools century and today is offered by business schools around the world.
unite forces to offer jointly delivered programs that span not only The MBA is a general management degree but it is becoming
countries, but continents. All of this can make reading the market increasingly possible to specialize in various fields, such as wine
slightly confusing for the busy EMBA candidate. management, luxury goods, or sports.

20 TopExecutive Guide



Types of MBA programs years minimum; ten years total work experience on average), and
as a result EMBA candidates are usually more mature than their
Full-time MBA full-time MBA counterparts. Due to the nature of the EMBA,
The full-time MBA is exactly that: one to two years of full-time participants require support, and in many instances financial
graduate study. Participants attend weekday classes at a business assistance, from their organization. Employer buy-in is crucial for
school and will need to dedicate 12-24 months of their life while the EMBA as this ensures participants can attend the course on a
studying for the degree – there is very little, if any time, for additional regular basis. EMBA classrooms are made up of a range of
work, travel or leisure activities. This is why it is so important to get executives with varying backgrounds, job functions and positions.
family support when embarking on an MBA degree. Two-year MBA The EMBA is also increasing in popularity as a qualification among
programs are common in North America. They allow participants to women due to its flexible nature.
become immersed in their studies and often provide a period of time
to embark on an internship. One-year MBA programs are the norm EMBA – Professional (PMBA)
in Europe. These programs are incredibly intensive and time- The professional MBA, a variant of the part-time MBA and
consuming as everything is taught within 12 months. There is no intensive EMBA, provides even greater flexibility than many
opportunity for internships but it does mean participants are only programs, allowing participants to study via evening or weekend
out of the workforce for one year. Full-time MBA programs are study modes and graduate within 12 months. Because of the two
suitable for participants with one to two years of work experience. types of study modes offered, candidates are also able to switch
between them to suit their study loads and personal circumstances
Accelerated MBA which can often change while working full time. For some
The accelerated MBA is a variation on the two-year program. candidates there is also the option to switch to a full-time MBA at
Participants can expect a higher course load and a more intensive some business schools.
class schedule. There is also less time in between semesters and the
summer break is much shorter than usual. Accelerated MBAs are Global EMBA (also known as GEMBA)
typically one year long. The global EMBA is a modular EMBA that has participants
experiencing not only a different classroom environment, but
Distance learning MBA different countries and cultures at the same time. Global Executive
The key difference between a distance learning MBA and an online MBA programs are usually combined programs between different
MBA is that the former requires participants to attend class at some schools or campuses of the same school in different corners of the
time during their studies. For the majority of the time, participants globe. GEMBA programs are competitive and also usually more
studying a distance learning MBA will learn via interactive video, expensive. Participants must not only deal with the workload but
pre-recorded video, teleconferencing and online or offline computer also the travel involved on such a program. However, being able to
courses. Many distance learning MBA programs also require study in different financial and business hubs around the world only
participants to organize meetings with their ‘online’ classmates as adds to the GEMBA experience.
well as attending classes, usually held on weekends, at various times
throughout the program. This type of course delivery can sometimes Joint EMBA (also includes consortia and multi-institution
be referred to as blended learning, especially as we are seeing programs)
business schools take advantage of mobile or smart technology. Similar in style to the global EMBA, multi-institution or joint MBA
programs allow participants to experience a variety of teaching
Online MBA styles and curricula on different campuses. These programs can be
Many business schools have responded to the needs of participants delivered by two to up to six partner institutions.
and are now offering an MBA degree online. Participants can gain
the qualification from the comfort of their own home and apply it Modular EMBA
immediately in their everyday work. However, studying for an MBA The modular EMBA is intensive. It requires participants to
online does require high levels of self-discipline and time immerse themselves into the EMBA classroom for allotted periods
management. Initially, online and distance learning MBA programs of time (usually from one to two weeks) once every few months
were not thought to be of the same calibre as those offered on campus (rather than weekly or fortnightly classes). This requires
– participants were seen to be missing out on classroom debate and participants to take prolonged periods of time away from their
interaction with colleagues. However, many employers have now work, but some choose to dedicate their annual leave or vacation
realised the commitment an online MBA requires of an individual weeks to study, and as a result, spend less time away from the office
and today, an online MBA degree is just as valued in the workforce overall. The workload of each module is heavy and participants are
as that of an MBA acquired in the classroom. expected to focus completely on their EMBA qualification during
this time. Depending on their place of residence, some candidates
Executive MBA (EMBA) will need to travel to another country for their modular EMBA. It
Executive MBA (EMBA) programs are designed for the experienced can be taken over one or two years.
working professional who cannot afford to take a prolonged period
of time away from their career. The EMBA program is delivered in Part-time MBA
a part-time format, over a period of 12 to 24 months, allowing The part-time MBA degree is a full-time program studied over three
participants to study while they work. Business schools look for or more years. Participants can continue to work while they study as
EMBA participants with a high level of managerial experience (five classes are held during evenings or over weekends.

TopExecutive Guide 21



Facts and choices to consider Electives

Electives are specific subjects you choose throughout your
Accreditation EMBA studies to complement the core course modules. This
Most MBA programs are accredited at a local and international component gives EMBA participants specific insight into
level. There are three major accreditation bodies – AMBA, subjects that may of particular interest. The number of elective
AACSB and EQUIS. These have been set up to ensure there is courses on offer depends on the business school, so check the
a level of consistency and quality across all graduate business program features of the EMBAs you are looking into.
qualifications that are being offered throughout the world.
Candidates considering an MBA or EMBA degree are advised Group work
to avoid unaccredited MBA programs. Study for an Executive MBA and you’ll never be alone – you’ll
have support from your family, friends and colleagues as well as
Alumni network your EMBA classmates. And it is these likeminded professionals,
This could very well be the greatest advantage of studying for who have also chosen to pursue an EMBA, who you’ll work most
your Executive MBA. The alumni network of which you will be closely with – particularly when it comes to group assignments,
a part of upon graduation will become an incredibly valuable required for a lot of courses and class deliverables! Teamwork is
professional resource for career progression, professional one of the key components of any Executive MBA program, giving
development and quite possibly, business opportunities. The participants the unique opportunity to work with executives from
content and delivery style of an Executive MBA program are, a broad range of industries and job functions. One of the most
of course, key elements that will influence your choice, but the challenging but rewarding aspects of an EMBA program, group
kind of network the business school offers should also be part of work also gives participants a chance to work on personal skills
your checklist. Speaking with alumni as you carry out research while enhancing the EMBA networking experience. Unlike the
into EMBA programs will give you an insight into life as an company project, your work groups will change for each course/
EMBA participant and life after the degree. The doors your module, therefore, the different elements each member brings to
network opens are part of your Return on Investment (ROI). the table will ensure you, the EMBA participant, are treated to
a dynamic study environment.
Balancing act You will find yourself working in teams almost on a
One of the greatest benefits of an Executive MBA degree is permanent basis, which will require juggling with different groups
that you don’t have to give up your full-time work in order to for the various course assignments, often over different time
study – you do it at the same time! But that requires a zones. Added to this will be the teamwork related to your company
balancing act. By enrolling in an EMBA, not only do you have project, which once a project has been picked and groups formed,
to find time for work and family commitments, you now need requires steady groupwork throughout your program. So when
to find time for your coursework – and an EMBA workload is you hear that an EMBA program helps you hone your multi-
intense! However, business schools are aware of the time and tasking and time management skills, it’s 110% true!
energy commitment required for an EMBA program and in
many instances, run their EMBA in such a way that it won’t
interfere with your full-time job. In fact, it will only enhance
it. What you do need though, is support from your family and
your employer. Make sure they are aware of the commitment
you are going to have to give your EMBA degree, because
without their support, your EMBA just got a whole lot tougher!

Company project
Most Executive MBA programs will include a company
assignment or project. This assignment can be linked to your
own company and provide you with an excellent opportunity
for hands-on practice, or it can be a consulting mission for
another company or even an entrepreneurial project.The
project will require you – the EMBA participant – to use all
the core module skills acquired on the program, and will be an
integral part of the assessment leading to your degree. If your
company has a project to propose, make it part of your ‘deal’.
After all, hiring an external consultancy can be an expensive
operation, so why not use that budget to fund part or all of your
tuition fees and carry out the mission for your company at the
same time? It can be a rewarding experience for all, including
the organization, which will benefit from the expertise of
‘consultants’ from different corporate cultures and industries
(who just happen to be your EMBA classmates).

22 TopExecutive Guide



Application and admissions reject candidates as they are reviewed (including a waiting list
option for borderline applications), and provide a response within
Admissions Committee (AdCom) four to six weeks of receipt.
In short – these are the people you need to impress. Members of
the Admissions Committee of your chosen business school, or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
schools, will be the ones reading your application. They’ll also Many MBA and EMBA programs will require this test for
be the ones who, should you pass the initial round of scrutiny, candidates whose first language is not English. The TOEFL test
interview you for a place on their EMBA program. We strongly is the most widely respected English language test in the world,
advise you to meet representatives of different EMBA admissions recognized by more than 7,500 colleges, universities and
teams face-to-face at program presentations, open days agencies in more than 130 countries. The minimum score
organized at the business schools, or at events such as the QS required varies from program to program.
World Executive MBA Tour. For many candidates this is the
first – and possibly only – opportunity you will have to meet with TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication)
admissions officers before submitting an application. It is also Similar to the TOEFL, this test is more commonly used by
a chance for you to meet with alumni who attend these events to companies and organizations.
support their schools. Whilst it’s true the EMBA committee is
choosing you to be part of their course, it’s important to Transcript
remember that you are also choosing your program. A transcript is an official report supplied by a school on the
record of an individual student, listing subjects studied, grades
GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) received, etc. Most EMBA programs require a transcript from
The GMAT is a computer-adaptive, standardized test in the institution where the participant completed their bachelor’s
mathematics and the English language that measures aptitude degree or equivalent, to ensure the suitability for the EMBA
to succeed academically in graduate business studies. EMBA program. If you are an autodidact or a non-conventional
programs may or may not require the GMAT based on certain candidate, discuss the options available to you with the EMBA
criteria, for example, number of years worked or years of program’s admissions team. Depending on your background and
management experience. The minimum score required varies professional experience, you may be able to find a solution.
from program to program.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

IELTS is recognized by more than 6,000 institutions in over
135 countries. The minimum score required varies from
program to program.

Rolling admissions process

Many Executive MBA programs use what
they call a rolling admissions
process. This means they
are constantly
receiving and
reviewing dossiers
throughout the academic
year. They accept or

TopExecutive Guide 23



Don’t let your Executive MBA leave you out of pocket. Finance and scholarship are on offer for
Executive MBA candidates. You just need to know where to look, writes Ann Graham

t’s no secret that an Executive MBA approximately 80% of our students had their a 30% scholarship to all not-for-profit
demands a great deal of dedication. fees paid by their companies and most of candidates that are accepted in to the program.
There’s the time away from work and these had all their fees paid. We now have not “We also offer one small scholarship each
family, the intellectual challenges, not only a reduction in the number of students year to a recipient in each class,” says Joan C.
to mention the deadlines of projects and being sponsored – although participant Coonrod, Assistant Dean for Executive MBA
group work. But on top of it all is the numbers have increased by a quarter since Admissions and Marketing at Emory. “This is
financial investment – and that’s a the 1980s – but also a reduction in the from a recently endowed class gift fund and
significant commitment. proportion of fees being paid.” we hope to grow the fund over the years.”
Fortunately, despite the hefty tuition fees “As jobs for life are becoming a thing of the Imperial College London has a few
associated with Executive MBA programs, past, so is the sponsorship of postgraduate scholarships on offer as do IE Business School
candidates can be guaranteed a return on their education. We do occasionally find some and the W P Carey School of Business at
investment. Those in the EMBA classroom, employers – possibly realizing they are about to Arizona State University, among others.
such as Go Jewellery founder and Kellogg- Executive MBA scholarships are becoming
WHU student Charmaine Leung (see profile more innovative to help open up the EMBA
p28), speak of reaping the rewards of their classroom and to attract more diversity among the
EMBA degree immediately, implementing participants. INSEAD offers five scholarships for
what they’ve learnt in the classroom into their
“EMBA scholarships its Global Executive MBA program, ranging from
work the next day. Others, such as IMD are still available from scholarship awards for women, to scholarships for
alumnus, Aaron Sylvan, talk about the social entrepreneurs, to candidates in active
advantages the EMBA has given to their business some of the world’s top public service. ESCP Europe currently offers a
and the change in their own professional corporate scholarship to SMEs to support them
performance. Yet they all acknowledge there is business schools” in the development of their talent and
a cost involved in embarking on this prestigious international expansion projects. The school also
business school degree. recently announced the creation of a new full
scholarship fund for NGO professionals.
Sources of finance lose a good person – offering to pay the second Cass Business School in London is
The nature of the Executive MBA – studying year’s fees. I believe there is a trend towards our offering new scholarships for its Executive
while working to enhance professional growth students changing jobs during the [E]MBA, MBA programs in 2011. The four new ‘Dean’s
– means many candidates to the business which indicates the new employer is prepared Scholarships’, worth £10,000 each, will be
school classroom fund their studies through a to at least grant the student time off to study, available for candidates in the March 2011
combination of self-financing and company possibly because they can appreciate the Evening EMBA and in the May modular
sponsorship. However, increasingly candidates additional value of an [E]MBA,” he says. intake. Steven Cousins, MBA Recruitment and
are looking to other forms of financing to get Admissions Manager at Cass Business School,
them through their business school program. EMBA scholarships London says the school is noticing an increase
“The main trend over the years has been An additional form of EMBA finance is in applicants unable to fully self-finance their
a gradual reduction in the number of scholarships. Although not as plentiful as their EMBA. “More [candidates] are looking for full
students being fully sponsored by their full-time MBA counterparts, EMBA or partial company sponsorship and we have
companies,” says Séan Rickard, Director of scholarships are still available from some of also seen an increase in enquiries about loans.
MBA Admissions at Cranfield School of the world’s top business schools. Emory Looking at the past two years, our evening
Management. “Back in the 1980s University’s Goizueta Business School offers EMBAs are seeing a decrease in company

24 TopExecutive Guide



sponsorship of around five percent, and our selection criteria, and their capacity to Adamson says students who wouldn’t
weekend EMBA has seen increases in company contribute to the MBS community as a normally qualify for a scholarship should take note
sponsorship of around ten percent.” student and alumnus.” of the ieCommunities Fellowship opportunity
To receive – and maint ain – a Stephen Adamson, associate director of whereby in exchange for the EMBA’s moderation
scholarship, the criteria is much the same admissions for the International Executive of knowledge forums, the student receives
across the board. At W P Carey, where MBA at IE Business School in Spain says the economic support towards their program fees.
scholarships are on offer to EMBA students key criteria for their scholarships is the Another European business school
who reside outside the school’s area to help strength of a candidate profile and their offering EMBA scholarships is IESE. Maria
offset travel costs, students must ensure they ability to pay for the program. “Clearly, we Puig, Executive Director of the Global
m a i n t a i n g o o d a c a d e mi c s t a n di n g target scholarships to those with lower Executive MBA says the school’s scholarship
throughout the program. At Imperial College salaries (usually for geographic regions),” he fund targets three different groups: women,
the criteria is academic excellence, says. “Scholarships are also targeted to entrepreneurs and candidates from emerging
professional performance, behaviour during improve diversity.” markets. “A winning scholarship application

the assessment process and an essay, says At IE, Executive MBA students have comes from one of the target groups
Ebrahim Mohamed, director of Imperial’s access to scholarships and fellowships, and mentioned above, reflects high potential and
Executive MBA programs. the school also promotes or partners with, meets all our admissions requirements,” Puig
This is what Jane Prior, director of leading financial institutions globally to says. “Most importantly, candidates should
academic programs at Melbourne Business facilitate the student loan process. “While have a global mindset, be highly motivated,
School in Australia also looks for in a EMBA students are advised to seek out and have a minimum of 10 years of work
successful EMBA scholarship recipient. additional funding options such as experience and a proven track record.”
“Scholarships are awarded to students of corporate sponsorship or public loan-
outst anding academic st anding, with scholarship programs in their home Financial support
proven/demonstrated leadership countries, other ways IE helps EMBAs is Fordham University’s Graduate School of
experience and potential,” she says. “A by offering flexible payment plans adapted Business Administration doesn’t have
winning application clearly articulates the to program participants’ individual scholarships but the school has offered
candidates’ strengths relative to the economic situations.” “Graduate Assistantships” for some students

TopExecutive Guide 25



A winning application
Zoya Zaitseva, QS Scholarships
Manager, gives her top tips for
putting together a winning
scholarship application

1) Research your scholarship

options carefully
Business schools offer a variety of
scholarships for different
candidate groups, e.g. women,
social entrepreneurs, cultural
diversity – so make sure you apply
for the most appropriate one.

2) Fill in the forms correctly

Make sure you follow the
instr uctions. Scholarship
administrators won’t spend the time
considering an application that
hasn’t been completed correctly.

3) Provide all the documentation working in the non-profit area, while EMBA consider coordinating efforts to sign a
required Worldwide, at the University of Pittsburgh, partnership agreement with their company to
Most scholarship application provides some travel scholarships and receive a tuition discounted rate,” she says.
forms will have a checklist of the scholarships for diversity candidates as well as
documentation you need as part of facilitating applicant access to federal funding. The financial future
your application. Make sure you’ve There are no scholarships available from While company sponsorship of Executive
ticked all the boxes and provide Virginia Tech for EMBA candidates, but as MBA candidates may once have been the
original documents where asked. Karime Shamloo, Assistant Director of mainstay of the business school classroom,
Executive MBA programs says, some students this financial support is waning and it’s
4) Make your application unique receive a tuition discount due to partnership requiring executives to look at other options
One size does not fit all with a agreements that have been set with the program. in the financing world.
scholarship application so take Finding funding may be a challenge for Jon Lees, Executive Director of the
the time to apply for each EMBA candidates but finding financial support Warwick MBA in the UK ,has seen a decrease in
scholarship separately. certainly isn’t. Business schools around the the number of students being sponsored between
globe are aware of the financial investment 2008/09 (73% from October to March) and
5) Scholarship essays their EMBA programs require from candidates, 2009/10 (48% from October to March). As a
A scholarship application will and are therefore willing to give them advice result, the program has begun to encourage
include an essay or two – much like and point them in the right direction. students to actively pursue funding with their
your business school application. Ashley Arnold, director of MBA employers instead of just going with the status
Think carefully about your essay recruitment at Henley Business School in the quo. “The school is now finding that more
topic – answer and make it UK, has seen a number of candidates review students are a) requesting support and funding
relevant to the business school and their own personal funding of assets, such as from their employer and b) being successful in
scholarship fund you are applying cars and houses, and as such, the school is receiving funding from their employer,” he says.
for. The more personal you can looking into options as to how to support “Organizations are becoming stricter,
make it, the better. candidates further. “There is a mixture of loans however, with regards to how candidates can
and self-financing [of candidates] at Henley, demonstrate the benefits of studying an MBA:
6) Give it a go but loans are starting to disappear,” Arnold says. they now want hard facts and figures. Whilst
Each year thousands of dollars, “We’re looking at options to help candidates reward, retention and motivation are clear
worth of scholarships go with their finances, such as extending the benefits for any employer, there are others that
unclaimed. In some cases it’s number of payments a candidate can make and are less obvious such as soft skills (teamwork,
because schools haven’t found an we also have scholarships on offer. We’re leadership, communication), strategic thinking,
appropriate candidate, but more flexible on a case by case basis,” he says. inter-departmental relationship building, and
often than not it’s because there At Virginia Tech, Shamloo says students networking opportunities,” Lees says.
aren’t enough quality applicants. and EMBA candidates are encouraged to speak One thing is for certain – when finances
Have faith in yourself and apply with their companies and figure out any tuition are a concern, candidates must think outside
for the scholarship that suits you. benefit they may receive as employees of the the box and become smarter in their methods
company. “In addition, they are encouraged to of securing such an investment.

26 TopExecutive Guide



You’ve read the Executive MBA program rankings, scoured the internet for information
on the top schools, searched the prospective student section for your top picks, and
even visited the website, but have you heard from the true
voices of experience?
Those who have travelled or are travelling the path you are considering have much
knowledge to share and wisdom to impart. They know all about the balancing act
of school, family and career and are here to tell you that “yes, it can be done”. In
this special section dedicated to brilliant current students and star alumni, the QS
TopExecutive Guide gives you the opportunity to hear how these amazing business
men and women are using their EMBAs to change the courses of their lives. If you
have been hesitating about pursuing your Executive MBA, these inspirational stories
may be that extra nudge you need to just do it!

TopExecutive Guide 27



Going back for more

Emilio Veiga Gil already has a full-time MBA, but that hasn’t
stopped him returning to the business school classroom to pursue
his Executive MBA

E milio Veiga Gil decided to pursue an

EMBA, for very specific reasons. “I
wanted to update my training,” the director
and helping him progress faster within his
career. “I think of an EMBA as a signalling
device: it conveys to current/prospective
of marketing for Latin America and the employers something about your
Caribbean at MoneyGram International intellectual ability and your capacity for
says. “Thirteen years had passed since I got commitment,” he says. “This will have a
my full-time MBA and management trends positive impact on one’s career, if not in the
and some techniques had changed, so one short-term, it will in the mid-term.”
of my objectives was to make sure I had a With both a full-time MBA and an
major update on my training from a top- Executive MBA soon to be next to his
Emilio Veiga Gil ranked school at a key period of my
professional career.”
name, it’s obvious that Gil is a strong
advocate for investing in one’s education
Chicago Booth School of Business Gil also wanted a top business school and continuous training. “I would
Class of 2011 brand to be associated with his professional encourage others to pursue an EMBA,” he
profile, and the opportunity to tap into the says. “It is a time and economic investment
school’s international network. As he nears a n d o p p o r t u ni t y c o s t s a r e h i g h .
the end of his second business school Consequently, I would encourage choosing
qualification, Gil is expecting his EMBA to wisely, but definitely doing it at the most
contribute to improving his performance suitable time in one’s career.”

Designing her career

Founder of start-up online jewellery brand, Go Jewellery www., Charmaine Leung is now designing her business
through the help of an Executive MBA

R unning a business is in Charmaine

Leung’s blood. She is a third generation
of businessminds and having both her
through a multitude of courses that are
offered through the program,” she says.
As an entrepreneur, Leung is able to
parents, and grandparents, as successful implement such knowledge directly into her
business people ahead of her, Leung knew it business with the guidance and support of her
was her calling. fellow EMBA participants. “My classmates
“It always intrigued me to know how a and professors have been extremely
business is run, setup and more importantly supportive in providing feedback to my
grown and sustained, especially with the ever- business. From critical product reviews, areas
changing business environment and of improvement, challenging perspectives
economic uncertainties,” the Hong Kong
businesswoman says. “I have always aspired
and even sales opportunities realized.”
Upon graduation, Leung would like to
Charmaine Leung
to start up my own business; it was a challenge see that her business has grown in multiple Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA
I wanted to bestow upon myself.” dimensions, from sales to designs to exposure, Class of 2011
With a background in consulting and while remaining competitive in the market.
investment banking, Leung says there were “Most importantly, I have equipped myself
many topics and knowledge she did not have, with additional skills and a network to sustain
such as marketing and branding. “They’re not and grow through future market uncertainties
paths I had come across in my previous and economic changes, whether it is for new
careers, but doing an EMBA allows me to roles, business opportunities or challenges that
learn and expand my knowledge further, I will face in the near future.”

28 TopExecutive Guide



Early days
Catherine Clauzade is in the midst of her Executive MBA and
reveals what it’s like in the business school classroom

A process engineering professional,

Catherine Clauzade has taken up the
EMBA challenge at EMLYON Business
Although only four months into her
School. “I decided to pursue an Executive Executive MBA, she’s already noticing an
MBA to go from ‘expert reference on which impact, and has her sights firmly set on
we rely on’ to ‘responsible economic entity’,” moving to an operational position with
she says. help from her business school degree.
A mother of two teenagers, Clauzade Although a bit too early to determine
chose her timing to enter business school the best parts of her Executive MBA,
carefully. “I have two children, 17 and 14 Clauzade says the classes on strategy have
years old, and I am deeply convinced that my been the most exciting, but it’s the
Catherine Clauzade commitment to this EMBA is an excellent
example of questioning and confidence in
atmosphere and solidarity among the
participants that has been the most pleasant
EMLYON the future,” she says. “I waited until they had surprise of the program.
finished early childhood education so that it Yet despite her positive experience of
Class of 2012
[EMBA] fits more easily among everything business school to date, Clauzade is careful
else. But mostly, in order not to miss any about encouraging others to pursue an
professional opportunity once I graduate!” Executive MBA. “I would only encourage
Clauzade is currently in charge of someone who is already interested,” she says.
development concerning end-of-life tyre “Given the level of involvement required, it
management (research strategy and seems important that the primary motivation
development programs), on behalf of comes from the candidate.”

“I have equipped myself with

additional skills and a network
to sustain and grow through
future market uncertainties
and economic changes.”

TopExecutive Guide 29



Timing is everything
For Rodolfo Arocena, the greatest asset of his Executive MBA
was the experience itself

A s an industrial engineer, Rodolfo

Arocena decided to pursue an Executive
MBA for his professional development: “I
Uruguay, Leipziger Wolkammerei AG in
Leipzig, Germany, and Cape of Good Hope
Woolcombers in Uitenhage, South Africa.
needed to acquire business knowledge,” the (Arocena has three children – one born in each
Uruguay-born alumnus of HHL Leipzig of the three countries he has lived). But three
Graduate School of Management says. years after graduating, Arocena returned home
During his two years in the business to Uruguay to establish his consultancy which
school classroom, Arocena enjoyed the specializes in implementing ERP software.
exchanging of professional experiences with “I feel I would still have had this
the rest of his EMBA colleagues, including the opportunity if it had not been for the Executive
professors. “The main impact I received from MBA, but nevertheless, the experience itself
Rodolfo Arocena the Executive MBA was taking part in the
program,” he says, “that and sharing
proved extremely useful for establishing the
company,” he says.
HHL Leipzig Graduate School experiences as well as the knowledge itself. Arocena has also benefitted from the social
of Management, Executive MBA After finishing, it [the EMBA] did help me a lot network of the Executive MBA, and the HHP
Class of 2005 in establishing my own consultancy company.” Leipzig alumnus, who is also a classic car
Arocena embarked on his EMBA while enthusiast, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend
working in a multinational textile company, others follow in his footsteps. “I would definitely
managing three production facilities of the encourage others to pursue an EMBA, but it
group – Lanera Santa María in Montevideo, must be done at the right time, and not too soon.”

A deepening perspective
Nick Mbuvi had reached a point in his career when he thought
going back to school was necessary, so he headed for IESE’s
GEMBA (Global EMBA) classroom

O ctober 8th, 2009 was a momentous day

in Nick Mbuvi’s personal and
professional life. It was the day he graduated
Mbuvi is the Corporate Banking
Director for Barclays Global Retail and
Commercial Banking in East Africa, a
from IESE Business School with his Global position he was promoted to, two months
Executive MBA degree. The Kenyan after graduating. It’s a position he says he
businessman says he had reached a point in “absolutely would not have been given”
his career where he wanted to broaden and had it not been for his business school
deepen his own perspective as a leader, and education. “The EMBA has certainly given
believed attending business school would me a major boost in my career and put me
help him to reach that goal.
“I had grown from a career perspective,
in a position where I am very at ease with
exploring new opportunities both within
Nick Mbuvi
held several management and leadership roles the company and outside.” IESE Business School,
in the organization and felt I needed to broaden Looking back at his time in the Global Executive MBA
and deepen my decision-making skills – this classroom, Mbuvi says the best part of his Class of 2009
made me decide to pursue an Executive MBA.” EMBA experience was: “being alongside
However, it was a steep learning curve some of the best brains drawn from different
for Mbuvi. “I think I underestimated the size nationalities and disciplines, sharing ideas
of the challenge: pursuing the EMBA, in class and during group discussions. It was
having a full-time job and creating time for the most enriching experience I have been
the family is no mean task.” through to date.

30 TopExecutive Guide



Exceeding expectations
Fabiana Prada’s Executive MBA allowed her to differentiate
herself, both personally and professionally

B usiness studies weren’t new to Fabiana

P r a d a , w h o s t u di e d b u s i n e s s
administration at Universidade de Sao Paulo
content to the professors’ skill level, from
the faculty staff to classmates – everything
was designed to enhance the learning
for her undergraduate degree; but the lure of experience.”
an Executive MBA was too much for this Prada didn’t embark on family life until
marketing manager to resist. after graduating with her Executive MBA,
“I decided to pursue an EMBA because, but she certainly has advice for other
firstly, it is a complete education covering women. “I would say to other women to
in-depth areas of a business enterprise, and really set your priorities and focus on what
secondly, because of my own interest in is important – both in your job and in your
continuing to renew my knowledge basis personal life.”
Fabiana Prada and to be in contact with latest business
practices. Furthermore, having a business
“During my EMBA I used to dedicate
weekend mornings to the EMBA (reading
Katz Graduate School of Business, major as a background, with an emphasis in material, homework etc.), leaving the week
University of Pittsburgh finance, I felt the EMBA would give me a days to focus on my job and on my personal
Class of 2007 broader view and allow me to deal better activities, such as watching a movie or working
with a variety of day-to-day issues.” out. It didn’t always work that way, but I didn’t
She wasn’t disappointed: “The compromise much on what was really
program really exceeded all my important: to have my job done at work, and
expectations,” Prada says. “From the class to spend time with family and friends.”

Securing self-confidence
Brazilian doctor, Mariano Janiszewski brought his medical
experience to the business school classroom in search of new
knowledge from the Executive MBA

T rained in intensive care and internal

medicine, Mariano Janiszewski worked
in intensive care before turning to a career in
Embarking on his Executive MBA,
Janiszewski was put into contact with
several different disciplines and issues from
academia. It was the first of a number of different areas of the managing world in
career changes to come. what he describes as a “fast-track”
In September 2006, Janiszewski took environment. “I gained a broader view of
the position of clinical research physician in complex managing issues and a better
the cardiovascular and critical care medicine understanding of the relations within the
group in the Brazilian Affiliate of Eli Lilly. corporate world. I also have a deeper
A year later he was appointed medical
director, with responsibilities over the
understanding of the leadership role and of
strategic thinking, and an important gain
Mariano Janiszewski
clinical research, regulatory and customer in self-confidence.” Katz Graduate School of Business,
contact activities in the country. It’s that gain in self-confidence that University of Pittsburgh
“I had a very strong scientific (research) Janiszewski believes helped him to step up Class of 2010
background, specifically in physiology and a level to his current position. “I had been
biochemistry and at the beginning, my job with offered this opportunity before I completed
Eli Lilly had a heavy technical context. As I got the EMBA, but I strongly believe the EMBA
more involved in administrative, leadership and gave me the self-confidence to pursue this
business issues, I noticed I could benefit from challenge. When I understood the broader
some formal business education.” responsibility, I accepted,” he says.

TopExecutive Guide 31



Speaking both languages

It wasn’t until the Executive MBA that Franz Fankhauser had
the tools to do what he always felt would be right for him

F ranz Fankhauser found being in the

position of medical director without
proper economic training very
don’t have this natural talent (people like
me), the EMBA is probably one of the few
ways to level up and be able to talk to the
uncomfortable. “After some time of fruitless true geniuses at eye level.”
arguments with hospital management, I In retrospect, Fankhauser says there
decided to acquire the know-how to become were many opportunities for him to pursue
superior to them,” Fankhauser says. So he his entrepreneurial ambition during his
turned to the Executive MBA. lifetime. “But it was not before the [E]MBA
What Fankhauser hadn’t prepared for that I had the tools to do what I always felt
was the impact it would have on his career. would be right for me.”
“About six months after beginning [the The Executive MBA has brought
Franz Fankhauser program], I was sure the knowledge learned
– and to be learned – would be more than
added advantages for Fankhauser. “To be
able to identify and eliminate traps, to
HHL Leipzig Graduate School of sufficient to start as an entrepreneur.” fight my opponents on their own level, to
Management, Executive MBA Fankhauser has since founded a negotiate on all levels without any
Class of 2007 company which delivers top level service problems and to be sure to have the tools
in ophthalmology. He believes there are to operate on a truly global level,” he says.
many entrepreneurs who may not need an “There are two global languages: one is
EMBA “This is probably because they have medicine, the second is economy – now I
natural talent,” he says. “But for those who can speak them both.”

Love and the EMBA

Kerry Watts gained more than just a promotion after completing
her Executive MBA – she found her soulmate

K erry Watts was a frontline clinical nurse in

Accident & Emergency (A&E) when she
moved to the pharmacy department on a
Reflecting on her time in the business
school classroom two years ago, Watts says she
now wonders how she ever managed to fit it all
medicines management project. As she in. “The challenges I faced were in juggling
broadened her scope of work within the the ability to give 100% commitment to both
Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation my studies and my work,” she says. “During the
Trust, Watts suddenly became aware of the need two years I worked a split role between the
to add a theoretical background to her work. pharmacy department and clinical
“The impact of this time encouraged commitments in the A&E department. This
me to enhance my education, so that I involved undertaking unsociable shifts. My
would have the theory behind the
management and leadership qualities,
time now doesn’t seem to spread as well.”
Watts praises the members of her EMBA
Kerry Watts
which I had observed in many of those cohort, describing them as “fantastic” and Durham University Executive MBA
whom I regard as role models,” she says. boasting a wide range of skills and Class of 2009
Watts found the time at work, in-between backgrounds. Social and business networking
her EMBA classes, allowed her to find out just sites help keep communications between her
how the theories being taught were (or were not) fellow EMBA colleagues going, but there’s
being put into practice in her workplace. “Being one classmate she keeps in contact with a lot
able to work and study at the same time brought more than the rest: “One of my classmates is
a realness to the subjects being covered,” she says. now my lovely man and soul mate.”

32 TopExecutive Guide



Working with superstars

The greatest advantage of Paul McAfee’s Executive MBA was
allowing him to catch up to his two sons, both of whom had
gone to business school

P aul McAfee is the chief of Spinal

Reconstructive Surgery at St. Josephs
Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland.
billion in assets. With a teammate like that
you need to catch up in accounting, finance
and economics – it was very motivating.”
Consulting with over 20 medical product McAfee says the tremendous diversity
companies, McAfee wanted an Executive MBA of his EMBA class – of 30 superstars! – was
to take him to the next level. “I wanted to great for education. However, this same
transition from their medical advisory boards to attribute works against them in trying to
their business advisory boards to contribute maint ain closeness after graduation.
more to their business strategy,” he explains. “Electronic social networking is no
McAfee was rewarded financially too. substitute for the EMBA journey,” he says.
Paul C McAfee “I had over a seven figure bump in revenue
during the first year of class, so the benefits
Having reaped the rewards of his
EMBA, McAfee would encourage others to
Fordham Executive MBA [of the EMBA] started during school and pursue the program but says timing is
Class of 2010 kept going,” he says. everything. “It is most useful with at least 15
However, McAfee says there was no years management experience behind you.
question as to the best part of his EMBA Unfortunately, it is very time consuming in
program: “The teamwork and expertise of addition to your job so your family life would
the other 30 members of my Executive MBA suffer – your kids have to be a certain age.”
class,” he says. “We were based in NYC so it For McAfee, the EMBA has allowed
was very strong in finance. One of the him to catch up to his sons – both of whom
women in our team managed USD $30 have gone to business school.

In preparation
Dermot O’Gorman says the greatest advantage of his
Executive MBA is having the tools to strategically manage
a business, and the confidence to lead others

A s the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Dermot
O’Gorman is responsible for the organization’s
receiving his Executive MBA. “I probably
would have still achieved this position without
the EMBA, but the degree has given me the
growth, its employers and implementing best tools to strategically manage a business and the
practices; his Executive MBA from IMD confidence to lead others through complexity
Lausanne in Switzerland holds him in good stead. and uncertainty,” he says.
“I decided to pursue an EMBA to better Although an advocate of the business school
understand all aspects of managing a business degree, O’Gorman says it’s important for future
and to prepare myself for managing EMBA candidates to be very clear about why
increasing complexities,” the 2009 EMBA they wish to pursue this qualification. “An
alumnus explains. EMBA can help you develop as a manager and Dermot O’Gorman
O’Gorman joined WWF in 1998, and leader, but it will be of most help at the right time Executive MBA, IMD
with previous roles in Australia, the UK, in your career development,” he says.
Switzerland, the Pacific Islands and most Despite having chosen the best time to Class of 2009
recently China, O’Gorman has helped the embark on his EMBA, there is still one thing
organization and the Asian Development Bank O’Gorman wishes he had known before stepping
work together to improve policies on sustainable into the classroom: “Other than believing the
development across the Asia Pacific Region. EMBA director when he said it would be one of
He’s now looking forward to the the toughest years of your life, I wanted to learn
challenges his role in Australia will pose, a role about things I did not know I needed to know.
he was promoted to within six months of Nothing can prepare you for that!”

TopExecutive Guide 33



A perfect fit
Samuel Bon was in search of a career change, so he decided
to pursue an Executive MBA

S amuel Bon has worked for the International

Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for
over a decade, but when he wanted a career
Now an EMBA alumnus, Bon is
hoping for more job opportunities to
present themselves and he believes his
change, he stepped back into the classroom. EMBA network may hold the key to such
“I decided to pursue an EMBA to change opportunities: “The network I established
industry,” the 2010 IMD alumnus says. “I during my EMBA is highly valuable and
wanted to move from the non-profit to the the professional as well as the private
profit sector. For this I needed a broad and exchange is extremely useful. It is a network
general education in economics, and more which, if well maint ained, can be
importantly in business administration. An [E] beneficial to anyone’s work world in a truly
MBA satisfied this general need perfectly.” significant manner – but this is entirely up
Samuel Bon Upon graduating with his EMBA from
IMD in November 2010, Bon was promoted
to the participants and their personal
willingness to engage.
Executive MBA IMD, Lausanne, to deputy head of corporate communications, “If someone wants to specialize in a
Switzerland and as head of the program he is leading several particular field, then an EMBA is not the
Class of 2010 inter-related global projects for the ICRC. best type of program. An EMBA is
“One of the greatest advantages of the EMBA recommended to broaden one’s business
is that it provides a solid and wide enough basis horizons and to provide new, stimulating
for executives who wish to take on more impulses. It triggers the desire to want to
general management positions,” Bon says. do more.”

An invaluable experience
A distinguished faculty together with a group of classmates,
all of whom had brilliant track records in their careers, made
each course on Chicago Booth’s Executive MBA invaluable
for Demir Sarman

A certified public accountant, Demir

Sarman was a CFO when he
embarked on the challenge of his
now managing director and CEO of a newly-
acquired company Anadolu Etap, a business
which has goals to be one of the largest
Executive MBA. “Since graduating from investments in agro-business in Turkey.
college, doing an EMBA has always been Would Sarman have received this opportunity
among my goals,” the Chicago alumnus without his Executive MBA?
says. “But bearing in mind the best schools “It’s always hard to say, but at least I can
were looking for a certain number of years presume that my EMBA has eased the
work experience, I decided to wait five
years.” Ten years after college, Sarman
decision-making process of the board while
evaluating and comparing my résumé with
Demir Sarman
found himself back in the classroom. other candidates,” he says. Chicago Booth School of Business
“At the start, the average age in my class was “An MBA from one of the top schools Class of 2009
36. They were all high-fliers with sound business will certainly be a catalyst to the career of
experience, and discussions with such an an alumnus,” he says. “Rather than
audience were beyond comparisons. Now all of spending several years at different
those people are not only my business network, positions in different companies or
they are my very good fellows for a lifetime.” environments, with a good MBA you may
Six months after graduating with his acquire the relevant knowledge and skills
EMBA, Sarman received a promotion. He’s in graduate school.”

TopExecutive Guide 35



Social networking
Tim Ho, social media expert, and Dawn Bournand, QS TopExecutive Editor, take a look at
social networking for executives and the strategies that will determine which of
tomorrow’s executives will be ahead of the pack

etworking has always been an an event”. In other words, don’t look for to Francis Petit, Associate Dean for
important part of any top executive’s instant results – they can happen but they Executive MBA Programs at Fordham
career planning but today it has an are rare. Instead, invest the time to build University’s Graduate School of Business
added dimension that professionals in relationships with potential customers, Administration, “At Fordham, we are using
twentieth-century business never dreamed of: colleagues and employers. Dedicate 75% of social networks more within the successful
social networking. Though LinkedIn, your time to research, planning and listening, recruiting of prospective students.
Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube are and only 25% to the actual implementation Generation Y and the Millennials are now
becoming fairly common terms for the of Facebook campaigns, video posts, iPhone utilizing social networks as a mainstay for
modern business man and woman, they still applications updates, and Twitter tweets. communication. In order to get our message
remain uncharted territory for many. If you Create a plan to make your networking more out, it is essential to experiment with the
want to be a successful executive in today’s effective. Randomly acting with no real goal social networks vehicle. While there is no
market, that lack of knowledge can be more in sight can prove to be a waste of your time. substantial research that illustrates its
than a little dangerous. Social networking is Many business schools are waking up to effectiveness in the recruitment of
not only an important tool; many analysts are the strength of social networking as well and prospective students, we are certainly
predicting that it will be an absolutely are incorporating it into their teaching, experimenting. LinkedIn, for example, has
essential element of every working marketing and recruiting mixes. According the potential to be a very powerful tool. In
professional’s toolbox in the not too distant
future. Top recruiters are already using the Social media sites are now dominating the internet
likes of LinkedIn to find net-savvy, brand-
conscious leaders to fill their top posts. If you 2005 2011
are not in this exciting and rapidly evolving
1. 1.
game, how can you possibly win?
One of the most important things to 2. 2.
remember about social networking is that it is
social; in other words it is simply 3. 3.
communication. Many people seem to get
4. 4.
overwhelmed or stuck by focusing on the
technical aspects of social media and 5. 5. (Windows Live)
completely forget that the whole idea behind
this fascinating new way to communicate is to 6. 6.
make contacts and build relationships. With
7. 7.
today’s technology, though, you are no longer
limited to expressing yourself through words 8. 8. (China’s leading search engine)
alone; you can now add pictures, videos, and
audios to the mix as well. 9. 9.
However, it is good to keep in mind 10. 10. (China’s largest internet portal)
though that social networking is, as marketing
expert Seth Godin likes to say, “a process, not Source: Alexa Global Traffic Ranking

36 TopExecutive Guide



terms of our current students, the Fordham The powerful thing about social media is searching for jobs. Blog postings highlight
Office of Career Management has been that it gives you the ability to truly listen to and students’ understanding of the concepts from
illustrating the power of social networks for learn from your network. You can see what the assigned readings, as well as demonstrate
students in the job searching process.” people think about products, services, the power of a ‘networked’ class. The final
Executive MBA programs are also using companies and schools simply by observing deliverable is a debate on the importance and
social networking to keep their current and asking. In most cases this is completely future of technology-enabled social and
students and alumni in touch and to promote free because you are contacting people who professional networks.”

online networking in addition to face-to-face are directly in your inner circle. Better yet, Perhaps most important to keep in
opportunities. Hannelore Forssbohm, Senior because you “know” these people, they are mind though, is that even if you just don’t
Program Manager at Kellogg-WHU much more likely to share their true feelings see the point in mastering social networking,
Executive MBA Program, explains, “In and opinions with you. your competitor probably does. Whether it
addition to ‘real’ networking, we also host HHL-Leipzig is so convinced of the be a competitor for a customer, a job or a
student and alumni groups on LinkedIn and importance of social networking that it has spot in that top Executive MBA program,
Xing, where we post news, events, and actually created a course to cover this subject the person who truly grasps and uses social
general information. Each class also gets as part of its Executive MBA program. networking to their benefit will be the one
their own group – so that they can discuss Professor Dr Torsten Wulf, Academic Director with a very large advantage.
class-specific info.” Virginia Tech has also of the MBA programs at HHL-Leipzig In short, have fun with social
networking while building a valuable
personal and professional network for
yourself. Keep it real, and keep it truthful.
“The whole idea behind this fascinating Though many of us don’t like to admit it, we
are living in an era where someone can find
new way to communicate is to make out quite a bit about you through a few
Google and social media searches.
contacts and build relationships” Therefore, be wise about what you put out
there. Though you definitely want to
actively use social media platforms,
remember that you never know who may see
jumped on the social networking train Graduate School of Management, explains, your next post, tweet or video. If your goal is
according to Karime Shamloo, Assistant “Unique among German business schools, to create a solid, professional image as a
Director of Executive MBA Programs there, HHL offers the course ‘Social Networks for go-to expert, then make sure that everything
“We have groups on Facebook and LinkedIn Business’ to its EMBA students. The course is you do and create online contributes to that
where students and alumni can network. designed to introduce students to the basic goal. As Andy Warhol has so often been
Through the social network groups, we also concepts in and analysis of social networks. quoted as saying, “In the future, everyone
announce information sessions, and special Participants examine their own social and will be famous for 15 minutes”. He sure got
events which prospective applicants, students professional networks and draw conclusions that one right. Now make sure your 15
and alumni are invited to attend.” about how to use them, for example, when minutes are great!

TopExecutive Guide 37



Special thanks to

( for

this exclusive compilation of
Twitter tips. For their full offering
of Twitter tips you can reference
their online Twitter Guide Book

tips for guidebook/twitter/).

What is Twitter? The hashtag is a favourite tool of organize specific tweets and make life
Twitter describes itself as, “a service for friends, conferences and event organizers, but it’s easier on you and your followers.
family, and co–workers to communicate and also a way for Twitter users to organize
stay connected through the exchange of quick, themselves. If everyone agrees to append a Build your personal brand on Twitter
frequent answers to one simple question: What certain hashtag to tweets about a topic, it Dan Schawbel bestselling author of Me 2.0:
are you doing?” becomes easier to find that topic in a search, Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career
If you’re new to Twitter, then that description and more likely the topic will appear in Success (Kaplan, April 09), owner of the award
might seem a bit vague and ambiguous. So, to Twitter’s Trending Topics. winning Personal Branding Blog and
help you wrap your mind around the short-form Although not terribly complicated, Mashable contributor, shows you how.
messaging tool, start thinking about Twitter as a hashtags have some unwritten rules. The According to Mark Raby of the TG Daily
new form of online communication. Twitter is primary one to remember is to not overuse blog, In November 2010, there were 175
just communication in a new shape, but it’s also them. If every one of your tweets is a hashtag, million users on Twitter, ranging from senior
a platform for listening to the communication of you dilute the usefulness of them by foreign diplomats to tech-savvy 13 year olds.
others in new ways. fragmenting the conversation. It’s because the service is able to reach across
Twitter’s primary difference from Another simple tip: that swath of the global population that the
other online communication tools, is that give your hasht ag site should exceed 200 million in early 2011.
posts, or tweets, are restricted to 140 context. Most people With all those people on Twitter, the chances
characters or less. As a Twitter user won’t actually know for networking are endless, and connecting
you can post updates, follow and what your hashtag with new people can lead to career
view updates from other users means, so give a opportunities,
(this is akin to subscribing to a so it is
blog’s RSS feed), and send a
public reply or private direct
message to connect with
another Twitterer.
Though users can
answer the prompt, “What
are you doing?”, tweets have
evolved to more than
everyday experiences, and
take the shape of shared
links to interesting content quick
on the web, conversations around hot topics explanation in one of
(using hashtags), photos, videos, music, and, your tweets or, if you’re
most importantly, real-time accounts from making a hashtag, make
people who are in the midst of a newsworthy it very apparent what it’s
event, crisis, or natural disaster. talking about.
F i n a l l y, i f y o u ’r e
Get the most out of Twitter #hashtags looking to create a hashtag,
One of the most complex features of Twitter be sure that it adds value for
for new users to understand is the hashtag, a yourself and your followers. The
topic with a hash symbol (“#”) at the start to best way to utilize them is when
identify it. Twitter hashtags like #followfriday you need to organize information.
help spread information on Twitter while also Conferences, major events, and even
helping to organize it. reminders (i.e. #todo) can help

38 TopExecutive Guide



essential that your personal brand exists on the 4. Utilize third-party applications. There are 2. You list no location, no website or no
service. By leveraging the Twitter platform to literally thousands of Twitter applications out bio. Clearly, Twitter is all about
build your brand you can showcase yourself to there, but only a few that can really help you brevity, so how difficult is it to provide
a huge and growing audience. build your personal brand. The following a f e w a d di t i o n a l c h a r a c t e r s o f
apps will help you stay in touch with your information that may offer potential
1. Claim your Twitter handle. With Twitter industry, find people you can network with, followers more impetus to follow you
continuing its meteoric rise in popularity, save you precious time, and push out your in return?
it’s no surprise that Twitter account names content: Twellow, Tweetmeme, Tweetbeep, 3. Your website listed is a MySpace profile.
are starting to become as desirable as prime Hashdictionary, and Tweetlater. It doesn’t take much these days to establish
domain names. Twitter handles have 5. Form a Twitter mastermind. As you may a web presence that seems genuine and
become so important, that there is now even suspect, certain groups of people on thoughtful, and appears to intend to attract
an aftermarket for them, Tweexchange, Twitter constantly promote and retweet and build an online community based on
where user names are bought and sold. Stop each other. Some of them are in what are the content it provides.
what you’re doing right now and claim the called “mastermind groups” — groups of 4. You’re following over 1000 users, have
Twitter handle for your full name. individuals who are committed to helping 20 followers and no updates. Who, aside
2. Become known as an expert or resource. each other and sharing knowledge from those running Twitter apps which
Essentially, Twitter is a shorter and more amongst themselves. On Twitter, by automatically follow and unfollow
viral form of blogging, so the same rules finding people who share your interests, followers, would add these Twitter users?
apply. By constantly writing or tweeting you’re able to help each other out and (Editors note: If you are still learning
about your expertise on a specific topic, cross-promote. Group Tweet and Twitter Twitter jargon, this essentially means
you’ll become known for it and people Groups are two apps that help you form that you are following lots of people but
will gravitate to you and follow you. If these special interest groups. no one is following you back, or even
you already have a blog, use Twitterfeed, worse: you are providing no content and
so you can syndicate your posts on Why people may not be following you only taking from others.)
Twitter automatically. (Atherton Bartelby author of the Curious Affairs 5. Your updates clearly indicate that your
3. Establish a Twitter marketing plan. Just like blog and Mashable contributing writer explains.) Twitter activity is always, only, about
with any other website or blog, just because pushing your own service/product or
you build it, doesn’t necessarily mean people 1. You have no Avatar. More important than company. Since I do not use Twitter in
will come. You should have a marketing plan whether or not your Twitter profile this manner, I rarely follow any of these
in place to acquire new followers (include background is “designed” is how you users in return, unless said product or
your Twitter handle on email signatures, choose to present yourself in that seemingly service genuinely piques my interest/ or
business cards, newsletters…). insignificant 48×48 pixel square. I have a desire to support it.

TopExecutive Guide 39



Started just nine years ago in co-founder Reid Hoffman’s living room, LinkedIn is today
top ten tips
for executives

one of the big four social media powerhouses along with Facebook, Twitter, and
YouTube. With over 90+ million members as of early 2011, LinkedIn is a networking
hub for professionals the world over yet many executives still don’t know how to use this
tool to its full potential. Dawn Bournand, Editor of the QS TopExecutive Guide,
investigated and came up with ten top tips for mastering LinkedIn

o you have decided you are ready to create 4. Help others get what they want – 7. Make, keep, re-establish connections
or update your LinkedIn profile and start International speaker Brian Tracey is known – With millions of professionals to meet,
using one of the most powerful tools on for saying, “The best way to get what you chances are there are going to be some
the internet today, but where to start? With input want is to help others get what they want”. important connections for you to make on
from some of the world’s top social media experts, Networking essentially means people LinkedIn. Reach out to new people but
here are ten tips to get you on the path to success. cooperating to benefit one another through don’t forget that reconnecting with former
the exchange of opportunities, information colleagues, classmates or long lost friends
1. Get current – Although an obvious point, and support. Why not get things flowing by can be equally important to your
make sure that your profile is up to date. The offering a helping hand first? professional advancement.
first impression you make is through your 5. Build your brand – Deb Dib, executive job 8. Use those status updates – Social
profile, so make it a good one. Head over to search expert at says, media expert Ian Brodie suggests,
your profile right now and look at it, as if “Building a LinkedIn profile is an opportunity “LinkedIn status updates are a nice way of
through a stranger’s eyes. What impact does to project a vibrant personal brand and value helping to stay top of mind with contacts.
it make on you? If it is not what you want to proposition while concurrently displaying If you were to call or email all your
be sharing with the world, change it. your career impact, work history, education, contacts any time you did something small
2. Create a plan – Decide what you want and activities. In other words, everything that but interesting, it would quickly become
out of the time you invest in LinkedIn. Is would appear on a resume—but packaged seen as pushy or spammy. But updating
it to seek a new job, make new business with an interest-attracting infusion of your status is a non-intrusive way of getting
connections, or spend time with like- personality and passion.” a gentle reminder out.” Also remember
minded people? If you are investing your 6. Be consistently active – Set aside a that your network follows your updates, so
precious time, make sure you have a goal certain amount of time every day to dedicate they are an effective way of putting
in mind and then set about achieving it. to your LinkedIn activities. Lewis Howes, yourself ‘out there’, especially if you are
3. Open up to opportunities – Every new bestselling author of Linked Working, looking for a position or if you need help
person you meet has a potential to help you, recommends 30 minutes in the morning for a project you’re working on.
and you to help them. So open yourself to and 30 minutes at the end of the day. If you 9. Be the initiator – Start a LinkedIn
the idea of meeting people that you may can only fit in 15 minutes a day, though, that group. Don’t hesitate to take the lead. If
not have thought of as being potential is fine just make sure you keep it up on a you see that there is a need for a certain
network connections. regular basis if you want to get group to be started on LinkedIn, do it
the most out of your network. yourself. On the other hand, if there is
already a group on your chosen subject,
become an active participant and get
your name associated with that topic.
10. Ask and be asked – An often
overlooked but valuable tool on LinkedIn
is the Answers section. Take advantage of
this area to not only gain the knowledge
you seek but to also dispense the wisdom
you have to help others.

TopExecutive Guide 41



ExecuNet is a private network for high-

In with the new

level executives who believe the right
connections, insights and market
intelligence can lead them to the right
opportunities. A recognized authority in
executive recruiting and human capital,
ExecuNet also provides access to

job search
confidential six-figure job opportunities
and authoritative resources to help top
executives advance their careers.

This is an excerpt from the ExecuNet full length article “In with the New Job Search”. The full article is available on

By Robyn Greenspan and Marji McClure

For many job seekers, it’s a perfect storm of confusion: a struggling economic environment
and ultra-competitive job market coupled with 21st century tools and resources that can
stretch comfort zones

hen there are those who had USD200K aren’t posted online — mainly for description is likely to get the job without any
previously answered the door when competitive intelligence reasons. “As the number job posting ever happening.”
opportunities came knocking and of available candidates has increased in the last
now have to actively find new roles. In 12 months, the number of posted executive (VP, Résumés
any case, job search has never required this level of Director) positions have gone down,” notes a The old way: Creating a document that only
planning, structure and purpose, says Bobbie survey respondent. lists work experience and job history.
LaPorte, a career coach with RAL & Associates, a The new way: Use job postings to research It doesn’t work because: Traditional
California-based consulting firm that provides industries and companies and gain insight into résumés often don’t provide a candidate’s true
leadership and career development services. hiring trends. Posted job descriptions can also capabilities. If hiring managers can’t quickly
While it’s now common knowledge that be useful in learning relevant industry discern the problems you can solve for their
the Sunday newspaper’s classified ads are a keywords that will resonate with potential organization, your résumé is dismissed.
prehistoric route to executive positions, there employers and recruiters. The new way: Résumés need to be converted
are other elements of job search that have been Executive coaches Bob Sloane and into a branding document that provides a
modernized too. ExecuNet has witnessed job Tucker Mays, co-founders of OptiMarket complete picture of skills, capabilities, and a
search transformation over the last 22 years, and LLC, advise high-level job seekers to spend clear value proposition. Résumés need to
we’ve outlined the evolution for you. less than 10% of their time on published job include highlights of work experience and
success stories. At the
Job boards same time, the résumé
The old
Scanning the online
“It’s important to regularly communicate needs to demonstrate
what the executive can
job boards for
appropriate listings,
with your contacts and find ways to help do for potential
employers: “Make sure
then mass-emailing
résumés to the
them reach their goals” you’re giving them what
I call the ‘wow’ —
companies advertizing achievements that are
open positions. going to make them say,
It doesn’t work because: The entire job search postings. “As a hiring manager, the last thing ‘Wow, I’ve got to talk to this person,’” says résumé
process is more competitive today and companies I want to do during a downturn is advertize a expert, Louise Kursmark.
are inundated with résumés. Responding to job position. I’ll get flooded with résumés,” says
postings yields a false sense of productivity for a survey respondent. “Someone who comes Networking
executives as they wait for companies to respond to me informally before I publish a job The old way: Using job search as a catalyst to
to their applications. In addition to this, ExecuNet posting and tells me how I can solve problems attend professional events, hand out business
research shows that positions with salaries over I hadn’t quite formulated into a job cards and ask for job leads.

42 TopExecutive Guide



It doesn’t work because: It’s difficult to be It doesn’t work because: Interviews are no Organizations helped executives keep their
memorable when you are merely exchanging longer Q&A sessions with hiring managers; they skills sharp with leadership training programs
business cards and not building relationships. are often a series of intense behavioral-based and budgets for professional development.
The new way: The value of building sessions with organizational decision-makers. It doesn’t work because: There is a lot of “A”
relationships is undisputed: 73% of executives The new way: Before the first contact, talent available in the marketplace, and more
reported to ExecuNet that networking led candidates and companies are researching than half of search firm recruiters surveyed by
them to career opportunities. “If you are each other. Executives are conducting ExecuNet thought companies would be
someone like me, who hasn’t made extensive due diligence to target companies, leveraging the economic climate through the
networking a part of your day-to-day…change identifying their pain points and how can they first half of 2010 by “trading up” with new hires
that, learn how,” says a survey participant. can best solve those problems, while talent for existing jobs. Cost-cutting has squeezed
The Internet has certainly changed the managers are sourcing and tracking potential budget allocations for executive development.
way networking is done. Developing employees for their pipelines. The new way: Executives are individually
connections with contacts via online social responsible for developing themselves into
networks has quickly gained in popularity. Business development strategy powerful talent packages. Self-directed
Closed online communities, such as The old way: Executives didn’t view their job continued learning to build strengths and
ExecuNet, enable executives to connect, search as a business development activity. update skills, supplemented with strong
share career and business information, and It doesn’t work because: It gives the industry knowledge and market intelligence
build trusted peer relationships. potential employer too much power, instead is required. In addition to this, integrating the
strategic vision to effectively lead organizations
through current and future challenges, and
the agility to quickly adapt to fluctuating
“There is opportunity for executives who are proven problem- conditions, is also necessary. “There is still
opportunity for executives who are proven
solvers. These are people who can guide companies through
problem-solvers,” says a survey participant.
very difficult times, using creativity, initiative and persistence” “These are people who can guide companies
through very difficult times, using creativity,
initiative and persistence.”

“Networking has provided leads to positions, of the candidate being targeted and selective Out with the old
new friends, an opportunity to help others about the company worthy of their talent, If you’re just beginning your search, or if
and a way to ret ain and improve my leadership and strengths. your current job search has stalled, now is
professional and management skills,” says a The new way: Executives are skilled the perfect time to try something new. A
survey respondent. implementers of business development more aggressive, updated approach could be
Gatherings, such as ExecuNet’s monthly principles, as they are always keeping a just what you need to jump-start your search
regional meetings, are effective in cultivating watchful eye for mutually beneficial business and secure a new position soon — especially
connections with executives that can lead to to business and partnership opportunities. Job if your prior commitment to your job search
mutually beneficial relationships. Regardless search is not any different, and executives need hasn’t been as diligent as today’s challenging
of whether you call your contacts, meet with to view themselves as business partners seeking times require.
them at business events or connect via online a new alliance. Conduct equally exhaustive Says one survey respondent: “My
services, it’s import ant to regularly due diligence and develop a comprehensive question to unemployed job seekers is: How
communicate with your contacts and find strategic plan for your six-figure job, just as you bad does your situation need to be before
ways to help them reach their goals. would for a multimillion dollar business deal. you will be willing to try something different
in your job-seeking techniques?”
Interviewing The skill set
The old way: An initial phone screening The Old Way: Current in-role performance For additional tips on how to succeed in today’s
followed by a face-to-face meeting. was indicative of potential success at a new job. “new” job search, log on to

TopExecutive Guide 43



Women and the Executive MBA

By Dawn Bournand, Editor, QS TopExecutive Guide

“You must do the things you think you cannot do.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

ursuing an EMBA is one of the greatest According to Bernie Zanck, Director of renew my knowledge base and to be in contact
steps you can take for your professional Recruitment and Admissions for the Executive with the latest business practices.” Yet she also
life but it is also one of the greatest MBA Program – Europe of The University of found that, “from a personal level it is very
challenges you will put yourself through. It is Chicago Booth School of Business, when it gratifying to know you accomplished such a
no easy task and yet thousands of executives comes to their program, there is no difference demanding program while still dealing with
choose to invest in themselves every year to between the sexes. “Our program enables both your full-time job and balancing your personal
pursue this prestigious degree. What happens women and men to develop into leaders. life. It gives a sense of “achievement” and
though, when you have all of the EMBA Chicago Booth is a place where ideas compete proves how much we are capable of.”
challenges along with the added responsibility and people collaborate.” Maria Puig, Executive
of caring for a family? Does it make a Director of the IESE Global Executive MBA, Career impact
difference if you are a woman studying for the agrees but adds, “A professional life requires a The positive impact of an EMBA on a
EMBA? Does it have the same impact on your comprehensive set of competences, skills and professional’s career is undeniable and
career? Does it require extra dedication? network, no matter whether you are a woman documented in most any survey or research
These questions can really only be answered or a man. Therefore, the program should make done on Executive MBAs. But is there any
by those who have had the experience the same impact on men as on women. What difference in the impact that an EMBA can
themselves: women who have lived the is sometimes different is the perspective that make on a woman’s career as opposed to a
journey and are thrilled to tell the tale. men and women may bring into the class when man’s? According to Joan Coonrod, Assistant
analyzing business problems. Having a Dean of Executive MBA admissions and
The program marketing at Emory,
An average EMBA Goizueta Business
classroom is filled with School, “There is no
23% women, 77% men.
“No need to visit Cirque du Soleil... All the women difference. An EMBA
The large gap in these from a top business
numbers is most often
I saw at the EMBA were excellent jugglers” school should act as a
explained by the fact catalyst for growth and
that the ideal time to development –
seek an EMBA usually falls at about the same balanced group in terms of gender is extremely regardless of gender.” Whereas Francis Petit,
time in a woman’s life that she is ready to start important for rich learning and class dynamics.” Associate Dean for Executive MBA Programs
a family. There is also the fact that women are Once in the program, women certainly at Fordham University, Graduate School of
quite simply not targeted as often by their do not seem to have a problem fitting in and Business Administration, believes that it
companies to build on their education and they often actually seem to gain much more actually may give an added benefit to a woman’s
particular career expertise. However, business than they had expected. Fabiana Prada, career. “It is well documented that there exists
schools would like to even out the gender mix alumna of the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz an earnings discrimination among women
of their classrooms and many are now Graduate School of Business, EMBA class of within many industries. Female students, in
targeting advertising and information 2007, remembers, “I decided to pursue an many cases, make less than the male students
campaigns to a female audience. That does EMBA firstly because it is a complete in our program. With that said, an EMBA can
not mean though, that business schools are education that covers different areas of a make a positive impact on a women’s career,
specifically tailoring their actual programs to business enterprise in depth and secondly especially in the long term. Whether a female
female candidates. because of my own interest in continuing to EMBA graduate stays at her current company,

44 TopExecutive Guide



switches industries or st arts up an rounding off the knowledge you have, and EMBA, learn to delegate and to empower.
entrepreneurial venture (which is often an learning from other colleagues (their This also applies to your family, kids,
attractive option for females), the EMBA can backgrounds, experiences and dilemmas). It has relatives... They can live without you for a
be that needed vehicle within a woman’s long- helped me to enhance my confidence by being while. Take this time out for you.”
term career and journey.” able to transfer the skills I had developed Ebrahim Mohamed, Director of
Ghada Simon, INSEAD 2010 GEMBA through nursing into different business scenarios Executive MBA program at Imperial College
alumna, sees many benefits for women pursuing and realize that I can make a valid contribution.” ,wisely notes, “Family life can be distracting.
an EMBA. “First, they get a real chance to be But the most successful executives have the
considered as peers and to be treated on an equal Extra dedication most fulfilling personal lives – it’s all about
footing. Building on that, I have the feeling that The one difference you will often hear about being focused and prioritizing accordingly.”
after an EMBA most women are more self- between men and women pursuing an Nora Benhabiles, IESE 2008 GEMBA
confident and more assertive, they act accordingly Executive MBA is the amount of juggling alumna, enthusiastically agrees, “Yes, do it! I
and break the ‘glass ceiling’, as the perception of involved. In most cultures, though it is slowly had nine-month-old twins when I began the
their professional environment changes changing, family and household duties still GEMBA and worked in Belgium while living
positively.” Prada adds, “The greatest advantage rest mainly on the woman’s shoulders. Yet, in Paris. Regarding the balancing act, it is
for a woman getting an Executive MBA is to this does not seem to deter those truly always difficult to balance personal/professional
differentiate herself and to be able to have a much determined to make it work. As current life and there is no secret potion to succeed. But
broader and deeper view of an organization, and K e l l o g g - W H U E M B A p a r t i ci p a n t , I would say that in many cases men are now
to help put the puzzle pieces together to find the Charmaine Leung notes, “The women in sharing the familial responsibilities and the
best possible alternatives.” class have been phenomenal and cultural taboos are becoming less present.”
Kerry Watts, Durham University 2009 exceptionally inspiring, from career-driven Additionally, Lamees Qasem, IESE 2009
EMBA alumna, didn’t actually go into the mothers who balance school, career and GEMBA alumna, believes you must “be
program with set expectations but was pleasantly travel, to individuals who are passionate, realistic about what you can do. You can never
surprised by what she found. “I never thought vocal, confident and excel in the areas they have everything perfect and bear in mind that
of the EMBA as a guaranteed passport to a work in.” Natacha Dagneaud, Kellogg-WHU at any point in time something will have to give
specific job but the whole experience has 2009 EMBA alumna adds, “No need to visit and it is OK. The most important point is to
enhanced the opportunities that are now Cirque du Soleil... All the women I saw at the have great support from your partner. It is a
available to me. I believe those undertaking an EMBA, were excellent jugglers. They had tough and taxing period on everyone and
EMBA need to look at the bigger picture and created a support system around them with somehow your family will have to see the value
the added advantages that the qualification gives the help of family, work/colleagues and and appreciate the sacrifices you have made.”
you: providing you with new knowledge, classmates. My tip to you is: during the
The payoff
The one point that each and every woman
agreed upon, whether an alumna or a current
participant, was that the effort is truly worth it.
Catherine Clauzade, current participant at the
EMLYON Executive MBA program noted that,
“Even after 20 years in business with a strong
technical training, through the EMBA program
I am able to learn new habits, and new ways to
analyze everyday problems! It’s a bit like
someone with myopia discovering the benefits
of a pair of glasses!” Qasem adds, “the greatest
advantage to having an Executive MBA degree
is the depth of analysis I am now able to engage
in, thanks to the vast experience of my colleagues
who have many years of knowledge and
challenges under their belt.”
Finally, simply the fact that they have
conquered such a challenge adds to all of the
other benefits their new EMBA degree brings
these women executives. Watts acknowledges
her gratitude for her support team and knows
that to survive the EMBA challenge you
simply have to stay the course: “My
determination to succeed was supported by
great friends, colleagues and similarly minded
people at the business school – both classmates
and staff. Keep your eye on the goal that you
have set yourself and the time flies, before you
know it the hard work has paid off.”

TopExecutive Guide 45



Today’s workplace demands

innovation, creativity and high
performance to achieve ultimate

When women
success. Diversity MBA Magazine
offers answers to the most
pressing questions of the day by
focusing on multiple dimensions

of the diversity experience,
delivering compelling strategies
and best practices to ensure your
ultimate success

This article was first published in Diversity MBA magazine

By Sheryl Nance-Nash

aving a certain title, an army of For women, however, leadership positions Development Systems, Inc., a diversity
underlings, or a fat salary doesn’t at the highest levels remain elusive. Not even two consulting firm in Greensboro, NC.
make you a leader. It’s a bit more percent of the biggest corporations are run by In addition, a woman understands
complicated than those external women; in the Fortune 500, just nine companies “people” issues in greater depth and often with
markers. “Leaders take people where they are headed by women. According to Catalyst, greater subtlety, says Elva Bankins, general
ordinarily wouldn’t go by themselves,” says although women hold about half of managerial manager of the Philadelphia office of global
Lynda Ford, president of The Ford Group, a and professional specialty positions, they hold career services firm Lee Hecht Harrison. “They
management and human resources consulting only 15.7%of corporate officer positions in the stop and ask: Why did you say that, what were
firm in Rome, NY. Fortune 500, 13.6%of board directorships and you thinking?” Bankins says. “They delve
Furthermore, leaders are able to meet 7.9% of the Fortune 500 highest titles. deeply, whereas men sometimes take things at
people where they are, instead of where they face value. Women are willing to take the time
think they should be, adds Trudy Bourgeois, Women’s unique abilities to deal with details, to find out what makes
founder of the Center for Workforce When women lead, things can be decidedly someone tick and what turns them off.”
Excellence in Dallas, and author of The different. While every individual is unique, it’s That ability to listen serves women well; and
Hybrid Leader: Blending the Best of the generally agreed that women bring their own set any empathy and nurturing they bring to the
Male & Female Leadership Styles . of skills, talents and style to the table. workplace can be a powerful motivator. “It can
True leaders have patience, flexibility and “Women have been socialized to make drive people to perform at 100 % of their capacity,”
vision; they inspire, listen, teach, coach, mentor groups work. They can get a large number of says Debra Nelson, who was recently appointed
and build relationships – and that’s just for starters. people behind a cause; they are team builders,” vice president of corporate diversity and community
What it takes to lead, particularly in this global, says Lenora Billings-Harris, president of Excel affairs for the MGM Mirage in Las Vegas, NV.
diverse economy, is not for the faint of heart.

“Leaders take people

where they wouldn’t
go by themselves.”

That fact, however, hasn’t dampened the

desire of men or women to have the CEO job,
according to a recent Catalyst study, “Women and
Men in US Corporate Leadership: Same
Workplace, Different Realities?” The study found
that women and men have equal desires to attain
the CEO position and that mothers whose children
are living with them are just as likely to desire the
corner office as women who don’t have children.

46 TopExecutive Guide



emphasize relationship-building as well as fact-

gathering, and women are more likely to talk
through business approaches, and incorporate
the ideas of others, before making final decisions.
Some critics say that all this collaboration,
consensus-building, and talking can slow the
business process, increasing the time needed to
make decisions, for example. Bourgeois says:
“women can be too skewed toward collaborating,
while men can be ‘all about the bottom line’.
What’s needed in the workplace,” she says, “is a
blending of the two to create a more balanced
work environment.”

The struggle continues

Despite some very positive characteristics
working in their favor, women in positions of
leadership still face substantial challenges
“We’ve come a long way, but it hasn’t been
without a fight and there’s still a long way to go.
We’ll get there out of necessity,” says Carla Ladd,
staff systems engineer for Lockheed, meaning that
employers will have little choice in promoting
women, as there are more women in the
workforce who bring with them advanced degrees.
Billings-Harris says women who work in
predominantly male environments in
particular may find that it takes longer for men
to get comfortable with them being in a
position of authority. “It takes longer to build
relationships,” she says, “to realize that even
though you wear a skirt, you have a vision.”
Victoria Phipps, a partner with the law firm
of Epstein Becker Green Wickliff and Hall in
Houston, Texas, says that when minority or
female lawyers travel on business to smaller urban
and rural areas, they may be greeted with
incredulous looks, mistaken for the court reporter
or plaintiff, or assumed to be the plaintiff’s wife.
Even in the 21st century, some people still can’t
“Women lead in a relational way, they share Women executives tend to build connections see a woman – let alone a minority woman – as a
control. My sense is that the emergence of these and relationships that dictate the basis of their qualified, experienced and capable professional.
traits might well prove to be an advantage for communications, while men try to establish a Ford, however, takes issue over all the talk
women leaders,” says Corrine Post, a hierarchy that guides their interactions with about gender and race differences. “The
management professor at Pace University Lubin others. Women are more likely to consult with requirements are the same for all,” she says.
School of Business New York, who specializes in others when developing strategies, including “Every time someone doesn’t get a raise, bonus,
gender issues in management, work practices, experts, employees and fellow business owners. promotion, or whatever, there’s the temptation
and work-family issues. Women executives have a greater natural to revert to the victim mentality to blame it on
In a recent white paper by Robin Cohen tendency to deal comfortably with multitasking, the good old boy network. Well, nobody gets
and Linda Kornfeld, managing partners of the have fewer competitive tendencies and often seek through life without some defeat.
New York and Los Angeles law offices of a cooperative approach. Women focus on the “I’m not saying that preferential treatment
Dickstein Shapiro Morin & Oshinsky, a variety “big picture” when making important business sometimes isn’t shown, and that there aren’t
of data were cited as having shown the following: decisions or developing strategies. Women bigots, but they are not as widespread as some
people want to believe.”

Identity crisis
“What’s needed in the workplace is a blending of the “It’s lonely at the top.” This old adage has never
been truer, especially for women leaders who
two to create a more balanced work environment” may have few or no mentors or sponsors who
resemble them, share their experience, or can
offer direction and support when needed.

TopExecutive Guide 47

C A R E E R FA I R & CO N G R E S S M A Y 14 t h   1 0 A M – 7 P M


Accenture Infineon Forum 1 Forum 4
Adidas KAUTEX Textron
Job re-entry for women Management skills for
Allianz KPMG
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Career planning
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Boston Consulting Group Merck Forum 3
Feminisation of the
Cisco Systems METRO Work-Life-Balance & economy
Coca-Cola Microsoft family
Continental MLP
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Deutsche Telekom PwC
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Reg i st ra t i o n fo r j o b int er v i ew s
easyCredit (TeamBank) Robert Bosch u nt il M a y 9 t h
Eaton Industries Roland Berger
Ernst & Young Saint-Gobain
Evonik SAP
Fraport Siemens Management
GE Energy SMA Solar Technology * * *
HANIEL ThyssenKrupp ANCE
Henkel TÜV Nord FREE
Horbach Valeo
HypoVereinsbank Vodafone * * *


“The first generation of women leaders did On the other hand, when it’s appropriate, the safe route all the time; instead, stretch
partition off that piece of themselves that was a wife, do take the initiative. “Don’t wait to be yourself and your people. Better to try and fail
woman, or mother. They modeled themselves approached about an opportunity; seek out than to have never tried at all.
after male leaders,” says Samuel Waltz of Sam leadership,” says Post. “Be a change agent; step out in a different
Waltz & Associates, Business & Communications Trust yourself. “You have to believe in way. Don’t let being the first or only prohibit you
Counsel, in Wilmington, Delaware. yourself as a leader,” Ford says. “Stop being your
Though there are still some women who own worst enemy, have faith in yourself, that you
adopt the military, tough-girl act, but it’s not as have what it takes.”
prevalent as it was in the past. “More women Part of trusting yourself is also being “The first generation of
celebrate their differences,” says Waltz. “They comfortable in your own skin. You cannot be
women leaders did
know they don’t have to be like me, a graying, who you are not. Transparency in these times is
white male.” a necessity, not a luxury, points out Waltz. partition off that piece of
Phipps recalls her early days as a litigator: Each one teach one. Be a mentor, seek a
themselves that was a wife,
“There were no role models,” she says. “There mentor; seek a sponsor, be a sponsor. Women
were so few women litigators. I had to find a way cannot be shy about asking each other for help woman, or mother”
to relate to the jury that was female, to find my own and networking. The men have mastered this.
They golf, they drink, they get business done.
“Do away with the ‘crab syndrome,’ that
only one of us can make it to the top and I’ll from moving forward. Exercise your voice,” says
“Women executives have take you out. We must be more supportive of Nina Patterson, dean of student life at Maryville
fewer competitive each other,” says Bourgeois. Mentors don’t University in St. Louis. Keep in mind, Ford says,
have to look like you, either. Be open to the best leadership is servant leadership. “Realize
tendencies and often seek a relationships with people who are different, relationships mean everything. Work on them
cooperative approach” whether in race, gender, or otherwise. It’s all every day. Nobody owes you anything; you owe
about relationships. people everything.”
Take risks, advises Theresa Welbourne, an Finally, she adds, believe and remember that
expert in organizational behavior and founder you have control. “Whether you think you can or
way. I knew it wouldn’t work if I tried to imitate a and CEO of eePulse, a technology and research whether you think you can’t, you’re probably
man. People will praise certain behavior in a man, company based in Howell, MI. You can’t take right. The game is played out in your mind.”
but despise those same traits in a woman.”
The big question, says Phipps, is figuring
out how to lead effectively when you are
perceived as being weaker. “Do you become a
witch? And, if you’re too nice, will you get
everything accomplished? Will you be able to
get the results you and the company expect?”

Success strategies
So how do individual women fight for their
rightful place at the table and keep their seats
once they get there?
Be realistic: “Don’t think we have fully
overcome; you’ll do yourself a disservice. Realize
that you have to be prepared, to have the
education and the experience, so that when your
credentials are presented, there’s little to
question,” says Nelson.
“Early in my career, I applied for jobs that I
didn’t get. I worked diligently to improve myself.
Learning has to be a lifelong process,” she says.
Because she didn’t have mentors early on, she
would read biographies of successful business
people to see how they got through and she
would ponder what she thought they might do
in a situation that she was having trouble with.
Practice excellence daily, Bourgeois adds.
“Success is a strategy.”
Flexibility is important, Ladd says. “You
will end up where you are supposed to be. In
the meantime, make the most of where you
are right now.”

TopExecutive Guide 49



How many times have we

What I Wish I had said to ourselves if only we’d

known... ? Ann Graham finds
out from some EMBA alumni,
what they wished they’d
known before starting their
Executive MBA

indsight is a beautiful thing. While Wadhwa’s former classmate can the option of places such as China, South
The number of times we can reap the rewards of her EMBA by way of a Africa, India or Brazil can be enticing, she
look back on an occasion much-deserved vacation, travel expenses wished she had spent more time researching
throughout our lifetime during an Executive MBA is one aspect her destination of choice. “Going to other
uttering the words “I wish someone had told another EMBA alumnus alerts candidates to. countries is part of the adventure [of an
me that...” Although we can’t necessarily Aaron Sylvan, an EMBA graduate of IMD in EMBA],” Wadhwa says.
change what has been, we can certainly Switzerland, says his travel expenses were “Though an integral part of the journey,
prepare for what’s ahead with the wisdom of substantial and estimates it to be two-thirds as it’s not just the tourist destinations you
others who have gone before us. much as the tuition, taking into consideration should spend time researching before you
If you’re considering the world of hotels and airfares. arrive. Going to another country can open
Executive MBA classrooms, take heed in “The cost didn’t surprise me and I had doors professionally – and that should be
the knowledge of others who have entered budgeted for it, but since it is so significant I one of the key deciding factors on which
the business school world before you. would give others an extra reminder to be sure countries you choose to pursue your
They’ve dedicated 12-24 months of their to include it in their financial planning. Also international modules in. I missed the
lives to management modules, group
discussions and team projects and a
qualification which will set them up for an
exciting professional career. They’ve taken
the challenge, and excelled. But each one
of them has admitted that there are some
things about the experience they wished
they had known before embarking on their
Executive MBA. One of those is Hina
Wadhwa-Gonfreville, Editor in Chief of the
QS TopExecutive Guide.
An Executive MBA alumna of ESCP
Europe, Wadhwa looks back on her time in
the classroom with fond memories, but says
there are a number of things that would have
enhanced her experience – even post-EMBA
- if only she’d known.
“I caught up with a fellow alumna about
two months after our graduation, who said she bear in mind that currency exchange rates can opportunity to get in touch with alumni or
was planning a vacation to Fiji. My reaction fluctuate between enrolment and participation, network more with local contacts (via our
was “how can you afford that?” After all, I still so leave an extra 20% or so for safety.” partner business school) in Rio de Janeiro
hadn’t finished paying off my loan. But she because I didn’t put the time into organizing
told me she had paid all of her school fees on Researching destinations myself. These seminars are a rare chance to
her airline credit card (instead of the classic ESCP Europe’s Executive MBA allowed broaden your network and explore new
cheque or bank transfer), and got air miles for Wadhwa and her fellow classmates to horizons. So think about what you want to
them! Had I known, I would have used the choose modules in a range of destinations get out of these experiences, work hard,
miles for travel on the program!” all around the world. But, she says, although party hard but network smart, too!”

50 TopExecutive Guide



Time management Time management is a key element to go through, so that I would be able to prepare
For many Executive MBA alumni, knowing not only making the most of your Executive myself and my family better before I began the
how much time is involved in pursuing an MBA, but also making it a success. Sylvan course,” the medical director of Amgen’s
EMBA is at the top of their list of ‘what they wasn’t the only one who wished he’d known Brazilian hub says.
wish they had known’. Sylvan is an about the time commitment before embarking “I would also have liked to have
entrepreneur and had his own business to on his EMBA, so too did Nick Mbuvi, understood sooner how important it is to
run while at the same time ensuring he had corporate banking director for Barclays Global build strong relationships and partnerships
the time and energy to give 100% to his Retail and Commercial Banking, East Africa within the group, with classmates and
Executive MBA. He openly admits he wished and IESE Global Executive MBA alumnus. colleagues, since with full collaboration
he’d fully understood just how much time “I think I underestimated the size of the everything gets easier,” he says.
would be involved. challenge,” Mbuvi admits. “Pursuing the It was the classmates and colleagues on
“I had the impression it would consume EMBA, having a full-time job and creating Paul C McAfee’s Executive MBA at Fordham
10-15 hours per week, and that I could easily time for the family is no mean task!” However, that he wishes he’d known more about. The
make room in my work-week... but it turned Mbuvi says he quickly became an expert in Chief of Spinal Reconstructive Surgery at St.
out to really require more like 20-25hrs, and time management and through excellent Josephs Medical Center, Baltimore,
many of my classmates arranged for their support from his family and employer he Maryland says the only hard part of the
employers to let them work part-time during adjusted to life in the EMBA classroom. EMBA was that the experience had to end
the program,” says the CEO of Sylvan Social It’s that need for family time that Mariano upon graduation. “I miss the people
Technology. “As an entrepreneur, I certainly Janiszewski, an Executive MBA alumnus from tremendously. It is probably the difference
have flexibility and control over my the Katz Graduate School of Business at the between theory and actual practice but each
schedule, but I would have planned my University of Pittsburgh, wished he’d known of us continually wishes that the people we
business differently had I realized just how before embarking on his EMBA. “I would work with on a day-to-day basis could only be
much work would be expected of me by have liked to have known the dimension of the as talented and conscientious as our fellow
professors and teammates.” personal and family sacrifice I would have to MBA classmates.”

TopExecutive Guide 51



Back to the classroom MBA alumnus. “That is why I have come to speed read or have the ability to increase
With the average age of most Executive appreciate the case study discussions during my memory capacity in a short period of
MBA candidates at 30+, it has been a while class. It provides one of the few opportunities time,” she says.
since these executive professionals have during which I can resume my more As all the alumni we have spoken to have
been back into the classroom, and the accustomed role of decision-maker, rather alluded to, there is significant time required
EMBA is a far cry from an undergraduate than a student who is preoccupied with to successfully complete an Executive MBA,
degree. Despite years of professional homework and exams,” admits Pereda, a while juggling work, family, and social lives
experience out in the “real world”, private equity veteran. concurrently. This is where the importance
becoming a student again requires a Charmaine Leung, a current student of scheduling comes in, and it is yet another
significant mindshift and adaptation of at Kellogg-WHU, has also realized what it element to the Executive MBA Wadhwa
one’s thinking. is like to be a student again, albeit one wished she had known before stepping into
Knowing what it is like to be a student studying for her Executive MBA degree. the classroom.
again, is the number one thing Erick E The founder of Go Jewellery, www. “Try to work out your work/study
Pereda wishes he had known pre-EMBA. “I, an online jewellery routine,” she advises. “Decide what you
wish I had known that I was truly going to store, says it has been a while since she should do in the morning, and what you are
become a student again, and from an studied so intensively, and had the need to best at doing late at night. It’s important to
executive perspective, this has posed a complete as many readings as possible in a work out your thought cycle and to anticipate
challenge,” says the IESE Global Executive short period of time. “I wish I knew how to that, rather than finding out halfway through
the course. Don’t keep everything in your
head – you are bound to forget things! Put
your thoughts and your to-do lists down on
paper. I carried a little notebook around and
that freed a lot of much needed mental space.
If you can get into a routine that works for
you, your EMBA experience will be all the
more enjoyable.”

Personal enlightenment
Natacha Dagneaud, founder of Séissmo, a
market research agency specializing in
Qualitative Consumer Research in Germany,
and alumna of Kellogg-WHU, chose to
embark on her Executive MBA to decide
about her professional (and private) future
orientation. “I wanted to learn again,” she says.
“And to have the chance (the right!) to “know
nothing”. When you are leading a company
you sometimes don’t know better but you are
supposed to know,” she says.
Dagneaud’s EMBA made her feel both
stronger and wiser. “It created a “big
picture” view” and sharpened my sight as
well, helping me to take a step back during
important and critical decisions,” she says.
But just as was the case for all other EMBA
alumni, there were a few things Dagneaud
wished she had known before stepping into
the classroom. “I wish I had known that it
was going to create subversive questions
within oneself about the “right” choices...
and sometimes bring even more questions
than before.”
Yet for Franz Fankhauser, head of
Department of Retinology and Vitreoretinal
Surgery at ORASIS Eye Clinic, Reinach in
Switzerland and Executive MBA alumnus
of Leipzig Graduate School of Management,
there was only one thing he wished he’d
known before embarking on his EMBA. “I
wish I knew earlier about its existence. If so,
I would have done it a long time ago.”

TopExecutive Guide 53



EMBA World is a New York

City-based organization
dedicated to helping employees
and employers understand

Undergoing options regarding graduate level

business education, and in
particular the Executive MBA

Jason A. Price, MS, MBA, founder of EMBA World, and author of the just released, updated
version of Insider’s Guide to the Executive MBA takes a look at Executive MBA trends

he first Executive MBA launched programs. Combined, all of these represent have also been quick to respond to industry-
nearly 70 years ago in Chicago in a handful of the new dynamics that the specific demands and offer summer
1943. The program was offered EMBA is experiencing in the 21st century, programs which suit seasonal industries,
by The University of Chicago to and constitute important trends in the such as accounting where January to April
a class of 23 over a period of 18 months. By industry of graduate business education. are busy months.
the 1960s the majority of schools in the US We are also seeing an increased
and Europe were offering their own form of Evolving teaching formats intensity of the delivery of executive
Executive MBA. Michigan State University, The EMBA learning format varies from education. Driven by greater demands being
University of Pittsburgh, and the London school to school. Weekends, bi-monthly, placed on students at their places of
Business School, just to name a few, helped and week-long sessions present opportunities employment, programs aim to maximize the
train future business leaders in conjunction for new forms of class delivery. Schools value students get while in the classroom.
with full-time employment. Today, there
are nearly 300 EMBA programs worldwide.
As a result of this growth in the number
of EMBA programs being offered, in 1981,
the non-profit EMBA Council organized
schools to share knowledge and adopt best
practices that would further excel EMBA
education. The Council is credited in
supporting schools to define their own
unique path while ensuring the delivery of
a high quality business education in
accordance to the accrediting body AACSB.
Most schools originally followed the
Chicago course delivery style, offering a fast-
track or accelerated program which employees
could take while on sabbatical or over vacations,
compliments of the boss. Many corporations
rewarded star employees with this opportunity
for further professional advancement. The
course work was flexible and accommodating
enough for participants to attend while
continuing to work up the corporate ladder.
While the nature of the Executive MBA is
much the same as in its formative years, an
increasingly international business environment
is placing greater demands on the degree.
Cross-continental innovations, ever-
advancing information technology, even
coursework addressing business ethics, are
all in greater demand within EMBA

54 TopExecutive Guide



Many schools now offer longer, more schools being well-suited to address the
intensive training sessions that meet less topic have built ethics classes which include The changing EMBA landscape
frequently—a once you have them, teach real-world case studies and simulations into A school’s point of view
them approach. Thus, business school the curriculum.
Dr. Francis Petit, Associate Dean at
applicants who would have opted for The much talked about MBA Oath
Fordham University shares the
traditional offerings are attracted to the came about as a result of the aftermath of
trends he sees taking place within
concentrated EMBA program. 2008. Created by two Harvard MBA
the Executive MBA
graduates, the Oath is a voluntary pledge for
Innovative uses of technology in graduating and current MBAs to “create
the classroom value responsibly and ethically.” The MBA We see a number of trends taking
Technology has clearly impacted the Oath has been embraced by students and place in the EMBA world. For
Executive MBA and business at large. Many graduates representing over 300 institutions example, in the last few years our
schools are adapting e-learning models that around the world and at most recent count EMBA students have come from a
incorporate web-based applications into includes over 4,500 supporters. slightly younger group. In our case
their curricula. Schools are demonstrating that means 32 or 33. While our
novel uses with technology to connect, Adoption of the Executive MBA in evening and part-time programs of
deliver, and archive the delivery of other fields the regular MBA programs have
coursework. IMD and the Hass School of As a concept, the Executive MBA has been seen enrolment drop, the EMBA
Business at Berkeley make class lectures so successful in helping professionals obtain seems to be what students want as
available via podcast. The University of a graduate business education, that the it’s more efficient.
Illinois bridges multiple campuses executive-model has surfaced in other We also find that students are
throughout Greater Chicago using real-time degree programs. more sensitive to the cost of tuition
digital conferencing, while INSEAD has The Mailman School of Public Health than they used to be. Just as
just announced it will use Apple iTunes to at Columbia University offers an Executive companies have experienced drop-
reach new audiences. MPH. Hospital and healthcare offs in their business during the
Most EMBA programs subscribe to administrators, doctors and nurses, social current recession, we face a softer
groupware platforms which link students, workers, and government and foundation market for our product—education.
faculty and administrators in virtual private researchers can graduate through a two-year Some schools charge upwards of
networks. Innovations of this kind are course of concentrated study with classes $100,000, and I think they may
available in most EMBA programs, as are held over one extended weekend per month, face setbacks or even a bust if
podcasts, mobile connectivity, and while maintaining full-time employment. expenses do not slow down or
academic social media networks. UCLA, Drexel University and the University retract. If the real estate and stock
However, the efficacy of technology as of North Carolina among others offer markets can have their bubble
a tool to deliver and augment graduate similar programs, and USC offers a Master’s burst, why not academia?
business education is open for discussion. A of Medical Management. Another movement that we’ve
few EMBA programs use technology in The relatively new Geneva School of noticed is in the admissions process.
place of the classroom. Some programs are Diplomacy and International Relations, offers More and more schools are dropping
building the entire learning model around a n E M I R — E x e c u t i v e M a s t e r ’s i n the GMAT requirement. However, we
computer applications. Others have taken a International Relations — that can be think that those schools are doing so
completely opposite approach and minimize completed in as little as 18 months. Lawyers for competitive reasons, and at
the use of technology, using it only for who want a master’s degree can attend St Fordham we’ll continue to require
research and assignments. Most EMBA Louis’s Washington University Executive the test for admission.
programs though, opt for a balanced mix of LLM (Master of Law) degree, which the
Perhaps the most interesting
in person and online learning. school offers in collaboration with Korea
trend over these past few years has
University. Indiana University, Purdue offers
been the growing collegiality
Ethics and morality coursework an Executive MA in Philanthropic studies,
among business schools. By
A discussion about business school in the while USC’s Master of Medical Management
sharing classrooms, schools expose
second decade of the 21st century is not (MMM) degree provides the formal business
students to a wider pool of
complete without a look at how schools are education physicians seek in order to realize
professors and subjects. The deans
handling the question of ethics and morality their professional goals.
of the various Jesuit Institutions—
in the workplace. The scandal-driven 2008 The Executive MBA, because of its
such as Fordham—are working on
economic meltdown will continue to professional audience is one of, if not the
closing gaps in current curricula
resonate for a long time in textbooks, but may most, adaptive degrees in the management
through cooperation, and similar
escape immediate memory as we move away education arena today. Built to respond to
alliances are happening with the
from the uncertain times of the end of the last the needs of an ever-changing and fast-
Ivy League schools and others in
decade. paced business landscape, the EMBA
geographically common locations
How you conduct yourself morally and benefits from a distinctive real-world
and with similar reputations.
ethically in the business world is based on leadership edge. It is this flexibility and
character, not education, so the blame put prompt response to its market that keeps the
on business schools for being at fault was EMBA a viable and valuable option for the
unfortunate and baseless. However, business world’s top executives.

TopExecutive Guide 55



Today’s workplace demands
innovation, creativity, and high
performance to achieve ultimate
success. Diversity MBA Magazine
offers answers to the most

under pressure
pressing questions of the day by
focusing on multiple dimensions
of the diversity experience;
delivering compelling strategies
and best practices, to ensure your
By Connie Glover and Erika James ultimate success
This article was first published in Diversity MBA magazine

hile leadership as a quality can Secondly, it is often the handling of a crisis supports communication efforts across
manifest itself in many ways, it’s that can lead to more damage than the crisis itself. organizational levels, departments, and other
perhaps most apparent when things Crisis leadership entails a complex set of boundaries. For example, developing capabilities
become difficult; the pressure increases and the competencies that leaders must adopt if they are for managing a crisis in a global context requires a
leader and his or her staff is up against it. How to steer an organization through the various crisis mindset, and integrated support system, that can
a leader behaves under pressure often serves as phases and into a successful recovery. When these quickly bring together and mobilize stakeholders
a true indicator of his or her effectiveness. competencies exist within a firm’s leadership, the from different parts of the world to resolve the crisis.
As scholars of crises, crisis management, likelihood of a firm becoming resilient after a Fourthly, learning from crisis is the best
and leadership, Erika Hayes James and Lynn crisis is greatly enhanced. A leader’s ability to hope for preventing repeat occurrences; it
Wooten, in their book Leading Under Pressure, build a successful crisis-management team is also provides an excellent opportunity to challenge
observe some points about crises (current as important; some of the advantages include an the organizational routines that may stand in
well as those from times past), and the rippling ability to generate more information, stimulate the way of excellence. Further, firms which can
effect they can have. Through an intricate creativity and expedite decision-making. engage in learning can develop an
weaving of theoretical, empirical, and practical
ideas associated with the concepts of crisis and
leadership, James and Wooten present a
comprehensive perspective that can guide the
business academic community toward
continued study in crisis leadership. They
challenge students to prepare themselves for a
new leadership form, and provide a road map
for practitioners and executives to traverse as
they continue to navigate the ever-increasing
challenges of leading today’s organizations.
Firstly, crises are inevitable. Some crises
may be avoided, and some may be managed
well enough to limit long-term damage, but at
the end of the day, every organization and even
every nation will experience at least one crisis.
For example, throughout the late 1990s and
well into the 2000s, several American
businesses were characterized largely by crisis
and scandal. Among the most notorious were
the financial and ethical mismanagement of
Enron Corp. and WorldCom. Throughout Thirdly, effective crisis handling involves organizational memory that helps to prevent
history, leaders of firms and their various much more than good public relations. Leaders future problems.
stakeholders have had to deal with a host of must establish a norm of open and honest Finally, crisis events can create potential for
challenges ranging from the mundane to the communication, and be appropriately candid significant opportunity to be realized for
severe. However ordinary or commonplace about all aspects of the business, in good times as individuals, organizations and countries. There
these challenges may seem, they are well as bad. Doing so can go a long way toward are numerous examples of people and
nonetheless problematic, and, if left unattended building a culture of trust. Moreover, information organizations that have adopted a more optimistic
or if they become subject to public scrutiny, flow to various stakeholders will occur more easily frame of mind in response to threat. Consequently,
they can escalate into a crisis situation with the when there is a norm or expectation of what these individuals and organizations do in
potential to harm, sometimes irreparably. communication and an infrastructure that response to crisis is worth examining.

TopExecutive Guide 57



Hidden Costs An Executive MBA from one

of the world’s top business
of an schools is challenging,

rewarding and pricey.
Ann Graham looks into the
hidden costs of an EMBA

n Executive MBA (EMBA) isn’t cheap, Before you pay your tuition fees, however, ask for your presence on campus. Many schools
but talk to any alumni who’s “been you may be required to pay an application fee. encourage you to visit their campus before
there, done that” and they’ll say the This is the first step to showing your future submitting your application, to ensure the
investment is well worth it. However, like any business school you’re serious about embarking business school is the right fit for you. This is a
life-changing project, an EMBA requires on an Executive MBA. It takes time to put your valuable exercise, as it also allows you to sit in
careful planning. It’s a decision that every application together, but it also takes time for the on class, get a feel for the campus environment
EMBA candidate must come to over time; a school to process it, and they want to know they’re and project yourself in your future as an EMBA
decision that needs to be made after extensive investing time into a candidate who’s going to add participant there, so set some finances – and
research, analysis and evaluation into the value to their classroom. time - aside for this as well.
options on offer. Part of that research will be Top tip: If your business school of choice Top tip: Download Skype to your
into the expenses an EMBA requires, and that requires you to have a GMAT score, add it to computer and make sure your web cam is
shouldn’t be approached lightly. But what the list. That’s another cost associated with the working should a school be happy to arrange a
makes up that financial investment? EMBA. You may also need to sit the TOEFL face-to-face interview via cyberspace.
or TOEIC exams if English isn’t your native
Tuition & application fees language. Find out from the admissions teams Flights & transfers
It’s often the case that the more prestigious the of the business schools you are applying to. One of the major attractions of the Executive
institution, the greater the tuition fee. A look MBA is that candidates can continue to work and
at many of the world’s top business schools Interviews live at home while studying for this prestigious
shows an Executive MBA will set you back Once you’ve passed the initial application business school degree, thus reducing the
anywhere between £25,000 and £90,000, round, it’s time for an interview – or two. Some disruption to their professional and personal
possibly even more. But as part of your research business schools request up to two face-to-face lives. The EMBA does not require you to move
it is important to take note of what those tuition interviews with potential candidates, and to another city, another country, or even another
fees entail. While some will cover the costs of although this may take place at a venue near continent – but it is likely to require you to travel
course materials, accommodation, food and you, be prepared to pay for the necessary flights there, particularly if you’re enrolled on a Global
travel, others won’t. to your business school of choice should they Executive MBA (GEMBA). As such, you need
to ensure you have the financial means to fund
your travel. Some schools include students’
travel costs within the tuition fees for some
modules or seminars, but this will vary from
program to program.
Top tip: Getting to and from the airport is
only part of the travel. You still need to pay for
transfers to and from your accommodation and
school campus. As you get to know your
classmates, you may find it easier to not only
coordinate travel, but also work on group
assignments or simply exchange experiences..

Visas & travel insurance

Embarking on an Executive MBA is
challenging enough without adding to stress
levels by being disorganized. Save yourself
time and worry by establishing which

58 TopExecutive Guide



countries you will need a visa for and get the material throughout your Executive MBA. You and car parking. Don’t forget sight-seeing if
process going, even before class begins if may not wish to buy each book, but why not you’re going abroad for a seminar, group
possible. Your program manager will be able team up with your classmates and each buy a outings and networking gatherings, culinary
to help you with the details or paperwork if recommended book to share? Keep up-to-date explorations and fun, too.
any is needed. on what’s happening in the Financial Times
Whether you’re travelling for business or and Economist as well. If you don’t have an Networking & social costs
pleasure, you must always take out insurance online subscription, you’re sure to find copies Studying for an Executive MBA is hard work,
and travelling during your EMBA is no different. in your business school’s library. but that doesn’t mean it’s all work and no play.
Whether you have an existing policy, or being Top tip: Get a head start with QS Top In fact, you may find some of your best work,
accepted into an Executive MBA program is the Executive’s recommended reading lists for EMBA study, and research is done while socializing with
instigator you need to take out a new one, make candidates. You can find them on www.topmba. your classmates. After all, they’ll be a diverse
sure you and your luggage are covered. com/emba/reading-recommendations. group of senior managers and professionals from
Top tip: Back up all of your course work. all corners of the globe whom you can learn just
If your laptop gets lost or stolen in transit, you Accommodation as much from as you can from your professors.
don’t want to turn up to class without your part Some business schools will include So make sure you have some money in your
of the group project. There are many online accommodation in the tuition fees, but should pocket for a round of drinks – if you come up
back up and file sharing services available, you need to source your own accommodation with a business idea over a beer, you’ll soon get
such as Dropbox for example, which not only during your modules, either on campus or abroad, a return on your investment.
allow you to access your files from anywhere, why not group together with your classmates and Top tip: Don’t rely solely on your social
but also exchange group work files easily. use your negotiation skills with a local hotel? network profiles, such as LinkedIn. Nothing
Booking in bulk may enable you to get a discount. beats networking face-to-face – it can be
Textbooks Check if some of your classmates have access to expensive but it’s worth it.
After accepting a place on an Executive MBA, interesting corporate rates. Another option is to
you will need to purchase your text books (if roomshare – and if you share with a classmate And finally… graduation outfit
your school hasn’t included these in the overall who’s being sponsored by their company, you may And then of course there’s the outfit for your
course fees). Purchase these books as soon as find you’ll end up with spare change. graduation. New suit, new dress, new shoes – not
possible and start reading. Preparation is key to Top tip: Make sure you also set aside to mention the appointment at the hairdresser’s.
getting the most out of your EMBA. Professors money for phone calls (although Skype is But don’t feel guilty. You’ve certainly earned a
will also recommend additional reading definitely a better option), wi-fi access, laundry night – and a shopping spree – of celebration.

TopExecutive Guide 59



EMBA reads –
Admissions directors from some of the world’s top business schools reveal the books
they would recommend EMBA candidates have on their bookshelves

eading and constant learning are current participants or alumni, they all So, to help get you prepared, we
something that any good agree that the amount of reading asked some of the top business school
executive should be doing at all expected of you on an EMBA program administrators what books they would
times but reading and learning jump can be a bit daunting. As Charmaine recommend for their potential EMBA
into high gear when you enter an Leung, a current student at Kellogg- participants. They came up with a must
Executive MBA program. To prepare WHU told us, “I wish I had (learned) read list of some of the top leadership,
yourself for going back to school, most how to speed read. It has been a while business and management titles on the
EMBA program directors recommend since I studied so intensively and had market today. Pick up a few of them
that you get into the habit of reading on the need to complete as much reading and get yourself ramped up for the
a more regular basis. If you listen to in a short period of time.” learning curve ahead of you.

Fordham University, Imperial College Business School

Graduate School of Business Administration Ebrahim Mohamed, Director of Executive
Dr Francis Petit, Assistant Dean MBA Programmes
and Director for Executive Programs Innovation: A very Short Introduction
Heroic Living by Chris Lowney, Loyola Press, 2009 by Dodgson and Gann, Oxford University Press, 2010
“This book enlightens its readers on the importance of “A well written, thought-provoking and handily pocket-
developing purpose and perspective within one’s sized book to be read while commuting...
professional/personal life.” for the time-pressured.”
Serpico by Peter Maas, Perrenial, 1973
“The classic story of the cop who couldn’t be bought INSEAD
illustrates the courage it takes to fight deep level Nicole Tee, Director of Executive MBA Programmes
organizational corruption.” Breakthrough Rapid Reading by Peter Kump,
Prentice Hall Press 1998
IESE Business School “Time is a precious commodity especially for an EMBA
Maria Puig, Executive Director participant who has to juggle so many responsibilities.
of the Global Executive MBA One who reads faster has an advantage.”
Developing Leadership Competencies
by Prof. Pablo Cardona, Eunsa, October 2005 Kellogg-WHU
“This excellent book by IESE professor Pablo Cardona Hanne Forssbohm, Senior Program Manager,
helps executives better identify and determine the Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA Program
competencies they would like to strengthen as leaders.” Corporate Strategy by Collis D, and Montgomery
The Economist, Business Week C, McGraw Hill 2004
and the Financial Times – periodicals This book is used as a framework for the analysis of
“I would also recommend reading global business corporate-level strategy and therefore nicely
publications on a regular basis so that you are always compliments the strategy courses that EMBA students
on top of current international, political and will participate in as part of their program.
economical affairs.”

60 TopExecutive Guide



Havard Business Review, Harvard Business allocation and action), breaks them down into simple
School Publishing, published monthly and attainable skills and then shows readers how to
A must read for EMBA candidates and participants, apply them on a daily basis.
The Harvard Business Review applies the best research
True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership
and practice to today’s management challenges and by Bill George, Gildan Media Corp 2007
strategic opportunities.
True North is a practical and inspiring examination of
the executive experience which guides the reader to
Sabanci University, locate what the author calls “the internal compass that
Sabanci School of Management guides you successfully through life”.
Ulf Nilsson, PhD, EMBA Academic Coordinator
Fooled by randomness by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Virginia Tech, Pamplin College of Business
Random House 2005 Karime Shamloo, Assistant Director Executive
“The book offers a perspective on both careers and life MBA Program
in general which many students might find useful and
thought-provoking. It will therefore support their Five Dysfunctions of a Team
personal development and a wider way of thinking.”
by Patrick Lencioni, Jossey Bass 2002
In this fictional story (the last installment of a trilogy),
Freakonomics by Steven D Levitt and Stephen J Lencioni tells the tale of a woman who takes control of
Dubner, Harper Perennial 2009 a dysfunctional high-tech company’s executive
“Freakonomics is creative and logical, and provides a committee and helps its members succeed as a team. It
structured approach to complex issues in an encouraging is an insightful guide for those struggling with the
and interesting manner. It is also enjoyable to read.” inherent difficulties of leading a group.

Please Understand Me
University of Pittsburgh, by David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates, Prometheus
Katz Graduate School of Business Nemesis Book Company 1984
Anne Nemer, Assistant Dean for Executive For those already familiar with the Myers-Briggs
Degree Programs, Joseph M. Katz Graduate personality [type] test, Please Understand Me will
School of Business cover some familiar territory and for those just
Managing Across Borders: The Transnational getting acquainted with the test through this book, it
Solution by Christopher A. Bartlett and Sumantra will offer a nice introduction with a Jungian twist.
Ghoshal, Harvard Business School Press 1998 Keirsey and Bates believe that not only is it impossible
This business classic researches management on a to truly change others, it’s much more important to
global stage with examples drawn from today’s understand and affirm our differences.
emerging international business community.

Instant Creativity: Simple Techniques to Ignite Arizona State University,

WP Carey School of Business
Innovation and Problem Solving by Brian Clegg
and Paul Birch, Kogan-Page Limited 2007 James King, director of recruiting and admissions
With numerous quick and easy exercises, Instant for the W.P. Carey MBA
Creativity helps readers discover fresh ideas and Even You Can Learn Statistics: A Guide for
solutions to problems and encourages individuals and Everyone Who Has Ever Been Afraid of Statistics
groups to use their creativity. by David F Stephan, FT Press 2009
“Because EMBA students are often anxious about their
Deep Dive: The Proven Method for Building Strategy,
quantitative skills when joining a program, we
Focusing Your Resources, and Taking Smart Action
recommend that concerned students refresh with books
by Rick Horwath, Greenleaf Book Group Press 2009
in the statistics and accounting areas. Even You Can
Through his research with senior executives from more
Learn Statistics is a good book for helping to build
than 150 companies, Horwath dissects the three most
some background in statistics in advance of class.”
important elements of strategic thinking (acumen,

TopExecutive Guide 61



QS World Executive
MBA Tour bootcamp:
the application process - part 3
(EMBA Bootcamp 1 & 2 can be found at

You’re considering an Executive MBA. You’ve attended a QS World Executive MBA fair,
spoken with admissions directors and alumni, and come to the conclusion it’s the
qualification for you. Now comes your first challenge - your EMBA application
Making the decision to study for an Executive MBA will be one of the most the classroom that is. Each application to your preferred business school
exciting times in your professional career. Preparing to go into a classroom needs to illustrate just who you are as a unique individual, what skill set you
with other like-minded individuals to test your skills, learn new business have, and what you are going to bring to the classroom. It may seem like a
practices and ultimately set you up for a rewarding executive profession will daunting process, but get through the application and you’re well on your
be an experience you’ll never forget. But, you’ve got to get there first – into way to achieving your first Executive MBA goal!

Get support The application form

1 You may be the one who has decided to embark on an
Executive MBA, but you won’t be experiencing the course
3 Fill it out correctly! When downloading the application form,
download the instructions as well. Every school is different so
alone. The time, energy and attention you’ll need to apply to your make sure you tick the right boxes and sell yourself to that institution.
coursework will mean sacrifices have to be made elsewhere. Therefore, Business schools are looking for the right fit just as much as you are.
it’s important you get support from family, friends, and colleagues - Top tip from Leipzig: Show us your motivation and clear career goals.
you’re going to need it! Create a carefully thought-out and structured application. Take your time
Top tip from EMLYON: Find a sponsor in your company so you will for preparing a tailored application for each school you are applying to.
have someone with whom to share what you are experiencing in the
EMBA, in the context of your organization.
Test prep scores

Visit business schools

4 An Executive MBA application is likely to include a GMAT
score, but just as each application is different, so too is the test
2 You’ve met them at the fair and spoken to their admissions
directors, now take a look at the business schools themselves.
prep score and result for each business school. Be sure to find out what
your school requires and then get to it. As many students and alumni
Organize a visit to the different campuses of the schools you’re applying will tell you, it’s not something you want to leave to the last minute. If
to and explore the student environment. Sit in on a lecture or two and your program doesn’t require a GMAT score, you may have to sit
soak up the atmosphere. alternative tests. You may also be required to sit the TOEFL (Test of
Top tip from IESE: Don’t submit an application without having English as a Foreign Language) or another English language assessment
experienced the program and met the school and staff. test if English is not your native or work language, or if you do not have
an undergraduate degree from English-language institution.
Top tip from INSEAD: Set aside sufficient time for your GMAT. A
GMAT score is valid for five years. A TOEFL score is valid for two years.

62 TopExecutive Guide



Top tips for your application... from the business

schools themselves

Top tip from Imperial: Visit as many business schools as

possible and speak to staff and current students at the
business schools you visit

Top tip from Kellogg-WHU: Be yourself and know what you

are looking for. Although the top programs are quite similar
in terms of academic knowledge transfer, they are often
structured very differently in terms of course schedule,
diversity and globalism. Don’t pretend to be all things to all
programs – really look for the fit

Top tip from Pittsburgh (Katz): Foster your creativity and

flexibility – be prepared to work outside your comfort zone
with people, tasks and situations that are both familiar and
unfamiliar. Know where you stand out and what you have to
offer – what differentiates you, and how these differences
can benefit you and your team in the EMBA program

Documentation Letter of recommendation

5 From academic transcripts to your CV, an EMBA
application requires a bit of paperwork. This helps the
8 This is an import ant part of your Executive MBA
application, so think carefully about who you ask to
admissions directors to get an initial impression of you as a provide your letter of recommendation. It needs to be someone
candidate, so make sure your CV is applicable, it demonstrates who can give an accurate account of you as an individual and as a
your relevant work experience and, once again, you provide all the professional. Once chosen, make sure you give him/her sufficient
relevant documentation the business school has asked for. time to write the letter.
Top tip from W P Carey: Provide the best possible application, Top tip from IE: Don’t get recommendation letters from high level
including résumé and essays. Emphasize your experience in managers who don’t actually know you.
managing people, projects and budgets.

The interview
Admissions essays 9 If you’ve been called to a business school interview,
6 For most candidates, this is the most challenging part of
the business school application process. It may be some
congratulations – you’re one step closer to the EMBA
classroom. Your application has obviously made the admissions
time since you last wrote an essay, so don’t expect it to be easy. directors notice you, so be sure your interview does the same. Speak
However, answer the question the school has provided and, most confidently, prepare your answers in advance and be honest. This
of all, make it personal. Put your own unique take on the question is your opportunity to really let the admissions directors know how
to make yours stand out from the crowd. much of an asset to their business school you will be. As for any
Top tip from Chicago Booth: Ensure you answer the essay interview, be yourself; authenticity is key.
questions directly. Top tip from Emory: Don’t be late for your interview (call ahead
if there is a problem!) .

Financial support
7 In recent years, securing finance for an Executive MBA Acceptance
has become increasingly difficult, but that’s not to say
there isn’t any out there. Companies are still sponsoring EMBA
10 The most rewarding part of your application will be the
notification of acceptance – then your EMBA experience
candidates, scholarships offered by business schools are increasing, can really begin. If for some reason you’ve been unsuccessful, take
and there has been a growing trend of self-financed candidates. If it as a learning curve. Perhaps now isn’t the right time to do an
you’re serious about your EMBA, you’ll find the money – you just EMBA, but in a few years with some more experience under your
need to show the business school you are capable of doing so. belt, it will be. For those entering the business school classroom
Top tip from Fordham: We are telling our EMBA students to speak – enjoy! It’s an experience you’ll never forget.
with their accountants as some of our current executive students Top tip from Sabanci University: Have fun! You have a wonderful
have been getting about a third of their tuition expenses back opportunity to study highly interesting topics together with highly
within their tax refund. qualified classmates and professors. Realize that this is a privilege
and opportunity and take good care of it.

TopExecutive Guide 63



DOSSIER SPECIAL EID // 20 mai 2009


> Professionnels en banque d’investissement,

asset management, banque de réseau, private equity,
fusions-acquisitions, conseil, assurance,
finance d’entreprise...

L’AGEFI HEBDO vous accompagne

chaque semaine dans l’exercice de votre métier

Pour plus d’informations sur nos offres d’abonnement, rendez-vous sur

L’intelligence financière au quotidien



Five ways About the Author: Paul B. Evans is a

22 year veteran of business who helps
entrepreneurs develop and grow
strategically for the benefit of
themselves and others. While most

to influence
training companies focusonly on the
bottom line – Paul helps entrepreneurs
create a complete lifestyle business.

Instead of making money the only goal
and the only measurement, he teaches
to measure your success by your

By Paul B Evans
amount of freedom and enjoyment.

Here are five ways to influence and impact your friends, colleagues and clients …

#1 Be intentional customers and clients in person. Being in What is the end result or benefit people will
Accept and embrace your responsibility as a the same place at the same time will build get from working with you or simply being
leader in your market. Make a focused effort the connection in a lasting way. around you? What are the results of customers
to make a measurable difference. buying and applying your products?
There’s plenty of white noise in the world #3 Be present
– no need for us to contribute. You’ve met and talked with thousands in your #5 Be engaged
Spend five minutes watching any cable lifetime. How many were present? How many Life’s too brief to be monochrome. Be alert
news or opinion program and it will be gave you their full attention? No looking over and focused – be alive.
nothing but critiques and judgment; your shoulder, no getting distracted and not You can’t “make every moment count,”
“Coaching from the stands” so to speak. Very acting like you’re beneath them. it’s impossible, with too much unrealistic
little of real value that will change the world. Now then… how many times have you pressure. However, we can decide which
But you can change the world. You can given others your full presence? Ahh… it’s events and people require our full engagement
decide to be intentional with the change not easy is it? and which require little.
you want to make. You can step out with a Yet one of the greatest compliments we Influence and impact through being
plan to make it happen, rather than just can give another (or receive from someone) is engaged can be simple.
talking about it. the gift of full attention.
This video clip will share the concept s Listen
Don’t use your phone at dinner
#2 Be available better than I ever could. Don’t get lost in the s closely to a client with a question
John Maxwell put it best, “You can impress politics – grab the principle. It’s Bill s Be actively interested
people from a distance. You can only impact
them up close.”
Clinton’s “Reality Distortion Field http://”
s Take the initiative to do something special
and unexpected for someone
Making a memorable difference requires
a close-knit connection. #4 Be clear
s Remember a conversation and later say:
“You really changed my thinking when you
However, if you’re going to help as What impact do you want to make? Have said ______.”
many as possible, then you must be excruciating clarity on the difference you Each day provides a new opportunity to be a
creatively accessible. That’s why face-to-face want to bring to the lives of others. positive influence on those around us. Each
meetings and seminars are so valuable. It “Hoping to make a difference” is too risky. action may leave a memorable impact on the
gives you the opportunity to meet your Don’t leave it up to hope – Write it down. life of someone you meet.

TopExecutive Guide 65

Athabasca University


Data and Contact Details
Class size: 240
Percentage women: 32%
Average age: 40
Average years management experience: 9
Average years work experience: 18 – 20
Average salary increase while enrolled: 37%

Tuition and fees

Athabasca University’s online MBA connects you to a powerful online learning $45,076 Canadian
environment that has stood the test of time. In 1994, AU logged on with Includes all course materials and text
the world's first fully interactive online Executive MBA, and since then has
continued to build a tradition of online excellence, including the launch Admission Requirements
of Canada's first online DBA in 2009. Today, the AU MBA is Canada's largest Application form
Executive MBA program, and has earned a place among the top Executive Resume highlighting management
MBAs in the world.
Official transcripts
Three letters of reference
Curriculum that counts 1,000 word essay outlining your
Devon Smibert The AU Executive MBA curriculum is intense,
management experience

Security Architect
challenging and comprehensive. Core courses Three routes to entry
Phirelight concentrate on the key areas that make a With an undergraduate degree and a
Current MBA student difference to organizational performance minimum of three years of management
— managing strategy, information, people, experience,
Devon Smibert is resources, projects, markets and operations — With an accepted professional designation
unstoppable. The from the perspective of a decision maker. You and five years of management experience
Athabasca University will study cases and examples, and test models Based solely on management experience
MBA student is on and skills in your own work environment. requiring at least 8 to 10 years of significant
the fast track to You will complete practical, project based management experience
achieve everything assignments that are linked to your own
he possibly can organization. Three cohorts per year
in life. And when September (June 15 application)
Devon sets goals for himself, he sets big January (October 15 application), and
goals--including competing as a track Work-life balance May (February 15 application)
cyclist in the 2012 Olympics. Devon
also volunteers as a tandem cycling Athabasca's 24-hour online format makes it Contact
pilot for visually impaired cyclist Brian feasible and practical to work on a high quality Athabasca University
Cowie. The two competed in the Beijing MBA while still meeting your commitments Centre for Innovative Management
Paralympic Games and took a bronze to work and family. Designed to fit individual 301, 22 Sir Winston Churchill Avenue
last year at the International Cycling schedules, the program can be successfully St. Albert, AB, Canada
Union championships in Manchester, completed from home, work or even while
England. “My work and athletic schedules travelling. Expect to be challenged, and to Phone: 800 561 4650
would never have allowed me to take a spend 20 to 25 hours per week on coursework, Web:
traditional classroom format program. readings, discussions, and assignments. At AU, Email:
At AU, I am able to arrange my school you need not leave work for a month, a year,
schedule around my work and athletic or even every second Friday. In fact, you are
schedules”. never required to be online at a specific date
or time — a feature of our program that allows
you to study from any time zone, any part of
the world and at any time of day or night.

Meet this program at the

Cranfield School
of Management
Class overview
Class size: 65
international: 25
% women: 26
Average work experience: 11 years

Programme duration
2 years

Cranfield School of Management has been delivering world-class MBA Modes of study
Part-time: 15 weekends and three,
programmes for over 40 years and is triple accredited by AMBA, EQUIS and
one-week residential periods each year
AACSB. The School has an international reputation for excellence and is Modular: four, eight-day and two, nine-day
consistently ranked among the top business schools in the world. residential blocks each year

Entry requirements
The Cranfield Executive MBA was first offered in 1981 and is designed to help
- A good degree and/or professional
potential senior managers develop management skills to a depth and breadth qualification
that could never be obtained through work experience alone. - A minimum of three years'
post-qualification work experience
- A balanced GMAT score of 600 or
The Cranfield Executive MBA is a complete above - average at Cranfield: 670 (strong
Sven Ringling learning experience centred on intense, candidates may be able to take the

EMBA 2007 interactive classroom sessions, where the Cranfield admission tests in place of
Management Consultant and combination of a diverse and experienced GMAT)
Entrepreneur, iProCon Ltd student cohort, and faculty closely involved - If English is not your first language, either:
with executive programmes, ensures relevance - IELTS – result in band 7
and primacy for contemporary business issues. - TOEFL – minimum scores of
I am very glad I chose
100 (internet test) or 600 (paper test)
Cranfield because
A key feature of the ‘Cranfield Experience’ is - CPE – grade A or B
it allowed me to
our focus on personal development and this - CAE – grade A
achieve my goals and
is a compulsory module that runs throughout - PTE – minimum score of 68
a lot more. I am now
the MBA. We challenge our students to
exactly where I want Admissions
improve the quality of their team working,
to be and I owe this Start date: January
and build confidence, emotional intelligence
to the Cranfield MBA Application deadline: Rolling admissions.
and decision-making skills – the qualities that
and the wonderful people I met there. I Scholarships for the Executive MBA
make for inspirational leaders.
am working in London, having started the are usually awarded by the end of
strategy consultancy iProCon Ltd together November. Early applications are therefore
During part one, students study a diverse
with two friends from my MBA cohort. I recommended.
curriculum of core modules covering the
do what I believe in – help organisations
functional areas of business and the key skills
to be more successful by bridging the Fees
associated with performing these functions.
gap between business strategy and people £33,000
In part two, students tailor their learning by
management. New skills, new confidence,
selecting elective themed modules that take a
new country and new start-up; I don’t Contact details
multi-disciplinary approach to contemporary
regret a single minute. Lesley Smith, MBA Marketing
business issues and current research. Students
can also choose to undertake an individual
Phone: +44 (0) 1234 754386
project – particularly attractive to sponsored
students as they can be of real commercial
Web address:
value to their organisations.

A compulsory international business

experience study tour module gives students
an opportunity to apply their learning in
an international context, and the programme
closes with a student-organised capstone
conference where students showcase their
learning to an invited audience of sponsors,
alumni and other industry leaders.

Meet this program at the

EML Executive Development
Executive MBA
Your Executive MBA in a Top 10 Business

#10 Business School in Europe

#1 EMBA in Entrepreneurship

- Class size: 50

- Average age: 37
EML Executive Development is the executive education division of EMLYON
Business School, ranked in the Financial Times Top 10. Its mission is to increase - Average professional experience: 13 years
the performance of business leaders and managers worldwide with innovative
and highly applied solutions for competencies development. - Minimum professional experience: 7 years

- Course language: English & French

Do you have what it takes? EML works with you to co-create a - Country : France
personalised development plan to take your
Are you ready to take calculated risks? Are you career to the next level - Program start date: October
a force for innovation in your organisation?
Can you federate teams around your vision? We provide the tools to put your plans into - Length: 1 to 2 years
action through innovative project-based
learning methods, world class teaching and - Fees: 35,000 € Pre-Tax **
personalised coaching.
Norman MILASI, - Admission: by application with personal

Italian A customisable solution
- More than 7 years of work experience
IT Project Leader and university degree at French Bac+5 level
"The Executive MBA adapts itself to my needs
Hewlett Packard (Bachelor’s Degree) or equivalent
and not the other way round."
EMBA 2007 + Language tests & Aptitude tests
EML Executive MBA offers a flexible solution
regarding its format, the possibility to switch
"EML’s MBA was a
back and forth from one format to another, its
great opportunity for Contact
length (1 to 2 years) and its languages (English
personal growth and Executive MBA Admissions office
& French).
development. I truly Christele Fernand
had the possibility EML Executive Development
to learn something 23 avenue Guy de Collongue
and directly use it in 69130 Ecully cedex – France
my job.
The faculty is excellent and able to Tel: +33 (0)4 78 33 79 23
understandably explain complex topics. Email:
Other students are another excellent
source of learning from their working
experience, business functions, as well as
industries, adding an enormous value to
the discussions. * EMLYON Business School ranked in
Overall the experience was really positive the “Top 65 European Business Schools“,
and worth the investment in terms of Financial Times 2010.
personal time and money that it requires."
** Weekly, weekend and fast-track versions
(Fall 2011)

Meet this program at the

Goizueta Business School,
Emory University
Class of 2012 Overview for Modular EMBA
(MEMBA) and Weekend EMBA (WEMBA)

Class Size:
MEMBA – 40
WEMBA – 73

Average Years Work Experience:

MEMBA – 13
WEMBA – 13
As a world-class business school, Goizueta offers a dynamic Executive MBA
experience that prepares you for a wealth of accomplishments throughout Percentage of Women:
your career. The Emory Executive MBA program offers a strong general MEMBA – 30%
management lockstep curriculum designed to build on the solid experiences WEMBA – 26%

our students bring to the classroom. Start Dates

MEMBA – August
The curriculum integrates classroom theory
WEMBA – December/January
Luis Raúl Jiménez and business reality, leveraging our faculty’s

deep industry connections, to help you Tuition for Classes Commencing in 2011:
build a solid foundation of business acumen MEMBA – $100,500 (Residency Option)
San Juan, PR
and, at the same time, gives you the skills $92,050 (Non-Residency Option)
MEMBA Class of 2009 to navigate complex and often ambiguous WEMBA – $96,000
business situations. You will work closely in
“I benefited Program Tuition Includes:
a team-based structure with fellow students
from the Emory - Tuition, books, materials, parking, hotel
from different industries, backgrounds, and
Modular Executive shuttle, and meals during all in-class
MBA program sessions.
by expanding my - Lodging and most meals during the
Because we are a small, private school, we can
horizons and forging International Colloquium
offer classroom interactions and networking
great relationships
connections with top scholars, students,
with colleagues, Application Requirements:
alumni, and industry leaders in powerful and
professors and staff. The different business - Completed Online Application
personal ways. As a result, our graduates have
situations presented took me out of my - Two Letters of Recommendation
the skills – and connections – they need to
comfort zone and exposed me to other - Personal Admissions Interview
accelerate their careers and make a difference
businesses and people.“ - Official School Transcripts
in the business world.
- Essays
- GMAT Score or GMAT Waiver
Modular Executive MBA – 21 months
- TOEFL or IELTS Score (international
Bob Mann This unique format is ideal for international
applicants only)

candidates as well as executives with rigorous

Deutz AG - $150 Application Fee
travel schedules. It consists of eight, intensive,
weeklong learning modules held quarterly at
MEMBA Class of 2009 Preferred Application Deadlines:
Emory and augmented by distributed learning,
MEMBA: June 1 (rolling admissions)
an eight to 10-day International Colloquium
“I entered the WEMBA: October 1 (rolling admissions)
in two different cities, and a Capstone back
program thinking I
at Emory. The spaced, weeklong residencies Contact:
knew how business
allow for focused academic & experiential Goizueta Business School
was done, but I
learning during your time on campus, while Office of Executive MBA Admissions,
finished with a totally
the distributed learning aspect lets you Suite W288
different viewpoint,
complete your studies no matter where you Emory University
brought on by
live or travel. 1300 Clifton Road NE
interactions with
Atlanta, GA 30322
people from other industries, which to my
Weekend Executive MBA – 16 months
surprise have other methods than mine.
The Weekend Executive MBA format allows Phone: +1 404-727-6311
Furthermore, the content of the Emory
you to earn an MBA in 16 months by attending Web:
MEMBA gave me the basis to ask the
classes on alternating weekends on the Emory Email:
probing and difficult questions necessary
campus with an eight to 10-day international
as we diversify into lower cost production
capstone experience. This format gives you
areas and look for innovative ways to
the opportunity to interact with classmates
compete on a global scale.”
every other weekend, offers you unparalleled
access to our world-class faculty, and provides
the shortest path to degree completion for an
Meet this program at the
Executive MBA at Emory.

N ° 1 en France
sur l’emploi lié


Plus de 1 500 postes à pourvoir maintenant

Les services exclusifs qui ont fait leurs preuves

1 La plus grande offre en France de postes liés à l’international
plus de 1 500 postes par mois,

2 Des conseils personnels par nos conseillers candidats

(par tél. n° non surtaxé),

3 Un plan d’action de recherche (le Job Success Plan©),

4 Des outils de candidatures spontanées

(listes d’entreprises, candidathèque, CV collectifs…),

5 La force d’un réseau de 35 000 recruteurs…



Pour en savoir plus Connectez-vous sur

Appelez le Service Candidats email :

+33 (0)4 73 14 26 14

ESCP Europe


Class of 2012 Overview:
Class Size 110
Percentage International 100%
Number of Nationalities 25
Average Years Work Experience 10

Start Dates:

ESCP Europe Business School is located in Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid and Programme Duration:
18 months
Turin, offering a wide range of graduate business education. Our European
Executive MBA programme has been ranked No. 1 Worldwide for Career Tuition Fee:
Progression by the Financial Times, No. 3 for International Experience, and No. EURO (€) 51,000
15 overall.
Entry Requirements:
To match each participant's needs, ESCP Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score 250
Lindsey delivers core courses, or tracks, in Paris, Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score 600

London, Berlin, Madrid and Torino. For those Min TOEIC 850
Nefesh-Clarke wishing to fully benefit from our 5 campuses, Min. IELTS 7.5
AMBA’s Student of the Year in 2009 and keep their time out of the office at a Min. Years of Work Experience 5
minimum, recommend the Itinerant Track.
“I wanted the The core courses interlink with a large choice Application Fee:
business management of electives and international seminars. EURO 170
leadership skills to
take my humanitarian The electives and international themed
work further. I work seminars create great opportunities for
in the field of micro- participants to network and exchange on
ESCP Europe Paris Campus
finance, which is management practices and knowledge.
Cécile Miranda
about enabling poor Electives are offered on all 5 campuses
+33 (0)1 49 23 22 70
people to borrow small amounts to help and participants choose 12 electives from
themselves and their business flourish. a portfolio of 34 on the campuses of their
This is one of the most important ways to choice. The International themed seminars
ESCP Europe London Campus
alleviate poverty. cover topics such as ‘Innovation Management’
Linda Brunello
What I most appreciate is that as Executive and ‘Regional Leadership’ to gain exposure
+ 44 20 7443 8870
MBA students, we are challenged to about doing business globally.
implement immediately our learning, and
to do so in creative ‘think outside of the With 125 permanent faculty members,
ESCP Europe Madrid Campus
box’ ways.” presence throughout Europe and close ties
Natalia Andia
with partner schools around the world, a highly
+ 34 91 386 25 11
international student body and programmes in
ESCP Europe's Executive MBA gives participants which the focus is on the participant, ESCP
the opportunity to study with 100 executives Europe is the choice for people looking for a
ESCP Europe Berlin Campus
from 25 different countries. unique European Executive MBA experience.
Ann-Kerstin Schöfer
+ 49 30 32 00 71 71

ESCP Europe Torino Campus

Giorgia Bava
+ 39 347 78 51 211

Meet this program at the

Executive MBA
Three Tracks:
- Modular Track: starting in October.
Tuition language: English. 8 modules every
6 weeks: 4 in Paris, 4 in Mannheim and
3 international residencies. Length : 18

- Paris Weekend Track at Paris La Défense:

starting in April. Tuition languages: English/
World-class teaching, an innovative spirit, international exposure and an French. Fridays and Saturdays every two
intensive team approach to executive education – this is what you can expect weeks and 3 international residencies.
from the ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA. With us, you will expand your Length: 18 months.
general management knowledge, receive hands-on business experience and
- Mannheim Weekend Track at Mannheim
further develop your leadership skills – the elements you need to take your Business School: starting in April. Tuition
career to the next level. language: English. Fridays and Saturdays
every two weeks and 3 international
Two Partners, One Goal: residencies. Length: 18 months.
Maike Guiding You to the Top

Admission Requirements:
Schuh-Klaeren The ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA - A minimum of 5 years of work experience
ESSEC & MANNHEIM Modular is at the heart of a long and successful - 2 Professional evaluation letters
Executive MBA; cooperation between two leading European - Company support
President, Heraeus Inc., New York, academic institutions – the french ESSEC - Languages: English. English/French for the
USA and the german Mannheim Business School. Paris Weekend Track
Both schools are internationally accredited The admission process is held on a rolling
“The Executive MBA and consistently achieve excellent results basis.
has broadened my in academic rankings worldwide. Together
professional horizon. we have one mission: to provide superior Student Profile:
It has not only education for aspiring executives working in - Class size: 40-50
strengthened my today’s international business environment. - Age range: 29-50
strategic thinking In addition, coaching and leadership training - Average age: 36
and problem solving hone your people-management skills and - Average work experience: 10 years
skills but also gave improve your leadership performance. - Nationalities: 15
me the knowledge - Female participants: 25%
and the right tools to switch my career Join a Network of Excellence
from a specialist in tax law to an executive In our Executive MBA, you will be in close Alumni Network:
position in general management.” contact with colleagues from a large variety Executive MBA Alumni Network: 1000
of countries and diverse professional Total Alumni Network: 52.000
backgrounds. This mix of cultures and
business experience means a contagious Admissions Contacts:
Frédéric Barbier innovative spirit pervades our program – in ESSEC Business School - EMBA Program

ESSEC & MANNHEIM Weekend our curriculum, in conferences with renowned 2, Place de La Défense, CNI T - BP 230
Executive MBA; business experts, in international residencies 92053 Paris La Défense, France.
Sales Director, SGD Asia Pacific at excellent partner institutions or in the Phone: +33(0) 1 46 92 17 94
unforgettable social class project. You will Fax: +33(0) 1 46 92 49 90
“This Executive MBA graduate having a vast international network Email:
is the perfect blend of of future business partners and lifelong friends. Web:
high level teachings
with hands on Foster Your Innovative Spirit Mannheim Business School - EMBA
multinationality team A key element of the ESSEC & MANNHEIM Program
works. ESSEC & Executive MBA is the Entrepreneurial Project. L 5,6 - 68131 Mannheim, Germany.
MANNHEIM’s core It is the hands-on application of business Phone: +49 (0) 621 181 3721
values of excellence concepts and practices acquired during the Fax: +49 (0) 621 181 1278
and team approach were the main reasons program to real management situations. After Web:
of my choice to join this program, more project selection, twelve challenging months
than any other. In addition, the focus on lie ahead of each team: from initial research
the Asian Market with the international to a final presentation of the business plan in
residency in Singapore allows me to front of a jury of experienced professors and
succeed in Asia. I am today dealing with top-managers. Along the way we support you
18 asian countries." and your team with courses and workshops, Meet this program at the
e.g. on business planning and innovation
Participant information
Average age: 36 years
Average years work experience: 13
Nationalities per cohort: 12
Class size: Approximately 40

Six face to face 12 day modules over 14
The Georgetown-ESADE Global Executive MBA has earned a reputation in
international business circles as the MBA for Global Leaders. Locations
Module 1: Washington DC
Three objectives: Methodology: Module 2: Barcelona
Module 3: Buenos Aires & Sao Paulo
• Gain a global mindset • Core Business Courses Module 4: Bangalore
• Master the fundamental business disciplines • Integrative Courses: industry simulations and Module 5: Moscow & Madrid
• Accelerate leadership and general consulting projects Module 6: New York & Washington DC
management skills • CEO forums: exposure to top business
Start Date
leaders from the public and private sectors
June 6th 2011
as well as prominent authors and scholars
Highlights of the program: • Tailored approach to leadership and Admission requirements
professional development coaching 1. Minimum eight years postgraduate
• Benefit from the global expertise of the • International Conference on globalization. professional experience
world's Nº1 School of Foreign Service • Master Project: to be determined by the 2. Current international job profile and full-
• Leverage the top talent from the alliance of participant and guided by faculty mentors time employment
leading Business Schools in the US • Networking with the combined Alumni 3. Capacity for leadership and quantitative
and Europe Associations of ESADE and aptitude
• Acquire unparalleled exposure to Georgetown University 4. Holder of a bachelor's degree from an
emerging markets • 6 Residency modules in both emerging accredited higher education institution
• Experience six 12-day modules in 6 diverse and advanced economies 5. TOEFL, IELTS for non-native English
countries over 14 months
• Achieve two MBA diplomas from Georgetown
University and ESADE Business School Rankings: Application Deadlines
• Join an elite global alumni community November 30, February 15 and May 1
• Ranked #3 Worldwide, Custom Programs Contact
(Executive Education) by the Financial Times
Emilio del Castillo • Ranked #1 in Europe, Executive MBA Programs ESADE Business School

Managing Director for Latin by the Wall Street Journal Admissions Office
America, Tello Group. Executive Education
Georgetown-ESADE Global Georgetown's McDonough School of Business Av. d'Esplugues, 92-96
Executive MBA, Class of 2010 • Ranked among the top Executive MBA 08034 Barcelona - SPAIN
programs worldwide for over 10 years in Tel: +34 93 495 2097
"Global businesses in Business Week Fax: +34 93 204 8105
the future will require Email:
new ways of thinking Georgetown's Walsh School of Foreign Service
and much more • Ranked number 1 in US for master’s degrees Georgetown University
flexibility, innovation, in international relations by Foreign Policy 37th and O Streets, NW
competitiveness and magazine Rafik B. Hariri Building, Suite 490
intercultural skills, Washington, D.C. 20057-1223 USA
and these are some Tel: +1 202 687 2691
of the key areas that the Program aims to Fax: +1 202 687 9200
develop. Email:

I would really encourage any professional

to pursue the GEMBA because it is
a unique opportunity of personal and
professional development."

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HEC Executive MBA


Participant information
Average age: 40 years
Average professional experience: 15 years
International experience: +80%
Nationalities per cohort: 34

Selection criteria
1. Minimum eight to ten years of significant
professional experience
HEC Executive MBA: 6 Majors, 5 locations, 1 degree. 2. International exposure
Ranked #1 Business School in Europe by the Financial Times since 2006, 3. Experience managing teams
4. Convincing personal and professional goals
and #2 worldwide for Executive Education in 2010. Boasting a triple-crown
5. TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS for non-native English
accreditation (AMBA, EQUIS, and AACSB), the HEC Executive MBA combines speakers
collaborative exchange between talented senior-level executives with cutting- 6. Persuasive letters of recommendation
edge learning methods. 7. GMAT or HEC management test

case studies and strategic audits. Explore Languages of instruction

Pierre Dussauge decision-making and change management, and
develop new business strategies, models and
English, English/French or English/Chinese

Academic Director
HEC Executive MBA 5 locations
Benefits to participants - Paris, France intakes:
"Embarking on an The HEC Executive MBA is ideal for executives English Modular: January each year
Executive MBA with 10 or more years of management One-day-per-week: September each year
is one of the most experience. Participants will acquire the skills Modular: October each year
important decisions necessary to: End-of-week: March each year
you will make in your - identify the critical growth factors in a
professional career. competitive marketplace - Doha, Qatar intake (in partnership
- develop the 360° perspective that leaders with the Qatar Fondation): February
Our faculty is world need to drive corporate success each year
renowned for innovative teaching and - benchmark best practices on a global scale
cutting-edge research, and our professors - China intakes:
maintain close ties to the business Program highlights Beijing, Modular: Spring each year
world to ensure that what you learn in - focus on Strategy, Change Management, Shanghaï: Modular: September each year
the classroom is directly applicable to Leadership and Entrepreneurship
the boardroom. Just as important, our - collaborative learning based on group work - Saint-Petersburg intake (in partnership with
program is truly international, welcoming and team projects. St-Petersburg State University's Graduate
executives from around the world to our - HEC Paris offers 6 Majors which will allow School of Management): January each year
bases in China, France, Russia and Qatar. participants to focus on a particular area of
interest. As they are open to participants in
Our approach has led to HEC Paris being all 8 tracks of the HEC Executive MBA, the
ranked the top European business school Majors will also provide excellent networking
for five years running by the Financial opportunities by allowing you to work with
Times. This global recognition reflects the classmates coming from a wide variety of Contact details:
excellence of our programs and the high backgrounds in different parts of the world.
caliber of our participants." Name: Marie Simonsen
6 Majors: Email:
A comprehensive, innovative program • Global Business Perspectives Tel: +33 1 44 09 34 54
The HEC Executive MBA comprises a series • Differentiation through Service
of knowledge phases, transversal themes • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
and learning activities. Our special focus on • Aerospace & Aviation HEC Paris
leadership, strategy and the global business • Management in an Energy-concerned Economy 6, avenue de la porte de Champerret
environment ensures that our participants • Luxury 75838 Paris cedex 17
gain an understanding of the social, economic France
and environmental aspects of international The Majors will allow you to deepen your
business, as well as the skills to put their vision knowledge of an industry and region,
into action. The program duration depends on identify strategic opportunities, enhance
your selection of study pattern. your decision-making skills and sharpen your
strategic analysis. Each Major will be delivered
Themes and activities to guide your learning in two one-week modules fixed in May and
Meet this program at the
Learn how to analyze company dynamics and October, respectively.
put corporate functions into context through

HECTOR School of Engineering &
Management, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)


Intake 2010 Overview
Class Size per program: 3-10
Percentage Woman: 15%
Percentage International: 40%
Average Years Work Experience: 4

Program Structure
Program Language: E nglish
Program Duration: 18 months
The HECTOR School offers Executive Master Programs for engineers, Program Structure: part-time; 10 modules
economists and computer scientists with a unique combination of management of 2 weeks + Master Thesis of 4 – 6 months
Program Cost: 30.000 €
know-how with engineering expertise. The school – named after Dr. h.c.
Academic Degree:
Hector, the co-founder of SAP – is run in cooperation with the Karlsruhe M.Sc. of the Karlsruhe Institute of
Institute of Technology (KIT)/Germany. All programs are ASIN accredited and Technology (KIT)
designed for young professionals, allowing to continue careers while acquiring
Admission Requirements
new skills.
- Bachelor, Diplom (Uni/FH/BA), Master
Management & Engineering – Unique - Min. 3 years of work experience with
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai Combination
The HECTOR School programs are more than
according references

- TOEFL score of at least 250 cb or

Furmans typical MBA programs. Leadership in today’s
Academic Director fast changing and complex environment
- Optional: GMAT, GRE or HECTOR School
HECTOR School does imply technological and organizational
responsibilities as well as requires economical
“The innovative, accountability and Human Resource Program Start
interdisciplinary Management know-how. Therefore all - September 19, 2011
concept of HECTOR programs base on 10 modules of each 2 weeks: Application Deadline July 15, 2011
School gives - 5 Management Modules where participants
potential candidates are provided with general knowledge in Contact Details
the opportunity to Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Multiproject HECTOR School of Engineering &
improve also their Management, International Law and Human Management
emotional intelligence Resource Management so they can consider Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
with regard to other cultures. By this commercial consequences of business
they also gain the ability to work even decisions. Schloßplatz 19
more efficient in multicultural engineering - 5 Engineering Modules adapted to each 76131 Karlsruhe
teams.” specialization which provide insight into the Germany
newest research topics. They convey current
and state-of-the-art methodology necessary Dr.-Ing. Judith Elsner
to master the scope of innovative technologies. Managing Director
Tel: +49 (0)721 608 4 7880
Program Specializations Email:
- Production and Operations Management
- Management of Product Development Tjark Hecht
- Embedded Systems Engineering Program Consultant
- Financial Engineering Tel: +49 (0)721 608 4 7878
- Service Management and Engineering Email:
- Green Mobility Engineering
- Energy Engineering and Management Dr. Birgitta Kappes
Head of Admission Office
The programs conclude with an independent Tel: +49 (0)721 608 4 7885
Master Thesis which allows participants Email:
to work on a project reflecting their own
company’s needs and its specific business

International Networking
Participants are coming from 20 different
countries and form a close intercultural
network, supported by learning journeys and
workshops with cooperating universities in
Asia and the US. Meet this program at the

IE Business School - Madrid


IE Business School, founded in 1973 by a group of entrepreneurs, has quickly

risen to the top of the international business school rankings, earning itself
a reputation for innovation and quality, and is accredited by AMBA, AACSB
international and EQUIS.

IE's unique approach focuses on the entrepreneurial spirit and is dedicated to

the business world at large. With over 80 nationalities on campus, and more
than 100 nationalities represented in its global network of alumni, the IE
experience is a truly international one.

THE IE BROWN EXECUTIVE MBA – global in terms of geography, business

The IE Brown Executive MBA brings together functions, and business’ role in the world.
the cutting edge approaches to management
developed at IE Business School with the Part-time Blended Methodology
breadth of Brown University’s excellent liberal The IE Brown Executive MBA is a fifteen-month
arts curriculum. The IE Brown Executive MBA program for senior managers with extensive
is a highly innovative program designed to work experience.
provide senior managers with the opportunity
to develop and broaden their management and It is specifically designed for senior managers
leadership skills in an intensive, international and entrepreneurs who wish to undertake a
environment. The program brings together rigorous, intensive, and transformational MBA
faculty from two leading academic institutions, program without taking a break from their
integrating leading management thinking with current job or responsibilities. The program
wider perspectives from the humanities, social utilizes a part-time blended methodology
sciences, engineering, and life sciences. The combining short face-to-face periods with
program is based on a unique interdisciplinary intermittent online study that is optimized
approach, and was specifically developed by for the busy agendas of executives and
leading faculty members from IE and Brown entrepreneurs on the go. This way, participants
to help participants excel in an ever more get to continuously apply the insights gleaned
complex and challenging global economy. from the program in their jobs, fostering rapid
The program combines the very best of both assimilation and deeper learning.
schools’ vast experience and expertise. The
shared values of both institutions, including The program is part time with 5 face-to-face
a distinctly international focus, a strong periods, (two periods of 2 weeks and three
commitment to the value of diversity and periods of 1 week). The face-to-face periods
an entrepreneurial mindset, are strengthened take place at the campuses of IE in Madrid,
even further through this partnership Spain, and Brown University in Providence,
USA. Between each of the face-to-face periods
The IE Brown Executive MBA program aims to participants undertake online modules. This
develop holistic managers and entrepreneurs, enables participants to follow the program
leaders with a global vision of management regardless of their geographic location.



Financial Times Executive MBA Ranking
2nd in Europe, 7th Worldwide
October 2009

Student Profile
Average class size: 30
Average age: 37 (range 30-42)
Average years work experience: 11

Previous studies :
- Business : 33%
- Engineering : 30%
- Social Sciences : 14%
THE INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVE MBA MBA is consistently ranked highly in the - IT : 10%
Catering to the international management top business school rankings including the - Sciences : 7%
community the 13-month International Financial Times and The Economist. - Law : 6%
Executive MBA offers the utmost flexibility
required by the working executive. The The Online Version Nationalities :
program offers two timetabling options: Lasting 13 months, the International Executive Canada, Croatia, Germany, United States,
MBA online version combines two, 22-week Belgium, Great Britain, Spain, France,
- Online (predominantly online combined with online training periods with three, 2-week The Netherlands, India, Italy, Japan,
periods of face-to-face training) face-to-face training sessions held in Madrid Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia,
- Bi-weekly (a presential, part-time schedule and Shanghai. The online methodology allows Switzerland, Thailand
with classes held in Madrid every other week) you to follow the program regardless of your
geographic location, wherever there is an Regional breakdown :
internet connection, you will be able to keep Europe : 52%
IE Business School´s International Executive
on top of your studies. Latin America : 21%
MBA allows you to earn a prestigious MBA
North America : 14%
without having to leave your place of residence
The Bi-Weekly Version Asia & Africa : 13%
for prolonged periods of time, or neglect your
personal and professional commitments. The International Executive MBA bi-weekly
Starting dates :
version consists of classes held on the IE
IE International Executive MBA –
Both versions feature sessions held in Madrid campus on Friday evenings and Saturdays.
June and November
and in Shanghai. These face-to-face sessions As in the online version, the bi-weekly
consolidate the work done throughout the provides the flexibility you need to pursue
IE Brown Executive MBA – March
program with seminars focused on skill- your career whilst simultaneously studying
building activities, the presentation of for an Executive MBA without neglecting your Cost:
individual and group projects and assessment personal life. International Executive MBA: €55,200 +
tests. Equipping you with the knowledge €6,200
and tools that today´s top-level company A Flexible MBA
executive requires, the International Executive IE Business School´s Executive MBA programs
IE Brown Executive MBA: $95,000 + $9,500
are designed to meet the needs of working
(the tuition fee does not include
business professionals across the globe,
accommodation during residential periods
Angelo Impoco, USA and combine the outstanding teaching for
which IE has become renowned with the
or travel expenses)

International Executive MBA

flexibility required by the executive who Contact :
(bi-weekly format) 2009 seeks a balance between their personal and Admissions Department
Director GMS Risk Management, professional lives. Whichever Executive MBA IE Business School
Americas, American Express program or timetabling option you choose, Calle María de Molina 11
IE´s fundamental principles of innovation, 28006
“In my class we had 29 executives from excellence and entrepreneurship will benefit Madrid Spain
17 countries, so it does give a global you, honing your skills to make you a valuable
perspective on how to deal with issues asset to your company and furthering your Tel: (+34) 91 568 96 10
globally rather than locally. I think that’s professional competencies. Fax: (+34) 91 568 97 10
one of the biggest advantages IE offered at
least to me. It’s helped me in my career to
adapt to companies worldwide, not just in To find out more about our Executive MBA
the US and Spain.” programs, visit our website at
Meet this program at the

IESE Business School
Global Executive MBA


Class of 2010 Overview:
Monthly and Bi-Monthly classes: 54 students
Average professional experience: 14 years
Average age: 37 years
Number of countries represented: 16
Number of industries represented: 15
Percentage of women: 22%

The IESE Global Executive MBA offers a unique learning experience, designed Tuition fees:
to provide effective management knowledge and equip the students with the €92,000 – includes all course materials,
most meals during residential sessions,
skills and tools to successfully lead and inspire others.
access to business center, software and IT
In a small class size and through the rigorous and comprehensive curriculum, support.
delivered mainly through the case study-method, participants will learn how
Admission Requirements
to make impactful decisions from a general management perspective with a
Candidates’ profile:
global mindset and an entrepreneurial spirit. - Global mindset
- Highly motivated and driven
IESE’s Global Executive MBA stands out from - Demonstrable career progression
Murray Grainger other programs for its focus on people and its - High potential

ability to develop effective business leaders - Minimum of 10 years of work experience

Airbus SAS
who can make a positive impact on companies
Head of Compliance
and the world. Admission process and requirements:
Programme Office
- Complete application form
Global Executive MBA 2009 Effects of the program are immediate since the - Two letters of recommendation
student is able to apply the new capabilities to - Copy of bachelor-equivalent degree
the job in between modules. - GMAT (may be waived when a candidate
“You hear a lot about
has more than 15 years of relevant work
the Global EMBA Due to its modular format, the program is experience)
at IESE being a conveniently suited to the needs of busy - English language test upon request
transformational professionals so that time away from the - Personal admissions interview
programme. It office is minimized. The program is offered in
certainly was this 2 formats, with residential sessions held either Application Deadlines
- and more - for on a monthly or bimonthly basis. Applications are admitted on a rolling basis.
me and for many
classmates. The diversity and richness of Start dates:
Program modules take place on three different
experience within the class itself was just Monthly: October 2011
continents: Europe, Asia and North America,
as integral to the programme as were the Bi-Monthly: January 2012
featuring company visits and networking
courses and the faculty. For me, the Global opportunities with senior industry players. Contact
EMBA was a springboard beyond my
IESE Global Executive MBA
career as a lawyer and, after graduating, Through the case study method, participants Avda. Pearson 21
I took on a general management position sharpen their analytical and decision-making 08034 Barcelona
leading a team and a worldwide network abilities in an interactive setting based on Spain
ensuring integrity, business ethics and authentic business scenarios. They will also
compliance across my organisation. “ be able to select courses from a range of Phone: 0034932524300
electives, thus allowing tailoring the program Web:
to each specific need and interest. Email:

The Alumni community is an essential part

of IESE Business School’s global community.
IESE has a large and committed alumni base
with one of the highest participation rates.
This means that our graduates can find alumni
willing to help in almost every country of the

Meet this program at the

Global Executive MBA
Course format:
Europe-Asia section: Fontainebleau 4 or 5
times* - Singapore 2 or 3 times* -
Abu Dhabi 1
Middle East section: Abu Dhabi 7 times -
Fontainebleau 1 or 2 times* -
Singapore 1 or 2 times*

*Depending on elective choice (12 weeks in

INSEAD Global Executive MBA total on campus)
Finance and Operations Director
(GEMBA) – You’ve made a mark.

You’re motivated. You’ve hardly begun
Student Body:
Average age: 36
Designed for experienced professionals,
Average work experience: 12 years
and delivered in a convenient and practical
Nationalities: 38
modular format over a compact period, this
programme develops leadership potential Tuition fees
while continuing to pursue a current career. Middle East section $90 000 (USD). Europe-
The GEMBA leverages INSEAD’s three hubs Asia section €90 000. Includes all academic
in Europe (France), Asia (Singapore), and the materials, LDP coaching, library access,
Middle East (UAE), providing an unmatched coffee breaks, lunches, some dinners,
"Attending INSEAD was one of the best
international and multicultural experience selected social functions, and technical
decisions I have ever made. It would be
with participants learning the latest business facilities.
unfair to say that one is not filled with
ideas and concepts and applying them in their
trepidation when embarking on such
business immediately as well as long term. Deadlines:
a journey. The outcome is unknown.
GEMBA Europe Asia Section
On reflection, some 18 months post
A distinctive component of the GEMBA is the 1st Round 16 March 2011
graduation, I would not change the
Leadership Development Process, providing a 2nd Round 18 May 2011
course that my journey has taken one bit.
context to discover and improve leadership 3rd Round 30 June 2011
I had reached a point in my professional
style. Through, courses, guest speakers, self- 4th Round 1 September 2011
life where I yearned for change. I then
reflection and group work, supported by
discovered the GEMBA at INSEAD. I,
individual and team coaching, participants GEMBA Middle East Section
like my peers, had a successful career
discover new things about themselves in a safe 1st Round 15 March 2011
behind me. We had diverse backgrounds,
environment. The class consists of a diverse 2nd Round 16 May 2011
but we shared a desire to move to the next
group of experienced, talented participants 3rd Round 15 June 2011
challenge. Change can be daunting, but
from over 38 countries who meet for modules 4th Round 17 August 2011
in the correct environment it can also be
of 1 to 2 weeks, amounting to 12 weeks of
fun. Contact
residential study with assignment work spread
over the duration of the programme.
The time at INSEAD was intense, hard EUROPE CAMPUS
work, enjoyable and above all exciting. Hilde Deschoemaeker
The choice of either the Europe-Asia or
INSEAD offered me the opportunity to Tel: +33 1 60 72 90 54
Middle East sections offer a convenient
develop a more rounded viewpoint to E-mail:
format for participants based in these regions,
be able to see business challenges from
while also providing a truly global experience.
all angles. It also facilitated personal Patrick Parker
The two sections come together as a global
development and growth combined with Tel: +33 1 60 72 42 97
cohort for the second half of the programme,
real life working experience, not ordinarily E-mail:
with participants going to the three INSEAD
possible in such a short timescale. I had
campuses and further developing their
a further objective to equip myself with ABU DHABI CAMPUS
understanding of global practices as well as
the tools and techniques that support the Laith Dajani
gaining a truly rich and diverse international
option of setting up my own business Tel: +97 1 26 51 62 79
network. There is also another option with
at some point in the future. My peers, E-mail:
our dual degree EMBA programme offered
coaches and professors made the journey
by INSEAD and Tsinghua University in China
of change more memorable than one could ASIA CAMPUS
and Singapore, focusing on Asia. (http://
have imagined. The friendships that we Mark Sturman Participants from
formed will last for a lifetime. INSEAD Tel: +65 67 99 53 56
both programmes meet for a joint elective
continues to play a major part in my E-mail:
module, extending further networks and
day-to-day life through the Alumni. The
cultural insights with the GEMBA class.
Alumni allows us to keep in touch with
an institution that we remain proud to
belong to."
Meet this program at the

Executive MBA
Class profile (recent class) :
Class size : 50
International students : 54%
Average years work experience : 11
Average age : 35

Admission requirements :
Candidates must hold a good first degree
from a recognized higher education
The highly successful Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA Program is jointly offered institution, have a minimum of 5 years
by the world renowned Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern management level work experience, be
in full-time employment and have the
University (Chicago, USA) and WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management
company’s agreement to provide the time
(Vallendar, Germany, and truly synthesises the US American and European away from work. We require fluency in
management know-how. While designed for executives preparing for senior English (minimum TOEFL score of 100
management, the aim of the program is to prepare future senior managers to internet based or IELTS 7.0).
successfully lead organizations in a constantly changing business environment
Admission process :
by focusing on TEAM leadership and personal development. - Submit full application pack
- Two personal interviews
Now in its 14th year the program was ranked
- One group interview
14 in the world in the Financial Times Ranking
Emma Nicholls 2010 and was placed 8th in Europe in the
See our website for further details

Head of Business Separation same ranking. It is part of the global Kellogg-

Cheung Keung Infrastructure Group Admissions Deadline :
EMBA which is among the best in the world.
31 July (rolling admission)
EMBA 2009 In addition to learning from world renowned
faculty from both the Kellogg School of Start Date :
"Participating in Management and WHU-Otto Beisheim School Mid September each year
the Kellogg WHU of Management, students can draw from the
EMBA programme diverse backgrounds of their classmates – Fees :
was an amazing whether across cultures, industries and areas 70,000 € (includes tuition, books,
and invaluable of expertise. Graduates earn a joint MBA accommodation and meals during
experience which degree from both business schools, and international modules, meals during
has unlocked a wide benefit strongly from the outstanding and Germany-based modules)
and dynamic range active worldwide alumni network.
of new opportunities to me and provided Contact :
me with three main benefits. Firstly, the The class schedule of the Kellogg-WHU Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA Program
knowledge to make informed and robust Executive MBA Program allows executives to Burgplatz 2
business decisions - it's about knowing continue working while actively participating 56179 Vallendar
what questions to ask and how to interpret in the program. Thus, students have the added Germany
the answers. Secondly, it has provided me advantage of applying their newly acquired
with the ability to think about the bigger skills immediately in workplace situations. The Phone: +49 261 6509 186
picture and look at things from a much program consists of thirty courses covering a Email:
wider perspective. Thirdly, it has provided broad range of topics covering all aspects of Web:
me with a network of new global business general management. Now in its 14th year,
colleagues, some of which have become the highly successful Kellogg-WHU Program
close friends." is modularly based, with classes generally
taking place in Vallendar, Germany every two
months with back-to-back weekends (Thurs-
So) over a 2 year period. Overseas exposure
include a required two-week session on the
Kellogg campus (Evanston/Chicago) and one
week module at one of the additional partner
schools in Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Toronto or
Miami. As a result, the program is particularly
suited to candidates who wish to enhance
their global leadership skills and enter top
management positions or establish their
entrepreneurial path to success.

Meet this program at the

Melbourne Business School
The University of Melbourne
Student Profile:
Class size: 30-40
Percentage Women: 32%
Percentage International: 13%
Average Years Work Experience: 18 years

AUD$105,000 - includes tuition, text books
and study notes, accommodation and most
Melbourne Business School (MBS) is one of the largest business schools in meals on class days for the four modules,
the Asia-Pacific region and a leader in management education. We focus on along with Melbourne University, Kellogg
preparing future leaders to take their place on the world stage. MBS is jointly School of Management and WHU fees.
established, owned and led by corporate Australia and the University
Excludes travel costs associated with the
of Melbourne. international module, such as airfares
to the USA, Germany & China, airport
The Melbourne Executive MBA (EMBA) transfers and incidental costs such as
Michael Phelan program is an innovative international visa(s) and travel insurance. Students are

experience designed for senior managers – responsible for the cost of their meals
Chief Police Officer
those with 10+ years of work experience, during free time throughout the program
Australian Federal Police
including significant managerial experience and some meals on class days during the
Australian Capital Territory and a track record of professional career international module. Other incidental
Executive MBA Class of 2009 progress. expenses incurred during the modules such
as telephone, laundry, car parking, alcohol
"I chose MBS It offers an experience like no other, through: and other personal charges must be
for its reputation
covered by the student. Students located
and also because · a unique structure of four one-month fully- outside Melbourne are also responsible for
of its association residential intensive modules over 14 months their travel costs to and from Melbourne
with Melbourne
for the three MBS based modules.
University." · limited numbers (30-40 in each intake)
Admissions Requirements
· separating study from work and personal
- Resume or curriculum vitae indicating
commitments (participants return home and
a minimum of ten years full-time work
to their workplaces and apply their learning
between modules, with no formal study
- An undergraduate degree (in any
requirements during the intervals)
discipline). Please provide evidence in
the form of fully certified academic
· a global ‘classroom’ - Australia, USA, Germany
transcripts. Those without formal tertiary
and China
qualifications should contact the EMBA
office to discuss their options.
· a demanding, exciting and creative program
- The names and contact details (phone
with a diverse range of learning methods
and email) of two referees
(varying from interactive class discussions,
- Considered responses to questions about
case studies and group problem solving
yourself and your goals in support of your
to experiential activities and formal
- GMAT may be required
Note: Applications are submitted online
· leading faculty from around the world

Application Deadline:
· a true executive peer network of like-minded
October 2011 intake – 31 July 2011

· participants who bring real experience and Contact

current business situations to the classroom, EMBA Office, 200 Leicester Street
analyse key principles and test management Carlton VIC 3053 Australia
Phone: + 61 3 9349 8413
Graduates receive a Master of Business Email:
Administration (MBA) degree from the Web Address:
University of Melbourne, recently ranked one
of the world's top universities.
Meet this program at the

Nottingham University
Business School
- Class size 113
- % Women 25%
- Nationalities represented – 18 different
countries from the following regions:
Africa 3.5%
America 0.9%
Australasia 1.8%
Europe 10.6%
Far East 7.1%
With campuses in the UK, China, and Malaysia, Nottingham University UK 76.1%
Business School offers exceptional global reach and awareness that reflects - Average Age : 37
the increasingly global nature of business. Nottingham is one of an elite group - Average years work experience 13
of EQUIS-accredited business schools and the School brings a distinctive
Application Deadline
global approach to executive development. The Nottingham MBA has been Rolling admissions in January, March April,
accredited by AMBA since 1993, which ensures that our programme meets May July and September.
rigorous quality standards.
Admissions Criteria
Applications are welcome from individuals
The Nottingham Executive MBA programme You can customise your studies to match your who meet the admissions criteria and have
provides exceptional flexibility: the responsibilities and development needs and at least five years work experience with a
programme consists of 12 self-contained, one- we offer a wide range of elective modules. management dimension.
week block modules and you can vary the Coursework often allows our MBAs to look at a You must normally be a graduate of an
number you take each year according to your particular business issues from the perspective approved University holding an honours
commitments. Course members take seven of your organisation, so that you can apply degree or a relevant professional
core modules, plus five elective modules, your learning directly. qualification deemed to be equivalent to a
which run regularly during the year to allow Our campuses in Asia offer you the opportunity first degree.
you the flexibility to join the programme at to take some modules overseas, which can
various times. Specialist variants are available provide valuable international experience. English Language Requirements
as part of the Nottingham Executive MBA If your first language is not English, and you
programme in Corporate Social Responsibility, Global expertise do not have a degree from a UK institution,
Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Healthcare. Our we require either:
faculty are among the leading researchers in The Nottingham MBA leads the UK in • An IELTS score of at least 7.0 with a
their fields. Our faculty are among the leading responsible management education – minimum score of 6.0 in each of the four
researchers in their fields and have strong links it ranks 1st in the UK, 3rd in Europe and elements of the test.
with a large number of key businesses which 23rd globally in the Aspen Institute's 2009- Or any one of the following three options:
means that you will benefit from their business 10 'Beyond Grey Pinstripes' ranking of MBAs • A TOEFL score of at least 600, with a TWE
experience as well as the innovative research. that integrate sustainability and corporate score of 4.5
social responsibility into teaching and faculty • An Internet-based TOEFL score of at least
research. The School is ranked in the world’s 100, with a minimum score of 19 in each
top 100 by The Economist (Which MBA?) individual element of the test.
Dr Kathy Teahon 2009, while Nottingham was named 2008 Together with a Graduate Management

Executive MBA (Healthcare) Admission Test (GMAT) of at least 600 with

Entrepreneurial University of the Year,
awarded by the prestigious Times Higher an Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)
“My Executive MBA score of at least 5.0.
Awards. Our Singapore MBA in partnership
in Healthcare offered
with PSB Academy, one of Singapore’s premier
a better foundation MBA Fees 2011-12
training institutions, has been named the ‘Best
and theoretical UK and EU £18,500
Overall UK MBA’ by Edupoll and Executive
understanding of Overseas £19,500
MBA course members can choose to take
business management *There is a bursary available for people
modules in Singapore.
as a speciality. The employed in the health sector in the UK, EU
Business School has or overseas
The Business School has pioneered
been extremely flexible in allowing me
entrepreneurship education at Nottingham, as
to access both the executive and evening Please contact:
we believe it is vital to equip our MBAs with
programmes. My first year was especially Nottingham University Business School
enhanced creativity and effective problem
exciting when I won a Scholarship from The MBA Office, Jubilee Campus
solving abilities that you can apply across all
the School to cover my fees.” Wollaton Road, Nottingham
business disciplines.
Tel: +44 (0) 115 951 5500

Meet this program at the

The Open University
Business School
• A bachelors or masters degree from
a university or other recognised degree
awarding body.
• Minimum of three years’ experience in a
managerial, professional or technical role

The program is delivered through
Make a real difference to your career with an MBA from The Open University supported distance learning modules
Business School. Our MBA programme is designed to meet the needs of combined with face to face tutorials,
residential schools and extensive online
today’s managers, with themes like critical engagement, creativity and
global awareness integrated throughout our programme. This internationally
recognized qualification could really make a difference to your career. Duration:
The duration of the program is flexible and
based on the time you can allocate to your
You will learn from a rich blend of business studies. The recommended route through
Maggie Miller experts and world class academics. Our the program takes 3 years part-time.

study method is designed to fit around your (Estimated 12-16 hours of study per week)
CIO Warner Music Group
busy working day to give you the maximum
convenience. Supported by our cutting edge Student Profile:
‘The MBA gave me
technology, you study in your own time - Tutor/Student Ratio 1:16
valuable life lessons
whether at home, at work or on the move, Average Age 37
about priorities. The
giving you a true mobile learning experience, Average Years Work Experience 14
different courses also
our MBA programme meets the demands of Gender 36% female 64% male
helped me to acquire
the modern manager.
the beginnings Price:
of a common £16,000 - £20,000*
The programme is designed to take three years
language in which The tuition fee includes tutorials, books
but you can decide to study the programme
to communicate with professionals and residential schools. Travel to and from
over anything from two-and-a-half to seven
outside my chosen fields, and I now residential schools and tutorials is not
years depending on how much time you can
have an appreciation of these professions included in the tuition fee.
allocate to your studies
and their challenges and am better able
to understand how my own area can *Depending on electives chosen and
The Open University MBA encourages you to
contribute to their success.’ country of residence
challenge limits, cross boundaries and change
thinking, that’s why employers value what it
‘One of the delights was the calibre of Contact:
can do for their organisation. This experience
my fellow students. By definition, anyone The Open University Business School
opens you to new knowledge, people, places,
studying with the Open University is Walton Hall
methods, ideas and opportunities.
self-motivated. I remember being in a Milton Keynes
residential school in Holland where there MK7 6AA
The Open University Business School is among
were students from 13 different countries,
the top one per cent in the world with triple
including people with nine different first Phone: +44 (0)845 366 6035
accreditation from AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA.
languages, all studying and debating in Email:
English. It was a humbling experience. Web:
Our MBA accesses the world’s largest
I remember thinking that if I had to be
community of MBA management practice.
marooned on a desert island this would be
Students of The Open University Business
a great group to be there with.’
School are many and diverse; they are based
around the world, from different sectors and
industries and from different backgrounds.
We believe that this diversity enriches the
student experience and allows our students
to broaden their minds and gain a deeper
understanding of other cultures, industries
and backgrounds. On the Open University
MBA programme you can network with other
managers around the world, and with more
than 55 per cent of our students studying
outside the UK, and with alumni in more than
75 countries, The Open University Business
Meet this program at the
School offers you the multicultural experience
needed in today’s world.

Business School
Executive MBA 2010-11 class:
Average Age: 36
Age range: 27-49
Percentage Women: 30%
Percentage International: 41%
Average managerial work experience:
12 years

Fees: £9,950 per annum (3 years in total)

Warwick Business School was the first in the UK to be awarded triple
accreditation (AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS) and the Executive MBA is consistently Scholarships and Funding
Scholarships available for outstanding
ranked amongst the very top European programmes. Our flexible, modular
candidates, up to £9,950 in the first year
programme offers international teaching and collaborative learning with an only; two scholarships of £4,975 also
experienced peer group, within a welcoming and supportive environment. available for outstanding female candidates.
Help available for preparing business cases
Studying with WBS is exciting and invigorating. for company sponsorship; please ask for
Tom Watson We’ll share our knowledge and experience with

you, and you in turn will share your experiences

Head of Corporate Channel Admission Requirements
and background with an outstanding group of
Marketing, Daniel Swarovski Minimum of 4 years managerial work
equally motivated and eager participants.
Corporation AG experience
Current Executive MBA participant English language test for non-native English
The Warwick Executive MBA is an immersive
method of study using practice-orientated
A good UK honours degree, the
assessment – you’ll not only use case studies
“I came to a career international equivalent, or professional
but also be able to reflect on practice in your
in business later than qualifications. Enquiries from non-standard
own organisation. So, you take the learning
most; I wanted to applicants welcome.
back into the workplace – immediately and
fill in the gaps in practically. Start Dates
my knowledge, and March and October each year
satisfy my intellectual The Warwick Executive MBA sees you
curiosity. For me, visit WBS for a week at a time at regular Application Deadlines
the Warwick MBA intervals to study a particular subject in Rolling admissions accepted until:
offered the best combination of value for depth. This modular structure allows you 10th January for March 2011 intake
money, academic excellence, and diversity plan for attendance well ahead and makes 10th August for October 2011 intake
of backgrounds. There are few MBA it particularly suitable if your work involves
programmes in the UK that provide such a considerable amount of travelling, you are Also available: The Warwick Global Energy
high-quality executive education within a based overseas or are just really busy with MBA for professionals in the energy
larger University environment.” both personal and professional commitments industry.
and need to schedule well in advance.
Warwick MBA
You will study 13 self-contained modules,
University of Warwick
Jenny Harber normally held Monday to Friday, each
Coventry CV4 7AL

Consultant - Corporate Finance, exploring a particular subject in depth.

Current Executive MBA participant This face-to-face tuition is supplemented
by extensive pre-reading and post-module
Access: 15 mins from Birmingham
assignments. Assessment is a combination of
International Airport, 1 hr 10 mins from
"My background syndicate group work, assignments, and a small
London by train.
as an accountant is number of examinations. The final project &
fairly specialised and I dissertation draws together your learning and
Phone: +44 (0)24 7652 4100
wanted to broaden by allows you to further apply it to real business
knowledge of other practice.
areas of business. Any Twitter:
senior management Whilst studying at Warwick, our Executive
position requires MBA participants can also take part in a
cross functional expertise and the Warwick specially designed Career Management
MBA gives an excellent grounding for Module, to help them to plan for their future
this. The quality of teaching is excellent; and to maximise the impact of their studies
you really feel that you are being taught on their career. This includes access to online
by academic leaders in their field." assessment tools, Executive Coaching sessions
and Career Workshops. Meet this program at the

Statistical review of Executive MBA programs
School Name Country Date Start Date Deadline Date Length Fees (local)
Established (months)

IAE Management and Business School Argentina 1978 Apr, Aug 24 / 15

Melbourne Business School Australia 2002 Oct July 14 $105,000

Vienna University of Economics and Business /

Austria Apr March 14 €39,000
University of Minnesota, Carlson
Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School /
Amsterdam Business School Belgium 1968 Sept 24 €29,500

Athabasca University Executive MBA Canada 1994 Jan, May, Sept Feb, June, Oct 28-36 CDN $45,076

Concordia University, Molson Canada 1985 Aug rolling 20 CDN $68,000

Kellogg / York University, Schulich Canada 2002 Jan 18 CDN $110,000

Queen’s School of Business Canada 1992 Aug 16 CDN $88,000

University of Toronto, Rotman Canada 1981 Sept rolling 13 CDN $89,000

University of Western Ontario, Ivey Canada 1991 Sept, Feb rolling 17 CDN $90,000

CEIBS China 1995 Mar Nov 24 RMB 458,000

Chinese University of Hong Kong China 1993 Aug Mar 24 HK $465,760

Kellogg / Hong Kong UST Business School China 1998 Jan Sept 17 HK $970,000

Copenhagen Business School Denmark 1994 Jan, Apr rolling 18 DKK 439,000

Finland / S. Korea /
Helsinki School of Economics 1988 Feb Dec 20 €41,500 (excl. VAT)

EML Executive Development (EMLYON) France 1972 Oct July 12-24 €35,000

ESSEC & Mannheim France / Germany 1992 Oct (modular), Apr & Mar (modular), Sept 18 €47,000 / €44,000
Mar (w/e) (w/e)
France /China / Russia 14 +
HEC Paris / Qatar 1930 Varies with format rolling project contact HEC

INSEAD Global Executive MBA France / Singapore / UAE 2003 Oct (UAE), Nov Aug (UAE), Sept €90,000(France /
(France / Singapore) (France / Singapore) 14-15 Singapore) $90,000(UAE)

ESCP Europe France / UK / Germany / 1993 Jan Dec 18 €51,000

Spain / Italy

SKEMA Business School France 2002 Sept, Mar rolling 12-24 €21,000

HECTOR School of Engineering

Germany 2006 Sept June 18 €30,000
and Management

Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA Germany 1997 Sept July 24 €70,000

   Ireland 1964 Sept Dec, Feb, Mar, 24 €29,500
May, Jul

IPADE Mexico 1991 24

Rotterdam School of Management, Netherlands 1991 Jan Dec 24 €44,000

Erasmus University

Moscow School of Management, SKOLKOVO Russia 2009 Sept July 18 €90,000

National University of Singapore Singapore 1997 June Mar 16 S$95,000

ESADE Business School Spain Jan 18 €57,400

IE Business School Spain 2001 Jun, Nov rolling 13 €55,200 + € 120

IESE Business School Spain 2001 May (bi-monthly), Apr, Jul 19 €61,900
Aug (monhtly)

Stockholm School of Economics Sweden / Russia / Latvia 1992 Jan June, Sept, Nov 24 SEK 395,000 (excl. VAT)

IMD Switzerland 1998 various rolling 15-36 CHF 126,000

National Chengchi University – Taiwan Sept Dec (local) or Apr 18-60 NT $909,600
International MBA
National Taiwan University – Taiwan 1997 24 NT $652,500
College of Management

Ashridge UK 1993 Sept rolling 24 £32,350

City University, Cass UK 1982 Mar / Sept (evening), rolling 24 £42,000

May (weekend)

     UK 1981 Jan rolling 24 £33,000

Durham Business School UK 1991 Jan 24 £17,500

Imperial College Business School UK 1987 Apr, Dec 21 / 24 £39,500

London Business School UK/UAE 1983 Jan, Sept rolling 20 £53,000 / $88,200

Nottingham University Business School UK 1988 rolling rolling 24-48 £18,500 / £19,500

OU Business School UK 1989 Nov, May Sept, Mar 30-36 £16,000-20,000

University of Edinburgh Business School –

Part-time MBA UK 1984 Sept 36 £18,900

Warwick Business School UK 1994 Mar, Oct Jan, Aug 36 £9,950 per year

Bradford School of Management/ UK / Netherlands /

1999 Mar Dec 18 €52,500
TiasNimbas, Tilburg University Germany

86 TopExecutive Guide

from around the world
Course Format Course Language Class Size Average Avg Prof Min Prof % Local % Female % Bus GMAT
Age Exp (yrs) Exp (yrs) Students Degree
Mon or Fri and Sat + 2-week
English / Spanish 32 9 5 73 38 required
international trip

4x1-month fully residential modules English 30-40 40 18 10 85 25 5 in some cases

     !    English 30-40 38 13 5 50 30 not required

2 evenings weekly + resid. Blocks English / Dutch 221 32 8 3 81 required

Online (with a residential component) English 240 40 18-20 10 32 15 not required

1 day per week, alt. Fridays and

Saturday + int’l trip + exam days English 25-30 late 30s 15 5 in some cases

5 modules: Fri & Sun altenate wkds +

English 38 13 in some cases
2 live-in weeks + int’l trip

Fri & Sat alternate weekends English 38 12 not required

Fri & Sat alternate weekends + 4

residence modules English 37 12 8 43 35 required

15 courses, 4 (Thurs-Sun) days once

English 50-55 39 15 7 70 25 in some cases
a month + resid. blocks
Once a month, Thurs to Sun, + 2
English 59 38 14 8 56 24 required
int’l trips
Fri & Sat weekends + 2 weeks in English / Chinese 40-50 16 7 33 32 required

Fri, Sat, Sun + live-in weeks English 50-60 37 14 10 15 25 in some cases

Fri & Sat twice a month + int’l trips English 40-45 37 13 4 76 27 31 required

Thurs, Fri & Sat, once a month English 41 15 8 35 31 not required

Part-time: Thurs & Fri or Fri & Sat

weekends English / French 45 36 12 7 18

1 module every 6 wks or Fri & Sat

English 50 36 10 5 41 21 in some cases
alternate wkds; 3 int’l residence

Part-time: 8 modules English / French 40 15 8 50 required

(Chinese translation)

Global, modular English 80 / 40 36 10-12 7 18 required

9 part-time core-courses English 100 35 10 5 25 not required

1 week a month (24 months) or 2

English 30 34 8 3 25 50 20 not required
weeks a month (12 months)
Part-time: 10 modules of 2 weeks + English 5-15 30 6 3 65 25 not required
master thesis project work

11 modules + live-in weekends English 50 35 11 5 45 18 41 not required

Part-time: 2 evenings midweek or Fri

English 40 35 10 3 required
& Sat weekends

Mon & Fri every week + int’l trips English 30-40 7 15

Fri & Sat weeknds + 2 int’l trips + 2

English 4 required
weeks in residence
16 modules on campus +
English 35 34 10 5 85 34 42 not required
international module

6x2-week segments English 45 40 16 10 41 23 in some cases

Fri & Sat weekends English 40-50 5 required

Online or bi-weekly format English 32 36 10-15 8 10 20 40 required

Part-time: resid. sessions + online

English / Spanish 60 32 7 5 20 36 in some cases
distance learning

16 modules English 39 5 30 required

"#%' *<    = >? 

distance learning English 60-70 39 15 10 16 required

Full-time or part-time English 30 6 3 50 32 not required

18 courses, 3 per term 10 10

13 modules (Sat & Sun) English 36-40 12 5 44 in some cases

2 evenings per week or monthly block

English 6 not required

Part-time and modular English 65 35 11 3 62 26 10 required

4-day blocks (Weds-Sat) every 6

English 36 10 required
Thr-Sun (weekend module) /
English 58 / 33 3 69 / 45 24 / 30 not required
weekday module
Fri & Sat alternate weekends OR
English 75 / 60 33 10 5 24 23 / 12 required
Once a month in 4 / 5 day blocks
Block format - Monday - Friday: Jan, English 25-30 37 13 5 75 26 18 required
Mar, Apr, May, July, Sept.

Supported open learning English 12-15 37 14 3 56 36 40 not required

Bi-weekly + 1 Sat per semester English 36 11 13 in some cases

13 x week-long modules, c. every English 40-50 36 12 4 59 30 19 not required

2 months
5 residence sessions each 2 weeks
English 41 37 12.5 5 13 36 in some cases
+ online periods

TopExecutive Guide 87

Statistical review of Executive MBA programs
School Name Country Date Start Date Deadline Date Length Fees (local)
Established (months)
Baylor University, Hankamer –
Dallas program US 1991 Aug June 21 $86,500

Brigham Young University, Marriott US 1983 Aug Dec, Jan, Mar, May 22 $45,000

College of William and Mary, Mason US 1966 Jan Aug, Nov 20 $79,500

Columbia Business School US 1945 Sept, Jan rolling 20 $148,320

Cornell University, Johnson US 1999 July rolling 22 $138,800

Drexel University, LeBow US 1997 Sept rolling 20 $78,000

Duke University, Fuqua US 1996 Apr Sept, Nov, Feb, Mar 15 $146,600

Emory University, Goizueta – US 1978 Jan, Aug Jun, Oct 21 $100,500 (residency option)
Modular EMBA $92,050 (non-residency option)
$54,000 (Florida resident)
Florida International University, Chapman US 1995 Aug July 20
$58,000 (non-resident)
Georgetown –
US / Spain 2008 June May 14 $135,000
ESADE Global Executive MBA

Northwestern University, Kellogg US 1976 Jan, Sept rolling 24 $76,950

NYU Stern US 1982 Aug, Jan Mar, May and Oct,

22 $144,000

Ohio State University, Fisher US 1999 Dec rolling 18 $77,125

Pepperdine University, Graziadio – EMBA US 1969 Apr, May Feb, Mar, Apr 20 Contact Pepperdine

Rice University, Jones US 1998 Aug rolling 22 $96,000

SMU, Cox US 1976 Aug Dec, Feb, May 21 $99,300

Temple University, Fox US 1942 Aug 22 $77,500

Thunderbird School of Global Management US 1946 Aug Apr, Jun 17 $84,500

TRIUM Global Executive MBA US / France / UK 2001 Sept rolling 16 $140,000

Tulane University, Freeman US 1992 Jan Dec 18 $63,00

UC Berkeley / Columbia US 2000 May Jan, Feb 19 $150,000

UCLA, Anderson US 1981 Sept June 22 $57,000 for the 1st year

University of California at Irvine, Merage US 1984 Sept July 21 $94,850

University of Denver, Daniels US 1989 Sept, Mar Feb, May 18 $71,700

University of Florida US 1993 Aug rolling 20 $46,000

$69,000 (Georgia resident)

University of Georgia, Terry US 2001 Sept rolling 18
$74,000 (non-resident)

University of Houston, Bauer US 1978 Aug May 18 $60,100

University of Iowa, Tippie US 1978 May, Aug rolling 21 $51,000 / $55,000

University of Miami School of Business US 1973 Jan, Apr, July rolling 23 $77,000 / $76,000 / $78,000

University of Michigan, Ross US 2001 Aug July 20 $125,000 (Michigan resident)

$130,000 (non-resident)

University of Minnesota, Carlson US 1981 Aug Apr, rolling 21 $95,000

$162,300 (Philadelphia)
University of Pennsylvania, Wharton US 1975 May Feb 24
$172,200 (San Francisco)

University of Tennessee at Knoxville US 1996 Jan July, Sept (US 12 $64,000

appl.), Nov

University of Texas at Austin, McCombs US 1981 Aug June 21 $75,000

University of Texas at Dallas US 1992 Aug rolling 21 $82,000

University of Utah, Eccles US 1955 Aug Mar, May, July 21 $65,000 – $67,000

University of Washington Business School US 1983 Sept Feb, Jun 21 $79,752

Vanderbilt University, Owen US 1978 Aug May 24 $48,850

Villanova School of Business US 2000 Aug Dec, Feb, Apr, Jun 21 $92,000

Wake Forest University, Babcock US 1969 Jan Sept, Nov 24 $67,200

Washington University, US / China 1983 Apr (monthly), Sept July 20 $95,500

Olin School of Business (weekly)

University of Pittsburgh, Katz US / Brazil / Czech 1972 Jan, Apr 19 / 16 / 16 $65,000 / $48,500 / $48,500

Purdue / Tias / CEU / GISMA US / Netherlands / 1999 Feb Dec 22 €52,500

Hungary / Germany

Columbia / London Business School US / UK 2001 May rolling 20 $144,156

$142,000 (US), £73,000 (UK),

University of Chicago, Booth US / UK / Singapore 1943 Jun Dec, Feb, Apr 21
SGD $180,000 (Singapore)

88 TopExecutive Guide

from around the world
Course Format Course Language Class Size Average Avg Prof Min Prof % Local % Female % Bus GMAT
Age Exp (yrs) Exp (yrs) Students Degree
Fri & Sat alternate weekends +
international study trip English 36 36 13 33 39 not required

Fri & Sat or Tues & Thurs evenings -

every week English 65 36 11 6 40 required

Fri & Sat twice a month + resid.

English 32 38 14.5 19 18 required
periods + int’l trip
Fri & Sat alternate weekends +
English 105 33 9 65 25 required
1-week international residence

Sat & Sun alternate weekends English 70 36 13 20 21 in some cases

3 times a month: 1 Friday & 2

Saturdays + 10 international resid. English 28-32 37 16 45 required

5 terms English 80-90 39 14 10 41 20 41 not required

Modular / weekend format English 36 38 15 73 33 43 required

Every Saturday + global business trip English 38 14 8 36 not required

6x12-day modules in 6 diverse

English 40 38 15 8 25 31 in some cases

Bi-weekly, monthly programs English 12-15 8 in some cases

Fri & Sat alternate weekends English 38 14 51 34 44 required

Thur-Sun, once a month English 47 37 14 17 in some cases

Fri & Sat – every 3 weeks English 25 7 required

Fri & Sat weekends English 70 37 14 10 21 required

Fri & Sat alternate weekends + int’l

English 100 37 15 8 90 not required
study trips
3 times a month: 1 Friday & 2
Saturdays English 30 42 17 30 required

Fri & Sat alternate weekends +

residency session + tours English 40-50 38 14 8 25 25 not required

"#    @ "? *<   X #

English 65 40 15 10 20 in some cases
on-site modules
Fri & Sat alternate weekends + exam
days + int’l seminars English 32 39 16 7 69 25 31 not required

5 terms, Thur-Sat English 70 36 12 76 21 required

Fri & Sat alternate weekends + 5

English 68 37 13 23 24 required

Fri & Sat alternate weekends English 78 40 15 10 30 not required

Fri & Sat alternate weekends +

international study trip English 30-40 37 14 10 30 not required

Fri & Sat once a month + int’l trip English 41 37 13 8 27 27 required

10 modules: 3 wkds per module +

distance learning + 10-day resid English 50 38 15 5 25 required

Fri & Sat alternate weekends + English 5 not required

international study trip
Fri & Sat alternate weekends +
English 35-40 37 14 7 required
international seminar

40 Saturdays per year English 30-50 9-12 26 36 in some cases

1 weekend per month + 2x10-day

residences English 35-50 38 14 not required

Fri & Sat alternate weekends English 115 37 14 8 23 28 not required

Fri & Sat alternate wkds, 5 ext’d

sessions, 1 week int’l seminar English 212 34 10 63 17 46 required

4x2-week resid. period + distance

English 29 41 18 17 in some cases
learning sessions

Fri & Sat alternate weekends English 65 35 12 8 18 54 required

3 times per month, 1 Friday and 2 English 5 not required

Fri & Sat weekly + 2x1-week sessions
English 60 38 13 6 20 24 in some cases
=  !   

Regional alternate weekends class /

English 40-50 37 14 39 20 18 required
N. America monthly class
Sat alternate weekends + English 48 36 12 5 20 18 required
international trip

Fri & Sat weekends English not required

37 Saturdays a year English 40-55 30 8 3 20-38 required

Monthly: Thur-Sat weekend format,

Fri-Sat English 8 not required

Fri & Sat (US) / Fri-Sun (BRA), Wed-

English 64 37 14 5 22 not required
Sun once a month (CZ)

5x14-day residency periods English 60 37 12.5 5 13 36 recommended

Core courses Wed-Sat once a month English 109 10 4 20 required

+ int’l seminars

17 classes (2 classes per quarter) English 90 37 12 32 17 not required

TopExecutive Guide 89