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A Member of the Australian Vaccination

Network: Their Abuse of Dana’s Name;

Harassment of the McCafferys and Members
of Stop the Australian Vaccination Network.

From various Facebook pages and YouTube

channel “VaccinationAustralia”.

Let’s remember that Dorey initiated the

harassment of the McCafferys with comments like

Dorey is a member of the original “Stop the

Australian Vaccination Network Exposed” group,
which implemented the personal harassment of
SAVN members and their family members, based
on appearance or traits of those members.
Comment from “Mammia” blog post on the AVN
Fake account

Friend request sent to me from fake

Another fake, using Dana’s name to harass

Another fake, attacking Toni McCaffery

Same fake, joined by others, continuing the attack
on Toni
Same fake, with another, having sent me a friend

Attacking journalist Steve Cannane, with yet

another fake
Series of fakes, including Dr Paul Offit, attacking
Accusing me of “carrying the corpse of a deceased
infant around in [my] kit bag”
Fake accusing of exploiting the death of an infant

And again
Personal message from fake, abusing Dana’s
memory, referring also to another harassment
page, the “Who’s Who…”

Fake goes on to Dana McCaffery’s Memorial page

to “like” a comment about the rise of Pertussis
Fakes attacking the McCafferys and the purpose of
Dana’s Memorial page

I’m a “sick cunt” who “carries a photo of Dana

McCaffery around in [my] wallet”

Accusing the McCafferys of being “liars”

Series of fake accounts following

Peter Tierney

Peter Tierney

They also created an account called “Lexie

Gooley”, using the name of this member’s
deceased dog and the dog’s picture

Trying to harass me via a South Coast solicitor, but
they stalked the wrong person

Dr Rachie



Jasmine, who is not even active, but is the partner

of Dave
Here’s a collection “liking” a post on the AVN page
Ooh look. Here’s Meryl Dorey alongside a collection
on the AVN page

Even the HCCC

Tina is the partner of a member, and not active






Steve Cannane. Journalist. Not a SAVN member.

Not content with SAVN members, they also went

after legitimate AVN members whom they
suspected of being outside the cult. Note the fake
changing its profile picture every time the real
Katherine changed hers
Sally Leathry is a real Indigenous woman who
commented on the AVN page. She was suspected
of being outside the cult and was racially vilified
with a series of derogatory profiles and profile
pictures of Indigenous Australians, alive and
Personal messages received by the real Sally

On the SAVN page

Creative Writing fake page and inset

Nathan impersonated on AVN page

Dr Paul Offit
Jasmine and Dave
Personal message to me
Wendy, whose husband is a police officer

Mazz Koles, AVN member and conspiracy
spammer, become a suspect of the cult

Fake page
Note the “Peter Terdney” with builder reference in
the profile picture. This was the next round of
attempting to stalk me, but stalking the wrong
One of the more vile personal attacks

Myself, with new stalking location. Picture of South

Coast sea-pool
Myself, with my daughter’s name in the avatar
Myself, again, and attacking the McCafferys again
The fakes even made it on to the Gold Coast
Bulletin’s comments section
Fake of Carol on Dorey’s own blog

And now it has started on the Mum of baby Kailis

Smith, who is intubated in the Brisbane Mater
Hospital due to complications from Pertussis
Myself again, with pictures of arseholes in the
profile picture, and “Milton Tech” in the college
(another stalking of myself using another South
Coast place name)
One of the more vile fakes which spammed this
comment all over the SAVN page, group and the
AVN page. Attacking a member who has openly
stated that she has Asperger’s. The “Louise Friend”
comment is from the same stalker.
The original fake account which kicked them all off,
over 18 months ago. Meryl Dorey was its first and
only friend for many months

VaccinationAustralia YouTube account. The

vilification of the McCafferys is quiet horrid, as is
this account’s vilification of a friend’s ill partner as
well as my daughter
I am saving the worst until last. On one of
her recent blog posts, Meryl Dorey approved
a comment from an obvious fake. Dorey has
steadfastly refused to remove this atrocious
comment, sullying the memory of Dana

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