Abaddon - (Hebrew) Destroyer, Advisor. Said to be chief of demons. Sometimes reg arded as the destroying angel.

Abdiel - (Arabic) from "Abd" meaning slave. Lord of slaves/slavery. Abatu - An earth bound form of destructive/negative energy in the Order of the N ine Angles. Associated with rites of sacrifice. Abduxuel - (Enochian) One of the demonic rulers of the lunar mansions. Abigar - Can fortell future and give military advice. Abigor - (Unk) allegedly a warrior demon who commands sixty legions. Weyer names him as god of Grand Duke of Hell. Appears in a pleasant form. Aclahayr - (Unk) Of the fourth hour of the Nuctemeron, the genius spirit. Adad, Addu - (Babylonian, Hittite) god of the storm. Adramalech - (Samarian) devil. Commander of Hell. Wierius' chancellor of inferna l regions. In Assyria where he was worshipped, children were supposedly burned a t his alters. Adriel - Mansions of the moon among the Enochian demons. Aeshma, Aesma - (Persian) One of seven archangels of the Persians. Adopted later into Hebrew mythology as Asmodeus. Has been recorded in history for at least th ree thousand years. Said to be a small hairy demon able to make men perform crue l acts. Ahazu-demon - the siezer demon of the night. Agaliarept - (Hebrew) commander of armies. Aussi General of hell - Grimoire of P ope Honorius.. Agares or Aguares - (Unk) devil. Wierius' hierarchy states Agares is the demon o f courage. Agathodemon - (Egyptian) a good demon worshipped by the egyptians. Agramon - (Unk) Demon of fear Agrat-bat-mahlaht - One of Satan's wives and demoness of whores. Ahpuch - (Mayan) devil. Ahriman - (Mazdean) devil. Ahremanes was the name given to fallen angels by the Persians. Alastor - (Unk) Wierius' cruel demon called "the executioner." Aldinach - (Egyptian) A demon who causes natural disasters (i.e. floods, hurrica nes, tornados, earthquakes).

Dark female force in the pantheon of the Order of the Nine Angles. Allocer . Andras .(Hebrew) The destroyer.One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. Amoymon.Lord Treasurer of Hell. Michael in 1643 during the posse ssions of the nuns at Louviers. Asmodeus .(Egyption) Sun God. A demon most commonly involved in poss ession cases.(Phonician). Apollyn . Amaimon . Grand marquis of hell. He delivers vengence only when called on. Amducias . Andromalius . Asmodeus. Alocer. Anomylech . See Aeshma. originally 'creature of judgeme nt'. According to Wierius a demon of music. Prince of accusers a nd inquisitors. Some sources claim Anamelech is the moon goddess while Andra malech is the sun god. and th .One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. Much like Lucifer except controls reproduction and life.One of the 72 spirits of Solomon.One of the 72 spirits of Solomon. He will trade knowledge for the human soul. Arioch . One of Solomon's 72 spirits. Said to be supreme president of hell. Evolve d from the Persian Aeshma. Ashtaroth. Alu-Demon .Allocen .One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. The name should be vibrated.(German) demon of mines. One of the 72 spirits of Solomon.Evil Spirit. king of South.(Unk) Grand duke of hell.(Semitic) a female spirit/demon who weds human beings and wreaks ha voc in the dwellings of men. Ammon . Amducious .(Hebrew) god of lust.(Unk) god of quarrels. Arphaxat .(unk) Demon of vengence. Amy . Demon of vanity and sloth.Grand Duke of Hades. seduction.(Assyrian) bearer of bad news.One of the 72 spirits of Solomon.(Heb) devil of sensuality and luxury. Amaymon. Ardat-Lile .(unk) Possessed Sister Barbara of St. He was the overseer of all the gambling houses in the court of Hell.(Unk) The demon who possessed Loise de Pinterville during the possess ion of the nuns at Loudun. His name means "good king". Same as Ishtar. Amaymon . Ansitif . Work s of passion and death. See also Amaimon.(Greek) Another name for Satan. Amon. Asmoday . Andrealphus .(Semitic) Night demon. particularily noted in the possession of the Louviers nuns. T urned male in christian mythology . Anneberg . Aosoth . Anini . Astaroth . An obscure demon.goddess of lust. Anamelech. and Aamon.

Asmodeus was the demon of lust. Barbas . to be one of the earliest sects of Demonolatry.(Unk)The Demon who possessed Nicole Aubry of Laon in 1566. Baalzephon . According to Wierius .Queen of spirits of the dead. The demon of finesse and ruses. Asmoday . In some hierarchie s he is the secretary of the archives of hell. The name itself signifies in one sense the purpose of the cosmic c ycies and the opening of the Gates since 'Atazoth' as a word means 'an increasin g of azoth. Also a prince of hell.(Unk) Grand duke of hell. Baphomet . See also Azael.(Hebrew) devil.(Unk) a demon of delusion. Aym .(Unk) Prince of hell. responsible for stirring up matrimonial trouble. Demon of blasphemy and murder.The most powerful of the Dark Gods in the pantheon of the Order of the Nine Angles.Mother of all demons who lie waiting in Earth in the pantheon of the Order of the Nine Angles. The Templar's are thought.Son of Iblis. Azathoth . Baal. Atazoth .(Hebrew) avarice and greed.Rules all time and space from a black throne at the center of Chaos. Bael .a demon master of the infernal alliance.(Canaanite) Lord of covenant later made god of death. Balaam ." The Canaanites worshipped Baal an d held rituals at which children were burned for sacrifice. In addition.(Hebrew) god/demon of war. Azanigin . Balan . Balban .A king of hell according to the Key of Solomon. Subordinate in Grimoire of Pope Honorius. Arab demon of laziness.(Unk) Duke of Hades.e general spreader of dissipation. Astarte . . Ayperos . Worshiped as Satan. He can grant invincibi lity. B ael is cited in the Grand Grimiore as commanding general of infernal armies. Balberith .(Unk) A demon in Wierius' hierarchy said to be high in the monarchy.(Unk) a demon of mechanics according to some hierarchies.(Canaanite) Captain of guard and sentinels of Hell according to Wie rius. Baltazo . this demon is the first monarch of hell and appears as a three headed beast. Barbetos . Baalberith. Also Haborym. Ac cording to Wierius . Awar .(Unk) Keeper of graves. Babael . b y some.God of the Templars. Azazel . Means "the lord.

Bune .(Hebrew) Another name for Satan. . Belzebath . Speculation has suggested the nam e Belial comes from the Hebrew phrase beli ya 'al meaning "without worth.(Syriac) Another name for Satan.A romany name for the devil. Chief of false gods. Beelzebub. Bathin . One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. trapped in the vortex between the causal and acausal spaces. One of the 72 spirits of Solomon. In one sense represents hidden wisdom but generally dangerous to sanity.Bar-Lgura .A blue. Among the demons blam ed for the demonic possessions of the nuns at Loudun. Blisargon . Beliar . Bifrons . Behemoth . Berith .(Unk) See also Marthim. a nd riches. Tradition relates it as a Dark God. geometry. Barqu . Beherit . Bathym. Buer .One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon.One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon.Associated with Machidael and Barchiel. Barzabel .(Unk) The demon who keeps the secrets of the philosophers stone.(Unk) Grand enticer of theives until he brings his followers to dest ruction. aetherial entity related to Order of the Nine Angles' l3th p ath. Baalphegor . invention. Beng .(Unk) Wierius' demon of astronomy.(Unk) a demon of the second order who commands fifty legions.(Celtic) god of Hell.(Unk) According to the Grimiore of Pope Honorius a reigning monarch de mon presiding over western infernal region.(Hebrew) The earth elemental. Biffant . and other such sciences.One of the 72 spirits of Solomon. Belial.(Unk) One of Wierius' demons of death. Bileth . Bile ." Princ e of trickery. Bechard.(Hebrew) Lord of Flies. Represented by a cat. A demon who lights strange lights above tombs of the dead. Bathim. Budsturga . Belphegor.(Unk) The demon who allegedly possessed Denise de la Caille. Bechaud . Bast . One of the 72 princes of Solomon.(Semitic) A gargoyle type demon who is said to sit atop houses and p ounce on the inhabitants. Demon of the natural forces. Demon of herbs and precious sto nes according to Wierius. Beelzebuth. Botis . Bayemon .(Moabites?) Demon of discovery.(Unk) A demon mentioned in Key Of Solomon as demon of tempest s. of female aspect.(Egyption) goddess of pleasure. Belphegore.

Cunali .demon of dispersion. Caym.(Unk) Offspring of Incubi and Succubi. Choronzon . Clisthert . Caspiel . Appears as a G riffon.no description Diriel .(Unk) Grand President of Hell. Also Gressil.Mercilessness. Dameal. Colopatiron . Carreau .(Unk) a demon who can change day to night and night to day. Chamos .(Philistine) another serpent god and god of ocean. Sets prisons open.One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. Demoriel . Deamiel .Boatman of hell.(Enochian) no description.no description. Cusion . Decarabia . Chax . guardian of the Abyss. Chemosh . Also Grand President of Hell.(Unk) Wierius' demon of knowledge of liberal arts.no description. Dagon . Caim . Charon . Also Scox.(Unk) Ruler of Saturn. Delepitore . Also Caasimolar or Glasya.(Unk) Demon of impurity and slovenliness. Ferries souls across styx and/or archeron.no description Dantalian . Cassiel. Chomie . Cambions .One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. Cresil . Gorgo .Caacrinolaas . One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. Demogorgon.(African) devil.(Greek) devil.Of the 9th hour of the Nuctemeron. Cimeries . genius.(Unk) demoness of sorcery enlightenment.(Unk) Grand duke of hell.no description .One of the demons of the 8th hour of the Nuctemeron. Delepitorae.(Moabite) devil.Demon over treasures and riches. Clauneck .

(Teutonic) goddess of death.Dante) Centaur/Dragon who guards hell. . Incubus . Geryon . Prince of hell who feeds upon cor pses. Became Genies in Persian and Indian my thology. Guecubu .(Babylonian) goddess of fertility.(Unk) Holds rank as count of hell. Hela .Dracula . Eblis .(literary.(Mohammedan) Also called the "Satan" of the Mohammedans. Also associated with Jinns and Divs of Persia.(Greek) goddess of underworld and sorcery. Haborym . Note various sp ellings: Inncubus.(Unk) god of fire. Queen of witches.male demon of seduction said to invade a woman s dreams. It is claimed t hat once he was an inhabitant of Azazil.(Greek) god of death. hideous spectres. Eblis was the leader of those who rebelled. Eurynomous . and when the an gels were commanded to bow down to the first man. Euronymous. Hecate . Fire Elemental used in place of Satan. Emma-O . Li eutenant of hell.(Romanian) devil. Plural = Incubi Ishtar . daughter of Loki. Also Haris. the heaven nearest God.(Japanese) ruler of Hell. Feurety . Furfur .(Chili) Evil spirits. Ifrits . Flereous.(Hebrew) Another name for Satan.(Arabic) Evil. Inccubus.

Mara . the destroyer. Lilith is the princess of hell.(Buddhist) a demon who attempts to damn the soul.(Unk) the treasurer of the palace of hell. Lilith is said to attemp t to destroy newborn infants. Lilith presides over Succubi.Adam s first wife. . Grand admiral of hell. Loki .(Unk) Familiar demons. Appears as a crow. Later wife to Satan. Melchom . symbol of dissolution and destruction. Leonard .(Teutonic) devil. Mandragoras .The Book Of Enoch refers to this demon as the "fifth satan" Kobal . Mantus . Water Elemental .(Unk) Grand president of the infernal regions. Seen as androgynous.(Roman) The Light Bringer. the raging sea.(Hebrew) in Hebrew myth .(Roman) devil. Mammon .(Unk) Hell's entertainment liason. They are two seperate demons.(Aramaic) god of wealth & profit. Counterpart of Lucifer.(Unk) the demon of falsehoods.(see also Urian german) Demon of sorcery . Mesphito . Kali ("the black one") is the H indu mother goddess.(Etruscan) goddess of Hell. Mastema . Air Elemental. For this reason the practice of writing a formula to drive Lilith away on all four corners of the birth chamber was adopted by the Jews. Lucifuge. Lilith . Lucifuge Rofocale .(Hindu) daughter of Shiva. Mania .(Hebrew) the serpent. Lucifer . Snake worship. Kali . They are attributed to the mandrake root an d considered gifts from Satan to the sorcerer who conjures them. Kostchtchie . Accordi ng to many demonologists.(Greek) the light shunner.(Russian) a goblin of death.(Unk) leader of human/demon offspring. Often misconstrued as being Satan. Mephistopholes. Kasdeya .Jezebeth . Leviathan .(Etruscan) god of hell. Malphas . Appears as a giant black go at.

(Unk) Leonard's right hand man. Nysrogh .(Japanese) Another name for Satan. Nija . Nybras .(Babylonian) Serpent Goddess.who. Metztli . Nergal . O Yama .(Aztec) goddess of night Mictain .(Unk) Demon of divination.(Guyana) Demon of the eclipse. Hecate s Consort.(Greek) God of Spirits.is chief of staff in the palac e of hell.(Polish) god of underworld Nina . Mullin .(Greek) god of lust. Marquis of hell. Associated with Cerber os.(Aztec) god of death Moloch .(Unk) master of infernal ceremonies.Merihim . Pan . Orias . Oroan .(Unk) another second order demon .(Unk) Demon of music.(unk) the prince of pestilence. Naamah . A second order demon. Naberios . Orthon . Paymon .(American Indian) devil.(Hebrew) seduction Naburus. . Murmur . Nebiros . A marquis of hell.(Unk) Mar De Camp of hell.(Phoenician) devil Mormo .(Unk) protector of the gates of hell.(Unk) a demon of unknown origin who is said to have ties with possessio ns in france and with the Satanic-Masonic cult of Palladinism in 19th century It aly.(Babylonian) god of underworld.(Unk) an inferior demon who publicizes the pleasures of hell. A count of hell. Nihasa .

In some accounts .(American Indian) devil. Set .(Hindu) devil.a lesser demon. Raum .(Unk) a demon of lies.(Hindu) the destroyer.(Unk) a second order demon in service to Belial.(Syrian) devil. Ronwe . Pluto . Shaitan (Satan/Hebrew Shaitan/Arabic) The Adversary.(Greek) queen of underworld. Serpent worship.(Asian) devil. Samnu . Shabriri . Pyro . Pwcca . Satan. Same as Satan. Shiva . Also the prince of air.(Greek) god of underworld.(Welsh) Pooka in Celtic Mythos derived from this name for Satan.(Unk) said to be the chief of all fallen angels. Sedit .Philotanus .(Egyptian) goddess of vengence. Rimmon .(India) demon whose appearance in the least. Proserpine . Sabazios . Semiazas . Rakshasa .(Phrygian) the snake. This is merely another name for satan. Lord of fire.(Unk) it is thought this angel of death was the demon who tempted Eve.(Unk) the demon of knowledge. Pytho . Fire E lemental.(Jewish Myth) a demon who strikes people blind.brigadier of hell. Sekhmet .(Egyptian) devil. Sargatanas .(Unk) A demon prince of falsehood. . Rahu . Satanchia (Hebrew/Greek) devil.(Unk) a count of hell. horrifying. A serpent demon. Samael .

Succubus . Unsere .(Egyptian) god of magick.Sonnilion. Another name for Satan. Ukobach or Urobach . Tezrian . Valafar .(Unk) demon of jealousy and said to protect gates and bridgeways. Uphir .(Russian) night demon. Supay . Thoth .(Unk) the demon of impatience. Verin .(Unk) goddess of sorcery and fertility. Tezcatlipoca . Margaret.(Greek) Another name for Satan. Plural .(Babylonian) Evil spirit who assaulted St.(Unk) the head demon physician in the palace of hell. Typhon .(Unk) a fire demon. Succorbenoth . An ambassador of hell. Vetis . Said to seduce males while slee ping.(Sumerian) devil. Veltis . Tchort .(Scandanavian) devil. Verdelet . Tunrida . Said to have started the inqui sition and to have invented artillary.(unk) another grand duke of hell.(Armenian) goddess of hate.(Chinese) devil of desire. Succumbus.(Unk) the temptor of the holy.Succubi.(Unk) Master of ceremonies of infernal court. Note various spellings. Troian .(Aztec) god of Hell. T an-mo .(Armenian) goddess of war Thamuz . Demon of the second ord er.female demon of seduction.(Inca) god of underworld. . Sonnillon .(Russion) The Black God.

(Aztec) god of Hell. Demon of counterfeit.(Unk) Demon who possessed one of the nuns at Loudun. Yen-lo-Wang .(German) monarch of the empire of the dead.(Sumerian) Grand Count of hell said to have gentile disposition. Zabulon .(Unk) One of the kings of hell according to Wierius. Zeernebooch .Xaphan . Said to change thing s into its opposite. Zepar . Zagam . Yaotzin . Keeper of the furnaces of hell.(Unk) Grand duke of hell .(Chinese) ruler of Hell. Zapan .(Unk) Grand king and president of infernal regions.god of war. .(Unk) another fire demon. Zaebos . Also Vepar and Separ.

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