Romeo and Juliet

By William Shakespeare

Verona, Italy—1590's, July RO !O"""""""""""""""""""""""""""Son o# O$%&'(! B!$VO)IO""""""""""""""""""""" onta*ue +ousin o# RO !O B&)%,&S&R"""""""""""""""""" onta*ue ser-ant to RO !O &BR& """"""""""""""""""""""""""" onta*ue ser-ant )OR. O$%&'(!"""""""/ather o# RO !O )&.0 O$%&'(!""""""" other o# RO !O J()I!%"""""""""""""""""""""""""""".au*hter o# 1&2()!%, a*e 13 %0B&)%""""""""""""""""""""""""""1apulet +ousin o# J()I!% S& 2SO$"""""""""""""""""""""""1apulet ser-ant 'R!'OR0""""""""""""""""""""""1apulet ser-ant )OR. 1&2()!%""""""""""""/ather o# J()I!%, in his 50's )&.0 1&2()!%"""""""""""" other o# J()I!%, a4out 56 $(RS!""""""""""""""""""""""""""""1apulet ser-ant to J()I!% 2!%!R"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""1apulet ser-ant to $(RS! !R1(%IO"""""""""""""""""""""/rien7 o# RO !O, relate7 to 2RI$1! 1O($%0 2&RIS"""""""""""""1ount to 8e7 J()I!%, relate7 to 2RI$1! 2RI$1! !S1&)(S"""""""""2rin+e o# Verona /RI&R )&WR!$1!"""""""/ran+is+an 8ho marries RO !O 9 J()I!% /RI&R JO,$"""""""""""""""""""1arries messa*e #or /RI&R )&WR!$1! &2O%,!1&R0"""""""""""""""Sells poison to RO !O 1I%I:!$S, S!RV&$%S, (SI1I&$S, '(&R.S, et+"

Shakespeare’s complete original script based on the Second Quarto of 1599, with corrections and alternate text from other editions indicated as: 1First Quarto of 159 ! "Second Quarto of 1599! #$hird Quarto of 1%&9, 'Fourth Quarto of 1%"", 5First Folio of 1%"#, and ( for later editions) First performed around 1595) *ine+numbering matches the Folger *ibrar, edition of 199") Spelling and punctuation are moderni-ed ./merican0 with some indications of pronunciation) Stage directions are clarified) Side notes are gi1en for 1ocabular,, figurati1e language, and allusions) $his script be downloaded from www)hundsness)com and used freel, for education and performance) 2a1id 3undsness, editor, "&&')

PROLOGUE 1,OR(S %8o househol7s, 4oth alike in 7i*nity, In #air Verona, 8here 8e lay our s+ene, /rom an+ient *ru7*e 4reak to ne8 mutiny, Where +i-il 4loo7 makes +i-il han7s un+lean" /rom #orth the #atal loins o# these t8o #oes & pair o# star;+ross'7 lo-ers take their li#e, Whose misa7-enture7 piteous o-erthro8s .oth5 8ith their 7eath 4ury their parents' stri#e" %he #ear#ul passa*e o# their 7eath;mark'7 lo-e, &n7 the +ontinuan+e o# their parents' ra*e, Whi+h, 4ut their +hil7ren's en7, nau*ht +oul7 remo-e, Is no8 the t8o hours' tra##i+ o# our sta*e" %he 8hi+h i# you 8ith patient ears atten7, What here shall miss, our toil shall stri-e to men7" ACT 1, SCENE 1 45erona, a street, morning) S/67S89 : ;<=;8<>, armed? S& 2SO$ 1"1"1 're*ory, on my 8or7, 8e'll not +arry +oals" take insults 'R!'OR0 1"1"5 $o, #or then 8e shoul7 4e +olliers" coal miners S& 2SO$ 1"1"3 I mean, i#5 8e 4e in +holer, 8e'll 7ra8" an75, angered, draw our weapons 'R!'OR0 1"1"= &y, 8hile you li-e, 7ra8 your ne+k out o# >the?1 +ollar" take, noose S& 2SO$ 1"1"@ I strike Aui+kly, 4ein* mo-e7" attack, angered 'R!'OR0 1"1"6 But thou art not Aui+kly mo-e7 to strike" S& 2SO$ 1"1"B & 7o* o# the house o# onta*ue mo-es me" 'R!'OR0 1"1"9 %o mo-e is to stir, an7 to 4e -aliant is to stan7" bra1e %here#ore i# thou art mo-e7, thou runn'st a8ayC S& 2SO$ 1"1"15 & 7o* o# that house shall mo-e me to stan7" I 8ill take the 8all o# any man or mai7 o# onta*ue's" make them step aside 'R!'OR0 1"1"1= %hat sho8s thee a 8eak sla-e5, #or the 8eakest 8eaklin*1D coward *oes to the 8all" backs up against the wall S& 2SO$ 1"1"1@ '%is true, an7 there#ore 8omen, 4ein* the 8eaker -essels, gender are e-er thrust to the 8all" %here#ore I 8ill push onta*ue's alwa,s men #rom the 8all, an7 thrust his mai7s to the 8all" women 'R!'OR0 1"1"50 %he Auarrel is 4et8een our masters an7 us their men" menser1ants S& 2SO$ 1"1"55 '%is all one" I 8ill sho8 mysel# a tyrant" When I all the same, pro1e ha-e #ou*ht 8ith the men, I 8ill 4e +i-il 8ith the humane mai7s, an75 +ut o## their hea7sC I 8ill5 'R!'OR0 1"1"55 %he hea7s o# the mai7sE S& 2SO$ 1"1"5@ &y, the hea7s o# the mai7s, or their mai7enhea7sC 1irginit, 1"0"1 families, rank ri1alr,, outbreaks, fighting ci1ilian fateful, children 1"0"5 doomed unfortunate, pitiful, downfall 7o<, end, fighting doomed 1"0"10 except for, nothing performance listen pla,

%ake it in 8hat sense thou 8ilt" whate1er meaning 'R!'OR0 1"1"5B %hey must take it in1 sense that #eel itC feel what @ do to them .bawd,0 S& 2SO$ 1"1"59 e they shall #eel 8hile I am a4le to stan7, an7 'tis kno8n I am a pretty5 pie+e o# #lesh" tall1 .bawd,0 'R!'OR0 1"1"31 '%is 8ell thou art not #ishF i# thou ha7st, if ,ou were thou ha7st 4een poor;Gohn" a poor catch 4/A</6 : another 6ontague Ser1ant enter, armed? .ra8 thy toolC ,ere +omes >t8o?1 o# the house o# onta*ues5C sword, the onta*ues5 S& 2SO$ 1"1"3= y nake7 8eapon is out" Huarrel, I 8ill 4a+k thee" unsheathed, fight 'R!'OR0 1"1"3@ ,o8, turn thy 4a+k an7 runE how do ,ou mean S& 2SO$ 1"1"36 /ear me not" trust me 'R!'OR0 1"1"3B $o, marry" I #ear theeC indeed S& 2SO$ 1"1"39 )et us take the la8 on1 our si7e1F let them 4e*in" o#5, si7es5 'R!'OR0 1"1"=1 I 8ill #ro8n as I pass 4y, an7 let them take it as they list" please S& 2SO$ 1"1"=3 $ay, as they 7are" I 8ill 4ite my thum4 at them, gi1e the finger 8hi+h is a 7is*ra+e to them i# they 4ear it" take it without a fight 4bites his thumb? &BR& 1"1"=5 .o you 4ite your thum4 at us, sirE S& 2SO$ 1"1"=@ I 7o 4ite my thum4, sir" &BR& 1"1"=6 .o you 4ite your thum4 at us, sirE S& 2SO$ 4aside to ;regor,? 1"1"=B Is the la8 on1 our si7e i# I say IayIE o#5, ,es 'R!'OR0 4aside to Sampson? 1"1"50 $oC S& 2SO$ 1"1"51 $o, sir, I 7o not 4ite my thum4 at you, sir, 4ut I 4ite my thum4, sir" 'R!'OR0 1"1"53 .o you Auarrel, sirE challenge us &BR& 1"1"5= Huarrel sirE $o, sirC S& 2SO$ 1"1"55 But i# you 7o, sir, I am #or youC I ser-e will fight ,ou as *oo7 a man as you" master &BR& 1"1"56 $o 4etterE S& 2SO$ 1"1"5B Well, sir— 'R!'OR0 4sees $,balt coming! to Sampson? 1"1"59 Say I4etterIC ,ere +omes one o# my master's kinsmen" relati1es S& 2SO$ 1"1"@1 >not in 5? 0es, 4etter, >sir?5" &BR& 1"1"@5 0ou lieC S& 2SO$ 1"1"@3 .ra8, i# you 4e menC

hoC 0ou men. started b. m. 6ontague and Aen1olio? O$%&'(!5 4to Aen1olio? )&. a +rut+hC Why +all you #or a s8or7E 1&2()!% 1"1"69 y s8or7.4eseemin* ornaments. 4re7 o# an airy 8or7 public. .0 O$%&'(! 1"1"B5 %hou shalt not stir one5 #oot to seek a #oeC a5 2RI$1! 4enters with /ttendants? 1"1"B3 Re4ellious su4Ge+ts. few words By thee.0 1&2()!% 4mocking his old age? 1"1"66 & +rut+h. 4ills. ol7 1apulet.stainJ7 steel offenders. remem4er thy 8ashin* 4lo8" slashing stroke 4$he.0 O$%&'(!1 1"1"10@ .our death 4draws his sword? B!$VO)IO 1"1"@9 I 7o 4ut keep the pea+e" 2ut up thy s8or7. all men 7epartC 4/ll exit but *ord : *ad. armed? 1"1"6= 1lu4s. —Will they not hearE—What. #rom those 4loo7y han7s %hro8 your mistempere7 8eapons to the *roun7. &n7 onta*ue. %hat Auen+h the #ire o# your perni+ious ra*e deadl. to part your +ankere7 hate" infected.ol7 me not. #oolsC separate 2ut up your s8or7sC 0ou kno8 not 8hat you 7oC put awa. shall *o alon* 8ith me. an7 talk o# pea+eE I hate the 8or7. you 4easts. 0our li-es shall pay the #or#eit o# the pea+eC . in han7s as ol7. all onta*ues. 2ro#aners o# this nei*h4or. sword drawn? 1"1"@5 2art. three times &n7 ma7e Verona's an+ient +itiKens oldest 1ast 4y their *ra-e. %o kno8 our #urther< pleasure in this +ase.. to spite O$%&'(! 1"1"B1 %hou -illain 1apuletC 4she stops him? .pla+e" public court On+e more. +ome you this a#ternoon.a-e at thee. . all the rest 7epart a8ay" for now. an7 theeC . Or mana*e it to part these men 8ith me" use %0B&)% 1"1"61 What.o8n 8ith the onta*uesC 4*8<2 : */2> D/7E*=$ and *8<2 : */2> 689$/. Ben-olio" )ook upon thy 7eathC face . With purple #ountains issuin* #rom your -einsC pouring On pain o# torture.a-e thri+e 7istur4e7 the Auiet o# our streets. let me *oC )&. infectious I# e-er you 7istur4 our streets a*ain.ouFll be executed for /or this time. an7 partisansC StrikeC Beat them 7o8nC weapons .E= enter? 1&2()!% 1"1"6@ What noise is thisE 'i-e me my lon* s8or7.'re*ory. on pain o# 7eath. enemies to pea+e. art thou 7ra8n amon* these heartless hin7sE deerBser1ants %urn thee. Cust.ou 1"1"100 0ou 1apulet. %0B&)% 4enters.our sword drawn &s I hate hell. +o8ar7C 4$he. blood. to Aen1olio? 1"1"@6 What. hostile &n7 hear the senten+e o# your mo-J7 2rin+eC angered 1"1"90 %hree +i-il 4ra8ls. I sayC Ol7 onta*ue is +ome &n7 #lourishes his 4la7e in spite o# meC wa1es. 1"1"95 %o 8iel7 ol7 partisans. put awa. weapons 1ankere7 8ith pea+e. #arther5L#ather's5. fight? 1I%I:!$S 4enter. put aside their dignit.o8n 8ith the 1apuletsC . decisions %o ol7 /reeto8n. fight? B!$VO)IO 4enters. an7 onta*ue. the rest of . hoC outdated weapon )&. our +ommon Gu7*ment. 7ra8n.

followed. true to himself But to himsel# so se+ret an7 so +lose. nephe8. bedroom. reasoning. wanted to be Bein* one too many 4y my 8eary sel#. remo1e the cause B!$VO)IO 1"1"1=@ y no4le un+le. comes home. B!$VO)IO 1"1"10B . mood (nless *oo7 +ounsel may the +ause remo-e" ad1ice. on each side %ill the 2rin+e +ame. hisse7 him in s+orn" not hurting an. . 2ursue7 my humor5 not pursuin* his. grows west of the While 8e 8ere inter+han*in* thrusts an7 4lo8s. lo+ks #air 7ayli*ht out. from & trou4le7 min7 7ro-e< me to 8alk a4roa7. foreboding. sad 1"1"1=0 &n7 pri-ate in his +ham4er pens himsel#. moodFs Is to himsel#—I 8ill not say ho8 true— keeps to himself. measurin* his a##e+tions 4y my5 o8n. &n7 yours. With tears au*mentin* the #resh mornin* 7e8. an hour 4e#ore the 8orshippe7 sun 2eere7 #orth the *ol7en 8in7o8 o# the east. 8ere you 4y 8hen it 4e*anE nearb.5D mood. onl.+heerin* sun as soon as Shoul7 in the #urthest east 4e*in to 7ra8 %he sha7y +urtains #rom &urora's 4e7. 4ut he 8as '8are o# me walked. where . adding to &77in* to +lou7s more +lou7s 8ith his 7eep si*hs" But all so soon as the all. aware &n7 stole into the +o-ert o# the 8oo7" hid in the woods I. 7ra-e3. 8ho parte7 either part" both sides )&. nothin* hurt 8ithal. guessing. Guestioning &n7 *la7ly shunne7 8ho *la7ly #le7 #rom me" a1oided him O$%&'(! 1"1"13= any a mornin* hath he there 4een seen. So early 8alkin* 7i7 I see your son" 1"1"155 %o8ar7s him I ma7e. mine1 Whi+h then most sou*ht 8here most mi*ht not 4e #oun7. &n7 makes himsel# an arti#i+ial ni*ht" Bla+k an7 portentous must this humor pro-e. if we could onl. as he 4reathe7 7e#ian+e to my ears. its Or 7e7i+ate his 4eauty to the sun<" same5 1oul7 8e 4ut learn #rom 8hen+e his sorro8s *ro8. god of dawn &8ay #rom the li*ht steals home my hea-y son.e s8un* a4out his hea7 an7 +ut the 8in7s Who. drawn Whi+h. 1ame more an7 more an7 #ou*ht on part an7 part. before it. around Where. honor1.a-e you importune7 him 4y any meansE Guestioned O$%&'(! 1"1"1=9 Both 4y mysel# an7 many other #rien7s" But he.. closed So #ar #rom soun7in* an7 7is+o-ery. locks Shuts up his 8in7o8s..+tempered. 8ith his s8or7 prepare7.0 O$%&'(! 1"1"11B O. fier. 7o you kno8 the +auseE O$%&'(! 1"1"1=6 I neither kno8 it nor +an learn o# him" learn it from him B!$VO)IO 1"1"1=B . un7erneath the *ro-e o# sy+amore %hat 8est8ar7 rooteth #rom the +ity's si7e. understanding &s is the 4u7 4it 8ith an en-ious 8orm 1icious !re he +an sprea7 his s8eet lea-es to the air. 8here is RomeoE Sa8 you him to7ayE Ri*ht *la7 I am he 8as not at this #ray" fight B!$VO)IO 1"1"150 a7am. mood. people.Who set this an+ient Auarrel ne8 a4roa+hE in action again Speak.ere 8ere the ser-ants o# your a7-ersary. his3 o8n a##e+tions' +ounselor. +lose #i*htin* ere I 7i7 approa+h" before I 7re8 to part them" In the instant +ame %he #iery %y4alt. not wanting compan.

sa7 hours seem lon*" Was that my #ather that 8ent hen+e so #astE B!$VO)IO It 8as" What sa7ness len*thens Romeo's hoursE RO !O $ot ha-in* that. si+k health.s @ lo1e one who does not lo1e me cousin 1"1"1B9 1"1"190 friend 1"1"191 1"1"195 lo1eFs wa. I rather 8eep" RO !O 'oo7 heart. serious -anity. O anythin* o# nothin* #irst +reate1C O hea-y li*htness. heFs coming the cause of his distress 1"1"1@1 wish. O lo-in* hate.s heart will increase. 1"1"1@B 1"1"1@9 1"1"160 1"1"161 1"1"165 1"1"163 1"1"16= too bad Dupid who looks gentle is actuall. 8hose -ie8 is mu##le7 still. let's a8ay" 4$he. Whi+h thou 8ilt propa*ate to ha-e it presse7 With more o# thine" %his lo-e that thou hast sho8n .s purposes itFs all about 1"1"1B0 +reate75D created of nothing foolishness attracti1e 1"1"1B5 alwa. successful confessions 1"1"1@3 good morning 1"1"1@= 1"1"1@5 Cust now 1"1"1@@ awa.ere's mu+h to 7o 8ith hate. makes them short" B!$VO)IO In lo-eE RO !O Out— B!$VO)IO O# lo-eE RO !O Out o# her #a-or 8here I am in lo-e" B!$VO)IO &las. see path8ays to his 8illC Where shall 8e 7ineE 4sees signs of the fight? O meC What #ray 8as hereE 0et tell me not. +ousin" RO !O Is the 7ay so youn*E B!$VO)IO But ne8 stru+k nine" RO !O &y me. that #eel no lo-e in this" . added 1"1"195 raise71 lo1e being exchanged . isshapen +haos o# 8ell. /eather o# lea7. alwa. O 4ra8lin* lo-e. that )o-e. step asi7e" I'll kno8 his *rie-an+e or 4e mu+h 7enie7" O$%&'(! I 8oul7 thou 8ert so happy 4y thy stay %o hear true shri#t"—1ome. that )o-e. 8hi+h ha-in*. rough 1"1"16@ blindfolded. at 8hatE B!$VO)IO &t thy *oo7 heart's oppression" RO !O Why. 4ri*ht smoke.seemin*= #orms. then. 4ut more 8ith lo-e" Why. #or I ha-e hear7 it all" .8akin* sleep that is not 8hat it isC %his lo-e #eel I. exit? B!$VO)IO 'oo7 morro8.ost thou not lau*hE B!$VO)IO $o +oK. so *entle in his -ie8. a #ire sparklin* in lo-ers' eyesF 1"1"159 look. +ol7 #ire.We 8oul7 as 8illin*ly *i-e +ure as kno8" 4<86=8 enters? B!$VO)IO See 8here he +omes" So please you. Still. su+h is lo-e's trans*ression" 'rie#s o# mine o8n lie hea-y in my 4reast. Shoul7 4e so tyrannous an7 rou*h in proo#C RO !O &las. 8ithout eyes. ma7am. Shoul7.oth a77 more *rie# to too mu+h o# mine o8n" )o-e is a smoke ma7e5 8ith the #ume o# si*hsF Bein* pur*e7.

1uts 4eauty o## #rom all posterity" She is too #air. an7 in that sparin* makes= hu*e 8aste. a 1irgin 1"1"55@ withholding se1er choice future generations beautiful. &n7 in stron* proo# o# +hastity 8ell arme7. she is ri+h in 4eauty. shall I *roan an7 tell theeE B!$VO)IO 'roanE Why no. a sea nourishe75 8ith lo-in*5 tearsF What is it elseE & ma7ness most 7is+reet.s sta. 1"1"50B 1"1"509 1"1"510 ask. /or 4eauty. 8isely too #air %o merit 4liss 4y makin* me 7espair" She hath #ors8orn to lo-e. I 8ill *o alon*" &n7 i# you lea-e me so. eMAuisite. #air +oK. lo-ers'1 1"1"500 bitter potion. riches because it dies with her 1"1"555 alwa. 1eils. $or ope her lap to saint. beautiful . & +hokin* *all an7 a preser-in* s8eet" /are8ell. armor. healing sweetness wait 1"1"503 1"1"505 nonsense 1"1"506 seriousl. my +oK" B!$VO)IO So#t.o I li-e 7ea7. DupidFs. tea+h me ho8 I shoul7 #or*et to thinkC B!$VO)IO By *i-in* li4erty unto thine eyes" !Mamine other 4eautiesC RO !O '%is the 8ay %o +all hers. Bein* 4la+k.se7u+in* *ol7" O. makes5 poorl. $or 4i7e th'en+ounter o# assailin* eyes. /rom )o-e's 8eak +hil7ish 4o8 she li-es un+harme75" She 8ill not stay the sie*e o# lo-in* terms. 8ho is that you lo-eE RO !O What. puts us in min7 they hi7e the #air" . sweet talk lo1ing looks 1"1"551 open .bawd. faces makes us think 1"1"5=5 1er. 8hen she 7ies.0. unaffectedLunharme71 wonFt be won b. chosen word 1"1"513 1"1"51= marksman. in Auestion more" %hese happy masks that kiss #air la7ies' 4ro8s. 8ith 4eauty 7ies her store" B!$VO)IO %hen she hath s8orn that she 8ill still li-e +hasteE RO !O She hath. beautiful 1"1"515 target in plain sight 1"1"51@ wisdom of 2iana: god of 1irginit. only poor %hat. But sa7ly tell me 8ho" RO !O >Bi7?1 a si+k man in Isa7nessI make1 his 8illE & 8or7 ill. +ousin.e that is stru+ken 4lin7 +annot #or*et %he pre+ious treasure o# his eyesi*ht lost" Sho8 me a mistress that is passin* #airF lo1e being denied. that li-e to tell it no8" B!$VO)IO Be rule7 4y meF #or*et to think o# her" RO !O O. I ha-e lost mysel#F I am not here" %his is not RomeoF he's some other 8here" B!$VO)IO %ell me in sa7ness. luck. ra*in*1. Cust win a place in hea1en sworn not to lo1e 1"1"533 listen to me 1"1"53= 1"1"535 1"1"536 make me dwell on her beaut. an7 in that -o8 . too 8ise. you 7o me 8ron*C RO !O %ut. 1irginit. I 7o lo-e a 8oman" B!$VO)IO I aime7 so near 8hen I suppose7 you lo-e7" RO !O & ri*ht *oo7 markmanC &n7 she's #air I lo-e" B!$VO)IO & ri*ht #air mark.ur*e7 to one that is so illC In sa7ness. is soonest hit" RO !O Well in that hit you missC She'll not 4e hit With 1upi7's arro8" She hath . star-e7 8ith her se-erity.ian's 8it.Bein* -eMe7.

whom. of m. wishes are less important than hers &n7. ay stan7 in num4er. mine. most 8el+ome.m. pass b. 7/<@S. y house an7 8el+ome at1 their pleasure stay" on5. 4Dapulet : 7aris exit? S!RV&$% /in7 them out 8hose names are 8ritten hereC It is 8ritten that the shoemaker shoul7 me77le 8ith his 1"5"39 work . SCENE 2 4/ street) D/7E*=$. earthl. She hath not seen the +han*e o# #ourteen years. see. !re 8e may think her ripe to 4e a 4ri7e" o1er again y +hil7 is yet a stran*er in the 8orl7. other children She is< the hope#ul la7y o# my earth" she's5. 8ithin her s+ope o# +hoi+e if she agrees )ies my +onsent an7 #air a++or7in* -oi+e" agreeing %his ni*ht I hol7 an ol7 a++ustome7 #east. exit? ACT 1. thou*h in re+k'nin* none" be Cust one of the crowd 1ome. 8hat say you to my suitE courtship of . failure 1&2()!% 1"5"1 But onta*ue is 4oun7 as 8ell as I reGuired b. on more -ie8 o# many. or else 7ie in 7e4t" 4$he. . offspring0 But 8oo her. customar. see !arth. 1"5"50 Whereto I ha-e in-ite7 many a *uest Su+h as I lo-eF an7 you amon* the store.ear all. S=<5/9$? reminder <osaline who surpassed 1"1"5=6 teach .our daughter 1&2()!% 1"5"6 But sayin* o'er 8hat I ha-e sai7 4e#oreD Cust sa. gi1ing a paper? 'o. she a*ree7. read. @ welcome their compan. 4ein* one. see all the women 1"5"30 &n7 like her most 8hose merit most shall 4eF then like the best one Whi+h. tru7*e a4out walk 1"5"35 %hrou*h #air Verona. all see. /or men so ol7 as 8e to keep the pea+e" 2&RIS 1"5"= O# honora4le re+konin* are you 4oth. an7 'tis not har7. bod. I think. 2&RIS 1"5"15 0oun*er than she are happy mothers ma7e" 1&2()!% 1"5"13 &n7 too soon marre7 are those so early ma7e" harmed >%he?< earth hath s8allo8e7 all my hopes 4ut sheF gra1e. #in7 those persons out Whose names are 8ritten there. my lor7.ou that lesson. )et t8o more summers 8ither in their pri7e. e-en su+h 7eli*ht &mon* #resh #emale1 4u7s shall you this ni*ht #ennel5D an herb inspiring passion Inherit at my house" . an7 to them say. group One more. *o 8ith me" 4to Ser1ant. makes my num4er more" &t my poor house look to 4ehol7 this ni*ht humble.trea7in* stars that make 7ark hea-en li*ht" beautiful women 1"5"55 Su+h +om#ort as 7o lusty youn* men #eel When 8ell. *entle 2aris. sirrah.apparele7 &pril on the heel Spring dressed in flowers O# limpin* 8inter trea7s. reputation &n7 pity 'tis you li-e7 at o77s so lon*" But no8.What 7oth her 4eauty ser-e 4ut as a note Where I may rea7 8ho passe7 that passin* #airE /are8ell" %hou +anst not tea+h me to #or*et" B!$VO)IO I'll pay that 7o+trine. law In penalty alike. *et her heart" y 8ill to her +onsent is 4ut a part" m.

elenaI & #air assem4ly" Whither shoul7 they +omeE S!RV&$% (p" RO !O WhitherE %o supperE S!RV&$% %o our house" RO !O Whose houseE S!RV&$% y master's" . an7— 4to Ser1ant? 'oo7 e'en. an7 4e helpe7< 4y 4a+k8ar7 turnin*" One 7esperate *rie# +ures 8ith another's lan*uish" %ake thou some ne8 in#e+tion to thy eye.ou good afternoon 1"5"@3 @ can read m. fortune 1"5"@= to read that b.ou a cut 1"5"55 1"5"5@ going mad 1"5"56 confined good afternoon 1"5"@1 . I pray theeE RO !O /or your 4roken shinC B!$VO)IO Why. 4ut 4oun7 more than a ma7man is. Romeo.ardstick. shoemaker tools paintbrush written go to one who can read good timing 1"5"=6 nonsense another painFs di--.used to heal cuts0 1"5"5= @ ask . his 8i#e an7 7au*hters y #air nie+e Rosaline >an7?1 )i-ia Si*nor Valentino an7 his +ousin %y4alt )u+io an7 the li-ely . I pray..yar7 an7 the tailor 8ith his last.od gi1e . one #ire 4urns out another's 4urnin*" One pain is lessene7 4y another's an*uish" %urn *i77y. &n7 the rank poison o# the ol7 8ill 7ie" RO !O 0our plantain lea# is eM+ellent #or that" B!$VO)IO /or 8hat. i# I kno8 the letters an7 the lan*ua*e" S!RV&$% 0e say honestly" Rest you merry" RO !O Stay. holp5 another griefFs toxic 1"5"53 a banana leaf . Shut up in prison. where 1"5"69 1"5"B0 where 1"5"B1 1"5"B5 1"5"B3 . sir. the #isher 8ith his pen+il an7 the painter 8ith his nets" But I am sent to #in7 those persons 8hose names are here 8rit. +an you rea7E RO !O &y. Whippe7 an7 tormente7. an7 +an ne-er #in7 8hat names the 8ritin* person hath here 8rit" I must to the learne7" 4A=958*@8 : <86=8 enter? In *oo7 timeC B!$VO)IO 4to <omeo? %ut. #ello8" I +an rea7" 4reads the list? ISi*nor artino an7 his 8i#e an7 7au*hters 1ounty &nselm an7 his 4eauteous sisters %he la7y 8i7o8 o# Vitru-io Si*nor 2la+entio an7 his lo-ely nie+es er+utio an7 his 4rother Valentine ine un+le 1apulet. art thou ma7E RO !O $ot ma7. mine o8n #ortune in my misery" S!RV&$% 2erhaps you ha-e learne7 it 8ithout 4ook" But. +an you rea7 anythin* you seeE RO !O &y. memori-ation 1"5"@@ 1"5"@6 thatFs honest. kept 8ithout my #oo7. man. goodb. *oo7 #ello8" S!RV&$% 'o7 *i' *oo7 e'en" I pray.e 1"5"@B Dount pleasant group.

I am here" What is your 8illE )&. suffering .ou show the beaut. exit? ACT 1. &n7 she shall s+ant sho8 8ell that no8 seems5 4est" RO !O I'll *o alon*. lam4C What. of <osaline 1"3"1 1"3"5 1irginit.RO !O In7ee7. 4e 4urnt #or liarsC One #airer than my lo-eC %he all.seein* sun $e'er sa8 her mat+h sin+e #irst the 8orl7 4e*un" B!$VO)IO %ut. SCENE 3 4Dapulet house) */2> D/7E*=$ : 9E<S=? )&. la7y4ir7C— 'o7 #or4i7C Where's this *irlE—What. thou's hear our +ounsel" %hou kno8'st my 7au*hter's o# a pretty a*e" $(RS! /aith.o8 no8. told 1"3"5 1"3"@ 1"3"6 what do . e. to my teen 1"5"B= 1"5"B5 drink 1"5"B9 traditional dines 1"5"90 there. +ome 4a+k a*ainC I ha-e remem4ere7 me. 8ho +allsE $(RS! 0our mother" J()I!% a7am. an7 yet. look good. +ome an7 +rush a +up o# 8ine" Rest you merry" 4exits? B!$VO)IO &t this same an+ient #east o# 1apulet's Sups the #air as beautiful 1"5"101 no one else nearb.0 1&2()!% She's not #ourteen" $(RS! I'll lay #ourteen o# my teeth. then turn tears to #iresF &n7 these 8ho. an7 i# you 4e not o# the house o# onta*ues. But to reGoi+e in splen7or o# mine o8n" 4$he. none else 4ein* 4y. +oul7 ne-er 7ie. I 4a7e her +ome"—What. con1ersation 1"3"15 indeed 1"3"13 1"3"1= @Fll bet. I pray. &n7 I 8ill make thee think thy s8an a +ro8" RO !O When the 7e-out reli*ion o# mine eye aintains su+h #alsehoo7. I shoul7 ha-e aske7 you that 4e#ore" S!RV&$% $o8 I'll tell you 8ithout askin*" y master is the *reat ri+h 1apulet. an7 8ith unattainte7 eye 1ompare her #a+e 8ith some that I shall sho8. With all the a7mire7 4eauties o# Verona" 'o thither. We must talk in se+ret"—$urse.ou want 1"3"B lea1e us . %ransparent hereti+s. JulietC J()I!% 4enters? .0 1&2()!% %his is the matter"—$urse. compared barel. you sa8 her #air. 8hom thou so lo-es. 4y my mai7enhea7 at t8el-e year ol7. 8here's my 7au*hterE 1all her #orth to me" $(RS! $o8. o#ten 7ro8ne7. no su+h si*ht to 4e sho8n.0 1&2()!% $urse. unbiased 1"5"95 accepts such a lie m.ou shall. .es will be burnt like heretics an. I +an tell her a*e unto an hour" )&. *i-e lea-e a8hile.ersel# poise7 8ith hersel# in either eye" But in that +rystal s+ales let there 4e 8ei*he7 0our la7y's lo-e a*ainst some other mai7 %hat I 8ill sho8 you shinin* at this #east. sho8s5 1"5"106 not to see whom .

bless . four teeth . I 7o 4ear a 4rainC—" '%8as no nee7.. On )ammas !-e at ni*ht shall she 4e #ourteen" %hat shall she" arry.ou. it stinte7 an7 sai7 I&y"I stopped )&. . la. an7 it +rie7 4itterly" terrible I0ea.4e it spoken. say IC @ ask .s $(RS! 1"3"1B !-en or o77. I ha-e 4ut #our" She's not #ourteen" onl. Dross 1"3"=0 She +oul7 ha-e run an7 8a77le7 all a4out. pretty #ool.bawd.0 1&2()!% 1"3"@B arry.0 1&2()!% 1"3"5= !nou*h o# this" I pray thee. stop $(RS! 1"3"@= 2ea+e. O# my 7u* an7 #elt it 4itter. I pray thee. ma7am. on . When it 7i7 taste the 8orm8oo7 on the nipple the bab. as I sai7. @ swear. 3ol. be Guiet $(RS! 1"3"55 0es. Wilt thou not.e 8as a merry man—took up the +hil7" I0ea. roosterFs testicle & perilous kno+k. I.ou %hou 8ast the prettiest 4a4e that e'er I nurse7" &n7 I mi*ht li-e to see thee marrie7 on+e. if I ha-e my 8ish" )&.I Auoth my hus4an7. I ha-e 7one" 'o7 mark thee to his *ra+e. stopped %o see no8 ho8 a Gest shall +ome a4outC Coke.ti7eE *ummas 2a. it ha7 upon its 4ro8 @ swear & 4ump as 4i* as a youn* +o+kerel's stone. 1ome )ammas !-e at ni*ht shall she 4e #ourteen" Susan an7 she—'o7 rest all 1hristian souls— 1"3"50 Were o# an a*e" Well. 4y the roo7. . I remem4er it 8ell" '%is sin+e the earthAuake no8 ele-en years. o# all 7ays in the year. an75 1"3"50 I ne-er shoul7 #or*et it" IWilt thou not.7ame. said. I/all'st upon thy #a+eE 1"3"@0 %hou 8ilt #all 4a+k8ar7 8hen thou +ome'st to a*e. bumped her forehead &n7 then my hus4an7—'o7 4e 8ith his soul.0 1&2()!% 1"3"16 & #ortni*ht an7 o77 7ays" two weeks. $urse. learning Wilt thou not. JuleEI &n7 4y my holy. I tro8.I Auoth the 7o-e. the 5irgin 6ar. belie1e 1"3"35 %o 4i7 me tru7*e" tell me to mo1e &n7 sin+e that time it is ele-en years" /or then she +oul7 stan7 alone" $ay. dear %o see it tet+hy an7 #all out 8ith the 7u*C irritable.our back .o8 lon* is it no8 to )ammas. yet I +annot +hoose 4ut lau*h. pretty #ool. i#1 I shoul7 li-e a thousan7 years. breast Sittin* in the sun un7er the 7o-e.I Auoth he. a few da. that ImarryI is the -ery theme I +ame to talk o#"—%ell me. %he pretty 8ret+h le#t +ryin* an7 sai7 I&y"I dear. /ugust 1 )&. JuleEI Auoth he" &n7. /or e-en the 7ay 4e#ore. upon that 7ay" /or I ha7 then lai7 8orm8oo7 to my 7u*. JuleEI It stinte7 an7 sai7 I&y"I J()I!% 1"3"@3 &n7 stint thou too.ost thou #all upon thy #a+eE said 1"3"=5 %hou 8ilt #all 4a+k8ar7 8hen thou hast more 8it. canFt help but laugh %o think it shoul7 lea-e +ryin* an7 say I&y"I &n7 yet. refuse IShake. I 8arrant. Susan is 8ith 'o7F She 8as too *oo7 #or me" But. she 4roke her 4ro8. as I sai7. 1"3"55 &n7 she 8as 8eane7—I ne-er shall #or*et it— O# all the 7ays o# the year.ou. hol7 thy pea+eC @ ask . ha1e a good memor. put a bitter extract on m. come true I 8arrant.0. 7au*hter 8all" pigeon coop y lor7 an7 you 8ere then at antua" 1"3"30 —$ay.

the. beg. ha1e come you +alle7. . an7 is being cursed e-erythin* in eMtremity" I must hen+e is in chaos. right awa.. 4i**er" Women *ro8 4y men" get pregnant )&. he's a man o# 8aMC perfect like a wax model )&.ou the $urse +urse7 in the him $(RS! 1"3"101 $o lessE $ay. 1"3"90 &n7 8hat o4s+ure7 in this #air -olume lies an. thy1. if @ werenFt . go awa. to 8ait" I 4esee+h you. think o# marria*e no8" 0oun*er than you. a beautiful tale So shall you share all that he 7oth possess all his wealth and status By ha-in* him.ere in Verona. the *uests are +ome.0 1&2()!% 1"3"65 Well. i# lookin* likin* mo-e. if looks will make me like him But no more 7eep 8ill I en7art5 mine eye en*a*e1D @ wonFt look an. deeper 1 %han your +onsent *i-es stren*th to make it #ly" than .0 1&2()!% 1"3"111 We #ollo8 thee" 4Ser1ant exits? will follow Juliet. su+h a man &s all the 8orl7" Why. my youn* la7y aske7 #or. outside is beaut. within %hat 4ook in many's eyes 7oth share the *lory a book co1er is made %hat in *ol7 +lasps lo+ks in the *ol7en story" beautiful b.0 1&2()!% 1"3"B5 What say youE 1an you lo-e the *entlemanE %his ni*ht you shall 4ehol7 him at our #east" see Rea7 o'er the -olume o# youn* 2aris' #a+e. makin* yoursel# no less" marr. an7 'tis mu+h pri7e a splendid sight 1"3"95 /or #air 8ithout the #air 8ithin to hi7e" beaut. this un4oun7 lo-er. read like a book &n7 #in7 7eli*ht 8rit there 8ith 4eauty's pen" written !Mamine e-ery marrie7 lineament well balanced facial feature &n7 see ho8 one another len7s +ontent. a -ery #lo8er" indeed )&. )&. la7ies o# esteem high+breeding &re ma7e alrea7y mothers" By my +ount I 8as your mother mu+h upon these years at the same age %hat you are no8 a mai7" %hus then in 4rie#D %he -aliant 2aris seeks you #or his lo-e" $(RS! 1"3"B1 & man.thing unclear in this book /in7 8ritten in the mar*ent o# his eyes" margins %his pre+ious 4ook o# lo-e. each tells a stor.ou feel about marriage J()I!% 1"3"61 It is an honor1 that I 7ream not o#" $(RS! 1"3"65 &n honor1E Were not I thine5 only nurse. exit? .0 1&2()!% 1"3"B3 Verona's summer hath not su+h a #lo8er" $(RS! 1"3"B= $ay. *irl. #ollo8 strai*ht" wait tables.Fre calling for .ou want me to S!RV&$% 4enters? 1"3"10@ a7am. only la+ks a +o-er" he onl. wet+nurse I 8oul7 say thou ha7st su+ke7 8is7om #rom thy teat" the breast )&. unco1eredBunmarried %o 4eauti#y him.our onl. supper ser-e7 up.o8 stan7s your 7isposition to 4e marrie7E how do . youn* la7yC )a7y. the 1ounty stays" the Dount is waiting $(RS! 1"3"115 'o. he's a #lo8er. in #aith. seek happy ni*hts to happy 7ays" to make 4$he.0 1&2()!% 1"3"105 Speak 4rie#ly" 1an you like o# 2aris' lo-eE J()I!% 1"3"103 I'll look to like. needs a co1er %he #ish li-es in the sea.

+hearted. an7 it pri+ks like thorn" !R1(%IO I# lo-e 4e rou*h 8ith you. an7 you 4eat lo-e 7o8n" 'i-e me a +ase to put my -isa*e inD & -isor #or a -isor" What +are I What +urious eye 7oth +ote 7e#ormitiesE . hereFs the beetle face thatFll 1"="33 as soon as weFre inside start dancing 1"="35 pla. I am not #or this am4lin*" Bein* 4ut hea-y. S+arin* the la7ies like a +ro8. #aintly spoke &#ter the prompter.+brown .es stare at m. bright . But e-ery man 4etake him to his le*s" RO !O & tor+h #or me" )et 8antons li*ht o# heart %i+kle the senseless rushes 8ith their heels. 1"="3 such speeches are out of date blindfolded carr. *entle Romeo. I 8ill 4ear the li*ht" !R1(%IO $ay. 8e'll 7ra8 thee #rom the mire 1"="1 apolog.pro1erb0 part.pro1erb0 so keep Guiet as a mouse a horse named 2un. for intruding go on into the part. pull. mud . an7 no sooner in. A=958*@8 : 8thers with torches and drum? RO !O What shall this spee+h 4e spoke #or our eM+useE Or shall 8e on 8ithout apolo*yE B!$VO)IO %he 7ate is out o# su+h proliMity" We'll ha-e no 1upi7 hoo78inke7 8ith a s+ar#.ful people carpet @ will follow a pro1erb . %oo *reat oppression #or a ten7er thin*" RO !O Is lo-e a ten7er thin*E It is too rou*h. face an ugl.pro1erb0 1"="=0 a mouse is gre.. face e. %oo ru7e. the +onsta4le's o8n 8or7" I# thou art . too 4oisterous.ou. that night) <86=8. . 4e rou*h 8ith lo-eC 2ri+k lo-e #or pri+kin*. m.bawd. 6=<DE$@8.ere are the 4eetle 4ro8s shall 4lush #or me" B!$VO)IO 1ome. 4elie-e me" 0ou ha-e 7an+in* shoes With nim4le soles" I ha-e a soul o# lea7 So stakes me to the *roun7 I +annot mo-e" !R1(%IO 0ou are a lo-er" Borro8 1upi7's 8in*s &n7 soar 8ith them a4o-e a +ommon 4oun7" RO !O I am too sore enpier+J7 8ith his sha#t %o soar 8ith his li*ht #eathers. mask for m. sinking in it 1"="55 Guarrelsome 1"="56 pricking .un. #or our entran+e"?1 But let them measure us 4y 8hat they 8ill" We'll measure them a measure an7 4e *one" RO !O 'i-e me a tor+h. shoul7 you 4ur7en lo-e. arrow leap to an. Bearin* a %artar's painte7 4o8 o# lath. sorrow 1"="53 .4ook prolo*ue. >$or no 8ithout. SCENE 4 4/ street. ugl. height. want dance a dance 1"="11 dancing hea1. 1"="13 1"="1= that 1"="16 in lo1e leapBlimit 1"="19 wounded. an7 I am 7one1" !R1(%IO %ut.ouFd burden lo1e b. wood scarecrow memori-ed speech Cudge how the. kno+k an7 enter. 8e must ha-e you 7an+e" RO !O $ot I. 7un's the mouse.0 mask. an7 so 4oun7 I +annot 4oun7 a pit+h a4o-e 7ull 8oe" (n7er lo-e's hea-y 4ur7en 7o I sink" !R1(%IO &n7 to sink in it.keeper. /or I am pro-er4e7 8ith a *ran7sire phraseD I'll 4e a +an7le hol7er an7 look on" %he *ame 8as ne'er so #air.ACT 1.

an7 then they 7ream o# lo-eF O'er1 +ourtiers' knees. 8hile they 7o 7ream thin*s trueC !R1(%IO 1"="5B O. that5. the lash o# #ilm. 1"="65 a7e 4y the Goiner sAuirrel or ol7 *ru4. gossamer . O# 4rea+hes. 8hat 8as yoursE !R1(%IO %hat 7reamers o#ten lieC .er +hariot is an empty haKelnut. lines. 8ho strai*ht 7ream on #eesF right awa. worm %ime out o' min7 the #airies' 1"="B5 %hen he 7reams o# another 4ene#i+e" getting more church mone.+oate7 *nat. right awa. ambushes O# healths #i-e. #or our Gu7*ment sits the ob1ious. creatures O-er5 men's noses as they lie asleep" ath8art1 5 < . li*hts5 li*hts5D lamps lit in da. an7 then anon long drinking bouts.rums in his ear. am4us+a7oes. smell of sweet foods .er 8hip o# +ri+ket's 4one. masGuerade part. in 7elay 1"="=@ We 8aste our li*hts in -ain. at 8hi+h he starts an7 8akes. sir.pi*'s tail pig donated to the church %i+klin* a parson's nose as he< lies asleep.spokes ma7e o# lon* spinners' le* 8a* 8a*oner a small *rey. Spanish 4la7es. officer . gi1es them blisters . spi7er's5 %he1 +ollars o# the moonshine's 8atery 4eams. soon .O#—sa-e your re-eren+e—lo-e. 8herein thou sti+k'st pardon me. 8ho1 7ream on +urtsies strai*htF on5. clerg. harnesses.#athom 7eep. Sometime she 7ri-eth o'er a sol7ier's ne+k. right awa. 1"="6B O'er la7ies' lips. then I see Hueen a4 hath 4een 8ith youC >B!$VO)IO Hueen a4E What's sheE?1 !R1(%IO 1"="59 She is the #airies' mi78i#e. 8e 4urn 7ayli*ht. &n7 then 7reams he o# smellin* out a suitF high pa. moonbeams . %he1 tra+es o# the smallest spi7er5 8e4.stone gem+stone On the #ore#in*er o# an al7erman. dream of kisses Whi+h o#t the an*ry a4 8ith 4listers pla*ues often. crossing enem. %ake our *oo7 meanin*. But 'tis no 8it to *o" not wise !R1(%IO Why. cabinetmaker. an7 she +omes In shape no 4i**er than an a*ate.. her5. /i-e times in that ere on+e in our #i-e< 8its" thereFs much wisdom in it RO !O 1"="50 &n7 8e mean 8ell in *oin* to this mask. like1 lamps1 4y 7ay" torches. 8ho strai*ht on kisses 7ream. is startled 1"="91 &n7 4ein* thus #ri*hte7 s8ears a prayer or t8o . spi7ers' 1"="@= %he +o-er o# the 8in*s o# *rasshoppers. harness collars. her5.herpes0 Be+ause their 4reaths1 8ith s8eetmeats tainte7 are" 4reath5. dri1er $ot hal# so 4i* as a roun7 little 8orm 1"="60 2ri+ke7 #rom the laKy #in*er o# a mai75" man1 .ing Cob &n7 sometime +omes she 8ith a tithe.ra8n 8ith a team o# little atomies pulled b.bawd. O'er la8yers' #in*ers. may one askE 1"="55 RO !O 1"="53 I 7reamt a 7ream toni*ht" last night !R1(%IO &n7 so 7i7 I" 1"="5= RO !O 1"="55 Well. that's not so" !R1(%IO I mean. &n7 then 7reams he o# +uttin* #orei*n throats. tin. are stuck (p to the ears" 1ome.pun0 1"="5@ RO !O 1"="56 In 4e7 asleep.makers" for time long forgotten &n7 in this state she *allops ni*ht 4y ni*ht 1"="65 %hrou*h lo-ers' 4rains.0 Sometime she *allops o'er a +ourtier's nose. canop. hoC waste RO !O 1"="=5 $ay.

pea+e. earl. an7 they un8ashe7 too. er+utio. an7 eMpire the term O# a 7espise7 li#e +lose7 in my 4reast By some -ile #or#eit o# untimely 7eath" But . %urnin* his #a+e1 to the 7e8.bawd. Be*ot o# nothin* 4ut -ain #antasy.0 1"="101 1"="103 born. tell 1"5"15 1"5"13 hall 1"5"1= cheer up happ.. SCENE 5 4Dapulet house) $wo S=<5/9$S. sideboard take care of the utensils mar-ipan. drummer 1"5"1 isnFt helping to clear tables pick up a dish.superstition0 1"="96 teaches. an7 8e shall +ome too lateC RO !O I #ear too early. rain.+up4oar7. 4oysC Be 4risk a8hile. Whi+h is as thin o# su4stan+e as the air &n7 more in+onstant than the 8in7. let the porter let in Susan 'rin7stone an7 $ell" 4"nd Ser1ant exits? &ntony an7 2otpanC 3r7 S!RV&$% 4enters with another Ser1ant? &y. 1"="150 1"="151 pla. look to the plate" 'oo7 thou. Whi+h on+e untan*le7. 'tis a #oul thin*" 1st S!RV&$% &8ay 8ith the Goint. rea7y" 1st S!RV&$% 0ou are looke7 #or an7 +alle7 #or. while . do me a fa1or. an7 the lon*er li-er take all" braids mats the hair of old hags brings misfortune .&n7 sleeps a*ain" %his is that -ery a4 %hat plats the manes o# horses in the ni*ht.stools. that he helps not to take a8ayE . Whi+h are the +hil7ren o# an i7le 4rain. #or my min7 mis*i-es Some +onseAuen+e yet han*in* in the stars Shall 4itterly 4e*in his #ear#ul 7ate With this ni*ht's re-els.ire+t my sail1C—On. 6usicians : . foolish changeable blows awa. 8ho 8oos !-en no8 the #roKen 4osom o# the north. aske7 #or an7 sou*ht #or. I talk o# 7reams.7roppin* south" B!$VO)IO %his 8in7 you talk o# 4lo8s us #rom oursel-esC Supper is 7one. merr. sa-e me a pie+e o# mar+hpane.ou can whoe1er li1es longest . 7rumC 4/ll exit? ACT 1. hated life e1il. south 1"="111 plans 1"="113 fears still 1"="115 part.e s+rape a tren+herC 5n7 S!RV&$% When *oo7 manners shall lie all in one or t8o men's han7s. bear children . &n7 4akes the el#lo+ks in #oul sluttish hairs. an7 as thou lo-est me. mu+h mis#ortune 4o7es" %his is the ha*. lusty *entlemenC B!$VO)IO Strike.uests? 1st S!RV&$% Where's 2otpan. 8hen mai7s lie on their 4a+ks. remo-e the +ourt.e shi#t a tren+herC . in the *reat +ham4er" 3r7 S!RV&$% We +annot 4e here an7 there too" 1heerly.. death suit5. akin* them 8omen o# *oo7 +arria*e" %his is she— RO !O 2ea+e. end the life m. 4ein* an*ere7. &n7. letFs go. 4oy. clean a dish 1"5"= work habits terrible 1"5"6 stools. from there si7e5. pu##s a8ay #rom then+e. pea+eC %hou talk'st o# nothin*" !R1(%IO %rue.e that hath the steera*e o# my +ourse . %hat presses them an7 learns them #irst to 4ear.

my mistressesC Whi+h o# you all ladies Will no8 7eny to 7an+eE She that makes 7ainty. *i-e roomC—&n7 #oot it. &n7. it. *irlsC— make. sit. den. man.l. wedding 1ome 2ente+ost as Aui+kly as it 8ill. dance? ore li*ht. 7ares the sla-e 1ome hither. =thiopianFs e1er. 'tis not so mu+h. 'tis not so mu+h" '%is sin+e the nuptial o# )u+entio. 1"5"=B hold the hand that gentleman 1"5"50 1"5"51 as5. nay. this unlooke7. and more . 'tis *one. 'tis more" . sit. I'll 8at+h her pla+e o# stan7. white. Some #i-e an7 t8enty years. &s yon7er la7y o'er her #ello8s sho8s" %he measure 7one. 7entecost Sunda. D8ES@9 D/7E*=$. shoul7 4e a onta*ueC 4to 7age? /et+h me my rapier. +o-ere7 8ith an anti+ #a+e. sir"?5 RO !O O. an7 turn the ta4les up. 'tis *one" delight her 0ou are 8el+ome. si* son is thirty" 1&2()!% Will you tell me thatE 1"5"=@ . 4to Dousin? $ son 8as 4ut a 8ar7 t8o years a*o" child RO !O 4seeing Huliet! to a Ser1ant"? What la7y's that. ye5 Wel+ome. stands out 1"5"5@ dance.uests enter? 1&2()!% 1"5"1B Wel+ome. an7 then 8e maske7" twent. where she goes touching her hand. dance 4$he. the room is *ro8n too hot"— put out 4<86=8. beautiful Su+h as 8oul7 please" '%is *one. unexpected maskers. thirty years" 1"5"39 1&2()!% 1"5"=0 What. 8hi+h 7oth enri+h the han7 O# yon7er kni*htE >S!RV&$% I kno8 not. *entlemen" I ha-e seen the 7ay 1"5"55 %hat I ha-e 8orn a -isor an7 +oul7 tell mask & 8hisperin* tale in a #air la7y's ear. 9E<S=.i7 my heart lo-e till no8E /ors8ear it. refuses She I'll s8ear hath +orns" &m I +ome near you < no8E— close to the truth. exit? 4*8<2 : */2> D/7E*=$.o8 lon* is't no8 sin+e last yoursel# an7 I Were in a maskE 1O(SI$ By'r )a7y. she 7oth tea+h the tor+hes to 4urn 4ri*htC It seems she han*s upon the +heek o# ni*ht )ike1 a ri+h Ge8el in an !thiope's ear.#or sport +omes 8ellC ser1ant. co. mask >not in 1? . you kna-es. *oo7 +ousin 1apulet. playC— 46usic pla. #or earth too 7earC So sho8s a sno8y 7o-e troopin* 8ith +ro8s. $>A/*$. 4oy" 47age exits? What. come at a good time /or you an7 I are past our 7an+in* 7ays" . refuse. 4y his -oi+e. 6=<DE$@8 : A=958*@8 enter in masks? &h. tou+hin* hers. rough before. e. dance &h ha. fold 1"5"35 &n7 Auen+h the 1"5"@1 must sword scumbag here. idiots.da. sir" older than that .s? & hall. sirrah. fi1e 1O(SI$ 1"5"== '%is more. among that. Beauty too ri+h #or use. musi+ians. *entlemenC— son is el7er. HE*@=$. make 4lessJ7 my ru7e han7" . /or I ne'er sa8 true 4eauty till this ni*ht" %0B&)% 4aside? %his. use appears. a hall. *entlemen" )a7ies that ha-e their toes (npla*ue7 8ith +orns 8ill 8alk a 4out 8ith you"— with no corns.4$he.

un+le.ouFll cross me done. or youE 'o toC 0ou'll not en7ure himC 'o7 shall men7 my soulC 0ou'll make a mutiny amon* my *uestsE 0ou 8ill set +o+k. in7ee7E %his tri+k may +han+e to s+athe you. 4ut this intrusion shall. & -illain that is hither +ome in spite %o s+orn at our solemnity this ni*htC 1&2()!% 0oun* Romeo is itE %0B&)% '%is he. to spite and festi1it. I kno8 8hatC 0ou must +ontrary meE arry. dears cock. kinsmanC Where#ore storm you soE %0B&)% (n+le. or— 4to Ser1ants? ore li*ht. that -illain Romeo" 1&2()!% 1ontent thee. un8orthy1 #ine< 1"5"10B . get . famil.%o #leer an7 s+orn at our solemnityE $o8.uests? Well sai7.e shall 4e en7ure7C What. 1"5"@9 came here.*o-erne7 youth" I 8oul7 not #or the 8ealth o# all the to8n .4eseemin* sem4lan+e #or a #east" %0B&)% It #its. my heartsC %0B&)% 4aside? 2atien+e per#or+e 8ith 8il#ul +holer meetin* akes my #lesh trem4le in their 7i##erent *reetin*" I 8ill 8ith7ra8.a.. 'tis time— 4to dancing . our #oe. %o strike him 7ea7.ere in my house 7o him 7ispara*ement" %here#ore 4e patient" %ake no note o# him" It is my 8ill. dears 1"5"100 forced on me b. @ tell . 8hen su+h a -illain is a *uest" I'll not en7ure himC 1&2()!% . you 7o 8ron* your han7 too mu+h. Sho8 a #air presen+e an7 put o## these #ro8ns. 'tis a shameC 1&2()!% 'o to.hoopE 0ou'll 4e the manE %0B&)% Why.uests? What. nephew beha1es like. bitterness . 4y the sto+k an7 honor o# my kin. ho8 no8. *o toC 0ou are a sau+y 4oyC Is't so. 1"5"65 1"5"63 1"5"6= calm down. rea7y stan7 %o smooth that rou*h tou+h 8ith a ten7er kiss" J()I!% 'oo7 pil*rim.ou . &n ill. to say truth. m. the *entle sin5 is thisD y lips. the 8hi+h i# thou respe+t. festi1it. t8o 4lushin* pil*rims. I hol7 it not a sinC 4starts to go? 1&2()!% Why.ou trouble. +heerly. Whi+h mannerly 7e-otion sho8s in this. sa1e m. 1"5"@B hello. this is a onta*ue. his rage me tremble with anger go oka.balt? /or shameC I'll make you AuietC 4going to dancing . $o8 seemin* s8eet. sneer.a sonnet starts here0 1"5"10= defile. so angr. wh. my heartsC 4to $. more li*htC 4to $. dignified well+beha1ed disrespect him ignore him 1"5"B0 wish pleasant face inappropriate expression 1"5"B= 1"5"B@ go awa. Be Auiet.balt? 0ou are a prin+oMC 'o. he shallC 'o toC &m I the master here.e1 4ears him like a portly *entleman. torches wonderful. Verona 4ra*s o# him %o 4e a -irtuous an7 8ell. +on-ert to 4itt'rest *all" 4exits? RO !O 4taking HulietFs hand? I# I pro#ane 8ith my un8orthiest5 han7 %his holy shrine. soul riot show off 1"5"95 1"5"93 disrespectful stunt. *oo7man 4oyC I say. *entle +oK" )et him alone" . bo. &n7.

4a+helor. then 7ear saint. part. then let's to 4e7"— bring more. pilgrimsF RO !O 1"5"115 . that 8oul7 not 7an+eE here5 $(RS! 1"5"1=6 I kno8 not" J()I!% 1"5"1=B . foe B!$VO)IO 4comes to <omeo? 1"5"133 &8ay. 4e youn* 2etru+hio" well J()I!% 1"5"1=@ What's he that #ollo8s there1. I think. else J()I!% 1"5"11@ Saints 7o not mo-e. my sin is pur*e7" washed awa. $urse" What is yon7 *entlemanE here. that. I thank you all" I thank you. an7 a 8ise an7 -irtuous" I nurse7 her 7au*hter that you talke7 8ithal" with I tell you. lest #aith turn to 7espair" yiel71. grant me a kiss. its peak .a-e not saints lips.pro1erb0 RO !O 1"5"13= &y. sirrah. he that +an lay hol7 o# her win her Shall ha-e the +hinks" 4mo1es awa. itFs getting late I'll to my rest" 4exit? go rest J()I!% 1"5"1=5 1ome hither. prepare not to 4e *one. lips that they must use in prayer" RO !O 1"5"11= O. . &n7 a *oo7 la7y. faith.oung sir 1"5"155 . *entlemen. J()I!% 1"5"119 %hen ha-e my lips the sin that they ha-e took" mother is the la7y o# the house. We ha-e a tri#lin* #oolish 4anAuet to8ar7s— desert soon Is it e'en soE Why then. .ou tell me @ sinned 'i-e me my sin a*ain" 4kisses her? gi1e back J()I!% 0ou kiss 4y th' 4ook" properl. trespass s8eetly ur*e7C so sweetl. go to bed &h.. 4y my #ay. 4y thine.. 4e *oneC %he sport is at the 4estC letFs go. in debt to m. pil*rim. so I #ear" %he more is my unrest" uneasiness 4/ll start to exit but Huliet : 9urse? 1&2()!% 1"5"135 $ay. who is that $(RS! 1"5"1=3 %he son an7 heir o# ol7 %i4erio" J()I!% 1"5"1== What's he that no8 is *oin* out o# 7oorE who $(RS! 1"5"1=5 arry. statues of saints &n7 palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss" shaking hands. an7 holy palmers tooE pilgrims J()I!% 1"5"113 &y. let lips 7o 8hat han7s 7oF %hey prayD 'rant5 thou. honest *entlemen" 'oo7 ni*ht"— ore tor+hes hereC—1ome on.? mone. RO !O 4aside? Is she a 1apuletE 1"5"131 O 7ear a++ountC y li#e is my #oe's 7e4t" costl. your mother +ra-es a 8or7 8ith you" 4Huliet goes? RO !O 4to 9urse? 1"5"15= What is her motherE who $(RS! arry.our sin RO !O 1"5"150 Sin #rom my lipsE O./or saints ha-e han7s that pil*rims' han7s 7o tou+h. lips now ha1e . it 8aMes late" ser1ant.ers RO !O 1"5"116 %hen mo-e not 8hile my prayer's e##e+t I take" 4kisses her? %hus #rom my lips. 1"5"155 $(RS! 1"5"153 a7am. do grant pra. thou*h *rant #or prayers' sake" the.

With ten7er Juliet mat+he73. exit? ACT 2. &like 4et8it+hJ7 4y the +harm o# looks. he may not ha-e a++ess %o 4reathe su+h -o8s as lo-ers use to s8earF &n7 she as mu+h in lo-e. same night) <86=8? RO !O 1an I *o #or8ar7 8hen my heart is hereE %urn 4a+k. PROLOGUE 1.e is 8ise. hath stol'n him home to 4e7" B!$VO)IO . beg for fa1or must steal. bod. let's a8ay" %he stran*ers all are *one" 4$he.umorsC a7manC 2assionC )o-erC &ppear thou in the likeness o# a si*hC Speak 4ut one rhyme an7 I am satis#ie7" 1"5"150 1"5"155 wonderful and ominous 1"5"15@ 1"5"156 from someone. gi1es opportunities moderating their troubles 5"1"1 walk awa. 7ull earth..OR(S $o8 ol7 7esire 7oth in his 7eath4e7 lie. anon" name is Romeo. y *ra-e is like to 4e my 8e77in* 4e7C $(RS! 4returning? . one form . %hat I must lo-e a loathe7 enemy" $(RS! What's thisE What's thisE J()I!% & rhyme I learne7 e-en no8 O# one I 7an+e7 8ithal" )&.our heart 5"1"3 5"1"= 5"1"@ garden fence call him 5"1"B mood. &n7 she steal lo-e's s8eet 4ait #rom #ear#ul hooks" Bein* hel7 a #oe. &n7. on my li#e. an7 a onta*ue. guests 5"0"1 new lo1e. an7 kno8n too lateC 2ro7i*ious 4irth o# lo-e it is to me. with in a minute 1"5"159 letFs go. desires beautiful woman compared. beautiful 5"0"5 enchanted. to meet. an7 #in7 thy +enter out" 4exits? 4A=958*@8 : 6=<DE$@8 enter? B!$VO)IO RomeoC y +ousin RomeoC >RomeoC?5 !R1(%IO . her means mu+h less %o meet her ne8 4elo-J7 any8here" But passion len7s them po8er. But to his #oe suppose7 he must +omplain.0 1&2()!%1 4offstage? JulietC $(RS! &non. ga-ing alleged foe.'o ask his name" 49urse goes? 4aside? I# he 4e marrie7. wear.e ran this 8ay an7 leape7 this or+har7 8all" 1all. %emp'rin* eMtremities 8ith eMtreme s8eet" ACT 2. %he only son o# your *reat enemyC J()I!% y only lo-e sprun* #rom my only hateC %oo early seen unkno8n. I'll +onGure too" RomeoC . dangerous regarded as lo1ers swear 5"0"10 has e1en less opportunit. is no8 not #air" $o8 Romeo is 4elo-e7 an7 lo-es a*ain. SCENE 1 48utside the Dapulet house. *oo7 er+utio" !R1(%IO $ay. time means. follow . &n7 youn* a##e+tion *apes to 4e his heir" %hat #air #or 8hi+h lo-e *roane7 #or an7 8oul7 7ie.

1ry 4ut I&y meCI 2ronoun+e1 4ut Ilo-eI an7 I7o-eI1" Speak to my *ossip Venus one #air 8or7. IdiJmKinsI: region between .0 %hat in thy likeness thou appear to usC flesh and blood B!$VO)IO 5"1"55 &n7 i# he hear thee. SCENE 2 48utside HulietFs balcon. blind 5"1"15 0oun* &4raham 1upi7. lo-e +annot hit the mark" target $o8 8ill he sit un7er a me7lar tree a fruit of suggesti1e shape &n7 8ish his mistress 8ere that kin7 o# #ruit &s mai7s +all me7lars 8hen they lau*h alone"— snicker O.) <86=8? RO !O . an7 I must +onGure him"— monke. I +onGure only 4ut to raise up him" . an7 Aui-erin* thi*h. trim1D straight When Nin* 1ophetua lo-e7 the 4e**ar. exit? ACT 2. yet she says nothin*" What o# thatE .bawd. Who is alrea7y si+k an7 pale 8ith *rie# %hat thou her mai7 art #ar more #air than she" Be not her mai7. Romeo. pale1 Cesters. that. an7 Juliet is the sun" &rise. it is my lo-eC O. strai*ht le*. long pear Romeo.e heareth not. mood. an7 kill the en-ious moon. Blin7 is his lo-e an7 4est 4e#its the 7ark" !R1(%IO 5"1"3@ I# lo-e 4e 4lin7.4e7 is too +ol7 #or me to sleep" camping outdoors 1ome.4e7" trun7le1D cot %his #iel7.e Gests at s+ars that ne-er #elt a 8oun7" 4HE*@=$ enters at window? But so#t. she knew @ cannot hear speaks to me . he stirreth not. spell Is #air an7 honest" In his mistress' name. &n7 the 7emesnes that there a7Ga+ent lie. #or 'tis in -ain useless 5"1"=5 %o seek him here that means not to 4e #oun7" 4$he.bawd. 8hat li*ht throu*h yon7er 8in7o8 4reaksE It is the east. sin+e she is en-ious. he that shot so true5 cheating.0 B!$VO)IO 5"1"33 1ome.bawd. that she 8ere 5"1"=0 &n open. thou 8ilt an*er himC !R1(%IO 5"1"5@ %his +annot an*er him" '%8oul7 an*er him %o raise a spirit in his mistress' +ir+le . take them off 5"5"10 if onl. lad. 5"1"50 By her hi*h #orehea7 an7 her s+arlet lip. By her #ine #oot. &n7 none 4ut #ools 7o 8ear it" 1ast it o##" It is my la7y" O. One ni+kname #or her pur4lin7 son an7 heir1. that she 8ere. that she kne8 she 8ereC She speaks. is pla.0 O# some stran*e -estal li-ery is 4ut si+k5 an7 *reen.arse an7 thou a pop'rin pearC medlar. O. he hath hi7 himsel# amon* these trees %o 4e +onsorte7 8ith the humorous ni*ht" commune. *oo7 ni*ht"—I'll to my tru+kle5. lettin* it there stan7 %ill she ha7 lai7 it an7 +onGure7 it 7o8n" cast a spell and laid it down %hat 8ere some spiteC y in-o+ation would pro1oke eye 7is+oursesF I 8ill ans8er it" 5"5"1 teases me for pains heFs ne1er felt wait. shall 8e *oE B!$VO)IO 'o then.mai7C— . . #air sun. dead I +onGure thee 4y Rosaline's 4ri*ht eyes. shines beautiful 5"5"5 ser1ant 1irginFs uniform. he mo-eth not" %he ape is 7ea7.

. speak a*ain. nor any other part1 Belon*in* to a man"5 O.a-in* some 4usiness. they in her hea7E %he 4ri*htness o# her +heek 8oul7 shame those stars. Retain that 7ear per#e+tion 8hi+h he o8es Without that title" Romeo. %ake all mysel#" RO !O 4to her? I take thee at they 8or7" 1all me 4ut )o-e. that I 8ere a *lo-e upon that han7. 8here#ore art thou RomeoE . thou*h not a onta*ue" What's onta*ueE It is nor han7. 8hi+h is no part o# thee. nor #oot. an7 I'll 4e ne8 4aptiKe7F . $or arm. 4ri*ht an*el. &n7 I'll no lon*er 4e a 1apulet" RO !O Shall I hear more. Be+ause it is an enemy to thee" . #or thou art &s *lorious to this ni*ht. %hat I mi*ht tou+h that +heekC J()I!% &y meC RO !O She speaks" O. 7ear eyes1 in hea-en Woul7 throu*h the airy re*ion stream so 4ri*ht %hat 4ir7s 8oul7 sin* an7 think it 8ere not ni*ht" See. thy5 take all of me 5"5"53 re+bapti-ed with a new name from now on 5"5"5@ is hidden ea1esdropping on m. Romeo. secrets 5"5"5B 5"5"@3 utterin*5 5"5"@@ mai75 5"5"@6 . mine1 . 4ein* o'er my hea7 &s is a 8in*J7 messen*er o# hea-en (nto the 8hite.ou would still be . must . I 8oul7 tear the 8or7" J()I!% y ears ha-e not yet 7runk a hun7re7 8or7s O# thy ton*ue's utteran+e1.ourself if 5"5"=5 8or75 owns discard 5"5"50 in exchange for.I am too 4ol7" '%is not to me she speaks" %8o o# the #airest stars in all the hea-en.. 7o## thy name. &s 7ayli*ht 7oth a lamp" . 7o1 entreat her eyes %o t8inkle in their spheres till they return" What i# her eyes 8ere there. yet I kno8 the soun7" &rt thou not Romeo an7 a onta*ueE RO !O $either. or shall I speak at thisE J()I!% '%is 4ut thy name that is my5 enemy" %hou art thysel#.. 4e 4ut s8orn my lo-e. lo1e 5"5"=0 5"5"=1 onl.ou be I<omeoI Cust swear to be m. nor #a+e. is hate#ul to mysel#.a7 I it 8ritten.eny thy #ather an7 re#use thy name" Or. #air saint1. shine 5"5"55 @ wish @ were 5"5"56 5"5"5B awe+struck mounts 5"5"3@ wh. 8ere he not Romeo +alle7. i# thou 8ilt not. i# either thee 7islike" J()I!% presumptuous 5"5"15 ha1e begged orbits outshine 5"5"50 eye5 sk. ho8 she leans her +heek upon her han7C O.upturne7 8on7erin* eyes O# mortals that #all 4a+k to *aKe on him When he 4estri7es the laKy pu##in* +lou7s &n7 sails upon the 4osom o# the air" J()I!% O Romeo. 4e some other nameC1 What's in a nameE %hat 8hi+h 8e +all a rose By any other name1 8oul7 smell as s8eet" So Romeo 8oul7.en+e#orth I ne-er 8ill 4e Romeo" J()I!% What man art thou that thus 4es+reene7 in ni*ht So stum4lest on my +ounselE RO !O By a name I kno8 not ho8 to tell thee 8ho I am" y name. &n7 #or that1 name.

%hou mayst pro-e #alse" &t lo-ers' perGuries.ost thou lo-e meE I kno8 thou 8ilt say I&y. /or stony limits +annot hol7 lo-e out.per+h these 8alls. &n7 not impute this yiel7in* to li*ht lo-e. I'll pro-e more true %han those that ha-e more1 +oyin* to 4e stran*e" I shoul7 ha-e 4een more stran*e.e lent me +ounsel an7 I lent him eyes" I am no pilot.. armored. !lse 8oul7 a mai7en 4lush 4epaint my +heek /or that 8hi+h thou hast hear7 me speak toni*ht" /ain 8oul7 I 78ell on #ormF #ain. #air onta*ue. *entleman. Whi+h the 7ark ni*ht hath so 7is+o-erJ7" RO !O )a7y. &n7 the pla+e 7eath. I am too #on7. famil.our lo1e 5"5"B= 5"5"B5 seek . pronoun+e it #aith#ully" Or i# thou think'st I am too Aui+kly 8on. +onsi7erin* 8ho thou art. &n7 4ut thou lo-e me. o1er lo1e will do what it dares famil.ou here 5"5"B0 si*ht1 if . there lies more peril in thine eye5 %han t8enty o# their s8or7sC )ook thou 4ut s8eet. otherwise too affectionate ha-ior1D @Fm not serious faithful 5"5"105 who pla.ou ma. -o85 shines 5"5"11= e1er+changing orbit .ou no pursue me. 8ho #irst 7i7 prompt me to inAuire" . I# thou 7ost lo-e. yet 8ert thou as #ar &s that -ast shore 8ashe71 8ith the #arthest sea. hostilit. I'll #ro8n an7 4e per-erse an7 say thee nay So thou 8ilt 8ooF 4ut else not #or the 8orl7" In truth. I must +on#ess. here. #ain 7eny What I ha-e spoke" But #are8ell +omplimentC . hard+to+get aloof before @ was aware 5"5"109 misinterpret.o8 +ame'st thou hither. lies the god Hupiter 5"5"100 stubborn. 5"5"61 fl.lo-e passion" %here#ore par7on me. they 8ill mur7er theeC RO !O &la+k. that 7ares lo-e attempt" %here#ore thy kinsmen are no stop to me" J()I!% I# they 7o see5 thee. tell me.ou do not lo1e me postponed.ou ad1ice na1igator treasure 5"5"90 girlish. But that thou o-erhear7'st.. &n7 there#ore thou mayst think my 4'ha-ior5 li*ht. 4y yon7er 4lessJ7 moon I s8ear1 %hat tips 8ith sil-er all these #ruit. 5"5"69 #in71D want them to see . But trust me. tell . be l. %hat monthly +han*es in her +ir+le71 or4. color gladl.tree tops— J()I!% O. eyes1 upon me sweetl. shallowBunchaste 5"5"115 that. 8antin* o# thy lo-e" J()I!% By 8hose 7ire+tion #oun7'st thou out this pla+eE RO !O By lo-e. let them #in7 me here" y li#e 8ere 4etter en7e7 4y their hate %han 7eath proro*uJ7. y true. I# any o# my kinsmen #in7 thee here" RO !O With lo-e's li*ht 8in*s 7i7 I o'er.I &n7 I 8ill take thy 8or7" 0et i# thou s8ear'st. &n7 8hat lo-e +an 7o. the in+onstant moon. follow formalities etiGuette 5"5"95 . s8ear not 4y the moon. &n7 I am proo# a*ainst their enmity" J()I!% I 8oul7 not #or the 8orl7 they sa85 thee here" RO !O I ha-e ni*ht's +loak to hi7e me #rom their eyes 5. without . %hey say. 5"5"65 #in71 5"5"6@ danger. an7 8here#oreE %he or+har7 8alls are hi*h an7 har7 to +lim4. Jo-e lau*hs" O *entle Romeo. ere I 8as '8are. I 8oul7 a7-enture #or su+h mer+han7ise" J()I!% %hou kno8'st the mask o# ni*ht is on my #a+e.

)est that thy lo-e pro-e like8ise -aria4le" RO !O What shall I s8ear 4yE J()I!% .o not s8ear at all" Or, i# thou 8ilt, s8ear 4y thy *ra+ious sel#, Whi+h is the *o7 o# my i7olatry, &n7 I'll 4elie-e thee" RO !O I# my heart's 7ear lo-e— J()I!% Well, 7o not s8ear" &lthou*h I Goy in thee, I ha-e no Goy o# this +ontra+t toni*ht" It is too rash, too una7-ise7, too su77en, %oo like the li*htnin*, 8hi+h 7oth +ease to 4e !re one +an say IIt li*htens"I S8eet, *oo7 ni*htC %his 4u7 o# lo-e, 4y summer's ripenin* 4reath, ay pro-e a 4eauteous #lo8er 8hen neMt 8e meet" 'oo7 ni*ht, *oo7 ni*htC &s s8eet repose an7 rest 1ome to thy heart as that 8ithin my 4reastC RO !O O, 8ilt thou lea-e me so unsatis#ie7E J()I!% What satis#a+tion +anst thou ha-e toni*htE RO !O %h' eM+han*e o# thy lo-e's #aith#ul -o8 #or mine" J()I!% I *a-e thee mine 4e#ore thou 7i7st reAuest it, &n7 yet I 8oul7 it 8ere to *i-e a*ain" RO !O Woul7st thou 8ith7ra8 itE /or 8hat purpose, lo-eE J()I!% But to 4e #rank an7 *i-e it thee a*ain" &n7 yet I 8ish 4ut #or the thin* I ha-e" y 4ounty is as 4oun7less as the sea, y lo-e as 7eep" %he more I *i-e to thee, %he more I ha-e, #or 4oth are in#inite" $(RS! 4inside, calls for Huliet? J()I!% I hear some noise 8ithin" .ear lo-e, a7ieuC 4to her? &non, *oo7 $urseC 4to him? S8eet onta*ue, 4e true" Stay 4ut a littleF I 8ill +ome a*ain" 4goes in? RO !O O 4lessJ7, 4lessJ7 ni*htC I am a#ear7, Bein* in ni*ht, all this is 4ut a 7ream, %oo #latterin*;s8eet to 4e su4stantial" J()I!% 4comes out again? %hree 8or7s, 7ear Romeo, an7 *oo7 ni*ht in7ee7" I# that thy 4ent o# lo-e 4e honora4le, %hy purpose marria*e, sen7 me 8or7 tomorro8 By one that I'll pro+ure to +ome to thee, Where an7 8hat time thou 8ilt per#orm the rite, &n7 all my #ortunes at thy #oot I'll lay &n7 #ollo8 thee my lor7 throu*hout the 8orl7" $(RS! 4inside? a7amC J()I!% 4to her? I +ome, anonC 4to him? But i# thou mean'st not 8ell, I 7o 4esee+h thee—

unless, inconsistent 5"5"116 5"5"11B de1otion 5"5"155 5"5"153 enCo, seeing ,ou these 1ows 5"5"155 before, sweetheart become sleep 5"5"130 heart 5"5"135 5"5"133 5"5"13= 5"5"135 @ wish it were still mine 5"5"136 5"5"13B Cust to be la1ish gifts

5"5"1=3 inside, goodb,e in a minute wait, Cust, back 5"5"1=@ afraid wonderfull,, real 5"5"1=9 ,our intentions someone, arrange wedding life husband 5"5"15@ 5"5"156 beg

$(RS! 4inside? a7amC J()I!% 4to her? By an7 4y I +omeC 4to him? %o +ease thy suit< an7 lea-e me to my *rie#" %omorro8 8ill I sen7" RO !O So thri-e5 my soul— J()I!% & thousan7 times *oo7 ni*htC 4goes in? RO !O & thousan7 times the 8orse to 8ant thy li*ht" )o-e *oes to8ar7 lo-e as s+hool4oys #rom their 4ooks, But lo-e #rom lo-e, to8ar7 s+hool 8ith hea-y looks" J()I!% 4comes out again? ,istC Romeo, histC 4aside? O, #or a #al+'ner's -oi+e %o lure this tassel;*entle 4a+k a*ainC Bon7a*e is hoarse, an7 may not speak alou7, !lse 8oul7 I tear the +a-e 8here !+ho lies, &n7 make her airy ton*ue more hoarse than mine1 With repetition o# I y RomeoCI RO !O 4aside? It is my soul that +alls upon my nameC ,o8 sil-er;s8eet soun7 lo-ers' ton*ues 4y ni*ht, )ike so#test musi+ to atten7in* earsC J()I!% RomeoC RO !O y 7ear=E J()I!% What o'+lo+k tomorro8 Shall I sen7 to theeE RO !O By the hour o# nine" J()I!% I 8ill not #ail" '%is t8enty years till then" I ha-e #or*ot 8hy I 7i7 +all thee 4a+k" RO !O )et me stan7 here till thou remem4er it" J()I!% I shall #or*et, to ha-e thee still stan7 there, Remem4erin* ho8 I lo-e thy +ompany" RO !O &n7 I'll still stay, to ha-e thee still #or*et, /or*ettin* any other home 4ut this" J()I!% '%is almost mornin*" I 8oul7 ha-e thee *one, &n7 yet no #urther than a 8anton's 4ir7, Who1 lets it hop a little #rom her1 han7, )ike a poor prisoner in his t8iste7 *y-es, &n7 8ith a silk1 threa7 plu+ks it 4a+k a*ain, So lo-in*;Gealous o# his li4erty" RO !O I 8oul7 I 8ere thy 4ir7" J()I!% S8eet, so 8oul7 I" 0et I shoul7 kill thee 8ith mu+h +herishin*" 'oo7 ni*ht, *oo7 ni*htC 2artin* is su+h s8eet sorro8 %hat I shall say *oo7 ni*ht till it 4e morro8" 4exits? RO !O1 Sleep 78ell upon thine eyes, pea+e in thy 4reastC Woul7 I 8ere sleep an7 pea+e, so s8eet to restC ,en+e 8ill I to my *hostly /riar's +lose +ell, ,is help to +ra-e, an7 my 7ear hap to tell" 4exits?

5"5"159 soon 5"5"1@0 courtship L stri#e5 send m, messenger stri-e<D upon m, soul 5"5"1@3 5"5"1@= 5"5"1@5 without reluctant 5"5"1@9 psst, if onl, @ had noble hawk m, father is strict, @ ma,, loud the n,mph =cho 1oice echoing 5"5"165 1oices listening 5"5"16B ma7ame 1Lnie+e5Lnyas< 5"5"169 time 5"5"1B0 5"5"1B5 5"5"1B3 5"5"1B5 5"5"1B@ 5"5"1BB 5"5"190 spoiled girlFs that5, his5 chains silken5 5"5"19@ wish @ were sweetheart 5"5"196 morning 5"5"505 rest, heart if, rest there awa,, go to, spiritual, chamber ask for, fortune

ACT 2, SCENE 3 4St) 7eterFs Dhurch, dawn) F<@/< */L<=9D= with basket? /RI&R 5"3"1 %he *rey;eye7 morn smiles on the #ro8nin* ni*ht, 1he+k'rin* the eastern +lou7s 8ith streaks o# li*ht, &n7 #le+kle7 7arkness like a 7runkar7 reels dappled, staggers /rom #orth 7ay's path an7 %itan's #iery1 8heels" out of the wa, of, 4urnin*5D sun+chariot $o8, ere the sun a7-an+e his 4urnin* eye, before, raises 5"3"5 %he 7ay to +heer an7 ni*ht's 7ank 7e8 to 7ry, I must up;#ill this osier +a*e o# ours basket With 4ale#ul 8ee7s an7 pre+ious;Gui+e7 #lo8ers" harmful %he earth that's nature's mother is her tom4F What is her 4uryin* *ra-e, that is her 8om4F is also 5"3"10 &n7 #rom her 8om4 +hil7ren o# 7i-ers kin7 di1erse plants We su+kin* on her natural 4osom #in7 any #or many -irtues eM+ellent, man, plants ha1e healing powers $one 4ut #or some an7 yet all 7i##erent" all good for something O, mi+kle is the po8er#ul *ra+e that lies great, healing power 5"3"15 In plants, her4s, stones, an7 their true Aualities" extracts /or nau*ht so -ile that on the earth 7oth li-e nothing is so e1il But to the earth some spe+ial *oo7 7oth *i-e, humankind $or au*ht so *oo7 4ut, straine7 #rom that #air use, an,thing, that cannot be Re-olts #rom true 4irth, stum4lin* on a4use" abused for harm Virtue itsel# turns -i+e, 4ein* misapplie7, becomes 1ice when misapplied &n7 -i+e sometimes 4y a+tion 7i*ni#ie7" can be good if the result is good 4examining a flower? Within the in#ant rin7 o# this 8eak #lo8er frail 2oison hath resi7en+e an7 me7i+ine po8erD 5"3"5= /or this, 4ein* smelt, 8ith that part +heers ea+h partF makes ,ou feel better Bein* taste7, slays1 all senses 8ith the heart" stays 5D kills ,ou %8o su+h opposO7 kin*s en+amp them still enem,, alwa,s In man as 8ell as her4s, *ra+e an7 ru7e 8illF good and e1il &n7 8here the 8orser is pre7ominant, e1il 5"3"30 /ull soon the +anker 7eath eats up that plant" infection of RO !O 4enter? 5"3"35 'oo7 morro8, /ather" morning /RI&R Bene7i+itOC bless ,ou 5"3"33 What early ton*ue so s8eet saluteth meE hails 0oun* son, it ar*ues a 7istempere7 hea7 suggests, disturbed mind So soon to 4i7 *oo7 morro8 to thy 4e7" lea1ing ,our bed so earl, 1are keeps his 8at+h in e-ery ol7 man's eye, worr, sta,s on guard &n7 8here +are lo7*es, sleep 8ill ne-er lieF worr, sta,s, lie down But 8here un4ruisJ7 youth 8ith unstu##e7 4rain trouble+free, clear minds .oth +ou+h his lim4s, there *ol7en sleep 7oth rei*n" rest 5"3"=0 %here#ore thy earliness 7oth me assure %hou art up;rouse7 4y some 7istemperatureF something upsetting Or i# not so, then here I hit it ri*htD Our Romeo hath not 4een in 4e7 toni*ht" last night RO !O 5"3"=@ %hat last is true" %he s8eeter rest 8as mine" @ had an e1en sweeter rest /RI&R 5"3"=6 'o7 par7on sinC Wast thou 8ith RosalineE RO !O 5"3"=B With Rosaline, my *hostly /atherE $oC spiritual I ha-e #or*ot that name an7 that name's 8oe" /RI&R 5"3"50 %hat's my *oo7 son" But 8here hast thou 4een thenE RO !O 5"3"55

.I'll tell thee ere thou ask it me a*ain" I ha-e 4een #eastin* 8ith mine enemy. *o 8ith me" In one respe+t I'll thy assistant 4e. exit? before fall from grace when men ha1e no strength scolded me often 5"3"B@ 5"3"B6 5"3"BB told 5"3"B9 and take another out 5"3"91 please donFt scold I lo-e no8 . 8hat a +han*e is hereC Is Rosaline. 8hom1 thou 7i7st lo-e so 7ear. who @ had wounded.Huliet0 5"3"59 simple. not #or lo-in*. youn* 8a-erer. plea also helps m. @ cannot wait 5"3"101 . I'll tell thee as 8e pass. my1 look 5"3"B0 repeat this sa. that5. the girl returns m.ellow +ast1 5"3"65 to season a lo1e . absolution 5"3"@1 we are combined except walk 5"3"@9 that5 forgotten a lot of salt water . #or lo.o8 mu+h salt 8ater thro8n5 a8ay in 8aste %o season lo-e. let us hen+eC I stan7 on su77en hasteC /RI&R Wisely an7 slo8" %hey stum4le that run #ast" 4$he. here upon thy +heek the stain 7oth sit O# an ol7 tear that is not 8ashe7 o## yet" I# e'er thou 8ast thysel# an7 these 8oes thine. y inter+ession like8ise stea7s my #oe" /RI&R Be plain. %hou an7 these 8oes 8ere all #or Rosaline" &n7 art thou +han*e7E 2ronoun+e this senten+e thenD IWomen may #all 8hen there's no stren*th in men"I RO !O %hou +hi7e'st me o#t #or lo-in* Rosaline" /RI&R /or 7otin*. %hat thou +onsent to marry us to7ay" /RI&R . +hi7e me not" .ou marriage familiesF hatred 5"3"100 go. 4ut in their eyes" Jesu aria. she kne8 8ell %hy lo-e 7i7 rea7 4y rote an71 +oul7 not spell" But +ome. foe .our sighs yet rin*in*5. Where on a su77en one hath 8oun7e7 me %hat's 4y me 8oun7e7" Both our reme7ies Within thy help an7 holy physi+ lies" I 4ear no hatre7. read for one reason @Fll help . cures spiritual remed. 4ut this I pray. +ome. So soon #orsakenE 0oun* men's lo-e then lies $ot truly in their hearts. another out to ha-e" RO !O I pray thee. an7 homely in thy 7ri#t" Ri77lin* +on#ession #in7s 4ut ri77lin* shri#t" RO !O %hen plainly kno8 my heart's 7ear lo-e is set On the #air 7au*hter o# ri+h 1apulet" &s mine on hers.ath 8ashe7 thy sallo8 +heeks #or RosalineC .oly Saint /ran+is. &n7 all +om4ine7. that o# it 7oth not tasteC %he sun not yet thy si*hs #rom hea-en +lears. and lo1e 5"3"9= recite from memor. speech confessing in riddles. 8e 8ooe7 an7 ma7e eM+han*e o# -o8.oth *ra+e #or *ra+e an7 lo-e #or lo-e allo8" %he other 7i7 not so" /RI&R O. *oo7 son. 8hat a 7eal o# 4rine . Co. so hers is set on mine. sa-e 8hat thou must +om4ine By holy marria*e" When an7 8here an7 ho8 We met.ou did not taste dried the fog of . look m. 4lessJ7 man. %hy ol7 *roans rin* yet 1 in mine5 an+ient ears" )o. pupil mine" RO !O &n7 4a7e'st me 4ury lo-e" /RI&R $ot in a *ra-e %o lay one in. /or this allian+e may so happy pro-e %o turn your househol7s' ran+or to pure lo-e" RO !O O.

to5 . shot1 throu*h the ear 8ith womanFs. that 8e shoul7 4e thus sorr. that Rosaline. sill. a -ery *oo7 4la7eC & users of catch+phrases -ery tall manC & -ery *oo7 8horeCI Why. an7 the thir7 in your 4osomF the -ery thrust in .0 O.e #i*hts as you sin* pri+k. is not this bra1e a lamenta4le thin*. foreign parasites these par7on..e rests his minim rests. swordsman a *entleman o# the -ery #irst house best fencing school o# the #irst an7 se+on7 +ause" &h. sta44e7 8ith a 8hite 8en+h's 4la+k eye. their 4onesC 4<86=8 enters? B!$VO)IO 5"="3B >not in 1? . short one.ath sent a letter to his #ather's house" <omeoFs !R1(%IO 5"="9 & +hallen*e.4oy's 4utt. backhand. pun0 to en+ounter %y4altE fight B!$VO)IO 5"="19 Why. about $.son*. these ne8 affected showoffs tuners o# a++entsD IBy Jesu. that same pale har7.balt !R1(%IO 5"="50 ore than 2rin+e o# 1ats >I +an tell you?1" . 4ein* 7are7" accepting the dare !R1(%IO 5"="1= &las poor Romeo. in a duet 7istan+e. he's the +oura*eous +aptain o# +ompliments" fencing etiGuette .balt ho8 he 7ares.ere +omes Romeo.bawd. on my li#e" @ bet m. lispin*. ma. $. the immortal well trained in fencing codes passa7oC %he punto re-ersoC %he hayC— forward thrust. cut the 4lin7 4o8. their 4ones. the kinsman o#1 ol7 1apulet. silk shirt. >here +omes Romeo? 5" !R1(%IO 5"="39 .me's.hearte7 8en+h. an7 proportion" . 8hy5 %orments him so. the -ery pin o# his heart +le#t 8ith bullFs+e. keeps time. harmon. hit B!$VO)IO 5"="5B %he 8hatE !R1(%IO 5"="59 %he poM o# su+h anti+. nephew. old sir a##li+te7 8ith these stran*e #lies.balt in a popular stor.. trendsBbench that they +annot sit at ease on the ol7 4en+hE O. *ran7sire. run5D stabbed a lo-e. that he 8ill sure run ma7" B!$VO)IO 5"="6 %y4alt. the plague kill. noon) A=958*@8 : 6=<DE$@8? !R1(%IO 5"="1 Where the 7e-il shoul7 this Romeo 4eE 1ame he not home toni*htE last night B!$VO)IO 5"="3 $ot to his #ather's" I spoke 8ith his man" manser1ant !R1(%IO 5"="= &h1.mon*ers.e. these #ashion. a 7uelist.son*. life itFs a challenge to fight B!$VO)IO 5"="10 Romeo 8ill ans8er it" accept it !R1(%IO 5"="11 &ny man that +an 8rite may ans8er a letter" B!$VO)IO 5"="15 $ay. 8ho stan7 so mu+h on the ne8 #orm.our chest 4ut+her o# a silk 4uttonF a 7uelist.a cat named $.ACT 2. he is alrea7y 7ea7.sha#t" &n7 is he a man DupidFs arrow . t8o. he 8ill ans8er the letter's master. 8hat is %y4altE whatFs so scar. SCENE 4 4/ street. Spanish+accented a##e+tin* #antasti+oes1.

spent0 #lesh. m. 1leopatra a *ipsy. *oo7 er+utio. ho8 art thou #ishi#ie7C $o8 is he #or the num4ers that 2etrar+h #lo8e7 in" )aura to 1erses.8en+h Pmarry. bend from bowed+legs RO !O 5"="5@ eanin*.ou got it RO !O 5"="5B & most +ourteous eMposition" explanation !R1(%IO 5"="59 $ay. !R1(%IO 5"="50 %he slip. %his4e a *rey eye or so. I am sure.*oose +hase. or I'll +ry a mat+hC bring it on. fish eggs .?5 then is my pump 8ell #lo8ere7C . shoe the Gest may remain.ero was shabb. my 4usiness 8as *reat.i7o lo1er.. thy1 #or thou hast more o# the 8il7 *oose in one o# thy 8its than. the slip" 1an you not +on+ei-eE counterfeit mone. follow me RO !O 5"="51 2ar7on. *oo7 Ben-olio" y 8its #aint" stop us. to +urtsy" !R1(%IO 5"="56 %hou hast most kin7ly hit it" now . !R1(%IO 5"="63 $ay. Coke out thy pump.cut with IpinkingI shears0 !R1(%IO 5"="@3 Sure 8itC /ollo8 me this Gest no8 till thou hast 8orn good. compared to his la7y 8as a kit+hen. *oo7 *oose. like a 7rie7 herrin*" O #lesh. solely sin*ularC outlast it RO !O 5"="@6 O sin*le. write her in poetr. . I am the -ery pink o# +ourtesy" perfect example RO !O 5"="@0 I2inkI #or #lo8erE pink like a flower !R1(%IO 5"="@1 Ri*ht" RO !O 5"="@5 >not in 1? >Why.elen an7 . .rhyme herQ. wrote. a 7o87y.Without his roe. I ha-e in my 8hole #i-e" Was I 8ith you there #or the *ooseE goose Coke RO !O 5"="66 %hou 8ast ne-er 8ith me #or anythin* 8hen thou 8ast not there #or the *ooseC as a fool !R1(%IO 5"="69 I 8ill 4ite thee 4y the ear #or that GestC on RO !O 5"="B0 $ay. s8it+h an7 spurs. 4ite notC !R1(%IO 5"="B1 %hy 8it is a -ery 4itter s8eetin*F it is a most sharp sau+e" apple RO !O 5"="B3 . that 8hen the sin*le sole o# it is 8orn. 4ut loose women not to the purpose"—Si*nor Romeo. 4onGourC nothing worth mentioning %here's a /ren+h salutation to your /ren+h slop" pants 0ou *a-e us the +ounter#eit #airly last ni*ht" a fake RO !O 5"="=B 'oo7 morro8 to you 4oth" What +ounter#eit 7i7 I *i-e youE da.sole7 Gest. a#ter the 8earin*. wit is tired RO !O 5"="61 S8it+h an7 spurs. solely sin*ular #or the sin*lenessC thin+soled Coke !R1(%IO 5"="@9 1ome 4et8een us. . sir. i# our5 8its run the 8il7. hil7in*s an7 harlots.sexuall. she although ha7 a 4etter lo-e to 4e. declare 1ictor. I am 7one. an7 important in su+h a +ase as mine a man may strain +ourtesy" bend the rules of !R1(%IO 5"="5= %hat's as mu+h as to say su+h a +ase as yours +onstrains a man to 4o8 in the hams" forces. shoe.

fi1e inches RO !O 5"="B6 I stret+h it out #or that 8or7 I4roa7I. #or her #an's the #airer #a+e" prettier $(RS! 5"="111 'o7 ye *oo7 morro8. #or the 4a87y han7 o# the you1. it is 8ell sai7" I/or himsel# to mar. that stret+hes #rom an bab. 4ut youn* Romeo 8ill 4e ol7er 8hen you ha-e #oun7 him than he 8as 8hen you sou*ht him" I am the youn*est o# that name. no8 art thou Romeo. goat leather in+h narro8 to an ell 4roa7C fort. 2eter" !R1(%IO 5"="109 'oo7 2eter. womanFs smock $(RS! 5"="10@ 2eterC 2!%!R 5"="106 &nonC coming $(RS! 5"="10B y #an. 8hi+h a77e7 to the *oose.bawd.0 !R1(%IO1 4making fun of her clothes? RO !O5 5"="10= & sail. a sailC B!$VO)IO1 !R1(%IO5 5"="105 %8o. I tell ye 5.0 !R1(%IO 5"="100 O.ere's *oo7ly *earC a huge outfit . in B!$VO)IO 5"="9@ >not in 1? Stop there. t8oD a shirt an7 a smo+k" manFs shirt. 1ulgar 7ial is no8 upon the pri+k o# noon" erect at $(RS! 5"="11@ Out upon youC What a man are youE what kind of man RO !O 5"="116 One.bawd. #or I 8as +ome to the 8hole 7epth o# my tale. taken it as far as @ could .also bawd. no8 art thou 8hat thou art. is not this 4etter no8 than *roanin* #or lo-eE $o8 art well thou so+ia4le.0 an7 meant in7ee7 to o++upy the ar*ument no lon*erC end it there 49E<S= : 7=$=< enter? RO !O 4sees 9urse! to 6ercutio? 5"="103 . to hi7e her #a+e. that 'o7 hath ma7e #or himsel# to mar" inCure $(RS! 5"="119 By my troth.&n7 is it not >then?5 8ell ser-e7 into a s8eet *ooseE isnFt a sharp sauce ser1ed with !R1(%IO 5"="B5 O.ouFd. too lon*1 . #or #ault o# a 8orse" lack . here's a 8it o# +he-eril. *entlemen" morning !R1(%IO 5"="115 'o7 ye *oo7 e'en. wish B!$VO)IO 5"="99 %hou 8oul7st else ha-e ma7e thy tale lar*e5C otherwise . *entle8oman. thou art 7e+ei-e7" I 8oul7 ha-e ma7e it short. pro-es thee #ar an7 8i7e a 4roa7 *ooseC a big fat goose !R1(%IO 5"="90 Why. +an any o# you tell me 8here I said >not in 1? may #in7 >the?5 youn* RomeoE RO !O 5"="155 I +an tell you. 4y art as 8ell as 4y nature" /or this 7ri-ellin* lo-e stupid+talking is like a *reat natural that runs lollin* up idiot. #air *entle8oman" afternoon $(RS! 5"="113 Is it *oo7 e'enE afternoon !R1(%IO 5"="11= '%is no less. with his tongue out an7 7o8n to hi7e his 4au4le in a holeC looking for a hole to hide his to. >stop there?5C !R1(%IO 5"="96 %hou 7esire'st me to stop in my tale a*ainst the hair" against m.I truth Auoth heE 'entlemen.

horrible 4e o##ere7 to any *entle8oman. an7 -ery 8eak 7ealin*C mean trick . in a )enten pie. an7 Cust su##er e-ery kna-e to use me at his pleasureC allow. la7y"I 46ercutio : Aen1olio exit? $(RS! 5"="1=6 I pray you. that lo-es to hear himsel# talk an7 8ill speak more in a minute than he 8ill stan7 to in a month" do $(RS! 5"="155 I#1 he speak anythin* a*ainst me. a#ore 'o7. unless a hare. /or the *entle8oman is youn*. $urse. done I&n ol7 hare hoar. I am so -eMe7 that e-ery part a4out upset me Aui-ers" S+ur-y kna-eC 4to <omeo? 2ray you. sir.*illsC stupid Cerk. who will S+ur-y kna-eC I am none o# his #lirt. I 7esire some +on#i7en+e 8ith ye 1" you5 B!$VO)IO 4making fun of her wrong word for IconferenceI? 5"="131 She 8ill Iin7iteI him to some supperC !R1(%IO 5"="135 & 4a87. &n7 an ol7 hare hoar. an7 there#ore. Is -ery *oo7 meat in )entF But a hare that is hoar Is too mu+h #or a s+ore. is the 8orst 8ellE Very 8ell took. indeed 8isely. i# I see o++asion in a *oo7 Auarrel. 8hat sau+y mer+hant disrespectful fellow 8as this that 8as so #ull o# his roperyE dirt. Cerk. 1 1 ye. my 8eapon shoul7 Aui+kly ha-e 4een out. I 8ill keep to mysel#" But #irst let me tell 4i75D asked me to sa. make fun of me 2!%!R 5"="159 I sa8 no man use you at his pleasure" I# I ha7. an75 1 5 i# he 8ere lustier than he is. an7 the la8 on my si7e" chance of a good fight $(RS! 5"="1@= $o8. sir. gre.. #are8ell 4sings? Ila7y. an7 t8enty su+h an7 . there RO !O 5"="1== I 8ill #ollo8 you" !R1(%IO 5"="1=5 /are8ell an+ient la7y. sir. and e1en friskier men Ga+ksC &n7 i# I +annot. i' #aithF taken. not worth pa. before. a 4a87C So hoC whoreBhare. truly it 8ere an ill thin* to cheat on. eaten Romeo. rabbitBwhore. before. a 8or7" &n7 as I tol7 you. la7y. a 4a87. I 8arrant youC @ swear I 7are 7ra8 as soon as another man.matesC cutthroat pals 4to 7eter? &n7 thou must stan7 4y too.ou 1 4a7e me say. as they ye5. loose girls I am none o# his skains.a hunting call0 RO !O 5"="133 What hast thou #oun7E !R1(%IO 5"="13= $o hare. my youn* la7y 4a7e1 me inAuire you out" What she 4i75D asked me to find . I'll take him 7o8n. I'll #in7 those that shallC men. i# you shoul7 lea7 her into a #ool's para7ise. for When it hoars ere it 4e spent"I molds. sir. Cokes RO !O 5"="1=9 & *entleman. pie for *ent that is somethin* stale an7 hoar ere it 4e spent" 4sings? mold. in5 say. . 8ill you +ome to your #ather'sE We'll to 7inner thither" go to.$(RS! 5"="15@ 0ou say 8ell" well put !R1(%IO 5"="156 0ea. it 8ere a -ery *ross kin7 o# 4eha-ior. as they say. i# you shoul7 7eal 7ou4le 8ith her. 8isely" 1er. wise $(RS! 5"="159 I# you 4e he.

+ommen7 me to thy mistress" gi1e m. *oo7 soul.ou $(RS! 5"="505 Well. able to keep a secret I%8o may keep +ounsel. would rather see a toa7. one 2aris. my man's as true as steel" @ promise .*allant o# my Goy peak ust 4e my +on-oy in the se+ret ni*ht" path /are8ell. 4ehin7 the a44ey 8all" wait. that you 7o protest. church Within this hour my man shall 4e 8ith thee ser1ant &n7 4rin* thee +or7s ma7e like a ta+kle7 stair. whole IrosemaryI an7 IRomeoI 4e*in 4oth 8ith a letterE the same letter RO !O 5"="511 &y. an7 i' #aith I 8ill tell her as mu+h" )or7. )or7. sir. she looks @ swear as pale as any +lout in the -ersal 8orl7" . my 7ear $urseE $(RS! 5"="199 Is your man se+retE . a rope ladder Whi+h to the hi*h top. +ommen7 me to thy la7y an7 mistress" gi1e m. 8hen I say so. she shall 4e there" RO !O 5"="190 &n7 stay.? .oth not sheet. $urse. .ou /are8ell. )or7. confession &n7 there she shall at /riar )a8ren+e' +ell chamber Be shri-e7 an7 marrie7" gi1e confession 4offers her mone. if oneFs not there RO !O 5"="501 I< 8arrant thee. )or7. *oo7 $urse. that's the 7o*'s nameC .ere is #or thy pains" $(RS! 5"="1B6 $o truly sir. 8hen 't8as a little pratin* thin*C O. I say you shall" @ insist $(RS! 5"="1B9 %his a#ternoon. a -ery toa7. she 8ill 4e a Goy#ul 8omanC RO !O 5"="169 What 8ilt thou tell her. puttin* one a8ayIE a secret. as I take it.i7 you ne'er hear say. not a pennyC RO !O 5"="1BB 'o to. regards $(RS! 5"="196 $o8 'o7 in hea-en 4less theeC . lay kni#e a4oar7" But she.. an7 I'll Auit thy pains" trustworth. as see him" I an*er her sometimes an7 tell her that 2aris is the properer handsomer man" But I'll 8arrant you. there babbling is a no4leman in to8n.RO !O 5"="165 $urse. is a *entlemanlike o##er" RO !O 5"="1B3 Bi7 her 7e-ise ask her to find Some means to +ome to shri#t this a#ternoon. that it 8oul7 7o you *oo7 to hear it" RO !O 5"="51@ 1ommen7 me to thy la7y" m. that 8oul7 #ain gladl. 4e trusty. a dog goes I<rrrI R is #or the—no. ha7 as lie# claim her.ark you.ou mock me. sir" listen RO !O 5"="19B What say'st thou. my mistress is the s8eetest la7y. sirE Well. regards .she means IsentenceI0 o# you an7 rosemary. swear $(RS! 5"="166 'oo7 heart. 8hat o# thatE Both 8ith an R" $(RS! 5"="515 &h. some wa. $urseE %hou 7ost not mark me" did not listen to me $(RS! 5"="1B1 I 8ill tell her. reward . regards I protest unto thee— solemnl. 8hi+h. mo+ker. sir. I kno8 it 4e*ins 8ith some other letter—an7 she hath the prettiest sententious o# it..

$(RS! &y. *oo7 $urse.ri-in* 4a+k sha7o8s o-er lourin* hills" %here#ore 7o nim4le. hea-y an7 pale as lea7" 49E<S= : 7=$=< enter? O 'o7.ou arenFt telling wait for the details 5"5"=0 . find slow. &n7 his to me" But ol7 #olks. Gaun+e5D long trip 5"5"5B wish 5"5"31 wait 5"5"33 . 8hat hasteC 1an you not stay a8hileE . &n7 there#ore hath the 8in7. she +omesC O honey $urse. yet she is not +ome" . I pray thee. or 4a7E &ns8er to thatC Say either.a7 she a##e+tions an7 8arm youth#ul 4loo7. messengers 5"5"5 gloom. She 8oul7 4e as s8i#t in motion as a 4all" y 8or7s 8oul7 4an7y her to my s8eet lo-e. exit? ACT 2.pinione7 7o-es 7ra8 )o-e.o8 art thou out o# 4reath. Guickl.o you not see that I am out o# 4reathE J()I!% . *i-e me lea-e a8hile" /ie. yet tell them merrily" I# *oo7. are ruining 5"5"5@ tired. ho8 my 4ones a+heC What a Gaunt1 ha-e I >ha7?1C J()I!% I 8oul7 thou ha7st my 4ones. lea1e me alone oh. 5"5"1 my1 perhaps. 8hat ne8sE . Whi+h ten times #aster *li7e than the sun's 4eams. swift highest point 5"5"10 feelings toss toss her back to me 5"5"15 act like ser1ant 5"5"50 5"5"51 if the news is sad. thatFs wh. an7 #rom nine till t8el-e Is three3 lon* hours. (n8iel7y. tell it merril. 8hy look'st thou sa7E %hou*h ne8s 4e sa7. +ome. speakC $(RS! Jesu. *oo7 s8eet $urse—O )or7. an7 I thy ne8s" $ay. speakC 'oo7. she is lameC )o-e's heral7s shoul7 4e thou*hts. many #ei*n as they 8ere 7ea7. stay at the *ate" 47eter exits? J()I!% $o8. swift+winged. an7 I'll stay the +ir+umstan+eC )et me 4e satis#ie7D is't *oo7 or 4a7E $(RS! 5"="516 5"="51B coming 5"="519 go ahead.s8i#t 1upi7 8in*s" $o8 is the sun upon the hi*hmost hill O# this 7ay's Gourney. SCENE 5 4Dapulet house) HE*@=$? J()I!% %he +lo+k stru+k nine 8hen I 7i7 sen7 the5 $urse" In hal# an hour she promise7 to return" 2er+han+e she +annot meet him" %hat's not so" O. 5enusF chariot.. .ast thou met 8ith himE Sen7 thy man a8ay" $(RS! 2eter. thou shame'st the musi+ o# s8eet ne8s By playin* it to me 8ith so sour a #a+e" $(RS! I am a8eary. slo8. 8hen thou hast 4reath %o say to me that thou art out o# 4reathE %he eM+use that thou 7ost make in this 7elay Is lon*er than the tale thou 7ost eM+use" Is thy ne8s *oo7. a thousan7 times" 4<omeo exits? 2eterC 2!%!R &nonC $(RS! Be#ore an7 apa+e" 4$he.

ho8 my hea7 a+hesC What a hea7 ha-e IC It 4eats as it 8oul7 #all in t8enty pie+es" y 4a+k. honest $urse" /are8ellC 4$he.. my 4a+kC Beshre8 your heart #or sen7in* me a4out %o +at+h my 7eath 8ith Gauntin* up an7 7o8nC J()I!% I' you to +hur+h" I must another 8ay %o #et+h a la77er. ha-e you 7ine7 at homeE J()I!% $o. I 8arrant. 4ut I'll 8arrant him as *entle as a lam4" 'o thy 8ays. an7 a kin7. a -irtuous— Where is your motherE J()I!% Where is my motherE Why. all around 5"5"5@ 5"5"59 @ belie1e 5"5"@5 inside what an odd repl. chamber waits uncontrollable turn red. yet they are past +ompare" .. an7 #or a han7 an7 a #oot an7 a 4o7y. an7 a +ourteous. 'Where is your motherE'I $(RS! O 'o7's la7y 7earC &re you so hotE arry. s8eet $urse. reall. exit? ACT 2.ond comparison.. afternoon) F<@/< : <86=8? /RI&R foolish nothing to talk about be. must go to . But you shall 4ear the 4ur7en soon at ni*htC 'oC I'll to 7inner" . awa.ou with good fortune 5"@"1 . now medicine. not heC %hou*h his #a+e 4e 4etter than any man's. mine1 from now on 5"5"60 such a fuss 5"5"61 permission. you ha-e ma7e a simple +hoi+eC 0ou kno8 not ho8 to +hoose a man" RomeoE $o. she is 8ithin" Where shoul7 she 4eE . model @ bet heFs. immediatel.. an7. no" But all this 7i7 I kno8 4e#ore" What says he o# our marria*eE What o# thatE $(RS! )or7.a-e you *ot lea-e to *o to shri#t to7ayE J()I!% I ha-e" $(RS! %hen hie you hen+e to /riar )a8ren+e' +ell" %here stays a hus4an7 to make you a 8i#eC $o8 +omes the 8anton 4loo7 up in your +heeksF %hey'll 4e in s+arlet strai*ht at any ne8s" . +ome you to the +ellC J()I!% . 8en+h. along girl 5"5"=9 5"5"51 headache break curse. I am sorry that thou art not 8ell" S8eet. confession 5"5"65 5"5"63 hurr. like an honest *entleman.ere's su+h a +oilC 1ome.o8 o77ly thou repliestC I0our lo-e says. thou*h they 4e not to 4e talke7 on. an7 a han7some. 8hat says my lo-eE $(RS! 0our lo-e says. yet his le* eM+els all men's. 4y the 8hi+h your lo-e ust +lim4 a 4ir7's nest soon 8hen it is 7ark" I am the 7ru7*e an7 toil in your 7eli*ht. 5"5"@@ impatient. o' th' other si7eC O.our room one who works for do the work . SCENE 6 4Dhurch. hurr.en+e#or8ar7 7o your messa*es yoursel#" J()I!% . ser-e 'o7" What. 8hat says RomeoE $(RS! . tell me. s8eet. my 4a+k.0 hurr. I tro8" Is this the poulti+e #or my5 a+hin* 4onesE .bawd.Well. friarFs chamber 5"5"B3 bless .e is not the #lo8er o# +ourtesy. like an honest * to hi*h #ortune.

not o# ornament" %hey are 4ut 4e**ars that +an +ount their 8orth" But my true lo-e is *ro8n to su+h eM+ess I +annot sum up sum o# hal# my 8ealth" /RI&R 1ome. like #ire an7 po87er. i# the measure o# thy Goy Be heape7 like mine.ou sick in its when tasted it ruins thatFs how lo1e lasts makes . gunpowder are used can make . an7 8e 8ill make short 8ork" /or. so li*ht a #oot Will ne'er 8ear out the e-erlastin* #lint" & lo-er may 4estri7e the *ossamers %hat i7les in the 8anton summer air. music of . #or us 4oth" 4<omeo kisses her? J()I!% &s mu+h to him. then s8eeten 8ith thy 4reath %his nei*h4or air. pla.ou two in marriage 3"1"1 letFs go home 1apels are1D are out escape hot da.s stir our temper . %hat a#ter. %hen lo-e. more ri+h in matter than in 8or7s. It +annot +ounter-ail the eM+han*e o# Goy %hat one short minute *i-es me in her si*ht" . realit.hours 8ith sorro8 +hi7e us notC RO !O &men. 7au*hter. hea1en smile and not gi1e us sorrow later 5"@"3 whate1er sorrow comes outweigh if . unspoken we share. you shall not stay alone %ill . begging .o thou 4ut +lose our han7s 8ith holy 8or7s.oly 1hur+h in+orporate t8o in one" 4$he. otherwise he ga1e to much 5"@"5= scale great describe nearb. so li*ht is -anity" J()I!% 'oo7 e-en to my *hostly +on#essor" /RI&R Romeo shall thank thee. let's retire" %he 7ay is hot. +onsume" %he s8eetest honey Is loathsome in his o8n 7eli+iousness. amenC But +ome 8hat sorro8 +an.. wealth 5"@"35 work Guickl.So smile the hea-ens upon this holy a+t. +ome 8ith me. as they kiss. cannot Coin . else is his thanks too mu+h" 4kisses <omeo back? RO !O &h.7e-ourin* 7eath 7o 8hat he 7are" It is enou*h I may 4ut +all her mine" /RI&R %hese -iolent 7eli*hts ha-e -iolent en7s &n7 in their triumph 7ie. /or no8 these hot 7ays is the ma7 4loo7 stirrin*" ma. &n7 i# 8e meet 8e shall not 's+ape a 4ra8l. an7 let ri+h musi+'s= ton*ue (n#ol7 the ima*ine7 happiness that 4oth Re+ei-e in either 4y this 7ear en+ounter" J()I!% 1on+eit. Juliet. &n7 yet not #all. spiritual 5"@"55 5"@"53 @Fll return as much thanks. the 1apulets5 a4roa7. *oo7 er+utio.ere +omes the la7y" O. Whi+h. an7 that thy skill 4e more %o 4laKon it.ful earthl. pleasures 5"@"51 e1ening. exit? ACT 3. &n7 in the taste +on#oun7s the appetite" %here#ore lo-e mo7eratelyF lon* lo-e 7oth so" %oo s8i#t arri-es as tar7y as too slo8" 4HE*@=$ enters? . A=958*@8 : Ser1ants? B!$VO)IO I pray thee.our pardons.our speech re1eal. meeting 5"@"30 imagination.ou as late as those path 5"@"16 walk on spider+webs float. SCENE 1 4/ street) 6=<DE$@8. Bra*s o# his su4stan+e. 4y your lea-es.ouFll Cust Coin our hands Cust 5"@"9 at their peak.

two of . I'o7 sen7 me no nee7 o# theeCI an7 4y the operation o# the se+on7 +up. here +ome the 1apulets" !R1(%IO 3"1"36 By my heel. an7 as soon mo-e7 to 4e moo7y. thou 8ilt Auarrel 8ith a man that hath a hair more or a hair less in his 4ear7 than thou hast" %hou 8ilt Auarrel 8ith a man #or +ra+kin* nuts. ha-in* no other reason 4ut 4e+ause thou hast haKel eyes" What whose eye 4ut su+h an eye 8oul7 spy out su+h a AuarrelE . an7 yet thy hea7 hath 4een 4eaten as a77le as food. thou art as hot a Ga+k in thy moo7 as hot+tempered. seek %hy hea7 is as #ull o# Auarrels as an e** is #ull o# meat. 7ost thou make us minstrelsE ensemble. draws his sword on the barkeeper there is no nee7" B!$VO)IO 3"1"11 &m I like su+h a #ello8E !R1(%IO 3"1"15 1ome. look to if .our. an7 as soon moo7y to 4e mo-e7" angered B!$VO)IO 3"1"15 &n7 8hat toE !R1(%IO 4pretending he meant ItwoI? 3"1"1@ $ay. when the "nd drink takes effect 7ra8s it1 on the 7ra8er. *oo7 e'en" & 8or7 8ith one o# you" afternoon !R1(%IO 3"1"=0 &n7 4ut one 8or7 8ith one o# usE 1ouple it 8ith somethin*D make it a 8or7 an7 a 4lo8C something else %0B&)% 3"1"=5 0ou shall #in7 me apt enou*h to that. #or I 8ill speak to them" 4to Aen1olio : 6ercutio? 'entlemen. an7 there 8ere t8o su+h. musicians &n7 thou make minstrels o# us. thou +onsort'st 8ith Romeo— hang out with <omeo !R1(%IO 3"1"=6 1onsortC What. an7 you 8ill *i-e me o++asionC if. man any in Italy.simpleC O simpleC 4$>A/*$ : other Dapulets enter? B!$VO)IO 3"1"3@ By my hea7.our own reason %0B&)% 3"1"=@ er+utio.ou none shortly. 8e shoul7 ha-e oh no. a reason !R1(%IO 3"1"== 1oul7 you not take some o++asion 8ithout *i-in*E make . +ome.i7st thou not #all out 8ith a tailor #or 8earin* his Guarrel ne8 7ou4let 4e#ore !asterE With another #or tyin* Cacket his ne8 shoes 8ith ol7 ri44onE &n7 yet thou 8ilt shoelace tutor me #rom Auarrelin*E lecture B!$VO)IO 3"1"35 &n7 I 8ere so apt to Auarrel as thou art. I +are notC %0B&)% 3"1"3B 4to Dapulets? /ollo8 me +lose. 8hen in7ee7 him5. any man shoul7 if 4uy the #ee. scrambled an e** #or Auarrelin*" %hou hast Auarrele7 8ith a man #or +ou*hin* in the street 4e+ause he hath 8akene7 thy 7o* that hath lain asleep in the sun" . sir.simple o# my li#e #or an hour an7 a Auarter" ownership !R1(%IO 3"1"35 %he #ee.!R1(%IO 3"1"5 %hou art like one o# these5 #ello8s that 8hen he enters those1 the +on#ines o# a ta-ern +laps me his s8or7 upon the slams ta4le an7 says. #or one 8oul7 kill the other" %houE soon Why. happ. if.

4eat 7o8n their 8eaponsC 'entlemen. nothin* 4ut one o# your nine li-es that I mean to make 4ol7 8ithal. i# he 8ear your li-eryC arry. *oo7 1apulet. *o 4e#ore to #iel7. -ile su4missionC &lla sto++ato +arries it a8ayC 4draws his sword? %y4alt.sword0 m.oth mu+h eM+use the appertainin* ra*e %o su+h a *reetin*" Villain am I none" %here#ore #are8ell" I see thou kno8'st me not" %0B&)% Boy.ou learn care for my5 3"1"6= what a let the best fencer win filth. 8hi+h name I ten7er &s 7early as mine5 o8n. +onsortC B!$VO)IO We talk here in the pu4li+ haunt o# men" !ither 8ith7ra8 unto some pri-ate pla+e. or else mine will cut off . your passa7oC 4$he.our ears before .+at+her. follow . sir. 7ry. lest mine 4e a4out your ears ere it 4e outC %0B&)% I am #or you" 4draws his sword? RO !O 'entle er+utio. IC 4<86=8 enters? %0B&)% Well.ours is out @ am read.ere's that shall make you 7an+eC :oun7s. #or4ear this outra*eC %y4altC er+utioC %he 2rin+e eMpressly hath disagreementBdissonance . 7ishonora4le. sir" . manser1antFs uniform to a dueling field. awa. an7 as you shall use me herea#ter. Or else 7epartC . 4e satis#ie7" !R1(%IO O +alm. cat.ou deser1e for 3"1"@6 3"1"@9 imagine until .ere's my #i77lesti+kC .ere all eyes *aKe on us" !R1(%IO en's eyes 8ere ma7e to look. come here 3"1"6@ 3"1"66 beat if .our complaints 3"1"55 to please an. god 3"1"51 public streets calml. put thy rapier upC !R1(%IO 1ome.ou manser1ant 3"1"@1 hate1D @ ha1e so little lo1e for . sir. is this 3"1"@3 rage . But lo-e thee 4etter than thou +anst 7e-ise %ill thou shalt kno8 the reason o# my lo-e" &n7 so.4eat the rest o# the ei*htC Will you plu+k your s8or7 out o# his pil+her 4y the earsE ake haste. hurr. Ben-olio. 3"1"B@ best stroke 3"1"B6 disarm them stop . Or reason +ol7ly o# your *rie-an+es.ou all @ can sa. an7 let them *aKe" I 8ill not 4u7*e #or no man's pleasure. #or shame. he'll 4e your #ollo8erC 0our Worship in that sense may +all him ImanIC %0B&)% RomeoC %he lo-e5 I 4ear thee +an a##or7 $o 4etter term than thisD %hou art a -illainC RO !O %y4alt. the reason that I ha-e to lo-e thee .hear nothin* 4ut 7is+or7s" . discuss .one 3"1"56 3"1"5B damned. beat scabbard. fight? RO !O . 8ill you 8alkE %0B&)% What 8oul7st thou ha-e 8ith meE !R1(%IO 'oo7 Nin* o# 1ats.ou 3"1"B= 3"1"B5 sword. you rat. this shall not eM+use the inGuries %hat thou hast 7one me" %here#ore turn an7 7ra8C RO !O I 7o protest I ne-er inGure7 thee. for .ra8. pea+e 4e 8ith you.ou offend.ere +omes my man" !R1(%IO But I'll 4e han*e7.

risen to hea1en Whi+h too untimely here 7i7 s+orn the earth" soon. Or I shall #aint" & pla*ue o' 4oth your housesC %hey ha-e ma7e 8orms' meat o# me" I ha-e it. 'tis enou*h" Where is my pa*eE—'o. in triumphC &n7 er+utio slainC killed &8ay to hea-'n.ol7. #or er+utio's soul latel. respectful merc. done 4$. a -illain. 4ra-e er+utio's5 7ea7C %hat *allant spirit hath aspire7 the +lou7s. %y4altC 'oo7 er+utioC 4draws and tries to disarm them? 4$.balt stabs 6ercutio? >& 1&2()!% &8ay.our soul !ither thou. a +at. #et+h a sur*eonC 47age exits? ser1ant RO !O 3"1"99 1oura*e. swear your housesC :oun7s.our families. Is 4ut a little 8ay a4o-e our hea7s.balt : Dapulets exit? Is he *one an7 hath nothin*E without a scratch B!$VO)IO What.elp me into some house. close relati1e y -ery #rien7. a ro*ue. nor so 8i7e as a +hur+h 7oor. @F1e had it &n7 soun7ly too" 0our housesC thoroughl. must *o 8ith himC go with him to hea1en . take the I-illainI 4a+k a*ain that insult 3"1"130 %hat late thou *a-e'st me. fighting . %y4altC?< 3"1"95 !R1(%IO I am hurt" 3"1"93 & pla*ue o' 4oth >your?< housesC I am spe7" death to both . a s+rat+h" arry. Romeo. a 7o*. to damn s+rat+h a man to 7eathC & 4ra**art. Ben-olio. ay.eye71 #ury 4e my +on7u+t no8C— #ire an75. %y4alt. the 2rin+e's near ally. that #i*hts 4y the 4ook o# arithmeti+C Why the 7e-il +ame you 4et8een usE I 8as hurt un7er your armC RO !O 3"1"109 I thou*ht all #or the 4est" !R1(%IO 3"1"110 .ere +omes the #urious %y4alt 4a+k a*ainC 3"1"15@ RO !O 3"1"156 &li-e1. a mouse. or I. man. that an hour for . a s+rat+h. respe+ti-e lenity. an7 you shall #in7 me a *ra-e man" I am peppere7. or 4oth. 't8ill ser-e" &sk #or me tomorro8. 'tis not so 7eep as a 8ell. Stayin* #or thine to keep him +ompanyC waiting for . &n7 #ire. %hy 4eauty hath ma7e me e##eminate weak &n7 in my temper so#tene7 -alor's steelC B!$VO)IO 4re+enters? 3"1"151 O Romeo. hath *ot his mortal hurt5 fatal. I 8arrant. the hurt +annot 4e mu+h" !R1(%IO 3"1"100 $o. a rat.ath 4een my +ousinC O s8eet Juliet. 8oun71 In my 4ehal#" y reputation staine7 With %y4alt's slan7er" %y4alt. guide $o8. #or this 8orl7" & pla*ue o' 4oth finished. 4/ll exit but <omeo? RO !O 3"1"11= %his *entleman./or4i77en 4an7yin*5 in Verona streetsC this 4an7yin*5. lea1e RO !O 3"1"15= %his 7ay's 4la+k #ate on more 7ays 7oth 7epen7D will ha1e conseGuences %his 4ut 4e*ins the 8oe others5 must en7" 8hat other 7ays1 4$>A/*$ re+enters? B!$VO)IO . -illein. art thou hurtE 3"1"9@ !R1(%IO 3"1"96 &y. 4ut 'tis enou*h.

a8ayC RO !O O. as thou art true. fight) <omeo kills $. 4ut that he tilts thrusts With pier+in* steel at 4ol7 er+utio's 4reast. *o 8ith me" 3"1"1=6 I +har*e thee in the 2rin+e's name. temper 3"1"1@5 O# %y4alt. o4eyC 47<@9D= : /ttendants. a*ile1 arm 4eats 7o8n their #atal points. my +ousinC O my 4rother's +hil7C relati1e O 2rin+eC O +ousinC . 4ra-e er+utio" )&. un7erneath 8hose arm rushes between them &n en-ious thrust #rom %y4alt hit the li#e 1icious O# stout er+utio. +ousinC 2RI$1! 3"1"159 Ben-olio. a1oids I. I am /ortune's #oolC B!$VO)IO Why 7ost thou stayE 4<omeo exits? 3"1"135 kept compan. turns 7ea7ly point to point. sentence go awa. 4e *one. swords 3"1"165 &n7 't8iMt them rushes. 8hi+h 8ay ran heE B!$VO)IO 3"1"1=@ %here lies that %y4alt" 1I%I:!$ (p. an7 then %y4alt #le7. 8ith a martial s+orn. 4a7e< him 4ethink politel.%0B&)% %hou. 8hose 7eMterity skill Retorts it" Romeo he +ries alou7.o8 ni+e the Auarrel 8as. an7 ur*e7 8ithal tri1ial. and 8thers enter? 2RI$1! 3"1"1=9 Where are the -ile 4e*inners o# this #rayE fight B!$VO)IO 3"1"150 O no4le 2rin+e. that mur7erer..ouFd be angr. 4i75.thing 3"1"1=3 1I%I:!$ 4enter? 3"1"1== Whi+h 8ay ran he that kille7 er+utioE %y4alt. #rien7sC /rien7s. Who. with him here shall be with him from now on 3"1"136 3"1"13B people are coming. draws his sword &n7. that spoke him #air. 3"1"1=5 fateFs pla. bra1e But 4y an7 4y +omes 4a+k to Romeo. all as hot. %hat sle8 thy kinsman.balt? B!$VO)IO Romeo. 7ea# to pea+e. 8hom Romeo's han7 7i7 slay" Romeo. 0our hi*h 7ispleasure" &ll this utterJ7 reminded him . With *entle 4reath. on bent knee 1oul7 not take tru+e 8ith the unruly spleen calm down. Shalt 8ith him hen+eC RO !O %his shall 7etermine thatC 4$he. knees hum4ly 4o8e7. fair /or 4loo7 o# ours. here slain. 8ith one han7 4eats militar. *8<2 : */2> D/7E*=$.E=.us4an7C O. an7 %y4alt slain" Stan7 not amaKe7C %he 2rin+e 8ill 7oom thee 7eath I# thou art takenC . 8ret+he7 4oy. +alm look. 8ho 4e*an this 4loo7y #rayE B!$VO)IO 3"1"1@0 %y4alt. angr. she7 4loo7 o# onta*ueC take O +ousin. partCI an7 s8i#ter than his ton*ue . 1ol7 7eath asi7e an7 8ith the other sen7s defends against death 3"1"160 It 4a+k to %y4alt. I +an 7is+o-er all explain %he unlu+ky mana*e o# this #atal 4ra8l" details %here lies the man. a8ay. skill.0 1&2()!% 3"1"15= %y4alt. the 4loo7 is spilt O# my 7ear kinsmanC 2rin+e. 4e *oneC %he +itiKens are up. killed da-ed. that 7i7st +onsort him here. soon . knocks aside. to him. slain 4y youn* Romeo.en+e. *8<2 : */2> 689$/. reminded him .

%o8ar7s 2hoe4us' lo7*in*" Su+h a 8a*oner &s 2haeton 8oul7 8hip you to the 8est &n7 4rin* in +lou7y ni*ht imme7iately" Sprea7 thy +lose +urtain. hea1.suite7 matron all in 4la+k. +i-il ni*ht. close without being talked about lo1e making &n7 4y5D b. an7 Romeo )eap to these arms. 8hi+h thou. that hour is his lastC Bear hen+e this 4o7y an7 atten7 our 8ill" er+y 4ut mur7ers. on< 3"5"50 black faced I5 .o# an7 unseen" )o-ers +an see to 7o their amorous rites By= their o8n 4eauties" Or. 3"1"191 6ercutioFs 3"1"193 crime. lo1e 3"5"15 acted in foolish modest. come to hear more Cust causes more 3"5"1 fast. i# lo-e 4e 4lin7. #or. untalke7. dressed 3"5"11 teach. &n7 to't they *o like li*htnin*. 8hen he's #oun7. fluttering cloak. horse the sun godFs home. 3"1"505 carr. 3"1"500 regret bu. m. must *i-e" Romeo sle8 %y4alt" Romeo must not li-eC 2RI$1! Romeo sle8 himF he sle8 er+utio" Who no8 the pri+e o# his 7ear 4loo7 7oth o8eE O$%&'(!= $ot Romeo. . you ma. %hat runa8ays' eyes may 8ink.#oote7 stee7s. %hink true lo-e a+te7 simple mo7esty" 1ome. 8as stout %y4alt slain. then considered 3"1"1B0 before bold flee @ swear on m. !lse. ni*ht" 1ome. barbaric punish. out of this go #ault +on+lu7es 4ut 8hat the la8 shoul7 en7D %he li#e o# %y4alt" 2RI$1! &n7 #or that o##en+e Imme7iately 8e 7o eMile him hen+e" I ha-e an interest in your hate's1 pro+ee7in*D y 4loo7 #or your ru7e 4ra8ls 7oth lie a. SCENE 2 4Dapulet house) HE*@=$? J()I!% 'allop apa+e. lo-e. awa. or let Ben-olio 7ie" )&. an7 8hen he< shall 7ie. With thy 4la+k mantle till stran*e lo-e *ro8 4ol7. solemn somberl. It 4est a*rees 8ith ni*ht" 1ome.our wa.oo7 my unmanne7 4loo7.0 1&2()!% . life 3"1"1B5 lie feud onl. untamed.Who ha7 4ut ne8ly entertaine7 re-en*e. Romeo" 1ome thou 7ay in ni*ht" /or thou 8ilt lie upon the 8in*s o# ni*ht Whiter than ne8 sno8 upon5 a ra-en's 4a+k" 1ome *entle ni*ht" 1ome lo-in* 4la+k. par7onin* those that kill" 4/ll exit? ACT 3. losing this game our 1irginities co1er. %hou so4er. 2rin+e.4ro8e7 ni*ht" 'i-e me my Romeo. &n7 as he #ell 7i7 Romeo turn an7 #ly" %his is the truth.. dri1er the sun godFs sun 3"5"5 those horses e.4lee7in*" But I'll amer+e you 8ith so stron* a #ine %hat you shall all repent the loss o# mineC I1 8ill 4e 7ea# to plea7in* an7 eM+uses" $or tears nor prayers shall pur+hase out a4uses" %here#ore use noneC )et Romeo hen+e in haste. &n7 learn me ho8 to lose a 8innin* mat+h 2laye7 #or a pair o# stainless mai7enhoo7s" . win b.per#ormin* ni*ht. onl. sh. 2rin+e. onl.e is a kinsman to the onta*ue" &##e+tion makes him #alseF he speaks not trueC Some t8enty o# them #ou*ht in this 4la+k stri#e. 3"1"19@ banish him from 5erona hearts'5 relati1e. &n7 all those t8enty +oul7 4ut kill one li#e" I 4e* #or Gusti+e. ere I 1oul7 7ra8 to part them. the light of lo1e likes night best. 4atin* in my +heeks. he 8as er+utio's #rien7" .

bod. all 4e7au4e7 in 4loo7. here +omes my $urse. a 4loo7y piteous +orse.7artin* eye o# +o+katri+eC deadl. say IayI. the 4est #rien7 I ha7C O +ourteous %y4alt. new owner. eyesF ne'er look on li4ertyC Vile earth to earth resi*nC !n7 motion hereC m. long &s is the ni*ht 4e#ore some #esti-al 3"5"31 %o an impatient +hil7 that hath ne8 ro4es clothes &n7 may not 8ear them" O. 8era7ayC .self %han the 7eath. ay.. he's 7ea7. he's 7ea7C woe the da. occupied $ot yet enGoye7" So te7ious is this 7ay enCo.self 3"5"5= Or those eyes shut. I sa8 it 8ith mine eyes —'o7 sa-e the mark—here on his manly 4reast" . O. 8hat ne8sE What hast thou thereE %he +or7s 3"5"36 %hat Romeo 4i7 thee #et+hE $(RS! &y.e's 7ea7. funeral bed $(RS! 3"5"@6 O %y4alt. pale as ashes.od sa1e me & piteous are shut I# he 4e slain. an7 thou*h I am sol7. that make thee ans8er IayI" or if <omeoFs e. 3"5"=@ %hou*h hea-en +annot" O Romeo. &n7 she 4rin*s ne8s. earthl. 4reak at on+eC ruined heart %o prison. rest. la. %y4alt.e's *one.thical serpent I am not I i# there 4e su+h an IayI. $urse.e. a m. the +or7s" 3"5"=0 J()I!% 3"5"=1 &y me.ath Romeo slain himsel#E Say thou 4ut IayI Cust &n7 that 4are -o8el III shall poison more be more poisonous to m. RomeoC Who e-er 8oul7 ha-e thou*ht itE RomeoC J()I!% 3"5"=9 What 7e-il art thou that 7ost torment me thusE %his torture shoul7 4e roare7 in 7ismal hellC . an7 e-ery ton*ue that speaks But Romeo's name speaks hea-enly eloAuen+e" Cust 49E<S= enters with rope+ladder? $o8. honest *entlemanC %hat e-er I shoul7 li-e to see thee 7ea7C J()I!% 3"5"60 What storm is this that 4lo8s so +ontraryE much grief Is Romeo slau*htere7 an7 is %y4alt 7ea7E y 7earest +ousin. soun7 the *eneral 7oomC end of the world /or 8ho is li-in*.ed b. &n7 he 8ill make the #a+e o# hea-'n so #ine 3"5"55 %hat all the 8orl7 8ill 4e in lo-e 8ith ni*ht &n7 pay no 8orship to the *arish sun" gaud. e. or i# not. pitiful corpse 2ale. co1ered &ll in *ore. bod. 8hat ne8sE Why 7ost thou 8rin* thy han7sE $(RS! 3"5"=5 &h. he's 7ea7C J()I!% 3"5"=5 1an hea-en 4e so en-iousE 1icious $(RS! Romeo +an. on. life &n7 thou an7 Romeo press one hea-y 4ierC m. I ha-e 4ou*ht the mansion o# a lo-e called lo1e But not possesse7 it. la7y.. happiness $(RS! 3"5"5B I sa8 the 8oun7.. i# those t8o are *oneE $(RS! 3"5"65 . 8e are un7oneC ruined &la+k the 7ayC . InoIC Brie# soun7s 7etermine o# my 8eal or 8oeC those brief words. 7rea7#ul trumpet.4loo7" I s8oonJ7 at the si*ht" gor. my heartC 2oor 4ankrupt. m. We are un7one. an7 my 7earer lor7E husband %hen. @Fll no longer be m.%ake him an7 +ut him out in little stars. fainted J()I!% 3"5"@3 O. 4reak. he's kille7.

all 7issem4lers" &h. an honora4le -illainC O nature. $o #aith. an7 Romeo 4anishJ7" Romeo that kille7 him. -illain. all nau*ht. it 7i7.#eathere7 ra-enC Wol-ish. %hat mur7ere7 me" I 8oul7 #or*et it #ain. &n7 %y4alt's 7ea7. /or 'tis a throne 8here honor may 4e +ro8ne7 Sole monar+h o# the uni-ersal earthC O. ha-e man*le7 itE But. 3"5"150 3"5"155 wants compan. de1il such lo1el. 3"5"110 back into m.i7 e-er 7ra*on keep so #air a +a-eE Beauti#ul tyrant. worthless. that %y4alt 8oul7 ha-e slain. 8hat ton*ue shall smooth thy name When I. &ll #ors8orn. hi7 8ith a #lo8erin* #a+eC . 8hat ha7st thou to 7o in hell When thou 7i7st 4o8er the spirit o# a #ien7 In mortal para7ise o# su+h s8eet #leshE Was e-er 4ook +ontainin* su+h -ile matter So #airly 4oun7E O. or thy mother. nay. brand. of hea1enl. 8hen she sai7 I%y4alt's 7ea7. alas the 7ay. gladl.i7 Romeo's han7 she7 %y4alt's 4loo7E $(RS!1 It 7i7. But O.%y4alt is *one.I that one 8or7 I4anishJ7I . an7 Romeo"""4anishJ7"I %hat I4anishJ7. shame on <omeo 3"5"99 #a+e1 3"5"103 critici-e 3"5"105 3"5"10@ husband wh. these sorro8s make me ol7" Shame +ome to RomeoC J()I!% Blistere7 4e thy ton*ue /or su+h a 8ishC . human form was there e1er a with such a beautiful co1er 3"5"95 liars deceitful. 8hat a 4east 8as I to +hi7e at himC $(RS! Will you speak 8ell o# him that kille7 your +ousinE J()I!% Shall I speak ill o# him that is my hus4an7E &h. Whi+h mo7ern lamentation mi*ht ha-e mo-e7E banished from 5erona 3"5"66 J()I!%5 3"5"6B 3"5"69 disguised. that 7e+eit shoul7 78ell In su+h a *or*eous pala+eC $(RS! %here's no trust.ath slain ten thousan7 %y4alts" %y4alt's 7eath Was 8oe enou*h i# it ha7 en7e7 there" Or i# sour 8oe 7eli*hts in #ello8ship &n7 nee7ly 8ill 4e ranke7 8ith other *rie#s. thy three. beautiful wolf+like lamb realit. that 8oul7 ha-e slain my hus4an7" &ll this is +om#ort" Where#ore 8eep I thenE Some 8or7 there 8as.e 8as not 4orn to shameC (pon his 4ro85 shame is ashame7 to sit. #ien7 an*eli+alC . 8here's my manE 'i-e me some aAua -itae" %hese * stream of 3"5"115 wh. mistakin*. false ser1ant.I %hy #ather. lo1el. 7i7st thou kill my +ousinE %hat -illain +ousin 8oul7 ha-e kille7 my hus4an7" Ba+k. #oolish tears. 8here#ore. 8orser than %y4alt's 7eath. must be accompanied 3"5"130 a normal amount of sadness . e. he is 4anishJ7" J()I!% O 'o7C .hours 8i#e. Why #ollo8e7 not. appearance 7im5 3"5"B5 what were . these 8oes.ra-enin* lam4C . no honesty in men" &ll perGure7. poor my lor7. it presses to my memory )ike 7amnJ7 *uilty 7ee7s to sinners' min7s" I%y4alt is 7ea7.ou doing enclose. it 7i7C J()I!%1 O serpent heart. o##er up to Goy" y hus4an7 li-es.o-e. or 4oth. 4a+k to your nati-e sprin*C 0our tri4utary 7rops 4elon* to 8oe. Whi+h you.espisJ7 su4stan+e o# 7i-inest sho8C Just opposite to 8hat thou Gustly seem'st" & 7amnJ7= saint.

pick up that rope+ladder. sentence 3"3"10 short of 3"3"11 passed . those words IRomeo is 4anishJ7"I %o speak that 8or7 Is #ather.our 3"3"13 what . <86=8? /RI&R Romeo. not Romeo. u+h more than 7eathC . is like sa. 4ut 4o7y's 4anishment" RO !O . But pur*atory. 1irginit. thou #ear#ul man" &##li+tion is enamore7 o# thy parts.But 8ith a rear8ar7 #ollo8in* %y4alt's 7eath. say I7eathIC /or eMile hath more terror in his &ll slain.4e7. that night) F<@/<. +ome #orth" 1ome #orth. boundar. take my mai7enhea7C will take m. to your +ham4er" I'll #in7 Romeo hurr.eath. &n7 . your Romeo 8ill 4e here at ni*ht" listen I'll to him" .not laughing0 3"3"1@ awa. &n7 thou art 8e77e7 to +alamity" RO !O /ather. mother.e ma7e you #or a hi*h8ay to my 4e7. Where is5 my #ather an7 my mother. SCENE 3 4Dhurch.ou married to misfortune 3"3"= punishment wishes to meet me 3"3"6 news. Romeo. measure. #or Romeo's 4anishment" %ake up those +or7s" 2oor ropes.8i7o8e7" 1irgin. no limit. measurement.o not say I4anishmentIC /RI&R . 4hands her a ring? &n7 4i7 him +ome to take his last #are8ell" 4$he. exit? ACT 3. In that 8or7's 7eath" $o 8or7s +an that 8oe soun7" in the death that brings. 3"5"1=6 But I. 8hat ne8sE What is the 2rin+e's 7oomE What sorro8 +ra-es a+Auaintan+e at my han7 %hat I yet kno8 notE /RI&R %oo #amiliar Is my 7ear son 8ith su+h sour +ompany" I 4rin* thee ti7in*s o# the 2rin+e's 7oom" RO !O What less than 7ooms7ay is the 2rin+e's 7oomE /RI&R & *entler Gu7*ment -anishe7 #rom his lipsD $ot 4o7y's 7eath. a mai7.e is hi7 at )a8ren+e' +ell" go to J()I!% 3"5"155 O. will die a 1irgin widow 1ome. %y4alt. $urse. cheated Both you an7 I. express that woe $(RS! 3"5"139 Weepin* an7 8ailin* o-er %y4alt's +orse" corpse Will you *o to themE I 8ill 4rin* you thither" there J()I!% 3"5"1=1 Wash they his 8oun7s 8ith tearsE ine shall 4e spent used up When theirs are 7ry. $(RS! 3"5"151 . $urseE are1. #in7 himC 'i-e this rin* to my true kni*ht. all 7ea7C IRomeo is 4anishJ7CI 3"5"135 %here is no en7. #or the 8orl7 is 4roa7 an7 8i7e" RO !O %here is no 8orl7 8ithout Verona 8alls. +or7s" 1ome. hell itsel#C 3"3"1 come in suffering is in lo1e with .aC BanishmentE Be mer+i#ul. 7ie mai7en..ark ye. torture. bedroom %o +om#ort you" I 8ot 8ell 8here he is" know . 3"3"1B outside . you are 4e*uile7.en+e #rom Verona art thou 4anishJ7" Be patient. 4oun7. #or Romeo is eMile7" . I'll to my 8e77in*.

re-erse a 2rin+e's 7oom. and Huliet were . in lo1e like me .a7st thou no poison miMe7.#lies than Romeo" %hey my seiKe common flies. 4ut I #rom this must #ly" flee %hey are #ree men. more +ourtship li-es status..I therefore. no matter how dishonorable But I4anishJ7I to kill meE IBanishJ7IE other than O /riar. accompanies Bein* a 7i-ine. an7 e-ery +at an7 7o* &n7 little mouse.terme7" 1allin* 7eath I4anishJ7.* up philosophyC damn (nless philosophy +an make a Juliet.a4sol-er.*roun7 kni#e. brushed &n7 turne7 that 4la+k 8or7 I7eathI to I4anishment"I %his is 7ear mer+y. crime is punishable b.ou about .ea-'n is here Where Juliet li-es. %y4alt mur7erJ7.en+e I4anishJ7I is I4anish'7 #rom the 8orl7. %akin* thy part.I misnamed %hou +utt'st my hea7 o## 8ith a *ol7en aMe &n7 smile'st upon the stroke that mur7ers me" /RI&R 3"3"55 O 7ea7ly sinC O ru7e unthank#ulnessC %hy #ault our la8 +alls 7eath. Juliet thy lo-e. foolish. spiritual & sin. the 7amnJ7 use that 8or7 in hellC damned souls 3"3"50 .s. then I see that ma7men1 ha-e no ears" RO !O 3"3"@5 .our lo1e &n hour 4ut marrie7.our situation RO !O 3"3"@6 %hou +anst not speak o# that5 thou 7ost not #eelC 8hat1 Wert thou as youn* as I. one who calls himself m. a *hostly +on#essor. hear me 4ut speak a 8or71" then5. priest. kisses to each other a But Romeo may notF he is 4anishJ7" /lies may 7o this.. %o +om#ort thee. courtliness In +arrion.isplant a to8n. )i-e here in hea-en an7 may look on her.o8lin* atten7s itC . /RI&R 3"3"@@ )et me 7ispute 8ith thee o# thy estate" reason with . a little speak5 RO !O 3"3"5@ O. sentence It helps not. 4ut the kin7 2rin+e. $o su77en mean o# 7eath. an7 my #rien7 pro#esse7.o8 shoul7 they 8hen that 8ise men ha-e no eyesE wh. thou*h thou art 4anishJ7" RO !O 3"3"@0 0et I4anishJ7IE . an7 not mer+yC . no sharp.o8 hast thou the heart. But Romeo may not" ore -ali7ity. kisses1 Who e-en in pure an7 -estal mo7esty 1irginal 3"3"=0 Still 4lush. friend %o man*le me 8ith that 8or7 I4anishJ7IE tear me apart /RI&R 3"3"55 %hou1 #on7 ma7man. it pre-ails notC %alk no moreC it has no power /RI&R 3"3"@= O. 1alue 3"3"35 ore honora4le state. e-ery un8orthy thin*. mo1e.our side. as thinkin* their o8n kisses sin" alwa. an7 thou see'st it not" RO !O 3"3"31 '%is torture. thou 8ilt speak a*ain o# 4anishment" /RI&R 3"3"56 I'll *i-e thee armor to keep o## that 8or7D protection &7-ersity's s8eet milk. . thou*h ne'er so mean. land On the 8hite 8on7er o# 7ear Juliet's han7 &n7 steal immortal 4lessin*5 #rom her lips. hath rushe7 asi7e the la8 taking . an7 like me 4anishJ7. means &n7 8orl7's eMile is 7eathC %hen I4anishJ7I exile from the world means Is 7eath mis. hea1enl. .otin* like me. 4ut I am 4anishJ7" &n7 say'st thou yet that eMile is not 7eathE 3"3"=5 .

an7 you shall kno8 my erran7" 3"3"B5 I +ome #rom )a7y Juliet" /RI&R 4opens door? Wel+ome thenC 3"3"B6 $(RS! 4enters? 3"3"BB O . rise an7 stan7C Why shoul7 you #all into so 7eep an OE groaning RO !O 3"3"99 $urseC $(RS! &h sir. I +omeC Who kno+ks so har7E When+e +ome youE What's your 8illE from where. en#ol7 me #rom the sear+h o# eyes" hides me in its mist 4Mnocking? /RI&R 3"3"6B . . name 3"3"111 Shot #rom the 7ea7ly le-el o# a *un. Cust a minute What simpleness is thisC foolishness 4Mnocking? —I +ome. then mi*htst thou tear thy hair tear out &n7 #all upon the *roun7. she lies the same wa. $(RS! 4outside? what do .like. pitiful. 8ith his o8n tears ma7e 7runk" $(RS! 3"3"95 O. bod. 8eepin* an7 4lu44erin*" 4to <omeo? Stan7 up. tell me. 4ut 8eeps an7 8eeps.oly /riar. in the same condition as Huliet Just in her +aseC O 8oe#ul sympathyC same condition 2iteous pre7i+amentC !-en so lies she. m. stan7 upC Stan7. calls out I$. brokenhearted groans ist.ark. about &n7 then 7o8n #alls a*ain" RO !O &s i# that name. arise. Where is1 my la7y's lor7E Where's RomeoE 8here's5. ho8 they kno+kC—Who's thereE—Romeo. ah sirC .eath's the en7 o# all" all of us 3"3"100 RO !O 3"3"101 Spake'st thou o# JulietE . tell me.oly /riar. In 8hat -ile part o# this anatomy m. /riar. as I 7o no8. an7 then on Romeo +ries. an7 then starts up. wait a minute Run to my stu7yC 4Mnocking? —By an7 4yC—'o7's 8ill.oth my name lo7*e5E %ell me. aim . &n7 no8 #alls on her 4e7. sir. &n7 I%y4altI +alls. as that name's +ursJ7 han7 ur7ere7 her kinsmanC O. he is e-en in my mistress' +ase.ol7 thy 7esperate han7C 3"3"11B . . 49E<S= knocks at door? /RI&R 3"3"65 &rise" One kno+ks" 'oo7 Romeo. %hou 8ilt 4e takenC 4Mnocking? —Stay a8hileC—Stan7 up. m. #or her sake. $o8 I ha-e staine7 the +hil7hoo7 o# our Goy ruined the beginning With 4loo7 remo-e7 4ut little #rom her o8nE of her close relati1e Where is sheE &n7 ho8 7oth sheE &n7 8hat says y +on+eale7 la7y to our +an+elle7 lo-eE secret bride about $(RS! 3"3"106 O. husband /RI&R 3"3"90 %here on the *roun7. %akin* the measure o# an unma7e *ra-e" measurement of m.oth she not think me an ol7 mur7erer. O. pillage %he hate#ul mansionC 4tries to stab himself? hated place /RI&R .%hen mi*htst thou speak. hi7e thysel#" RO !O 3"3"6@ $ot I. that I may sa+k lie1D li1e.o8 is it 8ith herE . unless the 4reath o# heartsi+k *roans. she says nothin*.i7 mur7er1 her.baltI. Blu44erin* an7 8eepin*.ou want )et me +ome in. an7 you 4e a manC if /or Juliet's sake. tell me.

3"3"130 In thee at on+e.our life By 7oin* 7amnJ7 hate upon thysel#E committing suicide Why rail'st thou on thy 4irth. take hee7. 8hat learnin* isC ad1ice. gunpowder. what looks like a man &n7 ill.ou are fortunate But thou sle8'st %y4alt" %here are thou happyC .i*ressin* #rom the -alor o# a manF lacking the courage %hy 7ear lo-e s8orn 4ut hollo8 perGury.o so.ast thou slain %y4altC Wilt thou slay thysel#E so . urge e1er. figure 3"3"13@ ..&rt thou a manE %hy #orm +ries out thou artC . I'll tell my la7y you 8ill +omeC RO !O 3"3"165 . bod. Whi+h hea-y sorro8 makes them apt unto" read. mone. thy 8it" impro1e. Sin+e 4irth an7 hea-'n an7 earth. sir" 4hands him the ring? .lender. #ie. make haste.appiness +ourts thee in her 4est arrayF good fortune. the hea-'n an7 earth.ere. a4oun7'st in all. 3"3"1=0 isshapen in the +on7u+t o# them 4oth. sir. go on But look thou stay not till the 8at+h 4e set. like a mis4eha-e71 an7 sullen 8en+h. clothes But. families Be* par7on o# the 2rin+e.4eseemin* 4east in seemin* 4othC unnatural. soul..ouF1e killed $. regards &n7 4i7 her hasten all the house to 4e7. scold me $(RS! 3"3"163 .one to bed earl. bod. for looking like both %hou hast amaKe7 meC By my holy or7er.ou . improper. m. unskilled. *et thee to thy lo-e. a rin* she 4i7 me *i-e you.. thou shame'st thy shape. like a usurer. I thou*ht thy 7isposition 4etter tempere7" character. weapon What. lea1e Where thou shalt li-e till 8e +an #in7 a time find the right time 3"3"1@0 %o 4laKe your marria*e. as 8as 7e+ree7. lie Nillin* that lo-e 8hi+h thou hast -o8e7 to +herishF %hy 8it. such people 'o. ahead. mind %hy no4le shape is 4ut a #orm o# 8aM. . cheer up 3"3"1=5 /or 8hose 7ear sake thou 8ert1 4ut lately 7ea7" 8ast5D Cust now wished to be dead %here art thou happyC %y4alt 8oul7 kill thee. powder+horn Is set a#ire 4y thine o8n i*noran+e. be sure. bod.ou planned 3"3"15@ &s+en7 her +ham4er" . bod. I +oul7 ha-e staye7 here all the ni*ht %o hear *oo7 +ounsel" O. sulking girl %hou pouts< upon1 thy #ortune an7 thy lo-e" #ro8nst1 %ake hee7. to do Romeo is +omin*" $(RS! 3"3"1@9 O )or7.ouF1e sworn is Cust an empt. possessions &n7 usest none in that true use in7ee7 for their proper purpose Whi+h shoul7 4e7e+k thy shape. balanced 3"3"155 . /or then thou +anst not pass to antua. . mind. night guards go on dut. $urse" 1ommen7 me to thy la7y. thy lo-e. . thy lo-e. #or it *ro8s -ery lateC 4exits? hurr. blessings are on . . disgrace. an7 4i7 my s8eet prepare to +hi7e" sweetheart. rouse thee. complain. #or su+h 7ie misera4le" be careful. thy 8it.ou are fortunate %he la8 that threatene7 7eath 4e+omes thy #rien7 &n7 turns it to eMile" %here art thou happyC . bod. that ornament to shape an7 lo-e.ou are %hy tears are 8omanish.ou look like . an7 +all thee 4a+k With t8enty hun7re7 thousan7 times more Goy %han thou 8ent'st #orth in lamentation" sorrow 3"3"1@= 4to 9urse? 'o 4e#ore. education 4to <omeo? y lor7. surrounded.ou are fortunate 3"3"150 & pa+k o# 4lessin*s li*hts up upon thy 4a+kF man.en+e an7 +om#ort her" climb into her bedroom. wife who is one with . mistaken in the guidance )ike po87er in a skilless sol7ier's #lask. all three 7o meet soul. mind Whi+h.balt &n7 slay thy la7y that in thy li#e li-es1. bod. announce. 8hi+h thou at on+e 8oul7st loseE /ie. thy 8il7 a+ts 7enote1 seem like %he unreasona4le #ury o# a 4eastC (nseemly 8oman in a seemin* man. manC %hy Juliet is ali-e. re+on+ile your #rien7s. &n7 thou 7ismem4ere7 8ith thine o8n 7e#enseC blown apart.

so unlu+kily %hat 8e ha-e ha7 no time to mo-e our 7au*hter" )ook you. &+Auaint her here o# my son 2aris' lo-e. times5 gi1e m.. i# 8e re-el mu+h" %here#ore 8e'll ha-e some hal# a 7oKen #rien7s. &n7 there an en7" But 8hat say you to %hurs7ayE 2&RIS y lor7. &n7 he shall si*ni#y #rom time to time !-ery *oo7 hap to you that +han+es here" 'i-e me thy han7" '%is late" /are8ell" 'oo7 ni*ht" RO !O But that a Goy past Goy +alls out on me.. son+in+law are . she lo-e7 her kinsman %y4alt 7early.o you like this hasteE We'll keep5 no *reat a7o. 8e 8ere 4orn to 7ie" '%is -ery late" She'll not +ome 7o8n toni*ht" I promise you.a. regards 3"="11 @Fll know what she thinks closed off in her sorrow 3"="13 bold offer before tell.4e7 an hour a*o" 2&RIS %hese times o# 8oe a##or7 no time1 to 8oo" a7am. thought little of him celebrate thatFs all 3"="35 wish 3"="33 before . /or hark you. 3"3"165 spirit 3"3"16@ all depends on this night guards go on dut. find . *o you to her ere you *o to 4e7. ha" Well. It 8ere a *rie#. be. We7nes7ay is too soon" O' %hurs7ay let it 4e" 4to her? O' %hurs7ay. *oo7 ni*ht.ou in such hurr.o8 8ell my +om#ort is re-i-e7 4y thisC /RI&R 'o hen+e. 3"="1 persuade come down from her room if not in bed 3"="B allow. an7 kno8 her min7 early tomorro8" %oni*ht she's me8e7 up to her hea-iness" 1&2()!% Sir 2aris.s that calls me awa. Bein* our kinsman. It may 4e thou*ht 8e hel7 him +arelessly. I 8oul7 that %hurs7ay 8ere tomorro8C 1&2()!% Well *et you *one" O' %hurs7ay 4e it. a #rien7 or t8o. She shall 4e marrie7 to this no4le earlC 4to him? Will you 4e rea7yE . I 8ill make a 7esperate ten7er O# my +hil7's lo-e" I think she 8ill 4e1 rule7 In all respe+ts 4y me" $ay. &n7 so 7i7 I" Well. sir.our ser1ant bring messages all good news. thenC 4to her? 'o you to Juliet ere you *o to 4e7. 4ut #or your +ompany. 7/<@S? 1&2()!% %hin*s ha-e #allen out. my lor7" 1&2()!% on7ayC .ond Co.not laughing0 appro1e. recentl. I 8oul7 ha-e 4een a. b. %y4alt 4ein* slain so late. exit? ACT 3. it would be sad to lea1e . an7 here stan7s all your stateD !ither 4e *one 4e#ore the 8at+h 4e set Or 4y the 4reak o# 7ay 7is*uise73 #rom hen+e" SoGourn in antua" I'll #in7 out your man. happens 3"3"1B= if it werenFt for a Co. SCENE 4 4Dapulet house) *8<2 : */2> D/7E*=$. tell her. &n7 4i7 her—mark you meE—on We7nes7ay neMt— But so#t. speed make1D not ha1e a big affair listen.0 1&2()!% I 8ill. 8hat 7ay is thisE 2&RIS on7ay. dawn lea1e in disguise sta. more. so 4rie# to part 8ith thee" /are8ell" 4$he.ou listening wait 3"="51 3"="55 ah . I 7ou4t it not" Wi#e. *oo7 ni*ht" 1ommen7 me to your 7au*hter" )&.RO !O .

awa. it is so -ery late that 8e ay +all it early 4y an7 4y" 'oo7 ni*ht" 4$he.untin* thee hen+e 8ith hunt's. exit? ACT 3. Strainin* harsh 7is+or7s an7 unpleasin* sharps" Some say the lark makes s8eet 7i-ision" %his 7oth not so.o8 is't.ou. music separates 3"5"30 ugl. 4e *one. 3"5"15 yon75D that 3"5"16 captured if that gre. morning call 3"5"3@ the lighter it grows the darker our woes 3"5"36 3"5"3B 3"5"39 room . an7 not the lark.tops" I must 4e *one an7 li-e. 8hat en-ious streaks . Sin+e arm #rom arm that -oi+e 7oth us a##ray. it 8as the ni*htin*ale" RO !O It 8as the lark. it isC . %hat pier+e7 the #ear#ul hollo8 o# thine ear" $i*htly she sin*s on yon1 pome*ranate tree" Belie-e me. my lor7" 4to Ser1ant? )i*ht to my +ham4er.o la+e the se-erin* +lou7s in yon7er east" $i*ht's +an7les are 4urnt out. lo-e. . lo1e 3"5"5@ hurr. 8i#e. #or she 7i-i7eth usC Some say the lark an7 loathJ7 toa7 +han*e7< eyes" O. the heral7 o# the morn.. exchanged from each otherFs arms. no8 I 8oul7 they ha7 +han*e7 -oi+es too. awa. more 7ark an7 7ark our 8oesC $(RS! 4enters? a7amC J()I!% $urseE $(RS! 0our la7y mother is +omin* to your +ham4erC for bring lights. soon 3"5"1 . so thou 8ilt ha-e it so" I'll say yon *rey is not the mornin*'s eyeF '%is 4ut the pale re#leM o# 1ynthia's 4ro8" $or that is not the lark. m. lo-e. my soulE )et's talk" It is not 7ay" J()I!% 4reali-ing it is late? It is. an7 Go+un7 7ay Stan7s tiptoe on the misty mountain. an7 8el+omeF Juliet 8ills it soC . %o 4e to thee this ni*ht a tor+h4earer &n7 li*ht thee on thy 8ay to antua" %here#ore stay yet" %hou nee7'st not to 4e *one" RO !O )et me 4e ta'enF let me 4e put to 7eath" I am +ontent. light reflection of the moonFs face song rises to 3"5"55 desire. $o ni*htin*ale" )ook. hoC 4to him? &#ore me. I kno8 it.ou heard yon75D that 3"5"@ streaks of light pierce the clouds stars. tear us chasing. 8hose notes 7o 4eat %he -aulty hea-'n so hi*h a4o-e our hea7s" I ha-e more +are to stay than 8ill to *o" 1ome 7eath.. I" It is some meteor that the sun eMhale7<. SCENE 5 4HulietFs bedroom. +han*e5D exchanged wish. willpower wishes how are .ie hen+e.2repare her. a8ayC It is the lark that sin*s so out o# tune. room oh m. Coll. or stay an7 7ie" J()I!% 0on1 li*ht is not 7ayli*ht. no8 4e *oneC ore li*ht an7 li*ht it *ro8s" RO !O ore li*ht an7 li*ht. a*ainst this 8e77in* 7ay" 4to him? /are8ell.up to the 7ay" O. dawn) <86=8 : HE*@=$? J()I!% Wilt thou 4e *oneE It is not yet near 7ay" It 8as the ni*htin*ale.

0 1&2()!% 3"5"6B So shall you #eel the loss. lo-e.ou J()I!% a7am. careful.%he 7ay is 4roke" Be 8ary" )ook a4outC 4exits? itFs da.7i-inin* soulC bad feeling ethinks I see thee. 4ut not the #rien7 but $. watch out J()I!% 3"5"=1 %hen. let 7ay in.0 1&2()!% 4off+stage? . or up so earlyE still awake What una++ustome7 +ause pro+ures her hitherE unusual e1ent brings. farewell J()I!% 3"5"@0 O /ortune..balt whom . lor7. or thou look'st pale" mine1 RO !O 3"5"5B &n7 trust me. a7ieuC 4exits? I am not 8ell" 3"5"60 )&. so lo85 &s one 7ea7 in the 4ottom o# a tom4" !ither my5 eyesi*ht #ails. to thee" to send J()I!% 3"5"51 O think'st thou 8e shall e-er meet a*ainE RO !O 3"5"55 I 7ou4t it not. old !re I a*ain 4ehol7 my RomeoC before. 4y this +ount I shall 4e mu+h in years 1er. lo-e. I ha-e an ill. the loss so much 3"5"B0 I +annot +hoose 4ut e-er 8eep the #rien7" for the )&.0 1&2()!% 3"5"B5 Well. 7au*hter.our mind I# thou art #i+kle.o. ay. 8ilt thou 8ash him #rom his *ra-e 8ith tearsE &n7 i# thou +oul7st. 8hat 7ost thou 8ith him what do . thou 8eep'st not so mu+h #or his 7eath. drains. *irl.0 1&2()!% 3"5"61 !-ermore 8eepin* #or your +ousin's 7eathE still What. here )&. an7 I'll 7es+en7" 4goes down? J()I!% 3"5"=3 &rt thou *one soE )o-e. an7 all these 8oes shall ser-e of these woes weFll /or s8eet 7is+ourses in our time 5 to +ome" times5D talk and laugh .0 1&2()!% 4enters? 3"5"@9 Why. &s that the -illain li-es 8hi+h slau*htere7 him" as because that 1illain J()I!% 3"5"B= . /ortuneC &ll men +all thee #i+kle" Guick to change . see RO !O 3"5"=B /are8ellC I 8ill omit no opportunity miss no chance %hat may +on-ey my *reetin*s. But sen7 him 4a+kC )&. stop cr. an7 let li#e outC RO !O 3"5"=5 /are8ell. well known for faithfulness /or then I hope thou 8ilt not keep him lon*.ou want with him %hat is reno8ne7 #or #aithE Be #i+kle.break. #are8ellC One kiss. #rien7C I must hear #rom thee e-ery 7ay in the hour.ears from now 1 J()I!% 3"5"5= O 'o7. thou +oul7st not make him li-e" %here#ore.ou Whi+h you 8eep #or" weep for cannot feel J()I!% /eelin* so the loss. @ think. ho8 no8. 8in7o8. hour /or in a minute there are many 7ays" O. hus4an7. /ortune. no8 thou art 4elo81. and e1er. JulietE how are . in my eye so 7o you" . ha-e 7one" Some *rie# sho8s mu+h o# lo-e. are you upE 3"5"@5 J()I!% 3"5"@@ Who is't that +allsE It is my la7y mother" Is she not 7o8n so late.ry sorro8 7rinks our 4loo7" &7ieu. a little But mu+h o# *rie# sho8s still some 8ant o# 8it" foolishness J()I!% 3"5"66 0et let me 8eep #or su+h a #eelin* loss" deep )&.

tell my lor7 an7 #ather. %he 1ounty 2aris. I 4esee+h your la7yshipE )&.ou . I 8oul7 temper it.0 1&2()!% We 8ill ha-e -en*ean+e #or it. nor I looke7 not #or" J()I!% a7am. Soon sleep in Auiet" O. Shall happily make thee there a Goy#ul 4ri7eC J()I!% $o8.our sorrow has arranged expected 3"5"11@ good 3"5"116 well.e shall not make me there a Goy#ul 4ri7eC I 8on7er at this haste. One 8ho. #rom the rea+h o# these my han7s" Woul7 none 4ut I mi*ht -en*e my +ousin's 7eathC )&. 8hom you kno8 I hate. i# you +oul7 #in7 out 4ut a man %o 4ear a poison.0 1&2()!% arry. %he *allant. ma7am.0 1&2()!% Well.What -illain ma7amE )&. ma7am.ond @ wish @ alone. ho8 my heart a4hors %o hear him name7 an7 +annot +ome to him %o 8reak the lo-e I 4ore my +ousin (pon his 4o7y that hath slau*htere7 himC )&. I 8ill not marry yetC &n7. upon re+eipt thereo#. Rather than 2aris" %hese are ne8s in7ee7C )&. strange drink . . &n7 see ho8 he 8ill take it at your han7s" 3"5"B5 3"5"B@ heFs miles from being a 1illain anger me B m. *irlC J()I!% &n7 Goy +omes 8ell in su+h a nee7y time" What are they. #ear thou notC %hen 8eep no more" I'll sen7 to one in antua. Where that same 4anish'7 runa*ate 7oth li-e. 8hen I 7o. an7 I'll #in7 su+h a man" But no8 I'll tell thee Goy#ul ti7in*s.0 1&2()!% /in7 thou the means. I s8ear. my +hil7. a1enge 3"5"95 send a message to someone fugiti1e who will.poison0 3"5"9B cousin dead B husband exiled find such a man carr.0 1&2()!% %hat is 4e+ause the traitor mur7'rer li-es" J()I!% &y. I hope. at Saint 2eter's 1hur+h. mix B dilute recei1ing it die B sleep. held for 3"5"10B poison news 3"5"110 3"5"115 caring end . 8ith all my heart" &n7 yet no man like he 7oth *rie-e my heart" )&.ere +omes your #ather" %ell him so yoursel#. +hil7. morning Dount 3"5"151 am shocked before 3"5"159 take it from .ath sorte7 out a su77en 7ay o# Goy %hat thou eMpe+ts not. hates 3"5"105 a1enge B gi1e.0 1&2()!% %hat same -illain Romeo" J()I!% 4aside? Villain an7 he 4e many miles asun7er" 4to her? 'o7 par7on him=" I 7o. that I must 8e7 !re he that shoul7 4e hus4an7 +omes to 8ooC I pray you. to put thee #rom thy hea-iness. I ne-er shall 4e satis#ie7 With Romeo till I 4ehol7 him"""7ea7""" Is my poor heart so #or a kinsman -eMe7" a7am. thou hast a +are#ul #ather. 8ell. It shall 4e Romeo. youn* an7 no4le *entleman. heart miss 3"5"B9 3"5"90 be. in happy timeC What 7ay is thatE )&.0 1&2()!% . %hat Romeo shoul7. . early neMt %hurs7ay morn. Shall *i-e him su+h an una++ustome7 7ram %hat he shall soon keep %y4alt +ompany" &n7 then. 4y Saint 2eter's 1hur+h an7 2eter too. the. thou 8ilt 4e satis#ie7" J()I!% In7ee7.

*irlE What. good+for+nothing coward shame on .. 8i#eC . a +on7uit. 4ut she 8ill noneF she *i-es you thanks" I 8oul7 the #ool 8ere marrie7 to her *ra-eC 1&2()!% So#t. But #or the sunset o# my 4rother's son It rains 7o8nri*ht" .4D/7E*=$ : 9E<S= enter? 1&2()!% When the sun sets.ou 3"5"1@3 3"5"1@= 3"5"1@@ damn. Or ne-er a#ter look me in the #a+eC Speak not.a-e you 7eli-ere7 to her our 7e+reeE )&. I 4esee+h you on my knees. 4ut thank#ul that you ha-e" 2rou7 +an I ne-er 4e o# 8hat I hate. ra*in* 8ith thy tears an7 they 8ith them. 8hi+h I may +all the sea.oth she not *i-e us thanksE Is she not prou7E . a sea. . capsi-e storm+tossed told her our decision 3"5"1== sheFll ha1e none of it wish 3"5"1=@ wait. to rate her soC 1&2()!% &n7 8hy. youn* 4a**a*eC . But thank#ul e-en #or hate that is meant lo-e" 1&2()!% . sir. *oC $(RS! I speak no treason— 3"5"131 death whatFs this. old ladies 3"5"1B0 nothing dislo. a 8in7. But #ettle your #ine Goints '*ainst %hurs7ay neMt %o *o 8ith 2aris to Saint 2eter's 1hur+h.o8 no8. /or still thy eyes. consider herself blessed arranged 4ri7e5D make her a bride 3"5"151 @Fm not happ.ear me 8ith patien+e 4ut to speak a 8or7" 1&2()!% . my lor7. you *reen. 8ill o-erset %hy tempest. no85. . gossip. Without a su77en +alm. prepare .o8C Will she noneE . 7o not ans8er meC y #in*ers it+hC—Wi#e. Guibbling spoiled +arrionC Out.o8 no8. fountain still 3"5"135 imitate. . &n7 that 8e ha-e a +urse in ha-in* her" Out on her.0 1&2()!% /ie.iso4e7ient 8ret+hC I tell thee 8hatD *et thee to +hur+h o' %hurs7ay.o e44 an7 #lo8 8ith tears" %he 4ark thy 4o7y is.tossJ7 4o7y"—. that but @Fm. hil7in*C $(RS! 'o7 in hea-'n 4less herC 0ou are to 4lame. are you ma7E J()I!% 'oo7 #ather. 8e s+ar+e thou*ht us 4lest %hat 'o7 ha7 lent us 4ut this only* thee. explain this to me ha1e none of it happ. . thy si*hs. worthless creature 3"5"16@ scold 3"5"16B 6iss Mnow+@t+/ll. ho85E 1hoppe7 lo*i+E What is thisE I2rou7I an7 II thank youI an7 II thank you notI &n7 yet Inot prou7IE istress minion you. 'oo7 2ru7en+eC Smatter 8ith your *ossips. nor prou7 me no prou7s.oth she not +ount her 4lest. %hank me no thankin*s. ho85.our fine self for cart. still in tearsE !-ermore sho8erin*E In one little 4o7y %hou +ounter#eits a 4ark. chatter.ol7 your ton*ue. good+for+nothing look at me shut up. take me 8ith you. the air 7oth 7riKKle 7e8. donFt talk back @Fll hit . reply not. 8i#e" .0 1&2()!% &y. thought oursel1es blest gi1en 3"5"165 damn her. that 8e ha-e 8rou*ht So 8orthy a *entleman to 4e her 4ri7e*room5E J()I!% $ot prou7 you ha-e.o8.#a+eC )&. 3"5"1=0 unless thereFs. boat bod. Sailin* in this salt #loo7" %he 8in7s. my )a7y Wis7omE . take me 8ith you. Who. But no8 I see this one is one too mu+h. (n8orthy as she is. you 4a**a*eC 0ou tallo8.ou. #ie" What. Or I 8ill 7ra* thee on a hur7le thitherC Out. there 3"5"1@0 rotten thing.ou meant for me to 3"5"15= no85.

all @ think about is getting her married 3"5"191 IdiJmKinsI: estates. #or I ha-e 7one 8ith thee" 4exits? J()I!% O 'o7C O $urse. ala+k.ou can bet the world claim heFll ha1e to do it in secret so.ast thou not a 8or7 o# GoyE Some +om#ort. +ast me not a8ayC . in +ompany.ouFre m. +ounsel meC &la+k.our gossip circle upset 3"5"1B@ 3"5"1B6 damn it season. still my +are hath 4een %o ha-e her mat+he7" &n7 ha-in* no8 pro-i7e7 & *entleman o# no4le parenta*e. I'll ne'er a+kno8le7*e theeC $or 8hat is mine shall ne-er 7o thee *oo7C %rust to't" Bethink you" I'll not 4e #ors8ornC 4exits? J()I!% Is there no pity sittin* in the +lou7s %hat sees into the 4ottom o# my *rie#E— O.ou get an. marriage 1ow sworn can @ marr.ouFre not 3"5"50= . I am too youn*. 8ork.+lout to him" &n ea*le. Or i# he 7o. 4y my soul. . so Aui+k. O# #air 7emesnes. it nee7s must 4e 4y stealth" %hen. daughter will . /or here 8e nee7 it notC )&. here it is" Romeo is 4anishe7. I'll *i-e you to my #rien7" I#1 you 4e not. person 3"5"555 . $urse" $(RS! /aith. 8ith honora4le parts. make the 4ri7al 4e7 In that 7im monument 8here %y4alt lies" )&. ma7am. s8eet my mother. one could whimpering doll. I think it 4est you marrie7 8ith the 1ounty" O. &lone. 2roportione7 as one's thou*ht 8oul7 8ish a manF &n7 then to ha-e a 8ret+he7 pulin* #ool.ath not so *reen. #or I'll not speak a 8or7" . an7 all the 8orl7 to nothin* %hat he 7ares ne'er +ome 4a+k to +hallen*e you. youth#ul. play. Gualities handsome.ay. you shall not house 8ith meC )ook to't" %hink on't" I 7o not use to GestC %hurs7ay is near" )ay han7 on heart" &7-ise" I#1 you 4e mine.1&2()!% O. ho8 shall this 4e pre-ente7E y hus4an7 is on in the streetsC /or.ou as m. ni*ht. 'o7 'i' *oo7 e'enC $(RS! ay not one speakE 1&2()!% 2ea+e.ou will 3"5"51@ ali1e. take back m.o as thou 8ilt. at work with. you mum4lin* #oolC (tter your *ra-ity o'er a *ossip's1 4o8l. daughter an75. hour. in her #ortune's ten7er. he's a lo-ely *entlemanC Romeo's a 7ish. I'll Ipar7onI youD 'raKe 8here you 8ill. consider it an75.o8 shall that #aith return a*ain to earth (nless that hus4an7 sen7 it me #rom hea-en By lea-in* earthE 1om#ort me.elay this marria*e #or a monthC & 8eekC Or i# you 7o not. recei1ing good fortune 3"5"196 an75 3"5"199 go eat. so #air an eye get on with . in this house Coke look in . han*C Be*C Star-eC . ad1ise 3"5"550 set traps weak. ti7e. as they say.0 1&2()!% %alk not to me.ou 3"5"1B1 3"5"1B5 3"5"1B3 wisdom in . again d. if . & 8hinin* mammet.our. if .thing from me think on it. the wa. that hea-'n shoul7 pra+ti+e strata*ems (pon so so#t a su4Ge+t as mysel#C What say'st thouE .0 1&2()!% 0ou are too hotC 1&2()!% 'o7's 4rea7C It makes me ma7C . words 3"5"50B in hea1en depth donFt send me awa. well connected L traine71. my #aith in hea-en" . Stu##e7. sta. time. I pray you par7on meCI 4to Huliet? But i#1 you 8ill not 8e7. things stand Dount 7aris 3"5"530 dishrag compared to him . tomb 3"5"51= do what . an7 no4ly sin+e the +ase so stan7s as no8 it 7oth. %o ans8er II'll not 8e7F I +annot lo-e.

+ounselor" %hou an7 my 4osom hen+e#orth shall 4e t8ain" I'll to the /riar to kno8 his reme7y" I# all else #ail. &n7 there#ore ha-e I little talke71 o# lo-e. Or to 7ispraise my lor7 8ith that same ton*ue Whi+h she hath praise7 him 8ith a4o-e +ompare So many thousan7 timesE 'o. sir.a-in* 7isplease7 my #ather. too mu+h min7e7 4y hersel# alone. ne1er able to see . her #ather +ounts it 7an*erous considers %hat she 7oth1 *i-e her sorro8 so mu+h s8ay.) F<@/< : 7/<@S? curse me if @Fm wrong fortunate. help her forget $o8 7o you kno8 the reason o# this haste" /RI&R ="1"1@ 4aside? I 8oul7 I kne8 not 8hy it shoul7 4e slo8e7" wish. here +omes the la7y to8ar7 my +ell" 2&RIS ="1"1B . flood Whi+h. else 4eshre8 them 4oth" J()I!% &men" $(RS! WhatE J()I!% Well. I 8illF an7 this is 8isely 7one" 4exits? J()I!% &n+ient 7amnationC O most 8i+ke7 #ien7C Is it more sin to 8ish me thus #ors8orn. talk5 /or Venus smiles not in a house o# tears" the god of lo1e $o8. I think you are happy in this se+on7 mat+h. secrets kill m.&s 2aris hath" Beshre8 my -ery heart. wedding 1ow critici-e. 0our #irst is 7ea7. SCENE 1 4Dhurch. postponed 4HE*@=$ enters? )ook. my la7y an7 my 8i#eC .ouFll ne1er hear m. or 't8ere as *oo7 he 8ere &s li-in* here an7 you no use o# him" J()I!% Speakest thou #rom thy heartE $(RS! &n7 #rom my soul too. sir. father+in+law &n7 I am nothin* slo8 to sla+k his haste" not unwilling to slow him down /RI&R ="1"= 0ou say you 7o not kno8 the la7y's min7E thoughts on this (ne-en is the +ourse" I like it not" this is too irregular 2&RIS ="1"@ Immo7erately she 8eeps #or %y4alt's 7eath. excessi1el.ou 3"5"539 3"5"5=0 curse 3"5"5=1 3"5"5=5 3"5"5=3 mother forgi1en 3"5"5=6 3"5"5=B cursed old woman to break m. let sorrow o1erwhelm her &n7 in his 8is7om hastes our marria*e hurries ="1"11 %o stop the inun7ation o# her tears. sirE %he time is -ery short" 2&RIS ="1"5 y #ather 1apulet 8ill ha-e it so. %o make +on#ession an7 to 4e a4sol-e7" $(RS! erry. to )a8ren+e' +ell. later that da. /or it eM+els your #irstF or i# it 7i7 not.appily met.ond comparison 3"5"555 . marriage 3"5"535 is better than as good as dead on earth. husband be. 7o5.self /RI&R ="1"1 On %hurs7ay. mysel# ha-e po8er to 7ie" 4exits? ACT 4. she thinks about too much when ay 4e put #rom her 4y so+iety" being with others ma. thou hast +om#orte7 me mar-elous mu+h" 'o in an7 tell my la7y I am *one. .

ou .o thou 4ut +all my resolution 8ise. pensi-e 7au*hter. witFs end nothing can dela.our face. no8. on %hurs7ay neMt" m. lo-e. sir. thy #a+e is mu+h a4use7 8ith tears" streaked J()I!% ="1"31 %he tears ha-e *ot small -i+tory 4y that. /riar. religious de1otion Juliet. I alrea7y kno8 thy *rie#" It strains me past the +ompass o# my 8its" I hear thou must. 8hi+h is a truth. lie &n7 8hat I spake. /or it 8as 4a7 enou*h 4e#ore their spite" the tears 2&RIS ="1"33 %hou 8ron*'st it more than tears 8ith that report" . troubled 4to him? y lor7. 8hen I may 4e a 8i#e" 2&RIS ="1"50 %hat Imay 4eI must 4e. an7 keep this holy kiss" 4kisses her. it Dount 7aris ="1"51 ="1"5= now . an7 thou hast slan7ere7 it" J()I!% ="1"36 It may 4e so. an7 8hen thou hast 7one so. (nless thou tell me ho8 I may pre-ent itC I# in thy 8is7om thou +anst *i-e no help.ou 2&RIS ="1"55 . lo1e J()I!% ="1"51 What must 4e shall 4e" /RI&R %hat's a +ertain teMt" thatFs true ="1"55 2&RIS ="1"53 1ome you to make +on#ession to the /riar1E this /ather5 J()I!% ="1"5= %o ans8er that.oly /ather. &n7 8ith this kni#e I'll help it presentlyC 4threatens to stab herself? ="1"=5 ="1"=6 know the cause of . it 8ill 4e o# more pri+e 1alue Bein* spoke 4ehin7 your 4a+k than to your #a+e" 2&RIS ="1"30 2oor soul. face 2&RIS ="1"3@ %hy #a+e is mine. I shoul7 +on#ess to you" @ would be confessing to . past hope.with music0 %ill then. I spake it to my #a+e" about m. free Or shall I +ome to you at e-enin* massE /RI&R ="1"=0 y leisure ser-es me.o not 7eny to him that you lo-e me" J()I!% ="1"5@ I 8ill +on#ess to you that I lo-e him" 2&RIS ="1"56 So 8ill you1. exits? J()I!% O. statement J()I!% ="1"3= %hat is no slan7er. On %hurs7ay neMt 4e marrie7 to this 1ounty" J()I!% %ell me not. past helpC /RI&R O Juliet. I am sure. 8e must entreat the time alone" ask for 2&RIS ="1"=5 'o7 shiel7 I shoul7 7istur4 7e-otionC— forbid. an7 nothin* may proro*ue it. that you lo-e me" ye5 J()I!% ="1"5B I# I 7o so. #or it is not mine o8n" 4to Friar? &re you at leisure. on %hurs7ay early 8ill I rouse you<" ye5.ou wrong . a7ieu. .our grief @Fm at m.J()I!% ="1"19 %hat may 4e. . sir. past +ure. wake . that thou hear'st o# this. no8" @Fm free now. 1ome 8eep 8ith me. shut the 7oor.

Cawless Or 4i7 me *o into a ne8.self sa. O'er. two hours &n7 then a8ake as #rom a pleasant sleep" $o8. this shall slay them 4othC betra. 4ut sur+ease" keep beating.ou Shall 4e the la4el to another 7ee7. J()I!% ="1"6B O. 4i7 me leap. co1ered up With reeky shanks an7 yello8 +hapless skulls" stinking limbs. act &s that is 7esperate 8hi+h 8e 8oul7 pre-ent" this desperate act.eMperien+e7 time long life of experience 'i-e me some present +ounsel. want to I#.'o7 Goine7 my heart an7 Romeo's. sti## an7 stark an7 +ol7. that . %hen is it likely thou 8ilt un7ertake & thin* like 7eath to +hi7e a8ay this shame. 7au*hterC I 7o spy a kin7 o# hope. stop $o 8armth. ar4itratin* that Cudge.our wisdom ="1"@5 1oul7 to no issue o# true honor 4rin*C not bring an honorable solution Be not so lon* to speakC I lon* to 7ie speak now. %hou hast the stren*th o# 8ill to slay thysel#. before m. out o# thy lon*. e.+o-ere7 Auite 8ith 7ea7 men's rattlin* 4ones.eath himsel# to 's+ape #rom itF faces death. snakes Or hi7e me ni*htly in a +harnel. #or no pulse fluid Shall keep his nati-e pro*ress. unable to mo1e Shall. concluding Whi+h the +ommission o# thy years an7 art /RI&R ="1"91 .s.ou ="1"110 %hen.ol7. go Where serpents are" 1hain me 8ith roarin* mortuar. knife.ouFre ali1e ="1"100 %he roses in thy lips an7 +heeks shall #a7e rosiness %o paly= ashes" %hy eyes' 8in7o8s #all pale gre. or 4ehol7D ad1ice now. hand. ="1"59 %urn to another. thou our han7sF .eath 8hen he shuts up the 7ay o# li#e" closes !a+h part. ha-e ma7e me trem4le— m.wa. seal. stop. wedding contract Or my true heart 8ith trea+herous re-olt rebelliousl. rather than marry 2aris. @ want to die I# 8hat thou speak'st speak not o# reme7yC if . agree %o marry 2aris" We7nes7ay is tomorro8" %omorro8 ni*ht look that thou lie alone" be sure to sleep alone )et not thy $urse lie 8ith thee in thy +ham4er" bedroom %ake thou this -ial. to hear them tol7. custom In thy 4est ro4es. 4ein* then in 4e7.ouFre in bed &n7 this 7istillin* liAuor 7rink thou o##" drink all the liGuid ="1"9@ When presently throu*h all thy -eins shall run soon & +ol7 an7 7ro8sy humor.ma7e *ra-e ="1"B5 &n7 hi7e me 8ith a 7ea7 man in his shrou7= burial cloth —%hin*s that. %o li-e an unstaine7 8i#e to my s8eet lo-e" lo. there art thou 7ea7" to wake .s him. 8hen the 4ri7e*room in the mornin* +omes 7aris %o rouse thee #rom thy 4e7. part of . them &n7 I 8ill 7o it 8ithout #ear or 7ou4t. watch '%8iMt my eMtremes an7 me this 4loo7y kni#e between m. rather than to marry 1ounty 2aris. a1oid %hat +op'st 8ith . fort. see Whi+h +ra-es as 7esperate an eMe+ution reGuires. then" 'o home.ou Coined our hands &n7 ere this han7. once . despair Shall play the umpire. appear like 7eath" rigid ="1"105 &n7 in this 4orro8e7 likeness o# shrunk 7eath death+like appearance %hou shalt +ontinue t8o an7 #orty hours. hand : heart %here#ore. as the manner o# our +ountry is.ou offer no solution /RI&R ="1"@9 .. 4e merry" 'i-e +onsent wait. 4y thee to Romeo's seale7. or 4i7 me lurk walk in dark alle. 7epri-e7 o# supple *o-ernment. escape &n7 i# thou 7are'st. I'll *i-e thee reme7y" gi1e .ou this remed.elids will close )ike . no 4reath1 shall testi#y thou li-e'st" show . un+o-ere7 on the 4ier funeral bed .ou. tell me to /rom o## the 4attlements o# any5 to8er. little bottle. yon7er1 Or 8alk in thie-ish 8ays.

%o antua 8ith my letters to thy lor7" husband J()I!% ="1"156 )o-e *i-e me stren*th. an7 am enGoine7 By .ou awa. tomb Where all the kin7re7 o# the 1apulets lie" famil.ou donFt change . unprepared. tell not me o# #earC gi1e me the 1ial /RI&R 4gi1es her the 1ial? ="1"15= .. 9E<S= : S=<5/9$S? 1&2()!% 4handing a paper to 1st Ser1ant? So many *uests. willful tramp she is ="5"15 look.o8 +anst thou try them soE 5n7 S!RV&$% arry. sir. SCENE 2 4Dapulet house.our mind or let &4ate thy -alor in the a+tin* it" interfere with. &n7 this shall #ree thee #rom this present shame. here. In this resol-e" I'll sen7 a #riar 8ith spee7 determined. e1ent ="5"15 trul. an7 that -ery ni*ht watch .oly )a8ren+e to #all prostrate here %o 4e* your par7on" 2ar7on. a*ainst thou shalt a8ake.o8 no8.8ille7 harlotry it is" 4HE*@=$ enters? $(RS! See 8here she +omes #rom shri#t 8ith merry look" 1&2()!% . Guickl. an7 stren*th shall help a##or7C gi1e me help /are8ell. *i-e meC O. 'tis an ill +ook that +annot li+k his o8n #in*ers" %here#ore he that +annot li+k his #in*ers *oes not 8ith me" 1&2()!% 'o. carried. I 4esee+h you" . #or I'll try i# they +an li+k their #in*ers" 1&2()!% . an7 he an7 I here Will 8at+h thy 8akin*3.%hou shalt3 4e 4orne to that same an+ient -ault shall5. confession ="5"1@ stubborn girl wandering ="5"1B learned to be sorr. 7ear /atherC 4$he.ouFll get no bad ones test them to see if ="5"5 how does that test them ="5"@ bad .en+e#or8ar7 I am e-er rule7 4y you" ="5"1 in1ite the guests written here skilled ="5"3 . courage.s be . ="1"150 I# no in+onstant toy nor 8omanish #ear . in preparation for . following the plan J()I!% ="1"153 'i-e me. is my 7au*hter *one to /riar )a8ren+eE $(RS! &y. my hea7stron*C Where ha-e you 4een *a77in*E J()I!% Where I ha-e learne7 me to repent the sin O# 7iso4e7ient opposition %o you an7 your 4ehests.ou waking Shall Romeo 4y my letters kno8 our 7ri#t plan ="1"11@ &n7 hither shall he +ome.ol7" 'et you *one" Be stron* an7 prosperous here. exit? ACT 4.ou wake Shall Romeo 4ear thee hen+e to antua" take . told fall to m. 4e *one" 4"nd Ser1ant exits? We shall 4e mu+h un#urnishe7 #or this time" 4to 9urse? What. *o hire me t8enty +unnin* +ooks" 5n7 S!RV&$% 0ou shall ha-e none ill. will alwa. ="5"13 unrul.pro1erb0 ="5"9 are 1er. he may +han+e to 7o some *oo7 on her" & pee-ish sel#. almost night) *8<2 : */2> D/7E*=$. #orsooth" 1&2()!% Well. sir. in-ite as here are 8rit" 41st Ser1ant exits? Sirrah. knees forgi1e me from now on. for commands. In the meantime.

with . &n7 let the $urse this ni*ht sit up 8ith youF /or I am sure you ha-e your han7s #ull all In this so su77en 4usiness" )&. 8ill you *o 8ith me into my +loset %o help me sort su+h nee7#ul ornaments &s you think #it to #urnish me tomorro8E )&. &n7 all thin*s shall 4e 8ell. exit? ="5"5= wedding knot tied ="5"5@ the appropriate amount of lo1e ="5"59 here before . lea-e me to mysel# toni*ht.0 1&2()!% We shall 4e short in our pro-ision" '%is no8 near ni*htC 1&2()!% %ush. /or I ha-e nee7 o# many orisons %o mo-e the hea-ens to smile upon my state. &ll our 8hole +ity is mu+h 4oun7 to him" J()I!% $urse.1&2()!% Sen7 #or the 1ountyC 'o tell him o# thisC I'll ha-e this knot knit up tomorro8 mornin*C J()I!% I met the youth#ul lor7 at )a8ren+e' +ell &n7 *a-e him 8hat 4e+omJ7 lo-e I mi*ht.0 1&2()!% $o. an7 #et+h him hither"— $o8. those attires are 4est" But *entle $urse. I say. @Fll get things going ="5"=1 @ promise get her read. I 8arrant thee.0 1&2()!% 'oo7 ni*ht" 'et thee to 4e7 an7 rest. this re-eren7 . 8ell thou kno8'st. 8i#e" 'o thou to Juliet" . lea1e it to me out up him5 ="5"=6 for.ers encourage. $ot steppin* o'er the 4oun7s o# mo7esty" 1&2()!% Why. ma7am" We ha-e +ulle7 su+h ne+essaries &s are 4eho-e#ul #or our state tomorro8" So please you. let me no8 4e le#t alone. I am *la7 on'tC %his is 8ellC Stan7 upC %his is as't shoul7 4eC—)et me see the 1ountyC &y. marryC 'o. SCENE 3 4HulietFs bedroom.oly /riar. not till %hurs7ay" %here is time enou*h" 1&2()!% 'o.0 1&2()!% 4enters? What.thing as needed for the ceremon. I pray thee. situation conflicted ="3"@ ="3"6 picked out e1er.od obliged ="5"3= choose what to wear ="5"36 wait till. $urse.elp to 7e+k up her" I'll not to 4e7 toni*ht" )et me alone" I'll play the house8i#e #or this on+e" 4calling for ser1ants? —What. I 8ill 8alk mysel# %o 1ounty 2aris to prepare him up5 &*ainst tomorro8" y heart is 8on7rous li*ht Sin+e this same 8ay8ar7 *irl is so re+laime7C 4$he. hoE $ee7 you my helpE J()I!% $o. are you 4usy.ou ="3"13 . hoC— %hey are all #orth" Well. *o 8ith her" We'll to +hur+h tomorro8" 4Huliet : 9urse exit? )&. I 8ill stir a4out. go to bed. exit? ACT 4. is +ross an7 #ull o# sin" )&. @ am lighthearted has been set straight ="3"1 clothes lea1e me alone pra. #or thou hast nee7" 4$he. that night) HE*@=$ : 9E<S=? J()I!% &y. a#ore 'o7. thereFs no rush ="5"3B ="5"39 we wonFt ha1e enough food or drink almost nonsense. Whi+h. sta.

stayC sword.ol7. i# I 8ake=. is it not -ery like isnFt it likel. tomb %o 8hose #oul mouth no healthsome air 4reathes in. 8hat 8ith loathsome smells. cunningl. waking too earl. #or these many hun7re7 years. shall I not 4e 7istrau*ht. no. Romeo. yet 4ut *reen in earth. awful &n7 shrieks like man7rakes' torn out o# the earth. Cust recentl. an an+ient re+epta+le. rotting &t some hours in the ni*ht spirits resort""" haunt ="3"=5 &la+k.0 1&2()!% .o8 i#. ala+k. 8hen I am lai7 into the tom4. run ma7""" people. I +omeC %his 7o1 I 7rink to thee" Romeo.s pro1en himself ="3"30 . 8ith some *reat kinsman's 4one.. rooster . stir. stirC %he se+on7 +o+k hath +ro8e7F ="="1 ="="5 are asking. the 4ones O# all my 4urie7 an+estors are pa+ke7F Where 4loo7y %y4alt. take these keys an7 #et+h more spi+es. buried )ies #esterin* in his shrou7F 8here as they say. @ think /or he hath still 4een trie7 a holy man" alwa. is it not like that I. $urse" $(RS! %hey +all #or 7ates an7 Auin+es in the pastry" 1&2()!% 4enters? 1ome. I 8ake 4e#ore the time that Romeo 1ome to re7eem meE %here's a #ear#ul pointC get me.ere's 7rink"5 4She drinks then falls in bed within the curtains? ACT 4. frightening Shall I not then 4e sti#le7 in the -ault. the bed? )ie thou there" What i# it 4e a poison. stop Romeo. fresh ="3"35 &n7 there 7ie stran*le7 ere my Romeo +omesE before Or i# I li-e. go mad O. in this ra*e. room ="="3 mo1e it. %he horri4le +on+eit o# 7eath an7 ni*ht. mad ="3"50 !n-ironJ7 8ith all these hi7eous #earsE surrounded &n7 ma7ly play 8ith my #ore#athers' GointsE ancestorsF bones &n7 plu+k the man*le7 %y4alt #rom his shrou7E pull &n7. not likel. before dawn) */2> D/7E*=$ : 9E<S=? )&. pastr. administered )est in this marria*e he shoul7 4e 7ishonore7 otherwise Be+ause he marrie7 me 4e#ore to RomeoE I #ear it is. hearin* them. a plant with magic power %hat li-in* mortals. SCENE 4 4Dapulet house. fruit.J()I!% ="3"1= /are8ell" 'o7 kno8s 8hen 8e shall meet a*ain" I ha-e a #aint +ol7 #ear thrills throu*h my -eins fainting cold fear rushing %hat almost #reeKes up the heat o# li#e" free-es me to death I'll +all them 4a+k a*ain to +om#ort me" —$urseC—What shoul7 she 7o hereE y 7ismal s+ene I nee7s must a+t alone" dreadful ="3"50 1ome. madness &s 8ith a +lu4. 7ash out my 7esperate 4rainsE ="3"55 O lookC ethinks I see my +ousin's *host @ think Seekin* out Romeo that 7i7 spit his 4o7y stab (pon a rapier's pointC Stay. an7 yet methinks it shoul7 not. suffocated. this shall #or4i7 it" 4takes a dagger and puts it b.. -ial" What i# this miMture 7o not 8ork at allE Shall I 4e marrie7 then tomorro8 mornin*E $o. %y4alt. So early 8akin*. Romeo" . tomb ="3"=0 Where. 8hi+h the /riar ="3"55 Su4tly hath ministere7 to ha-e me 7ea7. thoughts %o*ether 8ith the terror o# the pla+e""" &s in a -ault. stir.

4ell hath run*F 'tis three o'+lo+k"— )ook to the 4ake7 meats.%he awake tonight ="="10 bit. I 8arrant. you ha-e 4een a mouse. not a 8or7E 0ou take your penny8orths no8F Sleep #or a 8eek. haC %hou shalt 4e lo**erhea7C 4"nd Ser1ant exits? 'oo7 #aith=. 4ri7eC What.o8 soun7 is she asleepC I must nee7s 8ake her"— a7am. SCENE 5 4HulietFs bedroom) 9E<S=.e'll #ri*ht you up. ake hasteC %he 4ri7e*room he is +ome alrea7yC ake haste. late nights ="="1= woman ="="16 ="="1B hurr. 8hat is thereE 1st S!RV&$% %hin*s #or the +ook. housewife ="="6 sta. an7 ne'er 4een si+k" )&.ie. 4ut I kno8 not 8hat" 1&2()!% ake haste. 0ou'll 4e si+k tomorro8 /or this ni*ht's 8at+hin*" 1&2()!% $o. I sayC 49E<S= re+enters? 'o 8aken Juliet" 'o an7 trim her upC I'll *o an7 +hat 8ith 2aris" . awake to keep. #ello8. 7resse7E &n7 in your +lothesE &n7 7o8n a*ainE ="5"1 fast asleep. 'tis 7ayC %he 1ounty 8ill 4e here 8ith musi+ strai*ht. lam4C Why. I sayC 4$he. %he 1ounty 2aris hath set up his rest %hat you shall rest 4ut littleC 'o7 #or*i-e me. I sayC a7amC S8eetheartC Why. $urse. an7 8ell sai7C & merry 8horeson.ou rest ="5"10 startle ="5"15 . make haste. &n7 ne-er trou4le 2eter #or the matter" 1&2()!% ass. arry. an7 amen"—. exit? take care of donFt be cheap )&. sir. that 8ill #in7 out lo*s.4e7C Why. make hasteC 41st Ser1ant exits? 4to "nd Ser1ant? Sirrah. a Gealous hoo7C 4S=<5/9$S enter with logs. Dapulet : 9urse exit? 1&2()!% & Gealous hoo7. not a 8hit" WhatC I ha-e 8at+he7 ere no8 &ll ni*ht #or lesser +ause. lo-e.ed awake before a woman ="="15 woman chaser sta.0 1&2()!% &y. you +ot. bet little rest ="5"5 is determined not to let . 'et you to 4e7" /aith. HE*@=$ within the bed curtains? $(RS! istressC What. *o.hunt in your time.Auean. #or the neMt ni*ht. fellow IblockheadI musicians right awa. la7yC /ie. she"— Why. baskets. etc)? $o8. i' #aith" Will it not 4eE 4opens the bed curtains? What. sir. sta. But I 8ill 8at+h you #rom su+h 8at+hin* no8C 4*ad. dress her hurr. hoC What. mistressC JulietC—/ast. let the 1ounty take you in your 4e7C . ACT 4. #et+h 7rier lo*s" 1all 2eter" .0 1&2()!%<. ma7amC &y. witt. /or so he sai7 he 8oul7" 46usic outside? I hear him near"— $urseC Wi#eC What.a. ma7am. you slu*.e 8ill sho8 thee 8here they are" 5n7 S!RV&$% I ha-e a hea7. *oo7 &n*eli+a" Spare not #or the +ost" $(RS!5 'o. I 8arrant her. up ="="51 good head for finding @ wonFt ha1e to ="="53 good.

0 1&2()!% 4enters? What noise is hereE $(RS! O lamenta4le 7ayC )&. most 8oe#ul 7ay. But one thin* to reGoi+e an7 sola+e in. her 1irginit. alasC She's +ol7C .eath's" 2&RIS .elp.ath .er lor7 is +ome" $(RS! She's 7ea7. groom is here ="5"5B ="5"59 ="5"30 what .eath.thing. taken ="5"== e1er. 7/<@S : 6ES@D@/9S enter? /RI&R 1ome. helpC 1all helpC 1&2()!% 4enters? /or shame. my only li#eC Re-i-e. ="5"53 ="5"5= wake up ="5"56 out here. O 7ay. brand. 4ut ne-er to return"— O sonC %he ni*ht 4e#ore thy 8e77in* 7ay . late ="5"35 ="5"3@ ="5"36 taken her awa.a-e I thou*ht lon*1 to see this mornin*'s #a+e.0 1&2()!% O 8oe#ul timeC 1&2()!% .elp. disastrous take comfort snatched her ="5"55 mournful .0 1&2()!% What is the matterE $(RS! )ook.0 1&2()!% &la+k the 7ayC she's 7ea7. helpC y la7y's 7ea7C O. ="5"=6 looked forward ="5"=9 cursed. hate#ul 7ayC ost misera4le hour that e'er time sa8 In lastin* la4or o# his pil*rima*eC But one.eath lies on her like an untimely #rost (pon the s8eetest #lo8er o# all the #iel7" $(RS! O lamenta4le 7ayC )&. look up.eath is my heir" y 7au*hter he hath 8e77e7" I 8ill 7ie. poor one. 8oe#ul. O meC y +hil7. &n7 lea-e him allD li#e. I 7i7 yet 4ehol7C O 7ay.eath lain 8ith thy 8i#e" %here she lies. %hat 4loo7 is settle7. 7e#lo8ere7 4y him" . &n7 7oth it *i-e me su+h a si*ht as thisE )&. an7 her Goints are sti##C )i#e an7 these lips ha-e lon* 4een separate7C . she's 7ea7C 1&2()!% . ="5"50 mournful ="5"51 ="5"55 gloom. li-in*. O 7ayC O hate#ul 7ayC $e-er 8as seen so 4la+k a 7ay as thisC woe the da. 8era7ay that e-er I 8as 4ornC— Some aAua -itae. or I 8ill 7ie 8ith theeC . alasC . ="5"39 ="5"=0 son+in+law slept beautiful.eath is my son. all is . an7 8ill not let me speak" 4F<@/<.aE )et me see her" /lo8er as she 8as. she's 7ea7. 8ret+he7. unhappy. lookC O hea-y 7ayC )&. that hath ta'en her hen+e to make me 8ail. is the 4ri7e rea7y to *o to +hur+hE 1&2()!% Rea7y to *o.0 1&2()!% O me. 8oe#ul 7ayC ost lamenta4le 7ay. 7e+ease7C She's 7ea7C &la+k the 7ayC )&. hoC y lor7C y la7yC )&. %ies up my ton*ue. one poor an7 lo-in* +hil7. &n7 +ruel 7eath hath +at+he7 it #rom my si*htC $(RS! 4together? O 8oeC O 8oe#ul.0 1&2()!% 4all speak together? &++urse7. e-er.not laughing0 not flowing unseasonabl.la8F . 4rin* Juliet #orthC . propert.I must nee7s 8ake you" )a7yC )a7yC )a7yC— &las.

reason ="5"90 intended for the wedding feast purpose food : drink funeral music corpse opposite ="5"96 corpse frown. %urn #rom their o##i+e to 4la+k #uneralD Our instruments to melan+holy 4ells. *o 8ith him. ho. 4ear her to +hur+h" /or thou*h #on7< nature 4i7s us all lament. Our 4ri7al #lo8ers ser-e #or a 4urie7 +orse. an7 sti+k your rosemary On this #air +orse. herb for funerals : weddings. carr. Our 8e77in* +heer to a sa7 4urial #east. O 8oe#ul 7ayC 2&RIS 4together? Be*uile7. an7 4e *one" $(RS! . Our solemn hymns to sullen 7ir*es +han*e.eart's !aseI. But hea-en keeps his part in eternal li#e" %he most you sou*ht 8as her promotion. ="5"61 thereFs no cure for loss L +are5 cr. to cr. kille7C (n+om#orta4le time. bad thing . *o you in. marr. I. material ad1ancement ideal that. an7. this is a piti#ul +ase" 4exits? 1st (SI1I&$ &y. seein* that she is 8ell" She's not 8ell marrie7 that li-es marrie7 lon*.a7 part in this #air mai7" $o8 hea-'n hath all. spite7. ..eart's !aseI" O. in this lo-e you lo-e your +hil7 so ill %hat you run ma7. 7aris. situation B instrument case.ouF1e done anger. O and wailing both had part. play I. 4y1 my troth. all of her ="5"65 wanted. an7 not my +hil7. an7 as the +ustom is. But she's 4est marrie7 that 7ies marrie7 youn*" . hate7. +ruel thee Auite o-erthro8nC O lo-eC O li#eC $ot li#e. an7 you 8ill ha-e me li-e. my +hil7 is 7ea7.onest *oo7 #ello8s. 8e may put up our pipes. the +ase may 4e amen7e7" 2!%!R 4enters? usi+ians. &n7 all thin*s +han*e them to the +ontrary" /RI&R Sir. martyre7. seein* she is a7-an+e7 &4o-e the +lou7s.ry up your tears. as hi*h as hea-'n itsel#E O. Sir 2aris" !-eryone prepare %o #ollo8 this #air +orse unto her *ra-e" %he hea-'ns 7o lour upon you #or some ill" o-e them no more 4y +rossin* their hi*h 8ill" 4*ord : *ad. 0et nature's tears are reason's merriment" 1&2()!% &ll thin*s that 8e or7ainJ7 #esti-al. mur7er our solemnityE O +hil7. 7i-or+J7.ou want me to li1e 1st (SI1I&$ PSimonQ /aith. ="5"105 trul.ea7 art thouC &la+k.ea-en an7 yoursel# . pro1oking them ="5"105 put awa. expression0 ="5"B= place.. ma7am. #or shameC 1on#usion's +ure< li-es not In these +on#usions" . mocked b. 8ell you kno8. By +ruel.espise7. 8ron*J7. /or 't8as your hea-en she shoul7 4e a7-an+e7" &n7 8eep you< no8. &n7 *o. instruments ="5"103 put awa. could be better ="5"10@ if . wrongl. 4y thee 4e*uile7. well ye5 ="5"B0 material concern. put up. and Friar exit? ="5"@1 cheated ali1e.O 8oe#ul 7ay. &n7 all the 4etter is it #or the mai7" 0our part in her you +oul7 not keep #rom 7eath. corpse clothes. Dapulet. O +hil7C y soul. slainC ost 7etesta4le 7eath. I.eart's !aseI" . sheFs in hea1en . 4ut lo-e in 7eathC 1&2()!% 4together? . put up" /or. 8hy +ame'st thou no8 %o mur7er. 7istressJ7. our emotional nature L some5. but still lo1ed ="5"@5 comfortless festi1it. In all her 4est array. &n7 8ith my +hil7 my Goys are 4uriJ7" /RI&R 2ea+e.

+reatureC call .o you note meE note what @Fm sa.eart is /ull >o# Woe?<I" O. musi+ians.ou are: a ser1ant 2!%!R 4draws his dagger? ="5"153 %hen 8ill I lay the ser-in*.+reature's 7a**er on @Fll knock .an* him. sta. I +ry you mer+y" 0ou are the sin*er" I 8ill say @ beg . you note usC if 5n7 (SI1I&$ P. 4&n7 7ole#ul 7umps the min7 oppress.eart's !aseIE 2!%!R ="5"110 O. 4e+ause sil-er hath a s8eet soun7" 2!%!R ="5"139 2ratesC What say you. an7 put out your 8it" put awa.?1 %hen musi+ 8ith her sil-er soun7I— Why Isil-er soun7IE Why Imusi+ 8ith her sil-er soun7IE What say you.ou what .ing I%hen musi+ 8ith her sil-er soun7 With spee7y help 7oth len7 re7ress"I 4exits? make things better 1st (SI1I&$ ="5"1=9 What a pestilent kna-e is this sameC miserable fool he is 5n7 (SI1I&$ ="5"150 . I kno8 not 8hat to say" ="5"1=3 2!%!R ="5"1== O. an7 stay 7inner" wait for.u*hQ ="5"1=0 I say Isil-er soun7I 4e+ause musi+ians soun7 #or sil-er" pla. exit? .our pardon #or you" It is Imusi+ 8ith her sil-er soun7I 4e+ause musi+ians ha-e no *ol7 #or soun7in*D 4sings? donFt get paid gold for pla.4eat you @Fll attack .ou on the head your pateC I 8ill +arry no +rot+hetsC with m. dagger. intelligence 2!%!R< ="5"159 %hen ha-e at you 8ith my 8itC I 8ill 7ry. beat 8ith an iron 8it.ou IminstrelsI 1st (SI1I&$ ="5"151 %hen I 8ill *i-e you the ser-in*. thenE 1st (SI1I&$ ="5"11@ $o" 2!%!R ="5"116 I 8ill then *i-e it you soun7lyC gi1e it to . Ga+kC 1ome. .ou 1st (SI1I&$ ="5"11B What 8ill you *i-e usE 2!%!R ="5"119 $o money. 3r7 (SI1I&$ PJamesQ part of a stringed instrument /aith. 4ut the *leekC a sneer I 8ill *i-e you the minstrelC call . me like menD 4sings? IWhen *ripin* *rie#s the heart 7oth 8oun7. put up your 7a**er.u*h Re4e+kE foolish chatter.u*hQ ="5"156 2ray you. play me some merry 7ump to +om#ort me" mournful song 1st (SI1I&$ ="5"113 $ot a 7ump 8eC '%is no time to play no8" mournful song 2!%!R ="5"115 0ou 8ill not. man. 8e'll in here. fiddle 5n7 (SI1I&$ P.. on my #aith. pull.1st (SI1I&$ ="5"109 Why I. an7 put up my iron 7a**er" &ns8er put awa. weFll go in here tarry #or the mourners. for dinner 4$he.. sil1er coins 2!%!R ="5"1=5 2rates tooC—What say 1st (SI1I&$ ="5"15@ &n7 you IreI us an7 I#aI us. take no insultsBnotes I'll IreI you. James Soun7postE foolish chatter. I'll I#aI youC . sir. 4e+ause my heart itsel# plays I y . Simon 1atlin*E lute 1st (SI1I&$ PSimonQ ="5"136 arry.

good mood 5"1"5 the abilit. unusuall. that afternoon) <86=8? RO !O I# I may trust the #latterin* truth o# sleep.o8 no8.&S&R %hen she is 8ell an7 nothin* +an 4e ill" . ha-e patien+eC 0our looks are pale an7 8il7. predict. fate know where @Fm sta.ou ha1e in realit. dut.Fs tomb expression0 the Dapulet tomb soul famil. thou art 7e+ei-e7C )ea-e me. thou art s8i#t %o enter in the thou*hts o# 7esperate menC I 7o remem4er an apothe+'ry. &n7 presently took post to tell it you" O. /or nothin* +an 4e ill i# she 4e 8ell" B&)%. an7 7o import Some misa7-enture" RO !O %ush.horses" I 8ill hen+e toni*ht" B&)%. par7on me #or 4rin*in* these ill ne8s. letFs see how druggist 5"1"=0 who latel. starsC— %hou kno8'st my lo7*in*" 'et me ink an7 paper. 5"1"1 belie1e what good dreams sa. SCENE 1 rent horses.o8 s8eet is lo-e itsel# possesse7 When 4ut lo-e's sha7o8s are so ri+h in GoyC 4A/*$3/S/< enters? $e8s #rom VeronaC—. Juliet.&S&R $o. prominent gathering medicinal herbs poor 5"1"=5 odd+shaped. &n7 hire those horses" I'll 4e 8ith thee strai*ht" 4Aalthasar exits? Well.shape7 #ishesF an7 a4out his shel-es & 4e**arly a++ount o# empty 4oMes. so. &n7 all this 7ay an una++ustome7 spirit )i#ts me a4o-e the *roun7 8ith +heer#ul thou*hts" I 7reamt my la7y +ame an7 #oun7 me 7ea7. Sin+e you 7i7 lea-e it #or my 4o7y sleeps in 1apel's monument.ost thou not 4rin* me letters #rom the /riarE . 8ith o-er8helmin* 4ro8s.o8 #ares1 my JulietE %hat I ask a*ain. rented a horse bad make it m. 7eny5. my1. sir" RO !O Is it e'en1 soE %hen I 7e#y1 you5. BalthasarC . lea1e 5"1"5B suggest something bad will happen nonsense 5"1"31 5"1"3= 5"1"35 right awa. @ saw clothes. &n7 hire post. an7 other skins O# ill. &n alli*ator stu##e7. good 5"1"1B sheFs in hea1en . e1en Cust lo1eFs dreams hello 5"1"15 7oth5D how is bad.ACT 5. an7 7o the thin* I 4i7 thee 7o" . sir. soon heart is light with Co. 1ullin* o# simples" ea*er 8ere his looks" Sharp misery ha7 8orn him to the 4ones" &n7 in his nee7y shop a tortoise hun*. y 7reams presa*e some Goy#ul ne8s at han7" y 4osom's lor7 sits li*htly in his throne. —Stran*e 7ream that *i-es a 7ea7 man lea-e to thinkC— &n7 4reathe7 su+h li#e 8ith kisses in my lips %hat I re-i-e7 an7 8as an emperor" &h meC . on 5"1"10 the lo1e . I 8ill lie 8ith thee toni*ht" )et's see #or means""" O mis+hie#.o8 7oth my la7yE Is my #ather 8ellE . 8hi+h late I note7 In tattere7 8ee7s. &n7 her immortal part 8ith an*els li-es" I sa8 her lai7 lo8 in her kin7re7's -ault. my *oo7 lor7" RO !O $o matter" 'et thee *one. 5"1"55 is it reall.&S&R I 7o 4esee+h you. &n7 herea4outs he 78ells.ast thou no letters to me #rom the /riarE B&)%. around worthless collection .

sells 5"1"65 poor afraid. gold coins some. an7 i# you ha7 the stren*th O# t8enty men. 4ut 4reak it.threa7. Remnants o# pa+k. an7 take thisC 48ffers mone.ere li-es a +aiti## 8ret+h 8oul7 sell it him"I O.oth hurry #rom the #atal +annon's 8om4" &2O%.!1&R0 y po-erty.oly /ran+is+an /riarC Brother. hoC &pothe+'ryC &2O%. *o 8ith me %o Juliet's *ra-e. sentences death. old blocks of dried petals fill up the shel1es 5"1"51 po1ert. .ou immediatel. +or7ial an7 not poison.'reen earthen pots. su+h soon.!1&R0 4offers poison? 2ut this in any liAui7 thin* you 8ill &n7 7rink it o##. exhaled gunpowder 5"1"60 deadl. 8orse poison to men's souls.spee7in* *ear &s 8ill 7isperse itsel# throu*h all the -eins %hat the li#e. man" I see that thou art poor" . #or there must I use thee" 4exits? ACT 5.8eary taker may #all 7ea7 &n7 that the trunk may 4e 7is+har*e7 o# 4reath &s -iolently as hasty po87er #ire7 .!1&R0 Su+h mortal 7ru*s I ha-e. there is #orty 7u+ats" )et me ha-e & 7ram o# poison. nor the 8orl7's la8" %he 8orl7 a##or7s no la8 to make thee ri+h" %hen 4e not poor. $ee7 an7 oppression star-eth in thy eyes. 4ut antua's la8 Is 7eath to any he that utters them" RO !O &rt thou so 4are an7 #ull o# 8ret+he7ness. this same thou*ht 7i7 4ut #orerun my nee7. Whose sale is present 7eath in antua.? &2O%. 4la77ers an7 musty see7s. the 4e**ar's shop is shut"— What. to mysel# I sai7 I&n7 i# a man 7i7 nee7 a poison no8. exits? 1ome.our bones medicine 5"5"1 5"5"5 . this shoul7 4e the house" Bein* holi7ay. it 8oul7 7ispat+h you strai*ht" RO !O 4hands him the mone.? %here is thy *ol7. hoC /RI&R 4enters? %his same shoul7 4e the -oi+e o# /riar John" leather containers. . agrees 5"1"B0 conscience 5"1"B1 kill . death miserable man who would foreshadow 5"1"5@ poor 5"1"@1 5"1"@5 come here look. SCENE 2 4Dhurch) F<@/< H839? /RI&R JO. star1ation shows show offers break the law 5"1"69 conscience.ol7. &n7 #ear'st to 7ieE /amine is in thy +heeks.oin* more mur7er in this loathsome 8orl7 %han these poor +ompoun7s that thou mayst not sell" I sell thee poisonF thou hast sol7 me none" /are8ell" Buy #oo7 an7 *et thysel# in #lesh" 4/pothecar. an7 ol7 +akes o# roses Were thinly s+attere7 to make up a sho8" $otin* this penury. &n7 this same nee7y man must sell it me" &s I remem4er.$ . +onsents" RO !O I pay1 thy po-erty an7 not thy 8ill" &2O%. punishable b. fast+acting stuff the one taking their life bod. 5"1"B= hateful mixtures add flesh to .. 1ontempt an7 4e**ary han*s upon thy 4a+k" %he 8orl7 is not thy #rien7. 4ut not my 8ill.!1&R0 4enters? Who +alls so lou7E RO !O 1ome hither.

ere in this +ity -isitin* the si+k.ol7in* thy5 ear +lose to the hollo8 *roun7F So shall no #oot upon the +hur+hyar7 trea7. &n7 #in7in* him. So #ear#ul 8ere they o# in#e+tion" /RI&R 5"5"16 (nhappy #ortuneC By my 4rotherhoo7. lea1e So that my spee7 to antua there 8as staye7" trip. Bein* loose. un#irm. plague had contaminated Seale7 up the 7oors an7 8oul7 not let us #orth.Wel+ome #rom antuaC What says RomeoE Or i# his min7 4e 8rit. donFt want to those. terrible fortune %he letter 8as not ni+e 4ut #ull o# +har*e tri1ial. health officials Suspe+tin* that 8e 4oth 8ere in a house Where the in#e+tious pestilen+e 7i7 rei*n. late that night) 7/<@S : 7/. locked ACT 5. #or I 8oul7 not 4e seen" (n7er yon7 ye81 trees lay thee all alon*. stopped /RI&R 5"5"13 Who 4are my letter then to RomeoE carried /RI&R JO.ard on the loose dirt from gra1es 5"3"6 5"3"10 take . But thou shalt hear it" Whistle then to me &s si*nal that thou hear'st somethin* approa+h" 'i-e me those #lo8ers" . Or 8antin* that. &n7 keep her at my +ell till Romeo +ome" 2oor li-in* +orse. +lose7 in a 7ea7 man's tom4C 4exits? corpse. footsteps in the church. an7 the ne*le+tin* it much importance ay 7o mu+h 7an*erC /riar John. the sear+hers o# the to8n.o as I 4i7 thee. to go with me . cr. . 4oy" . the torch. our Franciscan order. lie down thine1 an.= with flowers and torch.en+e an7 stan7 aloo#" 0et put it out. to asso+iate me. yet I 8ill a7-enture" 4hides? 2&RIS 4scattering flowers o1er the tomb? S8eet #lo8er. perfumed water.$ 5"5"5 'oin* to #in7 a 4are#oot 4rother out. I'll *o an7 4rin* it thee" 4exits? /RI&R 5"5"5= $o8 must I to the monument alone" go to the tomb Within three hours 8ill #air Juliet 8ake" She 8ill 4eshre8 me mu+h that Romeo curse .$ 5"5"1= I +oul7 not sen7 it—here it is a*ain — back 4hands him the letter? $or *et a messen*er to 4rin* it thee. 8ith 7i**in* up o# *ra-es. instructions O# 7ear import.ath ha7 no noti+e o# these a++i7ents" e1ents But I 8ill 8rite a*ain to antua. *o" 2&'! 4aside? I am almost a#rai7 to stan7 alone . *i-e me his letter" if he wrote /RI&R JO. Whi+h 8ith s8eet 8ater ni*htly I 8ill 7e8. chances 5"3"15 scatter bed canop. 8ith #lo8ers thy 4ri7al 4e7 I stre8" O 8oeC %hy +anopy is 7ust an7 stones.ere in the +hur+hyar7.$ 5"5"53 Brother. 8ith tears 7istille7 4y moans" 5"3"1 go stand at a distance no instead. sprinkle if not that. an7 4rin* it strai*ht crowbar (nto my +ell" /RI&R JO. SCENE 3 4Dapulet tomb. HE*@=$ in tomb? 2&RIS 'i-e me thy tor+h. friar One o# our or7er. *o hen+e" 'et me an iron +ro8.

B&)%.. &n7 in 7espite I'll +ram thee 8ith more #oo7C in spite 2&RIS 5"3"=9 4aside? %his is that 4anish'7 hau*hty onta*ue arrogant %hat mur7ere7 my lo-e's +ousin. Huliet &n7 here is +ome to 7o some -illainous shame he has come to %o the 7ea7 4o7iesC I 8ill apprehen7 him" arrest 4to <omeo? Stop thy unhallo8e7 toil. I 8ill tear thee Goint 4y Goint limb from limb 5"3"35 &n7 stre8 this hun*ry +hur+hyar7 8ith thy lim4sC scatter %he time an7 my intents are sa-a*e. see But +hie#ly to take then+e #rom her 7ea7 #in*er take off from 5"3"30 & pre+ious rin*. crowbar? RO !O 5"3"55 'i-e me that matto+k an7 the 8ren+hin* iron" pick. 4e *oneC pushing By hea-'n. an7 *o 8ith me. sta. circumstance.? thatFs how )i-e an7 4e prosperous. stan7 all aloo#.8il7. work 1an -en*ean+e 4e pursue7 #urther than 7eathE worse 5"3"55 1on7emne7 -illain.ol7. tempt not a 7esperate manC /ly hen+e. -ile onta*ueC unhol. In 8hat I #urther shall inten7 to 7o. crowbar . an7 not trou4le ye 5" you1 RO !O 5"3"=1 So shalt thou sho8 me #rien7ship" %ake thou that" 4gi1es mone. ritual What. 8ith 8hi+h *rie# It is supposJ7 the #air +reature 7ie7C belie1ed. Gealous. ni*ht. %hus I en#or+e thy rotten Ga8s to open. sp. 4e *one" important purpose But i# thou. I 7o apprehen7 theeC arrest O4ey.%he o4seAuies that I #or thee 8ill keep mourning ritual $i*htly shall 4e to stre8 thy *ra-e an7 8eep" 47/. state of mind ore #ier+e an7 more ineMora4le #ar merciless %han empty ti*ers or the roarin* sea" hungr. I lo-e thee 4etter than mysel#. pick. *oo7 #ello8" B&)%. /or I +ome hither arme7 a*ainst mysel#" 5"3"@5 . sir. stomach 'or*e7 8ith the 7earest morsel o# the earth. an7 his intents I 7ou4t" 4hides? intentions RO !O 4starts forcing open the tomb? 5"3"=5 %hou 7etesta4le ma8. #or thou must 7ieC RO !O 5"3"5B I must in7ee7.&S&R 4aside? 5"3"=3 /or all this same. I'll hi7e me herea4out" all the same.&S&R 5"3"=0 I 8ill 4e *one. take this letter" !arly in the mornin* here See thou 7eli-er it to my lor7 an7 #ather" 'i-e me the li*ht" (pon thy li#e.= whistles? %he 4oy *i-es 8arnin* somethin* 7oth approa+h" 5"3"1B What +ursJ7 #oot 8an7ers this 8ay toni*ht %o +ross my o4seAuies an7 true lo-e's riteE interrupt. 8ith a tor+hC u##le me. an7 lea-e meC %hink upon these *oneF run awa. mourning. an7 there#ore +ame I hither" thatFs wh. thou 8om4 o# 7eath. deceased )et them a##ri*ht thee" I 4esee+h thee. By hea-en. 7ost return to pry suspicious. a rin* that I must use In 7ear employment" %here#ore hen+e. back &n7 7o not interrupt me in my +ourse" what @Fm doing Why I 7es+en7 into this 4e7 o# 7eath Is partly to 4ehol7 my la7y's #a+e. a8hile" 4hides? hide 4<86=8 enters with A/*$3/S/< with torch. an7 #are8ell. frighten 2ut not another sin upon my hea7 By ur*in* me to #uryC O. youth. @ came here 'oo7 *entle looks I #ear. I +har*e thee. . @ command .ou 5"3"55 Whate'er thou hear'st or see'st. nearb.

you %he 7oors o# 7/<@S in the tomb? . %hou 7esperate pilot.eath. ho8 may I 1all this a li*htnin*E—O my lo-eC y 8i#eC . for the last time pure 5"3"11= eternal contract. unsa-ory *ui7e.eath is amorous.eath. here Will I set up my e-erlastin* rest.ath ha7 no po8er yet upon thy 4eauty" %hou art not +onAuere7" Beauty's ensi*n yet Is +rimson in thy lips an7 in thy +heeks.poison0. 7ear Juliet. Open the tom4. run into . 8hi+h their keepers +all & li*htnin* 4e#ore 7eathC O. 4e *one. &n7 shake the yoke o# inauspi+ious stars /rom this 8orl7. no4le 1ounty 2arisC What sai7 my man 8hen my 4etossJ7 soul . I still 8ill stay 8ith thee. cut down m. lie'st thou there in thy 4loo7y sheetE O. fore1er 5"3"110 shake off the burden of cruel fate bod. look your last" &rms. O. I 8ill" )et me peruse this #a+e" er+utio's kinsman. here 8ill I remain With 8orms that are thy +ham4ermai7s" O. %o think it 8as soE—O. & lantern. .e tol7 me 2aris shoul7 ha-e marrie7 Juliet" Sai7 he not soE Or 7i7 I 7ream it soE Or am I ma7.ouFre written glorious glass tower 5"3"B= festi1e hall buried often Cailers uplifted spirits 5"3"90 sign red 5"3"95 raised m. life 5"3"100 beautiful bodiless 2eath is .our lo1er horrible mistress 5"3"105 will sta.o8 o#t 8hen men are at the point o# 7eath . +ome. /or here lies Juliet. 4oyC 4$he. that hath su+ke7 the honey o# thy 4reath. seal 8ith a ri*hteous kiss & 7ateless 4ar*ain to en*rossin* . slau*htere7 youth. &n7 that the lean a4horrJ7 monster keeps %hee here in 7ark to 4e his paramourE /or #ear o# that. they #i*htC I 8ill *o +all the 8at+hC 4exits? 2&RIS O. hearin* him talk o# Juliet.Stay not.a-e they 4een merry. fight? 2&'! O )or7. an7 her 4eauty makes %his -ault a #eastin* presen+e #ull o# li*ht" . troubled listen to him was to ha1e married 5"3"B0 . One 8rit 8ith me in sour mis#ortune's 4ookC I'll 4ury thee in a triumphant *ra-e"—4opens the tomb? & *ra-eE O no. lie thou there. criminal 5"3"60 5"3"61 guards 5"3"65 5"3"6= look at ser1ant.ere. li-e. Why art thou yet so #airE Shall I 4elie-e %hat unsu4stantial . offensi1e na1igator.i7 not atten7 him as 8e ro7eE I think . 4y a 7ea7 man interre7" 4la.epart a*ain" . 4itter +on7u+t. an7 herea#ter say & ma7man's mer+y 4a7e< thee run a8ay" 2&RIS I 7o 7e#y thy +ommination5. short thy5. 8hat more #a-or +an I 7o to thee %han 8ith that han7 that +ut thy youth in t8ain %o sun7er his that 8as thine5 enemyE /or*i-e me.eath" 4kisses her? 1ome. I am slainC 4falls? I# thou 4e mer+i#ul. hand..8earie7 #lesh" !yes. no8 at on+e run on 4i75D begged 5"3"@B +onGurations1D threats arrest. &n7 apprehen7 thee #or a #elon here" RO !O Wilt thou pro-oke meE %hen ha-e at thee. all+possessing escort . *i-e me thy han7. take your last em4ra+e" &n7 lips. &n7 7eath's pale #la* is not a7-an+J7 there"— %y4alt. +ousinC—&h. lay me 8ith Juliet" 4dies? RO !O In #aith. &n7 ne-er #rom this pala+e3 o# 7im ni*ht .

si+k 8eary 4arkC . &n7 2aris tooC 1ome.&S&R /ull hal# an hour" /RI&R 'o 8ith me to the -ault" B&)%.ou .&S&R . 8here is my lor7E I 7o remem4er 8ell 8here I shoul7 4e. 5"3"1=B so pale soaked grie1ous coincidence 5"3"153 comforting. . 8hat 4loo7 is this. &n7 there I am" Where is my RomeoE 49oise outside? /RI&R I hear some noiseC )a7y. an7 there's my master.ath th8arte7 our intentsC 1ome. 8hat an unkin7 hour Is *uilty o# this lamenta4le +han+eC 4HE*@=$ wakes? %he la7y stirsC J()I!% O +om#orta4le /riar.oly sir. One that you lo-e" /RI&R Who is itE B&)%. *oo7 my #rien7. sir" y master kno8s not 4ut I am *one hen+e. often 5"3"153 itFs me 5"3"15= there. mu+h I #ear some ill unthri#ty thin*" B&)%.&S&R &s I 7i7 sleep un7er this ye8 1 tree here. spade? Saint /ran+is 4e my spee7C . wastefull.o8 lon* hath he 4een thereE B&)%.ere's to my lo-eC 4drinks? O true apothe+'ry. I 7reamt my master an7 another #ou*ht. 2aris tooE &n7 steepe7 in 4loo7E &h. What tor+h is yon7. ala+k. husband 5"3"15@ disease oppose wrecked our plans 5"3"1@0 hide .&S&R Romeo" /RI&R . shines worms Dapulet tomb 5"3"15B 5"3"130 5"3"131 5"3"135 5"3"133 5"3"13= 5"3"135 doesnFt know @ didnFt lea1e threaten to watch him 5"3"139 e1il 5"3"1=1 5"3"1== tomb abandoned. that -ainly len7s his li*ht %o *ru4s an7 eyeless skullsE &s I 7is+ern. an7 one that kno8s you 8ell" /RI&R Bliss 4e upon youC %ell me.%he 7ashin* ro+ks thy sea. &n7 that my master sle8 him" /RI&R RomeoC &la+k. +ome a8ayC %hy hus4an7 in thy 4osom there lies 7ea7. a #rien7. +ome #rom that nest O# 7eath.o8 o#t toni*ht . an7 unnatural sleep" & *reater po8er than 8e +an +ontra7i+t .&S&R It 7oth so. blood. I'll 7ispose o# thee &mon* a sisterhoo7 o# holy nunsC ship 5"3"150 5"3"151 help me. It 4urneth in the 1apel's monument" B&)%.ere's one. 8hi+h stains %he stony entran+e o# this sepul+hreE What mean these masterless an7 *ory s8or7s %o lie 7is+olore7 4y this pla+e o# pea+eE 4enters tomb? RomeoC O. %hy 7ru*s are Aui+k" 4kisses her? %hus 8ith a kiss I 7ie" 4dies? /RI&R 4enters with lantern. paleC Who elseE What.a-e my ol7 #eet stum4le7 at *ra-esC—Who's thereE B&)%. crowbar. +onta*ion. then" I'll *o alone" /ear +omes upon me" O.&S&R I 7are not. &n7 #ear#ully 7i7 mena+e me 8ith 7eath I# I 7i7 stay to look on his intents" /RI&R Stay.

+lose7 in my true lo-e's han7E 2oison. hath 4een his timeless en7" O +hurlC . 8arm. an7 let me 7ie" 4dies? 47/. happy 7a**erC %his is thy sheathC 4stabs herself? %here rust. &n7 Juliet 4lee7in*. noiseE %hen I'll 4e 4rie#" 4finding <omeoFs dagger? O. an7 le#t no #rien7ly 7rop %o help me a#terE I 8ill kiss thy lips" . an7 ne8ly 7ea7.ere is a #riar that trem4les.uards exit? 2iti#ul si*htC . #or the 8at+h is +omin*C 4/nother noise? 1ome. I see. 8here the tor+h 7oth 4urn" 1st '(&R. . %he *roun7 is 4loo7y" Sear+h a4out the +hur+hyar7" 'o. some o# you" Whoe'er you #in7 atta+h" 4Some . . tell the 2rin+e" Run to the 1apulets" Raise up the onta*ues" Some others sear+h" 46ore .ol7 him in sa#ety till the 2rin+e +ome hither" 4#rd .ou perhaps 5"3"160 restoring medicine 5"3"163 5"3"16= how fortunate: a dagger m. .Stay not to Auestion. hold 5"3"195 problem me 5"3"196 is1.uards exit? We see the *roun7 8hereon these 8oes 7o lie. shrieke7<D shout about 5"3"19B O. Some IJulietI. the5 tomb . sho1el 5"3"19= 1er. & *reat suspi+ion" Stay the /riar too" 2RI$1! 4enters with /ttendants? What misa7-enture is so early up %hat +alls our person #rom our mornin* restE 4*8<2 : */2> D/7E*=$ and 8thers enter? 1&2()!% What shoul7 it 4e that they5 so shriek5 a4roa7E )&.ere lies the 1ounty slain.= enters with . Who here hath lain these t8o 7ays 4uriJ7" 'o.E/<2 enters with A/*$3/S/<? 5n7 '(&R. disco1er 5"3"1BB 5"3"190 securel. 4outside? )ea7.aply some poison yet 7oth han* on them %o make me 7ie 8ith a restorati-e" 4kisses him? %hy lips are 8armC 1st '(&R.E/<2 enters with F<@/<? 3r7 '(&R. But the true *roun7 o# all these piteous 8oes We +annot 8ithout +ir+umstan+e 7es+ry" 4"nd . an7 some I2arisI.0 1&2()!% %he1 people in the street +ry IRomeoI. *oo7 JulietC I 7are no lon*er stayC J()I!% 'o. 4oy" Whi+h 8ayE J()I!% 0ea. *et thee hen+e.ere's Romeo's man" We #oun7 him in the +hur+hyar7" 1st '(&R. an7 all run With open out+ry to8ar7 our monument" guards are coming 5"3"1@5 lea1e eternal B premature selfish man follow after . suspicious. #or I 8ill not a8ayC 4Friar exits? What's hereE & +up. 5"3"191 pick. *o. si*hs an7 8eeps" We took this matto+k an7 this spa7e #rom him &s he 8as +omin* #rom this +hur+hyar7's si7e" 1st '(&R. heart 5"3"16@ 5"3"166 arrest 5"3"1B0 wake bodies 5"3"1B5 reason. pitiful details.runk all.E/<2S? 2&'! %his is the pla+e" %here.

threatens m. &n7 it mis. 4oth to impea+h an7 pur*e condemn m. to remo-e that sie*e o# *rie# #rom her. &n7 Romeo 7ea7.0 1&2()!% 5"3"51= O meC %his si*ht o# 7eath is as a 4ell %hat 8arns my ol7 a*e to a sepul+hre" summons. 5"3"5=0 &n7 she. my lie*e. look ho8 our 7au*hter 4lee7sC %his 7a**er hath mista'en. start &n7 then 8ill I 4e *eneral o# your 8oes lead . 5"3"506 . a4le to 7o least. an7 thou shalt see" O$%&'(! 5"3"555 O thou untau*htC What manners is in this. look.our outcries %ill 8e +an +lear these am4i*uities &n7 kno8 their sprin*. 8hose untimely 7eath da. #or my short 7ate o# 4reath short time to li1e Is not so lon* as is a te7ious tale" Romeo. biggest suspect 0et most suspe+te7.2RI$1! 5"3"501 What #ear is this 8hi+h startles in our< earsE your5 1st '(&R. its sheath Is empty on the 4a+k o# onta*ue. that's5 Romeo's #aith#ul 8i#e" that< I marrie7 them. here lies the 1ounty 2aris slain. an7 not #or %y4alt. 7ea7 4e#ore. there 7ea7.. origin. their hea7. as the time an7 pla+e circumstances . death of the guilt. rude bo. #it to open tools %hese 7ea7 men's tom4s" 1&2()!% 5"3"510 O hea-ensC O 8i#e. /or 8hom. Juliet pine7" mourned 5"3"5=5 4to Dapulet? 0ou. onta*ue. end her grief . Warm an7 ne8 kille7" 2RI$1! 5"3"505 Sear+h. /RI&R 5"3"53B I 8ill 4e 4rie#. #or thou art early up %o see thy son an7 heir no8 early1 7o8n" O$%&'(! 5"3"51B &las.uards? Brin* #orth the parties o# suspi+ion" suspects /RI&R 5"3"535 I am the *reatest. %o press 4e#ore thy #ather to a *ra-eE rush 2RI$1! 5"3"55= Seal up the mouth o# outra*e #or a 8hile Guiet . an7 kno8 ho8 this #oul mur7er +omesC learn 1st '(&R. an7 slau*htere73 Romeo's man. of death Banishe7 the ne8. my 8i#e is 7ea7 toni*ht" prince 'rie# o# my son's eMile hath stoppe7 her 4reath" What #urther 8oe +onspires a*ainst mine5 a*eE my5.oth make a*ainst me o# this 7ire#ul mur7er" make me look guilt. 5"3"505 So-erei*n. source. tomb 4689$/.. 8as hus4an7 to that Juliet. wrongs and ysel# +on7emnJ7 an7 mysel# eM+use7" excuse what ma. be pardoned 2RI$1! 5"3"536 %hen say at on+e 8hat thou 7ost kno8 in this" immediatel. there 7ea7. their true 7es+ent.E= : 8thers enter? 2RI$1! 5"3"51@ 1ome. his house made a mistake.ere is a #riar. an7 their stol'n marria*e. old age 2RI$1! 5"3"551 )ook. Was %y4alt's 7ooms7ay. seek.sheathJ7 in my 7au*hter's 4osomC )&. be Guiet &n7 let mis+han+e 4e sla-e to patien+e" be calm in the face of misfortune 4to . #or lo.7ay secret wedding da.ou in &n7 lea7 you e-en to 7eath" eantime #or4ear.ma7e 4ri7e*room #rom the +ity. an7 Juliet. With instruments upon them. terrible &n7 here I stan7.

I 8ill look on it" 4takes the letter? — read it Where is the 1ounty's pa*e. carried Was staye7 4y a++i7ent. &n7 she. &n7 then in post he +ame #rom antua Guickl. *oin* in the -ault. scatter o1er &n7 4i7 me stan7 aloo#. Bein* the time the potion's #or+e shoul7 +ease" effect should wear off But he 8hi+h 4ore my letter. an. famil. an7 so I 7i7" stand awa. 5"3"560 But then a noise 7i7 s+are me #rom the tom4. an7 I entreate7 her +ome #orth begged her to go &n7 4ear this 8ork o# hea-en 8ith patien+e. let my ol7 li#e went wrong Be sa+ri#i+e7 some hour 4e#ore his time m. 8hat ma7e your master in this pla+eE come to this place 2&'! 5"3"591 . that raise7 the 8at+hE alerted the guards Sirrah. drew his sword &n7 then I ran a8ay to +all the 8at+h" guards 2RI$1! 4reads the letter? 5"3"59@ %his letter 7oth make *oo7 the /riar's 8or7s. mine1. to get her out of 5"3"550 Or in my +ell there 8oul7 she kill hersel#" %hen *a-e I her. (nto the ri*or o# se-erest la8" 2RI$1! 5"3"569 We still ha-e kno8n thee #or a holy man"— weF1e alwa. make a plan %o ri7 her #rom this se+on7 marria*e.&S&R 5"3"5B1 I 4rou*ht my master ne8s o# Juliet's 7eath. &n7 threatene7 me 8ith 7eath. with it 1ame to this -ault to 7ie an7 lie 8ith Juliet" Where 4e these enemiesE 1apuletC onta*ueC 5"3"301 . /riar John.Betrothe7 an7 8oul7 ha-e marrie7 her per#or+e promised. I 7eparte7 not an7 le#t him there" if @ 2RI$1! 5"3"5B6 'i-e me the letter. an7 there8ithal druggist. b. &non +omes one 8ith li*ht to ope the tom4. an7 to the marria*e this is all @ know .e +ame 8ith #lo8ers to stre8 his la7y's *ra-e. %ill I +on-eniently +oul7 sen7 to Romeo" 5"3"5@5 But 8hen I +ame. soon. force %o 1ounty 2aris" 4to all? %hen +omes she to me. 4i7 me 7e-ise some mean upset. tomb eanin* to keep her +losely at my +ell secretl. here untimely lay a8akenin*5.s known . soon. news &n7 here he 8rites that he 7i7 4uy a poison O# a poor 'pothe+'ry. %he no4le 2aris an7 true Romeo 7ea7" faithful She 8akes. so tutore7 4y my5 art. &n7 8ith 8il7 looks.thing 5"3"565 is+arrie7 4y my #ault. an7 yesterni*ht dela. tragicall. too $urse is pri-y" &n7 i# au*ht in this aware. upset But. the ti7in*s o# her 7eath. %o this same pla+e. does support %heir +ourse o# lo-e. as @ ha1e studied & sleepin* potion. 7i7 -iolen+e on hersel#" kill herself &ll this I kno8. as it seems. #or it 8rou*ht on her %he #orm o# 7eath" eantime I 8rit to Romeo appearance. to this same monument" 4shows a letter? tomb %his letter he early 4i7 me *i-e his #ather.ou to be Where's Romeo's manE What +an he say to thisE B&)%. some minute ere the time before O# her a8akin*5. 8hi+h so took e##e+t &s I inten7e7.ed 5"3"5@0 Returne7 my letter 4a+k" %hen all alone &t the pre#iMe7 hour o# her 8akin* expected 1ame I to take her #rom her kin7re7's -ault. 8oul7 not *o 8ith me. wrote 5"3"555 %hat he shoul7 hither +ome as this 7ire ni*ht tragic %o help to take her #rom her 4orro8e7 *ra-e. open &n7 4y an7 4y my master 7re8 on him.

children &n7 I #or 8inkin* at your 7is+or7s too disregarding . @Fll place a statue of <omeo b. #or no more this handshake. hers 2oor sa+ri#i+es o# our enmityC pitiful 1ictims of our hatred 2RI$1! 5"3"31@ & *loomin* pea+e this mornin* 8ith it 4rin*s" %he sun. is still known b. an7 some punishJ7" /or ne-er 8as a story o# more 8oe %han this o# Juliet an7 her Romeo" 4=nd? .ou 1an I 7eman7" O$%&'(! But I +an *i-e thee more. ha1e a statue made of her %hat 8hile1 Verona 4y that name is kno8n. 8ill not sho8 his hea7" face 'o hen+e to ha-e more talk o# these sa7 thin*s" go on Some shall 4e par7one7.. wedding gift from .our fighting .a-e lost a 4ra+e o# kinsmenC &ll are punish'7C two of m. 1&2()!% 5"3"30@ O 4rother onta*ue.See 8hat a s+our*e is lai7 upon your hate. that name %here shall no #i*ure at su+h rate 4e set no figure will be as 1alued &s that o# true an7 #aith#ul Juliet" 1&2()!% 5"3"31= &s ri+h shall Romeo's 4y his la7y's lie. curse %hat hea-'n #in7s means to kill your Goys 8ith lo-eC a wa. *i-e me thy han7" %his is my 7au*hter's Gointure. #or sorro8. 5"3"309 /or I 8ill raise= her statue in pure *ol7.

3"5"1 Romeo an7 Juliet 8ake as he must lea-e #or antua 3"5"@5 Juliet's mother tries to +om#ort her 4y +ursin* Romeo 3"5"10B . an7 Romeo Goke aroun7 an7 tease $urse 5"="1@= Romeo an7 $urse plan #or the 8e77in* an7 8e77in* ni*ht 5"5"1 $urse tells Juliet the 8e77in* plans 5"@"1 /riar. 2rolo*ue 1"1"1 1apulets an7 onta*ues *et into a #i*htF 2rin+e stops them 1"1"11B Romeo's parents ask Ben-olio a4out Romeo's sa7 moo7 1"1"1@3 Romeo tells Ben-olio he is 4rokenhearte7 1"5"1 1apulet in-ites 2aris to 8oo Juliet 1"5"=6 Ben-olio persua7es Romeo to *o to 1apulet's 4all 1"3"1 Juliet's mother an7 $urse 7is+uss marria*e 8ith her 1"="1 Romeo an7 #rien7s talk 4e#ore the 4allF er+utio talks o# 7reams PHueen a4Q 1"5"1 1apulet 4all 4e*ins 1"5"=B Romeo an7 Juliet #all in lo-e at #irst si*ht 1"5"@1 %y4alt 8ants to kill Romeo #or +rashin* the partyF 1apulet stops him 1"5"10= Romeo 9 Juliet talk an7 kiss.e 4uys poison #rom an apothe+ary 5"5"1 /riar realiKes Romeo 7i7n't *et his messa*e 5"3"1 2aris #i*hts Romeo an7 7ies 5"3"B= Romeo #in7s Juliet an7 7rinks the poison 5"3"151 /riar arri-esF Juliet 8akes an7 sees Romeo's 4o7yF /riar #lees 5"3"1@5 Juliet kills hersel# $hursda. Ben-olio. morning 5"3"16@ !-eryone 7is+o-ers 8hat happene7 5"3"301 2rin+e +on7emns onta*ue an7 1apulet.INDEX Sunda. then learn they are enemies 5"0"1 2rolo*ue 5"1"1 Romeo slips a8ayF his #rien7s look #or him 5"5"1 Romeo 9 Juliet eM+han*e -o8s o# lo-e an7 plan to marry P4al+ony s+eneQ 6onda. 8ho #inally make pea+e . 5"3"1 /riar a*rees to marry Romeo 9 Juliet 5"="1 er+utio. ="="1 1apulet is preparin* the 8e77in* ="5"1 %hey #in7 Juliet an7 think she is 7ea7 ="5"105 2eter an7 usi+ians 7is+uss a son* 5"1"1 Romeo hears Juliet is 7ea7F he plans to 7ie 4y her si7e 5"1"@1 . Romeo 9 Juliet meet to 4e marrie7 3"1"1 er+utio Gokes 8ith Ben-olio 3"1"3B %y4alt +omes to +hallen*e Romeo 3"1"@1 Romeo re#uses to #i*ht 3"1"6= er+utio #i*hts %y4alt an7 7ies 3"1"15= Romeo #i*hts an7 kills %y4alt 3"1"1== )a7y 1apulet 7eman7s Gusti+eF 2rin+e 4anishes Romeo 3"5"1 Juliet looks #or8ar7 to her 8e77in* ni*ht 3"5"=1 $urse tells Juliet Romeo kille7 %y4alt an7 is no8 4anishe7 3"3"1 /riar tries to +om#ort RomeoF $urse arri-es 3"3"15@ %hey plan #or Romeo to -isit Juliet then #lee to antua 3"="1 1apulet plans #or Juliet to marry 2aris on %hurs7ay $ mother tells her she'll 8e7 2arisF she re#usesF her #ather is enra*e7 3"5"51@ $urse a7-ises Juliet to marry 2arisF Juliet #eels 4etraye7 ="1"1 2aris meets 8ith /riarF Juliet arri-es an7 e-a7es 2aris ="1"=5 /riar plans #or Juliet to #ake her 7eath to a-oi7 marryin* 2aris ="5"1 1apulet a7-an+es 8e77in* to We7nes7ay 8hen Juliet #ei*ns o4e7ien+e ="3"1 Juliet takes the sleepin* potion Lednesda.