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Politician reveals The Secret Agenda!, page 1

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Topic started on 10-4-2011 @ 06:20 AM by Anunakki

A Norwegian politician, reveals that there exist

comprehensive high-tech underground bases in Norway kept secret
using lies and cynicism. These are intended only for the elite, leading
politicians and specially selected people in a global catastrophe.
The rest of the Norwegian population should be left to die.

maintains an active, Norwegian politician with military backgrounds who have
confirmed its identity. The person is confirmed to be true and we
is confident that the source is exactly the Norwegian politician, he
claims to be. Because of the risk to life he does not wish to enter
his name publicly.

The Norwegian politician said that massive underground bases are kept secret
for the people by the government and leading politicians. These will be used by
the power elite in Norway of a future disaster. All facilities have been under
construction since 1983 and the last will be completed no later than in 2011.
The politician reveals about underground bases is extremely shocking and
suggests strongly that government and leading politicians in Norway is a small
cog in a big game controlled by the global power elite.

The most important truths are likely to be the least that society wants to hear
at the time. - W. H. Auden

Norwegian politician verified as genuine source

North man who wrote that message did it under his own name and have The US Soldier who Gets It!!!!!!!! There is Hope!!!!!!!
Posted 14 days ago with 251 member flags

converted by
Posted 14 days ago with 251 member flags
included a number of pictures of himself partly with Prime Minister Jens
My Top 10 Suspect Musician Deaths
Stoltenberg, Canada's former prime minister Kim Campbell and the late Posted 10 days ago with 141 member flags
Pakistani politician Benazir Bhutto. U.S. Nuclear Scientist Found Dead, Knew Too
These we have editors at gained access to and the politician's name. Much ?
Posted 15 days ago with 96 member flags
Thus we have verified the authenticity of the person and that the politician is
"The greatest crime in history" – Congressional
the one that really stands behind the information. Understandably, the Records June 10, 1932
Posted 12 days ago with 93 member flags
politician's name can not be stated or photos added out without consent. The
information below is originally received by Project Camelot. ATS members are being played like a fiddle...
Dance! ATS Dance!
There is no hard scientific data in his warnings. The informant does not explain Posted 17 days ago with 84 member flags
exactly how or why Planet X which he mentions are a threat. The source says File in U.N General Assembly that admits HAARP
exactly what he knows and no more. As a politician it is natural that the can manipulate weather and act as a Nuclear
message's focus is on vital socio-political issues rather than science. Posted 6 days ago with 77 member flags
If the contents of this report is true, it can hardly be of greater importance. Odd Sounds from "Spirit Cave" Tibet
Posted 19 days ago with 70 member flags
Near proof of HAARP causing earthquakes, and
direct evidence that contradicts HAARP website
Posted 9 days ago with 67 member flags
The politician's own words

I am a Norwegian politician. I want to say very difficult things going to happen from 2008
to 2012. The Norwegian government is based more and more underground bases and
bunkers as they call the "arches". When they are asked about what they are, they answer
simply that it is protection of the population. When I ask about when they will stand
finished, I get in reply "before 2011 ". A good number of other countries makes it same.
I have met a number of other major politicians and world leaders (can confirmed by the
images that are sent). All they know about this, but they do not want to scare the people
or create mass panic.
Planet X comes and Norway has begun with storage of food and seeds Svalbard and
several other places in Norway, with help from the U.S. and the EU. They will only save
those that are in the power elite and those who can rebuild society, such as doctors ,
Researchers and so on.

Officially, the project is called the Svalbard Global Seed Vault . Behind the sponsors are
Bill Gates has invested all 180 million of his own wallet with the Rockefeller Foundation
(related to the New World Order), Monsanto Corporation (genetically modified food),
Syngenta Foundation (pantenterer seeds) - and Government of Norway. When it comes to
me, I know already that I should leave before 2012 to an area in Mosjoen where we have
a deep underground military facility. Where are we divided into sectors (red, blue and
green). These camps have been built for long ago. All sectors and the bases are
connected via tunnels and has called leather buses called "NOAH 12" (as in Noah's ark)
that can take you from one base to another. This is for them to be in contact with each
other . Only the large doors separate those so that each sector not compromised in any
way. Rail transport buses are between the different bases underground. They have
systems with these everywhere. They are mainly used by the military to control all
together. I have visited a number of underground bases. We use leather buses to get
around. Only a few special people were chosen to tour. Those who are in direct line with
the power elite know this. I am very sad because of what I know. Often tears come forward
with others who know that so many will know the truth too late, and when it will be over for
them. The government has lied to the people since 1983 until now. All leading politicians
know this in Norway, but few will say anything to the people and the public because they
are afraid not to join the leather buses that will take them to bases where they will be
safe. Many will die People who want to be left on the surface of dying will not get anything
help at all. The plan is that 2 million people to be safe and the rest will die. That means
2,600,000 will perish without knowing what happens. All governments in the world is aware
of this and they say only that it going to happen. If they reveal anything to anyone is the
guaranteed death. But I do not care more about myself. Man must survive and the species
must survive . People must know this. For those of you who can save themselves, I can
only say that you should come up into higher areas and find caves up to the mountains
where you can have food stocks for at least five years of boksmat and water to last a
while. Radiation Plays and biodrakter is also recommended if your budget allows it . God
will not help us. Only each person individually can make a difference. Please wake up! I
can assure you 100% that things will happen. There are four years left to prepare for the
playoffs. Get weapons, create survival groups and a place where you can be safe with
food for a while. Just look around: They are building underground bases and bunkers
everywhere . Open your eyes, folks. Ask the government about what they build and they'll
say, 'Oh, it's just a warehouse for food, "and so on. The blinds you with all the lies.
Politicians with hidden agendas I often see that the Norwegian state politicians act as if
they are controlled in every thought. It is as if they are told to do things specific
behaviors. It is clear to me who they are and who they are . You can see it in his eyes and
in their mentality. Remember those who are going to be in or near urban areas in 2012 are
the is going to be hit first and die first. Later, military forces clean out the rest of the
survivors and they have a shoot to kill orders if there is resistance during transport to the
camps where all will be marked with a number and a label. The public will not know what
happens until the very end because government does not want to create mass panic.

converted by
Everything will be in hiding and government will simply disappear. A typical defined area
where the public can not escape to. Photo: Adrian, A tour of the underground
bases When I participated in the military, I was at one point given a task to get something
out of a base and deliver it to another base. We were told: "Do not ask any questions.
Just do your job." When we landed outside the base , we were transported in trucks to the
outside of the base where there were large doors which was heavily guarded by military
personnel. Or it seemed like they were military personnel, but they had different uniforms
on the : Orange and black uniforms for the orange-clad had a gold triangle on the black
suit and had a green triangle. The triangle pointing downward like a pyramid upside down
and it had some strange symbols in them. To me it looked like the letter E, but lines
were not connected to the letter as we write this letter. It was designed as an E, but in the
middle pointed letter inward. symbols were just above the chest on the left side of the
black-clad and the cap they wore. The symbols were like an ordinary brand, but clear
enough to see them. We entered the big doors. I thought, 'What the hell is this " and felt a
bit intimidated at first. It was like something out of a science fiction movie. This was the
first time I was in such a database. We came into a 500 meter tunnel where there was
more of this military personnel with weapons, as expected, with further transport for us.
We were divided into groups. Some were sent one way, while I and my group was asked to
follow the black-clad guards to another location. When we got to the end, we were asked
to take on some masks "for our own protection". I thought: "For our own protection? Are
not we already well protected by being inside this huge underground complex of armed
guards?" We were then asked to enter on a leather coach. They were driven by a kind of
kind of blue crystal energy. At least it was the way it looked. When we sat inside these
buses, I asked one of the guards: "What is this?" He said: "There's no need to know". In
the front where the operator sat, there was a window with a box next next to him. Just
before he started to see the big blue-violet crystals emit a violet-blue light, not dazzle
you, but which was quite nice to look at. I have never seen such energilys crystal or
some other places. I therefore thought that this must be power source. I guess the energy
field as we went through before we came to check was driven by these crystals, since it
was same type of light. Later in the base I saw that some people working with these blue-
violet crystals. They were bigger than those I had seen in rail bus, about a meter long,
and they were placed on a line one by one. They ran a special light through. They were
blue-violet and when they were lit on the inside, they were more blue and had a stronger
color. The people were wearing white masks and goggles and stood at a distance when
the light went into the crystals. I was about 20 yards away. We were quickly led of place
when they said: "Come on, move on!" I could see that there was a tunnel-like system and
the other leather buses went so quickly that you only saw a flash of light that flew past. It
seemed like there was a vacuum-based system where there is no air resistance. Rail
buses was almost as large as the tunnel. They were around 12 meters long and had a
pointed shape in front and behind, and had seats for 10 people with the operator. You
could run both ways and it was not necessary to turn them. They were sealed on the
inside after you went into them. There were also separate rooms for cargo that you could
take with you, but not much. There were quite a few of these skins buses around, and
they passed just like a light passes in a flash. I had not seen the other leather times
since it went so fast. You forget to look up around when you're on the inside of one of
these. You you either concentrates on your stomach. These leather buses moved
extremely fast. I've never seen anything like this before . When we arrived at the station, I
felt nauseous and the other people who were there felt the same. One of the guards said
it used to be the first time with everyone. When we came out, we were given goggles and
asked to go through a security check. Here are all ghastly. There were guards with guns
everywhere and a new energy field that we had to go through. I thought, "Here I should not
be". So we went through this energy field and came out into another room. I put noticed a
display on the side of the wall that read: "HUMAN - NOT HUMAN - PURE - NOT PURE."
The rest of what was on screen was a strange language I've never seen before. The
guards asked us to change clothes inside a room and join in the future. When we had
done it, they said it was time to go further. Again I thought : "How big is this place?" We
just got out of a rail system that went miles ... and it was more? We were led on to an
elevator system with a seat that would take us down, or it was what I thought it would do.
Instead it went sideways for about three minutes. In this place time was an unknown
factor because we had no way of knowing what time was when they had taken from us all
at the check-in. All I can say is that when the job was done, I realized that the world does
not is as it seems to be and that much is hidden from the population. It makes me sad
and afraid. Threats from space Later when I became a politician, I started digging into this
because I wanted more answers. What I found was that the base was survival bunkers
for the government, some of the people and military to survive inside . It is a threat from
the outside is going to happen in the year 2012 and underground bases built for that part
of the human race to survive. Planet X is known for all the information that I have talked
to so far. The Norwegian government knows this and keeps it hidden from public. They
have tracked this object for a long time now and was given the first warning from the U.S..
I know that there are 18 bases in Norway. I do not know what many of dangers are when
I'm not a scientist, but from what I know so the various governments leave before 2012 to
the bases. If this object passes us, it will be very many problems on the surface of the
earth. That's all I know. This is why they will go underground. If such an event comes, they
have ensured that they will have supplies underground for five years or more to avoid this.
When they know it's safe on the surface, they will rebuild the community again. We were
just told that we must leave before 2012 and that there is something in space is going to

converted by
cause major damage. I do not know if there is a threat from the sun or Planet X. I'm not so
in the science of things. I only tell what I have seen and been told and nothing more. I will
not get anything other than problems by posting this and I have no need to mislead
anyone . I do this only to expose what is happening in Norway and that some might survive
it is to come. I can say that I've already said too much, but you are now warned ... I have
no need to find on this or create mass panic. I just want to tell the public about what is to
come, so I have done what I can from my side. Fear keeps the truth hidden Those who
know the truth are afraid to talk about what they know when they fear for their lives. I want
the audience to also know what is going on . All the leading politicians in Norway know of
this. They know that if they reveal anything they will be removed from his position and be
denied access to the different underground bases when the time is right . The future of my
children is all I can think of - and all the other children growing up in the new world. We
must do something for those so that they can grow up and know what their parents did for
them, so as to give this information to people like you. Please share this information with
the rest of the internet. When the time comes, people will survive because of the
information they have received from various sites on the Internet. There is much in this
world that are not known to the public. I can say one thing about all this: Do not go quietly
into the night. Be ready and have faith in yourself. It is no help in trusting the government.
Rely only on yourself. Take precautions to be safe with your family. Join together with
others. Work together to find ways to solve all the countless problems you will face.

Arrested by the Police Security Service

Police Security Service (PST) is fully aware of the politician's identity and
monitors his e-mail and cell phones constantly. The Norwegian intelligence
service was involved when Camelot team was in Norway earlier this year. The
police went to arrest of the Norwegian politician days before an agreed
meeting with Project Camelot so that they could not interview the politician
That they failed to get in touch with the politician when they met up in Oslo can
be assumed to support the person's credibility. Project Camelot is said to be
regarded as "dangerous" by the Norwegian intelligence service.
A number korrespondanter in Norway and Sweden have been in contact with
Project Camelot, including two scientists and a former intelligence officer ,
confirms that the underground bases exist as outlined.
Changed his story
After to have escaped after his arrest a week later changed his story politician
something. The above information is maintained as indicated by except that he
now believes that the information about Planet X is disinformation. Why is it
important for the PST that you can not talk about something that does not
exist in their eyes? Is it to avoid panic in population or is it to keep secret the
facts - or both?
Changed statements typically comes either to the politician simply have
misunderstood the information or that he's been threatened into silence. We
leave it to you to interpret this change in opinion.
Globalization a threat to national security
Project Camelot is perceived as a threat to the global power elite with all its
revelations, but why the Norwegian PST? power elite have long gained a place
in many Government agencies, according to journalist Per-Aslak Ertresvåg. A
few years ago it was made a departmental analysis of the main dangers of
terrorist attacks against Norway. result of the analysis was reported in Daily
newspaper article, "Globalisation Opponents a danger to national security" who
interviewed the then State Secretary of Justice, Jørn Holme . Today he is chief
of police intelligence service PST.

Below is a selection of related articles from other Norwegian media that has
been in the news recently:

The Prime Minister refuses to issue internal memo in DnB NOR case. Want Jens
Stoltenberg to the court. silly mistake, professional cover-up. Prime Property
to 350 million. 350 billion in emergency package - madness set in the system.
Crisis Package ports so. Norges Bank selling all the gold. Norway's golden
blunder. Arve gold that disappeared. Corruption rampant in Norway - especially
in the public sector.

converted by
Planet X - Nibiru
As the politician refers something called "Planet X" as we take a closer look at
this. Nibiru as it is also known from ancient times, comes from the Sumerians
impairments and means "the intersecting plane. Nibiru passing Earth last in
1600 BC, according to historical depreciation and its very long cycle is over
3600 years. Thus, we end up with that Nibiru will pass earth again in these
In recent times indicates that the current planet was discovered by NASA in
1983 with their Infrared Astromomiske Satellite (IRAS). This is otherwise the
same year as a politician refers to. Planet X is reported to be 2.5 to 4 times
larger and have 23 times denser than Earth. It is believed that Planet X will pass
near our planet. According to the politician, it will happen around 2012. It has
also been reported in largely because the South Pole Telescope (SPT), which are
set by the U.S. government is built to follow Planet X.
Planet X is beyond the cycle of Pluto. It was first reported in The New York
Times 19 June 1982:
Something out there beyond the farthest part of the solar system create
disturbances in Uranus and Neptune. A gravitational force disturb the two giant
planets and cause irregularities in their orbit. This power suggests an invisible
presence far away, a large object as the long sought Planet X. Astronomers are
so certain on this planet's existence that they have already named it "Planet X
- the 10th planet."
The abnormal mass was first observed in 1983 by IRAS according to the news
element of The Washington Post:
A heavenly mass, probably as big as giants Jupiter and possibly so close to
Earth that it will be a part of this solar system, has been discovered in the
direction of the constellation Orion from an orbiting telescope connected to the
U.S. infrared astronomical satellite. It is so mysterious that astronomers do
not know if it's a planet, a giant comet, a nearby prototypical star who never
became hot enough to to be a star, a distant galaxy so young that it is still in
the process of forming its first stars or a galaxy so omsvøpt in dust that none
of the light from its stars ever gets through.
In an article called "Another Candidate For Planet X Spotted" published by
MSNBC on May 7 October 1999, "said Alan Boyle:
Two groups of researchers have proposed the existence of an unnoticed planet
or a failed star circling the sun at a distance of more than 2 trillion mil, far
beyond the cycles of the nine known planets . Planetary scientists at the Open
University in England, speculate that the object may be a planet larger than
Currently, Planet X passes, it is possible that the soil can be affected of its
magnetic and gravitational effects from that it's a much bigger and closer
plane, referred to as the star of Wormwood in the Bible.
Worst case scenario
When and if Planet X passes Earth as it is on the "right" side of sun so we can
scientifically see for ourselves the following worst-case scenario :
Our planet will stop its rotation completely in three days. Intense
electromagnetic storms can occur and break the global infrastructure. Red dust
may rain down on planet and cause drinking water a reddish color. Earthquakes
and extremely heavy showers may occur. Gigantic volcanic eruptions can
black out the sky over the world with smoke and ash. Hurricanes and tsunamis
huge will smooth most of the earth. Pole shift change weather and climate
significantly and tilt of the Earth on its axis. ice at the South Pole and Greenland
will melt in a short time and cause world's oceans will rise significantly.
Continents will sink into the sea and other countries will rise.
Cycle of Nibiru and how the planet is said to pass indicated in red. Image: Dark
Star Theory.
To avoid mass panic, the warnings will not be broadcast by authorities by radio,
TV or in the newspapers about the upcoming change. Very few will be prepared
for the magnitude of the devastation soil could be exposed. As much as 90
percent of humanity will could potentially perish.
The big planet is still far beyond Pluto. As the comes closer, it will be visible with
the naked eye as a red cross in the southern night sky. When it passes Pluto's

converted by
orbit will take around 90 days before it passes the Earth at the closest.
NASA has not mentioned Planet X since it was first reported by the in 1983. If
it means it does not exist or is not a real threat we can completely disregard
the above apocalyptic prediction. Let's hope the latter.
Mystery Heavenly Body Discovered (Washington Post, 1983). Infrared
Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) (Wikipedia). Unidentified point sources in the IRAS
mini-survey (The Astrophysical Journal). Pluto ha new, father out peer (CNN).
A mystery revolving around the sun (MSNBC). The location of Planet X (The
Astronomical Journal). Bob Dean: The coming of Nibiru (Project Camelot).
North Magnetic Pole Is Shifting Rapidly Toward Russia (National Geographic).
NASA Claims Polar Shift Due In 2012 (NASA ). New South Pole Telescope two
Study Mysterious Dark Energy (
South Pole Telescope is claimed to be built to follow Planet X.
Coming apocalypse in 2012?
If it goes out with the politician's true, then it may appear that government
authorities react to what they believe will come. If NASA and Governments
worldwide are aware of this, it explains the alleged huge underground facilities
being built and the seed vault on Svalbard . Planet X is a potential credible
reason to prepare this.
According to the Mayan calendar stops our era in 2012. The Swedish scientist
Carl Johan Calleman has studied the Mayan calendar inbound and found that the
exact date is 28 October 2011. If this date has a relevance to Planet X is
however not made any depth studies although several unverified sources claim
What would happen if Planet X actually comes? If it really plays out its full
potential, we can experience massive floods in coastal areas, gusts well over
200 km / h over the world and a change of the magnetic poles, which will tilt
the earth's axis over and potentially place Norway on completely different
latitudes. The potential devastation can be globally devastating.
You are free to consider the following basic preparation for an emergency:
1. Due to possible severe flooding in coastal areas, move to hills and higher
areas away from coastal areas. main thing is to get away from tidal waves and
areas that potentially will remain below sea level.
2. Because of the potential destructive winds, building robust shelters
underground or that can withstand winds of well over 200 km / h.
3. Store food that can withstand long-term storage as canned goods, pasta
and rice. Have extra water available and get water filtration systems. Make a
larger stock with firewood and cooking facilities including matches, lighters and
4. Have a power system available, car battery or diesel generator with plenty
of diesel saved. It would hardly be the power available. A portable radio with
batteries can be useful.
5. Keep composure. Poor decisions made in emotional states. Whatever
happens, stay restrained and centered.
There may be factors that come into play in a plan that makes above totally
redundant. About Planet X exists or will head do damage should certainly
debatable, but it does not hurt to be prepared for bad times if you are able to
do so.
Courage is being scared to Death, But saddling up anyway. - John Wayne
A solid mountain cabin might be nice to have. Photo: Lars Marius Garshol.
The power behind the power
Let us assume that Planet X is a real threat. Thus, we should look closely at
why this information is kept hidden from public. If we take the well-known to
us rumors about plans to those who called New World Order (NWO) as
apparently the pieces fall into place.
The new world order is claimed by countless sources on the internet to consist
of a global power elite including the Bilderberg Group. One of their stated goal
is to reduce the wood's population from 6 billion to 500 million people to make
it possible to control all the inhabitants of Earth. A disaster that Planet X could
potentially result will be a essential element in achieving exactly this - and thus

converted by
the total secrecy of utmost importance.
"Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in balance with nature's carrying
capacity," it says on the monument erected by unknown in Georgia, USA.
Former chief editor Per-Aslak Ertresvåg reveals in his book "The power behind
the power" a secret society which claimed to rule the world and has a solid
foothold in Norway, also featured on TV2 Nettavisen. The book deals with
greed, hatred and insatiable lust of a secret power happy, international finance
small as deliberately working to abolish democracy and mennekerettigheter. It
is this that lies behind what called "globalization", which is a cover and a cover-
up behind a worldwide conspiracy.
Bilderberg holds an annual conference where a small selection of the world's
most powerful invited. Bilderberg Group is also part owner of the Svalbard
Global Seed Bank together with the Norwegian government. Participants at the
conference has not allowed to discuss what is happening with the world. Just
invitees are allowed to attend. Those invited are people with influence in
commerce, media, politics, academia and economy.
Via secret agreements in such meetings is the purpose of creating a worldwide
system of financial control in private hands are able to rule over the political
system of every country and the economy in the world as a whole, governed
by the obscure maktelites desire to create new world order, totalitarian in
character. This, according to Dr. Carroll Quigley, spiritual mentor to Bill Clinton.
David Rockefeller was the initiator of the formation of Bilderberg organization.
At a meeting in Germany in 1991, with Norwegian participation, he should have
made this statement:
We are grateful above Washington Post, The New York Times , Time Magazine
and other great publications including their directors have attended our
meetings and respected their promises of discretion in almost forty years. It
would be impossible for us to implement our plan for the world if we had been
subject to the bright lights of public through these years. But the world is now
more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The
overnajonale superiority of the intellectual elite and world bank directors is
clearly preferable to the national self-determination which is practiced in
previous centuries.
Several prominent Norwegians have attended Bilderberg including our own
Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, according to VG article Power mysterious
meeting (printed in VG August 18, 2002) and many other sources. The list
below is a summary of all involved.

Norwegian participants at the Bilderberg conferences:

▪ Jens Stoltenberg (Labour Party, Prime Minister)
▪ Gro Harlem Brundtland (Labour Party, former Prime Minister and Director
General of WHO)
▪ Thorvald Stoltenberg (AP)
▪ Siv Jensen (FRP)
▪ Kristin Clemet (H)
▪ Jan Petersen (H)
▪ Willoch (H, former Prime Minister)
▪ Per Ditlev-Simonsen (H)
▪ Vollebaek (KrF)
▪ Svein Gjedrem (Norges Bank)
▪ Kjell Storvik (Norges Bank)
▪ John G. Bernander (NRK)
▪ Per Egil Hegge (Aftenposten)
▪ Nils Morten Udgaard (Aftenposten)
▪ Jens P. Heyerdahl d.y. (Orkla, Dagbladet)
▪ Geir Lundestad (Nobel committee)
▪ Christian Hambro (Norwegian Research Council)
▪ Arild Underdal (UiO)
▪ Harald Norvik (Telenor)
▪ Finn Bergesen jr. (NHO)
▪ Erik G. Braathens (Braathens)
▪ Svein Aaser (DnB NOR)

converted by
▪ Eivind Reiten (Norwegian Hydro)
▪ Egil Myklebust (Norwegian Hydro, SAS)
▪ Morten Westye Hoegh (Shipowner)
▪ Johann Olav Koss and many more.

Anyone are invited to these secret meetings belong to their country's political
or financial management layer. Elite-men meet and power elite and power
people. It's called networking. They have no way to intends to strengthen
compassion, family feeling, solidarity between people, the Norwegian state or
nation, or democracy, "said Ertresvåg.
All Norwegian participants' mouths have been closed by returning with seven
seals. "At the meeting in 1999 attended 14-respected media. None of them
reported something to their readers and listeners," said Thorvald Stoltenberg
to VG in 2002.
In politics nothing happens by accident. If that happens, you can bet it was
planned that way. - Franklin Delano Roosevelt
A typical response from one of the participants at the Bilderberg conference in
Washington earlier this year. Photo:
Sleep, my little Norway
If we look at the politician claims to reveal the underground bases and secrecy
of a coming global disaster, one can speculate about this only the tip of the
iceberg of what goes on behind closed doors among leading politicians in
Norway. In any case, if we take it for us journalist Per-Aslak Ertresvåg, with
over 50 years experience in the press and 18 years as a member of
Parliament's press lodge, writes about in his recently released book Sleep, my
little Norway.

Here he describes the country Norway, a beautiful illusion that still held up by
hypocrisy, lies and hidden actions. Powerful forces from outside has conquered
us inside with help from Norwegian collaborators. We are exposed to chemical
warfare: Chemtrails from foreign aircraft from NATO irradiation facilities that
impair the health and our leaders discernment, and vaccination programs that
make our children sick.
The author of the power behind the power, this time taking us on an expedition
behind the dark backdrop of Norwegian life and politics, power hidden arena.
The facts he cites are alarming, though often selected question form so that
readers left to draw their own conclusions.

How long should we accept a Nazi dominated lovparagraf in our mental health?
What is the reason that Norway annual mind forcibly put five times as many
people in psychiatric institutions as our neighbors, Denmark and Sweden ? If our
drinking water is sold to foreign countries? Are we on the way from risk society
to a catastrophe society? Why is the Norwegian media silent against fraud and
abuse of power in society? The questions which the media shadows from being
raised in this book which was launched a few weeks ago.
According to Gaylon Ross to the global elite have full control over U.S. military
units, NATO, the Secret Service, CIA (which originated at the initiative of the
elite), long way to the Supreme Court and the National Security Agency (NSA),
which is related to security, monitoring and military point of research.
Drug Production protected by Norway

In 1971, President Richard Nixon declared the U.S. "war on drugs". It was at
that time under half a million heavy drug users in country. Three decades later,
the figure increased tenfold to around five million heavy users and a trillion
dollars of tax money is used to achieve this result. The reason is said to be that
the drug is America important commodity. Banks, Police, CIA, and the power is
involved to make good money and have the ability to control neighboring
countries. Recently, both Bolivia and Venezuela expelled the U.S. ambassador
of their respective countries because the ambassador has six warnings continue
to support Bolivia's violent opposition ruled by the wealthy elite in the country.

According to Cathy O'Brien smuggling CIA cocaine into the United States in the

converted by
corpse surfaces and in the bodies of soldiers killed . "The only War on Drugs I
witnessed was the CIA war started against its competitors on the market," she
says. In Afghanistan was US-backed opium producers removed the Taliban.
After the U.S. occupation in 2002 is the manufacturers back again, thanks to
U.S. troops' protection of drug production in Afghanistan - which is behind 90%
of world opium production.
Thus one can ask why the Norwegian government has deployed Norwegian
soldiers in the same location. To protect the local population against the Taliban
or protect oil pipelines and the elite's cynical production and export of drugs by
the CIA? According to Aftenposten NATO also close their eyes to the opium
problem in Afghanistan.
Chemtrails over Norway
Robert McNamara, U.S. Secretary of Defense who ordered the use of Agent
Orange in Vietnam , later head of the World Bank, several times commented in
public about the need to make a powerful population control. "Reducing the
number of births has proved impossible or inadequate. Therefore, one must
increase the mortality rate," he says .
Emissions via Chemtrails (chemical traces) from flying over Norway suggests a
hidden, but observable chemical-biological war against the Norwegian
population. It takes place in the biggest secret - that is only necessary if you
have something to hide.
No government minister in Norway, no parliament has ever publicly
commented on the phenomenon. The Norwegian government, military or
health authorities can not be oblivious to the irregular flights that must require
authorization at a high level.

HAARP in Norway
HAARP is an acronym for High Frequency Active Auroral Research program
(high-frequency auroral research) and consists of extremely powerful
transmitters projecting microwave radiation up to several gigawatts strength in
ionsfæren. Only a few Norwegians have heard about HAARP technology. Even
fewer of them have heard about this technology's negative aspects for the
planet Earth and its life forms . Almost nobody knows that there is HAARP
facility at Norwegian soil.
HAARP technology is the future technology for good or evil. This military
technology be kept secret and there is evidence of malicious intent technology
has been used and are currently used in Norway. There is silence about it with
the Norwegian government. Potential victims do not own words and missing
terms to describe what has happened to them, Maarit M. Hansen argues in his
book Tors Hammer.
Skeptics believe that critics of the HAARP technology live fantasy world and talk
about science fiction. But the author believes that future is here now and its
drawbacks already characterizes our life. We are concerned about how we can
protect ourselves and our families.
The Norwegian HAARP radar system located in Tromsø and on Svalbard. They
belong EISCAT, a private international scientific company. These radars is not
under democratic control.
Satellite image of the HAARP facility in Tromsø. Photo: Google Earth.
Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg's New Year speech on 1 January 2007, almost
two years ago , declared that Norway is on track to get his own moon landing
technology. What fewer of us knew at the time, what this really meant
statement has now appeared. Prime Minister moon landing technology is
synonymous with weapons technology in climate and environment. In recent
years, Norway has seen several larger, more powerful and sudden lightning
storms, earthquakes, landslides, rockslides and landslides in urban traffic tunnel
leading than ever before. There have been several large fires in townhouses,
senior housing, etc. These are typical goals for HAARP weapons. It is legitimate
to ask whether the State of Norway has declared a war against unsuspecting
civilian population.

The U.S. military now uses everyone's natural satellite, moon, as a test field for
the HAARP facility in Alaska. There is suspicion that it is technology of this

converted by
testing Stoltenberg was referring to in his speech . Norway will participate in
developing the real Star Wars technology. The aim is that the real Star Wars
technology will ready to tackle alien attack on Earth. But this is classified
HAARP is synonymous with weapons. It is a military weapon technology and
research on weapons technology through multinational and global cooperation
between traditional industrialized countries and underdeveloped countries like
India and China . Monopoly Capitalism will interfere with the economy to
underdeveloped countries through cooperation within the Star Wars technology.
goal for the Norwegian government, the "humane" intent is to create a new
global social model for the economy through the arms industry in climate and
the environment. These new weapons are only two or three of the western
countries (Germany, UK and USA) who can afford to acquire. Norway is just a
test object.
The new time means to you and me that the war is lifted up over our heads .
Communication technology and information technology is used in the new
weapons technology. Abuse of this technology occurs when governments
through horse-trading sell their unsuspecting population as test object for use
by the multinational military-industrial complex .
Related books

For numerous other revelations, read the books The power behind the power,
and Sleep, my little Norway. Also check out the book Hidden Agenda by Mike
Cechanowicz which go to the bottom of the power elite behind. Download
Hidden Agenda (. Pdf), 141 pages from 2008. Download Game (. Pdf), 20
pages from 2008, Mike's precursor to Hidden Agenda and Life Guide. Read the
Norwegian book about HAARP technology, Tors Hammer of Maarit M. Hanssen.
Download the document HAARP technology (. Pdf), 20 pages of Z. Kaspersen.
Disseminate information on
This article outlines a sinister and cunning community that is hardly to believe,
but I still the future with optimistic eyes. Many positive changes is about to
happen at higher levels and a long awaited political change will hopefully enter
into force in the United States during the shortly. From now to 2012 and
beyond, many different views and insider revelations come to the surface. We
are all co-creators in our world, from moment to moment. You can
consciously participate in creating a bright and positive future for humanity in
the community, and work to awaken the sleeping and bringing truth to light -
wherever it may lead .
None are more hopelessly under pressure than those who falsely believe they
are free. - Johan Wolfgang von Goethe

Are we a victim of a series of illusions or are we clever citizens with an honest

and excellent track rule? If you have the believes that the information in this
article do not match reality so you can continue to live life as normal and
assume that power elite in Norway want your best. However, if you believe it is
a grain of truth in the information presented there is one particular things you
can do:
Disseminate information to as many as you can. Tell all the newspapers,
magazines, radio stations, TV stations and websites and get them to write
about the case. You are free to copy this article in its entirety and post it in
your blog, now is, Facebook, discussion forums or where you want. Send the
happy neighbors, relatives, friends, significant community people and politicians.
The power elite will collapse when enough people know the truth!

Let the matter drop down into the deep, black rabbit hole - or make your
future better by spreading the information on.

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