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oti Sate Univers Beeaion Envelope 1: 8017E016.6482-4 858 SO0S:ZEAIABOEABAC GAME CONTRACT SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE ‘This AGREEMENT is made and entered into this 13th day of Soptember in the city of loosa State of Alabams, by and between ‘The University of Alabuna and Herida WITNESSETH that: 1 ‘The said parties mutually agree to cause their respective varsity teams to meét in the city of Tallahassee in the state of Florida on the 30th day of August, 2025 and in the city of Tuscaloosa in the state of Alabama on the J9th day of September, 2026 and then and there engage in games of Varsity Football (the games), ‘The games are to be played at TBD o'clock TBD. The teams acknowledge the long-term nature of football schedule planning and that conference rules, including the requirement to play a minimum number of games cach season within their respective conferences, as well as the prospect that conference alignments could change, dictating thet a game cannot be played during the 2025 or 2026 season. Accordingly, should this occur, the teams agree to discuss in good faith a future date(s) for the game(s) to be played. ‘The eligibility of all players to participate in the game shall be governed by the rules ‘and regulations of its own conference and the NCAA. Ticket prices shall be set by the HOME TEAM. ‘The HOME TEAM agrees to pay the VISITING TEAM, as full and complete compensation, the fixed sum of $500,000.00 within 90 days after the game. ‘The cheerleaders and mascot of each team shall be admitted free of charge provided they are in uniform and their attendance shall not be included in the game report, unless otherwise agreed upon by both institutions. ‘The VISITING TEAM shall be allotted 5,000 ticke (including bands), said tickets to be in number and location in the customary visiting for sale to its followers team location. NOTE: The visiting team will pay full face value for each ticket utilized. DDosuSign Envelope ID: 8017ED18-9452.4853-8605.2EA1ASO448AC. SEC-A Page 2 of 3 Any unused tickets must be returned to the Home Athletic Ticket Office by August 1, 2025 and August 1, 2026, prior to each game respectively. Radio Rights ‘The radio broadcast of the game shall be under control of the home team. The visiting team shall be permitted one (1) commercial originating station feeding the visiting team’s commercial radio network and one (1) official institutional or student operating station feeding the visiting team’s campus, at no charge. Other radio origination rights and fees to be assigned by the home team with all receipts remaining the property of the home team. ‘Television and Other Distribution Rights. Except for the radio rights described under this Agreement, the conference of the home team for each game covered by this Agreement exclusively owns and retains, and is entitled to retain all revenues derived therefrom, all rights to televise or otherwise distribute audio, video or audiovisual coverage of such game and any and all portions of such game (whether live or delayed and including re-aits and highlights) throughout the universe by any all ‘means, uses, and media now known or hereafter developed. Notwithstanding the foregoing, (i) the visiting team and its conference shall have the non-exclusive rights to create and distribute coach’s films of each game for use solely for coaching and scouting purposes (and for no other purpose, including for general distribution on any linear or digital network such as the NFL cable television network and related platforms), and (ii) if the respective conferences of institutions party to this Agroement enter into a separate agreement describing the rights of a visiting team (and/or its conference) to distribute audiovisual coverage of a game played between institutions from such respective conferences, and such agreement remains in full force and effect when any game covered by this Agreement occurs, the visiting team (and/or its conference) for such game shall have the rights as described in such agreement, The visiting team for each game covered by this Agreement hereby authorizes the home team (and its conference) to use (and to authorize each entity ‘effecting or facilitating the telecast or other distribution of such game to use) the trademarks and logos of the visiting team to promote and publicize such game and the participating teams and institutions, provided that such trademarks and logos DDocuSign Envelope ID: 8D17ED18-0482-4853.0605 2EA1AI0448AC. SEC-A Page 3 of 3 ‘must not be used as an endorsement of any products or service or in connection with any political cause or candidate, To the extent that this Section conflicts or is inconsistent with any other language or provision in such Agreement, the terms and content of this Section shall control and supersede any other such language or provision, 10, It is agreed by both partics that in the event of a breach by either party, actual damages would be of an uncertain amount and, in view of that fact, the breaching party shall pay the non-breaching party for each game that is not played as reasonable and contemplated liquidated damages, $2,000,000,00, In the event the Atlantic Coast Conference ot Southeastem Conference require an eleven (11) game conference schedule each season the liquidated damages would reduce to $500,000.00, 11, Officials for the game shall be assigned by the ¢ Coast Confere we For the played on Soplembor 19, 2026. 12. In the event of fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, war, invasion, hostilities, rebellion, insurrection, confiscation by order of the goverument, military or public authority or prohibitory or governmental authority, including that ofthe Southeastern Conference, or the Atlantic Coast Conference, making it impossible or impractical to play the games, both parties shall be relieved of any and all obligations of this agreement, The parties will exercise their best efforts to attempt to reschedule the affected game on a mutually convenient date. —— = Vit ident for Financial Affairs ‘The Ugiyersity of Alabama ‘les ofthe dene Cone! LL PO Mehl Mere ‘socata General Conel Directo? of Athletics VISITING TEAM

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