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‘OOTBALL GAME AGREEMENT. FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY ATHLETICS DEPARTMENT ‘This Football Game Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into by and between THE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY BOARD OF TRUSTEES, a public body comporate ofthe State of Florida, for and on behalf of ts Intercollegiate Football Program and DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY, In consideration of the mutual promises and covenants contained herein and other good and Valuable consideration, the paris, intending tobe legally bound, agree as follows: 1. Purpose: The purpose of this Agreement isto confitm the arangements and conditions for playing a football game (“Game”) between Florida Stale University (Home Team”) and Duquesne University (‘Visiting Team”) 2. Event: The parties shall cause their varsity football teams to participate inthe Game against «ach other in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Tae Game shall be played on the date and at the location set forth below: DAY DATE IME___LOCATION SATURDAY AUGUST27, 2022 RD TALLAHASSEE, PL. 3. Rules: The Game shall be governed by the rules and rogulations of the National Colle Athletic Association ("NCAA"), the applicable conference, and the institutional rules of the “ome Team as then in effect at the time of the Game 4, Eligibility of Team Members: The eligibility ofall players to participate inthe Game shall be povemed by the rules and regulations of the NCAA and the eppliceble conference and institutional rales of each party as then in effect a the time of the Gem Eligibility as Football Championship Subdivision Opponent: Not late than July 1, 2022, the Visiting Team shall provide the Home Team with sufficient evidence necessary to confirm that itisa Football Championship Subdivision (*FCS") member having averaged 90 percent ofthe pemnissible maximum number of grants-in-aid per year in foctall over a rolling two-year period, 6. Game Officials: On-feld and replay officials (collectively, “Officials” for the Game shall be sssigned, and pad, by the Atlantic Coast Conference. 7. Compensation of Visiting Team: The Home Team shall pay the Visiting Team the fixed sua of Four Hundred Thousand Dollars ($400,000.00) tobe paid on or before February 15, 2023. Except fr this fee, the Visiting Team shall be entitled to no other or additional payments from the Home Tear in connection with the Game. 8, ‘Thets: Ticket prices shall be set by the Home Team. The Home Team shall provide tothe Visiting Team three hundred (300) complimentary tickets forthe Gume. In addition, a the sume time, the Visiting Team shall have the option of taking on consignment forse tickets from the Home Team forthe Game (‘Consigned Tickets"). The amount of Cansigned Tickets tvalable for saleby the Visiting Team shall be mutually agreed toby the partis ‘The Visiting Team shall return all unsold Consigned Tickets to the Home Team insufficient time to permit their sale by the Home ‘Team prior tothe Game, At the sme time, the Visiting ‘Team shall remit to the Home Team payment equal to the aggregate face value of the (Consigned Tickets sold or distributed by the Visiting Team, or otherwise not timely returned to the Home Team as described inthis section 8, Additionally the parties gree that 8. As ofthe July I immediately prior tothe date of the Game, the Visiting Teatn shall retain no more than five hundred (500) unsold Consigned Tickets from the original allotment received from the Home Team. The remainder shall be returned via ‘overnight mailto the Home Team and b, As of two weeks prior fo the date ofthe Game, the Visiting Team shall retain no more than two hundred (200) unsold Consignment Tickets from the original allotment received from the Home Team. The remainder shall be retuned via overnight mail tthe Home Team, ‘The Visiting Team shall conduc all sles of Consigned Tickets in compliance with applicable federal, state, and local law. Cheerleaders and mascots foreach institution shall be admitted to the Game without charge ‘when in uniform. However, seating for the Visiting Team's band (which shall be ina ‘contiguous blocked location) shall be purchased from the Consigned Tickets allotment, Additionally, the Visiting Team shall be provided: () use of one () stadium suit, the location of which shall be determined by the Home Team; (i) parking passes in an amount to be ‘determined by the Home Team; and ji) sixty (60) team bench area passes (or the maximum ‘number pennssible by NCAA guidelines atthe time ofthe Game). All such team bench area passes shall be subject to the requirements set forth in the NCAA football playing rules and Aistributed in accordance with the Home Team's operational guidelines and policies. Assigned Visiting Team personnel shall wear team bench area passes at all applicable times. 9. Radio Rights: The Visiting Team shall be allowed one (1) fre radio outlet for alive radio broadcast and shall retain the revenue from such broadcast, The Visiting Team's radio outlet willbe responsible for ordering and the payment ofall telephone and broadcast lines incidental to their broadcast. Except to the extent expressly described in this setion 9 tothe contrary, the Home Team shall retain the soe authority to make arrangements for all other radio, including ‘without limitation terrestrial radio, satellite radio, andr other audio-only broadcasts ofthe (Game and to retain the entre revenue derived therefom, There shall be no sharing of radio revenue related to the Game between the partes hereto, 10, Television and Other Media Rights: Television and other media rights will be govemed by the ‘ome Team andor its athltis conference as follows 8 Telecast ‘The parties understand and hereby acknowledge that the Home Team and/or its athletes conference has entered into, or may enter into, contractual arangements {or the Game with a broadcast partner(s) for the sale of Telecast Rights or for a syndicated series of games for national or regional Telecast. The Home Team (ot ‘ts applicable athletics conference) shall have the exclusive righ to contrac forthe live, delayed, e-tired and other Telecast ofthe Game. “Telecast” is defined as any Aistribution, transmission, display, exhibition, peojetion, duplication, performing ofligensing of aualiovisual works by whic audio and vishal materia ae combined in any media or technology now known or hereafter created (whether anslog,

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