DR. ISHRATH LUKUMAN Kannur Dental College Anjarakandy, P.

O Mamba, Kannur Dist – Kerala
+91 – 497 – 2856400

Cell +919947183828 Email: lukmandent@yahoo.com

To be competent and successful in my profession and with continuous learning effort, serve for the betterment of society and nation.

PROFILE  Dental Surgeon in Century institute of Dental Sciences.

EXPERIENCE  August – 2002 – Nov 2006 in Century International Institute of Dental Science and research Center, Poinachi, P.O Thekkil, Kasargod – Kerala  December – 2006 – Till Date in Kannur Dental College, Anjarakandy, Kannur JOBDISCRIPTION  Dental Surgeon  Lecturer for undergraduates students.  Marketing Co – ordinator  Admission officer – for national and inter national students.

Academic Qualifications
Qualification PLUS TWO (XII) SSLC Institution Ansar English School Kerala Ansar English School Kerala Year 1996 1994

Professional Qualifications & Registration
Qualification Bachelor of Dental surgery Institution Farooqia Dental College & Hospital Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science Karnataka, India Year 2001


Karnataka Dental Council-Date – 26-08-2002 Reg. No: 11822-A

 In Managing Clinical set up  In Building strong Management skills to the fellow health care providers.  In leading the team  In marketing strategy

2  In Clinical Dentistry .

India Email: drhashimkmc@yahoo.01. Programme. Century Educational trust pregroup@emirates.1979 : Male : Single : Indian : Islam : Leader ship quality.net. Lectures on various subjects relating to Dentistry and Health care.  PROJECTS ASSOCIATED : International Co-ordinator for Admission  Health Care Marketing : 07. : Confident in taking challenges : Sincere and highly adaptable : Good in observation. Dancing. Abdul Jabbar. Kannur. Sports and Games PERSONAL PROFILE Date of Birth Gender Marital Status Nationality Religion STRENGTH Mr. analysis and decision making : Possesses good administrative qualities and communication skill Hobbies REFERENCES : Includes Reading Books.co.in . Chairman. Professional Memberships:   An Active Member in Indian Dental Association Member Presently Joint Secretary of the local Branch Continuing Educational Attends Seminars.SPECIAL EXPERTISE   In Co-ordinating staff members Hospitality Management for the patients and deligates visiting our institution.ae ph: +919447037600.A Chief Operating Officer Prestige Educational & Century Educational Trust. Hashim M. Office +91 497 2852500 Dr. Kerala. Prestige Educational Trust.

4 Ph: +91-497-2855000 (Office) Mobile: 919447287151 .

of Oral Maxillofacial surgery Farooqia Dental College & Hospital Tilak Nagar Mysore Mob : +91-9945685876 E Mail: kumsdent@yahoo.com 20th August. Completed Bachelor of Dental Surgery. the year April 2001 at Farooqia Dental College & Hospital During the tenure of his carrier we found him sincere.Dr. 2007 REFERENCE LETTER This is to certify that Dr. diligent and hardworking and he bears a good moral character. Kumar Swami MDS Department of Oral Maxillofacial surgery . Kumaran Swami MDS Dept. Mohammed Ishrath Lukuman. Dr.

of Prosthodontics Farooqia Dental College & Hospital Tilak Nagar Mysore Mob : +91-9845696709 E Mail : drsavanshetty@yahoo. 2007 REFERENCE LETTER This is to certify that Dr. Dr.Dr. the year April 2001 at Farooqia Dental College & Hospital During the tenure of his carrier we found him sincere. Savan Shetty Dept. Completed Bachelor of Dental Surgery. diligent and hardworking and he bears a good moral character. Mohammed Ishrath Lukuman.com 20th August. Savan Shetty MDS Department of Prosthodontics .

drives me towards the health care field. I was into humanitarian Services. in four and half years. After my pre degree I was selected for a carrier in bachelor of Dental Surgery. and will provide a cutting edge in my chosen profession. Health care has always been my passion right from my school days. beginning as a private practitioner.7 STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I want to pursue a career in Health care Management. The concepts of health being an integral part in the physical. I had a wonderful experience in understanding the health concepts and trends from my undergraduate studies. and later joined in Century Dental College as a lecturer teaching undergraduate students. got a wonderful experience in meeting young generation students. Dr. Professionally in the field of health care Management. being a dentist by profession. I passed with good academic results. Needs professionals with global exposure. Mohammed Ishrath Lukuman . also in extra curricular activities sports and games and was good athlete. I want to pursue a carrier in Health care Management from Foreign University that will help me acquire the much needed global exposure to realizes the true potential markets and resources. With a growing economy and competitive health care stream in India and other parts of world. actively involved in continuing education programmers. Being an Active member of Indian Dental Association. I hope my Statement of purpose convey the right focus to learn and grow. Having the experience as a health care provider. mental and social well being of a person. health care providers and verified gamets of people. Conducts seminars relating current health trends.

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