This simple game is a fun way to practice adverbs of grammar. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Print off the 2 sheets (each on a different colour paper makes it easier) Cut out the squares and put in 2 separate piles on the table. Divide the students into teams if you want to play for points A student takes one card from each pile and mimes out the action in the manner of the adverb (for his team to guess) 5. Sit back and watch the mayhem! 6. You can change the vocab to what you have recently been studying.

Eating a pizza

Washing my hair

Walking on a mountain

Drinking tea

Eating a hamburger

Riding a bicycle

Putting on makeUsing a Waiting for a bus up computer Singing in a concert Shopping in a supermarket


Doing the dishes

Watching TV

Sitting on a plane

Playing football

Doing an exam

Saying hello

happily gently nervously angrily quietly excitedly sadly fast seriously carefully heroically clumsily carelessly loudly stupidly slowly quickly madly .

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