Who Moved My Cheese?

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Janardhan S IRS

Thursday, April 07, 2011


The Book

Thursday, April 07, 2011


His education includes a B. He is the co-author of ´ one minute managerµ .A. 2011 . degree in psychology from the University of Southern California in 1963 and M. from the Royal College of Surgeons and medical clerkships at Harvard Medical School and The Mayo Clinic . Johnson·s books are available in forty one languages throughout the world 3 Thursday.D.Dr.Johnson has written five cobooks in the one minute series 1) The One Minute Salesperson 2) The One Minute Mother 3) The One Minute Father 4) The One Minute For Yourself and 5 )The One Minute Teacher. South Dakota. Spencer Johnson The Author Johnson was born in Mitchell.TheWall Street Journal and United Press International. His books have been featured often in media including CNN.Time Magazine. April 07.Dr.

you are extinct Thursday. 2011 4 . April 07.What is the book about? A simple n sweet story that reveals the profound truths about change  How to deal with change in your work and adapt the changing circumstances?  The moral of the story is If you fail to adapt a change.

recognition. the family.The Metaphors Cheese: Cheese: a metaphor for what we want in life (jobs. or community you live in) 5 Thursday. etc. money. April 07. 2011 .) Maze: Maze: a metaphor for where you spend time looking for what you want (the organization you work in. relationships.

 Hem denies and resists change as he fears it will lead to something worse. Thursday.The Characters 4 Imaginary Characters:  Sniff sniffs out change early.  Scurry scurries into action. April 07.  Haw learns to adapt in time when he sees accepting change leads to something better. 2011 6 .

2011 7 . April 07.Who you are?  Identify yourself with the characters. Thursday.

April 07. 2011 8 . * The mice on noticing dwindling stocks of cheese from the cheese station .explore simple trial and error method to find new cheese and they taste success in their task. two mice with simple brains and two littlepeople with complex brains named Haw and Hem used to go to the same place everyday to get the cheese. Thursday.Story * Sniff and Scurry.

2011 9 .Story  Hem and Haw don t realize that the cheese is low. They are afraid to look for cheese elsewhere. April 07. Thursday. They sit and contemplate about what to do. They are afraid of change. until one day the cheese is no longer there.

As Haw understands and embraces change. The story ends with Hem realizing that when you can read the writing on the wall. 2011 . and finds new cheese. Hem is stuck with comfort and fear. 10 Thursday. April 07. he writes what he has learned on the wall. and gets left behind.Story    Haw eventually sees what he is doing. moves on. you can do well in changing times. hoping Hem will find his way. laughs at mistakes he had done.

Analysis  Sniff & Scurry Daily inspection  Less cheese = change noticed  Started looking for new cheese and eventually find more cheese (bigger an better)   Hem & Haw Complacency and arrogance set in  Not paying attention to changing environment  Fear and frustration prevent them from finding something better  Afraid to embrace change  11 Thursday. 2011 . April 07.

April 07. The aged. a crime? e. Security. Changing Values Is all change good? Why follow cheese at all??? Thursday.Shortcomings         Context Greed? Reasons for failure Contentment v/s Insecurity.g. 2011 12 .

2011 13 .The Contrast not explored Thursday. April 07.

April 07. moving ahead anyway Thursday. 2011 14 .Provoking Ideologies  ChangeChange- End of world? Or a new beginning  Don t take yourself too seriously  Laughter s liberating effect  Use of imagination  Feeling the fear.

2011 15 .How should we deal with change?      Be flexible adapt to any situation Be open-minded willing to listen to other openideas and perspectives Take the initiative don t wait for others Be creative think out of the box Recognize that change is good it can help you grow Thursday. April 07.

2011 . April 07.How we can win with change        Anticipating the best rather than fearing the worst Positive reactions rather than negative behaviors Constructive thoughts rather than destructive emotions Feeling confident and capable rather than unsure and inept Embracing opportunities rather than counting obstacles Moving forward rather than stepping back Being an advocate rather than being a victim 16 Thursday.

The Handwriting on the Wall Thursday. April 07. 2011 17 .

Remember« The more important Your cheese is to you The more you want to Hold on to it. 2011 Smell the cheese often So you know when It is getting old. What Would You Do If You Weren¶t Afraid? Thursday. If you do not change. You can become Extinct. April 07. 18 .

Leads me to it Thursday. April 07. 2011 The quicker you let go Of old cheese The sooner you find New cheese 19 . You feel free Imagining myself Enjoying new cheese Even before I find it.Remember« Movement In a New direction Helps you find New cheese When you move Beyond your fear.

2011 Noticing small changes Early helps you adapt To the bigger changes That are to come 20 . April 07.Remember« It is safer to Search in the maze Than remain in a Cheeseless situation Old beliefs Do not lead you To new cheese When you see that You can find and Enjoy new cheese You change course Thursday.

2011 21 . April 07.Final Thought Move With The Cheese And Enjoy It! Thursday.

Thursday. April 07. 2011 22 .

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