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Chapter Two The Soul Template And what it means for your journey
The secret, they say in the New Age, is that you can have whatever you want, be whatever you want, if you just believe it enough. What they don't usually tell you is that each human being has a Soul Template which has very specific needs. For the soul, any old goal will not do. It has to be something which is aligned with your aptitudes, and your unique spiritual “issues”. What’s more, the big picture is that you are part of a greater context - the evolution of humanity and cosmos. You need to work within a There is no framework which is not just about freedom, but about destiny, but there is a responsibility to the greater dynamic within which your general life plan. ego exists. Your goals need In this chapter you are going to learn about the Soul to be aligned Template and how to identify its nature. And you are going with your soul’s to learn about that cosmic context. unique aptitudes As I will explain in more detail in Chapter 6, your calling and spiritual is a not a job. It is a creative expression which meets the issues; and they deep needs of your soul. And because each soul is need to be in accordance with different, that calling varies from person to person. There is no destiny, and no life plan in any more than a general the greater sense. Imagine being on a ship in rough seas. You can’t see much but the blackness of midnight. Suddenly the captain tells you to get out and start swimming for Jamaica, ‘cos the weather’s nice there. You ask him where Jamaica is, and how far. He says, “I’m the one who asks questions around here, now get moving!” He gives you a good kick in the butt and overboard you go. So there you are sucking in water in the dark in the middle of the ocean, clueless about where you are, and swimming round and round in circles, getting real tired. You start thinking all is lost, and begin fiddling round in your trousers, because that’s what an awful lot of people do when they have too much time on their hands. That’s when you find that the captain has kindly strapped a little guidance device round your waist, which responds to your input. It’s a bit hard to work out at first, but because your life depends on it, you soon get the hang of it. You tap in the coordinates, and it gives you information about direction and weather conditions - although at times they

2 seem a little annoyingly cryptic. Before you know it you are making good speed towards the Caribbean. Life is a bit like that. You arrive clueless and have to Your Soul Template is the start swimming real quick. The guidance device is integrated intelligence. It’s time to stop fiddling around in body of your trousers and start using it. information
encoded at the core of your being, including its essential The Soul Template energy patterns. Your Soul Template is the body of information encoded It includes Soul at the core of your soul, including its essential energy Issues, the Karmic Record patterns. The Soul Template consists of three aspects. Soul Issues. These are belief structures, ingrained and Soul

patterns of behavior and attitudes which you tend to carry with you from life to life. They emerge from the biography of all the lives you have lived. Karmic Record. This is the record of your past lives, and the actions you have taken in them. In particular it relates to relationships with other souls. You will tend to incarnate with the same souls you have developed your Soul Issues with. Therefore karma is directly related to your Soul Issues. Soul Aptitudes. These are the key physical, mental and creative abilities you are capable of expressing. To some degree they may change from lifetime to lifetime, but will tend to remain fixed around a core theme – such as music, writing, physical expression and so forth. It is possible that they may change radically, if that is deemed necessary to achieve your soul purpose: to heal and grow in your capacity to create and love.


Figure 2.1: Your vision in the context of cosmic evolution As Figure 1.2 indicates, beyond the Soul Template there is Group OverSoul Template and the Human OverSoul Template. These consist of the psychological and spiritual issues contained within collective energies of your soul group, and of humanity itself. Each of us has a soul group, which consists of several hundred souls. These souls have long-standing relationships with each other, and tend to share a lot of karma. When you meet someone from your soul group, you will automatically be attracted to them if you are attuned to your intuition. This is Integrated Recognition, one of the core mental functions of INI. When Paul Potts, the winner of Britain’s Got Talent, first saw his wife-to-be in a crowded restaurant (it was an internet date), he knew who she was straight away, even though he had never seen a photo of her. There was a soul connection. In general terms, the primary issue of Human Oversoul Template can be summed up in one word: love. The movement of all souls and soul groups is towards the integration of the alienated mind, and in particular the shadow. This is non-integrated consciousness, centered in judgment, fear, blame and anger. The collective Karmic Issue is a tendency to cut ourselves off from the light, and then to go into fear, control, and separation. From this come the innumerable expressions of the abuse of power which define so much of human history. Dark energy (lowdensity consciousness fields) attempts to keep us in

4 ignorance of the soul and its purpose. It holds us back from the light of Spirit.

Figure 2.2: The prime issues of the Human Oversoul Template The Prime Issues of the Human Overoul It is helpful to understand what the Prime Issues of the Human Oversoul are, because it will help you to understand the big picture in which you are embedded. Once you begin to get a sense of your Soul Template, and honor it, you will unavoidably assist in the transformation of the human race. This is because your Soul Template is contained within the Human Oversoul consciousness field.

5 Being told you can manifest a Ferrari by imagining it hard enough doesn’t tell you much about the evolution of humanity. Certain New Age, spiritual and religious philosophies do not address these aspects of living your Bliss. The spiritual journey is not simply about what you as a personality (ego) wants, nor how you can get it fast and at a bargain price. It is about being part of a greater purpose. Once you understand the Soul Template and the Human Oversoul, then you can begin to create the specific life you want with full integrity. Living you Bliss is so much easier when you know who you really are, who we really are. Begin by listening to Spirit First ,know thyself. and developing a Many people go about life the opposite way. They step basic off onto life’s journey and wait for life to show them who understanding ofthey are, while all the time trying to impose the ego’s your Soul view of things on circumstances. Besides being more Template. Then honoring to yourself and our species, it is more efficient you can step off to begin by listening to Spirit and developing a basic on the right foot, and avoid a lot ofunderstanding of your Soul Template. Then you can step off on the right foot, and avoid an awful lot of wasted wasted time trying to figure time trying to figure out who you are and where you are out who you are going. Because you will be listening to your Sage,
In Practice. Listening to Spirit First The Sage begins by listening, not by demanding. The following exercise will particularly benefit those who are just beginning to work through the ideas in this book, and wanting to get a greater sense of their inner world and INI. Each morning make time for a short meditation of five minutes. For the first four minutes or so (there is no need to make it mathematically precise) relax, focusing upon your breath and allowing yourself to let go. In this space you are releasing the ego and its desires, for these create a tension within the mind which feeds the ego and shuts off the voice of the Sage. Use some short affirmations, and release whatever wants and expectations that have been clouding your mind. Affirm, “I now release my desire for (goal/expectation)”,; and “I surrender to the will of Spirit”. At the end of the four minutes make a single minute of time for listening to Spirit. Simply allow your mind to become quiet, and pay attention. You can use a small affirmation or prayer such as “I allow this moment for the voice of Spirit”. Note any words, feelings or images that come to mind during that time, and simply allow them to be, without judgment or attachment. If you receive no intuition, then give thanks, for a silent mind is a great gift in

life will teach you infinitely more, and your capacity for wisdom will be so much greater. Your actions will be aligned with Spirit, not with your inner tosser. In short, you will be able to live your Bliss much more easily.

6 The existence of the Soul Template brings to attention something crucial. If you get nothing else from this book, please get this. If you choose goals which are non-aligned with your Soul Template, you will become spiritually disorientated. This will set up an internal conflict as the ego struggles to enforce its will, while the inner Sage is telling you to go another way. Secondly, a person with internal contradiction is If you choose goals which are unlikely to put out the positive creative energy which will non-aligned withsustain the path to those goals. Internal contradiction is inevitable if you do not acknowledge your Soul Aptitudes, your Soul Template, you nor address your Soul Issues. will set up an You can get away with not having first-hand knowledge internal conflict of your karmic record because karma is directly related to between your your Soul Issues: your Soul Issues tend to emerge from ego and Spirit. the karma of past lives. They are mostly a result of recurring bad habits. In the greater scheme of things, Spirit is more concerned with addressing Soul Issues than getting even for karmic impropriety. For the main purpose of karma is merely for you to learn as a soul, not for Big Daddy in the Sky to punish you for your misdeeds. The upshot is this. No matter how positive and determined you are at a conscious level as you try to live your Dream; no matter how many “manifestation” visualizations you do, or how much “love ‘n light” you put out into the universe, if you are unaware of your Soul Template your deep mind may contradict your conscious intention. The affirmative action you take and the “good vibes” you put out at a conscious level will be negated by the chaos within your psyche. You have to work with your inner world at a deep level even as you create your Bliss. Soul Issues Soul Issues reflect Karmic Issues. They are the habits of the soul. Inevitably they centre upon the appropriate expression of power, because this is a prime theme of the Human Oversoul. When the soul is balanced, and the Sage has come to the fore of the personality, power is expressed in ways which enhance the development of self and humanity. The individual learns to align its personal intention with the higher self and cosmic intention. The need to go into power and control over others and life situations is greatly reduced. There are three common positions which people tend to take when they feel disempowered, and I call this archetypal situation the Karmic Triangle. These positions are the victim, rescuer, and the persecutor. Although it may not appear so at first glance, all are attempts at gaining power and control, albeit misguided attempts. The victim feels powerless to direct his life, or is too frightened

7 to act, so gains a sense of control by ensuring he gets a regular supply of Nazi boots to the face, just to make him feel at home. He then proceeds to weep (attention seeking as a substitute for love), or just moans and groans a lot. He gets a great deal of satisfaction out of knowing that he has been done wrong, and that it is not his fault. The rescuer is happy to join in this game. She also feels lost and out of control, can’t deal with her own stuff, or get what she wants. Instead, she seeks to make herself feel good by saving the world, and especially its victims. Before you know it, she has a tribe of orphans in tow. On the surface the rescuer looks all nice and kind, but she is a possessor of souls. She needs to control others and keep them down, so that she is not left alone to look at her own stuff. If she ever ran out of a steady supply of victims, she’d be completely lost. The final player in the Karmic Triangle is the persecutor. He’s the one who gets all the bad press, because he’s dressed in a Nazi uniform with nice shiny steel-capped boots. He’s a bully, likes nothing better than crushing skulls, but deep down he’s a wimp. Typically, the persecutor was a victim of bullying in his childhood, and The key to his deep anger and rage at his own powerlessness is transcending projected out onto the world. Soul Issues is We all play each role at different times, but many recognizing the people have a tendency to gravitate towards one. My Soul patterns, healing the pain Issues resonate at about seventy per cent victim, twenty and false beliefs per cent rescuer, and ten per cent persecutor. When I am that lie behind confronted with difficult passages in my life, I tend to them, and then revert back to that kind of pattern. taking right Soul Issues are not a life sentence. They tend to reflect actions which karmic habits, and can be effectively managed, and even show newfound broken. The Sage is aware of these patterns, and luckily wisdom. she has a little bag of tricks she can use to return to a position of genuine power. For you, the reader, the key INI Tools which will help you identify and transcend Soul Issues are Connecting with the Ego/Wounded Child/Karmic Child. The key is recognizing the patterns, healing the pain and false beliefs that lie behind them, then taking the correct actions which demonstrate your newfound wisdom. You will learn more about the Triangle of Power and Control in Chapter 8, when we discuss relationships in greater depth. The Karmic Record Your Karmic Record is the total of unresolved energies from previous incarnations. This includes unfinished business with other souls.

8 It can be helpful to get a sense of your Karmic Record, but it is not necessary to have a full past-life recollection of all the stuff which has gone on before. That would just clutter up your mind, and probably leave you with more guilt, blame and pain than you could possibly deal with. That is why the memory of these things is erased from our memories at birth. You will get a feel for your Karmic Record by paying attention to your Soul Issues. Pay attention also to your dreams, as these often contain narratives from past lives. Occurrences from past lives are usually in symbolic form, but sometimes they are literal. Recently I had a dream which contained a symbolic narrative of past lives. I was walking past a line of dead, preserved bodies lying on the ground. They were dead soldiers, and for some reason they had chosen to have their bodies preserved in grotesque positions, with their faces contorted and parts of their abdomens extruding, as if releasing the fetid gases which all corpses do. This was not a pleasant dream, but touches upon my past life as a both soldier and warrior in different incarnations. As a little boy of less than five years old, I recall having horrifying dreams that army tanks and jeeps were rolling down the road to come and take me away to war. There was the sense of fear, horror and helplessness. I have also had graphic actual past life dreams. In one past-life recall, which I experienced while I was sleeping (calling it a “dream” would be a misnomer), I found myself lying on a hillside amidst some very green vegetation, screaming in utter agony, having received a mortal wound through the lower abdomen. I was dying alone and in excruciating pain. I knew it was a war zone, and I had just been in some kind of combat. The distinction form an ordinary dream was the completely realistic emotional content, experienced as if it was a real-life event. I saw no actual details of the event, and had no idea whether it was a bullet wound, bayonet or any other kind of weapon which wounded me. I did sense that it was a Typically, the people in your relatively modern war though. In the greater scheme of present life werethings, the details are not important. What is important is also involved in the emotional energy of the event. This is what leaves a your past lives. lasting scar on the Soul Template, and becomes core to We tend to play your Soul Issues. out the Karmic The abuse of power expressed via the mass death and Triangle, with destruction of war is one of the prime themes within the roles as victim, Human Oversoul. The hundreds of millions of horrifying rescuer and war deaths, both civilian and military, throughout history persecutor in games of power are part of our collective energy. It is thus part of the karma of the Human Oversoul. It is something we need to and control. appreciate and integrate. Just as the abuse of power and

9 control are the essence of our Soul Issues at a personal level, the abuse of power and control is a core theme of human consciousness evolution, as Figure 2.2 indicates. Right now this theme is emerging again from the depths of the collective. A strong fear and sense of powerless, along with a tendency towards irresponsible expression in blaming the other, is being triggered by the global economic crisis. Typically, the people whom you now live your life were Karma plays also involved in your past lives. We tend to play out the out not just at a Karmic Triangle, with roles as victim, rescuer and physical level. persecutor in games of power and control. There are We all retain a subtle sense of our past lives and their battles for relationships, even if we do not consciously remember power and them. This can create exchanges of psychic energy control at an energetic level between the individuals involved, and typically such exchanges are completely unconscious (although they which are just as may spill over into real life “dramas”, as I shall relate in crucial to the Chapters 3 and 4). evolution of humanity, and In one past life I raped and killed a certain relative of mine, a woman again in this lifetime. I have not seen her for a dozen or more years, and in fact was not aware of this karma until about five years ago. What I have been long aware of aware of is that her psychic energy tends to follow me around, trying its best to castrate me, which is quite a logical expression of revenge when you come to think about it. My male power is a threat to her, and since she is part of my Group Oversoul, she senses at a certain level when I am more fully expressing my masculine power. Unfortunately, she has been deeply hurt again in this lifetime (she was raped at least one time that I know of), and her Wounded Child cannot distinguish between genuine male empowerment, and abusive male power. So I have a real battle with her energy whenever I want to step forward in my life. Karma thus plays out not just at a physical level. There are battles for power and control at an energetic level which are just as crucial to the evolution of humanity, and your soul. This is all quite perfect. You can see that these psychic dramas centre upon the responsible expression of power, and in particular of sexuality. The two often go hand in hand. Remember, the base chakra deals with both empowerment and sexual expression. When I got shafted in battle in a past life, through the lower abdomen, I was the one being penetrated, violated. When you are about to be re-born into a physical body, you come to some agreement with your spirit guides about the overall essence of your journey. It is very likely that members of your immediate family, and your close relatives, will have karmic issues with you. Beyond that,

10 there is a general life plan of the people you will meet and interact with over the course of the upcoming lifetime. The Integrated Recognition of INI informs us, albeit at a subtle level, when we bump into karmic friends and foes. The Sage’s greater level of integrated intelligence often allows him to feel the depth of such connections. The same stories tend to get repeated in some form over several lifetimes, until you transcend that energy pattern. As you transcend your Soul Issues, so you will tend to alleviate your karma. However there may be some requirement for you to feel the emotions you helped generate in others, and energy that you have created within the human collective energy field. How this is expressed will vary. Sometimes it may simply occur through a spontaneous visionary experience of great intensity. Other times it may require a physical incident, or even a lifetime or more of experiencing equivalent situations which allow you to fully experience the energy involved. Soul Aptitudes Soul Aptitudes are the particular physical and mental abilities that we have an ability and passion for expressing. These are our gifts. They are determined, in part, by physical attributes, including genetics. However they are also influenced by general abilities and habits acquired in past lifetimes. If you have played a stringed instrument in a previous life, then you will tend to pick it up more easily in this lifetime. I believe that we all have a brilliance which we are meant to express. However, simply because you are really good at something, does not mean that you should turn it into a career. It would be a mistake to think that simply because you are good at playing cards that you should become a professional gambler. Sometimes it is simply not practical to turn an aptitude into a job. The key to distinguishing Soul Aptitudes from simple skills and abilities is to follow your excitement. It is The Feeling Sense that will alert you. Your aptitudes behind your soul calling will generate an excitement within you. That’s the note to listen for. Remember my story from the prelude, where my excitement hit high fever in a lecture by Ron Laura at the University of Newcastle? I never forgot that moment, and I let it direct me forward. Because I didn’t have the understanding that I have now, I slipped off the path a few times, but I always returned. The Soul Template and life purpose

11 Before each life there are certain goals that your soul seeks to achieve. Mostly, these are related to Soul Issues and karma, while your Soul Aptitudes come into play as you express your brilliance. Ultimately all this comes down to the expression of power: its use, abuse, and the Spirit’s requirement that we learn to use it responsibly. There is no such thing as a concrete life purpose, as in the idea of destiny. Once you get that out of your system, you are free to go about expressing your life in a way that resonates with your Spirit, and is in alignment with your Soul Template. To that extent, you are free – within the bounds of the evolution of the Human Oversoul and the cosmos we live within. The Sages always said that the soul speaks to you if only you will listen. It will set you on the right path, tell you when to leave and correct you when you get off-track. The Sages were right, as they most always were. Yet how The soul can we make the Soul’s voice clearer? How can we invite speaks to you if the soul to be with us whenever we need its guidance? only you will listen. It will set And what actions can we take to honor its voice? In short, you on the right how can we exercise real power in this world? In the next two chapters, I will show you how. path, tell you
when to leave, and correct you when you get off-track.

In practice: Remembering Your Excitement Before you go any further in this book, stop and do this short fifteen minute exercise. Discovering the essence of your calling is simple, and this exercise will help clarify things for you. Take a pen and paper and sit quietly somewhere alone. Now, going back as far as you can remember in your life, quickly list all the events that deeply moved you, or excited your soul. These could be movies and books that really moved you, speeches that rocked your socks off, songs that made you weep or soar, people you met who deeply inspired you, images and pictures that jumped out at you from a shop window or a TV screen, or anything else that comes to mind. They could even be dreams and synchronicities, amazing and deeply meaningful coincides. The events could be as big or small as you like. Sometimes the tiniest, most transient thing has the deepest meaning for us. When you have finished, sit back and look over your list. What are the common themes and ideas? The dominant feelings? The recurring activities? What skills and aptitudes run through these seminal life events? What does it all mean to you? What is your excitement telling you? Write down the answers to these questions. Reflect on this experience over the coming days and weeks. Your innate capacity for Integrated Recognition will automatically go to work to join the dots. The patterns and

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