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DVDx 2.

1 : DVD to VCD/SCVD/AVI converter by Jean-Luc PONS

DVDx allows you to convert DVD to VCD2.0/SVCD1.0/AVI in one step (Including
multiplexing, splitting). It produces good quality movies in AVI/MPEG1/2 forma
and you don't need to have 5Gb free on your hard disk !
DVDx has been tested on Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP
What do you need ?
-DirectX 8.1
-A CDROM burning tool to write your VCD/SVCD (preferably VCDeasy)
-Adaptec ASPI Driver 4.60 (highly recommended)
-Eventualy a DVD player (like WinDVD or Power DVD)
How to install ?
- Run the Setup program
Version history:
-4/3 correction (custom zoom mode)
-Monitoring improved
-Wrong NTSC time repported fixed
-New codec management
-AVI settings are now saved
-Various 2Pass AVI fixes
Internal mpeg encoder:
-New rate control algorithm for best vbvUnderflow/overFlow prevention
Skins and gui:
-changed buttons to single bitmap
-added 'file' button to select output file name
-changed order of buttons
-Selectable preview aspect ratio
-added 2 pass encoding
-YUY2 export now works for Xvid codec
-AviSetStream failure for Divx 5.0.3 fixed
Internal mpeg encoder:
-faster motion search (20% in high motion search)
-quantization done in double (iDCT/DCT setting)
-occasional less frames than premiere plugins fixed
-'normal' calculation mode haze fixed
-picture quality improved

XP -Audio and subtitle stream ID GUI improvement Skinned GUI AV synch improvement 48KHz support for AVI Support for new release of nLame 1.0: Bugs fixed: -Decoder initialisation -MPA decoder -Player -Shutdown bug on 2000.exe and DVDxP4.8a: Bugs fixed: -Motion Compensation (decoder) -Wrong subtite color SSE/3DnowExt BiLinear filtering SSE/3DnowExt Motion comp (decoder) 1.8: Bugs fixed: -WNASPI (for file bigger than 1Gb) -Blinking subtitle -Crash with subtitle -Crackling sound (The end) Support for Lame MP3. Decoders: -mpeg/vob scanning fix -Mpeg1 demuxer fix -Support for DVD with non consecutives cells -Best management of invalid streams and damaged DVD (ASPI mode) -Audio frequency detection (MPEG1 scanning) Premiere plugins: -48khz audio support (can use '48khz no conversion') -Supprt for CCE 2. Solve all DivX synch problem (at least for me) Playback Multi Language More reliable AV Synch algorithm iDCT SSE Full MPEG1/2 input Load/Save project 1.66 -CCE stop while encoding fixed Other: -added updating output estimation for avi and internal encoder -temporary 'SaveDVD' HD file is now selectable location/name -shutdown properly for Windows 98/ME and 2000/XP -DVDx.7: .exe merged -Added TAP resize filter (HQ 2 Pass filtering) -Interface for VCDWizard (Add chapter in your VCD/SVCD) 2.

Export AC3 (AVI+Premiere) Export YUV (AVI+Premiere) Bit rate calculator (when splitting by chapter) P4 Optimizations and other speed improvements 1. Automatic Audio/Video Synchronisation Best filter (highest quality and speed) Multi PASS support (tested with TMPGEnc) Fast routines from AMD develloper connexion (Only K7 or higher) 1. Bugs in audio normal quality mode.97 Frame rate when usign Premiere plugin.4: Bugs fixed: Bugs with K6 processors.5a: Bug fixed: Cracking sound when encoding through the premiere interface Dolby Suround downmix flag 1.4b: Bugs fixed: CCE premiere plugin bugs. AVI output (only compressed AVI) 1.3: Bugs fixed: SVCD bugs .6: Chapter support (Now you can split AVI/MPG by chapter) Integrated AVI multiplexer Integrated Audio Codec support (no more WAV export) Best resize/crop Volume don't exceed combo box 1. Bugs fixed: 29.5: Bugs fixed: GUI bugs Volume greater than 4Gb Resize Filters (no more bad side) AVI splitting (no more crash when splitting DivX) DeMacrovision HDD Buffer (Save the DVD drive) Resize / Crop (Custom zoom) PX3 optimization (not ended) Few improvement in the motion search (internal encoder) 1.4a. Deinterlace Filter (PAL Only) 1.

1 SDK . If you update a plugin. SVCD support LPCM support Best quality features Faster MMX quantization DVD root window (more friendly way to select IFO) 1.1: Bugs fixed New frame rate converter (should work with NTSC now) Drive Authentification Assembly DeCSS Subtitle More input and output parameters 1.0a: Few bugs fixed MPEG2 Decoder initialistation improvement 1.2: Bugs fixed: Bad looking subtitle. Run the plugin setup and Select the directory where DVDx files have been copied. You need Microsoft VC++ 6.sourceforge. For all other following pass the decoder is reinited in DUAL_PASS (Audio + Video) About the Edwin Van Eggelen's Frame server: =========================================== .net . DVDx crash when jumping near the end.prm is the old plugin name. to avoid a conflict.0 + SP5 + Processor Pack + DirectX 8. Intel C++ Compiler 5.0: First realease How to compile the source ? =========================== . you should remove the old windows registry database entry where plugin setting are storred : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DVDx\Output_Setting\PlugSetting\a_plugin. This features has been tested with TMPGEnc (client of AVISynth) when making 2Pass VBR. Premiere plugin encoder support (not 100% of plugins and 1 PASS only) More input and output settings Auto setting for VCD/SVCD 1. -Multi PASS with an external encoder: The multi pass allows the video stream to be read 2 times.0 or higher to build the release version .prm where a_plugin. Main project is called mpeg_encode (not DVDx) About Adobe Premiere Plugins: ============================= -To install an encoder for Premiere . When this flag is checked: For the first pass the decoder is initialised in VIDEO_PASS. DVDx source can be donwloaded from sourceforge http://dvdx.

You may also get "Samples not found or audio deco ding error". .net) What are future work priority for DVDx ? ======================================== Have a look at the Forum. For more nformation please visit the official site: (http://www. So start rip from the beginning of the movie or check Audio/Video syn ch to avoid this. -You can read file bigger than 2Gb (on DVD or HDD) only if you have the WNASPI driver installed.AVI file which can be opened by a standalone encoder is created. -You may get an audio/video synch problem if you rip the totality of the dvd. http://www. Get the cm-videoserver.DLL not found" when ASPI is not installed or when you have a too old ASPI driver. Known problems: ============== -LSX. -You get the error "The ordinal 11 could not be located in the dynamix link li brary DSOUND. To use this frame server you have 2 step: 1) Install the Video Video Server package 2) Install the video server plugin/codecs which allows DVDx to deal with the Frame Server. Hope it helps. Panasonic MPEG and CinemaCraft Encoder plugin for Premiere work with DVDx but only in RGB32 file and copy it in the DVDx directory. An very small.dll) (you may need a DVD player to unlock the drive). It's due to audio blank located at beggining of movie (often during of beetween advertisement). It's an easy way to use an external encoder with DVDx. This is due to missing color subtitle palette (stored in IFO file).1 is not installed -You get the error "WNASPI Driver initialisation failed" or "WNASPI32.labdv. -Some newer versions of premiere plugins may not work. So i add a flag to force 24Hz. -You get bad looking subtitle when you open VOB files.90/91/92/93 plugin and TMPGEnc as client. DVDx has been tested with the Video Server v0.dll" when DirectX 8.prm (from PremiereVideoServerPluginv093. -you may get "Too much samples" error when encoding NTSC DVD. I never experien ced personaly this problem.videotools. -Authentification may not work ( Thanks for your interest. Cedomir Igaly for the MPA decoder fix Bash for the test NTSC dvd . I would like to thank and congratulate all people who have participated to these projects. -You may get tick (rarely) in the sound if you use the Audio/Video synchronist aion -SVCD may go out of sync when burned with Nero. (http://www. fixes and his intensive participation in the forum Rene de Ruyter for the subtitle bug fixes Michael Fink for nLame (http://winlame. Alex Klimovitski for the P4 routines Oliver DERVYN for the new fullsearch algorithm Dragongodz for the FAQ .labdv. suggestions .net) Stephane Cazat for his nice guide in french. (http://www. Really congratulation to the Author of vStrip for his peferct clean bbMPEG. So if you get troubles with some of them don't hesitate to email me.videotools.. support and skin Dietmar Hedden for the test NTSC stream Thanks to: ========= maven for vStrip Chia-chen Kuo for DVD2AVI . Special thanks to : ================== Mijo Rebic aka Okami for testing .. AVI2MPG . use Vcdeasy in that case. Author comments: =============== Unfortunaly I didn't test DVDx on lots of NTSC DVD. This project has been inspired from lots of sources found on the web: DVD2AVI . help and the first DVDx home page.htm) Jim for the DVDx hosting (http://www. ( PX3 (Rolf Rother) for his speed Edwin van Eggelen for his support with the premiere interface. I did a big big job for merging all these softwares and get a real 'all in one' DVD2VCD/SVCD converter. Mpeg sources.sourceforge.inet. vobdec . vStrip . .

59 Temple Place. email: jlp_38@yahoo. Boston. if not.labdv. So for maintenance of your language file y ou just have to look at the end of each section in the last "lang_eng. Suite 330. MA 02111-1307 USA . This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful. but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. message will be added at the end of a section. without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. DVDx Homepage: ============== http://www. Inc.. either version 2 of the License.1 (and a brief description)" as subject if you find out some problems. all missing lines will be replac ed automaticaly by the default Copying: ======= This program is free software. you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. (Read the Known problems section first) Try to describe me the problem the best you can (especialy don't forget to indicate your input and output settings).com Support: ======= You can email me "DVDx 2. See the GNU General Public License for more details. menu . Brent Beyeler for bbMpeg Nautilus for auth.dll Avery Lee for VirtualDub DivXNetworks for the DivX codec Alberto Vigata for Flask Xis for Xmpeg mssg for all the MPEG stuff All the Lame team About language file: ==================== To keep backward compatibilty of language file. or (at your option) any later version. Avoid screenshots please (I have an only 6Meg mail box at yahoo). You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. write to the Free Software Foundation.txt" : all new control .