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The purpose of this project is to get a comprehensive knowledge about Human
Resource Management (HRM), Selection procedure, health and safety in HRM and
the importance and the need of standard global HRM system. HRM is the basis for all
management activity not business activity. HRM is all about getting people to make
things happen in a productive way efficiently.

HRM can be defined as the process of acquiring, training, appraising, and
compensating employees, and of attending to their labor relations, health and safety,
and fairness concerns. (Dessler, 2011). HRM is a series of activities which: first
enables working people and the organization which uses their skills to agree about the
objectives and nature of their working relationship and, secondly, ensures that the
agreement is fulfilled. (Torrington, Hall & Taylor, 2005).

The role of HRM mainly depends on several factors which includes size of
organization, employees’ demographic profile, the industrial sector to which the
business belongs and the importance the company gives to the human resource
development which solely depend on the top management. There are seven basic
HRM elements which are involved in HRM process. They are staffing, training &
development, appraisal, health & safety, labor relations, fairness and compensation.
(Dessler, 2010). The staffing function is the most important element of HRM as it
involves recruitment, selection, development and compensation of subordinates.
(Haimann, 1978). In this project I am going to focus on selection topic in great detail.

This project will highlight the meaning of selection, its importance and its role on
health & safety in HRM in the context of UAE. This will be explained by providing
examples to make the topic more illustrative. Also this project will explain the need,
importance, advantages and effectiveness of having a standard global HRM system.


Selection is the process of picking individual who have the relevant
qualifications to fill jobs in an organization. The basic purpose of the selection is to
choose an individual who can most successfully perform the job form the pool of

The importance of selection these days have increased because there is no perfect mechanism for selection and many imperfect methods are being used to predict which applicant will be most successful. The HRM role is very important in selection as they have to find out new ways and methods based on advance selection techniques and provide the human resource managers the necessary skills and training for the selection of right candidate for a particular job.qualified candidates. A very good example is the recruitment policy of Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) which has an online selection mechanism on its website and is quiet stringent and effective. Selection practices these days also need to be well validated to meet legal requirements. Also the selection process involves not only selecting a suitable candidate but elimination hundred of unfit applicants. time especially in terms of training and operating cost if the selection is mismatched or is bad. (Appendix A) EVALUATE THE IMPORTANCE OF SELECTION Selection is a two way process in provision of information of all is involved. These days various companies have readymade evaluation criteria and have a standardized recruitment policy. Proper selection can increase the efficiency of the organization and is very much essential to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. These days it has become more complicated as the market has grown larger and more and more jobs are being created everyday. Effective selection is quiet demanding and constant monitoring and evaluation techniques are required. So the applicants also choose between organizations through evaluation of contacts and developing relationships with prospective employers. Selection process should be very stringent and should be technology oriented for the proper evaluation of the capabilities of the applicants as it always difficult to find the right person for the right job and overall organizational performance depends on proper selection. Applicants are influenced by the way their interactions are managed by the Human resource departments of various companies. Selection is tedious and long process and the complexity . Also selection is very important as because it directly affects the organization as it can cost a great deal in terms of money. In simple words selection is all about choosing the best person for a particular job.

2010). This selection process and mechanism is quiet effective and can lead to increased productivity and efficiency in the organization and meeting the organizational goals and objectives (Snell & Bohlander. The selecton process may involve the following procedure: 1. Pre interview screening & Preliminary interview 3. Follow-up evaluation(Probationary period) The above steps can be employed for the selection process to make a perfect selection. apart form the physical endurance test which involves team building exercises and effective communication skills as well as to test their physical strength. A very good example of selection process is in the selection of defense personnel in UAE armed forces as they have to pass the psychometric analysis test which checks the decision making skill. Selection test 6. Final approval 10. Job Offer 11. (Appendix B) . Reference check 9. Advertising the vacancy 2. Induction 12. Selection Committee 5. Medical examination/ criminal record 8. Application form 4.of the process increase with the level of staff to be selected. Personal interview 7.

It starts with a tough screening process in which only the most suitable and qualified candidates pass the preliminary screening criteria. This has brought a bad name for the company and various accidents and safety hazards offences has been filed in their name. After this the evaluation of the position is done through a proper selection committee who are the professionals in the job for which selection has to be made. financial losses for the company and has posed severe risk and health related problems for the labours. It is the prime duty of the HRM to ensure health and safety of its employees and practice all means and follow all the norms and . job knowledge. electrical or mechanical engineering. After an initial assessment done by the HR Department the candidates are subjected to the interview with the Senior Engineers from various fields as the case may be. There the candidate are tested for the requisite skills theoretically as well as practically. and health factors and even sometimes a candidate with criminal record has been selected. (Appendix C) Another example is of a construction company (Name not revealed) who does not follow the right process of selection and tries to save the cost of selection by going through the selection process in a unprofessional way. After all this is cleared successfully inquiry is done about the background of the candidates and the references provided by them. THE ROLE OF HEALTH AND SAFETY IN HRM IN THE UAE The government of UAE is doing a lot to ensure the health and safety of the working class in various industry sectors. mining etc. This has resulted in bad selection in terms of skills. For this Government of UAE has laid down stringent laws and guidelines through various enforcing agencies as well so that all the companies follow the minimum norms and standards for the health and safety of the employees working in their companies. Such jobs may involved specific field of engineering such as petroleum engineering. Even for the selection of Engineers and Safety officers’.INDUSTRY EXAMPLES IN TERM OF SELECTION ADNOC or Abu Dhabi National Oil Company follows a stringent selection policy to recruit the right candidate which can be profitable for the company. The last process involves proper medical and health examination which is the requirement of the job. proper norms have not been followed and that has resulted in low productivity.

illness and health related issues among the working class people in UAE. (Appendix D) The HRM role is to ensure safety at all costs for its employees. Also verification of their past criminal record is to be done before hiring of any employee. Proper regular medical check ups of all the employees and issuing health insurance cards for them are obligatory for all the companies working in the UAE. broken pavement. Apart form this HRM department of various companies are doing an awareness campaign from time to time related to General health. Also proper . breast cancer. Also ADAC conducts regular health check ups for all its employees. This training is provided on a regular interval at both Abu Dhabi airport as well as airport in Al Ain. These practices have overall placed UAE high in the world arena with respect to its concerns on health and safety of its working class and especially also to the large number of expats population who are working in this country. Various jobs such as cleaning jobs at airports requires all time surveillance as well proper sign boards to be placed at working sites and at stairs etc. health hazards. blood donation. These procedures have really brought down accidents. For this special department of safety and securities has also been established to monitor and train the employees as per their job requirement. ADAC has introduced Safety Managements System training for all its employees. The safety gadgets should be wore at all times and proper vigilance of the runways is to be done because anything obstructing such as hard objects. safety training and many more to name a few.standards laid down by the government of UAE. Various safety instructions are also distributed and displayed at all major working stations for its employee to remind them continuously that safety is first above all. HEALTH AND SAFETY ASPECTS The Abu Dhabi Airport Company (ADAC) has very high standards of health and safety facilities for its employees. sharp objects etc can cause accidents. The HRM of the ADAC is striving continuously for the safety and training of its employees. The HRM at ADAC has excellent health and safety policy and guidelines laid out to its employee. exercises and training programs are conducted to fight against emergency like fire or any accident at the airport. aircraft parts. This training program is up to the world standards and is in line with ICAO standards and GCAA requirements. Various drills.

and effectively utilising human resources in a multinational corporations. allocating. GLOBAL NEED FOR INTERNATIONAL HRM SYSTEMS Defining International Human Resource Management (IHRM) because the job of HR manger varies from firm to firm and the location of the Multinational company’s network varies the role. avoid redundancy. • Management and maintenance of the account of the decision is easy. IHRM can increase the efficiency of the organization. • Generation of various types of reports is much easier. (Hugh Scullion. • Decision making process is easier as all the information is available easily. A truly global firm must integrate human resource policies and practices across a number of subsidiaries firm operating in different countries so that overall organizational goals and objectives can be achieved. . During the selection procedure HRM should ensure that the candidate should have prior skills. limit error margin and save time on unnecessary paper work. SO in broad term IHRM is defined as the process of procuring. • Easy to track details of employees and as such evaluation is easy.inspection and monitoring of the Aircraft has to be done before clearing it for the flight to take off. Although a IHRM system has to be quiet flexible in terms of HR policies and practives which might vary due to the different businesses and cultural settings. and Margaret Linehan) Advantages of IHRM IHRM has many benefits: • It is simple and easy to use through a computerized system. experience and knowledge about working in such conditions especially when it comes to working at Airports where safety is the prime concern.

. background. • Avoids redundancy and errors ADVANTAGES OF IHRM SYSTEM There are several advantages of having an IHRM system. The selection of right candidate is quiet a complex process but can be overcome through proper evaluation and a strategically developed selection process. Also HRM formulates reward management policies and creates a cordial atmosphere between the employee and the management apart from it main role of recruitment and personnel administration. Another primary advantage is that it will cut costs on more staffs and save time and improve the overall efficiency of the HRM department and the organization as a whole. Also it is much easier in the selection process and right person can be transferred to the right job through this system. The core to the successes of the any business is finding the right candidates for the right job and for that a proper HR policy and strategy is required. CONCLUSION HRM role is very much important in the success of an organization as it forms the backbone of the Organizational strategy and is concerned with the employee resourcing and its development through proper training means. experiences. Also IHRM system can analyze and keep an eye of the progress of each employee as well as monitor where more staffs is required. A standard IHRM system has enormous capabilities in terms of managing day to day activities of management of Human Resources through a more centralized and integrated system. The whole human resource management is automated on a server based system and the multi national company’s subsidiaries can be managed locally as well as internationally through this. This will include cross examining of the candidates’ skills. An integrated IHRM system can save lot of time and avoid paper work since everything is stored on the database and any information required can be available with just the click of the mouse. Also such system can easily can avoid financial irregularities concerning with over time hours and attendance. It increases the overall productivity and efficiency of the organization. • Communication with the employee is much more integrated and easy. (2009).htm 8. Scott.html 4. 11. Prentice Hall: New York 2. Scott. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. http://www. Snell. Policy and Practice in the Nationalisation of Human Capital: ‘Project Emiratisation’.htm 7.uaeinteract.. Connor. Hall. Torrington._s ays_Mohammed__/34097. 3. 3rd ed. References 1. (1978). 71-91 10.pdf 9. http://www.wbiconpro. http://rphrm. L and Taylor. 17(1). Dessler. China: China Translation & Printing Services Limited. Patrick E. K.Human Resource Management.) FT Prentice Hall : New York . Also HRM should ensure the health and safety of all the employees as it is very crucial for achieving the goals and objectives of the organization as well increasing the productivity and efficiency of the employees. Gary (2010). Theo.qualification and heath related issues. http://www.._s ays_Mohammed__/34097.uaeinteract. Managing the modern organization. 5. S (2008) Human Resource Management (7th edition. & George Bohlander. (2010). William Haimann. Principles of human resource management. Research and Practice in Human Resource Management. http://www. 12th ed.asp? StoryId=1093373600&src=MOEN 6.