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³To explore how and why consumers use blogs in their decision making process³ It has also known to the marketers that the consumers possibility discuss among each other. blogs provides a new way of communicating with customers. Hence the purpose is. Y     aver since the internet was introduced for the general public during the 1990s. but in fact. blogs etc. it is of huge importance for companies to understand how consumers use blogs in their decision making. communities. for example company web pages. There are many different sources of information online. The phenomenon of blogs is growing rapidly and is expected to increase even in a more rapid pace. Blogs as a communication tool. The concept of blogs and blogging is a relatively new phenomenon in today¶s society and it has not really been explored before. it can also allow for relationship marketing towards large segments. (R750209013)   cc  cc Blog Marketing : A Consumer Perspective. Blog marketing allows not just for marketers to establish closer relationships towards a small segment. people have used it as a source of information.  .

Today limited research has been made within the concept of blog marketing. Something that has not been considered.     There are several interesting angles to take on the problem discussed consumers consider the information that is being transmitted on the blog hasnot yet been explored. . and has beentaken for granted. The truth could be that consumers use blogs in a way that companieshave not thought about. Furthermore. is the issue of how consumers use blogs in their decision making. Moreover.all research that has been conducted has had the focus on how companies can use blogs inorder to interact with consumers.

One reason is that today there is very little research conducted on blogs from a consumer perspective. Traditional marketing tools such as advertising. For example. it is of big importance for companies to understand how consumers use blogs in their decision making. To be successful in blog marketing. Thus our purpose is to see how blogs affect consumers in their decision making process. existing theory on consumer decision making and market communication might not be completely integrated with blogging. If companies learn how blogs are used. 2006). But it is unclear what impact blogging has in those stages.  Blog Marketing is a new phenomenon. The focus on the consumer decision making process in the context of blog is of importance for several reasons. An overview of the literature shows that not much research has been done within this subject. . companies can learn how to use their marketing in a new and innovative way to appeal consumers. they can engage in the viral marketing on the blogs to create knowledge of their products. which is only researched from a company perspective. they can benefit in several ways. not to (Wright. In order to use this communication tool. Blogs provides a new way of communicating with customers.By mapping out this information. It is today unclear how and in what stages consumers use blogs in their decision making process. This is however difficult to do as no research have ever really been conducted on consumers blogging habits. as customers want to be talked with. sales promotion etc have different impact in the different stages of the consumer decision making process. They can listen on why consumers prefer competitor¶s products. Firms who conduct blog marketing can only rely on very limited blog marketing. we argue that the marketing needs to be shaped in accordance to consumers¶ blog usage.

To understand the concept of the Blogs and their use in the marketing.To explore how and why consumers use blogs in their decision making process. .  The main objectives of the study are : :. :.

   . The theories discussed deal with research within the consumer decision making process and the theories available on blogs. Lastly.     In this part of the thesis we discuss the relevant theories used as a framework for the thesis in order to be able to reach the purpose. previous research that is of interest to our purpose is discussed. Also we discuss certain issues regarding communication as well as the concept of word of mouth.

and method for analysing the data. dependability and conformability. collection methods.  DIFFaRaNT QUaSTIONS NaaD TO Ba ANSWaRaD:  What blogs are used within the consumer decision making process?  Are there certain groups in the blogosphere that influence the consumers in their decision making process? What characterise the individuals that the consumers are influenced by in their decision making?    . transferability. This is followed by a discussion on the threats of credibility. In this section we discuss a plan for the method of conducting our research. This involves discussion on research approach.

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