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A- READING. Are the sentences below true or false? Correct the false ones.

History of Cars: Henry Ford and the Model T

Henry Ford was born in 1963 on his family’s farm in Michigan, USA. When he was a
young boy, Ford enjoyed playing with machines. Every day after school, he liked to
experiment by mixing parts of different machines to create new ones. In 1896, Ford
constructed his first car and he sold it to a rich man in Michigan. With the money he
got, he started a small car company: the Ford Motor Conpany. He wanted to make cars
for the American family.
In October 1908, the first Model T car was ready. It wasn’t an expensive car, so many
people bought one. Ford was very happy, it was the beginning of the Motor Age. By
1914, a lot of people worked at the Ford Motor Company. Workers could make a
Model T car in 93 minutes. Ford paid his employees 5 dollars a day and he was famous
all over the world for the modern working conditions in his factory.
It was the beginning of one of the biggest car factories in the world.

1-Henry Ford was Canadian. ______
2-Henry Ford played with machines when he was a child.______
3-Ford started his car company with a rich man in Michigan.______
4-Many people bought the first Model T because it was expensive.______
5-The workers at the Ford Motor Company needed three hours to make a Model T car._
6-The Ford Motor Company was a modern factory.______

1-Fill in the blanks with the Simple Past in the correct form.

I __________ (have) a terrible day yesterday. I __________(wake up) at 5 o'clock in the
morning. I _________(start) making breakfast but I __________(drop) the eggs on the
floor and the cat _________(break) a bottle of milk. When I _________(finish) cleaning
the kitchen, it was 7:30 and I __________(go) to work. The bus _________(not come)
so I __________(take) a taxi. I _________(have) only $7.- and the taxi
__________(cost) $6.-! The work I am doing is very boring so I _________(phone)
Ryan to help me –and pay for my lunch. Ryan _________(be) very busy so I just
__________(have) some tea in my office. In the afternoon I _________(work) on some
boring reports. I __________(finish) work at 8 o'clock. When I __________(get) home,
there __________(not be) any food in the house, just some meat for the cat. I
__________(be) very hungry and tired so I __________(eat) the meat and
__________(go) to bed.

meets 3. c-Philco is________________________Samsung.fastest 2. a-His house is ____________________ my swimming 3-Complete the sentences using comparative or superlative adjectives.swims 2. C-WRITING Write a composition of about 150 words (15 lines) Topic: Describe your family and write about the last holidays you spent together. b-He is__________________________of all. 1.faster 3.are going to meet e)She__________ in the new swimming-pool yesterday afternoon. . 1. 1.Is c)__________she feel better after taking the medicine? 1.2-Choose the correct item and write the number.swam 3. d-She is__________________________ of the group.are writing 2.write 3.Didn’t d)We__________ at home tommorow. wrote b)Maria is the_________reader in the classroom. a)They__________in this moment.met 2. 1.Did 2. e-Tennis is ___________________________ golf.