Question 1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? The opening sequence we have produced employs various forms and conventional aspects that have been used in real media products of a horror/thriller genre. The preliminary segment of my media production, is constructed up of a title sequence and makes use of the form that many thrillers come in, as the titles and music work on a linear correlation as the cues of the titles change simultaneously to the music keys, this has been done before in other horror/thriller movies, I do however think that I could have executed this better as an editor to make it more professional looking and sounding. The intended setting and location of our production has also been typical in the sense that it goes along and develops the conventions that are found in a horror setting of a movie, we have filmed in an isolated dark lake/forest which gives of many connotations of the production and the genre. We did not use very many props in our production; however we did make use of a unconnected handheld microphone and a wind protection cover, for the news reporter to hold whilst she read her lines, this supplemented the realism created within the staged news report. Another prop we used to generate realism is hazard tape; we secured this around trees near where the supposed murder had occurred, this would make it believable to the audience and would give them the inclination to watch more of the as it proceeds. The victim also uses a mobile phone as one of the props she receives a phone call from her father who is worried about her whereabouts. This also is adaptive of real media products as in many horror movies the victim is usually with someone or receives a call from someone close to them just before they are abducted or killed. In relevance to the camera work that was utilized, I believe that it was executed it with precision and awareness of existing media products. One of the typical horror film type shots we employed was a P.O.V shot as the killer is in pursuit of

their victim, and is slowly blending into their surroundings as the victim is unaware of any threat to their life. This shot would comprehend a typical convention from previous horror films that the audience may have seen before. This familiarization to the shot will complement all the other aspects such as sound and lighting and will leave the audience wanting for more. In terms of the approach to editing I exploited within this piece, I have followed many of the forms that typical horrors come in, as mentioned previously the title sequence of preliminary segment runs in perfect synchronization with each key drop of the theme music. This has been done in many films before and has been proven to be very successful in getting the audience more engrossed into the extract. Another editing technique that I have used within editing is, colour correction along with limit effects. This effect has been used in the revolutionary film sin city. It was the first of its kind to have a constant film noire setting, but have the overwhelming colour red brightening the screen, this would give various connotations as red is symbolic of blood, danger and lust. However I had opted to isolate the colour green in my scene as it was the setting in the forest and the gloomy green colour was outstandingly dominating the location, therefore by isolating this colour it makes it easier to distinguish the victim being followed. Not only does It do this, but it also differentiates the scene from all the others so that the audience are aware that this scene is a flash back in the montage that deviates from the killing and the post murder report. The font and style that I have utilized in the production, has been inspired by many mystery/horror films. The typical horror movie may have used a gory bloody text which would be suggestive of the genre of the movie, this technique was used a lot during the 1930 s up to the 50 s as far as horror movies where concerned. However many thrillers and horrors in the 21st century have used discrete, simple sans serif fonts. The less suggestive the fonts are the more enigmatic atmosphere they create. The style of the fonts have been consistent has I have used a black white and red theme, one reason for this is simply that they are complementary colours that are discrete yet suggestive. As the filming footage commences have used a different font, this font is more chaotic and complements the content of the scene, for example as the camera is shaking and

the killer is chasing the victim the chaotic text appears and blends in with the atmosphere. The overall narrative of this piece is surrounded by a psychotic murderer who suffers from a sick obsession of killing young teenage girls specifically on their 16th birthday. The rest of the film follows the killer as the audience begins to see that he is not just a mindless wreck less killer, but that he has a tactical strategy and some sort of motive related to a traumatic past occurrence in his life. The opening sequence extract that has been produced is typical of many horrors as it gives a brief introduction to the narrative and then progresses and builds to give of a good first impression. The opening sequence sets up the rest of the movie as I have produced fake news paper articles on Photoshop with pictures of teenage girls that are supposedly the previous victims of the killer. This along with the headlines on the paper give the audience the knowledge that all these murders have something in common, as there is a constant reference to birthday killer and sweet sixteenth . The first character is introduced by the news report of the post murder as the reporter explains the latest developments of the case live on Havering News. In the duration of the montage the news report is cut by a static transition and the following scene introduces the victim as she has just received a call from her daddy who is expectant of her arrival. The montage quickly cuts back to the live report as the reporter has spotted the victims brother laying down flowers at the lake in peace. He is then disturbed and lashes out in and expresses this as violent outrage. Many horror movies do not formally introduce each character in a movie unless they play a significant role and as this is only one killing the characters are introduced by the hybrid montage. The special effects that I have used have mainly been on the text and filters of the video footage, for example I have applied an earthquake effect on the logo and text at the beginning via the video transitions/distort and adjusted the settings. This has added a uneasy distorted theme to the sequence which has previously been done in horror movies, this effect is used to disorientate the audiences expectancy of the film leaving more enigma.

Within these two captured images from my opening sequence production and the image taken from the original scream movie there is a diversity of similarities and differences. Firstly in relevance to costume they are both dressed in comfortable casual clothing, the clothing matches their environment as in the first image she is dressed in a loosely fitted black jumper. The colour of this jumper supplements her background as it is very dark, the setting and composition creates a potent sense of danger and enigma. In the second image the character is wearing a thick cream jumper, her background is also the same warm colour, this tells the audience that she is in a secure and comfortable environment and yet she is in a state of panic, this contradicts the usual conventions and connotations conveyed in media products such as scream . In terms of the characters body language, they both are giving off very different attitudes. The first image shows that the girl is aware and careful of her surroundings is giving of a neutral reaction to the phone call which tells us she is speaking to someone that she trusts and feels safe around; secondly her posture is good she isn t slouching or she doesn t have to be in a hurry. However the second image contradicts all these points as her facial expression is in distress and panic. The way she has composed her posture suggests that she is in pain or that she scared, also the fact that her eyes are closed says that she is blindly running around in havoc. Both the characters roles in the images are the female protagonist victim, typically women are made to play these roles as they are considered as feeble and vulnerable compared to men. The dialogue of the scene again vastly differ from one another, the first scene is the scene where the protagonist is on the phone to her

father and is just explaining that she will be home shortly, this dialogue is limited and simple however it puts the scene into context. The second shot shows the protagonist in shock and fear of the mysterious person on the phone, this conversation builds suspense and creates fear within the audience. The lack of make-up used in both scenes supplement the characters distress and facial expressions displayed. Both scenes are using the same prop, the telephone and the mobile phone, this suggests that the killer is nearby. These scenes establish the characters social class within the film. The first scene shows a working class Essex teenager and the second an adolescent upper class girl.

Question 3 Production Distribution

Optimum J.M.K.R productions Releasing

Film Distributors: y Are the companies that is responsible for funding or releasing a film y They distribute movies for either public theatrical viewing y Or for Home viewing such as: Digital Versatile Disk, Streaming on Demand, television, download (digital distribution) y Some distribution companies or individuals have their own distribution networks y Or theatrical exhibitors y There are various distributors in areas of the world optimum releasing is a UK distributor as is revolver ENT. US distributors could be Warner Bros. or 20th Century Fox Optimum releasing:

The orphan is a film that I regard to be at a similar recognition under film genres as sweet 6ixteen; it follows many of the same forms and conventions and also establishes many of the themes that sweet 6ixteen does. This is one of the reasons for which I have chosen optimum releasing to be the chosen distribution company for sweet 6ixteen. Link:

Other optimum releasing films similar to mine:

The distribution company that I would want to work with to release sweet 6ixteen would be optimum releasing , the reasons for which I would do so is that they have had many years experience and have gained a reputation by distributing successful movies in the industry previously, many of these have been from the same genre as sweet 6ixteen, so I believe that they would be perfect for the project to ensure maximum profit. I also believe that in the above compilation of selected films from the optimum releasing site, they have shown a great understanding of the various vital codes and conventions that are used in successful media productions in order to make it appeal to the intended audience. They have also been recognized for having very good financial credibility which suggests more of an inclination to opt for optimum releasing this will mean that I can trust them in ensuring that the financial aspect of the project is kept intact. They also have a major influence in the UK film industry, I will be getting the publicity and recognition in the film industry strong links with UK cinemas, I also may have the opportunity to work alongside many other movie distributors not only in the UK but worldwide in order to make J.M.K.R a successful film company.

Audience Profile: (mood board)

The intended audience for the sweet 6ixteen movie project would be one of the most influential factors in making the movie a success. Without the audience we have no basis to structure all the conventions around, this is why it is preferable to have an audience specification so that the company can go in to specifics to cater for their consumer. The intended audience type for this production would typically be between the age 18 and 25 this is the group of people that would be expected to most frequently visit the cinema to watch sweet 6ixteen. As this is a psychological thriller/horror it would most prone to have a predominant male audience that would watch this movie. As this contains mature content with a comprehensive storyline, it wouldn t be considered as a date movie , these movies would be simpler and contain cheap thrills and would appeal more to the aesthetics of the movie rather than the narrative and moods that are established. The typical audience that we are targeting would be interested in similar films they would be fans of horror movies. Such as, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Dead Silence etc. This would encourage them further to feel inclined to watch the latest horror installment . They would be interested in various types of contemporary commercialised music such as RnB, Rock and Hip Hop. This comes hand in hand as these genres of music and film are the most popular choice in the majority of the intended consumer group. Similarly they would be interested in media magazines that potentially would be related to their favorite movies music or games. This is a vital instrument as the magazines that are being read are interpreting and mediating ratings to the movies and music, it is vital that it has a good review so that a larger consumer rate of the magazines are equally going to watch sweet 6ixteen. As any male teenager in today s world of social networking, the websites they visit would all be about networking and socializing with their peers, this would

mean that they could share news and opinions on media products such as sweet 6ixteen. In relevance to gaming, they would be interested in violent gory games such as Dead Space 2, Killzone 3, God of War 3 and Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Their love for action blood and gore goes with their choice in any other media format such as television, film or music. As their taste is very similar it makes it easier to know what to implement into the movie to impress the audience. Most of their spare time and money would most likely be going into buying games or films to watch, I would prefer my audience to be more of a computer geek teenager as I know that their spare time would be invested into the media industry, more specifically sweet 6ixteen.

Question 6
In the duration of constructing our media product, I was educated about the technologies that were utilized in order to make the production. In the duration of this elaborate process, we had utilized three main products in my production kit, which were the camera kit, blogger and final cut pro software package. The quality of knowledge that we I had about each of these products dictated the success rate of the project, therefore I learned as much as I possibly could about each of these areas. Production Equipment: The hardware equipment that we acquired consisted of many external items used to film the footage. These were as follows:
y y y y y y y HDV Camera inc. tripod stand XLR cable Boom Pole Shot-Gun Mic Furry Pop-Filter for SG Mic Headphones Red Head light

When filming, we primarily tested the white balance, the white balance gives the camera reference to true white . If the balance isn t preset properly the quality of the shot can be very poor and may contradict with other shots that have been taken on a separate occasion. Fortunately this camera had an automatic white balance feature which adjusted to the brightness and level of the colour white around the area. We also performed automatic and manual focusing, this entailed that we adjusted the disk around the top of the camera lens, until the shot was in focus. If this had not been done then when watching the playback it would look very unprofessional and unclear to the audience. The camera also has an automatic focus setting which adjusts the lens to the setting appropriately. When it came to capturing sound, we had opted to utilize an external shotgun Microphone instead of the built in one, this was so that we could capture all the ambient and dynamic diegetic sounds. Using the XLR cable for distance we plugged the XLR lead into the camera XLR port, and using the headphones provided with the kit we plugged in the auxiliary jack lead to the camera port so that the sound man could simultaneously monitor the sound recorded from the shotgun microphone. Final Cut Pro Concluding the extensive process of filming it was my job to compile and edit all the footage into the final product, as I began to familiarize myself with final cut I realized how difficult it would be as there are so many detailed tools and effects available to the user. Realizing this I took it upon myself to start researching tutorials on how to execute specific tasks in final cut. Timeline: Firstly I was required to transfer the video footage files on the Macintosh, I did this using the tape deck, it was connect to the Mac via FireWire cable, I then opened up final cut and went to file/log and capture, and started to record all the captured footage onto the Mac.

I then using the razor tool cut the irrelevant or mistake shots out of the sequence and then kept the ones that I needed, the task was to then assemble it into the order of the montage that we discussed before we started the project, following the shot list, story board and script I complied the clips in the correct order, the timeline provided enabled me to navigate through the whole project with great ease and accuracy.

Colour Correction In consideration of colour correction, I realized it is not an effect that is supposed to be used as a tint and filtering system, but as a tool to apply a consistent smooth colour and shadow ratio throughout the clip, however it does offer many presets and scales in which the user may adjust, to create the intended effect they wish to execute, for example as shown in the screen shot below I have used colour corrector 3-way to apply a brown black and red (blood filter) contrast to the news paper articles I had produced in Photoshop.

Original Image (PS cs3)

Processed image using colour correction

Video Scopes and Analysis: I used the video scopes and analysis feature within final cut as it is a useful tool that allows the user to monitor any inconsistencies and glitches within the running order and colour, it uses the mathematical basis of calculation and displays it as four separate graphical interpretations for the user to see and identify problematic areas within the project. This was very useful as I had many in consistencies that were rectified using this tool.

RGB colour corrector (3way) used to rectify affected areas in synchronisation with scope.

RGB display, which is monitoring the three colours individually.

The scope here has identified a problem, within the RGB indicator which will be fixed using colour correction.

Key Frames: The key frames were used as a movement and transition que, it dictated where and when the selected item would move or change according to the preset or filter it was used on. I used key frames throughout the extract, in the beginning where the logo and titles appeared, also with the news paper articles changing and the news report banners that appeared on screen.

The key frame has been placed on two areas of the timeline of the selected item.

The gradient line is then brought up on the Amplitude tab so that it will move on Que.

Exporting: The exportation of the project was to be in Quick time Format, however to ensure that it is exported properly I had to ensure that all the clips and sound tracks had been synchronized and rendered. This is very important as if it isn t rendered then the files playback may be bad quality or may not recognize the transitions. Therefore I had to go to File/Export/Using Quick Time Conversion/Options within the options I was presented with many tabs in which I was required to change the setting to DV PAL, adjust the screen size to 19:6 which is widescreen. The file would then be successfully exported.

Blogger: Using blogger was an easy way to update and refresh the project; it would document our progress and enable us to create a page with all the multi-media content such as video, text, images and documents. Crating a blog The creation of the blog was simple and straight forward as all we had to do was assign a email address to that account and then apply a theme if desired and then begin to post on the blog. I found this easy and user friendly. Embedding a Video This could be pretty tricky at times as you have to copy and paste the videos URL from the youtube page, into the blogger post and preview it. Once it is successful there may be an issue that the video display is too large or too small on the page, to rectify this the user will have to edit the post and change the length and width measurement numbers within the embedded code and check if it has been applied. Uploading To Scribd. However uploading to scribd is very simple and much more user friendly as it has a step by step guide on how to upload and execute a task on the site and then has a link which enable it to link and share on other sites via the tabs such as facebook twitter and many other networking sites.

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