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Towards partial fulfillment of

Master of Business Administration
(Affiliated to UGC, LUCKNOW)

Guided by: Submitted By:

Mr. K . C. Balodi VIPIN

Department of Management




S. No. Title

1- Preface

2- Acknowledgement

3- Declaration

4- Objective of the research

5- History of vodafone

i. Vodafone plan’s

ii. Vodafone tariff’s

iii. Vodafone rates

6- History of Bharti Airtel

i. Airtel plan’s

ii. Airtel tariff



iii. Airtel rates

7- Research Methodology

8- Place of the Research

9- Retailer Analysis

10- Advertisement Analysis

11- Customer Analysis

12- SWOT Analysis

13- Sample Questionnaires

14- Bibliography

15- Conclusion


Certainly many countries today are chronic high unemployment. people often feel a growing uneasiness about the future. 4 PREFACE Gone are the days when people were very unsure about the future and hardly cared about it in terms of technological development. But the situation has changed now. In the new millennium. a 4 .

This new era has witnessed remarkable advancement in the availability of information and a number of large companies operations in such market where the principle of natural selection lead to “survival of the fittest” 5 . Two forces are mostly responsibly for these types of drastic changes. 5 persistent deficit of economy and gradual deterioration of purchasing power. Nation is passing through a phase of rapid transformation. they are explosive growth of trade and International competition and the other force like technological change.

6 Market provide a key to gain actual success only to those companies which match best to the current environment i.e. “imperative” which can be delivered what are the people needs and they are ready to buy at the right time without any delay. 6 . It is perfectly true but this also depends on availability of good quality product and excellent services which further attract and add a golden opportunity for huge sales. This also depends on the good planning approach and provides ample opportunity plus sufficient amount of products for sales in the rural area.

7 This report introduces detailed study of Present Market situation of various mobile service providers v. This report also provides the detailed information. it may also provide and opportunity to frame a good future plan to satisfy maximum needs of the customers and established its guiding role in the market of Sitapur city. The study report will also provide an opportunity to delineate its market potential business areas product and services and a brief introduction. 7 .

in-local- loop(WLL) services. Marketing division of Hutch & Airtel Ltd. Detail description along with 8 . Has to keep in mind various factors specially while preparing a plan for marketing its product or services. 8 This report also provides a detailed information about prevailing market competition and thus to prepare itself to meet the market challenge by making adjustment in its planning to provide a good N/W system wireless. This study report also provides the various factors affecting the services.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This project has been completed with the direct and indirect cooperation of various people. whom I wish to pay my heartiest gratitude. 9 . 9 analysis of survey data is being presented in this report.

who gave me an opportunity to spend these days in there organization and enrich of my knowledge. SHISHIR RAJ PANDEY 10 . I also extend my heartiest thank to all the teacher of the Institute of Management studies. 10 I am really thank to the people of the Vodafone & Airtel. dehradun for gracing me with the knowledge that I could use in the completion of this training.

B.A.A 4TH Sem Declaration My self Mr.B. Shishir raj pandey M. 11 M. dehradun) worked on research work and my topic is “ comparative analysis between Vodafone & Airtel services in dehradun” is my original work it has not previously found on the 11 . 4TH SEM ( Institute of Management studies.

To analyze the market condition of different mobile service provider 12 . 12 basis of any degree. Date:. diploma or similar other title. Shishir raj pandey OBJECTIVE The main objective of research are- 1.

13 2. 5.To know the customer demand and preference for the various service provider.To see and analyses the prevailing competition.To know the level of the awareness of the people about various service provider and their different services. 13 . 4.To find the perception and satisfaction level of customer regarding with their service provider 3.

Vodafone Essar now has operations in 16 Circles covering 86% of India's mobile customer base. Vodafone Essar. under the Hutch brand. 14 ABOUT VODAFONE Vodafone Essar in India is a subsidiary of Vodafone Group Plc and commenced operations in 1994 when its Predecessor Hutchison Telecom acquired the cellular licence For Mumbai. With over 41. has been named the 'Most Respected Telecom 14 . Over the years.1 million customers*.

*Figures from Cellular Operators 15 . Shipping & Logistics and Construction. Energy. Power. 15 Company'. the 'Best Mobile Service in the country' And the 'Most Creative and Most Effective Advertiser of the Year'. Communications. The Essar Group is a diversified business corporation With interests spanning the manufacturing and service Sectors like Steel. The Group has An asset base of over Rs.400 billion (US$ 10 billion) and employs over 20000 people.

16 . 16 Association of India. January 31. 2008.

17 17 .

and the 'Most Creative and Most Effective Advertiser of the Year'. Over the years. Hutchison Telecom is a part of the multinational conglomerate . it has been named the 'Most Respected Telecom Company'. It now has operations in 16 circles accounting for 70% of India's mobile customer base. 18 Hutch established its presence in India in 1994 by acquiring the cellular license for Mumbai.Hutchison Essar Limited. the 'Best Mobile Service in the country'.4 million* customers. is one of the most reputed telecom companies in India.Hutchison Whampoa which has its origins dating back to 18 . with about 18.

The Essar Group is one of India's largest corporate houses with interests spanning the manufacturing and service sectors like Steel. 19 . Power. To know more about Hutchison Telecom. Shipping & Logistics and Engineering & Constructions. 19 1828 in Hong Kong. Telecom & BPO. Oil & Gas. The Group has an asset base of over Rs 20 billion (US$ 4.4 billion) and employs over 4000 people. The Group operates five core businesses in 42 countries across the world. Hutchison Telecom has been one of the pioneers in mobile multimedia communication and spans five continents. of which.

It is a dynamic and agile player with a strong track record as: • The first to market with an international 3G video mobile network under the “3” brand. 20 . 20 Overview HWL is a leading global telecommunications and data services provider operating with a high growth strategy in 17 countries. • One of the most agile and profitable 2G mobile voice and data network operators.

HWL started mobile business in 1983 in our home market of Hong Kong and now serves over 44 million customers. serving as a telecoms gateway to China. Our array of telecommunications and data network offerings provides a depth of technological knowledge and insight into emerging consumer trends. 21 and • As a major owner and operator of the fibre optic broadband and fixed-line networks in Hong Kong. This breadth of services in so many markets around the world also allows our operations to exploit 21 .

Our telecommunications and data infrastructure support offerings in the areas of mobile telephony (voice and video based multimedia). fixed-line services and radio broadcasting.HWL is proud to be the first international provider of 3G video mobile services and an early adopter of the latest and most promising mobile phone technology. fibre-optic broadband networks. While other operators are just now rolling their 22 . 22 opportunities. synergies and our critical mass in order to maintain our leadership position.

We were also the first operator in Hong Kong to introduce 3G video mobile services in January 2004. 23 third-generation mobile services in late 2004. Italy. 23 . 3 has been successfully operating 3G networks and equipment in the Australia. Hong Kong. Austria. Denmark. Sweden and the United Kingdom since early 2003. which was listed on the Hong Kong and New York stock exchanges in October 2004. Israel. Ireland. Another of our major telecommunications subsidiary is Hutchison Telecommunications International Limited (Hutchison Telecom).

and in many cases is a market leader. Ghana. 24 Hutchison Telecom has a significant presence. Indonesia and Vietnam. Hutchison Telecom is built on a high-growth strategy focused on mobile telecommunications services markets with economic prospects and good demographics. in nine dynamic markets. Israel. Sri Lanka. India. A number of Hutchison Telecom markets 24 . Thailand. operating or rolling out mobile services in Hong Kong and Macau. The 3G network in Hong Kong and a fixed-line telecom running there on a fibre optic network is also part of the Hutchison Telecom business.

25 . offering growth prospects in providing technologically- advanced value-added services. In other markets such as Hong Kong and Israel. 25 such as India remain significantly under penetrated and offers significant opportunities for future growth. mobile phone penetration is higher but customers are very eager to adopt new services and applications.


Going Prepaid is easy. And rewarding, with

maximum talktime and exciting offers. Not to

mention a host of value added services, two-

way national roaming and much more.
To go Prepaid, just fill up a simple Prepaid

Enrollment form. This form comes enclosed in

the SIM pack. You can also pick one up from

any Hutch Shop or download it.As per new

government regulations, all Prepaid

customers must provide the following

documents along with the Enrollment form:
Self attested photograph
Photo proof of identity / signature
Proof of address
Proof of identity documents can mean any

one of the following:



PAN Card
Photo Credit Card
Voter ID Card
Arm's Licence
Driving Licence
Identity Card issued by Central / State

Identity Card issued by Public Sector

Ration Card with your Photo
Government College / University Identity

In case the proof of identity document does

not contain your address, you must submit

one of the following documents as proof of




Electricity Bill (issued in the last two
Telephone Bill (MTNL / BSNL / Hutch -
issued in the last two months)
Bank Statement / Credit Card Statement (of
last two months)
Income Tax Order (not older than 1 year)
RC copy of vehicle
Registered Rent Agreement
Bank Passbook
Photograph with customer's signature is
Retailers need to verify the originals and
attest the photocopies
Customers will be able to make or receive
calls / SMS only after the above documents
are received and verified.


. . 29 HUTCH PLAN’S Tal Tal k k FR FR AR HR Ro Ro AR HR Plan Name 27 37 119 119 am am 699 699 5 5 9 9 29 39 9# 9# Rental/mont 27 37 299 399 h 5 5 119 119 699 699 9 9 ( For ( For Advanced ( For ( For 0 0 0 0 6 6 Rental 12 12 mon mon mon mon th) th) th) th) Minimum Billing 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Amount Free usage 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 in Rs. . Additional . 0 49 0 49 fee/month Free Local 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 H-H mins Free Talk 10 30 0 0 0 0 0 0 29 .

15 1 0. 30 time (voice) Local + STD 0 0 in Rs.25 mobiles (in UPE. UPW 0.15 and 0 s) sec) Uttarakhand only) To other 0.3 0.5 1 1 1 0.25 1 0. CLIP 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Itemised 49 49 49 49 49 49 49 49 billing Internationa l roaming 14 14 149 149 149 149 149 149 rental (Rs/ 9 9 month) Usage Charges Fr Fr Fre Fre Incoming Free Free Free Free ee ee e e Local Outgoing / min To Hutch phones(in 1 1(1 UPE. UPW & Uttarakhand except 30 .3 (12 20 1 0. Free SMS (local + 25 50 0 0 0 0 0 0 STD) in nos.5 0.

4 6.4 2.40 & New 0 0 0 0 Zealand (F).1 Africa.4 2.19 9. Australia(F) 6.4 6.1 9.40 6. Canada.4 sec) To other 2.40 6. UK(M).1 9.1 9.4 1 20 2.4 2. South East Asia 31 . SAARC.4 2.19 9 9 9 9 Australia(M) & New Zealand(M) US.4 2. UK(F) & Europe(F). Europe(M).5 1 0.4 phones ISD / min (all inclusive) Gulf.19 9.4 2.4 1 1 2.5 only) STD / min 1(1 H2H 2.19 9.4 6.4 2. 9. 9. 31 BSNL Cell one & Excel phones) To landlines (in UP East 1 1 1 1 1 0.4 6.40 6.4 2.

1/min while on 32 .5 0. Solomon Island. Nauru.5 0.5 1 1 1 1 1 1 Others National 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 Internation 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 al Information 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 Services # Roaming usage charges at Re. 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 Sakhalin. Diego Garcia. Vanuatu Inmarsat/Iri 50 50 500 500 500 500 500 500 dium 0 0 SMS Local Hutch 0. Tokelau. Cuba. Tuvalu. Cook Island. 32 Norflok Island. Guinea Bissau. Saotome & principle.5 1 1 1 1 1 1 Local 0.

33 Hutch networks 33 .

1 Initial one time charges. a) MRP of Rs 149 the Starter Pack b) Net As per the minimum validity Talkvalue recharge chosen by customer c) Validity As per the minimum validity recharge chosen by customer d) Grace 90 days Period 2 Monthly NA Rental (Rs) 3 Details of the recharge coupons a) 19 250 390 440 499 510 799 Denominatio 9 n value (Rs) (inclusive of all taxes) 34 . Particulars Prepaid No. 34 HUTCH TARIFF Sr.

99 1.99 1.99 GSM/WLL/Fix 9 ed To mobiles in 1.99 1.9 1.99 1. 99 300 101 Talkvalue 30 00 00 (Rs) c) Validity 30 30 30 30 90 60 180 (days) 4 Pulse rate for 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 local calls (sec) 5 Airtime charges per minute Outgoing composite rate Local calls To any 1. 130. fee (Rs) 74 47 02 58 38 73 ii) Net 46. 35 b) Charges not linked to usage i) Processing 131 122. 624.99 Uttar 9 Pradesh / Uttarakhand ** 35 . 154. 130.9 1. 262.99 1.99 1. 100 217. 345.

Africa. Australia (Mobile) & 36 .40 UK (F) & Europe (F).4 2. UK 9.40 GSM/WLL/Fix 0 ed ISD calls US. 6.40 2. SAARC. Australia(F) & New Zealand (F). South East Asia Gulf.19 (Mobile). 36 STD calls To any 2.40 2.40 2. Canada. Europe (Mobile).

Diego Garcia. Saotome & Principle. Solomon Island. 37 New Zealand (Mobile) & ROW Norfolk 40 Island. Cuba. Cook Island. Tokelau. Guinea Bissau. Sakhalin. Vanuatu Inmarsat/Iridi 500 um 37 . Nauru. Tuvalu.

99 number in UP East circle To any 2 national number outside UP East circle International 5 All 2 information service (like 123. Indiatimes etc.) 7 Whether Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes carry 38 . 38 Incoming Fre Free Free Free Free calls e 6 SMS Rates (Rs per SMS) To any local 0. Yahoo.

Cook Islands. Solomon Islands. Nauru (Republic of). 39 forward of unused amount allowed * Premium countries: Sao Tome and Principe (Democratic Republic of). Tokelau. NO more STD calls. Tuvalu. Diego Garcia. Cuba. 39 . Australian External Territories. Vanuatu (Republic of). Guinea-Bissau (Republic of). ** All calls made to any mobile (except Cellone and excel) to UPW and Uttranchal will be treated as local calls.

and choose from VIP 40 . Simply pay Rs 3600 extra when buying a new postpaid connection. HUTCH POST PAID PLAN’S Family & Friends @ 10p/min You can now call your loved one at a special tariff of just 10p/min. 40 Note: MRP inclusive of all taxes. by selecting a distinct phone number. At no extra cost. STD to any phone @ Re 1 Now call any phone in India at Re 1/min Become a VIP Get your own distinct identity.

You'll get the entire Rs 3600 back as bill discounts of Rs 300 / month in one year. You can enjoy this rate at a monthly rental of just Rs 25 per month. *Activation charge. 41 numbers like 983861 7777 or 98389 33333. security deposit and service tax as applicable STD calls @ Re 1 Now make calls to any Hutch phone in the country from your Hutch phone at just Re 1. You can enjoy this rate at a monthly rental of just Rs 25 per month Note 41 . Night SMS @ 10p Send SMS to any Hutch phone from 10 pm to 10 am at just 10p per SMS.

42 . Dassera. On these days. Diwali. the normal SMS charges will be applicable between 00:00 Hrs to 24:00 Hrs. New Year and Christmas. 42 No free or discounted SMS will be available to existing / new customers who subscribe to or have subscribed to SMS promos / SMS packs / STVs etc on occasions like New Year. Republic Day. Holi/Dhuleti. Janmasthami. Uttrayan/Makar Sankrant. Friendship Day.Eid ul Fitr. Eid-ul Zuha. Rakhi. Dhanteras. Independence Day. Valentine Day.

26 million customers as of end of February‘07. a group company of Bharti Enterprises. consisting of 35.44 43 . is one of India’s leading private sector providers of telecommunications services with an aggregate of 37. 43 HISTORY OF AIRTEL About Bharti Airtel Limited: Bharti Airtel Limited.

Mobile services. Broadband & Telephone (B&T) services and Enterprise services. Bharti Airtel has been rated among 10 best performing companies in the world in the BusinessWeek IT 100 list. 44 million mobile customers. The B&T business provides broadband & telephone services in 94 cities. The mobile business provides mobile & fixed wireless services using GSM technology across 23 telecom circles. The Enterprise services provide end-to-end telecom solutions to 44 . Bharti Airtel is structured into three strategic business units .

i2i to Singapore and SEA-ME-WE-4 to Europe. Airtel’s high-speed optic fibre network currently spans over 39.bhartiairtel. All these services are provided under the Airtel brand.000 kms covering all the major cities in the country. visit www. The company has two international landing stations in Chennai that connects two submarine cable systems . For more information. 45 corporate customers and national & international long distance services to 45 .

Bharti Airtel since its inception has been at the forefront of technology and has steered the course of the telecom sector in the country with its world class products and services. India’s largest integrated private telecom service provider. Broadband & Telephone services (B&T) & Enterprise services. We are the first private telecom provider to connect India in its entirety with the world's best technology. The businesses at Bharti Airtel have been structured into three strategic business units (SBU’s) - Mobile services. We 46 . 46 Airtel comes to you from Bharti Airtel Limited.

last mile connectivity in fixed-line and mobile circles. We provide international connectivity with our submarine cable landing station at Chennai and with our partnership in next generation undersea cable system SEA- ME-WE-4. broadband & telephone services with national and international long distance services. VSATs. We provide reliable end-to-end data and enterprise services to the corporate customers with our nationwide fiber optic backbone. ISP and international bandwidth access through the gateways 47 . 47 complement our mobile.

All these services are provided under the Airtel brand. Broadband & Telephone Services: Our Broadband (DSL) & telephone services (fixed line) are present in the 92 cities across India. Enterprise Services (Carriers): With 48 . BUSINESS DIVISIONS Mobile Services: Bharti Airtel offers GSM mobile services in all the 23-telecom circles of India and was the first private telecom service provider to connect all states of India. 48 and landing station.

For international connectivity to the west. ENTERPRISE SERVICES (CORPORATES): The group focuses on delivering telecommunications services as an integrated offering including mobile.016 kilometers of optic fibre network we are a leading national long distance service provider. the Company is a member of the South East Asia-Middle East-Western Europe – 4 (SEA- ME-WE-4) consortium along with 15 other global telecom operators. 49 35. For international connectivity to east. 49 . we have a submarine cable landing station at Chennai.

Singtel (Singapore Telecom). OUR INNOVATIONS We are changing the way India 50 . Nokia. OUR PARTNERSHIPS We partner with world’s finest companies like Vodafone. national and international long distance and data connectivity services to India’s leading 1300 corporate. IBM and many more to bring the best of products & service to you. Ericsson. 50 broadband & telephone.

music services such as ringback tones & many more. 51 . We were the first to . • Provide innovations such as Bollywood movie premiers. • Provide electronic recharge for mobile phones • Initiate music retailing in the world with “Easy Music” and the first to offer a Lifetime Prepaid service. 51 communicates by offering innovations that not only add value to people's lives but also deliver an unmatched customer experience.

• Loved by more customers • Targeted by top talent • Benchmarked by more business COMPANY PROFILE 52 . 52 OUR VISION By 2010 Airtel will be the most admired brand in India:.

210 GSM mobile and 1. while 53 . 2007.597 customers as on March services. broadband & telephone services (B&T) & enterprise services. 53 Bharti Airtel is one of India's leading private sector providers of telecommunications services based on an aggregate of 39. The mobile services group provides GSM mobile services across India in 23 telecom circles.871. The businesses at Bharti Airtel have been structured into three individual strategic business units (SBU’s) .012. consisting of 37.387 broadband & telephone customers.141.

Mumbai (BSE) and The National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE). 54 . Company shares are listed on The Stock Exchange. All these services are provided under the Airtel brand.carriers (long distance services) and services to corporates. The Enterprise services group has two sub-units . 54 the B&T business group provides broadband & telephone services in 94 cities.

The investment made by SingTel is one of the largest investments made in the world outside Singapore. 55 PARTNERS The company has a strategic alliance with SingTel. 55 . in the company.

Corning. The call center operations for the mobile services have been outsourced to IBM Daksh. 56 . Hinduja TMT. among others. Nortel. In the case of the broadband and telephone services and enterprise services (carriers). 56 The company’s mobile network equipment partners include Ericsson and Nokia. The Company also has an information technology alliance with IBM for its group- wide information technology requirements and with Nortel for call center technology requirements. equipment suppliers include Siemens. Teletech & Mphasis.

INVESTOR RELATIONS 57 . 57 The company's unique strategic outsourcing model has been studied and documented by Harvard Business School as a case study which is available for download at:

investors. and translates into creating innovative exciting opportunities for one and all. partners. 58 Creating value for our customers. employees. Our performance exudes from our belief in and commitment to the telecom sector. vendors and the society at large lies at the root of our fundamental business strategy. Our core principles of trust and transparency have come a long way in helping us develop and nurture long-term relationships with our key stakeholders. 58 .

59 . strengthens business roles Category: Recent Highlights. Drives greater empowerment. 59 Bharti Airtel enhances empowerment. business focus. FY2006-2007 20-03-07 Takes forward the recently announced Bharti Enterprises Apex strategic organization structure & governance model • Strengthens & enhances existing business roles.

• Takes another significant step towards institutionalization & building a conglomerate of the future. March 20. India’s leading telecommunications services provider. today made an organization announcement that takes forward the recently unveiled Bharti Enterprises strategic Apex organization structure & governance model. The recently 60 . New Delhi. 2007: Bharti Airtel Limited. 60 operational efficiencies & customer value.

operations and its results. The objective is to ensure greater operational empowerment and enable effective management of growth as well as be 61 . To take this strategic initiative forward. This is another step towards institutionalization and building a conglomerate of the future. the existing business roles and responsibilities at Bharti Airtel have been strengthened and enhanced. 61 announced Bharti Enterprises group level strategic initiative empowers the heads of Bharti companies and makes them responsible and accountable for business strategy.

Chairman & Group CEO. as a truly diversified conglomerate of the future. Bharti Enterprises said “ As we strengthen & build Bharti Enterprises.Making the announcement Mr. These changes will further empower the team at Bharti Airtel. Sunil Bharti Mittal. it is important to strengthen the existing business roles and responsibilities at Bharti Airtel. The objective is to ensure greater operational empowerment and enable effective management of growth. drive it towards a stronger market 62 . 62 nimble in this competitive environment.

Manoj Kohli. 63 share and take forward Bharti’s entrepreneurial ethos with an enhanced professional culture.” The following leadership roles at Bharti Airtel (India & SAARC) are being announced with effect from April 1.. operational efficiency 63 . 2007:- Mr. as its President & CEO. Manoj will lead Bharti Airtel towards becoming a benchmark in innovative practices. The enhanced position further empowers Manoj to build Bharti Airtel and deliver the One Airtel vision. will now lead Bharti Airtel Ltd.

Atul Bindal will be President. This will enable them to provide 64 . Sunil Bharti Mittal. 64 & customer value. Mr.Manoj Kohli will report to Mr. and Mr. Mr. Bharti Enterprises and work closely with Mr. Group Lead Director –Telecom. Chairman & Group CEO. Sanjay Kapoor will now be President-Mobile Services.Broadband & Telephone Services. David Nishball will be President-Enterprise Services. Bharti Enterprises. Mr. The three Joint Presidents of Bharti Airtel Limited have been given enhanced empowerment to lead their respective businesses. Akhil Gupta.

Manoj Kohli and functionally to Mr. Bharti Airtel Ltd. Sarvjit will report to Mr. 65 deeper focus and be fully accountable for their business results. who is also the Chairman of Group Finance and Audit Council. With Mr. They will continue to report to Mr. SL Narayanan. Akhil Gupta now being Managing Director. Corporate Director . Sarvjit Dhillon has been given enhanced responsibility and will be Chief Financial Officer & Director-Strategy. Bharti Enterprise & Group Lead Director- Telecom. 65 . Sarvjit. Mr. Akhil Gupta. Manoj Kohli. will work closely with Mr.Finance (Telecom).


Bharti Enterprises. Mr. Harish Dua, Chief

of Compliance and Internal Audit, Bharti

Airtel Ltd., will now report functionally to

Group Director, Internal Assurance, Bharti

Enterprises and will have a matrix

reporting to Mr. Manoj Kohli. Bharti Airtel

Limited, a part of Bharti Enterprises, is

India's leading provider of

telecommunications services. The

businesses at Bharti Airtel have been

structured into three individual strategic

business units (SBU’s) - mobile services,

broadband & telephone services (B&T) &

enterprise services. The mobile services



group provides GSM mobile services

across India in 23 telecom circles, while

the B&T business group provides

broadband & telephone services in 94

cities. The Enterprise services group has

two sub-units - carriers (long distance

services) and services to corporates. All

these services are provided under the

Airtel brand.





» Sunil Bharti Mittal
» Rajan Bharti Mittal
» Akhil Gupta
» Manoj Kohli
» Sarvjit S. Dhillon
» Daljit Singh
» Viresh Dayal
» Senjam Raj Sekhar
» Anil Nayar
» Ashok Juneja
» Dr. Jai Menon
» Hemant Sachdev
» Narender Gupta
» Norman Donald Price IV
» Tina Uneken
» John Thompson
» Vijaya Sampath
» Harish Dua
» Sanjay Kapoor
» Sanjay Nandrajog
» Atul Bindal
» Jayant Khosla


Narayanan Sunil Bharti Mittal Chairman & Managing Director since October 2001 Board director since: July 1995 Age: 49 years 69 . L. Arjun » S. 69 » K. Asokan » Carol Borghesi » Gopal Vittal » S.Srinivas » Mohan Menon » N.

The company has nearly 20 million customers on its well-respected brand “AIRTEL”. 70 Sunil Bharti Mittal is the Chairman and Managing Director of Bharti Airtel Limited (“Bharti”). India’s largest private integrated telecom player. covering the 70 . Sunil was one of the first entrepreneurs to identify the mobile telecom business as a major growth area and launched services in the city of Delhi and the National Capital Region in the year 1995. Under his inspiring leadership the company grew organically and inorganically.

Institutional Investor. 2005 • “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2004”. 71 entire country by providing integrated telecom services. Telecom Asia Awards 2005 • “Best CEO. 2005 • “Business Leader Of The Year”. In his personal capacity. Sunil has received several awards such as: • “Best Asian Telecom CEO”. India”. Ernst & Young 71 . Economic Times.

he started his first business in 1976 with a capital investment of Rs 20. India. A first generation entrepreneur.000. Some of his other roles 72 . 72 Sunil has always been a pioneer. He initially founded a number of trading concerns. Apart from his role at Bharti. Sunil holds the position of the Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Seychelles in New Delhi. and established the first company to manufacture push button telephones in India. This company is now one of the largest manufacturers of telephones in the world.

Co-Chairman of the Indo-British Partnership and a Board Member of the Global GSM Association. Sunil is an alumnus of Punjab University and has completed the “Owner/President Management Program” from Harvard Business School. 73 include being a member of the Prime Minister’s Council on Trade and Industry. 73 .

is actively involved in overseeing the activities of Bharti Airtel Ltd. and Executive Committee of International Chambers of Commerce – India Chapter. He was the past President of Association of Basic Telecom Operators (now it is known as Association of Unified 74 . He is also a member of several other organizations and associations. Council of Management of All India Management Association. He is the Chairman of FICCI’s (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry) Infrastructure Committee. and member of FICCI’s Executive and Steering Committees. 74 Rajan Bharti Mittal. such as the Managing Committee of PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry. at corporate level. and is a Trustee of Bharti Foundation.

He also pursued an “Advanced 75 . the Joint Managing Director & CFO of Bharti Airtel Ltd. Rajan is also involved in many new business ventures within Bharti Enterprises. is a Chartered Accountant by qualification with over 20 years of professional experience in the industry. Joint Managing Director (II) & Chief Financial Officer Akhil Gupta. 75 Telecom Service Providers of India – AUSPI ) during the period 1999-2000.

Washington. Presently in 76 . 76 Management Program” at the Harvard Business School. He has spearheaded the formation of various joint ventures for Bharti with leading international operators like Telecom Italia. He has been instrumental in raising over US$ 1 Billion in equity and over US$ 1 Billion by way of project finance for the Group. Asia Infrastructure Fund and New York Life in Telecom and AXA for the Insurance business. IFC &ndash. British Telecom and Singapore Telecom and financial investors like Warburg Pincus.

in the areas of IT with IBM and network management and Capex with Ericsson and Nokia. He has been the architect behind the recent transformational initiatives which are the outsourcing deals undertaken by the group. financial. mergers and acquisitions and business performance issues of the group. 77 his role as the Joint Managing Director & CFO of the group. 77 . he is closely associated with a range of strategic.

He is a member of the National Council of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) since 1999. Rakesh Bharti Mittal is an electronics engineer from YMCA Institute of Engineering and has over 28 years of industry experience. He has been the Chairman of Northern Regional Council of CII for the year 2004-05. He 78 . 78 Mr.

POWER PACK Pulse Rate 60 seconds Price of Pack Rs 100/- Free Airtime Worth Rs 100/- on Pack Incoming Free Calls(Rs. 79 also heads several Educational. Social Development and Welfare Associations.) Airtel Other Landline / GSM / WLL 79 . AIRTEL PREPAID .

65/min 2. Gulf. 6. Canada. Singapore. Indonesia. New n Zealand. Rs Australia.65/min 2.65/min 200 .65/min 2.20/mi n 80 .65/min 2.65/min 2.65/min 500+ KM Rs Rs Rs 2. SAARC countries. Malaysia. Europe (Fixed Line).65/min ISD USA.00/min for UP & Uttaranchal for UP & Uttaranc Uttarancha hal l STD RATES 50 .500 KM Rs Rs Rs 2. Hong Kong.200 KM Rs Rs Rs 2.00/min for UP & 2.65/min 2. Rs Africa & Rest of the world 9. 80 CDMA (10 Digit) LOCAL RATES Rs Rs 2.00/min Rs 2. Europe (Mobile).40/mi Thailand.

Norfolk Island.) Proces Servi Approxim Calling Grace MRP(R sing ce Validity(d ate Value( Period(d s) Fee(Rs tax ays) Minutes Rs) ays) ) (Rs) Of Usage 81 .00/ Islands. Sao Tome & Principe. Diego Garcia. Sakhalin SMS Local 1 National 2 International 5 Value Added 3 Services(Rs. Tuvalu. Nauru. Solomon 40. Vanuatu. Guinea Rs Bissau. 81 Cuba. Cook Islands. min Tokelau.

9 60 90 48.49 21.35 20 15.6 90 90 24.45 0 0 19.7 131.68 25 20.54 3 888 888 0 0 0 0 431.07 82 .67 1 299 50 216.39 32.87 87.54 2 555 555 0 0 0 0 269.68 100 65.1 365 90 48.27 2 2.58 54.82 2 2.18 0 0 7. 82 10 6.4 180 90 48.9 0 0 43.54 6 499 100 344.81 1 449 100 300.68 100 89.49 43.55 4 5.42 599 433.04 48.73 0 0 9.3 786 786 0 0 45 90 381.09 0 10.3 45 90 210.91 2 1.5 90 90 72.8 30 90 22.52 2 666 666 0 0 0 0 323.65 399 150 205.25 1 200 46.27 1 333 333 0 0 0 0 161.55 799 100 611.09 0 0 3.84 50 40.

National SMS @ Rs 1. Local SMS @ 99paise/SMS. STD Calls @ Rs 2.Rs 218.4 152. Full Talktime (Less Service Tax) and 30 days validity. Local Calls @ Rs 1. 60 90 692 2 48 HAPPY RECHARGES: Zero Processing Fees.99/SMS. 45 90 383.49/min. Validity 30 days.28.27 4 56 1598 1323.7 100 174. 730 90 24. 60 90 642. 83 . 83 1000 790.58 3 27 1600 1425.95 05 1399 50 1196. (i) 245 HAPPY RECHARGE: Full Talktime (less Service Tax) .5 0 174.95 100 109.40/min.

99/SMS. Local Calls @ 79 paise/min.Rs 351. (iii) 495 HAPPY RECHARGE: Full Talktime (less Service Tax) .02. Local Calls @ 99 paise/min. National SMS @ Rs 1. Local SMS @ 49 paise/SMS.99/SMS. 84 (ii) 395 HAPPY RECHARGE: Full Talktime (less Service Tax) . Points to be Noted(For HAPPY RECHARGES): A. Local SMS @ 49 paise/SMS. Validity 30 days. STD Calls @ Rs 2.Rs 441.40/min. STD Calls @ Rs 2. Validity 30 days.92. National SMS @ Rs1.40/min. The validity of 30 days on HAPPY Recharges is applicable to Talktime as well 84 .

An existing customer on any Tariff Voucher will not be able to recharge with the HAPPY Recharges till the validity of the existing Tariff Voucher expires. New 299 Recharge: Maximum Service Charge: Rs 299 85 . D. Night Chat Packs and SMS packs will not be applicable on the HAPPY Recharges. Tariff Vouchers. 85 as Tariffs. Normal Processing Fees on TopUp Recharges will be applicable to customers on HAPPY Recharges. E. However ISD pack will be available on HAPPY Recharges. B. C. The HAPPY Recharges will not be applicable to Lifetime and Easy Lifetime customers.

86 Recharge Validity : 90 days Calling Value : Rs 50 Update on ONE-UP Tariffing for UPE Customers: 1. 3. UP East Tariffs will be allowed while customer is traveling to UP West. Customer will not be charged any Roaming Rental while traveling to UP West. Roaming Tariffs will not be applicable while traveling to UP West. 2. 86 . Customer will continue to have Free Incoming in UP West.

These free minutes in the dedicated account have a validity of 30 days and you also get talktime of Rs 1/. 222 Top-up is available only for Lifetime and Easy Lifetime customers.(Night Talk + SMS Pack) The new 51 Recharge is a special offer for prepaid customers. available between 10pm to your main account.888 Top-Ups. Rs 51/. 555.21 Night Talk RC Rs. Rs. The new 51 RC offers you free local Airtel to Airtel talktime of 87 . 87 Maha Top-Ups: 100% Calling Value on 222. While 333. 555. 333. 666. 666.21 recharge provide you with free local Airtel-Airtel 120 minutes. 888 Top-ups are available for all prepaid customers.

The calling rates to any Local Airtel number would be charged at 49p in place of existing Re.Tariff Voucher for Lifetime and Easy Lifetime Customers 47 Tariff Voucher .1.The calling rates to any Local Airtel number or any other local Mobile number would be charged at 49p in place of existing Re1. 97 Tariff Voucher .& Rs 97/.99 per minute in UP and Uttaranchal. 88 200 minutes (valid between 10:00pm to 7:00am) PLUS Free SMS worth Rs100/- that can be used for Local/National SMS anytime. This RC carries a validity of 30days and a talktime of Re1/-.99 per minute in UP and Uttaranchal. 88 . The free calling minutes are available from 10pm to 7am. Rs 47/.

Tariff Vochers for non Lifetime and Easy Lifetime Customers 69 Tariff Voucher . 89 Rs 69/.65/min UP and Uttaranchal SMS Rates: A-A : 50p/msg A-M : 70p/msg A-Others(Reliance/TATA) : Re 1/msg National SMS Rate : Rs 2/msg 89 .UP and Uttaranchal Call Rates: A-A : 50p/min A-M : 70p/min A-L : Re 1/min STD : Rs 2.and Rs 98/.

90 98 Tariff Voucher - UP and Uttaranchal Call Rates: A-A : 30p/min A-M : 50p/min A-L : Re 1/min STD : Rs 1.50/min UP and Uttaranchal SMS Rates: A-A : 30p/msg A-M : 50p/msg A-Others(Reliance/TATA) : Re 1/msg National SMS Rate : Rs 2/msg 449 Recharge Maximum Service Charge : Rs 449/- Recharge Validity : 60 days 90 .

L : Re 0.50/msg A-Others (Reliance/TATA FWP): Re1/msg National SMS Rate : Rs 2.25/msg A-M : Re 0.A : Re 0. 91 Calling Value : Rs 100/- UP and Uttaranchal Call Rates: A .00/msg PHONE MODELS 91 .65/min UP and Uttaranchal SMS Rates: A-A : Re 0.25/min A .50/min STD Call Rate : Rs 2.50/min A.M : Re 0.

STD/ISD lock. Calculator & Alarm 92 . 92 Telian FGD 8900 • Cordless – Easy to carry around in your house • Attractive blue backlit screen • 16 polyphonic ring tones • Large SMS memory – Store up to 100 SMS • Local area code prefix. Organizer. Hotline.

93 Telian FGD Description 8900 MEGA Type Cordless Data Enabled No Dimensions (mm 3 ) 50 X 34 X 160 Weight (gms) 168 Antenna Type Stub Connector For No External Antenna Battery Type 850 mAh Li-Ion Talktime 4 hrs Standby Time 120 hrs Battery Charging 5 hrs Time Display 3 lines X 13 characters + 1 Icon line + 1 Menu line Tilted Display No Phonebook Memory 250 Speed Dial Yes 93 .

SMS. What's more this service comes with advanced features like Caller Line Identification. Prepaid Airtel Mega is available across a wide network of our retail counters 94 . 94 Airtel Presents Prepaid Airtel Mega a new generation wireless home phone service that allows you to control your budget. Missed call details. phone book etc and a range of recharge denominations to suit your usage pattern.

emotions and feelings. just when you want to. 95 providing you instant connection with no waiting period EXPERIENCE COMPLETE FREEDOM Airtel welcomes you to a vibrant world of unlimited opportunities. not just through words but ideas. To give you the unlimited 95 . More exciting. innovative yet simple new ways to communicate.

96 freedom to reach out to your special people in your special way. As an Airtel Post-paid customer you can enjoy the following facilities - Easy Billing Now enjoy the luxury of viewing details of your last 3 billing cycles and the convenience of paying your Airtel bill online! Experience complete freedom with Airtel! Call Divert. Call Hold and Call Wait Avail of special services like call waiting. 96 .

97 call hold and call divert – all with your Airtel postpaid connection! Short Messaging Service (SMS) With Airtel's Short Messaging Service (SMS). It provides the added advantage of saving the incoming number 97 . send unlimited messages and jokes to your friends and colleagues. thus giving you the choice to either reject or take the call. anytime anywhere! Caller Identification Call Identification gives you the power to know the phone number of the calling party even before you answer the call.

you don't need to retype his number. So that the next time you want to call the same person. Voice Mail Voice Mail lets you receive messages even when your handset is switched off or when you are outside the coverage area. simply use your phone book. 98 . 98 directly in the Handset Phone Book.minute duration. You can listen to your messages whenever you feel like. with each message of one. from anywhere in the world. Voice Mail can store up to 15 messages.

99 STD/ISD Facility Now experience complete freedom like never before with Airtel! Our STD/ISD facility allows you to make long distance calls in India and Overseas from your cellular phone! Roaming (National and International) Airtel's Roaming service allows you to use your mobile phone to make or receive calls from almost anywhere in India and 99 .

100 abroad! Enjoy roaming within the country as well as across international destinations! 100 .

price in the market. In this cutthroat completion it is very importation for every company for knowing its market situation. An exploratory research has been conducted to arrive at the conclusion of the study. Any company takes help of research methodology. 101 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY For every company it is very important to know the condition of its product. 101 . For research any company can use different types of tools.

and describe the way in which research has been carried out and also the scope of study. 102 During our training we used sample survey method for knowing the right conclusion. research methodology starts with our approach to a problem and specify our objectives. in what way a research plan is developed and that is determining a questionnaire along with a sampling the respondents also the area for which the 102 . This passage describes the methodology used in studying the problem. A methodology is a step-by-step approach to a research problem.

103 research work has been carried out and collection of information have also been described. METHOD USED FOR DATA COLLECTION 103 . Lastly analyzing the information has been discussed.

we made a simple question of multiple types so that our consumer gave the answer easily. Under this method we used main type of techniques… • Direct personal observation • Personal interview method For getting the accurate result and the objective of our research we used the samples survey method. Firstly. 104 . 104 As we all know that the population of Sitapur city is around 10 lakes so and it is not ease to reach each and every people so to solve the purpose of my report have chosen RANDOM SAMPLING method.

105 It was a basic necessity of the project that we get an unbiased and correct result. domestic areas. For this we have completed round about 234 sample survey. To solve the purpose of the report a questionnaire has been prepared that includes market. A set questionnaire is attached in the annexure. 105 .

106 RESEARCH PROCESS STEP 1: Define the research problem STEP 2: Review the literature • Review concept and theories • Review previous research findings STEP 3: formulating Hypothesis STEP 4: Prepare research design 106 .

ANALYSIS 107 . 107 STEP 5: Collection of data  Primary data  Secondary data STEP 6: Analysis data STEP 7: Interpretation and preparation of report.


109 Others Airtel Hutch vodafone Others Airtel 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% WHICH CONNECTION DO YOU PREFERE 109 .

110 Others Airtel Hutch 50 Hutch Others Airtel 0 Airtel Hutch Others NUMBER OF CONNECTION PER HEAD 110 .

111 70% 60% 50% 40% Airtel 30% vodafone others 20% 10% 0% One-80 Two-15 Three-5 ACCORDING TO 111 .

112 CONNECTIVITY 10 Other 30 Airtel 60 Hutch 112 .

113 ACCORDING TO CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 50% 40% 30% Low Medium 20% High 10% 0% vodafone Airtel Others 113 .

114 WHO WILL GIVE MORE OFFERS TO THERE SUBSCRIBERS 60% 50% 40% 30% 3-D Column 1 20% 10% 0% vodafone Airtel 114 .

115 WHICH COMPANY HAS MORE CUSTOMERS? 50% 40% 30% Others vodafone 20% Airtel 10% 0% Airtel Hutch Others 115 .

116 KEY FINDINGS 116 .

Hutch can satisfy there customer more then Airtel. Hutch did not launch there P. 4.C. Airtel is much costly then hutch. 2. Airtel have loose there customer time to time. 3. 117 FINDINGS 1. 117 .O’s.

6. RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Airtel Provides better network. Hutch network is much better then Airtel in sitapur. Hutch gives more offers then Airtel. 118 . 118 5.

6. 119 2. 119 . 4. Airtel Must give some offers to there customers. Hutch can give Broad band services. Airtel must loyal to there customers 3. Hutch can provide Land line connections. 5. Hutch may open there teleshop in sitapur.


Hutch can give more perfect signal then Airtel. Hutch have more customer then Airtel. 2. Airtel provides broad band connection 121 . Coverage area of Hutch & Airtel are approx same 4. 121 STRENGTH 1. Airtel provides land line connections. 5. 3.

Airtel services are not good. Hutch did not provide the facility of landline services. 2. 122 . Hutch provides low value tariff & validity cards WEAKNESS 1. 122 6.

Airtel may not satisfy there customers. There is no direct approach for hutch services. OPPORTUNITY 123 . 6. 4. 5. There is no Hutch teleshop in sitapur. Connectivity of Airtel is not good in comparison to Hutch. 123 3.

Hutch may provide the facility of PCO’s 3. Hucth may have another opportunity of giving the facility of land line connections in sitapur. 4. Airtel must Launched there music cards of low cost 2. 124 1. 6. Hutch also capture the rural market of sitapur. Airtel may improve there connectivity problem. 5. 124 . Airtel will provide the broad band facility in sitapur.

THREATS 1. The idea is the leading telecom company 3. 125 7. There are main threats by other telecom companies. Relieance cover the market 125 . Airtel may provide low rent land line connections in sitapur. 2.

BIBLIOGRAPHY 126 . Demand of customer and there satisfaction. 5. 126 4. changing nature of customer 6. BSNL is other main competitor of Hutch. • www. 127 • Customer care center (Hutch) -: 498 Arynagar sitapur • AIrtel customer care (Airtel) -: lalbagh sitapur • • www. Lalbagh • www.bhartiairtel.C. Dealer-: Apna 127 .co.hutch.sitapur.








Name- ………………………………………….
Land line No…………………………………….

1. Do you have any mobile
a. Yes ( )
b. No ( )
2. Number of mobile connections do
you have?
a. One ( )
b. Two ( )
c.More ( )
3. Which company mobile do you


Are you satisfied with there service? a. Hutch ( ) c. Medium ( ) b. 131 a. Airtel ( ) b. High ( ) c.Others ( ) 4. Availability ( ) c. Which connection is better? a.Low ( ) 6. Hutch ( ) 131 .Any other reason( ) 5. Good service ( ) b. Why you have this particular mobile connection? a.

132 b. Airtel ( ) Thank you RETAILERS POINT OF VIEW 132 .

No.BSNL 133 . Airtel c. …………………………………. Hutch b. 133 FOR RETAILERS Name-……………………………………. Ph. Mob.. ……………………………… . Add -……………………………………. Which company connection do you provide? a.. 1. No..

which company have more customers? a. Airtel ( ) 134 . Airtel ( ) 5. unlimited price value card ( ) 3. yes( ) b. what is the price of refill pack? a. Limited price value card ( ) b. Hutch ( ) b. who will give more offers to there subscribers? a. Hutch ( ) b. No ( ) 4. services provided by hutch/ airtel a. Others 2. 134 d.

Others ( ) Thank you 135 . 135 c.