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(Established Under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956 vide Notification No. F.9-5/84-U-3, January 12, 1987 of the Government of India)

(“A” Graded by National Assessment and Accreditation Council)

International Conference on
“Promoting Social Cohesion Through Peace Education”
(March 25th to 27th, 2010)


Most of the recent documents on Education at National as well as
International level have stressed the need of including education for peace in
educational curricula. Keeping the importance of this dimension of
education, this institution had organized an International Conference on
Peace Education last year.

In continuation of the previous International Conference, it is
proposed to organize another International Conference on the theme
“Promoting Social Cohesion through Peace Education”. The idea is to
examine the various dimensions of social cohesion and to discuss how Peace
Education can be instrumental in ensuring social cohesion. The two Peace
and Social Cohesion are interdependent. Looking to the present global
scenario there is an urgent need to think about ways to promote social
cohesion. The conflicts between nations and religious groups resulting in
terrorism have made it most essential to strengthen the forces of social
cohesion for lasting peace. It is all the more important for a country like
India which has a pluralistic society with multireligious, multilingual and

2010 • “At least 500 terrorists still active in Jammu and Kashmir” TOI 11th Nov. regional chauvinism and many such happenings which are detrimental to social cohesion and ultimately to lasting Peace in Society. promoting harmony. 2010 • “Badal Warns unrest in Punjab” TOI 10th Nov. So is the case of different religious groups in India. Peace in such a society can only be ensured by promoting social cohesion. Many more news headings could be cited..2010.” Before discussing role of Peace Education in developing Social Cohesion it will be worthwhile to clarify the meaning of this term.multicultural compositions. • “LTTE Still a threat to country” TOI 2nd Nov. a sense of community and commitment to promoting common good. but the members of the family are not living in harmony. We have a long history of religious conflicts. Social Cohesion has been described as the glue which binds society together. Just as in an India family brothers though live together but frequently quarrel among themselves. 2010. Some news items given below would substaintiate our argument • “28 kids kidnapped from Leh for religious Conversion” TOI 30th Oct. cast conflicts. According to council of Europe “A Cohesive society is mutually supportive community of free individuals pursuing the common . Kaka Kalelkar had very nicely described the Indian Society Stating “India is like a great family no doubt.

” A review of four policy documents from the French and candian Governments. (i) shared values. It is very essential to ensure through Peace Education that the new generation becomes more liberal respectful to others beliefs and feelings and resists the disruptive tendencies and violence which are detrimental to social cohesion and lasting Peace. OECD and club of Rome highlights five main dimension of social cohesion.goals by democratic means. social and cultural life (iv) respecting and tolerating differences in a pluralist society (v) Respect of institutions acting as mediators in conflicts of a pluralist society. They are used by vested interests who thrive upon communal tensions and conflicts. economic. feelings of commitment (ii) Equal opportunities of access (iii) Participative in political. Adolescents and youth are prominent groups which are vulnerable in a situation of conflict between different ethnic or religious groups. projects. identity. Education should develop sensitivity in them for remaining away from conflicts and work positively for ensuring social cohesion. The teaching of social sciences has a greater role to play in achieving this. It is only through education for Peace that social cohesion can be promoted. . Some activities. resulting in Peace in the society. This can not be achieved through political efforts because many politicians survive only on divisions in the society. literature could be thought about which could be helpful in promoting social cohesion. In this Conference an effort will be made to deliberate upon the methods and strategies to achieve social cohesion through education. Attitudinal changes will have to be brought about in our students so that they become messengers of social cohesion.

activities helpful for promotig social cohesion. 6. The sub themes of the Conference would be as follows. Factors detrimental to social cohesion and consequently to peace. Actual action plans. . respect for others way of life or thinking etc. Sociological. 4. Indian Philosophical. 2. 3. Educational Curricular content. projects activities undertaken by some educational institutions for promoting socials cohesion. projects. psychological and political analysis of social conflicts/tensions. Concept of social cohesion and its present status in Indian Society in particular and Global Society in general. 1. 5. Cultural traditions which advocate Peace. tolerance.