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Living the Lectionary

The Fifth Sunday In Lent

Season: Lent
Week of April 10th

“Dead and Alive”

About the Season: We are in the season of Lent.
The season of Lent is a season of preparing our
hearts for the joy and celebration of Easter. We
prepare for that celebration by considering the cost
of our Easter joy, the suffering and death of our Lord
Jesus Christ.

About this Sunday: Lent is a preparation for
Easter, the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus
that we celebrate because in Him we have the
assurance of our own Resurrection. Today we
concentrate on God’s word about giving life to those
who were once dead.

Reflecting on the Readings:
• Ezekiel 37:1-14 – Raising Dry Bones – God
shows Ezekiel that he can raise a defeated,
dead army to foreshadow His reestablishment
of Israel and the Resurrection of those who
believe in Him. Do you feel defeated, dead,
and in need of Resurrection?
• Psalm 130 – Rescue from the Grave – The
Psalmist speaks using words that let the reader
know that the words come from a metaphorical
tomb, crying out for redemption and mercy.
Can you imagine what you might say “from the
• Romans 8:6-11 – An Alive Mind – Paul focuses
on the difference between a mind that is alive
and one that is dead. The difference is the
Spirit of Christ. What do you think the
difference between a “live” and a “dead” mind
• John 11:1-45 – I am the Resurrection – Jesus
frees Lazarus from the grave to foreshadow our
freedom from the grave in the Resurrection
and showing us where our Resurrection comes
from – Jesus, who is Resurrection Himself. In
what sense are you “dead” today? In what
sense are you “alive”?
Law and Gospel:
• Law: Death is the law. It is unavoidable except
for the mercy of God who saves us. The cross
is our guarantee of suffering and death; that
which Christ went through, we will go through
as well.
• Gospel: Life is the Gospel. We are not bound
to death, but set free from it by Christ who
died, but has been raised. The empty tomb is
our guarantee of Life; as Christ is raised, we
will be raised as well.
Living the Lectionary Ideas:
• Learn: Learn about the Resurrection and
heaven and how, while related, the two things
are not the same.
• Do: Reach out to someone who is mourning
the death of a loved one.
• Live: Take the attitude to heart that you will
be raised and live forever. How does
immortality change your perception?

Prayers to Consider
That God might be with young Christians and that we
might continue to see His regard for them

Thanksgiving for years of life for Victoria Mwegoha,
Brenda Weisiger, Lisa Buenrostro, Julia Landry, Amy
Moody and Gabe Coker and years of marriage for
Noah and Jen Valenstein

Lent Midweeks and Holy Week
During the season of Lent, we will be having Lent
midweek services. These services are an opportunity
for us to prepare for Easter, the biggest Christian
holiday. This year, these services will be each
focusing on a particular part of the liturgy that we
use every Sunday in Worship.
• April 13th – Taste - Sacrament through
• April 17th - Palm Sunday
• April 20th - Wednesday in Holy Week -
Screening of "The Passion of the Christ"
• April 21st - Maundy Thursday - Seder Meal
• April 22nd - Good Friday
• April 24th - EASTER!!!!

Seeking Yard Crew
Enjoy working outdoors, doing things like
weeding, gardening, mowing, trimming, etc? Sign
up to be a part of University Lutheran's Yard Crew.
Contact David Hughes for more information.

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Dates to Remember
TODAY After Worship Council
members, be
prepared to
have a meeting
after worship.
April 13th Wednesday +Vespers+
6:30pm – Worship Taste
Dinner We’re going to
7pm - be talking about
+Vespers+ the Sacrament
of Holy
April 17 th
Next Sunday Palm Sunday
and Senior
Roast Join us as
we celebrate our
Thank You for Coming Out to Work Day!
Thank you to everyone who came out to our Work
Day yesterday to beautify and repair our campus
here at University Lutheran!

Want a freezer (chest-size)?
If you don’t take it, we’re putting it on Craigslist. We
have a chest freezer available in the storage room off
of the sanctuary. See PJ today if you want it.

April 12 - FSU Baseball with University
Join us as we take in a baseball game between UF
and FSU here at Dick Howser Stadium. Students get
in free, non-students pay $6. Contact Jared Weiss for
more information

Senior Roast - April 17th!
Stay after church on the 17th as we say goodbye to
our seniors and others graduating between this May
and December. We are asking for stories that you
have of our graduating seniors this year: Sarah
Dittman, Rose Hall, Luke Stapleton, Rachel Becvarik,
Gabriella Sweezy, and everyone else graduating!

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