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Unpacking the Development Project - Questions for Agency Staff

Mandate 1. Who are we as an agency?
2. What is our mission statement?
3. What is our organizational history?
Fundraising 1. How do we raise our funds?
(Local and 2. Who do we raise our funds from?
International) 3. Why do our donors give funds to a specific project or country?
4. How do our fundraisers market the programs? For example, what
stories do they tell and what pictures do they show?
Headquarters 1. How is the organization structured?
(Structure) 2. How does the implementing office relate to its funding partners
(functionally and operationally)?
Why? 1. Why are we doing this project?
2. What were the other possible program interventions to address the
same need?
What? 1. What does this project plan to provide (materials, training,
construction etc.)?
2. How were decisions made about what would be provided? Who
participated in the decision making process?
3. What are the key activities?
Where? 1. Where will the project be implemented (specific geographic
locations)? Why were these locations chosen?
2. Will any buildings (such as project office, public building, private
building) be used during the implementation of the project? If so,
which ones and why were they chosen?
When? 1. When does the project begin/end?
2. What is the season?
3. On what days of the week are project activities held?
With whom? Direct/indirect beneficiaries Unintended beneficiaries
1. Who are the direct/indirect 1. Are there any unintended
beneficiaries (disaggregated by beneficiaries?
gender, age, ethnicity, race, 2. If so, how are they benefiting
religion etc.)? from the project?
2. Who do we purchase our
supplies from? Who provides
us with services related to the
project? What process do they
go through to become a
3. Who do the staff associate with
4. Who are invited for special
functions at the office?
By whom? Staff Partners
1. Who are the staff? 1. Who do we partner with?
2. How were they selected? 2. Why do we partner with
3. What is their them?
ethnic/religious/gender make 3. How did we select them as a
up? partner?
4. Are staff paid? Volunteer? 4. Where do they receive their
5. What benefits (in addition to funding?
salary) do staff receive? 5. How do they relate to the
6. How are they perceived by the different stakeholders in the
different stakeholders in the community?
community? 6. How are they perceived by
7. How is their relationship with the different stakeholders in
community members? the community?
7. How is their relationship with
community members?
8. Who do we NOT to partner
with? Why?
How? 1. What are the steps/ planning
process that we need to follow
2. What are things we need to
3. What are the things we need
not to consider
4. How the programme/ project
will be implemented