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Reading Enrichment Unit

Teacher Task #1
Arlene Dawson

5 Ws and Increasing Reading for Information Skills

Lesson Topic: __5 Ws and Increasing Reading for Information Skills
Grade level:_____7th______
Length of lesson: ____3-5days ______

Stage 1 – Desired Results
Content Standard(s):
ELA7R1 The student demonstrates comprehension and shows
evidence of a warranted and responsible explanation of a variety
of literary and informational texts.
For informational texts, the student reads and comprehends in order to
develop understanding and expertise and produces evidence of reading
a. Analyzes common textual features to obtain information (e.g.,
paragraphs, topic sentences, concluding sentences, introduction,
conclusion, footnotes, index, bibliography).
b. Identifies and uses knowledge of common graphic features to draw
conclusions and make judgments (e.g., graphic organizers, diagrams,
captions, illustrations).
c. Applies knowledge of common organizational structures and patterns
logical order, cause and effect relationships, comparison and contrast,
ELA7LSV1 The student participates in student-to-teacher,
student-to-student, and group verbal interactions. The student
a. Initiates new topics in addition to responding to adult-initiated topics.
b. Asks relevant questions.
c. Responds to questions with appropriate information.
d. Confirms understanding by paraphrasing the adult’s directions or
e. Displays appropriate turn-taking behaviors.
f. Actively solicits another person’s comments or opinions.
g. Offers own opinion forcefully without domineering.
h. Responds appropriately to comments and questions.
i. Volunteers contributions and responds when directly solicited by
teacher or
discussion leader.
j. Gives reasons in support of opinions expressed.
k. Clarifies, illustrates, or expands on a response when asked to do so.
l. Employs a group decision-making technique such as brainstorming or a
solving sequence (e.g., recognizes problem, defines problem, identifies
possible solutions, selects optimal solution, implements solution,
m. Develops an outline that highlights the important issues discussed.
ELA7LSV2 The student listens to and views various forms of text
and media in order to gather and share information, persuade
others, and express and understand ideas. The student will
select and critically analyze messages using
rubrics as assessment tools.
When responding to visual and oral texts and media (e.g., television,
film productions, and electronic media), the student:
a. Analyzes the effect on the viewer of image, text, and sound in
electronic journalism.
b. Identifies the techniques used to achieve the effects studied in each
When delivering and responding to presentations, the student:
a. Gives oral presentations or dramatic interpretations for various
b. Organizes information to achieve particular purposes and to appeal to
background and interests of the audience.
c. Shows appropriate changes in delivery (e.g., gestures, vocabulary,
pace, visuals).
d. Uses language for dramatic effect.
e. Uses rubrics as assessment tools.
f. Responds to oral communications with questions, challenges, or
g. Uses multimedia in presentations.

Understanding (s)/goals Essential Question(s):
Students will understand: • How can information best be
• Oral and written conveyed to individuals?
communication with others
enriches and enhances our • Why do people read
exploration of universal newspapers?
• What skills can I employ to
understand newspapers?
• Learning is enhanced when we
use effective listening skills
• How can the use of the 5Ws
and speaking skills in our enhance my understanding of
communications with others. newspaper articles?

• We grow as individuals when
we delve into explorations of
others’ ideas.

• Creativity takes a myriad of
forms and expressions.
Student objectives (outcomes):
Students will be able to:
• Increase reading and understanding of informational text.
• Read the newspaper daily and understand newspaper articles.
• Use the 5Ws (Who, What, When, Where, and Why?) to understand
newspaper articles.
• Use a standard graphic organizer to detail information about a
newspaper article.
• Create an original graphic organizer to detail information about a
newspaper article.
• Post to a class or school wiki information gleaned from an interesting
newspaper article.

Stage 2 – Assessment Evidence
Performance Task(s): Other Evidence:
• Small group assignment- • Teacher observations
handout •
• Graphic organizer handout-
news article
• Create a 5Ws graphic organizer
• Posted wiki comments

Stage 3 – Learning Plan
Learning Activities:

Day 1- The teacher will ask the class if the read the newspaper? How often
do they read the newspaper? The teacher will read an interesting
newspaper article. The teacher will then question the class seeking
students’ understanding of the newspaper article. The teacher will introduce
the class to the 5Ws (Who, What, When, Where, and Why?) and define each.
The teacher will model using the 5Ws to gain information and understanding
of a newspaper article by completing a 5Ws chart Students will be given a
news article and placed small groups to analyze using the 5Ws using a
prepared chart.

Day 2- Teacher will share interesting newspaper article with the class.
Teacher will share 5Ws chart of the story. Teacher will post short summary
of story to class wiki.
Students will have access to newspapers (print and on the internet).
Student assignment will be to read at least one interesting article and using
the 5Ws chart handout record appropriate information. Students will record
short summary to class

Day 3-Students will be given the opportunity to create an original 5Ws chart
for recording information gleaned from newspaper articles. Students will
read newspaper articles and use their original 5Ws charts to record
information about one newspaper article. Students will record short
summary to class wiki.

Days 4&5-Students will continue to read newspaper articles each day and
record information from at least on article using their original 5Ws charts.
Students will continue to post to the class wiki each day a brief summary of
at least one article.
Students will reflect on the reading of the newspaper articles, the use of the
5Ws charts, and the postings made to the class wiki.

1. Students will continue to read print and online newspaper articles and
post at least one wiki entry each week on the interesting newspaper
article for the week.
2. Students can use VoiceThread to add audio to their summaries.
3. Students can produce videos to use on the school’s JagTV.

Reflection questions:

1. Has the use of the 5Ws chart helped you to understand the
information found in newspapers?

2. Have you gained a new appreciation for information found in

3. Will you continue to read print and online newspapers in the future?