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STATS ON CORPORATE CRIME 08/04/2011 08 Apr 2011, 10:32

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Health care, $100 billion, estimate from Government Accounting Office.
Trade violations $250 billion annually, Prof. Francis Cullen, U. of Cincinnati, Criminal Justice Dept.
Burglary, larceny, motor vehicle, & arson, under $18 billion, FBI for 2002.
66,971 job-related injury and occupational disease deaths (doesn’t include deaths of non-employees due to pollution, tainted foods, and like), 1992, Professor J.
Paul Leigh.
Enron Corporation fraud and bankruptcy cost investors, pensioners, and employees $60 billion.

Pasted from Citizen Works reports on corporate greed and government inaction/action. They produce a
biweekly newsletter.

November 6, 2003
Mr. John Ashcroft
United States Attorney General
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001
Dear Mr. Ashcroft:
Recently, your Federal Bureau of Investigations released its annual "Crime in the United States" report, which
pulls together comprehensive data on eight crime indexes: murder and manslaughter; forcible rape; robbery;
aggravated assault; burglary; larceny-theft; motor vehicle theft; and arson. The report is obviously useful in
empowering law enforcement professionals and the public; it helps them to better understand and respond to
criminal trends.
Conspicuously absent from this report, however, is an assessment of corporate crime. The report contains no Page 1 of 6

as attorney general of the United States.and cause many preventable deaths. and disease. workplace safety violations. Certainly. And with the help of more comprehensive data. the investigative arm of Congress. The national murder rate has hovered around 16. It's also about people's lives. But corporate crime isn't just about the money.971 total job-related injury and occupational disease deaths. Using conservative numbers issued by the U.Citizen Works Enter supporting content here #211 Section on stolen elections Dishonorable Mention Chester Trent Lott Sr. It does not list details on the litany of food safety violations. Chamber of Commerce. Where the costs have been estimated. Another estimate (by University of Cincinnati Criminal Justice Professor Francis T. Corporate crime.skeptically. you said that "the malignancy of corporate corruption threatens more than the future of a few companies -. have estimated that in 1992 alone there were 66. injure and sicken millions of Americans each year. and the lack of it hampers your efforts to stay true to your tough words on corporate crime. For instance. 1941) is a United States Senator from Mississippi and a member of the Republican Party. Mr." You warned that "We cannot -. with far more impact on society than street crime. environmental pollution and countless other crimes that kill. because the FBI does not collect data on corporate crime. decimates families' savings and casts a shadow on the health. Citizen Works Lee Drutman Communications Director. the numbers are staggering. it is hard to know how many deaths are caused by corporate crime.surrender freedom for all to the tyranny of greed for the few. since again. motor vehicle theft and arson was less than $18 billion . no executive is above the law. and other corporate-related causes. 10:32 statistics on the accounting.we will not -. Ralph Nader Founder. Paul Leigh. as you surely recognize. the nation's total loss from robbery. integrity and good name of business itself. Though we can begin to estimate.a corporate crime wave. deaths from defective products. hundreds of billions of dollars annually . Sincerely.S. during which he held the position of Senate Minority Leader." You told prosecutors that "with each act of justice. the General Accounting Office. tainted foods. we urge you to direct the FBI to expand its annual "Crime in the United States Report" to actually describe all the crime in the United States.S.far more than conventional categories of crime such as burglary and robbery . Cullen) suggests that the annual cost of antitrust or trade violations is at least $250 billion. securities. in a September 27. and financial services crimes that have rocked the economy in the last two years. By comparison. you should understand the problem of corporate crime. estimated that the total cost of white-collar crime in 1997 was $338 billion. estimates that health-care fraud alone costs up to $100 billion each year. Comprehensive data on corporate crime would help law enforcement officials to better analyze patterns and better direct resources. not ignore them.html Page 2 of 6 . the FBI estimated that in 2002. Ashcroft. the FBI reported 16. led by Professor J. a professor at American University. if you are indeed serious about enforcing the rule of law fairly and justly in this country. white-collar and corporate crimes cost the U. pensioners and employees. is no small problem. There is now a growing consensus that corporate crime is a mammoth problem threatening the stability of our economy and the security of millions of Americans. in the aggregate. Information is also a powerful tool for public support of strong law enforcement. we could gain an even better understanding of the problem. 2002 address to the Corporate Fraud/Responsibility Conference. criminologist Jeffrey Reiman. After all. Most credible estimates confirm that. for instance. But how mammoth exactly? This is what millions of Americans would like to know through official and authoritative sources from a government that should be acting to diminish such public dangers. Jim http://www. burglary. He served as Senate Majority Leader from 1996 to June 6." Yet. These numbers do not include the thousands of annual deaths caused by cancers linked to corporate pollution.less than a third of the estimated $60 billion Enron alone cost investors. Corporate crime is a huge problem. both the American public and the law enforcement community lack good information on what has become a pressing national problem . After Sen. not just street-level criminal activity. interrupted only by a brief period in January destroys workers' incomes. we have no official numbers or annual reports. (born October 9. But statistics from a respected group of occupational health and safety investigators. injuries. you send the unmistakable message that no board room is beyond the law. The actual cost is probably much greater.000 per year in recent years (In 2002.204 murders). which is essential to solving it.STATS ON CORPORATE CRIME 08/04/2011 08 Apr 2011. larceny-theft. product safety 2001. We expect you to take this matter seriously and look forward to your timely response. The major media has recognized this point more and more in the past three years in headlines and cover stories and editorials.

S. 1961) is an American Republican politician. and Jack Abramoff. Vitter appeared with his wife on television following this revelation. As Majority Leader he played a prominate role in the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton. Conrad Burns.STATS ON CORPORATE CRIME 08/04/2011 08 Apr 2011. Alan Mollohan (D-W-Va) Rep.html Page 3 of 6 . Senator from Louisiana. R-Pa Rep. New inductees into the Ethics Hall of Shame: Rep.skeptically. Vitter won a special election to Louisiana's 1st Congressional District in 1999. an open racist. Lott served as Minority Leader until his resignation from that position in December 2002 due to controversial remarks. 10:32 Jeffords of Vermont left the Republican Party to become an independent in June 2001. Randal Duke Cunningham. She stated that she forgave him.C. The remark in praise of Senator Strom Thurmond. Jerry Lewis (R-Ca) Updated June of 08 http://www. Listed there with details are Tom DeLay.C. Madam" Deborah Jeane Palfrey's escort service in Washington. He is known for his opposition to same-sex marriage and his support of abstenance sex education.cleanupwashington. Bob Ney. currently serving as the junior U. David Bruce Vitter (born May 3. Vitter in July of 2007 was identified as a client of "D. D. William Jefferson. Curt Weldon. From 1981 to 1989 he was also a House Minority Whip. giving the Democrats control of the Senate. highlighted Lott’s own racist voting succeeding Republican Congressman Bob Livingston. . Richard is a site dedicated to the corruption and malfeasance of our congressional leaders. http://www. who resigned after an adultery scandal.

au/~johnm/religion/spurious. 2007. Allen. former State Senator Ben Stevens. Stevens' Alaska home was raided by the FBI and IRS on July 30. about various bible sources. 10:32 http://www. From wikipedia.htm about drug companies influencing medical On July 29. had earlier pled guilty. 2008 Stevens was indicted by a federal grand jury on seven counts of failing to properly report gifts and found guilty at trial three months later (October 27. with sentencing suspended pending his cooperation in gathering evidence and giving testimony in other trials. then an oil service company executive. the Anchorage Daily News reported that the FBI and a federal grand jury were investigating an "extensive" remodeling project at Stevens' home in Girdwood.html Page 4 of 6 . claimed to be worth more than $250. Senator Ted Stevens (born November The charges relate to renovations to his home and alleged gifts from VECO Corporation." and pled not guilty to the charges in a federal district court on July 31. Public records http://www.000. 2008. 1923) who has served since 1968 was convicted on 7 counts contected to handling of public funds. The indictment followed a lengthy investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for possible corruption into Alaskan politicians and was based on his relationship with Bill Allen.STATS ON CORPORATE CRIME 08/04/2011 08 Apr 2011. "I'm Stevens asserted his right to a speedy trial so that he could have the opportunity to promptly clear his name and requested that the trial be held before the 2008 election. Home Remodeling and VECO May 29.multiline. 2007. 2008).org/reqreading. including a disputed claim about Stevens' son. to bribing several Alaskan state legislators.skeptically. their lack of agreement http://nofreelunch.htm. Stevens declared. The remodeling work doubled the size of the modest home.

Washingtonian magazine reported that Stevens had hired "Washington’s most powerful and expensive lawyer". in response to the investigation. (D-NJ) in 1981. "believes the [Stevens'] remodeling could have cost ― if all the work was done efficiently ― around $130.html Page 5 of 6 . Stevens invested 15.300 in 2003. The remodel in 2000 was organized by Bill Allen. However. Stevens sold his share of the property for $150. His sentingcing hearing is scheduled for Feb. http://www." Bob Penney In September. and said he concealed some of the expense.471 square feet (230 m 2 ) after the remodeling and that the property was valued at $271. The Hill reported that Stevens had "steered millions of federal dollars to a sportfishing industry group founded by Bob Penney. an oil-field service company and has been estimated to have cost VECO and the various contractors $250.000.STATS ON CORPORATE CRIME 08/04/2011 08 Apr 2011. On the witness stand. In 1998. a founder of the VECO Corporation. heard evidence in May about the expansion of Stevens' Girdwood home and other matters connecting Stevens to VECO. history.' leaving him uncertain how much to invoice Stevens for when he had his staff work on the senator's house . At the hearing the Judge Sullivan held the prosecutors in contempt for failing to deliver documents to Steven's legal counsel. In 2006. including a $5.000 increase in land value. the Anchorage Daily News reported that a federal grand jury in Washington. in 2004.000 in a Utah land deal managed by Penney. FBI agents questioned several aides who work for Stevens as part of the investigation. Stevens expressed worries over potential misunderstandings and legal complications arising from the sweeping federal investigations into Alaskan politics. that he would be embarrassed to bill Stevens for overpriced labor on the house.000 to $150. a longtime friend".” In D. 25. 13..skeptically. 2008. He is the fifth sitting senator ever to be convicted by a jury in U.000. This was addressed in a hearing on Feb. Brendan Sullivan Jr. "Allen testified that VECO staff who had worked on his own house had charged 'way too much. Augie Paone. Guilty verdict On October 27.000 or more. [64] In July...S. during wiretapped conversations with Bill Allen. However. Stevens was found guilty of all seven charges against him. 10:32 show that the house was 2. In mid-June. close to the figure Stevens cited last year. the residential contractor who finished the renovation for VECO. and the first since Senator Harrison A William. FBI Agent Chad in February 2009 filed a whistleblower affidavit concerning gross government misconduct (FBI sending back to Alaska a witness who would have undercut their case and other exculpatory materials were withheld).C..

The debt can through fiscal austerity can be paid off (as some of it was under Clinton). we have devoted a section to expose just what neoliberalism is—a thing that the five corporations which own broadcasting will not do.skeptically. http://www. THE BRINK OF ECONOMIC COLLAPSE Things have gotten worse. 10:32 If there lips are moving they are lying (said of politician) To understand developments in our political system (both parties) one must understand the role of neoliberalism. greed. an out growth of corporate greed. Given how it opposes the public weal. The economic stats are worse than bad: the trend is toward greater disparity of wealth and on top of that the Any analysis which misses this connection is grossly inadequate. (Neocons follow neoliberalism economic policies). Words such as imperialism. evil system. a ratio unmatched by far among industrialized nations. control of media are descriptive. the hole the neocons has dug is much deeper. The current foreign debt is equaled to over 70% of GDP.S. It is the politics of neoliberalism. is loaded with debt and imbalance of trade.STATS ON CORPORATE CRIME 08/04/2011 08 Apr 2011. but the trade imbalance will only grow due to the dismantling of are industrial base and the setting up of free trade agreements such as NAFTA. To find out what economics is called the dismal science and the role of neoliberalism. bought politicians. corporate greed. We have an evil.html Page 6 of 6 . neoconservate. There are reasons why the labor movement has collapsed. neoliberalism. globalism.