Visiting the Holy Land, Monotheism, Repenting, Prayer, and caring for the poor; are the different

types of central beliefs that Islam has. Hajj, Zakat, Sawm, Salat, and Shahadah all are a part of the Five Pillars of Islam. Shahadah is a Muslim belief that there is only one god; they also have faith in Allah and believe Allah is everything and everywhere. Islamic Religion is the first pillar and covers the basics of the Islamic religion.

The pillar of Salat gives followers a set schedule for prayer. Muslims pray about Five times a day, they also do this in Arabic and also clean themselves before praying. They are also required to bow while praying, this symbolize a type of submission to Allah. Zakat or helping the poor is something that Muslims are expected to do, wither it is giving food, money, or anything they can to help.

They also have other ways of helping such as time and services. 2.5 percent is one of the most common practices when giving a Zakat. Sawm is a fasting ritual were Muslims confess and repenting. Also during Ramadan, Muslims are required to give up food, drinks and sex during the day. This is so that they may develop a gratitude for Allah. Although if someone has some kind of medical condition such as being a diabetic they are not required to fast.

Hajj means pilgrimage. This pillar is something that requires Muslims to make some kind of a pilgrimage to Mecca before they die. Saudi Arabia is where Mecca is and most Muslims believe it s the most holy place on the planet. Muslims from all over the world go to Mecca. Although, if you are not Muslim you are not even allowed into Mecca. I would say that I can be a nice and helping person. So I am sure that Zakat would be the most easiest pillar for me, I am always trying to help out at home by cleaning, giving more rent when I can, Holding the door for someone.

However when picking something that I would most likely have a problem with I would have to say Salat. I say this would be hard for me because I would not be able to call out of work or school to pray, it would be hard to find a way to work around doing something that important however too; Most companies will not want to hear

So this would be the hardest pillar in my opinion. .you calling out or coming in late because you needed to do something else never mind pray.

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