Pre Fixe 699 To Begin With Grilled Vegetable Caesar Salad

In a parmesan cheese dressing with a garlic crouton

Traditional Greek Salad
Iceberg, cucumbers, peppers, feta and olives with dill vinaigrette.

Apple, Walnut and Blue Cheese Salad
On mustard-dressed greens

Mushroom Soup
Creamy mushroom soup with chilli oil

Chicken Soup with Pasta and Vegetables
Flavoured with fresh basil and thyme

Gambas Piccante
Prawns in a spicy tomato cream and butter sauce

Tomato, Basil and Garlic Bruschetta
A garlicky bruschetta with fresh tomatoes, basil and feta.

Nourishment Penne in Pink Sauce with Olives
A tomato cream sauce combination with herbs, and black and green olives.

Fusilli in Parmesan Cream Sauce with Broccoli
Garlic sautéed broccoli with fusilli, tossed in a creamy parmesan and chilli sauce.

Grilled Chicken Scaloppini
On mashed potatoes, with lemon butter sauce and vegetables.

Grilled Cottage Cheese Steak
With sauce piccante and steamed rice

Tagliolini Rustica

Fresh noodles tossed with grilled vegetables, parmesan, garlic and mozzarella.

Herb and Spice-marinated Grilled Kingfish
With cumin, lemon juice, cilantro and mustard, served with mash and cream sauce.

Vegetable Piadina
Flatbread sandwich stuffed with vegetables and mozzarella, grilled to order and served with a tossed salad.

Heaven Fudge Brownie with Vanilla Ice-cream
Walnut fudge brownie, served warm with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Chocolate Éclair with Ganache
Homemade éclairs stuffed with crème patisserie, coated with dark chocolate ganache.

Mango Mousse with Praline
Fluffy mango mousse on a shortbread base, topped with crunchy almond praline.

Warm Pineapple Upside-down Cake
A thick slice of pineapple baked with a vanilla-cinnamon cake and toffee sauce

Government taxes and service charges as applicable.

A La Carte Menu Cream of Mushroom
Puréed wild mushrooms with a hint of porcini and cream

295 245 295

Smoked Tomato and Fennel
Smoked tomato and fresh fennel soup with parmesan oil and basil

Seasonal diced vegetables in an aromatic tomato broth with pasta, basil and leeks.

Spinach and Coriander Velouté
A velvety soup of fresh-cooked spinach and coriander roots, with bite-sized ricotta dumplings.


Purée of peppers, tomato and chickpea
Hot and spicy, with sautéed asparagus for a fresh crunch, flavoured with basil.


Cured grape and goat cheese salad
Mulled, wine-cured grapes in a balsamic yogurt dressing, assorted lettuce, toasted walnuts and goat cheese.


Asparagus, arugula and heart of palm
Assorted lettuce with honey mustard dressing, salt-roasted beets and fontina shavings.


Green apple and pine nut salad
Sliced green apples over a bed of greens, dressed in herb vinaigrette, with pine nuts and feta.


Traditional Greek Salad
Iceberg with a lemon dill dressing, cucumbers, onions, peppers, olives, feta and toasted homemade pita disks.


Grilled Vegetable Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce in a creamy parmesan dressing, with capers, grilled vegetables and a garlic crouton.


Caesar Salad
The traditional favourite in a parmesan and caper dressing with grilled chicken, bacon and anchovies.


Smoked Salmon Salad
Smoked salmon pinwheels with egg whites, capers, baby potatoes, peppers, beans and cucumbers, drizzled with dill and cream cheese on iceberg lettuce with chives, capers and pistachios.


Cob Salad with Crispy Chicken
Sweet corn, peppers, lettuce, tomato, avocado and croutons in a creamy blue cheese dressing, topped with crispy fried chicken.


Steak and Pasta Salad
Farfalle tossed with pepper-roasted steak tips, tomatoes, basil, mayonnaise, gherkins, peas and Roquefort cheese.


39 5 32 5 Crostini Tomato basil and feta. falafel. cooked to order.Small Plates Sautéed Mushroom Bruschetta On a crusty Calibrian bread. with taleggio and fresh rosemary. Pollo Fritto Succulent morsels of fried chicken with a lemon and pepper glaze Gambas Piccante Prawns in a tomato. topped with a creamy parmesan and Manchego sauce. chilli wine and parsley. Lebanese Platter Spinach filo rolls. . pita bread and labneh. baba ghanoush. orange segments and a drizzle of noisette honey. Filo-wrapped Brie With toasted almonds. eggplant and sun-dried tomatoes. tabbouleh and dolmas. hummus. Falafel with Hummus Served with fresh pita bread 36 5 42 5 42 5 49 5 Baked. garlic and chilli sauce served with garlic toasts. chopped olives and asparagus. 36 5 Mushroom Aglio Olio Peperoncino Mushrooms sautéed with garlic. 29 5 45 5 Baked Asparagus with Cheese Fondue Green asparagus.

Gruyère. Emmental. Garlic Salami. tomato. Black Forest Ham 52 5 Choice of Three 52 5 Spa Grilled Artichokes with Pears and Walnuts On citrus-dressed arugula and zahttar crisps 525 525 595 625 695 Chilled Watermelon Salad With sweetened hazelnut dressing. Feta. Serrano. onion. Served with a tomato paprika aioli. lightly dredged in flour and fried golden. 42 5 Larder Cheese (with accompaniments) Manchego. . avocado and fresh red chillies. Smoked Salmon. Prosciutto di Parma. Cheddar. Chèvre Choice of Five Salumi (with accompaniments) Spanish chorizo. Edam. Roquefort. 46 5 Pan-seared Lamb Kibbeh Melt-in-the-mouth kid lamb kibbeh with tzatziki dip. Provolone. Fontina. Whole-wheat Panino with Smoked Turkey Breast Open-faced with grain mustard and cranberry spread.Calamari Romana Milk-dipped calamari rings. Brie. Mahon. Mozzarella. Parmesan. Mortadella. Cold Buckwheat Noodle Salad With sesame seeds. crumbled feta and fresh mint. Lemon-rubbed Grilled Tiger Prawn and Edamame Salad With roasted tomatoes. lettuce and cheese-dipped asparagus. vegetable straws and ponzu sauce. cucumber and mint salad on grilled pita bread.

Topped with provolone. served with salad. bacon rashers and lettuce. thick tomato slices. 595 W-BLT Our twist on a classic with whole wheat Pullman bread. brown sauce and cilantro. with sautéed filet. drizzled with olive oil and ginger. 465 Succulent Beef and Jalapeño Sandwich Open-faced. 595 Fried Fish and Mayonnaise A special fish patty. laced with fresh herbs and Caribbean jerk seasonings. A menu star. onions. 465 Spinach Vegetable and Ricotta Piadina Flat bread. and baked.Pesce Al Vapore John Dory fillets cooked with beans. grilled to order and stuffed with spinach. 725 Sugar-free Chocolate Mousse With strawberries and granola 325 Sandwiches Caprese Panini Buffalo mozzarella. with arugula leaves. 395 . slices of tomato with basil and pesto. garlic and tomatoes in a paper bag. capers. jalapeños. ricotta. Pressed down to make it easy to lift. vegetables and fontina cheese. Served in a soft dill and ricotta bun with mayonnaise and lettuce. 425 Vegetables in Onion Rosemary Foccacia Grilled vegetables and provolone cheese in fresh homemade rosemary and onion foccacia. 595 Pasta Penne Calabrese Penne cooked in a basil-spiked spicy tomato sauce with parmesan. pankocrusted and fried. grilled in panini bread.

garlic and chillies. fresh basil and chilli flakes Malfatti Quattro Formaggi Spinach gnocchi simmered in a four-cheese sauce Farfalle Siciliana Farfalle in a flavourful combination of fresh tomatoes. 525 395 Risotto . Penne in a tangy tomato sauce with capers. artichokes.ricotta and goat cheese Fusilli Primavera Fusilli in a parmesan cream sauce with lots of garlic and fresh vegetables 395 425 425 425 Spaghetti Rustica Tossed with vegetables. finished with truffle oil and grilled chicken 495 Penne Puttanesca The literary meaning of this has no reflection on its taste. finished with pecorino cheese Ricotta and Parmesan Ravioli Ravioli stuffed with fresh ricotta and parmesan. with shredded crabmeat. eggplant. cherry tomatoes and broccoli 495 625 Spaghetti with Crabmeat and Prawns In a light white wine sauce. hand-cut noodles and oodles of cheese. 425 Curried Chicken and Prawn Fusilli Curry-flavoured pasta sauce with torn spinach. 495 Mama’s Lamb Bolognaise With lots of herbs and chillies. mozzarella chunks. blanched to order and available in your choice of tomato or cream sauce 465 Carbonara Famiglia Spaghetti in a creamy egg yolk and parmesan sauce finished with parsley and diced bacon. garlic sautéed prawns and thyme Penne in Mushroom Cream with Chicken Penne in a robust sauce of assorted mushrooms and porcini cream. capers. Super in every season. anchovies and olives.

much like soul food. zucchini. jalapeño. Lobster Risotto Baby lobster tails cooked in a tomato and lobster bisque base. Summer Vegetable Risotto Sweet corn. 465 595 Quattro Formaggio . roasted tomatoes. finished with pecorino. with morsels of fresh broccoli and olives. with roasted shallots and arugula 565 Prawn and Chilli Risotto Fresh prawns and green chillies with cilantro and parmesan cheese. goat cheese. Chicken Risotto Chicken sausage and bits of grilled chicken with fresh herbs and cheese 425 465 Crumbled Sausage Risotto Crumbled imported pork sausage. shiitake and button mushrooms with fresh thyme and porcini dust 445 445 Verde Risotto with Asparagus An aromatic herb purée made with mortar and pestle. 395 Risotto of Wild Mushrooms Oyster. red pepper and pesto.Risotto Piccante with Broccoli In a spicy tomato base. simmered in a parmesan cream base. cooked with arborio and asparagus. chilli flakes and cilantro. buffalo mozzarella. carrots. artichokes. 525 Pizza Traditional Margarita Buffalo mozzarella and basil 395 495 Pizza Sicilian Tomato. Diavola Roasted Serrano chilli. onion. sage and thyme with a robust pepper flavour. fennel and eggplant.

chilli flakes. spring onion. Marinara Assorted wine-tossed seafood with asparagus. lemon. 645 595 645 595 Diavola Con Pollo Roasted Serrano chillies. green and red bell peppers. 495 525 Spinacci con Caprino Sautéed spinach. cheddar and olives. baked to a golden crisp and served with a tossed salad. fontina and gorgonzola. basil and mozzarella.Mozzarella. jalapeño. jalapeños. baked and served with veg. 495 Moroccan-Style Cottage Cheese Steak Marinated in cumin. 595 Americana Spicy pepperoni. parsley and caramelised onions. Grilled. roasted tomato and caramelised onions. garlic and ginger. smoked chicken and coriander. goat cheese. zucchini. vegetables and cheese. Americana Veg Sweet corn. jalapeño and mozzarella. Gamberi Con Feta Sautéed garlic-scented prawns with feta. Main Course Nonne Involtini Granny’s traditional eggplant rolls filled with pasta. chopped tomatoes. cous cous and herb cream sauce. Capricciosa Forest ham. cilantro. Italian sausage. 565 . mushroom. goat cheese. rocket and Parma ham. artichoke. mozzarella and tomato sauce and baked till golden. parsley. tomato. 645 Prosciutto Dolce Olive oil. 545 Lasagna Layers of fresh pasta sheets. herbs and arugula. chopped tomatoes. mozzarella. cherry tomatoes.

565 Chicken Diane Seared chicken breasts cooked in a mushroom. pepper and brandy cream sauce. Served with vegetables over hand-cut noodles. griddle-cooked and served with saffron rice and yogurt sauce. 545 Chicken Shish Touk Chicken skewers marinated in yogurt. 595 Sides French fries Mash potatoes Garlic bread Vegetables Spinach Bacon 125 95 95 125 125 165 Desserts Chocolate Fondant Olive’s age-old favourite. with a molten heart and a side of vanilla bean ice cream. and a mushroom sauce with toasted garlic. 265 . 695 Malabar Reef Cod Pan-seared for a crisp exterior and creamy inside.Vegetable Tagine with Rice Assorted seasonal vegetables. vegetables and lemon-butter sauce. slowly cooked in an aromatic tomato and spice-flavoured sauce with olives and almonds. with mashed potatoes. herbs and cumin. 595 Grilled Steak Frites Flash-marinated fillet steak grilled to doneness and served with fries.

with crème Chantilly. caramel and rum bananas. Banoffee Pie Double milk toffee. with orange zest dust and date sauce. topped with strawberries and coffee ice cream. Mom’s Wild Berry Cheesecake Baked eggless cheesecake with a compote of wild berries Oreo Chocolate Pudding Think Oreo cookies. married to cheesecake and creamy pudding. fresh cream in a tart shell. Fresh Fruits Assorted fresh fruits 265 Sorbet Lemon Raspberry Bitter Chocolate Gelati Vanilla Passionfruit and Ginger Almond Praline Mint and Chocolate Chip Scoop 90 Portion 180 Dinner SPECIALS AND SEASONAL . 225 265 265 265 325 Apple Streusel Cheesecake Cheesecake with the goodness of apple pie.Prune and Walnut Brownie with Ice-cream and Strawberries 265 A gooey walnut and prune brownie. Orange Mousse with Date Shortbread A sweet and tart mousse set on home-baked date shortbread.

Served hot on a bed of sautéed asparagus and cherry tomato with truffle-fortified duck sauce. 595 SOUPS AND SALADS Smoked Tomato and Fennel Soup 295 With brunoise of seasonal vegetables. fresh basil and parmesan oil. slowly stewed vegetables cooked in an orange-kissed tomato sauce. finished with lemon. 345 Duck Confit en Croute Succulent slow-cooked duck leg confit mixture blended with herbs. Optional topping of smoked prawn . chickpeas. rolled and baked inside puff pastry. wrapped in layers of filo and baked to a golden crisp.Spiced Moroccan Lamb Shank Soup An aromatic and zesty full bodied soup for the soul. fresh parsley and shredded kid lamb shank. 455 Vegetable & Cottage Cheese Souvalaki with Mushroom Pilaf Char-roasted veggies and cubed cottage cheese on a skewer with mushroom-scented rice pilaf and char-roasted Muhammara sauce. couscous. Served with fresh salad and toasted almonds. with hints of allspice.95 Spinach Velouté 295 . turmeric and ginger. 345 Bisteeya of Caponata A vegetarian rendition of the classic Moroccan bisteeya.

cremini. sprinkle of grana padano and cherry tomatoes. Farmers Field Greens 345 In a sun-dried tomato pesto vinaigrette. shiitake and morel mushrooms. Caesar Salad 365 . Mushroom Bisque 325 A coarse soup with cream of porcini. Green Apple and Feta Salad 345 Lettuce tossed in our house special three mustard dressing. with thyme and nut crusted feta and sliced apples. with tortellini of ricotta and dill in chilli dough.A silken soup of fresh spinach and cilantro root.

Four Cheese Flan 325 . crisp bacon. VEGETARIAN STARTERS Tomato Tart Tatin 325 Slow-roasted tomatoes baked with caramelised onions. topped with chèvre and toasted walnuts. ricotta. with grilled chicken supreme.Olive's interpretation of the classic. anchovies and a garlic oil crouton. goat cheese and mixed herbs topped with puff and pistou drizzle. Wine Cured Grape and Goat Cheese Salad 365 Wine and honey-cured red globes with assorted lettuce and arugula in a yogurt balsamic base.

parmesan. Mushroom Aglio Olio 325 . homemade ketchup and sea salt tossed fried brioche. spinach feta and cottage cheese boreks. grilled pita.Slow baked with a creamy blend of brie. The All Veg Platter 495 Falafel. sesame tossed green beans. wine leaf serma. balsamic and garlic marinated mushrooms char-grilled to order and served atop parmesan. emmenthal and ricotta. patlıcan salatası. chilli flake and parsley rubbed split. toasted baguette. muhammara. olives. Nine 425 Nine Mediterranean dips with assorted crackers Charcoal Roasted Balsamic Mushrooms 325 Olive oil. Served with arugula and basil. and cumin labaneh with chickpea bulgur salad and zahttar crisp.

basil and feta. sun-dried tomato. flash sautéed with garlic. flash-marinated in balsamic vinegar and topped with finely diced tomato. basil and olive oil. stewed ratatouille and wine-sauteed mushrooms. olive oil. parmesan and olive salsa.Button mushrooms. lightly tossed in pecorino béchamel and topped with tarragon-scented bits of seasonal vegetables and chard. Served with split and toasted baguette. Gnocchi With Vegetables Confetti 325 Supple roasted potato and durum gnocchi. chilli flakes and fresh basil. . Vegetarian Carpaccio 365 Thinly sliced zucchini and carrot. Assorted Bite Sized Crostini 365 With toppings of fresh tomato.

Choice of Four Choice of Seven 525 795 Emmenthal. nuts and crackers.Cheese Platter 365 With brandied pistachio honey. Danablue. Spicy Moroccan influenced tartar. Tomme de Savoie. Mozzarella. Gouda. pickled mushrooms. Grana padano NON VEGETARIAN STARTERS Tuna Crudo 395 Line caught sashimi grade Chennai tuna done three ways. Cheddar. . Chèvre. Brie. pepper crusted and seared and carpaccio on dolma rice. Prawns Verde 565 Char-grilled prawns in a herb harissa marinade with house-dried cherry tomato and lettuce salad. Pecorino. Gruyère. Raclette. Camembert. Romano.

. celery garlic ginger pan-seared and served with a spicy mustard and hazelnut ketchup spinach and arugula salad. with piri-piri dressed citrus. served with avocado buttered toast ends. Pan-seared Foie Gras 595 Foie gras from Rougie.Baby Lobster Piccante 425 Baby lobster tails tossed in a tangy tomato cream sauce with oodles of garlic and fresh parsley. Corn Dusted Crab Cake 495 Flavoured with pepper. France. pureed sun-dried tomato and paprika. seared and served atop toasted brioche served with apple compote and port reduction and finished with noisette honey and smoked salt. Portuguese Chicken Espetada 425 Pit-roasted chicken morsels in allspice berries. scallion and lettuce salad.

. mushroom duxelle. curried fish cake. arugula tomato pesto salad served with asparagus spears and ricotta quenelle. Tortellini of Smoked Chicken Bacon and Apple 345 With herb ricotta and a warm bacon and celery dressing Salumi Platter 695 Assorted cold cuts with pickled mushrooms. The Mediterranean Platter 625 An assortment of lamb kibbeh spiced chicken filo parcels. hummus. fried capers.Beef Carpaccio 425 Thinly sliced tenderloin sprinkled with salt. toasted hazelnuts. olives and almonds. pepper. harissa. olives and salad. felafel.

goat cheese. garlic with fresh basil and grated parmesan. grilled eggplant. sun-dried tomatoes. ricotta.Pastas and Risottos Spaghetti Rustica 425 A semi dry preparation tossed in olive oil and garlic with artichokes. olives and chunks of mozzarella. Fusilli Formaggio Con Pesto 425 Fusilli in parmesan cream sauce with basil pistachio pesto and sundried tomatoes Penne Calabrese 495 Organic penne in a zesty tomato sauce with fresh tomato dices. chilli flakes. basil. . Gnocchi Aglio Olio Pepperoncino 495 Fresh homemade gnocchi tossed in olive oil. zucchini. basil and parmesan crisps.

Can be prepared with pesto sauce or tomato sauce Risotto of Wild Mushrooms 495 With porcini. finished in a fresh chive and cream sauce with brown butter and walnuts. . finished with parsley and pecorino.Whole-wheat Tagliollini with Seafood 565 Hand-cut whole wheat noodles in a light tomato broth with garlic and parsley sauteed prawns. shiitake. button and morels. calamari. Optional topping of bacon 95 Ravioli of Caponata 495 Ravioli stuffed with slowly stewed vegetable caponata and sharp cheddar. clams and scallops.

finished with brandy. Optional topping of chicken . PIZZA Caprese 425 Buffalo mozzarella and torn basil with slow cooked fresh tomato sauce .95 Baby Lobster Risotto with Roasted Shallots 595 Baby lobster tails with bisque cream.Risotto Piccante with Broccoli 495 A spicy tomato-based risotto with broccoli morsels topped with olive tapenade Verde Risotto 455 Risotto cooked with an aromatic herb purée and parmesan with morsels of sun-dried tomato. roasted shallots and arugula chiffonade.

Optional topping of pepperoni 165 Diavola 545 Char-roasted serrano chillis. boiled corn kernels and yellow cheddar. oven-roasted cherry tomatoes. jalapeños. Optional topping of chicken 95 Gourmet 625 . goat cheese and parsley.Spinach and Goat Cheese 545 Garlic sautéed spinach. pepperoni with sliced onion and cilantro. Americana 495 Olives. caramelised onions. jalapeños. finished with fresh oregano.

pepperoni. bacon. brie de meaux. arugula and drizzled with truffle-scented olive oil. capers. tomatoes. potato and egg. MAIN COURSE Vegetarian and Seafood . Prosciutto di Parma 625 Topped with arugula leaves and parmesan shavings.Asparagus. dill vinaigrette. smoked salmon slice and arugula. Smoked Salmon Pizza Bianco 625 Pizza without tomato on béchamel and cream cheese base with baby potato. artichoke. Kalamata olives. English Breakfast 625 Sausage.

Served with cous cous. butter-tossed vegetable . orange essence and toasted almonds. served with a layered vegetable and pesto terrine and spicy tomato sauce. fennel and chunks of mozzarella. Pan Roasted Salmon 695 Served with dill potato purée. The Veg Pappilote 565 Soft pearl barley and arborio risotto in a herb sauce.Moroccan Vegetable Tagine with Couscous 565 A medley of assorted seasonal vegetables slow cooked in a spiced Moroccan tomato sauce. all folded up and baked to order. Panko Crusted Cottage Cheese 565 Tahini and paprika marinated buffalo milk cottage cheese from the Garhwal. pan-seared with panko breadcrumbs. with chickpeas. zahttar. topped with sautéed vegetables.

and herb velouté. salad and sauce Calamari 565 Jumbo Prawns 950 . From The Grill 415 Served with mash potatoes. Add bacon 85 Pan Seared John Dory 750 Gently seared and served atop seasonal vegetables à la nage. with a lemon mustard emulsion and fresh slaw.

Malabar Reef Cod 595 Side Orders Mash Potatoes 95 Tuscan Potatoes 125 Grilled Vegetables 125 Garlic Bread 95 Sautéed Asparagus 195 Garlic Spinach 125 Bacon Mash Potatoes 125 MAIN COURSE .

potatoes and reduced Côtes du Rhône and port. served with a preserved lemon and thyme sauce. 8 Hour Lamb and 5 Minute Potatoes 850 .Poultry and Meat Chicken Tagine With Rice 645 Chicken morsels slow stewed in a complex Morrocan tomato sauce with chickpeas and vegetables. Duo of Duck 755 Confit of Gayathri Farms organic free range duck leg with seared breast. Lemon Basil Chicken 695 Marinated and roasted roulade of chicken breast and thigh. and served covered with saffron rice. mushroom pilaf and sautéed beans and mushrooms. served with a timbale of vegetables.

with sautéed spinach. roasted whole garlic. Add foie gras 395 Grilled 13 Oz Angus Rib Eye 1545 Served medium rare. haricot vert and sauce au poivre. with Tuscan fried potatoes. Roasted Filet of Beef 235 Butter-basted and served alongside gruyère dauphinnoise. cherry tomatoes and jus de voliae. vegetables bâtonnets and grain mustard fortified braising jus. .Very slow braised shoulder of kid Bannur lamb. sautéed zucchini ribbons. served atop truffled mash. mushrooms.

Grill Chicken Breast 595 Imported Sausages 645 Side Orders Mash Potatoes 95 . and some vegetables for good measure. with potatoes. crumb crusted and seared tenderloin. smoked apple and bourbon sauce. ham wrapped sausage and green onion wrapped in bacon.Five Little Pigs 855 Infinitely braised honey and chilli spare ribs served off the bone.

Tuscan Potatoes 125 Grilled Vegetables 125 Garlic Bread 95 Sautéed Asparagus 195 Garlic Spinach 125 Bacon Mash Potatoes 125 HEAVEN Baileys and White Chocolate Parfait 225 With pistachio filo cigars Chocolate Fondant 245 .

digestive biscuit base and topped with coulis of wild berries. with cinnamon ice cream and port glaze. Flourless Chocolate Pâté 225 Slow baked bitter chocolate pâté. marmalade sauce and passionfruit cream. The 10-Layered Opera 295 . Toffee Apple with Almond Financier 245 Slow cooked apples stuffed with peach compote. served with vanilla bean ice-cream. Wild Berry Cheesecake (Eggless) 245 Cheesecake baked with a combination of cream cheeses.An Olive signature with a molten heart. with almond tuille.

. orange crème brulée and lime poppy seed cake. finished with a touch of gold. Citrus Assiette 265 Parfait of lemon with orange and lemon confetti.Sinful layers of coffee. chocolate. green tea and almond biscuits.

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