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Spring 2011

We believe in one which is KHAOS from which ONE came.

We believe in one from which all subjection and illusion of polarity sprang forth.
We believe in injection and possession together as one, separate they are an illusion.
We believe in two forces of masculine and feminine when cohabitated revealing the veil.
We believe in one ascension of no end, one infinite current.
We believe in one suffering.
We believe not in light nor dark but the center itself.
We believe in one love, one perfection, and one will --to be made eternal, primordial, and since yesterday.
We believe in one church of flesh to celebrate the sun, moon, lord, lady, saints, earth,
all principles including birth, marriage, the ultimate physical destruction and the end.

The Infinity Network aims to showcase the current thoughts, techniques, philosophy and perspectives of today’s occult practitioners of
all paradigms. The articles contained herein are written by actual practicing occultists. As a hub of collaboration; we do not censor or
disregard valid submissions based on the practitioner’s point of view. We have created a creative, open, and autonomous forum for
information, collaboration, sharing of perspectives and announce events and projects to other occultists; fostering meta-thinking,
creativity, and ultimately creation. We are all on different platforms of realization, it is with that spirit that we encourage the
presentation of differences, which upon dissection, prove that there really is no difference at all……Enter The Infinite Current.

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Submitted By: Anonymous

Since time began we have evolved, increasing in complexity and making survival seemingly improbable. As the
demands of the world increase so do ours as its cohabitants. This bondage is stagnation on some levels and change
becoming increasingly rampant on others.

A Few things that are constant and might provide some insight on what is happening. There is change, there is
increase in speed, yet there is still suffering that does not have to take place. Thomas Ligotti said there are four ways to
die. There is one slow, one fast, one that is silent or without, and there is one that is ultimately painful. It is obvious
where we are going and how it is going to feel.

In the age where communication is powered by technology and media individual influence has a much higher impact.
Every expression and intention is amplified then dispersed possibly to every corner of our world. When things are
virtual, nothing is immediate but everything is instantaneous. While it is easier to hide intentions, have ones that are
benevolent, on the other hand it is easier to make your intentions known and use this towards contributing positively.

These are the other two newer forces that will become constant. There will be increased complexity leading to
autonomous communication as well as a fulfillment of one of the longest forgotten basic primitive desires or needs,
clanning. The other is increase in power of the individual inside of the new network.

This new network aims to be THE new network. An Infinite Network of power, change, speed, and autonomy. This
network is a hive as we function inside it and there is an egregore which is our queen. This egregore is humanity as a
single, conscious entity. The key word is Conscious. The Infinity Network is a conscious contributing, dominant force
inside the new hive that others have already began to build.

P age |-1-
By: Seth A. Moris

The word occult (Latin for "Hidden") bring many images to the mind, from candles in the darkness to strange alien sigils
written in blood. "The Occult" is generally used to denote a certain branch of spirituality I will refer to as magical traditions.

The difference between a magical tradition and a religion is the emphasis placed on the importance of personal power
versus subservience to a higher being. While magical traditions emphasis prowess of manipulating the world via various rituals,
ceremonies and talismans, many religions tend to focus far more on appeasing some sort of god-like figure, gaining this god form’s
favor, and following this god form’s rules on how one should go about living life.

Now, what is magic? This has been something defined and re-defined by hundreds if not thousands of people who consider
themselves magicians, witches and sorcerers. For the sake of this article, we will refer to magic as:"An act of expert manipulation in
which one gains a result that one chooses.”

In what is considered "the occult", and many magical traditions, magic is a very controlled sort of concept. In various
traditions of ceremonial magic physical materials such as metals and gemstones are assigned certain absolute properties. Iron may
be representative of Ares or war in general, while silver is representative of the Moon-Goddess.

Not only do certain physical materials have certain absolute properties but at the same time these properties (as claimed by
ceremonial magic traditions) can only be harnessed at certain times, in certain ways, and only by certain people. This places a
massive limit on who can practice magic (in this paradigm) and generally makes working magic somewhat restricted to the rules
and laws set forth by these traditions.

Even the pseudo-tradition of "chaos magic" may claim that they are above such absolutes, but at the same time tend to have
set beliefs of the nature of the world and engage in what I call the "Subjectivist's Paradox", which is stating that "There are no rules."
This is a rule unto itself. Perhaps a "better" way of expressing one's views as a chaos magician might be "I do not think that one can
have objective knowledge, and maybe there are no objective truths." Once one abandons a sense of magical agnosticism, it is this
magician's opinion a "chaote" moves away from chaos magic and becomes a static, albeit paradigm shifting, ceremonial magician.

But, suppose what you thought of as "the occult", as magical traditions, and as methods of performing magic were all part
of a very, very small slice of the grand pie of the magical universe.

First, the Veil. What is the Veil you ask? The Veil is the illusion that says there is not magic in the world. It says that magic is
at very best confined to "the occult" (which, is not very hidden at all) and religion. The Veil is a psychological barrier between actual
power and a magician. It claims that there are powerful magi, but they are people like Aleister Crowley, Peter Carroll, and Jesus of
Nazareth. What it keeps from you is that these figures maybe powerful, but there are even more powerful godforms, magi, and cults
that are ever present in today's society.

You probably belong to a cult of at least a few god forms, and don't even know it.

Let us continue by redefining a few commonly known terms.

P age |2
Influence- Everything has influence over everything. A rock influences a person, though perhaps on such a level as to be arbitrary.
A sunset may have much more influence, perhaps inspiring a work of art.

Manipulation- When one understands Influence, and uses systems of Influence to gain result, this is Manipulation. When a guitarist
understands what his fingers do to the strings and plays a song, this is Manipulation of Influence. When a mother guilt’s her child
into submission, this is Manipulation, just as much as when the mother congratulates the child to get them to work harder.

Power- The amount a being can Manipulate things external to itself.

Wisdom- The amount a being can Manipulate things internal to itself.

Magic- An act of expert manipulation in which one gains a result that one chooses.

Rituals/Spells- A specific system of Influences woven together by a magician to get what they want.

Magician- A magician is someone who works magic. They are independent in their power, and while a magician may work WITH a
god form, an avatar, or a cult they are not bound to them in any way save for oaths and bans set up by the magician for power or

Cabal- A group of magicians working together for some common goal.

Wizard- A magician, but one who has reached a level of mastery over a certain field. A Socio-Wizard would exhibit the ability to
tell when someone is lying 80% if the time (ironically the term for someone who can do such in Behavioral Psychology is a Truth
Wizard, and they really exist), read emotions just as accurately through micro expressions (a millisecond long "tell" exhibited by all
humans but only picked up by a few) and be able to use social and psychological engineering to charm the opposite sex, get free
things, enrage opponents while appearing innocent and get out of trouble with authority figures. While I'm sure under this
definition many would claim to be a wizard in some field, (with as many former "Kings Of Atlantis" floating around due to flippant
claims of "remembering their past lives" I wouldn't be surprised) whether they are or not should be apparent to anyone with some
amount of intelligence. They will most likely astound you and do things you simply cannot.

Thought form- A thought form is something that is given a sort of life in a person's subjective reality. First, to understand what a
thought form is you must understand that who you think someone is, who they think they are, and what they actually do are often
three different things. Add into the mix various archetypes people envision themselves as (as opposed to thinking of themselves as a
multi-tiered archetypal being, as most people actually seem to be) and you have quite a few different "people" floating around. A
singular person may be a saint and a sinner in different subjective realities, but both are "real". A magician often harnesses various
thought forms of themselves and even saves a few to throw on as a mask to manipulate others. The concept of thought forms
extends to any "being" that is given life in someone's subjective reality. It is even possible to create thought forms that multiple
people experience, and demons, conceptual gods, spirits and ghosts can all be described as thought forms. While it is possible that
such things also exist physically, it is this author's opinion, based on observation, that it is far more likely such things are thought

P age |3
God form- There are two types of Gods. The first is a Physical God, that is, a being such as a human that can directly communicate
its wants, and needs. Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead is a good example of a physical God with a Cult following. A Conceptual God
is one that cannot directly express its wants and needs (though followers may be quick to claim they have a direct link to a
Conceptual God, and while this may be possible I would say it’s impossible to say if it is them, or their god), and may not even exist
as we think of existence. A Conceptual God has Power only through its followers, and can be anything from a deceased celebrity
(Such as Jerry Garcia), to a personification of natural phenomena, to a psychological archetype, to a corporation or government (the
Tri-God of America, for example. The Legislator, The Judge, and The Executive). Gods are beings that get their Power from their
followers, that manifest themselves as either a Cult or a Religion.

Cult- A cult is a group of people who can be described as a subculture or a counterculture that give power to either a Conceptual
God form or a Physical God form. Some examples would be the Deadhead following of the Grateful Dead, to a cabal of "occult"
magicians who worship the roman goddess Discordia.

Religion- When a God form/Cult has reached levels of Power in which they affect entire cultures, they are a religion. Such is the
case with Christianity in America. Things found almost exclusively in the Abrahemic Religions are adopted and held as morality by
those who consider themselves Neo-Pagan to Atheist.

Devotee/Cog- Usually someone of low importance individually, but of high importance en masse to the development and power
behind a God form. They can be quite aware, or completely unaware of their place in the scheme of things, and without them
Acolytes, God forms and thus Avatars would have no power.

Acolyte- A figure in a Cult or Religion who holds authority over the Devotees/Cogs, but remains (generally) underneath the
authority of an Avatar. A good example would be a Police Officer under The Politicians, or a Minister underneath a Pastor. They still
garner power from the God form they serve, however they do not have as much and generally answer to a higher rank usually in
the form of an Avatar.

Avatar- Someone who may appear to be a powerful Magician, however they gain all of their power from a God form of some sort
that they are subservient to. Such an example would be the faceless (to the public at least) CEO of some mega-corporation. They
certainly could destroy

The Veil- The mental block that does not allow people to see/understand the actual systems of influence they can harness in the
world, as well as the mental block that hinders those who consider themselves "magicians" "sorcerers" and "witches" from realizing
their full potential.

The Occult- Occult is Latin for hidden, and while there is a section of spirituality often designated "the occult" it is quite far from
being so. The occult has been turned into a commodity, a vague term for various pseudo-mysterious magical traditions. The Occult
however, is the hidden combination of Cabals, Cults and modern God forms that manipulate and essentially control the world. This
is not a conspiracy, in fact these groups hide in plain sight, unaware (or are they?) of what they really are.

"Old" Magic- Magic as it is known in most magical traditions is dying, or dead. Fueled by the utter belief and superstition of societies
around the globe, the old batch of archetypes and symbols (and the superstition they feed off of) have become ineffective. One can
simply look at the results to see they are not grandiose. Granted, in some parts of the world, and even in America you will find those
who are susceptible to Old Magic, and even the term "Old" may be a misnomer for the magic suggested to be more effective in this

P age |4
article is surely not new. It is as ancient as "Old Magic". The difference is made in the fact of Old Magic being considered magic,
while the "new" paths suggested here have existed under various guises, but rarely thought of as magical.

"New" Magic- Again, while this magic is no "newer" than any other, and in fact is as old as humanity itself, it must be thought of in a
new way. One who can manipulate the masses through the media is a media-magician, and thus is working media-magic. An
internet "troll" is a combination of a techno-magician and the trickster archetype. Someone who is able to free run over obstacles
and over buildings before a pursuing assailant can even catch sight of them is a athletic-magician (for magic is not limited to the
non-physical, even in Old Magic there are tales of miraculous physical feats performed by magicians that left bystanders confused
and amazed) and the list goes on and on. The difference is "New" Magic gets more results, it is more effective. While talismans and
elaborate rituals can still be harnessed (generally under psych-magic) for effect, so can't almost anything.

And why should one think "New" Magic is any more effective? Using systems of Influence (Rituals/Spells) due to my
understanding of applied behavioral psychology, social questions, pattern recognition, inductive logic and the natural knack for
reading micro expressions I am able to travel the world with absolutely no money. I never want for food, or things essential to my
survival. I am able to convince police I am no threat, women that I am a charming adventurer, passersby’s that I am an honest man
who could use some charity (without even talking to them) and others essentially whatever I want them to think.

I have "deconverted" devout Christians in the past to see if I could (a childish time in my life when I was "coming into my
powers" and wanted to experiment), and have even gone to the extent of being able to plant seeds of magic into the minds of
housemates that there was an malevolent entity of some kind haunting the premises, inform a materialist/atheist/nihilist friend of
my intentions (which was the only reason I ended up paradigm shifting back and remembering I had set it up at all), and then
paradigm shift into forgetting that I had set it up and that I too thought there was something. The result being that I forgot that I
propagated the thought form, ended up seeing a strange shadowlike being following me at night outside. The next day several
friends informed me of seeing the same thing following them, feeling watched and general paranoia and anxiety. This is before I
mentioned to anyone what I saw. To note: I understand that anyone can claim anything, over the internet and otherwise, which is
why I end this article with this statement.

I don't care if you believe me, or not.

Go out and do it yourself, because it doesn't matter what "is true", only what works.

P age |5

A Paradigm on Learning the Occult Sciences

By Sylar

In this article I plan to outline and reveal to everyone a very interesting and helpful perspective of how one should approach and
work with occult material. It is meant to help aid you in learning and walking the path that you have chosen to take in the occult. I
will discuss many aspects of learning and great habits a person should learn and apply when studying the occult sciences.

Choosing Your Path

Regardless of which path you have chosen to pursue, the truth about it remains the same. You have arrived at the
conclusion that you wish to further your knowledge and understanding of yourself and this macrocosm we refer to as the universe.
You may even be having second thoughts and not sure if this is right for you. That is perfectly fine and can be expected among
most beginners, this even occurs for the advanced practitioner from time to time. Although you might be uncertain or unsure about
if this is right for you, it still comes down to the fact that something has sparked your interest, and you wish to know the truth and
nature of things.

During your study and journey into the occult, you will soon experience an awakening that will change the way you see
the world, giving you a broader and mind-blowing outlook on life. In the event that one decides that they do not wish to continue
on the path that they previously chose take, changing is a matter that is easier said than done. Imagine a person that has been living
on a small island all of their lives. All they have known is what was accessible to them on the island. They know not of people nor
cities, they don’t even know of the different types of foods that exist except the ones that grow naturally on this island.

Now what would happen if someone were to visit their island then take them back with them and introduce them to what
is out there in the world? All the people and different cities, the animals and other wildlife, the newest and greatest technologies, all
the different type of foods that they can’t even begin to fathom. After a short time of being introduced and awakened to these new

P age |6
things, they will grow accustomed to this new world. They will seek to learn and experience all the things that were not previously
possible to them in their old rudimentary lifestyle.

What do you think would happen if they were taken back to their island and told to forget everything that they have seen
and experienced? Surely this would be a hard if not impossible task to do. They may try at first; they may even succeed for a short
time. Eventually though, they will long for it and find themselves trying to get back to their newly discovered world. Whether by
the means of creating a boat, or some other form of transportation, or even trying to get the attention of anyone that may pass by
their island, they will surely be overwhelmed by the desire to get back to where they were.
I used this analogy to simply illustrate to you the fact that once a person is introduced to, has become awakened to this hidden
knowledge, and has been able to experience it first hand; they will usually be drawn to it from that point on.

Where Do I Start?

I’m not going to tell you where to start. My purpose in writing this article is to advise and enlighten you on how one may
proceed in the path they choose. If I were to tell you where to start in your “own” journey, then how would this be a personal
experience for you? Everyone has different interest, some may find that psionics suites them better then say, necromancy. Likewise,
one may find that becoming a summoner appeals to them more than a black magician or elemental magician. With that being said,
I believe a person should have a strong foundation in a specific area so that they have something they may build upon. Sure you
can start with the most advanced of things, but that usually won’t work out to well due to the fact that your foundation will be
severely lacking in strength and structure.

Although there are different areas and categories to choose from in the occult, most if not all of those areas have the same
basic and fundamental aspects or skills that are beneficial to the practitioner. The skills that I will list are skills that, in my opinion,
should be practiced on a regular basis no matter what path one chooses to undertake. They are as follows...

1. Focus and Concentration

2. Meditation
3. Control of Ones Thoughts and Emotions (Note: Which may be gained through meditation )
4. Manipulation and Shifting of Ones Awareness
5. Gaining Awareness of One’s Own Soul
6. Ability to Formulate and Steadily Focus Intent On a Goal
7. The Ability to Partially and Fully Relax the Mind and Body

These seven skills are what I consider to be some of the most important and basic skill sets that one should acquire when
dealing with matters in the occult. Training in such skills will surely help you to advance in your path and will make things easier
for you later down the road.

How to Go About it

Obviously for the majority of us, there isn’t going to be any local “guru” that lives up the street from us, or even in the city
that we can go to and learn from. Most, if not all of the knowledge that we will learn is going to come either out of books, online
material like articles or papers, or from chatting with people online that have similar interest and practice these occult sciences as

P age |7
well. So what does that all mean? It means that you better get your eye drops ready and a comfy seat, because you have a lot of
reading ahead of you. More than likely, Google or whatever search engine of your choice will be your best friend from now on,
because you will be using it a good deal to find material that pertains to the occult arts.

One major problem that many beginners face is having to sort through all the information on the internet and in books
and deciphering that which is either misleading or just downright untrue from reputable sources. They are beginners though, so
how do they know what’s true or not? Problem is they don’t know and probably won’t know until they become more experienced
themselves. Being fresh and new to all this, the beginner may believe the first thing they read about something to be true and fact
without investigating it thoroughly.

What makes matters even worse is when a beginner meets someone online that is a beginner themselves, but claims to be
knowledgeable and skilled, when in actuality they are horribly misinformed and lacking any skill whatsoever. With their only
desire being to look big in the eyes of others, have people look up to them, and they become known as some guru. The beginner
then feels he has found someone that can help them and make things much easier on them. They assume that they now don’t have
to research for themselves anymore due to the fact they have met someone that is a guru and highly skilled that will allow them to
progress even faster. I’m afraid that this cannot be further from the truth and will lead the beginner astray, which is simply a waste
of their time.

I would highly advise everyone to take everything that they hear and read with a grain of salt, even this very article that
you are reading right now. You may acknowledge what you read and hear, even weigh the factors and probabilities in your head,
but I don’t suggest anyone take anything as sure fact just because someone said it.

Telling the good information from the bad

An easy way of determining if information is credible or not is simple logical deduction. There are two methods that I
personally employ to decide what information is credible, and what information is not. First of all you can simply look at the source
where the information came from. If the information came from a website, is the site a credible one? Does the site have quality
articles or is it junky or unorganized? Lastly, does it sound like junk? A great thing to do is to research the same subject but see
what other sites and organizations have to say about it.

Simply compare and contrast your topic. You generally look for what the similarities between sites say. One site may tell
you that, your hands are a necessary component when doing psychokinesis. Another site may say that is not necessary but is a
crutch for the practitioner. A third site my state that the hands are not needed but you use your whole body to do psychokinesis.
Lastly you come upon a site that states, the hands are not needed, but simply act as a subconscious aid for targeting and helping
your subconscious mind to control the objects movement via association.

From analyzing what all four sites have to say on the topic, you can use deduction and reasoning to conclude the fact that,
the hands are neither a necessity, nor requirement when it comes to the skill of psychokinesis. Only one site stated that the hands
are necessary. All the other sites may have stated something different, but the similarity between them was that they all agree that
the hands aren’t necessary. The main factor in the situation is majority rule. This is not saying that the majority is absolutely
correct, but it’s up to the practitioner/reader to come to their own conclusion on which to believe. Belief is personal.

P age |8
The same thing may be applied to books, as well as word of mouth. This is a prime example on how society works. When
the majority of a people agree on something, as opposed to the percentage left that didn’t agree, what the majority decides becomes
what’s considered “right” or “status quo” if you will. In the same respect to how scientist develop theories. They develop a theory or
explanation of something. They work on and introduce their theory into the scientific world, other scientist study the theory to see if
it holds up to the standards that are already set and attempt to correlate or relate their own logic with the logic of the scientist that
developed this theory in order to rationalize the possibility of them being correct.

Now not all scientists will agree with the theory, but if the majority of them agree that the theory is plausible and also
probable, then the theory will stand as “fact” until another more probable and accurate theory arises, or some type of evidence arises
to either support the new theory, or tear it down. If the event occurs where the theory was incorrect, then what does that mean?
The theory was accepted among the majority of scientist, the mainstream, and was even taught in schools as “fact”, only to later find
out that they were wrong and incorrect in their assessment. Scientist right now, are baffled from discovering that what they
believed to be a constant and never changing variable, which is the speed of light(186,000 Miles Per Second), is not actually so, and
is changing physics as we know it.

I have said all this to demonstrate and help you to further understand that, it’s nearly impossible to know what is “definitely
right” or “definitely wrong” in most matters. So it is up to the person themselves to come to their own conclusions on what they
wish to believe. I mentioned earlier that there were two methods that I employ for determining whether or not information is
credible. The second method I will introduce to you is very simple and straight forward, and doesn’t require any long explanations.
It’s what I like to call experience. Ever heard the saying, “Experience is the best teacher”? Well that saying is one of the most
truthful ones I know of.

When a person experiences things for themselves, it usually will either make a believer out of them or it won’t. If you don’t
know how to do something, I recommend you do your research on it as much as you can, then when you feel that you’re ready, give
it a go. Now I am not telling you to grab the nearest copy of the Goetia, and start summoning forces that will likely get you very
messed up. That would be plain irresponsible and foolish. What I am saying to you is to start small and work your way up to bigger

You must begin building your foundation, so that later on you may be able to withstand and persevere. This also goes to say
that, if you never try, then you won’t be able to succeed. Whenever you do decide to “give it a go”, I recommend that you remain
calm and focused, but yet proceed with caution. The “highly skilled” and “advanced” had to start somewhere didn’t they? A house
with a weak foundation will not be able to stand for very long. Even the weakest of breezes may cause it to fall apart. So when
studying the occult sciences, or anything for that matter, make sure you do sufficient research on whatever the topic is that you
choose. And take everything that you read/hear with a grain of salt.

When Studying the Material

As I stated before, when walking the path that you have chosen to take, you’re going to have a whole lot of reading to do.
From buying books, to reading articles and information online, the majority of your material if not all of it will be comprised in the
form of text, that you the practitioner will have to study and read. I would like you to ask yourself this question, what good is
reading and entire book if you’re not able to retain, store, and recall the information that you read from memory? Is not the whole
point of you reading the book, is so that you will learn something from it? From my viewpoint, I find it rather pointless and a waste
of time to read something if you don’t get anything out of it.

P age |9
You can read thousands of articles and hundreds of books, but if you can’t comprehend, retain, and readily recall what it is
that you have read, it’s simply a waste of your time. Depending on whether or not you bought the book, it would be a waste of your
money as well. Unless you possess a photographic memory, and can recall everything that you have read with ease, then you can’t
expect to progress very far by just reading something without fully understanding it. This is why they call it occult “studies”. You
must study this hidden knowledge so that you may retain it, and therefore be able to apply it at will.

A very simple yet effective way that I go about anything I want to learn, is simply to “take my time” when I read. A lot of
people attempt to blow through material very quickly so that they can “advance” faster. The speed which an individual reads
something does not make them advance any further. What it will actually do, is make them reckless and careless. I don’t think I
even need to mention the risk and hazards of rushing through spells, evocations or things of that nature. The dangers something
like that would present should be quite self-explanatory.


In ending this article, my hope is that the individuals that are interested in learning and studying the occult arts take
certain precautions, which will allow them to steadily yet safely advance in whichever path they have chosen. You must remember
that not everything is how it appears to be. Just because someone says something doesn’t mean that it is necessarily true. Do your
own research on the matter and don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you never ask, then more than likely you will never find out.

Last but certainly not least, remember to take everything you hear with a grain of salt

P a g e | 10
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aren’t exactly top notch. The announcer comes over the *APPLAUSE*
PA system with a squeal of feedback. His voice sounds "However I-"
like a rougher, more beat down version of the guy who The drummer does a rim shot, and Billy sighs before
says flicking the cigarette at the band and lighting another
"lets get reaaaaaady to ruuuuuumbllllle!" "I guess the drummer found my roach before he came
on stage. However---I, my friend, have a plan. Yes,I
If you where to speak with the man backstage, he would have come here tonight to personally tell you all how to
tell you he used to movie trailers before "the bitch" took survive the coming storm. “
everything he had. Then he would slam a glass of gin He takes another sip of his drink
and rail a line of something or another. "Where going to go out on boats, and wait for the
"Ladies and Germs, please welcome to the stage, your coming solar flare, we'll have plenty to eat, because at
friend and mine, Biiiiiiiily Sasquatch!" this point, most of the wild life will be belly up just waiting
The Band is now playing at such a level that one might for our nets. Then when the oceans boil were going to
think there instruments came alive and started beating jump out of the boat, throwing wide our sheets, now the
the players to death. steam will be hot, but that’s alright we'll be in fireman
The curtain comes up and we see the main attraction suits. The air currents will take us high enough to land
arguing with someone off stage on the outside of the UFO's that will by now be coming
"Damn it I said an ounce of shrooms and 007 golden through the atmosphere James Bond style."
eye, fucking banjo kazooie isn't going to fucking cut-HI He glares off stage before continuing
EVERYONE, welcome to the show!" "Then hijack the UFO, land on the 10th planet while the
He coughs and tries to loosen his tie, but it's a clip on. reptilians are leaving it to kill everyone, and then my
He begins to pace around the stage slowly friends well, then we are set."
"I'm Billy Sasquatch and welcome to the 15 minutes of He looks out to the crowd and their silence
stage time that I could afford!" He downs the rest of his drink and fails to readjust his
*APPLAUSE* clip on tie again
"So, how 'bout that local sports team? I kid I kid….heh…. "At this point the LSD will have worn off and we can get
Ah…so two Jews walk into a…been done? Ah well then to those 2013 New Year’s parties in time for the stripper
looks like I shouldn't have smoked before the show after to pop out of the cake!"
all!" *APPLAUSE*
*APPLAUSE* "Well folks that’s my time, thanks for coming out!"
"So, have you seen the news on the Bird and Fish The band kicks back and startles the front row;
deaths lately? Everyone is flipping out over animal our cut rate jester takes a bow as the curtains drop. You
deaths these days…can you tell me what animals died? gulp down the last of your watered down beer, and stand
No? Well that’s because the ones who decided to croak to leave, knowing you'll never get these minutes of your
no one really gave a shit about anyway!" life back, you push open the door and the light from
*APPLAUSE* outside blinds you.
"Seriously though like what 100,000 fish, birds all over
the world, in England all the crabs are dying; which You have just left - The Discordia Zone….
should be a boom to the local prostitutes right? But Do Do Do Do Doooo…..
seriously, people where really starting to lose their shit
over this for awhile there, I mean it was the first day of -Rev. Billy F. Sasquatch KSC/LDS
P a g e | 11
By: Rev. Billy F. Sasquatch KSC/LDS

"To the Prettiest one" as it roughly Translates, is the word inscribed on Our Lady Chaos's apple. While one can say that this is just there because
the apple was designed to instill strife and conflict amongst those who would fight over it, I think there is more to read into that a simple practical
joke, for nothing is simple when it comes to Eris.

From the Omitterre Libellus:

Eris is one should not be taken to be a statement which implies that Eris is one, as in «only one», as in any mathematical or summative way. Eris is
Kallisiti and Kallisiti is the prettiest. And while the prettiest is always Kallisti, Kallisiti can be more than one. Eris is whoever one discordian sees as
Kallisiti and therefore is many but only one each 2. Eris invites you to travel space and time and find your Kallisti to cherish and to hold forever for
ever and never and to start again tomorrow.

Sirs, only you know who your Kallisiti is. Ladies, any and all of you ARE Kallisiti.

Once one find one’s own Kallisiti, one is encouraged to dance around naked in order to ascertain she
is not a cabbage (and also in order to goth somth akchionn as the Goth Gods sayeth)

The apple is a symbol, the Skin being gold equates to our hopes, dreams, ideals, and perfection. Because Eris is Kallisti, and Kallisti is the prettiest,
and that is subjective; Kallisti is etched on the skin, it represents the All.

"There is no Goddess but Goddess and She is Your Goddess. There is no Erisian Movement but The Erisian Movement and it is The Erisian
Movement. And every Golden Apple Core is the beloved home of a Golden Worm."
*First Rule Of the PentaBarf

The Golden worm is of course the Self, us as we are now, the agents of discord. We are the golden apple corps we are the golden apple core. We
strive to make our way to this core, because there lies the seeds of growth and with them comes the core, and the rebirth and merging with the all (
the skin).

And I came upon Discord leaning on a tree in a bathrobe, taking a bite from an apple-The Apple. She looked to me and between mouthfuls asked
if a wanted a bite and she offered it to me. As I took the apple I looked at it, and went to take a bite, but right before I did I saw that the apple was
solid and gold. She laughed and took the apple back, and turned to walk away, saying "We are always trying to break our teeth on something".

Think back to the story of the Apple, the gods fighting over the title of the prettiest, they never stop to ask who it was from, they care more about
who it is for. Why is it important if you do not know who it from or who it belongs to, who even said it was a gift for the wedding anyhow if there
is no note? Because they assume they are at a wedding this must be some sort of gift.

This I think represents the downfall of the self, that we fight over such things because of things like pride and envy. We assume that the world is
lining up constantly to suit us, that gold apple has to be for me, because I am the best, the shit, top dog.

P a g e | 12
We slip into thinking that the universe will pull for us.

The way to the All from Self couldn't possibly be that easy right?
We all want to break our teeth on something.

The Apple in this story is that something. For us here on earth this seems to equate a lot to religion, become a yogi, read the bible, pray to Allah,
Meditate on the meaning of the Tao, or hop paradigms every 6months. These are all paths to becoming the master of your reality. Yet for every
person on the road to remerging with perfection via religion, there are 5 that are not.

This is when it trickles down to ways every day was of becoming the master of your life, be the best at your job, vote your ideals into office, and
build a family, get rich, and all the other shit you see every day. Because people are telling you they have _____ which not only is perfection
(merging your life with the concept/ the Self and All) but it will allow you to do this as well.

The only logical outcome of all this…..Is chaos

The ideal of perfection is order, from the act of obtaining it comes chaos
This, my friends, is the Law of Eristic Escalation as seen in the Principia Discordia.

From Wiki:
The Principia Discordia contains the Law of Eristic Escalation. This law states that "Imposition of Order = Escalation of Chaos". It elaborates on this
point by saying that the more order is imposed the longer it takes for the chaos to arise and the greater the chaos that arises. The idea is not new; it
is mentioned in the Tao Te Ching: "the more laws and orders are written, the more thieves there are".

Discord's symbol is Order.

From this Comes paradox, and the realization that from order comes chaos, which as we know from the depths of chaos, we can pull forth and
make order.

It is a cycle we live every day. Layers of order filtering the chaos, both things existing at once all the time, anything could happen at this moment,
order will only remain until chaos happens, then we will restructure our lives back from what remains, just as order lives within chaos all the
time, The Self is the All at all times, it is only when we stop and try to notice this that the filters come back up.
The joke was that they where gods, they where all the prettiest.

The Self is The All

All day

By trying to take life too seriously, we allow the filters a way into our minds, and we sever this connection we have, we stop being the center.
Don't worship Eris, that is worshiping the fact that you know the way. Spread the Eristic vibes to others and Be Eris.

Remember what she came to tell you? YOU ARE FREE, stop hugging her and trying to cop a feel and go be the next Jesus already.

Nothing is True Everything is Permitted

Hail Eris- All Hail Discordia!

P a g e | 13
By: Mous Want Now" and the surging emotional tidal What the Manic are truly obsessed with is the art
waves of life and love. It is pure insanity, and it is of CHANGE (GLORIOUS MANIPULATION
First, there was You. Nothing came into amazing. It incorporates the primal in man, SMASHING CHANGE MANIA CRIES) not of
existence before you, Nothing will come into however is not limited to such animal laws. creation. They seek to change the world into
existence after you are gone. First, instead, there Mania is the passionate something that better fits them. A magician is an
was You. And immediately upon birth your artist of reality, and an artist is the magician of
psyche was shattered, nay split, in two. You are CREATION/DESTRUCTION/CHANGE aspect. aesthetic. And what better a fountain of change
not aware of this. THEY do not want you to know Logos is however, the gentle whisper of logic. than Khaos itself? A never ending pool of pure
this. But true it remains, if truth remains The light hand upon your shoulder when you see primordial potential. Yes, Chaos finds its kin in
anywhere. how a pattern plays out and how to apply it in the the manic indeed.
future, the airy breath of a solution found, and
You begin to notice other gods walking around, the building/creation of systems (magical and Whereas it seems the Manic should be more
they look like you, sort of. They talk like you, play otherwise). predisposed to finding Chaos, it would seem to
like you, and eat like you however. Yes. These most the Logical would be far from finding the
are your people, the god folk. They LOOK like The Binary Two are not separate, indeed they whispers of Chaos. This is both true and untrue.
apes, don't they? But we know better. Behind the often feed each other and a promethean may in The Logical often get hung up on observation
eyes of each of them are The Binary Ones. You fact go from one to the other in no time flat (note and application, and assuming this equals Truth.
smile, content in your knowledge (logos the calm author writing the article, to turn and
whispers) and continue into your apartment throw a pencil and storm off when he gets However, if a Logical walks long enough down
building. You paint. You paint like a fiend, glad frustrated) and indeed often do. No. The Binary his path, they will meet a man. This man's name
that all that money you spent on painting Two are simply two separate paths that one can is Diallelus. He will look at the seeking Logical
supplies aren't going to waste. You paint in a take alone or together. They are what make us and whisper into his ear;
frenzy, losing yourself to your art (YES YES More. They are what makes us Gods. They are
MANIA SCREAMS) and in the end, where there not gods themselves, but merely concepts. "Any proposition requires a justification.
once was a blank piece of canvas, there is now a Psychological constructs, and a false dichotomy. However, any justification itself requires support.
painting. And each gloriously lead to Chaos. For something to become support, it must be
proposed. Any proposition requires
You realize you have done two things; You have Mania-disposed may seem like the likely ones to justification..."
just created a painting, and destroyed the go to Chaos' embrace, however this is often not
pristine white canvas. (very good, excellent, the case. While it is safe to say that most of the (yes...whispers logos)
logos whispers) Unified creation and destruction. world is Mania-influenced the thing to keep in
Simultaneous. It felt wonderful (AYE IT DID mind is that while most people falsely attribute
AHAHA MANIA SHRIEKS) and you knew at that concepts such as disorder and bedlam to Chaos,
moment exactly what it was. It was magic and that they are looking at the mere facets of a
They will see the Logic of no Truth. Without
you, for only a moment, were illume infinitely faceted gemstone.
objective knowledge, which is logically
impossible to attain (because you cannot base a
The Fiery Spirit makes us more than animals. No, the Mania-influenced do not often WANT to
justification on anything other than support and
go to Chaos, because they are illogically afraid
all support needs justification) one is open to the
The Fiery Spirit phenomena overtook humankind of it. They call it Evil and Black. They do not
logical realm of Subjectivity.
at the start of the agricultural revolution. It was contain the logic necessary to understand Chaos
only then did we deviate from the rest of the is intrinsically neutral, above morality, and
Khaos. A realm of Diallelus, but also of
animal kingdom. This Fiery Spirit is illustrated in beyond paradox (DAMN RIGHT IT IS BEYOND
pragmatism. A never ending sea of everything
the legend of Prometheus, and the agricultural ALL NO RULES EXCEPT RULE ONE MY
nothing. be used.
revolution can be known as the birth of the RULES SCREAM MANIA). The Manic do
Prometheans. The race we became, because however end up in Chaos' embrace (every type
does, given enough time, the infinite monkey Whether you embrace your Mania, or your
the Fiery Spirit makes us more than man, more
theorem...whispers logos) often through their Logos, whether or not you embrace either
than ape. It makes us gods. And in the Spirit are
obsession with what they view as "creation", as completely or seek meek balance, any and all
two forms, fractured simply due to the nature of
paths eventually lead to Chaos. However,
man's physical form. In the Fire, are Mania and
human life spans are not often long enough for
Logos. that of the art of music and paintings. However,
nature to play out. But make no mistake; All
this is a false impression (whispers logos) due to
roads lead to Chaos.
Mania is the screaming during a heated fight, the any act of creation being an act of destruction.
frantic song played perfectly on a guitar while the One may play a beautiful song on a harp, but the
silence is drowned out, destroyed until the harp "I AM BECOME CHAOS; changer of worlds”
artist becomes sweaty and strained from singing,
the punch you throw at the school yard bully stops and silence can re-assert itself. A canvas
because he pushed you one too many times, must be soiled and painted over to produce a
and Mania is the basis of our emotions. Of "I painting.

P a g e | 14
The Circle, Vortex, and Void
I with pure minde by th' number four do swear
That's holy, and the fountain of nature
Eternal, parent of the mind ---- [...]
Reconstruction of the Four Elements or
With the four the circle is established.
Opening a Circle Together Chaos, RISE!

Creation and Destruction as a single breath,

Objective & Description: Evoke then Combine Four Chaos WAKE!
elements (Complete) to re create Chaos.
One of the Central Rites of Infinity Network
Item Imbuement
*Agrippas Scales from the Book of Occult Philosophy where used as
well as the quote from the last part of the incantation.
It IS my Intention to banish, consecrate, and imbue my
physical preparations before me.
With my true will, and intention in oath.
Guardians of the east we call you in our rite.
With you comes Fire, Heat, Light, [Insert Your Statement of Intention Here]
Mars and The Sun.
Bright and Burning.
The Mind and Intellect of Justice.


Guardians of the west we call you in our rite.

With you comes Air, Moisture, Diaphanousness, Jupiter In these tools are weapons of my true will,
and Venus. expressed in form as art and virtue.
Light and Transparent.
The Spirit and Reason of Science.
This is my will, my Wand.
On it I hang my Soul.

Guardians of the north we call you in our rite. This is my soul, my Graal.
With you comes Water, Cold, Agility,
Saturn and Mercury. In this sits the Angel (Phallic Guardian).
Clear, and Congealed.
The Soul and Phantasy of Opinion.
This is my intelligence, my Dagger.
With this I cut all Illusions.

Guardians of the south we call you in our rite. This is my body, this is my Pentacle.
With you comes Earth, Dryness, Solidity,
The Fixed Stars and The Moon. Through which I will achieve the entirety of my will.
Heavy, and Dark.
The Body and Sense of Experience.
This is my spirit, my Sword.
With this the word of my HGA is established and

(Rewritten and inspired from

P a g e | 15
Presents: Defensive Techniques
Where defensive techniques differ from protection is that defense is an active principle requiring the engagement of a
specific and known threat. Protection can also be active, but frequently it is only in the sense that it is ongoing. However, well laid
spells whose primary purpose is to protect are just that--they are laid and not cast. And this is why we often use the term ward
where protection is the subject at hand. Defensive spells are cast and they generally accomplish a specific purpose before the energy
is allowed to return to its natural state and is thus recycled. A practiced witch or wizard can "feel" it the moment this occurs. Most
often, if a defensive technique is properly and appropriately employed the need for further spells of the same type is nonexistent.
One word of caution: it isn't at all wise to use magick in place of good common sense. If you feel the need, for instance, to cast a
defensive spell against your spouse or lover, it’s time to take stock in the relationship, and I have no spells at all that will pack your
bags for you.

The Evil Eye

By: Duncan McGonall

There are two methods of approach in defense against the evil eye and the one you use depends on your ideology of both
the source and power to effect of the evil eye. Personally, I have a hard time with the idea that there is a single, personified force
serving as a repository for evil, but to each his own. The first notion of the evil eye is an active force searching for joy, love, good
fortune for the express purpose of either destroying or tainting it. The second most common notion is based on the premise that
whatever evil is in the world resides solely within each individual person. As such, the evil eye emanates from the individual but
may tap any handy destructive or corrupt energy it can on its way to the target. Most Occultists will place a greater emphasis on the
second notion than the first, though the first one is certainly convenient. It is jealousy, bitterness, despair, destruction and
corruption all rolled into one package. And as hard as it is to conceive, everyone is theoretically capable of throwing the evil eye.

Now, if you are one who insists on personifying all the abstract evil that exists in the world, then the first notion might fit
you best and this section will be of little use in protecting you from such an all-invasive force bent on destroying every happy
thought and happy thing in your life. For that, you will need to refer to the section on Protection and be prepared to expend
enormous precious energy maintaining those wards. For the rest of you, let’s dive in.

Those scorching looks that kill are efficiently made ineffectual by the mano cornuto. The hand sign itself has a motley
history, but its basis is a void defined by the masculine-feminine polarity. At the time the eye is thrown, simply make the horned
hand with your projecting hand directly at the source. (Think Gene Simmons and KISS) If the source is not known, look into the air
with the sign held palm up. Admittedly the air shot method it is not as immediately satisfying as the direct resend, but it does still
work. When the intent is to repel what was just thrown at you, it is sufficient to accomplish just that. If you are one that takes very
seriously the dogma "harm none" then send it into the ground, where it will be eventually dismantled and recycled as all that energy
returns to its natural state. If you are not such a one, (as am I), return to sender. Instant karma. It’s up to you and your gut instinct is

P a g e | 16
usually a good guide. Just remember that how you feel at the time isn't always your gut talking. If in doubt, send it down and take
that energy out of the equation entirely.

A second active defensive method is the mano figo. This is a very old hand sign with meaning several layers deep. As such,
in modern times, it has been relegated to the obscure. It is the "fig hand." In ancient Greece and Ancient Rome the fig was held as a
symbol for the act of human copulation. It is a very old sex symbol, but not at all bearing the same meaning as today's bird finger.
Instead as it incorporates symbolism for both sets of genitalia involved, it represents something of the very primordial magickal
force of life. The sign is made by making a V of the first two fingers and placing the thumb between those two fingers. I have never
been able to discover if the thumb involved should be from the same hand or the other and I don't think it really matters. Both ways
work, that's what matters. Experiment.

With practice, using these two signs (or just whichever is your favorite) you will develop a sense for the energy involved
and the intent necessary to accomplish an effective defense. At such time, given that you have assembled sufficient personal power
too, the hand signs are not necessary. However, the use of your hand or hands still is. And this brings us to a third technique that
may be developed to be virtually invisible to bystanders. For this method to be most effective, it is necessary the practitioner to
embody the meaning or meanings of the symbols used in either or both of the other two methods in this section. Upon awareness of
the eye being thrown at you (or at loved ones), look in the thrower's direction while, with your palm down (open hand) you make a
small circle in front of your body counter sunwise. Two things are accomplished in the gesture, given appropriate intent. One, you
gather what was just thrown at you and temporarily disrupt its polarity. Two, if defense is needed for more than just yourself, you
define that with a "roof" as in "those under my roof"---that's the small circle right in front of you. Onward. After the circle is made,
in the same motion, raise the hand up to you midsection and sharply push the gathered energy away with a short, hard open
handed thrust. The whole thing is done in a matter of less than 10 seconds and off you go through the mall without another thought
of it. If you are turning the energy into the ground, then thrust your gathering hand accordingly. This method is more refined and
the product of years of experience, it is not for the novice.

General Warding
By: Monica Ryan

I occasionally visit paganish chat rooms. One frequent topic in recent days has been the apparent invasion of magic-users
homes and other personal space by “demons” or other alleged unfriendlies – ghosts, poltergeists, assorted fae, etc. It usually starts
with “I’ve tried everything, but THEY’RE STILL HERE! HELP!!!” or some variation thereof, and is often followed by a statement of the
practitioner’s “power” or experience or whatever, and how they need help because the critter in question is obviously of great
power, since it overcame their “shields”. Right about this point, I’m usually busy trying not to decorate the screen with coffee. It takes
a great deal of self-control not to type “Hey dumbass, if you’re so powerful, how did it get in your house in the first place?” See,
there’s the point; a truly powerful, experienced practitioner – in any discipline – is going to know how to set up a sanctuary or “safe
zone” around their residence, be it mansion or apartment, for themselves and their loved ones. Just like the roof, floor, & walls of
your home and the locks on windows & doors keep the outside world at bay, so do proper wards. But wait a minute – wards seem to
be a dying art. Everyone talks about “shields”, and how they’re made of white light or blue light or mirrors or…horse feathers.
Meadow muffins or, my perennial favorite: bullshit. Take your pick, they all fit. Today, I’d like to discuss shields & wards, and how to
properly secure your sanctuary, so I’m not secretly (or not so secretly) chuckling at your stupidity someday, in some random chat
room. On that note, one thing seems constant among average shield-users; they’re paranoid. They’re scared of being “attacked”
psychically no matter where they are, so they maintain these “shields” to guard them from such attack. Does anyone else see the
P a g e | 17
stupidity of announcing what one’s shields are made of to a group of online strangers, or is it just me? One of my favorite recent
encounters involved a person who “dropped the shields” so someone else in the chat could “examine” them and sense their “power”.
Is anyone else thinking “What an idiot?” What good are shields that can be raised and dropped like window shades? Is this Star
Trek? And assuming the person invited is of good intent, what prevents anything nasty from jumping in when the shields are down?

First, let’s discuss the “shield” issue. It’s not uncommon to hear about “white light” shields, which are supposed to protect
you from everything. Sorry to break the news, but that’s just not going to work. It might feel all bright and warm and fuzzy, but
such shields are easily broken. They’re using elemental energy – in this case, white light – to create a barrier, which requires
constant input from the user to maintain. In essence that shield is sapping your energy and taking attention away from other things
you might need to be doing. A key point to remember is that anything using elemental energy can be broken or defeated by using
elemental energy. Think about light – what passes through it unharmed? Heat, water, earth, air, and electricity all penetrate light
with ease. Even assuming the light is of a laser variety, zapping anything that crosses it into nothingness, air, electricity and heat
would still cross with impunity because they have no mass to focus on. Such shields would be easy to penetrate. It would be possible
to go the “layered” route, using elemental shields of different kinds, but that’s a lot of work for a project that could be accomplished
by an easier means. Such “layered” shields would still be penetrable, given time, since each can be defeated by another element.

So what would be a better way to create a sanctuary, one that would be self-sustaining, require little upkeep once created,
and allow for adjustment when needed? The answer is an old one – wards. Essentially, wards guard a person, place, or object that
the practitioner wants to protect. They could be viewed as a permanent circle, drawing energy from whatever source they’re
programmed to, growing in power as time passes – thus becoming stronger – and are often tied to an object or objects. In addition,
they can be attached to a thought form or other servitor, who would react to any threat to the ward as an additional security
measure. In the case of wards around a property, it’s quite common to use trees, shrubs, or large rocks as “anchors” around the area.
For an apartment or similar structure, pictures, statues, or similar could be set in the directional spaces to serve the same purpose.
Wards around a property would draw energy from living things in the area, from wind, from sun- and moonlight, etc. Such
drawing is NOT stealing, “psychic vampirism” or whatever. Everything that lives radiates energy, free for the taking. It’s no different
than cuddling up with a loved one to get warm; you’re not stealing the heat they generate, you’re sharing it. It is not wrong to take
that which is freely given; it is only wrong to take that which is not, or to take more than your fair share. In the case of such natural
energy, there’s more than enough to go around.

Setting up a ward is very similar to a compass round or a circle, except it’s a permanent structure. Use whatever basic
method you’re familiar with for creating sacred space, making sure to banish & consecrate as needed before casting. Remember that
you’re creating a permanent, self-sustaining, growing structure, and adapt your method as necessary. When warding a home or
property, a few points are often forgotten by modern practitioners, and this bears mentioning. Electrical lines, plumbing, cables,
phones – including cell phones - and even wireless internet are all entry points into the area. Unless these are warded, they can be
used as weak points if something or someone wants to get in. Anything that cuts through the ward is a potential entryway. Inside
the ward, mirrors, thresholds – think doors, windows, cabinets, etc – arches, and suchlike “between spaces” are also possible entry
points, and should be warded. Since the creation of a ward typically involves the use of a personal symbol, applying that symbol to
the weak point blocks it from use. This can be done by various means – anointing with the symbol traced using salt water or
appropriate oil, hanging an amulet that’s tied to the shield, or there’s always the ever-popular Sharpie, if the symbol can be hidden
or won’t cause a ruckus. I’d recommend some caution regarding the use of minerals or stones in the creation of wards. After some
problems with an ex, I decided I wanted an additional ward that would create a “fog” around my new home that would make it
difficult to find me, so I charmed a moonstone for that purpose. It worked very, very well – so well that the Papa John’s delivery
person had a hard time finding me to deliver my pizza. Just a little something to consider there.

P a g e | 18
Once the ward is created and in place, activating it is a simple matter, and can be accomplished by a number of ways.
Raising energy however you see fit – dancing, chanting, sex (alone or with a partner)…however you choose, raise it and direct it to
the ward, filling the space with your energy. That energy will grow and strengthen over time, and will continue until you take it
down. I’ve left every ward I’ve ever created up & functioning when I moved, so the people that lived there after me would have a
sanctuary. Once built, they cost me nothing to maintain, and so I felt no need to dismantle them when I left. Until someone else
decides to create their own in that space, banishing all others, they endure and will continue to do so.

Your space is yours alone, guarded by the ward you’ve created. You have control over what gets in, and what does not, and
can "tweak" the wards as needed, allowing access while keeping the protection in force. It won’t make you invulnerable; just like a
house, it can be broken into – but, like your physical house, such breaking requires considerable skill, effort and malice. In the
unlikely event you do meet someone with both the skill and the strength to break your wards, you have something they don’t – we’ll
call it home court advantage. Realistically, the odds of meeting and pissing off such a person are extremely small. Sure, you’ll meet
plenty of asshats in chat rooms who’ll make the claim – but they’ll never be able to back it up.

Trust me on this one - I've pissed off plenty of them, & I'm still waiting. And, quite often, still giggling.

P a g e | 19
Do you remember a time where something you read broke your mind? A realization or presentation that upon it’s
consumption you felt compelled to scream it from the rooftops? “NO ONE DAY GOD” or other such thoughts, though seemingly
meaningless madness to the masses, is the embodiment of a new profound platform of realization. So you rant or you write or you
scream in your head, you declare war on the affirmation that rules can be rewritten and your reality self defined. One such man has
shared with us one of these transcendent moments. The catalyst? Timecube ( ) Enjoy.
by: Akana Shadowfyre

The wise are not learned and the learned are not wise. The EARTH is not round for it HAS FOUR CORNERS..
Two hemispheres divided making it into four parts negating the circle theory. Thus, FOUR PARTS denote a square world.
Simultaneous four days time cube in only twenty-four hours.
Too much time is wasted on the feeble attempts of education suppression!
The world has failed and so will you.
All wrong when you see your life fall apart to a one day GOD when in-fact a
Resist and your life will be all for not.
The oppression of propaganda suggestion is the evil, our world is one of many. We can't see the bigger picture if we can't first see
The world has failed and so will you.
Ignorance is bliss but you can't fix stupid.
Presidents don't run this world the Masons do, the evil is in your backyard.
We are chaos we are the creatures of devices in a paradigm.
The paradigm is Time Cube.
We are many we are one, opposites attracting negating and multiplying.
If you want to be the same catch the disease of hive-minds, cause thats all you are.
The world falls so will you.
There is no such thing as law, no such thing as government, all is nature all is universal law.
You can fool nature, you can fool your mind and heart.
Why work against the grain?
Cheat death, there is no death!
Vita Eternus!
Debug your mind, free it, release it!
You are your own product of demise.
You cannot unmake what you didn't create and linear time is man made, but universal time you try to unmake.
You can't defeat what you have no power over.

P a g e | 20
I have power over you for I am not oppressed, but progressed, as you congress with the world's propagandas’ suggestions of a
beaten whore.
You have no destiny only a fate.
Destiny is for a whore who has no faith.
Fate is for the belief of change and we are change.
We are legion for we are many.
You cannot unmake what you did not create, so wake up, oh sleeper!
Your world shall fall down broken at my feet.
You will be unoppressed and be the one who is confessed as a new believer.
The magick of a new dawn comes when all shall see that chaos reigns on a back of a brighter day.
There is not one but four, like breeds like but opposites attract, and soon you will see the error of your ways!
The wise are not learned and the learned are not wise.
The EARTH is not round for it HAS FOUR CORNERS..
Two hemispheres divided making it into four parts negating the circle theory. Thus, FOUR PARTS denote a square world.
Simultaneous four days time cube in only twenty-four hours.
Too much time is wasted on the feeble attempts of education suppression!
The world has failed and so will you.
Wrong when you see your life fall apart to a one day GOD when in-fact a
Experiments save lives, experiments give wisdom, wisdom is not learned but experienced and experiences is experimental.
Live your life free or die used, abused, unhappy, desensitized, unrevitalized.
I will live forever and you will die as one failed work of art.
Hive-mind is deadly, don't conform be yourself and all shall be revealed.
An open mind can perceive all, and empty mind receives all!
Vita Eternus! All is a lie inside a box, to reach time cube you will need your own mind.
I will be your mind, your heart, your soul.
I will guide for you are too weak and feeble to attempt on your own.
To live free, you must be free of opressive affliction.
Live free or die young, because tomorrow could be your last.
Suicide is around the corner with your emotions that strangle you in your sleep nightly.
You are your own person, no one lives your life but yourself
Take affirmative action against your oppressors and show them the way.
We are poetry in motion.

P a g e | 21
By: Joel Bukowski
Theoretical Physicist, Metaphysician Founder Etherian Brotherhood,

The other day, I had a thought that I couldn’t get out of my head. It concerned something totally unrelated to what was
going on around me, so, of course, it was probably important. I tried to write it down, but I couldn’t. The thoughts were too
scattered. I tried to speak of it to my wife later in the day, but it was too confusing. So I let it ferment for a day to see what affect
sleep and a bit of alcohol induced mental relaxation may afford to the problem. This is what came out of it.

There is a significant relevance to the 3D four sided shape that I keep thinking of. It is like the four sided die that is used in
role playing games, but somehow different. Whenever I think of the Euclidian Shapes that are mentioned in so many books dealing
with alchemy, I can’t remember if that was one of the shapes. It doesn’t really matter, but that is what gets me thinking. Then I start
to read about Gravity, the Graviton, Neutrinos, Quarks, and various other elements described in particle physics. I began to wonder
if these particles, some that have no discernible mass or dimension, could be somehow shaped like these four sided triangular
shapes. To be so would give them dimension, but that is a paradox that I will try to sort out at a later time.

Gravity has been an elusive force in the Physicist’s universe. It is measurable without being definable except in
mathematical calculations that relate it to its measurement (one of many circular arguments that I have noticed in physics). The
questions of where does it emanate from or what causes it, are forever explored but never pinned down. I have various thoughts on
the subject, but the text may become scattered and disjointed, but I write as I think.

Hypothesis One - Gravity emanates from the disruption caused by vibrant strings in close harmony. The actual intersection
of two strings could cause a variance in space-time by creating a fourth dimensional oscillation that in turn affects the surrounding
‘strings’ in such a way that it attracts them. Because strings in a natural state are so far apart (“All there is, is a-toms and space,
everything else is just opinion” –Democritus), the only causation for such an event is the varying density of the individual strings…
(the denser an object [macro-scale] the subsequent close proximity of the atoms [micro-scale] which in turn creates the propinquity
of the strings themselves [nano-scale] thus causing more aberrations in the vibratory scheme as a result creating the effect of more
gravity from denser objects). This is a ‘Bukowski Original’ idea.

Hypothesis Two – The Graviton (Gravity emitting particle) is a hyper dimensional ‘nudge’ into our 4D space-time Universe
and the reason that it cannot be detected is because it is beyond our limited 3D technology working in Space-Time to detect it other
than its effects upon matter, thus proving the theory by proxy (the effect is measurable, therefore something real exists to cause the
effect, consequently the resulting cause of the effect is a real substance, thus named the Graviton).

In moments of deep concentration, I seem to always try to imagine (in graphical terms and pictures) what the Universe
would look like in a four dimensional way. Einstein’s planar view of the Universe, with varying depths of dents caused by planets
(shallow), suns (deeper), neutron stars and dwarf stars (deeper still), and black holes (holes punched right through the fabric of
space time), give a decent representation of what I try to think of, but I attempt to extrapolate it in the infinite physics of the mind
and try to see it in four dimensions or maybe even five (imagine a cube of space, flinging through space with a hole in the center of
the cube). A cannot hope to explain what it is I see in my minds eye, but I think it is significant. It is in this (mental) image of the
P a g e | 22
Universe that I can understand the ‘wormhole effects,’ the ‘hyperspace’ phenomenon, and the possibility of time travel (among
many possible multi-verses from which you cannot return easily).

Where does it come from?

I see things expand and equations fill the void as I learn them. But the interesting thing is, even though I cannot remember
the formulae, the affects of such are calculated into my mental map and the variables, though not all named, are ever present. Is it
no wonder that when I am faced with the ‘real’ world and the limits of others perceptions and closed-minded-ness that I get
frustrated? These are the thoughts that bubble up from my subconscious during job orientation and cutting grass. It is the
profundity of these revelations that disturb my sleep and interrupt the monotony of the day. It is because of these questions that I
seek the answers to that I find extreme difficulty in continuing with (relatively) stupid people (customers and co-workers) and
working with them day to day.

“Wherein the loss doth lie when the innumerable questions seek the answers through the divine connection I have with the
Akashic, and I, caught with no anchor to the reality of truism, find myself floating without mercy in the rivers of thought and
knowledgeable investigation? The thoughts plague me in a friendly manner and the quest is addictive as the most powerful drugs. I
see the loss that others have sustained when that lust for such cannot be quenched by none other that seclusion from the world. I
fear that much is at stake and that I truly hold the key to the answers, but the reality of it is, the grand program in which we are all
elements, will not let me exit without destroying the people closest to me. Thus I continue to seek the answers through the mediums
which are available to such as me, and continually hope for the Great Player of this macabre game to grant me the power of
autonomy in this controlled world.” JB

I suppose I should look to the sages when making such a wish. Be careful for what you wish for, for you may get it.

P a g e | 23
"Women of Power: The Woman as Magus" by Jaq D Hawkins
Review By: Kiki Wanderer

Women of Power is a very interesting read about Women in magic throughout history
and present time. The book itself is a slim black paperback book that is larger than
your standard paperback, but not as large as a hardcover. It's divided into 13 chapters
along with an appendix, and is easily read through. Each chapter has a full-page
black and white picture in it, featuring women in various stages of life. While these
pictures are of decent quality, they'd probably add more if they were color. At times I
found them almost unnecessary.

Chapter 1 is called "A woman's place in Magic." It was interesting to learn that there ARE women authors in magic,
even in the 1800s (Helena Petrovna Blavatsky). Many of the points that Jaq makes about women as authors in the
occult field are valid. To date, the field is mainly men, aside from the wiccan subgroup which is filled with fluffy
writers who are poorly researched and shouldn't be published to begin with (One Edian McCoy comes to mind in
particular). A decent amount of historical information about women is included in this chapter as well.

Chapter 2 is "Ancient Teachings and texts of Wisdom." The information about alchemy was particularly new to
me; I found it interesting and a great addition to the overall theme of this chapter. The chapter covers magic as it
began in various countries (among them, Egypt, India, and China), and emphasizes the necessity of balance.
Balance is a key part of alchemy and magic as a whole, and is something that is lacking in western religions. I
thoroughly enjoyed the large number of parallels discussed in this chapter.

The next chapter is about women as enchantresses. I found the idea of women as natural enchantresses from a
small age to be one that I relate strongly to; I myself have consciously used this, and often catch my daughter
doing it. The portion of this chapter I found particularly helpful was the section on enchanting and how to do it
consciously, on page 42. I find that a lot of the more "natural" aspects of magic tend to be left off by many books on
magic due to the way they're left unappreciated by the community as a whole. These can be excellent building
blocks and foundations for effective workings though. This was also informational: "Originally, the term virgin
which is often equated with maiden meant an unmarried woman, one who belonged to no man" (page 43), as well
as "the female magician can effectively use her talent to beguile toward anything which she might want to affect
with magic" (page 44), which is a very unusual and unused concept. This is probably one of the chapters with
information that made this book worth buying for me.

Chapter 4 is "Nurturing magic," and the beginning of this chapter goes through the roles as a nurturer that many
women fall into (ie. mother, controlling woman, etc). The information on mothers and the instinctive uses of
magic with their children was very interesting. This chapter also covers a few anecdotes on court issues and the
use of feminine deities, as well as magic and children and relationships with controlling men. This chapter overall
is an empowering one for women.

Next is "The Mysterious Dark Feminine," which elaborates on the chaotic-ness of women and their wild nature. It
covers "dark goddesses" like Hecate and Kali, and how to work with dark energies. This chapter covers some of the
P a g e | 24
different qualities of magic that tend to be seen as taboo/dark, as well as the solo practitioner.

Chapter six is "Magical Partners" and is a great resource for anyone considering working with another individual.
The ideal partner is a sexual one, but the cons are also laid out well. Covered in this chapter also are some of the
major differences between men and women, as well as the ways these affect a magical relationship between a man
and a woman. There is also a section on abusive relationships as well as platonic.

"Women and Other Magicians" is the next chapter, which is a short and sweet chapter on the dynamics of
interactions with other magicians. This is a useful chapter if you're going to be interacting with other magicians,
and also left some insights into goddess-worshippers and the dynamics of being a female magician.

The next chapter is "Women and Magical groups," which is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to work
with some of the more formally created orders. The first few pages are about the history of orders, which is, as
always, enlightening. Then it covers a little bit of group dynamics, adding "Anyone who wants to join a group
should ask themselves why, and exactly what need they expect to have fulfilled by doing so" (page 93). There are a
number of valid things to keep in mind about organizations listed, among them, flirtation being an issue and mob

Chapter 9 is "A Woman's Intuition," another area that magic tends to ignore. Interestingly enough, this chapter
covers divination, psychic abilities, and impressions.

10 is about "The Blood of the Mother," or menstrual blood. Here, it is viewed as the equivalent to sperm; full of the
creation energy that so many claim to be essential for good spell work. The method of combining this blood and
that period of time with a progression sigil spell is laid out. Also covered is the use of certain foods for ritual work.

Next is a chapter called "Women and Sex Magic." This chapter addresses sex in the west as well as the inaccuracies
of female sexual stimulation for sigil work, mythological standpoints on sexuality of women, and dance. I
particularly enjoyed the section on seed sigils.

Chapter 12 is "Old magic for a new age" and deals more with chaos magic. It covers the effect that the
mainstreaming of magic has had on the field as well as some of the things that are lost from it. I starred the
passage on chaos magicians needing a good base in other magical paths, and feel that this is something that is
fairly true. The elements and their placement is also discussed.

The final chapter is "Coming into her Own," and discusses the Matriarch figure.

The appendix is on Progression Spells, and may just be good enough to validate owning the book by itself. It's a
method I haven't heard of prior to picking up this book, and I think it's a very strong technique that is definitely
worth looking into.

All in all, this is a great, short read. Obviously aimed at women, but men may enjoy it as well.

P a g e | 25
By : Christopher Johnson

Abstract Evolution
"The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being"-Carl Jung

Can you ever give a definitive answer to the question: what is real? Once you answer then you have to bring that into question.
What makes that true? More importantly, what makes that any more true than someone else's answer? You can keep questioning in
this manner ad infinitum since once you start doubting the concept of absolutes you discover just how flimsy reality is. All things
are subjective.

Baudrillard said that we have been living in a simulation of reality; that we have become disconnected from the basic structure of
"real life". He is certainly correct, we live in a world of abstractions and our social behavior is based on false realities projected from
the television and internet. We see the world through the eyes of platonic shapes and Jungian archetypes. While Baudrillard has a
point, he missed the big picture. The simulation we live in is not a new trend but has existed through history ever since we started to
use language for more than just grunting at things we wanted to bash over the head with a stick. The only real change has been our
awareness of our simulation.

The Origin of Abstraction

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world” - Ludwig Wittgenstein

Language was the catalyst of our evolution. With it we were able to bridge the gap between the Self and the Other and start down
the long road to building civilization. Language also was the starting point of our simulation. Before that we lived in a raw reality, a
blind seething Eden. With language we were able to express what we saw and felt and thus began down the long road to where we
are today.
The reasons behind this shift lie in interpretation. Without words we see things as they are, they can't be anything else. A rock is a
rock. But with words things begin to get a little fuzzy. One man's rock is another man's stone and yet another's jewel. The rock
suddenly has qualities and hidden meanings, it ceases to exists as itself and becomes nearly infinite in subjective reality.

History of Abstraction
"What I tell you three times is true. What I tell you three million times is civilization."- Mark Pesce

With language firmly rooted in our minds we began to shape reality more to our liking. While we built cities in physical reality,
we built gods in abstract reality. It began with giving names to our animal instincts. We no longer expressed desire as simple desire,
it became Aphrodite. Physical conflict became known through various war gods and our fears became the plethora of demons one
reads about in various mythologies. As time went on, these conceptual beings became more disconnected from the emotions and
ideas that spawned them. They became cloaked in metaphor and soon were some of the earliest simulacra in history.

One of our strongest instincts is to survive, to make sure the race continues after our death. War is one of the greatest expressions
of that instinct. When we fight over resources we do so that our family unit (be it an actual family or pseudo-family unit like a

P a g e | 26
community or nation) can survive. As our minds focused more on abstract concepts the nature of war began to change. We began
to see our beliefs as extensions of ourselves, like an abstract limb or gene. These have to be protected and spread down further
generations. It is from this idea that we get wars of ideology. The crusades are a great example. Armies marched in the name of
various gods with no existence except as ideas in the hearts of those who went to war. We have reached a point where our survival
instinct covered not only our species, but the dreams of our species.

On an interesting side note, the religions we had designed became married to our desire to escape the simulation that we find
ourselves in. The Christian idea of Heaven and Eden can be read as a desire to return to original reality and escape the conceptual
prison we have built for ourselves. This is readily seen in Eastern religions like Buddhism. In Buddhism one must like go of the
world of our desires (just another name for our simulation) and achieve oneness with the Self. Earlier, I explained how language
acts as a bridge between the Self and the Other. Without it, it is nearly impossible for us to conceive of communicating with those
around us. Buddhism seeks to dissolve this bridge of language so we can reenter the bliss of the pre-conscious state.

This desire to escape the world-that-is for some other state can be interpreted in two ways. The first being that since we wish to
escape the world we are in or return to a state of supposed grace; it can be seen as a desire to return to simpler times. You could see
the serpent entering the garden in a very Freudian manner, with Eden being the womb and all. In this model, we seek to return to
state of grace that existed before we became aware of ourselves. The other interpretation showcases these higher/divine states as
further abstractions. We reject the world around us and seek the purity of a complete abstract realm. Medieval Christianity is a
great example of this. Satan, the prime force of evil, is consider the king of this world and all things physical. Good Christian folk
were expected to reject the pleasures of this world in preparation of the world-to-come. As you can see, history has been a battle of
subjective vs objective reality and the only thing that has changed is the growth rate of the subjective and our awareness of it.

The Abstracted Singularity: Simulation in the Modern Day

"Anyone not shocked by quantum mechanics has not yet understood it." - Niels Bohr

Our awareness of how our simulation is put together has reached great heights in recent years; as has the complexity of the
simulation itself. In our constant quest for knowledge we have stumbled upon one of the most basic truths of our world: our
perception creates our reality. In the 1920s Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg came up with the Copenhagen Interpretation that
stated that a phenomenon and a observer are essentially linked to each other. This means we affect things simply by looking at it.
Here we have scientists, whose paradigm centers around objective reality, discovering just how subjective everything is.

"Otherkin are people who identify in some way as non-human...they believe themselves to be ...mythological or legendary creatures."
- Wikipedia

I shall finish this with a look on just how powerful abstraction has become. The internet for all it's flaws is an amazing creation of
humanity. It is a space that occupies almost nothing and yet is filled with entire worlds. Out there we have forged a multiverse, with
each world having it's own physics, history, and traditions. It doesn't stop there though, we are now witnessing a cross chatter
between these fully abstract worlds and our own. You got people claiming to be otherkin, fantasy races whose impact into the
collective unconscious didn't occur til the rise of MMORPGs. The earliest documentation of these otherkin can be found the heyday
of online games like Everquest and Ultima Online. 50 years ago anyone claiming to be an elf or a dragon would have been labeled
insane but nowadays are considered their own subculture. Also, in these abstracted worlds we see people referencing "real life"
situations. There will come a time where there will be no distinction between one man's truth and another one's lie. To go with the
famous counter-culture maxim: nothing is true, everything is permitted!

P a g e | 27
Apostate Media presents DKMU's

Dr. Tropikal : Random God Generator

The entire album is amazing and available for free download at

P a g e | 28
By: St. Everblaze the Badikal -4° : Self Proclaimed Ipsissimus

"Fusion of the five elements, to search for the higher intelligence

Women walk around celibate, livin irrelevant
The most benevolent king, communicatin through your dreams
Mental pictures been painted, Allah's heard and seen
everywhere, throughout your surroundin atmosphere
Troposphere, thermosphere, stratosphere
Can you imagine from one single idea, everything appeared here
Understanding makes my truth, crystal clear"
- Rza of the Wu Tang Clan. "Impossible"

Through the eternal clutter exists a singularity. Indeed, the clutter is part of the One. A higher force, a human
meme that vibrates through the center of the earth. Are we born with it planted in our minds or does it grow
from a seed?

Beyond the images of gods in the mind of man, beyond every paradigm and beyond khaos itself exists a
cosmic pulse that brings every race, gender and creed together under it's funky gyrations. You cannot cage
this funk, you cannot mock it by putting silly hats on it, perhaps it likes the stories told about it, but it can be
sure that it does not like when we lie to each other about it's intent. And it outright kills when one man claims
that he can interpret it better than others.

Perhaps you feel it right now. As I type, I feel it's heavy pulse on my arms and my dog sitting next to me feels it
in her dreams. Every musician vibes from it and every artist creates its images.

Attune yourself to it. Vibe with it. Never fight it.

Now share it.

Article submitted by author

Read the original post and provocative responses @

P a g e | 29
By : Bloodred
If you have ever done any energy work, you probably came in touch with both techniques. (And if not, it's about time -
lucky you! Grounding and centering are the energy worker's banishing rite. While you have a pretty narrow margin of flexibility in
a ceremonial magic working when it comes to the order in which you do things, grounding and centering can be done in any order.
I will go into more detail why you would start out with one or the other later on, but for now, let's get to the techniques.
Imagine you had a really stressful day: Your car broke down, so you had to catch a bus to work, your boss shouted at you
because, obviously, you were too late. When you finally got to leave the job you hate, you walk that extra mile to get that chocolate
you love only to find out the little shop that you felt so comfortable in closed down and was replaced by one of those shabby dirty
fast food restaurants. You walked back all the way to your house in pouring rain and when you finally lie in bed, trying to get to
sleep, you just can't seem to shake off all the thoughts that are bothering you: your mortgage, your broken car and OH SHIT YOU
FORGOT TO FEED THE DOG. After doing that your mind is still buzzing like a bee hive. Grounding your energies could help you in
such a case.
Here's a visualization I use for grounding: Imagine standing on warm, soft earth with bare feet. Now feel roots growing out
of your soles and deep into the ground. Let the cluttered, used up energy flow down along the roots and into the earth. Do this until
you feel you have dumped all the energy into the ground (don't feel bad, there won't be any environmental pollution from that).
When you're done, pull neutral energy from below, let it rise up your legs, your stomach, torso, and throat and have it leave your
body at the top of your head. This is meant to be a stream of energy, not a blob. After doing that for a while, stop the energy flow and
imagine your roots retracting into your feet.
You may have noticed grounding was used as a relaxation method in this case and you might wonder what it's got to do
with energy work. In this case, we see the tainted old energy as the source or at least as a representation of the stress that's been
accumulated over the day, thus by exchanging this energy we can calm our mind. Doing this before any energy work will usually
facilitate it because your own energies will be balanced and - which is especially important if you use your own energies for
working - replenished. Of course, there are alternate methods of grounding. Anything that lets you get a better feel for your body
like exercise, going for a walk, maybe having a shower or bath can help you get grounded more easily.
Now onto centering! This is not necessarily needed for energy work, but a it's a more general skill. In fact, it's a form of
meditation and is very simple to describe but can be tricky to do at first.
It helps to be in a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for a while. Sit or lie down comfortably and watch your
thoughts and feelings for a while, but let them pass. After a while you will start to notice which thoughts belong to you and which
thoughts have external roots, like societal expectations, influence from your family and friends and so on. Focusing on those things
that are yours and letting go those that are not will help you find your center or central spot in your mind. Basically, you will get a
feeling for what you really want and feel, which will result in greater control over your abilities because there is less on your mind.
If you don't get anywhere with the method described, you could try spending some time alone. Do whatever you enjoy
doing without people, maybe try a creative activity.
With practice you should be able to centre and ground anywhere, which can come handy e.g. if you are prone to empathic
/ telepathic overload. Of course it is not required you centre and ground before each energy work session, but like I outlined it can
help with your practice and in general, so it won't hurt to do it. It can also help reduce headaches and other side effects that
sometimes arise during or after energy work.


P a g e | 30
The Derive - 06 February 2011 , Zero hour - no trains, empty carriages... Infinity Network Members Blog
Banishings done - wheels within wheels; the city as the circle. Featured Blog Post
Outsource adrenalin adventures - metered dose. Virtually unlimited local By: Mercurymac

Banish with electricity~

Banish with sound~
Banish with light~
Banish underground~

Across the way sits a badass magician, wrapped in heathen prayer. The lines clack like prayer beads,
bursts of blue-white lightning as the coach is swallowed into the pulsing throat of the city. Outside, the city streets
are changed - all angels, gods and gargoyles. Architecture lives, breathes, announces itself. What was hidden is
now shamelessly revealed.
The wand strikes out, point to point; the walk an act of will.
We see old stones, old streets, partially declothed and bared, exposing history amid the rubble of
destruction. I slip, of course, getting ahead of myself. Too detached from purpose, so the city grabs me and forces
me down into the dirt; a split second loss of composure while the connection is re-established.
And what is this? Old street I've passed so many times, yet always hidden from those who walk the main
thoroughfares; known only to junkies, explorers and magicians, perhaps. A slice through time, unchanged brick
and tile - even a rusted gate leading to an exposed stairwell; a light still on and old buzzers that no longer work
tell a tale of recent use, a last bastion of an old age, clinging on as long as possible against the relentless tide of the
modern and now, all but swept away.
Mitch sees how we could get in, to explore this, possibly; but it's mid-day and the time is not right. Maybe
later, by the dark of dawn or dusk. I look on in admiration. He is two of the three mentioned above: explorer and
magician... It is a place out of time; every building has its scars, gaping wounds that let the outside in. Who knows
what these buildings still contain? Skeletons of old lives.
Another flatland, recently exposed by the high winds, speaks to me of optimism quashed by economic
struggle. Long-promised redevelopment that has never seen fruition.Things still grow here though. Amid the
detritus and the muck, a chorus of orange mushrooms, colours of the holy guardian angel, scattered in clumps. It's
not magic season, so I'm not sure what they are - they remind me of the nourishing nature of dead things.
Time is, unfortunately, short, but the Necropolis still beckons. It is shared by other explorers, wanderers,
artists. We are not the only ones here today. The graves offer up few ghosts, but the cracked tombs are spectacular
in their decadent decay. The juxtaposition of the city of the dead and the over-the-top industrial apparatus of the
brewery seems somehow appropriate. Hops in the air mingles with the many subtler smells of the Necropolis,
forming a heady brew. My third eye is agape, and although there's no time to perform ritual, the derive has served
its purpose still - opened up Glasgow, and loaded me with inspiration in the form of photos and the contents of
this piece. Meanwhile, the act of walking hand-in-hand with Mitch towards the Bridge of Sighs is all the ritual I
Back in the city, we ground with food and laughter, interfacing easily with the consensus as magicians
do. I think the potential for ritual exists in this journey, and next time, we'll go at dawn and adore the rising sun.
The Necropolis is a luminal place, where two cities meet; and it should be ripe for ritual work.

P a g e | 31
By : Chimeron the Transmogrophic Contagion.

Walk into a McDonalds, and with a straight face ask for an oil change for your car, can you do it without having a
physiological reaction? Most people will panic or laugh without control. A good magician can walk into any social arena
and do something completely ridiculous without even raising their heartbeat. Can you visualize a solid image without it
mutating for long periods at a time? A good magician can. Of course these are the standards set by chimeron the
transmogrophic contagion. Can you switch belief structures and be sincere in one and then a total opposite? A good
magician can. But beyond these things how do I know if I am a good or great magician/sorcerer or whatever you want to
label it as? I will tell you, think about all of the things you want, if you want them then you don’t have them. So either by
manifesting your desires or negating them you complete the cycle. Your desire/manifestation (negation) ratio should
cancel itself out or come close to it. In the Chimeron method magick is about three things, Will, Creativity, and Individual
freedom from conformity.

Some things to take into consideration:

1. There is no “Universal Truth” except “Nothing is true” unless you believe in a “Universal Truth”.
2. If your desires are many then you have not done the work to gain them.
3. If there are things you don’t like about yourself then you have not changed them.
4. Magick and Mysticism only hold the power that you give it. SO GIVE IT SOME POWER!!!
5. I am probably insane and should not be listened to.

So pick up your wands and your robes, join the Chimeron method today. Study what you want, be who you think you
should be or at least destroy the idea of what you think you should be.

If you are looking for a ritual to perform from Chimeron here is one to try.

Go out for a run, run and run until you are exhausted. Pick up your favorite music, blast it as loud as you can, dance
and dance until you are ecstatic and beginning to be feint. Throw down your music and yell at the top of your lungs “IT IS
MY WILL TO MANIFEST MY DESIRES!” Force yourself to laugh until real laughter hits uncontrollably. Now put one foot
in front of the other and make your dreams come true, or destroy them. But don’t sit in the cess pool of commercial
desires and needs unfulfilled.


P a g e | 32
I 9
Am I 5+9
Om Am I 10+5+9
I Am Om Am I 9+5+10+5+9
Am Om Am I Am Om Am I 5 +10+5+9+5+10+5+9
I Am Om Am I Am Om Am I Am Om Am I 9+5+10+5+9+5+10+5+9+5+10+5+9
Am Om Am I Am Om Am I 5 +10+5+9+5+10+5+9
I Am Om Am I 9+5+10+5+9
Om Am I 10+5+9
Am I 5+9
I 9
I Am 9+5
I Am Om 9+5+10
I Am Om Am I 9+5+10+5+9
I Am Om Am I Am Om Am 9+5+10+5+9+5+10+5
I Am Om Am I Am Om Am I Am Om Am I 9+5+10+5+9+5+10+5+9+5+10+5+9
I Am Om Am I Am Om Am 9+5+10+5+9+5+10+5
I Am Om Am I 9+5+10+5+9
I Om Am 9+10+5
IOM 19
-OM- -10-
AMI 14
Om Am I 10+5+9
I Am Om Am I 9+5+10+5+9
Am Om Am I Am Om Am I 5+10+5+9+5+10+5+9
I Am Om Am I Am Om Am I Am Om Am I 9+5+10+5+9+5+10+5+9+5+10+5+9
I Am Om Am I Am Om Am I 9+5+10+5+9+5+10+5+9
I Am Om Am I 9+5+10+5+9
Om Am I 10+5+9
Am I 5+9
I 9
I Am 9+5
I Am Om 9+5+10
I Am Om Am I 9+5+10+5+9
I Am Om Am I Am Om Am 9+5+10+5+9+5+10+5
I Am Om Am I Am Om Am I Am Om Am I 9+5+10+5+9+5+10+5+9+5+10+5+9
I Am Om Am I Am Om Am 9+5+10+5+9+5+10+5
I Am Om Am I 9+5+10+5+9
I Am Om 9+5+10
I Am 9+5
I 9

Fibonacci Mantra By Just

I – Affirmation of the eternal “I” , you as the center Am- Affirmation of a state of being
Om – Primordial sound, force of creation

The Number of the Mantra in Simple English Germatria is 1516 The Sum of the lines by individual affirmation values is 1507
15+16 = 4 (Earth, Elements, Tetragrammation ) 15+07=22 (MASTER BUILDER)
1+5+1+6=13 1+5+0+7= 13

P a g e | 33
By: Wild

I'm not claiming to be an expert, but I know enough to get you started reading the cups.
The first way that I suggest is the past, present, future layout. I'll try to explain as simply as I can. This is only one method. My
method and I don't claim it's precise or guarantee it to work the same for others as it does for me. I suggest you experiment. Well,
first of all you need tea. Preferably loose tea in a tea pot, but bags of tea will suffice if you tear them once tea is brewed. (I call this
poor girls tasseography.)

The tea is then drunk, leaving about a teaspoon or so of liquid.

Then, it is best to spin the cup clockwise about three times, flip onto a
saucer, or paper towel, and once again spin three times, this time
counterclockwise letting all of the liquid drain from the cup.

The cup is then also read clockwise, in an almost downward spiral manner.

 The Handle represents you or home. (Querent) Almost like a tarot

layout. Symbols and images in this position may represent how
you're feeling or the situation you may be in at the moment.
(Depending if you're asking the cup a specific question or you are
just looking for a general reading.)
 The rim of the cup to the left represents past events and feelings,
increasing in time the further around the spiral you go.
 The right of the handle at the rim is present.
 Towards the middle is more close future, while further down the
cup is more distant future.
 The bottom of the cup represents outcome (once again, if asking a
specific question), or distant future.
 It's best to write all symbols and images down including their
location, then to decipher afterwards.

P a g e | 34
Prayer to the Holy Death
Oh desired death of my heart!

You know the darkness of my heart and accept me.

Oh sweet accomplice and protectoress of lost souls

Shield me from my enemies, season my life with sweetness.

You who have dominion over all living things, do not forsake me!

In the temple of your arms I will lay me down.

Oh desired death of my heart, I place my faith in thee.

P a g e | 35
“If you are a dreamer, come in. The Art of Fiction
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar, a hoper, a prayer, a magic-bean-buyer.
If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire, for we have some flax-golden tales to spin. Member Short Story Submission
Come in! Come in!”
-Shel Silverstein

By Catriana McClelland

The entrance to the tower was little more than a small dark hole. The tower itself was in a horrendous state of disrepair, having been
abandoned centuries ago. Galen stood in front of the hulking ruins, debating whether or not it was really worth the risk. He had traveled half way
across the continent to find this place. Now, though, he sensed some dark force emanating from within. It made him uneasy.
He thought back to the spring equinox, when he had first heard about the tower and it's dark legend. He had sat in the local tavern,
drinking warm ale, when the old man approached him. Clutching a staff and limping slightly, the old man shuffled over to Galen's table and sat
without a word. He stared from beneath the hood of his cloak for some time, studying Galen as though her were some strange exhibit at a
carnival. "Who are you and what do you want, old man?" Galen asked through gritted teeth. A bead of sweat trickled down the side of his face.
"Who I am matters not. It is why I am here that concerns you." The old man's voice was raspy and faint, barely audible in the
surrounding clamor of the inn. Galen was forced to lean forwarded to make out his words. "I have been searching for you for a very long time,
Plainsman. It eases my spirit to have found you at last."
A cold chill ran down Galen's spine. The old man's words rang hollowly in his ears. Something was not right, but he could not quite
grasp what it was. He wanted very badly to just get up and walk away. "So why are you here, then? Why have you sought me out?" It was all he
could do to control the irritation from coming out in his voice.
The old man slowly lifted one frail hand to the hood of his cloak, and pulled it back to reveal his face. Three diagonal marks ran from
where his left eye should have been to the bottom of his jaw, and in the trenches of missing flesh, the bone could be seen, and it was blackened as
though charred. His remaining eye glowed with a fierce light, the light of hope. Quickly he re-covered his face. Galen recoiled as if struck,
revulsion welling up in the pit of his stomach. "What did that to you?" He whispered.
"Have you heard of the Tower of Shalandar?"
"No, I dont believe I have. Why do you ask?"
"The Tower, long thought to be a myth, is where this happened. But the tower is no myth. It was in the tower that I was so marked, and it is in the
tower that your destiny lies." The old man began coughing violently, finally spitting up a ball of phlegm and blood. He cleared his throat and
continued. "I have seen your future in my dreams, Plainsman, and your path leads to Shalandar. I have come to warn you."
"Is this some kind of joke, old man?" Galen could not believe what the old man was telling him. He was tempted to just get up and leave.
"Would that it was a joke, Plainsman, I would spare you this journey if I could, but the Fates have decided, not I. Within the bowels of Shalandar
lies the secret of its power. Many have died to claim it, their bones now carpeting the chamber floors. I have seen the power that lies within
Shalandar. I have looked upon its wonders and faced its darkness. It is to Shalandar that you must go, Plainsman."
"What makes you think I am going to go to this place? Why should I risk my life for something I know nothing about, on the word of an old man I
don't even know?" Galen, though slightly intrigued by the old man's story, was also irritated, and did not hesitate to show it in his voice.
"Because, Plainsman, what you will find in Shalandar is hte only thing that can save your people. Or will you let them suffer, as they have done for
the past few seasons? Will yoiu let starvation be your legacy? Disease perhaps? What lies within Shalandar is the power to change all of that!"
The old man stared into Galen's eyes, allowing the weight of his words to penetrate deeply. "The decision is yours."
After a moment of silence, the old man stood and turned away, meaning to leave. He tossed a rolled piece of parchment down on the
table and then shuffled away. Galen called to him to come back, but was ignored. The old man was gone, leaving Galen to his thoughts. He picked
up the parchment and unrolled it, displaying a map that spanned across the continent, and at the top bore the label "Shalandar". Coming out of his
reverie, Galen decided that it was time. Tying his long hair back out of his eyes and wiping the sweat from his brow, he stepped forward into the
darkness of the Tower.
After only a few steps into the entrance, silence fell like a soft blanket over everything. Galen removed a torch from his pack, lit it, and
examined his surroundings. He was in a large chamber, it's stone walls covered with cobwebs, and the floor carpeted with dust. The smell of dried
rotting vegetation was faint in the air. On the other side of the chamber was an opening which led to a set of stairs, leading both upwards into the

P a g e | 36
dark interior of the tower, and descending into its bowels. Remembering the words of the old man, Galen began the downward trek. The descent
seemed to go on for hours. After a while, the air became damp and musty, and an occasional dripping sound could be heard. The torch began to
sputter as its fuel was expended, and Galen had to stop to light another before continuing into the oppressive darkness.
Finally he reached the bottom of the stairs, coming out into a rough stone chamber with some sort of glowing moss growing on the walls
and ceiling. The sound of moving water roared throughout the chamber, and the smell of salt was heavy in the air. On the other side of the
chamber was another set of stairs, again descending into the depths. After taking a short rest, he again started downwards. Soon the sound of
water dissipated, and the air became dry again. This time, however, there was an acrid odor in the air. Galen crinkled his nose and continued on,
unable to get past the smell, which seemed to grow stronger as he went deeper into the tower. Abruptly the stairs ended at a huge set of wooden
doors, barred from the outside as if to hold something in. Setting down his pack, Galen ran his hands along the bar, taking its measure. The wood
was solid and well preserved. He tried pushing up on the bar, but it would not budge. After several attempts, he realized he would have to cut
through it. Gritting his teeth, he pulled out his broadsword and began hacking at the wood.
After a long while of chipping away at the huge beam, it finally gave way. With a heave, Galen moved it out of his way and took a deep
breath. With a shove, the doors swung open revealing a monstrous chamber. The smell of rotten flesh wafted out on the stale air, strong enough
to gag Galen as he tried to catch his breath. He stepped into the chamber, looking around at the piles of bones strewn across the floor. In the
center of the chamber was a pedestal, with a small statue atop it, draped with cobwebs. Slowly he waded through the piles of bones towards the
pedestal. With each step the air was filled with more dust, until he was overtaken with coughing and sneezing. When he was finally able to catch
his breath, he became aware of a sound just outside the chamber. What he heard made his blood run cold. It was the sound of metal sliding on
stone, and steam hissing on the cookfire embers. Fear overwhelmed him as the smell of rotting mushrooms assailed his nostrils. Holding his
composure as best he could, Galen backed up against the pedestal, holding his sword before him.

"Who daressss Enter Ssshalandar?" A voice like rustling leaves and hissing snakes scraped across his ears, turning his bowels to water. He
remained silent and unmoving. The owner of the voice came into view, a creature so repulsive that its very sight nearly brought the contents of
Galen's stomach up. It was near seven feet tall, and as long. The top portion of its body was that of a man, horribly disfigured, with slits for eyes
and a snout rather than a nose. From the waist down, it had the body of a serpent, covered with scales that shimmered as it moved. "I ssssmell you,
It hissed, approaching Galen with eyes glowing red. It flicked its tongue, tasting the air. "It'ssss been many seasonsss since I have tasted
the blood of man. I shall enjoy you greatly!" Faster than his eyes could follow, the creature struck. Galen threw his arm up to block it, and felt
fangs sink straight through his leather armor, deep into his flesh. The pain soon turned to numbness, and he knew that poison was racing through
his body. He was going to die. Panicking, he swung his sword blindly, landing a glancing blow off the creature's side. It hissed in anger, recoiling
to strike again. Galen started to feel faint, dizziness trying to overtake him. He reached for the pedestal to steady himself, and his hand fell upon
the statue which sat on top of it. As his fingers brushed away the cobwebs, the figure burst into light. It was a statue of a golden dragon, perfect in
every detail. As the light filled the chamber, the creature cringed back, hissing in pain and anger. "No! You fool! You do not know what you have
done! You have awakened it!" As the light became blinding, Galen fell down into darkness.
His eyes fluttered open, the light still bright and dazzling. He no longer felt numb or dizzy. The pain in his arm was gone, and he felt
stronger than he ever had before. He sat up, seeing the creature still cowering against the nearby wall. He stood, drawing his sword, and
approached the creature. He took a mighty swing, and cleaved its head from its shoulders, then with one fierce thrust, he dispatched it. He
cleaned his blade on its carcass and then returned to the pedestal to examine the statue more closely. He polished its surface, and noticed a tiny
engraving at the bottom. At first the words were so much gibberish, but after a moment of studying them, they became clear.
"I am Light!
Wield me right!
Use my might!
To right the wrongs
And make the days bright!."
Galen knew that he had found the key to the power of Shalandar. This tiny statue that radiated light and power was the key to saving his
people. He could hear its voice in his head, and he was at last at peace with himself. It was time to begin the journey back home.

To Be Continued….

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