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com m vices make it possibl for elde care and senior se e le er d ervice Our serv provider to domin rs nate the in nternet an generat leads. nd te We are a full service in nternet ma arketing co ompany sp pecializing in the fo g ollowing:
1 Lead gene 1. eration 2 Website development 2. d 3 Online Marketing Prog 3. grams that dri ive d traffic and leads 40% of my inquirie for our home care service now come from the internet % es m 4 Search En 4. ngine Optimiz zation bec cause of your p program. JB, O Owner - http://R RightatHomePA ADE.com/ 5 Google Pl 5. laces Optimiz zation 6 Natural Se 6. earch Engine Results 7 Pay-Per-C 7. Click 8 Video Pro 8. oduction/ Vid Marketing deo g 9 Social Me Marketin 9. edia ng 1 Full conte manageme (blog post 10. ent ent ting, article marketing, pre release ma m ess arketing)

Our expertise is in the senior and baby-bo r e d oomer mar rket. We a accept clie ents who p practice in the following areas:
1 1. 2 2. 3 3. 4 4. 5 5. 6 6. 7 7. 8 8. 9 9. 1 10. 1 11. 1 12. Home Car re Assisted Living L Senior Ho ousing of all Types T Long Term Care Insura m ance Reverse Mortgages M Elder Law w Nursing Home H Adult Day Care y Durable Medical Equip M pment Geriatric Care Manage C ement Hospice Care C Other senior service pr roviders
Va alerie, I just had my first inquir from the Web site. The pot d ry tential client’s dau ughter was callling us from Ca alifornia for her dad who is tra r aveling to Flo orida this week kend. I expect to sign them up on Monday. I know you p mu be unbeliev ust veably busy but I wanted you to know my tha t anks. When I goo ogle home care jupiter A Mom re ments Notice s shows up from 2 to 5 times on n the first page of th search resu e the ults. Nice job!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! I can’t b believe all the stu that shows u when I start looking at the various social networking uff up t pla aces you have us on! wner http:/AMo omentsNoticeH HealthCare.com m DK - Ow

Our process s:
We s start with a co onsultative conference call so that we ca learn more about your n an e needs as a bus siness. Some clients need help with their int ternet presenc and need so immedia leads. Othe want to m ce ome ate ers maintain their current positi and ion incre ease their lead share. d

Eith way, we propose a plan tailored to meet yo budget a your bu her p d our and usiness dire ection/goals. .

888-4 404-1513 | http://L LTCSocialM Mark.com m
Once our pr roposal is ac ccepted, our team starts t implemen immediate Your full to nt ely. campaign and marketin plan can b up and ru a ng be unning in 2-4 weeks, so ometimes much faste depending on the ser er g rvices involv ved.

Once servic are un ces nderway, our team provid the fo , m des ollowing s services at no add ditional charge: c
1 Weekly reporting on Google Ana 1. r alytics, Face ebook, Twitt Social M ter, Mentions 2 Monthly consultative review to assess what’s working on your end a to fill yo in on what we’ve been 2. e a s n and ou t n doing to help you suc cceed online e. 3 Staff web 3. binars to teac all memb of your team how to assist in the process of social media and local ch bers t o e a event ma arketing. 4 Rapid Cu 4. ustomer Serv response through ou Support P vice ur Portal. 5 Bonus marketing ma 5. m aterials for yo online an offline m our nd marketing nee eds. 6 General coaching and consultatio 6. c d on.

Sam mples/Te estimonia als/Screen nshots:
F more inf For formation on client succe visit our main websi at http://L n ess, r ite LTCSocialM Mark.com • Testim monials are on the home page. e • Case studies and examples ar at http://L re LTCSocialMa ark.com/cases • Our blog contains links to all of our past webinars an events. b l nd

Nex Steps: xt
Call us to set up a time for a conversatio about you marketing needs. on ur Call 888-404-1513 or email George Nov voson at Geo orge@ltcep.c com

Info formation n:
Man naging Partne ers Vale VanBooven RN BSN (St. Louis, Central Tim erie N , me) Geor Novoson (Boston, Eastern Time) rge n E

FYI, After you LAST webina I set up a m ur ar, minimal places page, and las week, I got a call from a lad looking into a st dy forward inform mation. I asked she said she found me by d, searching goo ogle on her pho one. IT WORK thanks! Hop KS, pe all is well with your business you, and you girls! h s, ur K - Owner htt KR tp://kevinreicha ard.blogspot.co om  

888-404-1513 3 p://LTCSo ocialMark k.com http

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